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This website reviews youtubers and I got 1 star


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jacksepticeye преди месец
Think of the children!
Optieyesz преди 3 дни
Dont be the 69thK like
Matt Petty
Matt Petty преди 3 дни
Let’s the swears flow like water from Niagara Falls!
Mr Celsius
Mr Celsius преди 8 дни
Here is me 14, and I’m watching you.
Harry Gregory
Harry Gregory преди 9 дни
no matter what happens, you will always get 5 stars from me
Hunter Spears
Hunter Spears преди 11 дни
Denniskuhh преди месец
This shows how out of touch parents are with youtube.
RandomAussie преди 14 часа
My parents arent, its all bout facebook and hate youtube
RadzPrower преди 9 дни
@Tommy Jansen The REVIEW sites.
Tommy Jansen
Tommy Jansen преди 9 дни
@RadzPrower Nah. BGpost is a safespace on it's own on the surface. Quite heavily left leaning. Being owned by a left leaning company. Not saying you can't find right wing stuff but it's mostly left.
Tommy Jansen
Tommy Jansen преди 9 дни
@Free Range Just curious, but what channels do you not let them watch?
Gatligator преди 10 дни
@Zazi yeah my uncle is on youtube more then me and my cousin combined
Wendigo King
Wendigo King преди месец
This channel is like a beacon of shining positivity in an otherwise bleak sea, It would be nice if people could look past the minor things and actually see the real take away that people gain from watching someone be as vibrant and full of joy as Sean is in his videos, Always pleasant to watch new videos as they come out.
Monke преди 4 дни
@PRoEliTe cool
PRoEliTe преди 4 дни
@Monke yeah I was joking, and yeah I did get the joke that’s why i milked it 🤦‍♂️
Monke преди 4 дни
@PRoEliTe were you joking and i should be wooshed? or did you seriously not get the joke that involves Irony and sarcasm Edit : wait do you think i was talking about the guy talking about Ryan Reynolds because I’m talking about Tomover anyways I’m done with this conversation because it bores my brain now
PRoEliTe преди 4 дни
@Monke idk you tell me
Monke преди 4 дни
@PRoEliTe wdym
Xaminate преди месец
How can y’all say Jack doesn’t give positive messages? HE IS LITERALLY THE MOST POSITIVE PERSON ON THE PLANET!!!
RandomAussie преди 14 часа
@Alexander Gazmen lmao love the imitation
Alexander Gazmen
Alexander Gazmen преди 5 дни
@Aaron Hammons Stampy took his fall from grace really well. Yeah, much much respect for Stampy for that
Aaron Hammons
Aaron Hammons преди 5 дни
Only person as positive as him the I know on BGpost is Stampy, even now.
Xaminate преди 11 дни
Alexander Gazmen
Alexander Gazmen преди 11 дни
careful what you say! someone's going to barge in here and say some dumb thing like, "oOOHh hE dIDN't dO ThIS vEry sPEcifFic ThInG hE's EvIl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Drew Thompson
Drew Thompson преди месец
My son came across you when he was around 5 on BGpost back when you were in the cabin. We had a long discussion about not repeating the language he would hear and to this day he swears far less than his peers (he's now 12). Even after 7 or 8 years I'm still here at least once a week and so is my wife. You are a genuinely nice person and a great entertainer, just ignore the American Puritans and their demonizing of swearing. Canada and the rest of the world are grown up enough to handle you, lol.
Alyssa Kelsay
Alyssa Kelsay преди 4 дни
yes W parent
Prince Black Elf
Prince Black Elf преди месец
Jack's "swearing problem" is GROSSLY overstated. I have seen people with with much bluer language and the fact of the matter is most of us in that age group TALK LIKE THIS IRL. The Game Grumps curse much worse in both quantity and the "quality" ( in the sense of just how vulgar the crap Arin says) and I say this as someone who watches the Grumps almost every day since 2014.
Lysandish преди 4 дни
Ngeozz d. O
ColdHearted15 преди 7 дни
Swearing is also very very common amongst Irish people. It is part of our everyday language between each other. We all grew up with it so we are not phased by people swearing and we forget it's not as common in other parts of the world.
agzzr adface
agzzr adface преди месец
@Simon Eidson he's gone to university solely to learn every swear word in existence
Simon Eidson
Simon Eidson преди месец
@agzzr adface **Kettle laugh*
agzzr adface
agzzr adface преди месец
None of them have heard of TearOfGrace
Curtis Bissell
Curtis Bissell преди месец
the fact that markiplier's first review is just "IS THAT THE BITE OF 87?" with 5 stars is great
RiskyWorks преди 2 дни
Technically you could say it was the bite of 87-4
Jeffrey Jr Erickson
Jeffrey Jr Erickson преди 9 дни
People that think jack swears a lot have not seen markipliers pogostuck videos
Patrick преди месец
@jeff cringley you make no sense bruh have a good Christmas btw
jeff cringley
jeff cringley преди месец
@Patrick end of conversation
jeff cringley
jeff cringley преди месец
@Patrick I just really don’t understand why u would choose me not anyone else that responded
Megan Becker
Megan Becker преди месец
Look. I'm 45 years old. And this fine Irishman helped to bring me out of the Covid funk. Those parents need hugs and/or more Memetime. Keep being you, sir.
SladesGirl преди 15 дни
hey there, nice seeing another older one in the community! I'm 31, and a lot of times I feel like an elder here lol. Not a lot of us speak up I think and it's nice to know that we like him just as much as the younger generation :)
Cherry Dragon
Cherry Dragon преди месец
Most of those parents are the type that barely know how to use the internet. Honestly, people like that should just stay OFF the internet all together
YoutuberFanGirl NamedEdyn
YoutuberFanGirl NamedEdyn преди месец
Sean: “do I talk about drinking that much?” His minecraft world: _Guinness elevator_
Cherry Dragon
Cherry Dragon преди месец
To be fair, he should return to minecraft with the new 1.18 update. Or maybe next year when 1.19 drops. Would love to see him encounter the Warden lol
Debi Christley
Debi Christley преди месец
As a parent, I was introduced to JackSepticEye videos through my children. Now my children are mostly adults ( youngest is the only one under 18) and I have been subscribed since 2016 and still watch his content. He has a very “what you see is what you get” attitude and is very open and honest in all facets of life. I had no problems letting my kids watch any of his content when they were younger, except for when I had migraines and they would just use their headphones. He’s a great inspiration when it comes to opening up communication with teens and young adults about their mental health. There’s more to him than just the cursing and violent video games that some of the negative reviewers want to focus on. Fun story: when my youngest found out we had Irish ancestors, his first reaction was “you mean I’m just like Jack?”. That made him want to be a BGpostr too but his attention span wouldn’t let him (ADHD And Asperger’s).
Thinara преди 4 дни
Wait the last part is so cute I'm crying omg 😭
AngryManDanTheCommenter преди месец
Jack, I'm a kid who is 14 years old and I've had to deal with severe anxiety and mental and physical issues, watching your videos has been able to make me feel better and just slightly more positive with each message, which means a lot to me. I'm still going through probably the worst time in my life, and I just want to thank you for being there for me even when you don't know it, keep on strong man, your seriously a great person, who's sense of humor is S tier, have a good day man
Tobisquick преди месец
I don’t know what you’re going through but I’m sorry it’s a hard time in life for you right now. Hope you come out the other side of it happy and healthy and that one day all will be well ❤️ - A 26 year old who used to be in a much worse place. It doesn’t get easier, but it does get better.
In Your Closet
In Your Closet преди месец
Hey, you aren't alone man. I'm pretty much in the same boat and seeing someone else going through the same stuff is kinda comforting (to me at least). You're doing great, and I wish you the best.
LMAO EZ преди месец
Jack: *swears* Parents: cursing! Also my father and his friend: *cursing in front of everyone* Parents: well, HE'S YOUR FATHER!!
LMAO EZ преди месец
@Toaste yeah, some of them when get angry think like "you're just my shit and I don't care" And when their friend's kid cause trouble they go " holy boy! You're a naughty champ😆"
Riucaft преди месец
@Toaste true though…
Akash Bardhan
Akash Bardhan преди месец
Holy shit that hit me hard
Toaste преди месец
The fact BGpost kids exists but the parents are too ignorant to use it just shows how lost this generations' parents are
LMAO EZ преди месец
@xxx yyy well, didn't knew that. I haven't tried to find why they removed the dislike button so, i dunno anything related to it. Thanks for the info!
Benjamin Coats
Benjamin Coats преди месец
"I'm not here to be a surrogate parent for your children." Said it right Sean. Channel may not be all that "kid friendly" but it's really not your fault at all if kids watch it.
Carter Matthews
Carter Matthews преди месец
Jack: I'm not a surrogate parent for your children Me, who sees him as a quality older brother: Damn, shawty just disowned me 😂
Carter Matthews
Carter Matthews преди 7 часа
@Dev Eh, half joke, but you right, that's some quality advice homie 👏
Dev преди 17 часа
you should avoid para-social relationships its not good for your mental health when you start realising the person who you feel so close to, doesn’t know you.(im sorry if you were just cracking a joke)
Catherine Martin
Catherine Martin преди 9 дни
i love ur pfp
Fabulous Killjoy
Fabulous Killjoy преди 22 дни
sick pfp :)
that's not me fellas
that's not me fellas преди месец
So shitty that they literally put "no positive messages", what the fuck. Thank you so much for everything you've done regarding speaking up about LGBTQ+ rights, mental health, etc., it's so important to me and many others and makes us feel really welcomed and safe here. THAT's what this channel is really about.
Muskan ie
Muskan ie преди ден
This video is basically people going, he swear so he bad. If swearing doesn't sit right with you don't watch jack's videos. Honestly you don't even swear that much Jack. If swearing or foul language is ever a con, you have so many good qualities that outweigh these so called cons. You keep going Jack, you are amazing.
Dani Winckler
Dani Winckler преди месец
"I'm not a surrogate parent for your children" - Sean. Thank you! Exactly, his content is entertainment not educational. If you want more educational content or a specific kind of content for your children then just encourage other channels.
Akimbo Akimbo
Akimbo Akimbo преди 17 дни
He is my father
Dave & Tech
Dave & Tech преди месец
Yeah, the Whole 'BGpost Kids' thing mixed into regular YT kinda felt like imposing on viewers and creators. It... Would have made more sense just to make a separate app and content platform. And it would have made things easier not creators and viewers but Google themselves. That "Kid friendly content" AI is not perfect and still includes questionable content. I was 12ish when I first joined BGpost and obviously I never died. Dislikes and all. Lol. My only regret is I lost passwords to several accounts which later became moderately successful.
Haley Mitchell
Haley Mitchell преди месец
I've watched sean since i was 13 and tbh i love him. Only thing mom didnt like was he was loud so i often used headphones :)
Jsmine преди месец
khan academy
Sian преди месец
Read this comment as he said it. Kinda messed with my brain for a sec
Doctor Skipwith
Doctor Skipwith преди месец
"I've never seen a BGpostr that swears as much as jacksepticeye does." Me: * hides in a corner *
Ethan Lindner
Ethan Lindner преди месец
Yo you have some of the funniest stuff on BGpostr.
Ashen Moxie
Ashen Moxie преди месец
o h . . . ?
Cookie преди месец
last time i saw you in a comment section was at the jesus flip video (that was totally legit)
TheRussianBro преди месец
@TheRealOrion_ I think he can read his name but I also don't know who he is
TheRealOrion_ преди месец
@Samuel That's Doctor Skipwith my dude
Ying_Yang_LIVE преди 2 дни
I’ve only been in the community for a few months but I’ve quickly gotten addicted if parents had a little more faith in there kids and what they watch Jack wouldn’t have those reviews
SaraWasHere преди месец
It makes me sad that an out of context sentence and word can ruin someone's perspective on people who are genuinely nice and caring like Jack. he's the one who helped me the most at finding out who i am and getting comfortable about my sexuality and not even my parents are accepting of me, but he is. him and his community. this channel and community was and still is like a home to me and I'm forever thankful that i found Jack :)
Oriana F
Oriana F преди ден
I feel like Dan and Phil wouldn't get as many bad reviews for innuendos... but they say them an alarming amount of times.
Ishiru Taekakura
Ishiru Taekakura преди месец
Sean might be a loud swearing Irishman, but he's a WHOLESOME loud swearing Irishman 😁
Insomniac преди месец
@YouXTuber z alright you know what you need to chill I don’t by any means have anything against people who are religious and believe god or Christianity but fuck dude you’ve taken it a step to far your no longer apart of your religion your apart of your own fucked up cult and your trying to shove your shit on to others so if you believe in this so called god of yours how about instead of arguing with people in a BGpost comment section go do something with your life and while your at It maybe refuting your meaning of bad and good cause what your doing right now is gonna send you to your “made up hell”
YouXTuber z
YouXTuber z преди месец
@Ballsy McFee I can reply now. Spirit of cursing is basically a demon of swears, curses, blasphemes, etc... There are many types of spirits. Spirit of cursing, spirit of fornication, spirit of lust, spirit of lying, spirit of theft, etc... Basically demons of various kinds. What is in your heart DOES come out your mouth. What's in your heart comes out of you by your actions. If you have a heart of hatred or anger, you will manifest that hatred or anger through words and actions. If you have a heart of pure love, you will manifest that love by committing good deeds. For out of the heart come evil intentions, murder, adultery, fornication, theft, false witness, slander. These are what defile a person if he does them. This is a proven factual statement. If you can't agree with me, I'm afraid there's no point continuing this conversation back and forth. You made a decent point there, that saying 'Flippy-flap that hurt!' has the same intent or emotion as saying 'f, that hurt.' However you must have self control in those situations to abstain yourself from saying such a vulgar word because it can invite not just one but possibly more spirits of evil inside you whether you believe it or not. If it's true, that's what's happening and you can't change that. So what you say DOES matter and it is different if you use 'dang it' instead of 'f__k,' If you have control, you can hold your tongue. What if you say the f word in that situation and your kid hears you say it?They'll think that's okay since their parent has said it and you know it's wrong to curse in front of or around children. It's obvious that certain words are more stronger than others. That's why we have variations of the same words. For example, nice or pleasant. Dislike or hateful, like or love. Love is a stronger word than 'like.' Just like the f word is a much stronger and worse word to use than, 'Oh crud!' It's unacceptable in every way. So we must understand which words to use and which NOT to use because not all words are good to say even though they were created words. Saying 'just because a word is created we can use it' is like saying just because rape is a thing we can rape others because it happens'. It does not make sense. You asked 'who decides what is acceptable speech.' God. God does. Whether you believe in Him or not, you wouldn't be alive right now without a creator. Please give me an example of a certain word meaning something positive in one region and yet meaning something horrible and offensive in a different area. To your last paragraph, again give me an example of a previously unknown term that is suddenly recognized as a curse word.
Owen преди месец
Is there another type of Irishman?
Archangel4679 преди месец
@🌸•Fluffy Peaches•🌸 ahh true
🌸•Fluffy Peaches•🌸
🌸•Fluffy Peaches•🌸 преди месец
@Archangel4679 not really man I just don’t know what that person is going through so I’d rather not judge TOO hard lol
Courtney Williams
Courtney Williams преди месец
As a parent, 100% agree. My children understand that they’re not allowed to be vulgar, but they absolutely love watching you with their dad and I. They understand there is things you say as an adult.
Cherry Dragon
Cherry Dragon преди месец
As long they know when and where they Cn use those words in a more correct and accepted demeanor, you've done a good job raising them
Famous Zach Sixteen
Famous Zach Sixteen преди ден
Ignore all those people let me just say personally but since the start of covid I have had my best paying job never my life but I've been in my lowest Point mentally ever and it's been like impossible to get out and watching you everyday is one of the very few things that helps keep me going so you just keep being you jack because you are amazing and the people who truly respect you and look up to you don't want you to change at all
JkHasLyfe преди месец
"i'm not here to raise your kids".. well Jack, that's where you're wrong, you pretty much raised your entire community from the amount of years you've been on here
JoSuHa0670 преди 3 дни
I do love how he appears as one of the most vulgar channels yet he is arguably the nicest channel on the site.
Harper Studios
Harper Studios преди месец
"I'm not here to be a surrogate parent to your children." -Jacksepticeye And yet this man raised a lot of us, gave us great laughs, great moments, and some heartfelt talks. Parent? Maybe not. But he's 100% the Fun Uncle.
Haley Mitchell
Haley Mitchell преди месец
Cherry Dragon
Cherry Dragon преди месец
For sure. I've become actualy quite more accepting of people regarding different races, religion or gender because of youtubers like Jack. Might not always look like it when i talk, but often i mean no ill intent
Trigger Happy
Trigger Happy преди месец
@mb spair something i think its laugh but i also watched hm when i was a child
mb spair something
mb spair something преди месец
he raised me in dark times when i was younger he made me laghu dont know if thats how you spell it
Trigger Happy
Trigger Happy преди месец
Ella M
Ella M преди месец
I was raised in a very Christian household that taught me to avoid anyone or anything that swears. It wasn't until I got over that fear that I really learned who I was and developed empathy. Many of my friends swear frequently, but I just choose not to. Just because you watch someone who swears frequently doesn't mean you have to as well. It's a choice, and it's okay
Cherry Dragon
Cherry Dragon преди месец
What i hate about religions is how they restrict you to explore the world and all it has to offer. From cultures to just people swearing. If i would have to give any advice to you as an atheïst, it would be to not take your religion seriously to the letter. Feel free to believe, but don't restrict yourself. You got the whole world, why bother sitting in a corner of a room. Get out there, make friends. Swearing ones or not. Your life is yours to live. Not for your god. Your god gave you free will to do whatever you want to do, use that power. :)
SilverSheath преди 3 дни
Been watching Jack since I was eight. His comedy grew with me. I knew what fuck meant and not to say it. I knew what drinking was and not to do it. I knew what sex was and not to have it lol. Way of the world. Get over yourselves “protective parents”. I’m sure Susan the wine mom swears in front of kids while she’s guzzling entire bottles of wine.
Abigail Joers
Abigail Joers преди месец
This is what I love about Jack, he honestly wants to see these reviews and see if and where he needs to improve on things. What I don’t like it in 10:03 where people take things like him “saying” the homophobic slur out of context. Jack is an amazing and genuine individual who pushes for Us all to love our selfs and be proud of who we are! You are amazing and keep being you Sean!
katzztak преди месец
9:33 as a queer woman i assure you ive never felt offended or belittled. you are a wonderful ally for the lgbtq+
Molly Condon
Molly Condon преди месец
sean: a genuinely wholesome guy who cares about his fans parents: BAD BECAUSE SWEAR
CommanderLeo преди месец
This is what happens when you comment without knowing what you're talking about
Ivette Rodriguez
Ivette Rodriguez преди месец
@Existential Crisis Core on Infinite Earths We mentioned old testament verses? Where? Regardless I don't really care to defend Christianity as much as I used to but whenever someone adamantly says "that's not Christian", whether it's Pauls blatant homophobia in Romans chapter 1 being dismissed by the more open-minded Christians or puritanical Christians being like "NO. Bad, bad! NO SWEAR. SO bad, bad, bad!" it just irks me. Despite being non-religuous now.
Existential Crisis Core on Infinite Earths
Existential Crisis Core on Infinite Earths преди месец
@Kakarot.... Yall realize there are *A L O T* of verses that completely contradict each other in the Bible, right? Especially between old testiment, new testiment and frankly any rule of thumb commandment type rules... My God, there is so much contradicting information, yall. I also find it funny you two seemed to have quoted new testament and old testament that contradicts new testiment information... If anything, you would probably rely on the newer rule moreso than the rule that comes after "don't touch pigs, they are unclean, also literally murder your wife if they even look at another man."
Ivette Rodriguez
Ivette Rodriguez преди месец
@Kakarot Yeah, the kjv just uses the word filthiness so I wouldn't really know how to interpret that. But if I had to guess I would think that words like hell, damn, God, Jesus Christ, and whatever else I'm forgetting, would be taken more seriously than words like shit and fuck. But I don't really swear often myself. And more times than not it's an "oh, shit.." and not a "you piece of shit" anyway. And since again and again Paul emphasizes that the division of the church is bad as is foolish contentions I would think obscenity, foolish talking, and coarse jestng would be referring to offending someone with malintent. But I can humor people regardless. If it offends my brother I will make sure not to offend them. However, that oesn't mean I don't think some people blow it out of proportion.
Alex .G
Alex .G преди месец
@SwitchMaster2021 that is exactly correct
Judd преди месец
At the end of the day you’re a fucking legend and whoever doesn’t like you should just watch something else
Amandev Singh
Amandev Singh преди месец
Jack: reads reviews 4:55. Jacks editor: adds a "awwwww" sound effect. Also jacks editor:*adds a baby covered in peanut butter saying "ha"*
Magik_Cloud495 преди 3 дни
that meme is certified classic
ColdHearted15 преди 7 дни
I love how as an Irish person. I dont even realise Sean swears alot. Swearing is so casually used in daily conversations by Irish people. We grow up with it. And I think we all turned out fine. Just saying.
Stravvberries преди ден
Has anyone else felt like swearing has just been absorbed into everyday language? I don’t know anybody in my life that doesn’t use “swears”. I feel like as the years go by, we acknowledge that they’re just words and literally mean nothing because they’re not at someone
Timetravelinfool преди месец
As a parent, my kid has been watching you almost as long as I have. Swearing is no big deal to me as long as it's not aimed at anyone. It's just a bunch of words everyone collectively decided to be butt hurt about. You are such an amazing person and you content makes so many people happy. You bring light to so many lives and are a genuine gift to humanity.
Cherry Dragon
Cherry Dragon преди месец
Ha, and my god are people quickly butthurt these days
Rastaoneeye R.O.E
Rastaoneeye R.O.E преди месец
Man OfMeat423
Man OfMeat423 преди месец
Agreed love ya Jacky boi
Alisa B
Alisa B преди месец
As a parent, I couldn't agree more
UMARA преди месец
Very nice parenting
Ashley Rudder
Ashley Rudder преди месец
Went searching for Sean’s reviews on this website and it states they no longer review individual BGpost channels… How interesting…
Hanney G
Hanney G преди месец
Honestly... Jack is probably one of the most positive, uplifting, and sincere BGpostrs on the platform. Yes he swears, but who isn't used to that by now. Also as someone who grew up in a very conservative setting who doesn't like swearing Jack's language never affected me. It was my choice whether or not to swear and I just didn't, but I could still enjoy the content. And while things for me have changed now it still applies. If you don't want your kids listening to swearing and stuff monitor what they watch. But in the long run just because he does it, it doesn't mean he's a bad person. He's helped and inspired so many people, myself included. Couldn't imagine youtube without him.
MajinSawdust64 преди 7 дни
I died laughing when he said “they’re against… the Irish”
Abigail Acre
Abigail Acre преди месец
Tbh, you raised me a lot of my childhood- You made me laugh a lot and I stopped watching you for a hot minute- idk why- But yeah, I wasn't supervised on the internet as a kid- and you raised me- You are my father
Shaq.Shaq11 преди месец
Marks page adults say: “IS THAT THE BITE OF 87?” I had to chuckle a bit
oakley's gaming channel
oakley's gaming channel преди 15 дни
that about sums him up, yeah.
Mudge преди месец
Nicholas Scott
Nicholas Scott преди месец
I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed that 😂
Stargazer 199
Stargazer 199 преди месец
Conflict Brooks
Conflict Brooks преди месец
All you need to know, honestly.
beniman292 преди 4 дни
Keep up the incredible work Sean. I've watched you grow over at least 4 years and have loved your old and new content. Thanks for being so genuine. Those 5 star reviews are where it's at mate.
Emily Tonn
Emily Tonn преди месец
First of all, I'm a mom of 3 kids and have been subscribed to "Jack's" channel for over 5 years. I watch his videos with my kids. They have gotten all of us through some very difficult times. Second, I think he is an amazing person who dedicates his life to making others happy and who takes time to raise awareness for things like PMA and taking breaks so you can continue to be the best version of yourself. And finally, I think that Sean is one of the most caring people I have ever had the chance to see ( because I've never physically met him) because he has continually brought people together for things like Thankmas and helping after natural disasters and Covid. I just want to thank you Sean, for being you, and giving me and my kids a bit of sunshine every once in a while ❤️
Rob Steiner
Rob Steiner преди месец
I find you a good and funny guy jack those adults that reviewed you just didn’t give you a chance. You are a great youtuber and one of my favorite youtubers
GlowLynx преди 3 дни
It's interesting to me that so many people get annoyed at Sean for swearing. Like it's not that bad, he only swears occasionally. I am biased though, I'm Australian.
Mokieness преди месец
This is just wow..... I'm a 41 year old mother of a 13 year old boy and I HIGHLY encourage him to watch your channel because of how positive you are.... you are quite simply an amazing person and if my son grows up to be halfway anything like you with his personality, I'll be a damn proud mum!! (And as a Scottish person, he won't hear anything from you he hasn't heard from me lol) 5 out of 5, would recommend.
Fyrebird преди месец
@Georgia Bentz I'm in my late 40's, also watch Sean. Also was the first gamer I subbed too... and thank heavens, cos how else did we get through last year??
georgia преди месец
SAAAAME. I’m a mom and tbh I can’t imagine *ever* being the type of parent who thinks Seán would be a bad influence on my children. I’d be absolutely thrilled for my kids to be exposed to/influenced by his empathy, acceptance & compassion for others, his positivity & morals, and his outlook on life. It’s all the same things I want to embody and project.. Sean (and this community) is just super genuine and wholesome, and some swear words won’t ever change that.. also I’m not of the mind that swear words are a bad thing ffs, and we don’t use swear words to hurt others. PLUSSSSSS he’s super fun to watch; and being so entertained by someone who’s a really good person is a win-win for everyone.
the gloomy kid
the gloomy kid преди месец
@Daichi Sawamura wut o_O
Daichi Sawamura
Daichi Sawamura преди месец
@the gloomy kid WHEJA YOU’RE DONE- YOU’RE DONE
Daichi Sawamura
Daichi Sawamura преди месец
@the gloomy kid WHEJA YOU’RE DONE- YOU’RE DONE
Milkyway 2010
Milkyway 2010 преди 3 дни
5:06 couldn’t have said it better myself, it’s insane that some people think that what THEIR kid learns is YOUR fault, like, if you don’t want your kid watching a certain thing, make a kids account and block the video(s)/channel
Toadboydude преди 9 дни
I've been watching Sean for almost 7 years and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon, he's like a best friend who always cheers me up on bad days. Keep doing what you're doing, man.
SentinalSlice преди месец
I’d say I miss old Jack. But that wouldn’t be true, he’s changed so much but so have I. I love that I can look back at his channel and also remember how I have been different during different “eras” of jacksepticeye. I’m more mature now and Sean’s current content is something that I really enjoy. I do miss the old intro though, for nostalgia reasons lol.
rathmiron преди месец
3:25 "These game are popular with kids, despite being rated unsuitable for kids. And since this channel features these games (that are popular with kids), they are creating a false image of being kid-friendly". That's a really interesting take on who's actually responsible of what your children watch/play.
Ghost преди месец
I think it's funny how Jack's like, "I'm not here to be a surrogate parent to your children" yet he and some other stuff raised me more than my own dad did.
Irish преди месец
sadly i feel this way too much
Maxwell Kelly
Maxwell Kelly преди месец
Miss B
Miss B преди месец
@Master Mātai and your parents probably spent more time watching tv or playing video games than they did talking to their parents.
4NN13 H
4NN13 H преди месец
Your own dad should have raised you. You deserved that. But I bet you’re awesome, and I hope your life is good now. You have a virtual hug from me, on a recurring basis. Just whenever you need one, come back here: 🤗
Smiley преди месец
He showed us that he cared, he always wanted to help and he still does. He made me smile when my parents yelled at me. He cared about the mental help of millions, while my parents never cared about mine. He is an amazing role model for kids, teens and adults. But what makes him the best is that he admits to making mistakes and always wants to learn and help others. He has such a golden heart
Lil S
Lil S преди месец
I love Sean and his channel so much. I don’t understand how people can possibly hate on him.
Bryn KC
Bryn KC преди 21 ден
Jack, there’s nothing more to say about you and your channel than, “you make us feel good”. 💛
een joost
een joost преди 3 дни
I am bi and I've never felt offended by anything you said, you are one of the most positive man I know
Noah Francis
Noah Francis преди месец
I've been watching your channel since the beginning and I will never stop. Your videos bring me joy and laugh every time. You're always so positive and it rubs off onto others and it's so great to have a BGpostr to always be able to watch something new from. You'll always be my number one favorite BGpostr.
MechStar преди месец
I love how Mark's first review just says "IS THAT THE BITE OF '87?!"
The Diamond Dragon
The Diamond Dragon преди месец
That's exactly what I thought.
Corben Smith
Corben Smith преди месец
Just a Guy
Just a Guy преди месец
That’s actually the bite of ‘69
Corben Smith
Corben Smith преди месец
No it's the bite of 134221 duuh
Babyyykatt преди месец
yea. but someone HAS to reply that it’s actually the bite of 83 tho 🤔
Korekiyo's Left Nut
Korekiyo's Left Nut преди 7 дни
i've been watching jacksepticeye since i was 7, and i've actually learned a lot of positive things in these 8 years from him.
Ladybug преди 5 дни
I’ll admit I don’t like all the swearing but Sean is just so awesome and I love his videos so much I ignore the words.
✨RattWentFeral✨ преди месец
I love how after this everyone flooded to the site and was like "guys don't listen to these boomers"
TheAdvertisement преди 29 дни
Jack don't feel self-absorbed you have every write to defend yourself, shut down misinformation, and paint yourself in a better light!
Abusaki преди месец
parents: "there are no positive messages" Sean: "LAUGH!"
Samy UwU
Samy UwU преди месец
@Nathan Schettle its a bot prolly ignore it
Hamster 774
Hamster 774 преди месец
The A part of the acronym 💀💀💀
Samy UwU
Samy UwU преди месец
Abusaki I just checked out your channel ITS GOLD, u are very talented and u deserve more recognition
Nirmiti преди месец
@Abusaki thank you for liking my reply.
Abusaki преди месец
@Nirmiti cant argue with that
Rafaela Clerici
Rafaela Clerici преди месец
i've been watching jacksepticeye ever since i started trying to become fluent at english, so about 4 years, i was 11/12 at the time and, while i did end up hearing some stuff that could be classified as unappropiate for my age, it was so much worth it compared to the amount of good it did to me watching youtubers like him and his friends. whenever i feel upset and think nothing can get better in my life, i like to watch the "missed messages" video purely because of his words on the end or just a silly gameplay video to cheer me up and tbh, if it wasn't for youtubers like seán, i wouldn't have made it through some of the hardest times of my life so, if you end up reading this, thank you seán, even with the mouth of a sailor your words are still as inspiring and calming as the sea
Reeg преди 27 дни
Sean just seems like an over all well rounded person. Five stars for him! - Love from a long time viewer/fan :)
astart27 преди 28 дни
I don’t prefer to listen to swearing but I love how sweet and genuine Sean is so I stick around! He’s an adult and I know what I’m getting myself into.
Toxic Nightcore
Toxic Nightcore преди 23 дни
I love how accepting you are :) You're one of my favorite BGpostrs and one of the BGpostrs who helped me feel more comfortable about myself. Thanks to you I now have a more PMA.
Loup Blanc
Loup Blanc преди месец
Jack'S literally the most mature,respectful and good human being I've seen on the net I swear
envylevi преди 5 дни
I'm an adult now, but I've been watching Jack since I was 12. I never once starting using swear words where it was inappropriate because my family taught me better. I grew up around people who swore and still to this day, only do it around my friends. Sure content creators can be influential, but it's not their job to accommodate to your children.
Booper Dooper
Booper Dooper преди месец
I really appreciate Jack mentioning the positivity. Often we remember or focus on the negative in a sea of positives.
Booper Dooper
Booper Dooper преди месец
I've been watching Jack for a couple of years, I wasn't getting recommended so I took a long break from the channel. I'm back and I feel better each time I see how genuine Jack is and he's so inspiring.
Yashuop преди месец
Claim your “here within an hour” ticket right here
Johnny From Georgia
Johnny From Georgia преди месец
The point is to delete it after the hour is up
TSMinecart преди месец
Duselk Man
Duselk Man преди месец
yep always
Skye M
Skye M преди месец
Kaed Parker
Kaed Parker преди месец
I'm here
Peterisdumb преди 3 дни
Your my comfort youtuber and I've been a fan for 6 years now and you've always made me laugh when I'm sad and I've always watched your content when I can I love meme time and laugh, and your a great person that does great things and I think you being irish is awesome and your yelling it's something I enjoy hearing everyday and I love your coffee brand and I think you are so amazing keep doing what you do your fans love you so I give you ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ stars. ❤❤❤
Oriana F
Oriana F преди ден
"dangerously mixed messages" _did you mean: _*_sarcasm and irony?_*
Faith Matheson
Faith Matheson преди месец
I mean hell, my mom used to watch Jack with me years and years ago when I was like 14 up until she passed. She loved his content and it was a great bonding for us!
Skidzy преди месец
I just don’t understand boy someone couldn’t love Jack. He’s entertaining to watch, he’s funny, genuine, and charismatic. Some people just hate to hate.
OwO преди месец
Wow, now hold on gamers. A grown adult who plays video games SWEARS?! Now I understand that one star.
Ashley Overton
Ashley Overton преди 10 дни
Oh I think you mean "let's players"
Smiley face
Smiley face преди 16 дни
That’s crazy it’s almost like he has basic human rights or something?
1984 PONTIAC преди месец
Hello OwO I see you everywhere how you been
Beaver Jedi
Beaver Jedi преди месец
YOOOUUUU!!! *dramatically pointing*
Polite Cat
Polite Cat преди месец
Yo furry
Princess преди месец
I love how a lot of us said yeah, let’s go fix this. Now there’s over 1,000 reviews for him. I love this fan base and I am so lucky to live in the same lifetime as this lovely Irish lad.
Bx2 преди месец
Sean: I don’t think I have many jokes about sex Power Wash Sim: Am I a joke to you?
Spacepanda Llama
Spacepanda Llama преди месец
Jack you are so amazing. Everything about you just make me so happy. I appreciate you being a creator on this app.
Covert_Ops преди месец
Seàn's interviews have so much great questions. And he' has such a great way of expressing himself. I love the youtuber the interviewer and the human he is.
Chimyjoe преди месец
jack, the "no positive messages" thing is just like: when you watch anime, and its the most wholesome thing ever, and your parents walk in on the ONE beach episode, and they just think its pron
AkumaDayo преди месец
@Hebeatingoku just doing my duty as an absolute FT fanatic™ who jumps at any chance to talk about my FT obsession lmao
Hebeatingoku преди месец
@AkumaDayo and for that I thank u now ;-(
AkumaDayo преди месец
@Hebeatingoku I live to serve that good FT nostalgia lmao
Hebeatingoku преди месец
@AkumaDayo damn u u gave me nostalgia!!!
AkumaDayo преди месец
Me as a little 10 year old watching Fairy Tail lmfao I loved the series for all of the cool battles and the message of your strong bonds are very important, found family is just as important as blood relations But it was definitely a little too lewd at some points haha, especially Lucy Years later, she's still my favorite character lol Was always scared a family member would walk in on one of the lewd scenes and lead me to die from embarrassment 💀💀 The series is still very near and dear to me, I was sad when I finally decided to finish it last year as I watched the end credits roll for the last time But hey! The sequel's getting an anime adaptation so whoo!! Very excited for that! :D
Upliftedkid преди месец
Hey Jack, Love the content, keep up the good vibes!
Moss преди месец
For 2017 Jack these reviews about his “constant cursing” make sense, but over the years he’s definitely toned it down.
Amanda Shafer
Amanda Shafer преди месец
I've watched you for 6 years now, you helped me through the all of the hardest time of my life, all my highs and lows, your videos have always been there. You mean so much to me. You've helped me through more than you know.
Babak Painex
Babak Painex преди месец
I love jack.he is like the best friend to us all, with his personality, gaming style and so much positivity. Been watching him non stop for over a year now. Jack if you are reading this, never stop being who you are🌹
PIG OVERLORD преди месец
I’ve literally never heard a more overprotective parent rating in my life
ً преди 2 дни
This isn't rating quality it's rating child appropriate-ness
US& Them
US& Them преди месец
As a mom to two boys (21 & 10), I highly approve of them watching this man! Positive influence on the world.
April Nicole Thompson
April Nicole Thompson преди месец
Your a wonderful person jack I've been watching you for years and I enjoy everything about you and your channel :) keep being you man!
CosmosCookie преди месец
I figured it out: The only people that don’t like his content probably only are listening to him in the background and cuss words tend to stick out when you’re not paying attention to what is going on. The parents are not watching it with them.
CosmosCookie преди месец
@Crow Smith our brains are really good at picking up profanity in a sentence
Liz Montgomery
Liz Montgomery преди месец
Well yeah
Crow Smith
Crow Smith преди месец
I noticed the two things that stick out when listening to youtube in the BG: Swearing, and replacements for swearing. Like I hear all the swears but whenever people cut it out or replace it, even if it barely sounds edited / covered it sticks out because it hits your ear wrong
Bethany Bosworth
Bethany Bosworth преди месец
Also, the 1 star rating is from the company, not the parents.
ASMR Bubbles
ASMR Bubbles преди 16 дни
Jack actually is quite mellow when it comes to swearing or gross content (as in explicit)
Cassius Zedaker
Cassius Zedaker преди 4 дни
I'm 40 years old and came to the channel with his Security Breach playthrough (directed here from Markiplier's playthrough.) I feel like Sean is one of the most wholesome BGpostrs I know, after maybe MatPat. From a new fan -
M Neko
M Neko преди 24 дни
jack is one of the few youtubers i watch now a days, in some ways he reminds me of other wholesome youtubers and i'm so happy that he's still here.
Vanilla The Bard
Vanilla The Bard преди 25 дни
I was genuinely confused by the "no positive messages" thing when in reality he's basically an all star when it comes to uplifting his viewers most of the time.
Small Snake
Small Snake преди месец
Sean: Runs Multiple Charity Events per year Parents: No Positivity here
SporeHam преди месец
I like Jack, but he misunderstood the site. The majority of parental reviews are high, but the moderators of the site gave him a low review. The moderators are infamous for being genuinely negative and stupid.
Collin Jost
Collin Jost преди месец
Logan Paul: films suicide victim Parents: He's got a few redeeming qualities
Trevor Minton
Trevor Minton преди месец
Ive gone through quite a few bad years in my life and throughout it all, jack has been a light in the darkness. Even when he's playing games like beginners guide, it still makes me feel better when he talks about how he's thinking and feeling. Its truly inspiring and I try to emulate that ability to communicate my thoughts and feeling in that genuine way he always does
MysticMCMFP преди 7 дни
I’m so sick of these “people” assuming that everything that comes out is just for kids. There is nothing worse than a parent blaming the content instead of themselves for letting their child watch stuff like this in the first place.
Aj.rain.Amy44 преди месец
"I'm not a surrogate parent for your children"- Sean, yes this is right although u are not a parent your a comfort youtuber, u helped me a lot made me happy and to the parents, your kids comfort youtuber might be jack. he give good messages and always make you laugh...
RageQuitENT преди месец
Sean, I’ve been watching this channel since way back in like 2012. You are amazing man, don’t let any of this negative stuff keep you down. You have always been an extremely entertaining and fun spirit. I never minded the swearing because it like you said is common for teens and video game communities anyway, I agree with you on so many of the social ideas like support for Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ+, and any and all religions/genders/orientations. I think you are a great and positive person who has a large influence in the world and that is awesome! I’m thankful for you being there to get me through some of my roughest times in life and seeing your content puts a smile on my face. I’m glad to have been with you for the ride so far and pray that you will be able to keep doing the things you love for the foreseeable future. Much love bro!
Kat Mustang
Kat Mustang преди месец
Most parents only overhear what their children are watching and, if they hear something that offends them, then watch small snippets of 2 or 3 other videos and make snap judgements. I'm a parent of four and have been a long-time subscriber. My two youngest children and I came to your show in Dallas. I have no problem with my children watching your channel. You have had fantastic, uplifting messages and have always tried to keep things truthful and real. Thank you for being who you are. Just a wonderful human.
Alexandra Rivoire
Alexandra Rivoire преди месец
@ Kat Mustang aww, thank you. ( :
Watermelon JJr
Watermelon JJr преди месец
@cbbbbaaagf6580 dude your hilarious could you repeat the joke we forgot to laugh the first 5000 times
cbbbbaaagf6580 преди месец
C4rt00n B0y
C4rt00n B0y преди месец
That’s enough to make a grown man cry
Kat Mustang
Kat Mustang преди месец
@Alexandra Rivoire
Never Give Jschlatt a Gun...
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