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Who puts Skittles and M&Ms together?? That's Mildly Infuriating


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Sireph Lyrrian
Sireph Lyrrian преди месец
ahhh, the missing SLAP when he did the high five, the unfinished line of "TOP OF THE...", the visible edge of the frame, and unsynched audio. that made me crave for violence. great job Sean Mclaughlin
DinoNuggy21 преди 3 дни
@KBella2007 thats the idea smart guy
LT Rogers
LT Rogers преди 5 дни
for me.... it made me say............................................. rrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Jaron Marles
Jaron Marles преди 7 дни
Ik I'm late, but audio not in sync is the worst.
Since770 преди 11 дни
@maxwell 🏳️‍⚧️ WHAT WHAT DID HE DO WRONG
Raquelle Hurst
Raquelle Hurst преди 15 дни
That voice crack though teehee 😅
angelofdusk13 преди месец
Sean googling USA maternity leave: "I'm sure there's more to it." Nope. That's it. 12 weeks, unpaid. IF you're full time, and not working 3 part-time jobs simultaneously trying to pay your bills. Even if you are full-time, so many people don't take the full 12 weeks because they literally can't afford it. Or if their baby is in NICU, they may not take leave during that time so they can spend time with their baby when they're home. So they go to work feeling guilty because they're not at the hospital with their sick newborn, but they can't NOT go to work because they have to pay hospital bills because their insurance deductible is $3000 and that's one-tenth of their income. The US is literally a dystopia over here.
Tech Freak
Tech Freak преди 3 дни
@Basicbean well, abortion is a thing.
Basicbean преди 3 дни
Tw: sexual abuse/assault The replies here are crazy, though so far I haven't seen anyone mention the idea that some people don't want children and get pregnant unintentionally (specifically rape victims). A lot of people here claim that people shouldn't have children if they're not ready - which I agree with because people should be prepared to take care of their kids - but sometimes getting pregnant is out of a person's control. Note: I'm not saying who I think is right or wrong, I just wanted to put a little reminder because I haven't seen anyone consider this. Please don't be mad lol
Metal Mayhem
Metal Mayhem преди 4 дни
@Wendigo Dragon So you're saying Jeff Bezos should cover all pregnant women no matter where they are employed? I'm sold on that.
Tech Freak
Tech Freak преди 5 дни
@Kristopher Prime GOP politics value the companies more than the people, that's not even an opinion, it's a fact. If anything they would hate to pay people to get pregnant.
Wendigo Dragon
Wendigo Dragon преди 5 дни
@Metal Mayhem Oh, God, yes, please help poor Jeff Bezos, he only has *SIX* private mansions that have pools, you can come into work after giving birth so he can get seven, right? Truly, the 0.001% are the ones that need the most help.
Elliott преди месец
No Jack. There isn’t more to it. The American health care system just blows
The Nexus
The Nexus преди 3 дни
@travis dingolaite the military and military budget (the U.S. military budget can be cut by half and still be the highest/best)
The Nexus
The Nexus преди 3 дни
@Shadow King we expect our country (even though American is a continent not a country) to have a health care system
Elliott преди 6 дни
@Shadow King a healthcare system
Shadow King
Shadow King преди 6 дни
I mean what do you expect.
girbij преди 8 дни
What health care system?
Mik Kurzhal
Mik Kurzhal преди месец
It is both kinda funny and really fuckin sad that Jack K N E W that someone was going to hear that he was talking to his girlfriend about a human rights issue and that person was going to interpret it as "Evelyn is pregnant," as if that's the only time that anyone should care about maternity leave.
Michael Musarra
Michael Musarra преди месец
Me: that’s called a hangnail Jack: *I hate these dangly langlers* Me: that’s called a dangly langler
Wrrdah D
Wrrdah D преди месец
Out of all the mildly infuriating moments, Jack purposely not finishing his "top of the morning" intro was the most infuriating out of all.
Anna Meyers
Anna Meyers преди месец
It's the equivalent of Captain America going "Avengers! *inhale*.........." *Cut to credits* at the end of 'Age of Ultron'. Like, NO SIR; you get back here and FINISH's the LAW.
Vicente Pinho
Vicente Pinho преди месец
i had chills down my spine bc of the blue balling that happened when he stopped that intro
Brian Njoroge
Brian Njoroge преди месец
I was like "I feel a disturbance in the Irish"
Kidderr Gaming
Kidderr Gaming преди месец
I would say it isn't mildly infuriating at all, rather it's extremely infuriating.
Pyroluminous преди месец
honestly just closed the video out, I'll watch it later once I walk that one off, lmao
Marcie Dresel
Marcie Dresel преди месец
6:01 “there’s probably more to it” No. No there isn’t, we just suck.
Marcie Dresel
Marcie Dresel преди месец
@NightDriven En7 Yeah, like I said, we suck.
NightDriven En7
NightDriven En7 преди месец
There is a lot more too it. Like 1/3 of the entire population living off of the work of others, and almost no one else having anywhere mear as many people other than China and India. Not too mention the big corporations like Walmart and McDonalds don't actually cater to individual Walmart or McDonalds, and that the franchisee owner and store owners pay the corporations to rent their logos and name. Those massive corps only run the land and rent of each location and deal with 0% of the income other than what they are owed: meaning every big multinational chain is nothing but Small Business owners under a collective banner but run independantly.
fli_grl 8P
fli_grl 8P преди месец
Sean's reaction to US maternity leave reminds me of the first time I researched UK maternity leave for school and then found out that paternity leave is a thing in other countries. What?!? My husband went back to work the day I came home from the hospital. I was alone 3 days post cesarean with a small infant and a 3 year old. It was terrifying.
Hezakigha Morgan
Hezakigha Morgan преди 6 дни
I have something mildly infuriating to share: Mildly: BGpost removed dislikes from videos, so now you don't have a warning for when a BGpost tutorial or infomercial is wrong. You take the info to heart, like "Yeah, isn't it cool how Hitler built the Autobahn" then get shut down in conversation by someone who actually *reads:* "Hitler didn't build the Autobahn, he just authorized its expansion. So better try to find something else to like about your favorite fascist, Cartman." Infuriating: I drove a coworker to his house once, dude left my car, and slammed the door so hard it shook the vehicle. I didn't antagonize him, didn't shoo him out or anything. It's just apparently how he closes car doors. Ever since, you *need* to put extra oomph behind closing the door or else it doesn't close anymore. Man permanently made closing the passenger side door an inconveniencing experience for anyone involved.
LynnMakesArt преди месец
I work night stock, and what's mildly infuriating to me is when people leave refrigerated/frozen foods on random shelves to thaw out and go bad. I once walked into work and found a full pint of ice cream melting on a shelf of plastic lunch bags
MeloFelo преди месец
Jack doesn’t even drive and he freaking despises drivers who can’t park which just tells you how universally that demon is haunting all of us
InfiniteStarFighter преди 10 дни
Same, I don't drive(preferably walk, because of location), and a couple of days ago, I was walking and saw some chap taking multiple car spaces. In my mind, I wanted to scratch the damn car
Rightguard 54
Rightguard 54 преди месец
As someone who used to drive a big truck, it isn't that hard to park them, if you know what you're doing 😂That person either didn't care or didn't know... Well... No. Didn't care. That pisses me off.
Super Toast Animation
Super Toast Animation преди месец
My advice is to move to an area with a lot of car guys, hint they work on the car at 12 am sometimes so you can scope me out easily, only side affect is you will hear a lot of tire squealing
Super Toast Animation
Super Toast Animation преди месец
@Anubis Fox their p e e p e e
EggHeadCosplays преди месец
Congratulations on getting a pin from THE Jacksepticeye
Jayla Mize
Jayla Mize преди месец
9:17 I understand this so much! I work in a hardware store in Indiana and people will just always leave this carts at the end of my register and not take them to the cart area before they leave. It sometimes get to the point where I just leave them to sit there and the people behind them will put their carts into that one until they completely block people from going through. I just don't understand what the hardest part of taking the cart with you at the end of your shopping even though you pushed to the cart all the way through the store. It's just mildly infuriating for me when I have to deal with it on a daily basis.
T P преди 10 дни
are you not paid to do that?
Alec Sanavongsay
Alec Sanavongsay преди месец
Hoosier gang 🙏
Cheyenne Zeamer
Cheyenne Zeamer преди месец
The whole maternity leave subject has me extremely infuriated. My company won’t give me any paid maternity leave whatsoever. My fiancé is currently disabled and unemployed and I’m the only one bringing in income, so yeah, I’m gonna be that woman that goes back to work 3 days after giving birth. 😑 fuck America
Gametez преди 10 дни
Literally anything: happens Jack: *SEND THEM TO JAIL*
HerrStein преди месец
I love to see content so regularly. Seems like Seán is really in the groove and feeling it! Makes me happy to see him at the top of his game :)
TCG Productions!
TCG Productions! преди 22 дни
@Cosmic that’s rlly rude. How is someone dying funny?! You have to be truly sadistic for laughing at that 😡
танкист 108
танкист 108 преди месец
@Deven Maldonado that would be a good idea to tell jack that on twitter because making fun of a death loved one isn't funny its very disrespectful of those idiot trolls/bots
Deven Maldonado
Deven Maldonado преди месец
@танкист 108 maybe a lot of us can also tell jack on twitter to ban dad or father or papa or anything that means father so he can maybe block them from his channel
Deven Maldonado
Deven Maldonado преди месец
@卐-soundcity-卐 how’s being your family’s biggest disappointment been going?
Christian Parrish
Christian Parrish преди месец
@Playz Vlogs my dad died 8 months ago in a car wreck. He died on April 6th.
Ghost Cookie
Ghost Cookie преди месец
The way Sean says “car park” is so satisfying! The accent-
J. Rabbit (BananaHoovy)
J. Rabbit (BananaHoovy) преди 19 часа
Cær paark
Keata преди месец
Jack, as Tony at gas station: "I came to get a bag of milk." Me, a Wisconsinite: "I feel attacked"
Ash Rowan
Ash Rowan преди месец
Me a Canadian also feeling attacked
Bethany Carberry
Bethany Carberry преди месец
Jack is so wholesome. Makes me happy to be able to watch his videos.
Garrett Nau
Garrett Nau преди месец
Jack sees a pickup truck, “WHAT ARE THOSE? IT’S ONE OF THESE!”
Heroek преди месец
That intro wasn’t “mildly infuriating”. It was a straight-up WAR CRIME
Defectum Defectum
Defectum Defectum преди месец
@Cynthia Kuroi he’s probably doing that cuz it’s part of the mildly infuriating challenge. And if it is then it worked.
Defectum Defectum
Defectum Defectum преди месец
@Cosmic dude ur a whole hypocrite, I see your comment section sad about his death. But I think your doing that cuz it’s part of the mildly infuriating challenge
Smile Dog
Smile Dog преди месец
Taty преди месец
@Cosmic 🚪🚪🚪
Renee Steel
Renee Steel преди месец
SAME MAKES ME WANT TO CRY SO BAD because of how infuriating it is 😭😭
Spoofy Plays
Spoofy Plays преди месец
"You probably should use clippers, but you never have them handy." I'm the kind of person that carries nail clippers in my pocket any time I leave the house, and I've never regretted it.
Ghost_vodka81 преди месец
9:27 I remember Deadpool saying "oh and Don't leave your garbage laying around thats a total dick move" 😂
GonZGaming преди месец
having your toilet paper like that is actually good for when you have pets that love to mess with toilet paper because instead of unraveling they would most likely just spin it around
Ronja Jensen
Ronja Jensen преди 10 дни
I love that jacks accent just getting more and more Irish when he get frustrated over stuff 😂❤
Emma Reyes
Emma Reyes преди месец
jack: "there's probably more to US maternity leave than-" me immediately: "there's not."
Tech Freak
Tech Freak преди 17 дни
@endocean117 So it's a tax write off? That's genius!
endocean117 преди месец
@CPA Outdoorsman Bullshit. They should. They are capable of it. You know what a sane country does so the mothers can get paid leave without hurting actual small businesses? They allow the small businesses to obtain subsidies or make the paid leave tax deductible for the company so it quite literally doesn't impact the small business. Wild idea, I know.
GrumpyWarlock88 преди месец
Just another thing to add to the list of why the US is not the greatest country in the world. I don't know about every other country, but I know many of them are far superior when it comes to health care and the works. All I gather from the US is how broken everything is.
Retron Gaming
Retron Gaming преди месец
Came to say this, yeah and I'm not even sure Americans know what paternity leave it compared to maternity leave...
hollistinian2 преди месец
I guess we can add crappy maternity leave policies to the growing list of why we U.S. millennials aren’t having “enough babies.”
Kenzie Ralston
Kenzie Ralston преди месец
I started to skip the "plug" 30 seconds in but when I realized it was about Thanksmas I went back to listen to it. I have been fully supporting your charity streams since I found out about them many years ago and I will continue to do so.
Ans Hayes
Ans Hayes преди 5 дни
I just looked up the whole maternity leave thing in America and it says: “…federal law guarantees new parents just six weeks of unpaid time off, and not all workers qualify. Most Americans do not have access to paid family leave through their employer.” what the actual fuck America…
xRaeLa-Productionsx преди 5 дни
Seans vain starts popping out at the corner of his eye will he rants is a lil funny
WL9 преди месец
"I came here to get a bag of milk." - Jack 2021
CrAzY_Nate18 преди месец
I'm not sure if Robin changed his editing style or if there is someone new on board, but I am absolutely loving this editing on these videos. Keep up the great work mates!
brknguts преди месец
@Wolf Night I know, Ive just not seen it in a bit ;-; though I may jusy have missed some of the videos d:
Solared преди месец
I personally prefer robin's pacing
Wolf Night
Wolf Night преди месец
@brknguts Robin still edits for Seán, they just have their own life with everything they're going through so Seán got more editors. You can always tell when it's Robin though, their work is best suited for Seáns videos. You don't get all this random stuff thrown in.
gingerweasel преди месец
@Atomic Yeah I got definite "look at me, I'm EDITING" vibes from it. Some of it was fine, but all together it just feels way over the top and like it's distracting from the actual content.
Shade Slayer
Shade Slayer преди месец
Robin is blackmailing the emkay editing team to edit these videos
Oceanismyname преди 4 дни
me: yeah i hate it when people small talk they be like "have you heard about jerry? man got a new ford f150 last week. Jack: starts talking and uses the same name as example. WTF AYE?
Ackerman_demon _yeet
Ackerman_demon _yeet преди месец
I've been subscribed for 6 years and you still make me laugh and smile I always rewatch your videos because of how much I love them! ❤️
dotty7789 преди месец
Just so you're aware Jack, the US maternity leave thing is all that's required by employers. If you have a good job they provide partial pay or you can use your sick time to get some pay during maternity leave but 12 weeks is all that's required and most women can't afford to go that long without pay. All this is without mentioning the hospital bills you get if you don't have good health insurance.
Mike the Whizz
Mike the Whizz преди 2 дни
You know it makes me wonder if you could integrate certain light up keyboards in video game mechanics, like pressing a button as it lights up or like a tile light puzzle or something
Carter Matthews
Carter Matthews преди месец
Jack with a face of disappointment while the Star-Spangled Banner playing in the background will be my new reaction to everything lmao
Simple Wombat
Simple Wombat преди 2 дни
@Karate Kids (they know that. People just call him Jack)
Karate Kids
Karate Kids преди 2 дни
His real name is Sean
Simple Wombat
Simple Wombat преди 2 дни
Land of the politicians
Cryptic YT
Cryptic YT преди 12 дни
Good ol America
Carter Matthews
Carter Matthews преди месец
@sengixedshin .....pardon?
Adrienne C
Adrienne C преди месец
"I can hear the bells of prison" is so great, that's going to be a great GIF for true crime fans everywhere.
Captian Chaos the Pirate Pimp
Captian Chaos the Pirate Pimp преди 6 дни
I carry chalk around in my car specifically for people that park like assholes. I like to outline their car and write "Princess Parking Only" right in front. Lots of pretty flowers and stars too just to emphasise how awesome they are. Also, zip ties + shopping cart + door handle = Justice
bethfaceplays преди месец
The M&Ms and Skittles together is actually really good. Tastes like chocolate covered fruit.
Christian Wesselink
Christian Wesselink преди 2 дни
i work at starbucks and when i feel like the world should burn i put the toilet paper on with the loose bit on the back, the backwards way to just infuriate everyone that uses it
Leyton V.
Leyton V. преди месец
Felix’s ranch for children and Jack’s prison for parents. A nice duo.
Juno Antares
Juno Antares преди месец
I thought the ranch was Dr Phil's thing
Leyton V.
Leyton V. преди месец
@ezraprisc yes. Which he called the Ranch lol 😅
ezraprisc преди месец
Felix's ones is not actually a Ranch, it's an Island full of Spoiled Kids, Hunger Games style.
LadyYamiofLight преди месец
Y’all do know that Felix and Ken both got the ranch from the same Dr.Phil episodes
thevioletskull преди месец
As all things should be
Tyler Black
Tyler Black преди месец
I love how he made a video on Mildlyinfuriating things, while simultaneously making the while video mildly infuriating. Well played
Azariah King
Azariah King преди месец
"Don't let them near anything good in your life, because they're just going to ruin it." - Jacksepticeye
Amelia Butcher
Amelia Butcher преди 4 дни
The car thing is hilarious because in California it's the opposite. Small cars are the asses that park just on or over the line so that no one can park next to them😅
Gemini Gacha
Gemini Gacha преди месец
That intro was not mildly infuriating It was pure evil
Sophia Mizen
Sophia Mizen преди месец
“English is mildly infuriating” As a native English speaker truer words have never been said.
Schaschia преди 8 дни
but only mildly
0q0 преди 14 дни
@Sophia Mizen THE TRUTH! I'm English (native) and spelling tests? Those mixed with normal English lessons are gonna be the reason I END UP DYING OF BOREDOM 😂🥲
charlie bell
charlie bell преди 18 дни
Gehtdich Nixan
Gehtdich Nixan преди месец
@Sophia Mizen Well, i can attest german is pretty similiar to japanese in that regard, to the point where I have zero trouble spelling japanese words phonetically.
Sophia Mizen
Sophia Mizen преди месец
@PurpleCow81 take Japanese for example. It is basically pointless to have one as each character has an assigned sound and will not change no matter the circumstances. Idk about other languages but maybe it’s something similar?
mmpj twod
mmpj twod преди месец
jack: I'm not going to say its mildly infuriating until I try it Also, jack: uses it as thumbnail
I'm bored 🥱
I'm bored 🥱 преди месец
You can tell that Jack is getting older but he is still the same and funny 😘Love you Jackie Boi
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi преди месец
jack: I'm not going to say its mildly infuriating until I try it Also, jack: uses it as thumbnail
SledgehammerLion преди 8 дни
Googles maternity leave in America… 12 weeks unpaid. Sean: There must be something more to it. America: There’s nothing more to it.
Sherr преди месец
Jack having to clarify that Evelien isn't pregnant had me laughing so loud for some reason
Sp3cTrA2991 преди месец
@Caroll Jane Perez which is creepy and disturbing. Keep your nose out of their personal lives.
RoseOfTheNight4444 преди месец
@Jessica Å What did they say?
Jwsponky преди месец
@Leyala Atasto Oh, had assumed that Gab was her real name give that is an actual name.
Musicfreak31751 преди месец
@Caroll Jane Perez what strange thing to hope for
Caroll Jane Perez
Caroll Jane Perez преди месец
He knows we are hoping!!!!!!
TS преди 17 дни
Who the hell was Jack having a real legit conversation with
MaKaila Knight
MaKaila Knight преди месец
Ugh the movie theatre one gets me every time. The trash cans are literally on the way out, it takes *zero effort* to clean up after yourself
Casey S.
Casey S. преди 19 дни
I agree with you 100%. I’m considered an usher at my theatre but I show people where they sit (bcuz I’m in a wheelchair and can’t do thorough cleaning in the auditoriums) but I’ve seen some of the nasty stuff there from not picking up after themselves and it’s like really? Do you do this at home🙄
Kai Demonn
Kai Demonn преди месец
You really kept to the script with that intro. You're too good at this man!
surhs преди месец
Actually, hanging toilet paper backwards is helpful when you have cats
TheSaltDuchess преди месец
Egors Deimos
Egors Deimos преди месец
@TheSaltDuchess sure, but then again say that to the warframe devs (it’s where the quote is from)
TheSaltDuchess преди месец
@Egors Deimos it adds ✨emphasis✨
Egors Deimos
Egors Deimos преди месец
“Simmer down there captain caps lock”
Will H
Will H преди месец
It depends on the state, as well as the company policy mostly, but the 12 is the absolute baseline.
The Lemon
The Lemon преди месец
Fuckin top tier shit right there 👏
ChargerPlays GG
ChargerPlays GG преди 16 часа
I Had Skittles And M&M's Together, They Were Great
Scott Simpson
Scott Simpson преди 8 дни
The thing that has always confused me is that there are so many countries that dont allow maternity leave to fathers
GSJude преди 8 дни
My relatives did the skittles mixed with m&ms for April fools and it tasted so horrible🤢
bilinas mini
bilinas mini преди месец
As someone who used to clean theaters, it’s MORE than just mildly infuriating haha.
Quentin преди месец
Jack not finishing "top of the morning" is one thing, but we're not gonna talk about how his mouth wasnt synced to what he was saying immediately after???
The Caped Watermelon
The Caped Watermelon преди месец
I teared up
Dale Mendoza
Dale Mendoza преди месец
@Sarah Fraser ooooooooh yeah am dum, i thought it was just some glitch or some sht I apologize
Sarah Fraser
Sarah Fraser преди месец
@Dale Mendoza he was just trying to implement a bunch of mildly infuriating things! The missing slap sound effect, not finishing the phrase, the frame edge was visible, un-synced audio/video, etc : )
Fotze преди месец
Dale Mendoza
Dale Mendoza преди месец
yeah that kinda confused me
Cosmic_Fever преди месец
Out of all the mildly infuriating moments, Jack purposely not finishing his "top of the morning" intro was the most infuriating out of all.
KidKnight64 преди месец
Jack: Why are you buying a HyperX keyboard? Me: Literally bought one from Amazon for Black Friday.
Alec преди 6 дни
2:57 I was once looking for a parking spot at a shopping centre during the christmas period and I found someone who had parked like that. I decided screw it, I'll squeeze my car in next to it and as I was getting out of my car the arrogant owner of the car came up to me going "what do you think you're doing? I parked like that so no one parks next to me!" I mustered up my biggest shit eating grin and asked "and how has that been working out for you, mate?" I've never seen someone get so livid over being denied the ability to act like an entitled tosser.
SomeGamer Guy
SomeGamer Guy преди 7 дни
1:02 I used to and still do have this gigantic fear of the water not stopping even when you turn off the faucet.
Hezakigha Morgan
Hezakigha Morgan преди 6 дни
Same. There's just something violently unsettling about constantly running water through a drain when you're not using it. Feels wasteful, looks wrong, and is just uncomforting.
John Hughes
John Hughes преди месец
God, the 2-second midi “Star-Spangled Banner” after Jack discovering USA’s 12-week unpaid maternity leave is just top notch.
adam nakamura
adam nakamura преди 17 дни
I mean there is, but, from what I’ve seen (and this *DOES IN FACT* bother me)… it’s less “there’s more to it than that,” and more like, *“BUT WAIT!!! THERE’S MORE!!!”*
rosa_envy_ преди месец
It was amazing
Thisisbigface преди месец
That took me out
David Gottfried
David Gottfried преди месец
"There's probably more to it." No, no, there's not. It's just that bad.
Kayla C Kanz
Kayla C Kanz преди 25 дни
please make more of these videos and create a series!!! these videos are one of my favorites that you make.
Beyond Birthday
Beyond Birthday преди месец
I once added a bag of skittles to trail mix that had m&ms in it, it tasted pretty good that way, added a nice fruity flavor. So the real prank was on me who was a packet of skittles lighter.
Ultimate Trash Boy
Ultimate Trash Boy преди 4 дни
Okay so I work as a cart collector at a store and there are multiple things that mildly infuriating while doing it, the most probably is when I’m bringing back multiple carts and a customer with a completely different cart just hands me it and leaves.
Jordan Lowe ElevaTours Canada
Jordan Lowe ElevaTours Canada преди месец
Plot twist: Sean didn't finish the "Top the morning" intro just a trigger us to make it mildly infuriating lol
Demon Princess
Demon Princess преди месец
"Maternity leave in UK is 52 weeks" Isn't that exactly 1 year? Also, Jack, that was right. Maternity leave in US is literally just 12 unpaid weeks, but some people don't even get that long
Атлас {[1]}
Атлас {[1]} преди месец
@endocean117 -did you read ellen’s posts? They weren’t arguing against paid maternity leave or saying it’s easy to give birth and take care of a baby. They were saying that those who can’t financially take care of a child, shouldn’t. That there should be a long period of paid leave. I don’t see how your refutation and anger correlates to what Ellen said. (Unless there’s a deleted comment that I didn’t get the chance to see).
WarlordFlynn преди месец
@endocean117 did you get the vaccine?
endocean117 преди месец
@ellenmayy Yikes. Imagine being so wrong and ignoring that childbirth can be traumatic for the mother and that the mother will be busy every single second and getting very little sleep for that paid time off because raising a newborn is basically a fulltime job and if they aren't tended to properly during that time in development, it can permanently damage the kid's development through their entire life.
endocean117 преди месец
@WarlordFlynn Some people just don't realize they're talking nonsense. People work in Australia, the UK, and everywhere else as well. They just often get better treatment than we do here because our government serves corporations and not us.
Tim Jennings
Tim Jennings преди месец
@ellenmayy ok have a great day!
Monkeyman Bob6005
Monkeyman Bob6005 преди месец
Jacksepticeye does well. Because I personally like him much less for taking PART of it too, and succeeded.
Jason McLennan
Jason McLennan преди месец
When my mother see's people who park like that, she places a card under their windshield wipers that says in big bold letters "Your a Shit Parker" and then the card goes on to call them an asshole. Its great
Jason McLennan
Jason McLennan преди месец
@bananabuttersomethin Yeah hopefully
bananabuttersomethin преди месец
Hopefully she uses the correct "you're"
NuggetTato преди 15 часа
It's true jack it's true, its always those stupid trucks, I almost got ran over by one in the parking lot because he didn't wanna stop or slow down
Craig Penfold
Craig Penfold преди 29 дни
The UK plug is objectively best. The amount of beautiful design that went into it is incredible, especially compared to the cobbled together bullshit of the US plug.
risk преди месец
Jack is such a great pal
Phoenix_Forever🇵🇷 преди месец
@Rad Red Guy I'm not tho
Rad Red Guy
Rad Red Guy преди месец
@Phoenix_Forever🇵🇷 gay
Phoenix_Forever🇵🇷 преди месец
Hello checkmark
Rad Red Guy
Rad Red Guy преди месец
@卐-soundcity-卐 shut up cringer
Flex Tape
Flex Tape преди месец
Deathgrip преди месец
Sean you should totally do more drum covers! I would love to see some August Burns Red!
ColeTheBug преди месец
I did the skittles M&M thing for april fools once. It tastes pretty good too
Beanie No-Name
Beanie No-Name преди 10 дни
jack: i'm 30 me, remembering when i watched him in high school: *stop that-*
Garmen преди 18 часа
At my cinema they purposefully tell you to leave rubbish on the floor when you leave so the employees can clean it up because I guess people clean up after themselves too much and I guess the employees aren’t doing enough work? Idk
zach stevens
zach stevens преди месец
I've got something to say on the movie theatre one about people leaving their trash in the theatre. I'm one of the people that cleans the theatre after you leave. Certain things are annoying and certain things are expected. Popcorn. It's hard to get all that popcorn into your mouth in a dark room lol. Dropping a couple kernels is okay. I do it too. Pro tip. If you drop some, don't worry about picking it up, but do try to kick it under the seat or something. That goes for candy too. It's easy to clean when it's just sitting there but when it gets smooshed into the floor of the aisle, it can be a pain. So just kick it to where it won't get stepped on, I can get it from there. Drinks. Leave them in the cupholder unless you're taking it to your car with you. The trash bins on your way out of the theatre are harder to maintain than the one I carry with me, so I would rather throw it away in my own can. Just don't leave it on the floor because it's a disaster waiting to happen. Mostly, you're at the movies to enjoy a night out, so do just that. Don't worry about me doing what I get paid to do, but I do appreciate people trying to make my job not harder than it has to be. Just enjoy yourselves, we don't get enough of the good times anymore.
The American Chemist
The American Chemist преди 4 дни
Dude I went to see No way home a second time and ended up sitting in melted cheese
Fericas32 преди месец
And then you have the little Einsteins who are alone in the screening room and throw popcorn at the screen.
ChOcOsTaR27 преди месец
If most people cleaned up after themselves, the theater would be cleaned a lot faster, meaning you’d be able to get into your seats sooner.
Jasmine Martin
Jasmine Martin преди месец
I like how yours try and make it easier. Here where I work it seems they try and make it harder by dumping full bags of popcorn or even buckets and spilling their drinks on every isle. I’m not ready for Spider-Man to come out. I wish you and your theater luck.
TheUndyingOne преди месец
I understand, i will do what's told this next thursday when im off to see the new spiderman movie, cheers mate!
AG Destroyer
AG Destroyer преди 19 часа
what is mildy infuriating to me is that the subreddit is not called r/mildlyinfuriating its called r/mildyinfuriating
Rachel Watson
Rachel Watson преди 22 дни
#3 please!!! I love these!
Sierra Freitas
Sierra Freitas преди 16 дни
The reusable bags is HILARIOUS because I leave a lot in my car, and somehow I manage to forget to bring them in the store. 🤦🏽‍♀️
Some dude.
Some dude. преди 15 дни
Very relatable.
A R преди месец
Can you do more of these, please? As a public service? It’d be much appreciated. Thank you!
Mia Keahey
Mia Keahey преди месец
As a movie theatre manager, I appreciate him calling out people for not picking up their trash. It is infuriating to have to pick up after grown adults when we barely get paid minimum wage.
Allis K
Allis K преди месец
As a person who always stands up to find I was sitting on popcorn, I have no idea. I thought I was being careful, yet it got there anyway. (granted it's only a couple of pieces rather than a quarter of the bucket, but still)
PureRushXevus преди месец
I've always thought about littering in one way.. It's nobody's fucking job to clean up that stuff, other than yourself. Why would anyone actually think "oh yeah, I'm just gonna leave my garbage here instead of throwing it out".. jeez.
Scrug ??
Scrug ?? преди месец
As an usher for a movie theatre, YES. And how do they spill so much popcorn on their seats?? Are they just comfortable with sitting on it or something?
Mia Keahey
Mia Keahey преди месец
@Philip Maull it might be different in certain places but in my 3 yrs I just prefer it to be in the trash cans
Spicy Wolf
Spicy Wolf преди месец
then get another job
Parvilting преди 7 дни
Jack, there is this video where someone double parks. So, someone wants to teach them a lesson and parks two jeeps next to it, blocking their doors.
Joshua James
Joshua James преди месец
He jack i have been watching since the beginning of 2014 and today is now my 14th birthday and you always made me happy no matter what so thank you for these 7 years i truly appreciate keep up the good work
ShadowRoseGaming преди месец
2:09 as someone who's tried eating skittles and m&ms together I can confirm it is disgusting
TheOnlyWatson преди 2 дни
My mom has an envy van since she does daycare and foster car she parks at the end of the parking lot where no one parks... every time she comes out someone parks too close to her sliding door or right at the back of her van so she cant put groceries away. She intentionally parks away from everyone because of it but it never fails even if there was only 10 people in the big parking lot...
idekanymore преди месец
Jack… I tried the skittles and m&ms thing once by accident in a dark cinema theatre. I had never chomped down so hard on an M&M my entire life until that day when I was expecting to chew on a gummy skittle. The surprise and chocolatey shock in my mouth still haunts me. Please save me.
Manuel Rodriguez
Manuel Rodriguez преди месец
@PurpleCow81 Yes officer, THIS comment, RIGHT HERE!
PurpleCow81 преди месец
Dude... if you have enemies, have JUST the red/orange/yellow M&Ms, Skittles AND Reece's Pieces mixed together in a bowl and walk away. Tell no one!
Anti toast the 2nd
Anti toast the 2nd преди месец
I went to the movies about a week ago with my friends, and the people sitting behind us left an entire bucket of popcorn spilt out across the floor It did no surprise me that they were the first to leave after it was finished
Sam Soper
Sam Soper преди 8 дни
Jack: sees truck of any brand. Also jack: god I hate these a**holes.
Hezakigha Morgan
Hezakigha Morgan преди 6 дни
That is the attitude of American sedan drivers in a nutshell.
Abbi Williamson
Abbi Williamson преди месец
1:54 individually they have their moments but having them together is top tier😏
watermelancholy преди месец
For the first parking one, sometimes the double parking is someone who needs to unload a wheelchair but all the accessible spots are taken. if they are right beside the other vehicles, they can't get their ramps out.
MoustacheMaster преди месец
Jack: This is it, the future of plugs worldwide Me who lives in Australia: Oh no you don't!
Alterra преди месец
"This plug is superior because it only plugs one way" Doesn't that mean it's less capable?
xJellyCat преди 7 дни
Not really one to talk here cause I don't have this type of plugs in my country, but I think you're right and wrong, it's gonna be annoying to have to look which side is the bottom/top, but I would literally rage when someone in my house would put a plug in so that it takes 2 plugging holes. Just like one car using 2 spots
Lunaria Vipress
Lunaria Vipress преди 24 дни
1:59 Me: Feels like Satan because Idc what it is, I’ll just eat the sweets. I eat Skittles and M&Ms together a lot, so I was laughing at Jacks pain.
Jennifer Stevenson
Jennifer Stevenson преди 3 дни
When I was on maternity leave my wage was bullshit (Scotland if matters) it was already bullshit because it was minimum wage but I got a percent of my wage lucky if it was more than £20 a day
The Blonde Lad that F_cks Up Your Lineage
The Blonde Lad that F_cks Up Your Lineage преди месец
Pewds sends the children to a deserted island, while Jack sends the parents to parent jail *It's all coming together*
Starlight_Studios преди месец
And Techno kills the orphans
PRYKLI преди месец
jojo reference
PinkEvilKitty преди месец
Philip Maull
Philip Maull преди месец
no god please no..... I think it's happening... THEY'RE LEARNING. ( xd )
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