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The Matrix Awakens: An Unreal Engine 5 Experience is free to download on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S and Series X now! :

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jacksepticeye преди 29 дни
The Matrix Awakens: An Unreal Engine 5 Experience is available for free on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S | X. Download it now!
Arriss преди 13 дни
You can turn off the green tint and turn the game to nighttime fyi lol
Devon kelbaugh
Devon kelbaugh преди 16 дни
Hay, little late, not here to shit on anyone parade, but anyone else worry it might...get the cyberpunk treatment? Like marketing team rushes them
Burger преди 21 ден
@Nixie Starlight based
Blu DJ
Blu DJ преди 22 дни
Matrix Awakens? This is GTA V.
RavenMatthew преди 23 дни
ok sure
D4rant преди 27 дни
Wow I love the concept of “what’s real?” for a matrix game because it’s so realistic that you don’t know
Dunno преди 10 дни
oh hey d4
Smith 🏳️‍🌈⃠
Smith 🏳️‍🌈⃠ преди 14 дни
In real life, the matrix would be the better choice to live. Zion looked like trash.
Kamal Dwivedi
Kamal Dwivedi преди 15 дни
I think the difference is still definitely noticable
Lonnell Jones
Lonnell Jones преди 15 дни
This is an amazing illusory game.
EJ Ghostmez
EJ Ghostmez преди 18 дни
@King Shark Supremacy Im pretty sure that’s exactly what they meant. Like its perfect for the matrix.
TrueUnderDawgGaming преди 17 дни
I want this level of detail for a Spider-Man game...
Phabid Z
Phabid Z преди 6 дни
WeebMonke преди 8 дни
you want detail, they want money
Spork преди 8 дни
@Hannah Clarke It'll take a few more years to get this level of graphics into VR.
Hannah Clarke
Hannah Clarke преди 9 дни
Aliya Lackey
Aliya Lackey преди 13 дни
NO i was just thinking that! Because when, towards the end jack swooped down and kinda went back up I was like "oohh this is satisfying my dream to swing speedily through buildings. They totally should make this a spider man game. But instead of making it a mission based game it should just be open world where u can do whatever you want and save people, meet people, like multiplayer game. That would be HELLA fun!
WarZ преди 27 дни
"Is that bullet ray traced?" Yes Jack, yes it is.
Sean Hand
Sean Hand преди 3 дни
Just assume everything is ray traced at this point. Its practically an understatement.
Jeanicia Sparkles
Jeanicia Sparkles преди 17 дни
@cnmmd qiuoo gta 5 wishes it was made by unreal 😂
JustANormalMan ⚪️ 100 Years Ago ⚪️
JustANormalMan ⚪️ 100 Years Ago ⚪️ преди 18 дни
@cnmmd qiuoo it does
Phantasm преди 18 дни
R A Y T R A C E D .50 C A L I B E R
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo преди 27 дни
I like how it says it's gta v in the description
Watchdog преди 24 дни
Making a demo looking like this is one thing, but making a whole game with this graphics is a whole nother level. Maybe in 2025.
Masks преди 16 дни
It'll be a lot easier than you think It'll be using unreal 5, the main thing this generation is going to be optimizing stuff like this to run on everything properly but the graphics are gonna be pretty easy
Тоглоом хөгжүүлэгч
Тоглоом хөгжүүлэгч преди 20 дни
We already start using Unreal Engine5 and it's just like in demo, That's for sure
reece p
reece p преди 24 дни
It’ll be another 10 years minimum I’d guess until it’s ‘standard’ games from 2012 still stack up with not much improvement
Somebody Alive
Somebody Alive преди 18 дни
Graphics: God-tier, almost flawless Gameplay: *Kill the Tire*
ivoxweezy преди 29 дни
Can’t believe that this is a game, Jack almost looks like a real person!
@Nixie Starlight ok
@Sunflower Noodles oh ok
William Tyrikos
William Tyrikos преди 23 дни
@Micheal Shriane actually N O
1815 British Soldier
1815 British Soldier преди 26 дни
@Tojux He also uses like bots how does he have more likes that the jacksepticeye pin comment He's not known
Call_Me_BB преди 27 дни
Yeah! I saw it and was just thinking is was filmed somehow into a game!
RedVelvetReaper преди 27 дни
Character models in some scenes still look a little plastic. But otherwise, this looks phenomenal. I can't wait to see some horror games made on the new engine.
monkeyarch преди 4 дни
I feel like everyone will notice small problems because in a normal game, everything looks basically fake, but in this game, everything looks real; so minor problems are more noticeable.
Rootin_Tootin_Rem преди 11 дни
This is probably because the engine doesn’t focus on the people but more the environment. I haven’t fully researched but it seems to me almost everything was about the environment and making it more realistic with lumens real time raytracing plus giving unlimited poly count. I could be wrong but other than meta human I haven’t seen anything in the engine to improve on human models and animation especially for cut scenes. They have a real time action animation system but that is just in response to environment and players actions.
Hans Franz
Hans Franz преди 21 ден
@Frengky Giovany Yeah, my thoughts exactly
Lewis • 3 Years Ago
Lewis • 3 Years Ago преди 21 ден
@The Doodoobrain yeh its more like late 2000s. and depending on the movie
The Doodoobrain
The Doodoobrain преди 23 дни
@Frengky Giovany you might want to re-watch the early 2000s cgi movies
Mabdam преди 23 дни
Jacksepticeye: Is this real? Morpheus to Jack: What is real? How do you define real? If you're talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then 'real' is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain
W0lfbane Shika
W0lfbane Shika преди 21 ден
Jacksepticeye: Well if it doesn't taste like Good Morning Coffee... it ain't real to me. Morpheus: Ahh... well, if you'll excuse me I better order some... (Crumbles into Matrix Code)
MD2777 преди 27 дни
Can't wait for a decade to pass and say "Dem we had bad graphics back in 2021."
Sam Timmins
Sam Timmins преди 3 дни
@tacos mexicanstyle not slower, same speed. Adding polygons has diminishing returns. You can look up a video of doubling polygons/resolution and after a while there is little to no difference
Mass Games
Mass Games преди 8 дни
@tacos mexicanstyle I disagree. I think graphics engineers just haven't fully utilized real time bounce lightning & convolutional networks in real time rendering and animation, since its in its infancy stage. On the surface it looks like we haven't progressed tooo much, but under the hood we just entered an exponential curve. But yeah that said, we are relatively close to genuine photorealism so its going to be hard to notice much of a difference as spectators. I think the main thing holding us back is animation. There are only a few savants out there like Chris jones making genuinely realistic facial animation, but it isn't real-time yet. *also body animation, still looks somewhat stiff
the odd trash can but the second one!
the odd trash can but the second one! преди 13 дни
This is just wrong. Graphics aren’t going to get so good they have a limit
UrPPhard преди 17 дни
@PRoEliTe yeah. Even some text-based games are better than games with awesome graphics
PRoEliTe преди 19 дни
If you judge a game based on graphics your tapped in the head
driacon преди 24 дни
I'd like to see this combined with eye-tracking, being able to offload stuff you aren't paying attention to and focus rendering.
Cant see what cant be seen
Cant see what cant be seen преди 11 дни
@HeroesinHoodies If I see a shadow turn the corner after glancing at it for .0002 seconds, my entire PC setup is going straight threw the wall.
HeroesinHoodies преди 11 дни
Imagine a VR horror game where the game fucks with your head by using where you’re not looking to have effects. That would be awesome
Game Over
Game Over преди 16 дни
@Aidan Hayward VR "will" do that very soon. It's not widely used feature yet
Aidan Hayward
Aidan Hayward преди 23 дни
VR does that. 2D Screens with that feature might be great
Cant see what cant be seen
Cant see what cant be seen преди 24 дни
That's a fantastic idea in theory! Seeing as eye tracking is becoming more of a thing I focused on in VR I never thought about how it could be used to make games look even better.
Bribe преди 29 дни
I love how they just used the Matrix's setting as an excuse to show off what the Engine can do.
Shannon Rose
Shannon Rose преди 15 дни
@TeKett yeah im so sad they canned the planned UT game for damn fortnite. Its sad us long time UT gamers get kicked into the mud for children and micro transactions.
Lennox Sommerville
Lennox Sommerville преди 22 дни
FYI this account has a bot that copies comments and reposts them as it’s own. They only get likes because they bought a verified accounts.
ItsDavid преди 27 дни
@Kavetion attention seeker
bee brick
bee brick преди 27 дни
What is bee brick? The biggest meme
gab hug
gab hug преди 28 дни
@Shelby Bayer no, cause I'm replying to a person who said that " it looks so freaking real!". It doesn't.
Shane N.
Shane N. преди 24 дни
Just the NPCs and driving system are making me look at cyberpunk like: "See! this is what you could have been!"
Randy Smith
Randy Smith преди 15 дни
Yeah if only they had waited for a better engine lol
Ratheon Hudson
Ratheon Hudson преди 27 дни
Jack: "Surely I can't play all of this". Devs: "Have fun finding the Easter Eggs" Also devs: "Yes, you may 'rampy ramp'"
MelodyOfHeaven преди 27 дни
God I would love to see something like a Spider-Man game in this engine. Ultra realistic graphics with the web swinging of the PS4/5 games.
Alpha Evan
Alpha Evan преди 23 дни
Yeah I wonder if insomniacs Spider-Man 2 will look something like this
TheGizmorizer преди 10 дни
I LOVE how you can see the rooms in all the buildings through their windows. I ALWAYS check that everytime i play a game, and i'm always met with disappointment
Derp_Axolotl преди 29 дни
I love how half of this video is Jack screaming "Matrix!" while committing vehicular manslaughter
MOON and TANU преди 20 дни
And he is in a movie about npc's with ryan reynolds
CrazyCadet 13
CrazyCadet 13 преди 22 дни
Vehicular matrix
An Idiot plays
An Idiot plays преди 23 дни
Pin This man (Or woman) This has got to be the best comment i have seen
Matthew Saladine
Matthew Saladine преди 24 дни
you mean the 7mins of the video where he actually plays the game
Brianna преди 25 дни
The way he still has a bit of childish is amazing
T.J. TheTomato
T.J. TheTomato преди 20 дни
3:00 i love how you almost can’t tell they’re both digital. They play backs and forth with it and I’m so in love with it!
Eden Constantinou
Eden Constantinou преди 27 дни
Funny that after Jack inadvertently says 'unreal' to describe the game, then when he enters the game he says 'I wanna go down this rabbit hole' inadvertently referencing the 'white rabbit'
Cording karma
Cording karma преди 24 дни
RIGHT!!!??? I was doing the Leonardo meme where he points at the TV when Jack said that.
Edward Halterman
Edward Halterman преди 21 ден
Lol jacks headphone collection never fails to amaze me, part time BGpostr, full time audiophile.
TheVirusWorld преди 16 дни
In the menus you can see the map and turn of the “matrix filter” and in the map you can find a thing that makes it night time. That’s really cool as well
Wutaii1 Nostalgia
Wutaii1 Nostalgia преди 29 дни
I mean I can tell this is a game but damn son this is fantastic.
Hell Raizer
Hell Raizer преди 23 дни
Nanite Machines Son
Zoggy Bread 24
Zoggy Bread 24 преди 26 дни
@TheMMOptimist on Unreal 5, you probably could. Especially on new consoles.
Zoggy Bread 24
Zoggy Bread 24 преди 26 дни
@Jack North it is a demo. It had to be made fast as a show off for the engine and as marketing but you're right. They gotta make a full on Matrix game now.
DEAD#DROP преди 27 дни
@Nixie Starlight Nah, too lazy to do that.
samesu766 white
samesu766 white преди 27 дни
@Nixie Starlight good point
F4Phailure преди 27 дни
I'm actually more impressed with the interiors rendering when you fly past buildings as well.
Kamikaze преди 21 ден
"I can't commit a crime if everyone's just code!" -Jack, while doing vehicular manslaughter
Shadowshard21 преди 27 дни
The thing I really like about this tech demo is how detailed it is when you look into the window of a building and see an actual room with furniture in it. We on the verge of playing a video game where every single build in a game like this is going to have an interior, like legit being able to explore an entire skyscraper from top to bottom. Good god UE5 is going to be a big game changer.
James Rosewell
James Rosewell преди ден
The day we get Minecraft-level exploration (as in everything has interiors, is explorable) in a normal game will be legendary
Vyzper#15 преди 27 дни
I like how breaking the 4th wall is pretty normal in this game since it's the matrix 😂😂
Batman Studios
Batman Studios преди 29 дни
I love how Sean accidentally forecasted the “Dodge this.” quote, simply gold.
Mehran daboi
Mehran daboi преди 26 дни
@Nixie Starlight i always report the lot of them
JamesCPotter13 преди 27 дни
I kinda want to see the cut where she says “Only a machine”
Hi преди 27 дни
Booper Dooper
Booper Dooper преди 27 дни
@Nixie Starlight why u posting the same thing to everyone
Smiffix преди 27 дни
@Nixie Starlight yup, reported
SayHelloToOblivion преди 2 дни
This is just so beautiful, I can’t even believe it. It is seriously unreal. They knew exactly what they were doing.
TheYoungGamer преди час
0:17 Jack: Then you're probably in the Matrix my computer: freezes me: questions reality
TheCritikalBucketMan преди 2 дни
I would personally love a simulation in VR where you can't even tell the difference from real life and be able to commit complete destruction.
Heath Thomas
Heath Thomas преди 20 дни
I’ve been playing this and had no idea it was a demo, I was literally flying and driving around the map crashing into everything trying to figure out what I was supposed to do, but I gotta say amazing graphics
Alfie Broom
Alfie Broom преди 29 дни
Jack: “it looks soo good!” Me watching it at 240p because WiFi isn’t happy: “wow!”
bee brick
bee brick преди 27 дни
What is bee brick? The biggest meme
Lois the hedgehog
Lois the hedgehog преди 27 дни
@Lady Lou heat makes my wifi trash but rain doesn’t affect it 😂
Captain Kirk
Captain Kirk преди 28 дни
@CallMeDenis Ha! That sounds like it really sucks.
Jermain 20000
Jermain 20000 преди 28 дни
@John Smith nah same issue where i am at. the wifi is just overworked
Mason JH
Mason JH преди 29 дни
Whats crazy is even 1080p at 60 frames or more still doesn't feel like it captures it enough. I feel like unreal5 could potentially post a challenge to the newest machines if pushed to do so
Vacer gaming
Vacer gaming преди 4 дни
The cut scenes are really freaky but it makes me a little less worried that free roam just looks like cyberpunk
Nate Dinoffria
Nate Dinoffria преди 15 дни
getting somthing identical to humans is a very hard craft so I let the plastic like character model's go but holy shit the envorment looks dope!
Melon преди 25 дни
I’m just imagining a Spider-Man game with this, and it’s making me happy. Video games have come so far
Isaac Satzman
Isaac Satzman преди 18 дни
The level of realism to SF is really impressive considering this is in the “future”
Rowdee Munkee
Rowdee Munkee преди 29 дни
This gets more impressive when you play through this a second time and realise nothing is prerendered, car damage and explosions are different...this is nuts
Josh M
Josh M преди 20 дни
@Kenny Laysh another thing to note is how the cpu is localized to the ssd. The load/store times are even better.. this is something that PCs will struggle with even with faster ssds than the ps5. This console generation is all about fast load times and much reduced pop in.
DS_X1 преди 22 дни
@EmrahAlien already probably happened.
EmrahAlien преди 23 дни
@Jordan Hooper uhuh...
Jordan Hooper
Jordan Hooper преди 23 дни
@EmrahAlien an Xbox one, not a Xbox one. Basic grammar
Kenny Laysh
Kenny Laysh преди 26 дни
@Matt GPU in PS5 is roughly the same as an RTX 2070, but it's also specialized for gaming only, the CPU also handling load. A 2070 could run Matrix, but due to ray tracing it would still be rough. I use both a 2080ti and a 3090 between 2 systems, and the 2080ti is even rough for ray tracing, especially at 4k. Consoles do well on lower hardware, because they are specialized for one thing - gaming. Regardless, Lumen requires an RTX or higher GPU to run.
Twistfaria преди 23 дни
WOW. The actual environment looks so freaking real! I'm not sure if I didn't know what I was looking at if I would think it was real or not. That is until you see the people, they still don't look real, good but not real. Some of those night flybys look like a real drone video. Can't wait till games actually look like this but I can't imagine how much drive space one would require!!
ArcKobra преди 22 дни
“This is way more interactive than I thought It was” that’s what video games are for jack
Sean Hand
Sean Hand преди 3 дни
The only thing missing, is if you can actually destroy parts of buildings when you run into them. Or buildings fall from immense destruction.
Yuujin Cooper
Yuujin Cooper преди 2 дни
Aaaaathat would be so fun
osauef преди 2 дни
I like how this game has better car physics than actual car games
Rvve Duio
Rvve Duio преди 26 дни
This gets more impressive when you play through this a second time and realise nothing is prerendered, car damage and explosions are different...this is nuts
Paper Clip
Paper Clip преди 19 дни
Chris Bowen
Chris Bowen преди 22 дни
I've never laughed so hard when you was driving and "matrixing!" This looks so beautiful and crazy how everything works in the game.
GhaztMSM24 преди 15 дни
Every part where he's driving just make me laugh so hard
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi преди 16 дни
This gets more impressive when you play through this a second time and realise nothing is prerendered, car damage and explosions are different...this is nuts
Kaiden Hinrichs
Kaiden Hinrichs преди 28 дни
The fact that every building has open rooms in them with interior is insane
Random Dude
Random Dude преди 14 дни
It’s not though
Derek Ninabuck
Derek Ninabuck преди 15 дни
@UrPPhard OH GOOD LORD YOU LITTLE YOUNGSTER!!!!! now i feel real old
UrPPhard преди 17 дни
@Anonymous BGpostr speak for yourself, I wasn't even alive back when ps1 was released lmao
Robert Matthews
Robert Matthews преди 21 ден
I'm your 700th like 😀
Collan преди 25 дни
@Darth Biomech It doesnt really matter though, from far enough it looks real. Not to mention that offices usually looks the same in IRL as well
Roma Yaja
Roma Yaja преди 8 дни
I like how he didn't notice how every window isn't just a picture but it has actual 3 dimensional rooms inside it
- [REBBECCA]🥂T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With 𝐌
- [REBBECCA]🥂T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With 𝐌 преди 27 дни
Wow I love the concept of “what’s real?” for a matrix game because it’s so realistic that you don’t know
xRonin преди 17 дни
That triple “dodge this” is legendary in my book.
カビゴン преди 11 дни
Oh my god Can't believe we're finally getting games with ultra realistic graphics It's like watching movies
River Stein
River Stein преди 29 дни
“Whatever you do, stay the hell away from Marketing” Me, who’s studying marketing: *laughs maniacally*
JayyyCG преди 28 дни
Oh god, i didn't know Satan is here commenting.. **Slowly backs away**
Nocabee преди 28 дни
GamePapa преди 28 дни
Already mad with power, I see.
FatBGMan BG преди 29 дни
Confused, Confusing, Confusion
SentinalSlice преди 29 дни
Get away! Aahhhh!
toijg avnnr
toijg avnnr преди 25 дни
I love how they just used the Matrix's setting as an excuse to show off what the Engine can do.
FailedFairytales22 преди 21 ден
This game looks so fucking beautiful. I had a hard time at the beginning telling what was real and not
Jesscus преди 22 дни
imagine graphics like this in a VR game, would be so cool!
Jammiss преди 9 дни
They've really nailed the graphics of the environment. Character models could look a little better and the physics isn't quite right, but still fantastic
Marzel преди 2 дни
I just realised halfway that he was actually playing the game not just watching a gameplay showcase.
Harmony Trevino
Harmony Trevino преди 8 дни
Leave it to jack to pull out the “reflections” lol you make everything and anything interesting 😂
Lord Coby
Lord Coby преди 16 дни
I mean if this game is possible with the technology right now, I can't imagine the games we will encounter years from now. Im excited!
Allassankari преди 17 дни
You know, I've always wanted a game where I can just fly around in a metropolitan city, take in the sights and look inside apartments and buildings. Wish I had the console to play this.
Fran García Cisneros
Fran García Cisneros преди 21 ден
We need more of this in a "Free Guy: Jacksepticeye Edition" playthrough.
Logoon Vanderhoof
Logoon Vanderhoof преди 23 дни
Imagine if The Matrix: Online looked like this back then.
Ana Bailot
Ana Bailot преди 12 часа
Imagine GTA looking like this one day.
5j5j2 преди 26 дни
Its ironic, the original protestor for indistinguishable computer reality simulations is now the forefront of the most realistic indistinguishable computer reality simulation.
Wutaii1 Nostalgia
Wutaii1 Nostalgia преди 29 дни
This was awesome. Now do it in VR
bee brick
bee brick преди 27 дни
What is bee brick? The biggest meme
Ririiu преди 29 дни
MGTOW  Entrepreneur
MGTOW Entrepreneur преди 29 дни
Jacks dad deserves it 😂😂🤣🤣🔥🔥😈😈
DJ_Phantom преди 29 дни
@blip blop the yt algorithm makes assumptions on what the game is
Squeaky Bruh
Squeaky Bruh преди 29 дни
I’ve decided to switch my Lego Star Wars Icon every time I see someone use the same one as me.
MrSmileyFaceGames преди 23 дни
I love how the game is so meta that is makes you wonder whether the graphics are alive action or just REALLY good graphical rendering.
D0S81 преди 5 дни
i'm blown away by the fact that you can see rooms in practically every window of every building. I never played it, but i read that The Matrix online actually had it so that every room in every building was enterable. if they could pull that off ten, theres nothing stopping them doing it now but prettier right. that would be fekking epic.
geteriking4 преди 9 дни
I want to see a first-person RPG game with these graphics, without the green tint, that would actually feel like real life.
Miljan Bojovic
Miljan Bojovic преди 27 дни
Damn! I wanted to see jack's reaction to the fact that every building has a lot of 3d interiors instead of just 2D textures!
Scrummie 1.0
Scrummie 1.0 преди 29 дни
The fact Jack asking himself if its real or not in the first few seconds of the experience is the point of this whole video, so awesome.
sapphire преди 5 дни
@MGTOW Entrepreneur oh hey a 14 year old incel
bee brick
bee brick преди 27 дни
What is bee brick? The biggest meme
Keroyz преди 29 дни
@MGTOW Entrepreneur fatherless kid in the comments:
Miles H
Miles H преди 29 дни
@Jujo lol they are bots
Jujo преди 29 дни
@Instagram User Seriously, that's what you got. "JACKCEPTITRASH" Which nincompoop told you to type that?
Jonathan Abrams
Jonathan Abrams преди 25 дни
Sean: "Have you ever had a dream-" Me: "That I wanted to do so much I could do anything??"
psclips преди ден
They need to remaster the spiderman game in this engine and make a virtual reality mode for the game
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose преди 19 дни
Jack before playing: "This looks cool." Jack after playing: "Woh."
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa преди 17 дни
I love how half of this video is Jack screaming "Matrix!" while committing vehicular manslaughter
IARESMART преди 29 дни
People in 10 years be like: "Lol, look how bad the graphics were back then"
Sinteleon преди 27 дни
@Suno-Ta-Sei-7-6-22 Even then visuals are just part of the whole equation. Getting complex AI and physics working along with all the visuals would still make current pre-renders look tame in comparison, as they also contribute to the uncanny valley effect. (things like natural movement and deformation for instance)
Grandalf преди 28 дни
@RedEagle Ten first, what you said makes no sense in context to what he said, and second, he’s doing it on purpose. Just ignore him
NASA 1 преди 29 дни
This is less funny and more just speaking the truth!
Chloe преди 29 дни
@Kavetion typical bot
Kamden Takach
Kamden Takach преди 29 дни
If my child says this one day, I will give them a lecture and show them games from the 1950s just to see their reaction
saber pup
saber pup преди 27 дни
Now we just need someone to come along who has a mind to take this awesome power and make the scariest game ever.
niddg viiut
niddg viiut преди 23 дни
I love how half of this video is Jack screaming "Matrix!" while committing vehicular manslaughter
Ethribin преди 8 дни
"in games, there's normally point light systems, to simulate real lighting." While irl there's just ONE SUN illuminating EVERYTHING! XD
Giga Chadro
Giga Chadro преди 23 дни
can't wait until they make a game with an actually good story with these realistic graphics. That'll be top game of the decade.
Q-Tip 47
Q-Tip 47 преди 28 дни
This demo is a testament to how far we've come in the last 40 years of gaming.
Maloxi преди 19 дни
@AceFeelingArtsy That's the ZUCC hypothesis
Тоглоом хөгжүүлэгч
Тоглоом хөгжүүлэгч преди 20 дни
Santibenedini преди 22 дни
@AceFeelingArtsy OK now im scared
Barry преди 24 дни
@AceFeelingArtsy well, for now...
AceFeelingArtsy преди 24 дни
@Stephen Asay I love games myself, but I don't like spending ALL day on them, I do require outside time
Henryiscoolerthanyoubtw преди 4 дни
Imagine this but VR i would think its reallife
dolita windo
dolita windo преди 20 дни
I love how half of this video is Jack screaming "Matrix!" while committing vehicular manslaughter
What the Jim!
What the Jim! преди 24 дни
I’ve played this demo myself and absolutely loved it! It’s probably the best demo there has ever been! I cannot wait to see what Unreal Engine 5 has in store for us next!!!😃👍☮️❤️
George Macaulay
George Macaulay преди 7 дни
In the menu you can also switch the "matrix filter" off to make it even more natural.
Stoat преди 27 дни
I like the idea of putting all organic life in a game to allow me full control over their existence.
CaptainNammyChops преди 25 дни
Imagine the finished product of this game in vr.... I would never go back to the real world
Abdullah Al Maruf
Abdullah Al Maruf преди 24 дни
That feeling when people play the coolest games on BGpost and realize you don't even have a pc
Deena Phantom
Deena Phantom преди 25 дни
omg, this is so well done! i feel like i'm just watching a continuation of the films!
Brisk преди 28 дни
Finally, an engine that makes the game look just as good as the cutscenes
The croc
The croc преди 23 дни
@poptropicahades best series
The croc
The croc преди 23 дни
@poptropicahades same!
RottytopsZombieWaifu преди 24 дни
I'm surprised nobody has even mentioned Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart.
Insidious Minmon
Insidious Minmon преди 24 дни
@MaxerV19 ikr rockstar used to be so good at making games now we get crappy remakes that are worse than the original
mk преди 24 дни
spider man ps4
Marcellus Smith
Marcellus Smith преди 26 дни
Mining NatureYT
Mining NatureYT преди 26 дни
I love how this is basically just a tech demo that's being hyped up 'cause Epic has the money TO hype it up lol
Zack V
Zack V преди 25 дни
Every Matrix game I played had this same energy. They always went hard with Matrix games.
gameo7 преди 23 дни
I'm freaking out at how far we've come to be able to make such a realistic-looking game like this, on a console!! The reflections and global illumination (as well as many other visual effects) are all put together so well. I especially like how cinematic scenes are in 24 or 30fps and not the normal 60fps, it makes the game look so much more like a movie :D
Funny spiky hair fork dude
Funny spiky hair fork dude преди 29 дни
I can not express how weird it feels to see that jack shaved after having a beard for 3 years.
Amy Sinnott
Amy Sinnott преди 29 дни
@Mishan 🅥 yet Jack is the one with all the subs. Get over yourself
star girl
star girl преди 29 дни
oooh thats why he looks younger again woow i couldn;t figure out what that was untill this command i was really confused there
sunstripe85 преди 29 дни
@Lynn Claxton same! I was thinking maybe his hair looked a little shorter today with how he was wearing his headphones today or something but that didn't seem right. I'm so glad OP commented this... would have taken me forever to realize what seemed a little different
Lynn Claxton
Lynn Claxton преди 29 дни
I was trying to figure out what looked different about him but I couldn’t put my finger on it 😂
Lonely boy Gaming
Lonely boy Gaming преди 29 дни
@RogueSniper I'm not saying it is but it is how it looks
Just_Patrick преди 25 дни
To see jack looking like his old self again is giving me serious deja vu... Or is it just a glitch in the matrix?
blazekille преди 26 дни
Finally a engine that makes games look as good as they do on the trailer
Moira преди 25 дни
Sean losing his shit and questioning what's real for 19 minutes 🤣🤣🤣
Roadbreach преди 26 дни
This like the "Go, do a crime" meme, with how Jack is crashing the cars and "running people over".
Amokriin Prolgiid
Amokriin Prolgiid преди 28 дни
I personally can't wait to see this engine used in the wild. Having games that look almost indistinguishable from reality will be so cool.
Amokriin Prolgiid
Amokriin Prolgiid преди 16 дни
@player bob nobody said regularly. But, if it's possible now, some AAA company will inevitably use it. If for nothing else, then for the selling point of having such realistic graphics. I'm not talking indie developers making stuff like this. I'm talking a few high end AAA games, like maybe a Resident Evil game, perhaps.
player bob
player bob преди 16 дни
believe me man we are far from having games like these as regular.
UrPPhard преди 17 дни
@ur gae that's actually not supply and demand. I've read a lot on it and it seems like manufacturers are running low on pins and materials used to make them. Supply and demand doesn't really work, since it would affect only the latest GPUs, but the older ones, like 1080 are affected as well
Collan преди 21 ден
@ArcturusRaze If you can stream 4k netflix on mutiple deives you can stream games as well. You dont really have to upload anything just the controlls but thats a few kB, you have to accept the stream, but you can watch multiple 4k streams if you have a semi-decent internet connection
ArcturusRaze преди 21 ден
@Collan I wouldn't rely on that. Upload and download speeds will always be slow.
Rekcah_321 преди 27 дни
Dude, imagine playing this in VR with a haptic suit and full body tracking. Practically real life.
Kenny47Pr0 преди 22 дни
When a game becomes so realistic that you wonder if what you’re looking at is real or fake
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