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My years of Douchebag training have lead me here... to the Douchebag Beach Club

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karma 56786
karma 56786 преди година
Good thing my childhood was jack playing a game about getting JACKED
XxZomBiE_SlaYa115xX преди 2 месеца
@Jesus You beat me to it.
popcat in a onesie
popcat in a onesie преди 2 месеца
E Enw
E Enw преди 2 месеца
lebossatron 13
lebossatron 13 преди 3 месеца
Same ere lad
Franco Cruz
Franco Cruz преди 3 месеца
Bro me too 😂😂
ShoKKeR преди година
Ah back when life was simple. Please. I want this back
xi преди 25 дни
honestly bro
vGotClout808 преди 6 месеца
Decade's dose Of coconut's
Decade's dose Of coconut's преди година
Yeah unlike fortnut
4Mal преди година
RIP: Flash
mike wieser
mike wieser преди година
To think I was 14 watching this damm time flies..I’ve been watching since his first far cry series makes me feel old now
Mom преди година
The one game where the default character isn’t a fucking monstrosity.
Nice Doge
Nice Doge преди 4 месеца
@Akio like goat simulator happy wheels minecraft and many more
Akio преди 9 месеца
Bro I’m sad that jack won’t play these type of weird games or rpg with cool powers or something but I still love him because he was almost all of my childhood
AleJohnDrom преди година
True champion, the mom
Its theOnlypeni
Its theOnlypeni преди година
POV: you have crippling nostalgia
boopoowee преди месец
The CareBorn
The CareBorn преди 5 месеца
You read my freaking mind
BLACK PEPE преди 5 месеца
Minimum Town
Minimum Town преди 9 месеца
Ding ding ding✅✅
sh преди 10 месеца
Rahal Fan girl
Rahal Fan girl преди година
I love how the humor is pretty accurate, I know a few guys like this They never do leg day so I’m pretty sure if I pushed them slightly they would topple over
d3hro преди 11 месеца
just hit their knees and they wont be able to get back up
Ryan O'Neill
Ryan O'Neill преди 3 години
I like how “gaining mass” only refers to the upper body and your legs can be toothpicks
Tyler Thatsit
Tyler Thatsit преди 2 години
10:04 "Chicks banged: 3, YOU PROUD OF ME MA!?" Lmao😂😂
Thomas Ojastro
Thomas Ojastro преди 4 месеца
@Daamage Needs MUNEH hol up
Daamage Needs MUNEH
Daamage Needs MUNEH преди година
Ma: pathetic, I banged more chicks in the last 5 minutes than you did in your entire life
SwiftZ преди 2 години
DeetieDeetz преди 2 години
Me lifting: 3,4,5 *hot girl walks in* 45,46,47
Check out imjackandidontlikedogs87's video! #TikTo
Check out imjackandidontlikedogs87's video! #TikTo преди 8 месеца
@Asew q
Check out imjackandidontlikedogs87's video! #TikTo
Check out imjackandidontlikedogs87's video! #TikTo преди 8 месеца
@Asew s
Check out imjackandidontlikedogs87's video! #TikTo
Check out imjackandidontlikedogs87's video! #TikTo преди 8 месеца
@Asew d
Ayaan Amaan
Ayaan Amaan преди година
cletis miller
cletis miller преди година
i don't get it.
name also name
name also name преди 10 месеца
I can't believe i watched this a whole 6 years ago, time goes by so fast
bye bye
bye bye преди година
When you realize you been watching Jack for more than 6 years this is fine this is okay
plauge doctor
plauge doctor преди 10 месеца
where did the times go by where we all had no school on the weekends and just watch jack play games
popcat in a onesie
popcat in a onesie преди 2 месеца
Imagine going to a gym and there’s just a guy screaming “DOUCHE DOUCHE DOUCHE DOUCHE”
Denix Pro
Denix Pro преди 7 години
at 10:23, your facecam fits perfectly to the chick under it Sean :D
Princes lewis
Princes lewis преди година
I had to look twice bit now I see it.
Bongo Fett
Bongo Fett преди година
jekyl _79
jekyl _79 преди година
Him mom I became a Duchess me you have always been a duche
SUPREME преди година
Lol I see it
NotNickgamer преди година
DeeJeeAitch •*•
DeeJeeAitch •*• преди 2 години
“Brada” is Serbian for “a beard” so I assume that’s what miss Paris meant
Jakub Imamovic
Jakub Imamovic преди 7 месеца
@Medun Arsović kakva srbija ta qifsha nonen
Jakub Imamovic
Jakub Imamovic преди 7 месеца
@spookire 🤠😂nahh its bosnian for beared
Jakub Imamovic
Jakub Imamovic преди 7 месеца
MaddBull I Luka J
MaddBull I Luka J преди година
@Vojin Rakić yep
Vojin Rakić
Vojin Rakić преди година
Da li si i ti iz Srbije are you from Serbia too
A- league Till the end
A- league Till the end преди година
Who got recommended this after 6 years
Person_ Short
Person_ Short преди 5 месеца
my dumb ass
Joshua Ponce
Joshua Ponce преди 8 месеца
@Fhjjvc High Me
Whytie преди 8 месеца
I searched for it
justin colandro
justin colandro преди 8 месеца
I searched for it
𝓞𝓶𝓪𝓻𝓾 𝓑𝓻𝓪𝓷𝓭𝓸
𝓞𝓶𝓪𝓻𝓾 𝓑𝓻𝓪𝓷𝓭𝓸 преди 8 месеца
SHADOWS IN MY ROOM преди 3 години
lol I remember when I first played this game I fell in love with it and got max everything and all the girls in like half an hour
@cltqa on tiktok
@cltqa on tiktok преди 3 месеца
you can’t play it anymore :(
Escapa Tacosa
Escapa Tacosa преди година
SHADOWS IN MY ROOM can’t take back the love that I gave you. Still the point where I love and I hate you and I cannot change you so I must replace you oh, easier said then done I thought you were the one listening to my heart instead of my head, you found another one but I am the better one I won’t let you forget me...
Narkas99 преди 2 години
Alyssa Stanley
Alyssa Stanley преди 3 години
He skipped leg day
Vince Lestrade
Vince Lestrade преди година
You can’t skip something that doesn’t exist
Daamage Needs MUNEH
Daamage Needs MUNEH преди година
Who needs legs when you got monster arms like these? He can probably walk on his fkin fingers
DuckiiDonuts преди година
@Beef boss bro I love your name xD
Game with Me
Game with Me преди година
they always miss leg day xD
Beef boss
Beef boss преди година
Probably cause he only worked out for a single day
allybug hines
allybug hines преди 2 години
Jack: she's getting so wet right now! Me: jesus!! Jack: she's in the shower what were you guys thinking? Me: XD
Connor sent by cyberlife
Connor sent by cyberlife преди година
10:23 Look at how perfect that is with the facecam and the girl Lmao
Donut преди година
Imagine if he had a green screen at the time lmao
Aaliyah Usman
Aaliyah Usman преди 9 месеца
After 7 years still hasn't got old😌
Freddy Fazbear
Freddy Fazbear преди година
When Jack said "BUT WE GOTTA GET ALL DA BITCHES!" at 0:40. The game all of a sudden said flirt with chix. 😂
Kieran Lees
Kieran Lees преди 11 месеца
POV: Youre revisiting simpler times
CosmicVoid преди 2 години
“DUDE,I’m gonna be so BUFF that all of the STRAIGHT guys are gonna want me” -Sean 2014
Rick Fly
Rick Fly преди 3 месеца
Jack would be the one guy just screaming for no reason at the gym😂
YouTubeShark4 YTS4
YouTubeShark4 YTS4 преди 5 месеца
4:26 jacks face when you see something but it’s not really their 😂😂😂
JYFN Spiderman
JYFN Spiderman преди 5 години
Who else absolutely loved the intro 😂💚 (Edit) thanks for the likes!!
rip xx tantacion leon on yt
rip xx tantacion leon on yt преди година
Rased the roof
rip xx tantacion leon on yt
rip xx tantacion leon on yt преди година
DimienzijeGamer преди година
Please see this comment and cone back
Lavish Larri
Lavish Larri преди година
Kenzie Higgs eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Tobias Antonin Andersen
Tobias Antonin Andersen преди година
Meeeeeeee 🤣
Ashraf Daniels
Ashraf Daniels преди година
That pre-intro almost had me spitting out my Sprite
Mind0fAsh преди година
I remember playing this game on someone else phone when I was like ten or eleven XD we were on a six-hour bus ride to camp and all i had brought were books, so this older kid let me play on their phone for a bit, good times
Anine Squidz
Anine Squidz преди 3 години
*pants* now I can successfully say I finished this whole game 😂
MR SHIZZNIP преди година
8:12 😂😂 Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Work it! Work it! Yea! We all need Sean as a personal trainer 😂
leo преди 2 години
10:22 lmao look at Jack, his face fits with the body
gecco преди 8 месеца
i remeber watching this when i was littel this brings back great nostalgia jack shoud replay the series
ShyGuyWalking11 преди 2 години
4:25 His little dance and his face are priceless 😄😄😄😄
MintiiRose преди 3 години
Even when playing games like this, Jack is still a cunimon roll.
Audi Kat
Audi Kat преди 4 години
"Shes so wet Shes in the shower what were you thinking" 😂😂😂😂
redactedd преди година
@Mizzy n’ Mai Start? he said that at 4:50
teletubby queen
teletubby queen преди година
Random Memes cringe
Random Memes cringe преди 2 години
Emily Murray
Emily Murray преди 2 години
😑 U didn't even let us think And.. U know what Ur talking about u dirty fuck
Judah Weinstein
Judah Weinstein преди 2 години
Omg I turned my volume down when he said that lol
Geo Boy
Geo Boy преди 9 месеца
Thank god my childhood was about jack when playing a game to GET JACKED!!😂😂
Janiah amera
Janiah amera преди година
2020 is a nightmare but i swear jacks videos never disappoint me, no matter how many times i watch them or how old they are
C Healey
C Healey преди 3 години
Love the intro like always jacksepticeye
yurisear преди година
2014: me: *:0 this game is amazing* 2015: 2016: 2017: 2018: 2019: 2020: youtube recommendations: *WoUlD yOu LikE sOmE nOstALgiA?*
yurisear преди 11 месеца
@VEGAN DONUT i forgot about this comment lol
VEGAN DONUT преди 11 месеца
It’s 2021 update it
TobySallow1983 преди година
Yes, welcome 👌
Clancer668 преди година
@Kaijufan2857 it means something old that was good and you liked that came back many years later
Kaijufan2857 преди година
Um..What does that even mean?
MrGreenYeti преди 7 години
I think the bike being out of commission is a joke saying douche's always skip leg day, so nobodies every used it and it's just rusted away.
rodri 2010
rodri 2010 преди 4 месеца
Stalin преди 8 месеца
@jacksepticeye I love you jack you da best
Ya_nan_on_youtube 69
Ya_nan_on_youtube 69 преди 3 години
jacksepticeye I love you even tho it’s 2018 and you posted this at 2016
MrGreenYeti преди 7 години
@Kyle Rugemer Yeah?
xsadxanny преди 7 години
OlSamTheMemeGOD Bicyclechin
OlSamTheMemeGOD Bicyclechin преди 11 месеца
this is probably one of the most memorable intros ever
AndrewGuzman преди 8 месеца
When I was 8 I didn’t understand all the jokes, so coming back Is even funnier than I remember
wolfybadgem преди 9 месеца
It's been 6 years I've seen this so much Nostalgia
Ease преди 8 месеца
I think I’ve found how jack changed, he talks faster and makes less puns or jokes. I think it’s because of 20 min requirement
willy преди 3 години
Gosh, I remember watching you when I was 8! I definitely was not old enough 😂
mellow bellow
mellow bellow преди 3 години
I said I would go to sleep at a reasonable time... Yet here I am watching jack play a game about being a douche (every night)
D3vilB4sket преди 7 месеца
They need more of these
Wiппer преди 8 месеца
I remember how I played this crap when I was 7 on my mom's office pc... eh good times
Ms. ChickenNoodleSoup
Ms. ChickenNoodleSoup преди 7 месеца
Jesus, this is old yet it's so damn good! :)
Jonie Lakeram
Jonie Lakeram преди 3 години
Jack needs to make more of these vids (if there are more lol)
-TopRamen- преди година
Jack : Im gonna be the very best Like no one ever was, To be a douch is my real test, scoring chicks is my call Me humming the rest of pokemon in the background
John Dough
John Dough преди месец
I remember watching these years ago when it came out😂
Jellybean YT
Jellybean YT преди месец
same bro good times
MrSalty преди година
Fun fact, years ago I didn’t have internet, so I downloaded an archive of old school jack vids when ever I went to visit family with internet, so I had someone to watch when I felt like shit. Anything 4-5 years ago and earlier I have downloaded on my old computer. I spent 2 years watching old jack on repeat...I don’t regret any of it
Annab_wolfy 278
Annab_wolfy 278 преди 2 години
*jams come on* *jack slowly come in* Jack:RAISE THE ROOF Me:hahahahahhananahahahajanah For some reason I think that’s funny
Sanrio m00n
Sanrio m00n преди 2 години
The intro got me dead 😂
MrsClose преди 2 години
Chicks banged : 3 Jack : *YOU PROUD OF ME MA?!*
Aidan преди година
Thanks for the throwback algorithm! I remeber when I was young I would watch this with fear because I wasn't supposed to watch birds with cussing.
Tyexuchiha преди 8 месеца
Jacksepticeye went all the way in this game
Nina Løyche
Nina Løyche преди година
Just realised the bike is "no useful" because these guys never do any cardio 😂
Dominic Zibuda
Dominic Zibuda преди година
2014: "douches are awesome" 2020: "chads are fuckboys"
Blake Bowen
Blake Bowen преди 3 години
I know this is late but whatever. Who else died of laughter when Jack moved with the workout sessions -- like he was actually doing them? Lamo! :D
Vortexe преди година
im surprised he didnt instantly drop him self with legs the size of toothpicks tbh
ᴄʜɪᴄᴀɢᴏ ᴅᴏɴᴀʟᴅ
ᴄʜɪᴄᴀɢᴏ ᴅᴏɴᴀʟᴅ преди 2 години
6:04-6:09 Jack: “WoW, ShE IS GeTtING THe DoUcHE CaKE RN” Also jack: “WaSsUp GiRl
DonkeyWithAGun преди 3 месеца
coming back to these videos is so nostalgic
Josh преди 4 години
Arms are so big but legs are so small
Ducksoo преди 2 години
Quinn Kun 1
KydnRL преди 2 години
Josh some one skipped leg day
Pudzy gaming
Pudzy gaming преди 2 години
Yup never skip leg day
Jasser Estrada
Jasser Estrada преди 2 години
L4d tank
Shiv Inder Singh
Shiv Inder Singh преди 2 години
Leg day is the best day
Неко Тян
Неко Тян преди 3 години
10:22 Just look at Jacksepticeye's body 😂
002 преди 2 години
That intro tho😂😂🤣
MichaelTheWeirdcoreBoy преди 11 месеца
"all the strait guys are gonna want me" and he wonders why septiplier was a thing
Not_Craft преди година
When he said raise the roof I said “ no I can’t I’m WAY to short...”
FoxyForeverFear #
FoxyForeverFear # преди 2 години
"MA MA ..IMMA DOUCHE"" that made me laugh so hard 😂😂
{{Pinkie}} {{Villanueva}}
{{Pinkie}} {{Villanueva}} преди 3 години
Jack: she's wet Me: it's obvious. Jack: it's because she's in the shower what the heck are you guys thinking?! Me: I'M NOT THINKING WHAT THEY'RE THINKING!
FallenAngel Catherine
FallenAngel Catherine преди 10 месеца
I quote "Do you feel that tension, its just like an orgasm." I was not expecting that 🤣
Pop преди 2 години
10:23 was perfectly align with the girl taking a shower
raychel gerald
raychel gerald преди 6 години
Jack: You look like Voldemort! Me: Even Voldemort looks better than her.
Austin' преди 3 години
raychel gerald y
Bria Tanner
Bria Tanner преди 4 години
I would rather date Voldemort than her...
Annie L
Annie L преди 5 години
Yes he does
Jacqueline преди 5 години
+raychel gerald She kinda reminds me of orochimaru though
TeaLovingBre преди 5 години
+Lilly Muhlestein that pinof reference
Cairo Schuetz
Cairo Schuetz преди година
Jack don’t thank your mom yet now you got to do it in real life
thedungus преди 3 години
Imagine a party where it costs 100 dollars to take your shoes off
baylee♡ преди 3 години
10/10 Best intro ever. 😂😂
Wat Am I Even Doing
Wat Am I Even Doing преди 3 години
I watched this first when I was an innocent little child *but know I get all the jokes*
Allissa Taylor
Allissa Taylor преди 3 години
Wat Am I Even Doing same but now I hate life
sebby boy
sebby boy преди 3 години
OBird преди 5 години
Holy crap the intro....I just fell off my bed laughing....
BlueFlameXLover преди 4 години
He was like 🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂✋🏻
Sam преди 4 години
baby song
Bertram__ преди 5 години
OBird I would have but I can't smile
Jamie does gaming and free running Skills
Jamie does gaming and free running Skills преди 5 години
OBird same lol
p p
p p преди 5 години
OBird its 2017 still love this video
Cynful_thoughts преди 2 години
Pause at 10:26 and look at jack and the lady!😂🤣😄
carb0_ преди година
These games were amazing
Jade Shepherdson
Jade Shepherdson преди 3 години
Best intro yet 😂😂💚💚
Siren Calera
Siren Calera преди 2 години
Only now, re-watching this, do I realise that the crab in the title screen has a tattoo that says "huge" (probably meant to be swole) in Japanese
Danni Wilke
Danni Wilke преди 6 години
I also stand in the shower in public in the exact same position without blinking for long periods of time.
Nathan Adams
Nathan Adams преди 6 години
I don't like her
NightSilverx преди 6 години
+Brett Green nope.
Brett Green
Brett Green преди 6 години
I think you both have a crush on each other😛
Nathan Adams
Nathan Adams преди 6 години
Really you just said 'NOPE' ;D
Danni Wilke
Danni Wilke преди 6 години
Insomniacker преди 3 месеца
These videos shaped us into the people we are today
Thomas Mowbray
Thomas Mowbray преди 2 години
3:36 Dunno why that is still so funny to me XD
S42 преди година
I miss this jack but I guess people change ;-;
Kain Crow
Kain Crow преди 8 месеца
i just realized that the stationary bike is covered in cobwebs and says "no useful" because they dont work out legs and not because its broken
Beside The Tide
Beside The Tide преди година
Surely this game get a hit at nostalgia week
Remus Lupin
Remus Lupin преди 3 години
Jack is my childhood
Elf преди 2 години
At about 10:25 Jack lines up with the shower chick.
Stevie doesstuff
Stevie doesstuff преди 3 години
Look at his legs near the end .someone missed leg day 😂
Abbidooski G
Abbidooski G преди 5 години
pause at 10:24 and look at Jack 😂 he has the woman's body 😂😂😂😂
mkdpr преди година
just seen this after a long time, brings back memory’s 🥺
TWG Productions
TWG Productions преди 3 години
When I met jack, I walked up to him the way his face cam came in
Emily Anglin
Emily Anglin преди година
I like how he gets that beard in the future
King SpudBud
King SpudBud преди 2 години
I had a camp counselor with four sets of shades. He wasn’t douche though
Daamage Needs MUNEH
Daamage Needs MUNEH преди година
4 sets of shades? Is it possible to learn this power?
need gucci, thanks
need gucci, thanks преди 6 години
Am I the only one who gives Jack high fives at the beginning of the videos? I am? Ohhhh.....
Angie Lackey Gann
Angie Lackey Gann преди 6 години
I do to so you're not the only one.
HammieGurl Pewds
HammieGurl Pewds преди 6 години
Nope. 😄
Luciela Candy Sourcream
Luciela Candy Sourcream преди 6 години
i dont think so about that
Luciela Candy Sourcream
Luciela Candy Sourcream преди 6 години
BVB ARMY GIRL преди 6 години
I do
VuPe Vexxy
VuPe Vexxy преди 3 години
I have finished this game 2 times in 1 whole day
Danielle Philyaw
Danielle Philyaw преди 2 години
6:11 it looks like his character is doing questionable things with his hand at his waist
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