WHO ARE YOU?? | Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach #2

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преди 18 дни

Vanny caught us in FNAF Security Breach. What even IS a Vanny anyway? Some sort of cream for itches? Should probably go see a doctor if that's the case

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jacksepticeye преди 16 дни
Don’t forget to Faz-Like the video and Faz-scribe too
FlameyBoy преди 7 часа
Should we also faz-buy your faz-coffee
Katlynn Brooks
Katlynn Brooks преди 3 дни
One Weiner later 😂 what in the fazfuck is going on! 🤣
Bite of 83
Bite of 83 преди 4 дни
artic Fox
artic Fox преди 4 дни
grillinginair lol fazup
Kaiyote G.
Kaiyote G. преди 4 дни
yeah i hate that. "check your faz-watch to see your faz-map so you cant get your faz-ass out of this faz-sh*thole." literal smurfing smurf language...
Shady Doorags
Shady Doorags преди 16 дни
I lost it at Vanny casually skipping towards Jack while Freddy was explaining what to do. Jack really is getting the buggiest version of the game.
B Gaming
B Gaming преди 3 дни
*Silently mat pats*
Stan преди 5 дни
i laughed my ass off
TOMBOM преди 8 дни
Makes more sence
Nate Range
Nate Range преди 8 дни
Actually, it's an actual mechanic of the game where if you stay in the same area for too long Vanny will come after you
TOMBOM преди 12 дни
Yeah marks playthrough was probably the buggiest playthrough on BGpost
Mikey преди 14 дни
I know this game is so jank, but damn Jack is getting hit with practically every bug possible lmao. Even more so than others I've watched.
Calypso преди 3 дни
@grandmarie ahh that makes sense
Calypso преди 3 дни
@Alex Zogman ohhhh, dang I would've loved to see that
grandmarie преди 4 дни
@Calypso Yes you can skip some events in the game and then go back to some
Alex Zogman
Alex Zogman преди 8 дни
@Calypso I just meant he spawned one so if he got caught by a bot giga Monty would’ve came
Calypso преди 9 дни
@Alex Zogman I didn't see him tho
Donut 🍩
Donut 🍩 преди 14 дни
I love how everyone else was treating Freddy like he was a pet and jack is all like “I need to save faz-dad”
A Human
A Human преди 3 дни
Ranboo calls him Father Bear and its so sweet
Aleksandra преди 4 дни
Omg yess
the great lumberjack King
the great lumberjack King преди 6 дни
@Box that knows your address yes
Box that knows your address
Box that knows your address преди 6 дни
@the great lumberjack King it’s like when your dad makes a dad joke. Its just “I hate you but I still love you”
L I N K 2.0
L I N K 2.0 преди 11 дни
@Strawberry Sweater FazDaddy is the best
Inky plays😈
Inky plays😈 преди 12 дни
Jack: "I'm not a coward in a child." Roxy: "You are nothing!" That's killed me.
Aleksander Ankersten
Aleksander Ankersten преди 2 дни
"In a child"?
Phantom_Pain420 преди 6 дни
Certified ded🤣
narrulz_warewolf преди 9 дни
I was gonna say this
I am a Person
I am a Person преди 12 дни
Jack: This game is not scary at all. Mapbot: Are you sure about that?
Anger_issues преди 12 часа
Map bot is the scariest thing on the game I swear-
Phantom_Pain420 преди 6 дни
Mapbot: I'm about to end this man's whole career
tddorn_Plays преди 16 дни
Jack: "Don't call me superstar, it's weird!" Also Jack: "Fazdaddy."
Dr.FeelGood {Malus Phillips}
Dr.FeelGood {Malus Phillips} преди ден
Modern hypocrites at their finest folks.
AngryShark преди 4 дни
Also also jack: "vore me daddy"
DanteTheMexicanSamurai преди 7 дни
Character development at its finest
Sneaky Snek
Sneaky Snek преди 13 дни
He said “vore me daddy” less than 30 seconds into the game
Dylan Walker
Dylan Walker преди 16 дни
Scarylyn14 преди 4 дни
Last Episode Jack: “This game is not scary!” Map Bot: *waiting patiently*
5MadMovieMakers преди 13 дни
"You know what, I will say , for all of the jank and mess that's in it, like it's such a messy game, it's all over the place... I don't know what it's trying to go for, it's trying to do too many things at once, it's throwing too many animatronics at you at once, they all break all the time, the scares are all over the place, it's not scary at all... but i'm having a great time. There's something about it that I just love playing. It's so goofy, it's so over the top, I actually really like the characters. I don't know, it's fun." A spot-on review of the game!
Rollo1227's beats
Rollo1227's beats преди 4 дни
@Sneakysneakyraccoon it's a little bit like it tho
you gullible fuck
you gullible fuck преди 6 дни
The mechanics and directions are vague, the pathing and sequence of events is tedious and all over the place, there's errors everywhere that scale from hilariously stupid to stupidly annoying and damaging to the gameplay experience, the saves are stupid, there are map bots everywhere, and it's just a horribly executed game. Anyways 10/10 -every fan
cheezkake 0603
cheezkake 0603 преди 7 дни
next time just put a time stamp, it saves you a lot of time and energy
Sneakysneakyraccoon преди 8 дни
@DrVonStreusel not really...
DrVonStreusel преди 8 дни
it’s like the modern sonic 06
Jason Mattox
Jason Mattox преди 12 дни
Jack imitating moon man: almost exact Jack imitating Gregory: sounds like Gregg from night in the woods.
EliteSoldier преди 6 дни
And Alphys from Undertale
Jason Mattox
Jason Mattox преди 8 дни
@Pascal Piers you're not wrong.
Pascal Piers
Pascal Piers преди 9 дни
Gregory doesn't have cups on his ears though (making him objectively less cool)
Strawberry Sweater
Strawberry Sweater преди 11 дни
Both are named Gregory, one is just spelled different-
Vintendo преди 12 дни
Freddy calling everyone "superstar": Aww! So wholesome! Freddy calling Jack "superstar": Don't do that
dj_jdawg преди 7 дни
We don’t do that here
Luke Riley
Luke Riley преди 14 дни
I like how Jack got inside of Freddy, claiming it was "much safer", only to meet the Map Bot seconds later.
Anger_issues преди 12 часа
Map bot is the scariest thing in the game
croissant hunter
croissant hunter преди ден
U got that Fazright!
21 Green Pistols
21 Green Pistols преди 5 дни
@Simon omfffffffffl. you don’t have to swear, just have good content, from text to video.
Summer Morris
Summer Morris преди 5 дни
Map bot will find you, map bot has its ways
Colt Wing
Colt Wing преди 8 дни
I love the immediate shift from the 1st video to this one where he ends the 1st one with, this game isn't scary at all.... start of the 2nd and bam MAP BOT!!!!
Scytheria преди 12 дни
I’ll never get over how good Sean’s voice acting is tbh
adinaa llenaa
adinaa llenaa преди 6 дни
@krys they literally said why it’s wasted
krys преди 6 дни
@Joel Thomas how is it wasted
Joel Thomas
Joel Thomas преди 9 дни
But it's wasted whenever he actually does voice acting in stuff:( he has so much diversity!
Kimberley Jaay
Kimberley Jaay преди 13 дни
I was having a chuckle the whole way thru, but when Jack panickly yelled "FREDDIE, WHO FAZ-HURT YOU?!" I just lost it 😂
Pokemon King
Pokemon King преди 4 дни
Jack: "I'm gonna lawyer up and take down a furry" Me: dies from laughing too hard
Aperson преди 13 дни
Jack: “Maybe I shouldn’t be saving so much..” Almost literally everyone else : “YES!Lets save 😎”
Summer Morris
Summer Morris преди 5 дни
Literally everytime one pops up lol
Christopher Reilly
Christopher Reilly преди 10 дни
I would like this but I can't mess up the count
SfmHero 01
SfmHero 01 преди 16 дни
I love that Jack is disgusted when Freddy innocently calls him "SuperStar" but continues to call him FazDaddy and telling FazDaddy to vore him.
Sebastian Gibson
Sebastian Gibson преди 4 дни
@Taralyn I meant Vanessa but yeah fredster is prob mic
Taralyn преди 4 дни
@Sebastian Gibson i thought the working theory atm was fazbear was possessed by Michael afton
Sebastian Gibson
Sebastian Gibson преди 10 дни
@LAZA especially worse consding one of the characters genders (also that they are being possed as some sort of meat puppet buy a 90 year old peewpaw
Bud Pal Guy
Bud Pal Guy преди 12 дни
Glamdaddy or Fazdaddy? that is the question
AviaRayne2 преди 14 дни
100% 😂😂😂
Mason Fandom
Mason Fandom преди 10 дни
It’s okay Jack, Freddy’s finger doubles as a lighter. You know for birthday candles…and creme brulee And occasionally arson
Phantom_Pain420 преди 6 дни
But only occasionally🤣
Cloey Robertson
Cloey Robertson преди 13 дни
Is Vanny being all over the place a bug? Or was Mark's practically Vanny-free playthrough a bug?
Vanaah преди 8 дни
Someone else said in the comments that Vanny finding you was supposed to be scrapped. It seems they didn't scrub all the way and the /feature/ has found its way here
Mandy преди 10 дни
Mark's was most likely bugged
Ellie chan
Ellie chan преди 6 дни
I love how Freddy was aware of how shit the emergency system is and filed a complaint about it himself. Edit: and I thought Mark's game was buggy
natacat campas
natacat campas преди 14 дни
I love the fact that of all the gameplays I've watched, Jack has the buggiest one. I wish they spent more time on this game tbh because it has potential but it was rushed
Another internet user
Another internet user преди 8 дни
Are you sure about that ? Because Mark's gameplay was way more buggy xD
natacat campas
natacat campas преди 9 дни
@SonicEXE :)))))) yes ik
SonicEXE :))))))
SonicEXE :)))))) преди 9 дни
It’s rushed because of the fans
krunkle преди 11 дни
It's way too short also.
Faith Gron
Faith Gron преди 16 дни
I genuinely love how most of Jacks jokes are just putting “faz” in front of curse words. It’s faztastic.
Drifting tingzz
Drifting tingzz преди 4 дни
What in the faz hell
Zaqki Live
Zaqki Live преди 10 дни
@FarmerFaz LOL
Darksiosa 1200
Darksiosa 1200 преди 12 дни
"I need to go faz... ster"
Hannah Wurl
Hannah Wurl преди 12 дни
I don’t know where the fazfuck I’m going 💀
Zimmer Brayo
Zimmer Brayo преди 14 дни
What the faz
Alegreya Font
Alegreya Font преди 13 дни
honestly, the fact that jack can do moondrop's voice so well when i already had antisepticeye vibes from moondrop is amazing
Theodore преди 9 дни
Moondrop's softer laugh is so similar to Anti's that I did a double-take. 😋
Ken Willen
Ken Willen преди 2 дни
"I've run out of little boy juice" is probably a line no one should say again, ever.
yeltuna преди 5 дни
jack being like “why doesn’t gregory just go to the security lady/vanessa and just tell her he’s lost?” well it’s bc of the lore, jack.
Virus преди 8 дни
37:28 There is something so hilarious about the silent fear and confusion that Jack has when she walks in 😂😂
Kingdom of Dreams
Kingdom of Dreams преди 14 дни
44:12 "Dad's not a child, he's a dad." By golly, you're right, Sean!
Owen Ginsberg
Owen Ginsberg преди 10 дни
Jumpscares: 2:27 Map Bot 9:47 Lil' Music Man 14:46 Roxy 19:34 Map Bot + Vanessa 20:59 Vanny 21:59 Security Bot 24:20 Security Bot 27:46 Security Bot 37:32 Vanny 42:03 Chica 42:44 Vanny 44:40 Map Bot
Jessica Ridgeway
Jessica Ridgeway преди 8 дни
I've been calling the little Music Man, Music Box.
UltmateRagnarok преди 12 дни
"Way to really liven up the kids' spirits, Roxy" Well, normally, they do. However, all of them except for Freddy have had their programming altered and their worst aspects exemplified. Roxy has become prone to putting others down to elevate herself, as she has developed severe insecurities due to both people constantly mistaking her for Foxy and claiming she cannot fill his role, and due to her competitive nature being cranked up past maximum. Chica, intended to be helpful and to encourage kids to eat their fill and remain healthy (through a greasy pizza restaurant with an included gym because capitalism I guess), has become gluttonous, uncoordinated, and attempts to be alluring to kids despite her altered intentions, which she would not normally have but does now for Gregory. Monty the gator, once helpful albeit prone to anger which he kept under control, has become consumed by his rage, destroying everything around him in his fits, and is driven pretty much solely by his ambition, intended to be inspiring. Monty seeks to replace Freddy as the leader of the band, but it also leads him to repeated self-harm for all the time he is not at the top. Finally, the daycare attendant has two forms, and both are altered. Sun, daytime caretaker, has become overbearing and intrusive as his attention to detail is heightened, and Moon, nighttime keeper, has become obsessive in keeping the children he is charged with where they should be. His overarching personality, shared between both forms, has developed severe OCD, keeping everything as it was down to the smallest detail, a result of the heightening of his artificial drive to keep the daycare in a tidy environment. Sun has resisted the urge to kill you and fights against Moon taking over, but it does not always work. DJ Music Man, who you meet later, is only hostile when his 'bouncer' mode, which is not complete or stable, is active, and after that simply vibes. Each comes with their own gameplay quirk fitting that, too - For instance, DJ Music Man will beat the shit out of you, since bouncer mode would want him to track down and remove undesirables. Roxy is faster and more agile than you (also paralleling Foxy) since she is the mascot of the raceway and is so competitive. Chica is the most withdrawn, prone to distraction, but she isn't to be underestimated, always getting into weird places. Monty is brutally strong, something that is part of his ambitious personality, and is not afraid to use that. And of course, Moon k n o w s w h e r e y o u a r e . Side note, Monty apparently did something that made Bonnie's existence so controversial that he was entirely removed from the brand, rather than simply being repaired and attached to a new endoskeleton. This seems to add to his self-harm, as he tries to cope with the guilt of what his drive makes and made him do. Roxxane Wolf is, obviously, a wolf mascot, so while she has replaced Foxy, this seems it might've been a similar event or just an attempt to make the themes work more, as a pirate aesthetic and a rockstar aesthetic don't really mix well. Roxy is the second wolf of the series, and the first is barely known, so that differs her from simply being a remake of Foxy down to the detail. Likely, just like Monty previously only was the mascot of the golf area but rose to where he is, Roxy was once only the mascot of the raceway but has now risen to this position.
YMangaka преди 11 дни
6:56 Jack : "Im *terrible* at listening to instructions in MOST games !" Arin Hanson (Game Grumps) : "B__, plz !" 🙄
SilentOnion преди 2 дни
Barry plz?
Trish F.
Trish F. преди 12 дни
I like how honest Jack is with his opinions on this game and the other fnaf games! I feel like some ppl are scared to voice them because they know how large the fanbase is. I totally agree! Fnaf 3 and this game were kind of a let down.
shadow преди 10 дни
damn, fnaf 3 was probably my favourite fnaf out of the og 4
LinkSora7 преди 10 дни
I love fnaf 1,2,4,6 and help wanted. This one I adore the most for just the really immersive experience and the really cool atmosphere and gameplay despite the bugs. Also love the characters. But I agree with jack: 3 just isn’t a good game looking back at it 😪 Also having played sister location I’m sad I couldn’t love it because nights 1-3 are fun and fair but night 4 is just impossible it is so unfair and hard compared to everything else in the game and it caused me to give up which is a shame as I love the rest of the nights and the lore and scares but night 4 I just cannot get past those last 10 seconds when it gets too fast and hard with the spring locks
chokothedog преди 6 дни
Can we talk about Jack acknowleding Freddy just standing at that one door for 3 minutes, and not realising what is happening
Strawberry Sweater
Strawberry Sweater преди 11 дни
"Apparently I need a Faz-Map because Idk where the Faz-fuck I'm going-" This lines g o l d- Jack puts "Faz" in front of everything and I'm living for it
Stuck_in_Godtier преди 13 дни
Sean calling Freddy "Daddy" was pretty cute and wholesome until the whole feet thing. 🤣
Spoon преди 15 дни
Mark’s playthrough: “I think I bugged the game” Game: “You bugged the game? Don’t worry we’ll just need you to die and restart the game” Jack’s playthrough: “I think I broke the game” Game: “I don’t see a problem”
Seth Barbour
Seth Barbour преди 13 дни
Big facts
Aperson преди 13 дни
So so SOO true lol
Raha TofighPirouz
Raha TofighPirouz преди 8 дни
I love the way Jack adds “Faz” into EVERY SINGLE WORD 😂😭
Emily Krey
Emily Krey преди 10 дни
The way Sean reacts to the fanfiction-like way Freddy’s dialogue is written absolutely kills me
Diy_CaT преди 4 дни
I can't get over how good Jack's impressions are lol His American accents are pretty spot on, and he's only joking.
Adrianna Morales
Adrianna Morales преди 7 дни
18:38 I’ve never seen this animation in anyone else’s gameplay, that was cool. I wish they had more time to complete the game it would have been so amazing if their entire vision came to life. I would have waited a while other year for the complete game
Adil Khan
Adil Khan преди 16 дни
"Leave Freddy alone, he's sick of dancing for coins. He's not a stripper" - *Jack 2022*
Zapdos's Thunder wing
Zapdos's Thunder wing преди 7 дни
@Blue Shell2.5k likes and 3 replies.ill fix that
Jace Montgomery
Jace Montgomery преди 11 дни
Blue Shell
Blue Shell преди 15 дни
1.5k likes and one comment. I’ll fixed that
Espeon Mistress
Espeon Mistress преди 16 дни
Also Jack in the elevator: Shouldn't you be dancing Freddy. Isn't that your whole schtick?
PhoenixGinny преди 5 дни
Drinking game idea: Take a drink every time Jack says "Faz."
timelordtori преди 12 дни
I’m really sick and these play-throughs are the only thing keeping me from being miserable
SayHelloToOblivion преди 3 дни
35:57 has got to be one of the funniest moments, lol! The utter look of self disappointment. 🤣🤣🤣
redsweatersandrants преди ден
I like how everybody consistently agrees mapbot is the scariest thing in the game
MooMoo преди 16 дни
It’s cool how Vanny is actually showing up more in jacks gameplay when everyone else’s was bugged and she showed up less for the others
Timesphere 5
Timesphere 5 преди 7 дни
@Nobility yeah, when I played it she didn't show up at all, even when you encounter her for the first time my screen did start to glitch like when vanny is near but she never showed up, and I had to restart my game because the cut scene with vanny wouldn't load because vanny wasn't there
Nobility преди 7 дни
When I played it everywhere I went van y was there I thought she was common until my friend said it was rare to encounter her
Timesphere 5
Timesphere 5 преди 8 дни
I dont think it is his game that is bugged, the game is clearly unfinished and rushed, im not hating on the game but they should have taken at least another month to produce, the game is good but buggy and inconsistent
Dylan Pearce
Dylan Pearce преди 8 дни
His is bugged since the devs were gonna put vanny in more places but scraped it
narrulz_warewolf преди 9 дни
No she showed up at the right times she did the same in my play through
MrsKenobi677 преди 12 дни
I love how every youtuber now says that Map Bot is the scariest LMAOOO they all react the same way to him. Holding their chests and just staring at the screen like “really?”
Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear преди 3 дни
Its a hot mess but you’re the best sport, this is super entertaining to watch. Also the Daycare Attendant is my favourite character too and your impression of Moon is so spot on! Excited to watch the next one
Kevin Kruger
Kevin Kruger преди 9 дни
At the start when jack did his old intro. It gave me heavy nostalgia.
Vladimir Kool-Aid
Vladimir Kool-Aid преди ден
Vanny casually skipping over to Sean during the cutscene fucking sent me. Also you can tell Sean was living here in the UK too long, I'm starting to hear it in his accent a bit.
Ennard преди 16 дни
Jack at end of part 1: “the game isn’t scary at all” Jack at the very start of part 2: **gets jumpscared by map bot and proceeds to have a heart attack**
Just an Average Dragon
Just an Average Dragon преди 14 дни
@ace welcome to FNaF
Beethechamp преди 14 дни
@ace hey didnt something happen when protecting a certain somebody who i will not say the name of to avoid spoilers and which anime i will also not say
Josh Mullen
Josh Mullen преди 15 дни
map bot: and i took that personally
Wagtail преди 15 дни
That’s literally the scariest bit in the game😂
ace преди 15 дни
@Ennard ok
MoChi преди 13 дни
Jack putting faz in front of everything is making me fazshit myself. This is by far the funniest SB play through I’ve watched
Christian Prinzo
Christian Prinzo преди 11 дни
Theodore преди 9 дни
I love how Vanny just showed up constantly because she could. 😂
SoacialMisfit024 преди 2 дни
I like how he considers his first time viewers by stateing his name
Amber Ledbetter
Amber Ledbetter преди ден
"...in the prime of lime." Classic! Loved this Friends reference from the episode where Monica is "not sick." 🤣🤣
Strawberry Milkshake
Strawberry Milkshake преди 15 дни
Other BGpostrs: _[looking for collectibles and lore]_ Jack: _[finds suggestive picture of Roxy]_ *Oooh hello! Oh, and the bottle of lube is right here!*
Nex way
Nex way преди 11 дни
There’s also crumpled tissues in that room so 💀
Calebs community
Calebs community преди 11 дни
11:40 btw
Grimslade Leviathan
Grimslade Leviathan преди 11 дни
I can relate tho, not gonna say I'm a furry, but Roxy is pretty cute...
MrsKenobi677 преди 12 дни
@XxCoolCat27xX me (with Monty 🤫)
Azri Schizophrenia
Azri Schizophrenia преди 12 дни
Roxy sounded the same like my schizophrenia, well at least only two lines “I bet you don’t have any friends”, “I’m the best, you’re nobody”, and having that picture on that table, probably implying perfection. But funnily, I realize what is greatness without having any use to society. Or a benefit to the schizophrenic.
pickledbeetlejuice преди 9 дни
When Sean smiles he looks like he belongs in a lays chips ad. Makes me happy lol
Zach Williams
Zach Williams преди 11 дни
Besides Matpat’s game breaking bug, Jack has the buggiest playthrough I’ve seen yet.
Maugre преди 12 дни
"This game isnt scary at all" *immediately jumpscared by a friendly robot*
What Should My Name Be
What Should My Name Be преди 9 дни
I love how the scariest part for Jack are the map bots
LFAMV's преди 15 дни
I love how happy Jack is with seeing Vanessa. “You’ll wait right there until your parents arrive” Sean: GREAT!
Sebastian Gibson
Sebastian Gibson преди 10 дни
@Who Asked that's why she tried to murder him (never mind all the lore)
Who Asked
Who Asked преди 13 дни
Vanessa, have your heard of the new hit game called among us?
Beepus Boop
Beepus Boop преди 14 дни
Gregory: *stares in orphan*
jennypenny преди 13 дни
26:09 and then he did just that.
Raider Rules
Raider Rules преди 5 дни
I love the amount of faz swearing😂😂 I’m crying and cannot breathe, and the jumpscares almost made me throw my phone! Your amazing Jack you never fail to make me laugh or make my day. You may not see this which is fine but keep up the amazing work you do, I speak for a lot of people when I say this but you mean a lot to all of us😂💖
PhoenixAshes преди 6 дни
I very much appreciated the realization moment when he missed the fact he was supposed to be pressing the monitor buttons, and the acknowledgement that we sit there and talk to the screen like this isn't prerecorded and Sean can hear us. Given that I'd just been doing that, it made everything much funnier.
Smol Son
Smol Son преди 3 дни
I like how Sean predicts like 5 things to happen later on within the first 12 minutes of this video
BeastMaster64 преди 15 дни
Sean screaming “Leave me alone, I’m not a furry, I’m not into this shit” to Vanny has to be the funniest thing ever lmaoo
Santiago Alvarez
Santiago Alvarez преди 14 дни
River DS
River DS преди 14 дни
william in vannys head: fucking fazhole
BeastMaster64 преди 14 дни
@tinglesrosyrupeeland lol true
BeastMaster64 преди 14 дни
@The Bush Im lmao imagining Vanny running around saying “You would look great in a fursuit” instead of “Are you having fun yet?”
tinglesrosyrupeeland преди 14 дни
Yet at the beginning "vore me daddy" lmao
muther_ducker преди 11 дни
I absolutely love seeing jack play this game, its funny how he adds faz to like everything and its hilarious watching him run away from the animatronics
Hiluxe. преди 13 дни
I'd really like the developers to continue working on the game and release a finished version. They were so pressured to release that a lot of things were scrapped, or left half done. It's really disappointing, cause this game has huge potential.
iAmSpiri преди 7 дни
“I swear to god faz dad, i am gonna get a lighter, and some fluent, and you and me are gonna go live on a beach.” Thats the most greatest sentence i’ve ever heard of.
AviaRayne2 преди 14 дни
Jack: Don't call me Superstar, I don't like pet nicknames!!! Also Jack: FAZDAD!!!
Eri преди 12 дни
"Thanks for the map... and the heart attack!" LMAO me too Jack,, also I love how he keeps not paying attention to what he's supposed to do and gets lost lmao
thatweebloser преди 10 дни
Sean is actually really good at mimicking the voices of the characters. wthh he even got mentioned on Twitter how good he was!
I'mnotkathryn преди 10 дни
I like how everyone is absolutely terrified when they get jumpscared by map bot, but when they're jumpscared by the others it's just "meh"
Jocelyn West
Jocelyn West преди 9 дни
Sean: “I have no parents!” Sean also calling Freddy dad and faz-dad the whole fricken time…
Strawberry Milkshake
Strawberry Milkshake преди 16 дни
I initially thought Jack wouldn't be continuing since at first he hadn't put _Part 1_ on the first video, glad that he's playing a little more and can't wait to see how he'll react to what's in store for him!
Wh Claus: Games, animations and more!
Wh Claus: Games, animations and more! преди 11 дни
@Mywrld_der14 i think he changed the title and thumbnail because rhey were both different when it was first uploaded
Darksiosa 1200
Darksiosa 1200 преди 12 дни
yeah the opposite of house of ashes, he deleted the other episodes of house of ashes
мιѕѕϙυєєηԋҽʅʅσ преди 12 дни
@Instagram User bruh you have 252 subscribers don't even compare Sean to you
Jordan Pinto
Jordan Pinto преди 12 дни
@Mywrld_der14 he added after this video
Chiefy преди 13 дни
@XanderDaGamer21 Content
Shay 💗
Shay 💗 преди 11 дни
Jack putting “faz” infront of everything is something I didn’t know I needed to hear. 😂
angie mia
angie mia преди 13 дни
sean is literally putting ‘faz’ in front of every word he can think of
Lexabug преди 6 дни
Jack: Has an obsession with different juice The moon and sun dude: Are just reincarnations of Jack (or anti)
Lightpoint преди 14 дни
I've been waiting for this playthrough, and you did not disappoint! It's great!!
Larkin Killian
Larkin Killian преди 16 дни
Jack putting "Faz" in front of everything is the same energy as him calling everything a Minecraft Also the fact that he has unintentionally called 2 endings is brilliant
axelvids преди 12 дни
@Smucky I had the most significant character death in Avengers: Endgame spoiled for me and I got over it and still had a great time watching the movie. It’s not that serious. You can still have fun in the game.
atlas преди 14 дни
@Smucky stop being so rude to everyone just because you had ONE ending spoiled. if you didn’t want spoilers you shouldn’t have clicked on a comment about the endings??
The Best Bilbo
The Best Bilbo преди 14 дни
@Smucky if someone is dumb enough to read the replies to a comment that vaguely hints at endings, then thats their own damn fault. Dont ask the world to not need oxygen because you forgot how to breathe.
Smiley face
Smiley face преди 14 дни
@Smucky don’t look at the comments if you don’t expect spoilers? The game has been out for a while-long enough for most BGpostrs to finish it.
ayoitssalem преди 14 дни
@Smucky dude just wanted to know what ending jack predicted, hell, the way they "spoiled" the ending was vague anyways, stop making a big deal about someone accidentally "spoiling" a game
Polato8369 преди 11 дни
Jack really could be an voice actor.He can do the voices really good!
The Moonswind Witch
The Moonswind Witch преди 13 дни
Usually something like the “fazz-everything” bit would get annoying to me after a while, but for some reason it continues to bring me great joy every time he says it. 😂
BUNCLE преди 10 дни
Why is Jack’s deep voice so awesome? Like why shouldn’t he be in voice acting?
Maxolotl преди 2 дни
"Lemme climb inside of you, daddy-o" - Sean, 2022
RJai500 преди 16 дни
Gregory: “I don’t trust the security guard. I feel like she’s trying to get me” Jack: “Why doesn’t he go talk to the security guard?”
EphemeralSean преди 13 дни
@TheLordPotatoes or JTSwagster A "T" Rated horror game at that 😑
TheLordPotatoes or JTSwagster
TheLordPotatoes or JTSwagster преди 14 дни
@Bright Star Gaming wait, they're not allowed to say "she's going to kill me" in a horror game?
Bright Star Gaming
Bright Star Gaming преди 15 дни
@Alex Targett actually, it is explained in unused dialogue. Instead of Gregory saying "she is trying to get me", he was originally going to say "I don't know who she is, but she's gonna kill me". However due to rating restrictions, they had to change that. The underlying meaning is evident still, at least.
Fundip преди 15 дни
@Alex Targett You right, you right
Alex Targett
Alex Targett преди 15 дни
@Nojus Vaseikis i mean...
Ishy boi
Ishy boi преди 13 дни
this is the best video from jacksepticeye iv seen in years, all his videos are good but all the jokes had such perfect timing and landed so well that i couldent stop laughing, you made my day jack
Reee преди 11 дни
LunaTheGoat преди 13 дни
This is my fourth time watching someone play security breach...partly because people I enjoy watching all happen to play it... But more importantly because peoples reactions to MapBot are bloody hilarious XD
laskin riubn
laskin riubn преди 13 дни
"Leave Freddy alone, he's sick of dancing for coins. He's not a stripper" - Jack 2022
Kyle Kaufman
Kyle Kaufman преди 15 дни
*Jacksepticeye:* "isn't there a security..lady person... she could help me, can't she??" *Vanny:* Allow me to introduce myself
SADOŚ преди 5 дни
@SonicEXE :)))))) this is 100% made up, there was nothing proving that thing ;)
SonicEXE :))))))
SonicEXE :)))))) преди 6 дни
@SADOŚ that’s because her soul is trapped In the pizzaplex
Typig преди 7 дни
@SADOŚ but its true, fnaf doesnt make sense
Zapdos's Thunder wing
Zapdos's Thunder wing преди 7 дни
@Jay Peterson ahh yes.... “Canny”
SADOŚ преди 8 дни
@Phazonic Steel it doesn't make sense. Fuck that
Jonathan Galindo
Jonathan Galindo преди 10 дни
Havent heard jack recreationally swear like this is a while, its nice
Cloud преди 10 дни
When it comes to horror games jackseptic is the best BGpostr in my opinion for it 😂👍🏾
DRIP преди 12 дни
Jack definitely has one of my favourite security breach commentary 37:29 also vanny just out of nowhere
NarutoUzumaki 2nd channel
NarutoUzumaki 2nd channel преди 6 дни
Other people: using flashlight the whole time Jack: flashes it twice every video
AJ Boyer
AJ Boyer преди 16 дни
Jack, again: "Want some of daddy's juice?" Roxanne, from the shadows: "For the love of God ENOUGH!"
GlamourJinx преди 15 дни
@JpTem! Yea, the bots are lil bitches :/
Jelly Ricesamy
Jelly Ricesamy преди 15 дни
@Sadie I its scarier than chica Monty Freddy and roxy jumpscare
Sadie I
Sadie I преди 15 дни
@Instagram User the S.T.A.F.F bots are more human than u
Azmoedieus преди 15 дни
@Blue 🔥 Your content sends people to hell? Wow it must be bad.
C_gi преди 15 дни
@JpTem! They're just bots, but it still ruins the feeling of a nice comment section...
BargainBinArinHansonWhenIWishIWasThriftDanAvidan преди ден
Does anyone remember night in the woods? Jack’s voice for Gregory it’s really similar to the voice he gave Gregory in that game 😂😂😂
Jackie Mendoza
Jackie Mendoza преди 12 дни
If I had a dollar for everytime Jack casually predicted the next part of the game…
naerial преди 12 дни
This is the glitchiest playthrough of this game I've ever seen, but that also makes it 10x funnier
h h
h h преди 7 дни
i just realized, I watched 5 other people's play throughs in December but now apparently they added more dialogue OMG like extra dialogue for Monty especially which is amazing I love it ❤❤
Alpha the Wolf
Alpha the Wolf преди 16 дни
Mark’s play through: “Okay, I read you loud and clear Freddy. I’m heading there right now.” Sean’s play through: “ Where am I!? Who am I!? Why am I here!? Where am I supposed to be going!? What did Freddy say!?”
Darksiege 1987
Darksiege 1987 преди 11 дни
@SC [High Quality Videos] Dear lord, I'll report this undeserving person right now
Cadoe преди 13 дни
@leomakenag I what?
Alpha the Wolf
Alpha the Wolf преди 15 дни
@Alex hiser I understand that, but it’s the fact that it’s every single piece of important or mission dialogue he doesn’t pay attention to. Not to say it’s that bad, I think it’s really funny.
Alex hiser
Alex hiser преди 15 дни
Jack seems to like the voice acting a lot so sometimes it feels like he's listening at Freddy instead of to him if that makes sense, can't blame him though, the voice acting in this game is phenomenal.
TheVoicelessOne преди 16 дни
This really reminded me of Steven Universe "Friends" song that Spinel sings
Alex CC
Alex CC преди 14 дни
That "Piñata" pronunciation was ON POINT btw, hey Sean, that was great.
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