Showing You MY Favourite TikToks #3

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Watch my favourite tiktoks with me


Twitter : Jacksepticeye
Instagram : jacksepticeye

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Devin Stevenson
Devin Stevenson преди месец
Jack absolutely killing it with the 70s hot dad drip
Oᴘɪᴇ ɪs ʙᴀɴɴᴀɴᴀs
Oᴘɪᴇ ɪs ʙᴀɴɴᴀɴᴀs преди 6 дни
@Zone Doll wait I’m confused who is the cosmic person they deleted their comment
Gisdru преди 8 дни
Mans dressing like Hank Schrader
Martha Pollitt
Martha Pollitt преди 25 дни
@The Reluctant Hipster yessir
Martha Pollitt
Martha Pollitt преди 25 дни
@Cosmic I know u want attention but that that's just
Martha Pollitt
Martha Pollitt преди 25 дни
Loakins217 .//
Loakins217 .// преди месец
As someone who studied German, hearing "Automobilen-Whoopsidaisy" is single handedly one of the funniest things that almost works in that language.
Robin Peters
Robin Peters преди 12 дни
Just loved reading that thread as an actual german lol
Dead Inside
Dead Inside преди 16 дни
@Andrea H No worries I'm glad to help out
Andrea H
Andrea H преди 17 дни
@Dead Inside thank you for the correction, i was using google translate so that's why i wasn't super accurate lol
Dead Inside
Dead Inside преди 17 дни
@Andrea H Suffering isn't really the right term. "Krank" would translate more to ill or sick.
BiggusNickus преди 25 дни
@Andrea H lots of alcohol helps.
jonathan stackhaus
jonathan stackhaus преди месец
I’m continually impressed with Jack’s editor... Until jack makes a specific request and then I get frightened
sunburst27 преди 6 дни
If you mean that Sonic abomination then I agree
vynsunn преди месец
13:44 Jack: "Listen... Get down to knee level." Fanfiction writers: "Write that down!!! WRITE THAT DOWN!"
Leyyuu! преди 17 дни
Mobey Taguire
Mobey Taguire преди месец
I mean yeh
LazyLad преди месец
"If I keep laughing and wheezing like this my husband's gonna kick my ass" -The BGpost CC
x.x.x.ssense_ 032c.x.x.x
x.x.x.ssense_ 032c.x.x.x преди месец
Jack is slowly becoming that one cool uncle everyone loves
Martha Pollitt
Martha Pollitt преди 25 дни
From co brother to cool uncle then a hot 70's dad
Martha Pollitt
Martha Pollitt преди 25 дни
x.x.x.ssense_ 032c.x.x.x
x.x.x.ssense_ 032c.x.x.x преди месец
@Jacob Jamil he truly has been
x.x.x.ssense_ 032c.x.x.x
x.x.x.ssense_ 032c.x.x.x преди месец
@Jade B. hell yes😂
Jacob Jamil
Jacob Jamil преди месец
excuse me? he already has been
Scott Bryan
Scott Bryan преди 3 дни
“I think babies should pay rent” -Jacksepticeye
Brittany Hill
Brittany Hill преди месец
"I'm doing well!" "GTFO my office right now! That'll be $500!" Bruh, US health care is savage 🤣
Julian Murphy
Julian Murphy преди месец
Hey! Jack! As someone who's done a lot of spine circles at theatre school, the reason you feel dizzy is because you're focusing on very tense areas, and your body is trying to keep you from releasing the tension, because it's habitual. If you keep working a bit, taking your time, it'll recede and you'll start to feel better. A lot of my back pain was fixed with this kind of release work
Julian Murphy
Julian Murphy преди 5 часа
@The Real Talk you might want to look into Alexander technique, it's the best thing I've experienced for releasing tension. Whatever you decide just take it slow and be forgiving :)
The Real Talk
The Real Talk преди 2 дни
I need to try that, I get a lot of back pain from my ovarian cysts in the lower region and carry a lot of stress in my shoulders. So I will give it a try and see if it helps…didn’t know this was a real thing, at first thought it was a joke. But if it helps without having to take medication. I will give it a try.
Cynthia Kuroi
Cynthia Kuroi преди месец
Jack: "Damn, he THHICK, though!" Evelyn: *_grrrr_*
Williamthewendigo 44
Williamthewendigo 44 преди месец
I love that Jack is dressed like a sleazy night club owner
Mobey Taguire
Mobey Taguire преди месец
@C Thomas all of the above
Mobey Taguire
Mobey Taguire преди месец
@Adolf Hitler ayo whats up commit aby war crimes lately
iris преди месец
@Adolf Hitler yeah Bali is part of Indonesia so batik is from Indonesia
Samarah Texeira
Samarah Texeira преди месец
@Victim your going there you absolutely sad attention seeker
Snake Viber
Snake Viber преди месец
@Adolf Hitler says fucking Hitler lmao
Regan Booker
Regan Booker преди месец
He’s not the Rice Krispies, he’s the lucky charms
Ferret God
Ferret God преди месец
I saw a Tic Tok of that German joke person reacting to you watching and laughing and they were so happy! You made someones entire week, so keep it up!
jolyonpsqolion преди месец
i love how the thumnail is just jack laughing at a crying baby
Yulius Sentausa
Yulius Sentausa преди месец
I just realize something, if Seán and Evelyne ever have a baby, would that baby be the prophesied child that would become the ruler of language, popping off the womb speaking five different languages at once?
jbwarner86 2
jbwarner86 2 преди 7 дни
I love how every time a new trend comes along on the Internet, Jack's first reaction is always "I don't wanna do that, it looks dumb", and then he does it and he discovers he absolutely loves it. First Minecraft, now TikTok 😆
Sophia OSheaf
Sophia OSheaf преди 10 дни
Sean's shirt is literally the sexiest thing to exist
Nemu Kami
Nemu Kami преди 26 дни
Most of the things in this video didn’t make laugh at all but Seàn saying “there’s a fart especially for you, if I put any more effort into it it’ll be shit” fucken killed me immediately
sophia ross
sophia ross преди месец
Jack: “my knees crack” My knees w/ osgood-schlatter’s: “I concur”
Kendyl Cohn
Kendyl Cohn преди месец
Hahaha, same. Such reliable percussion
Anna Meyers
Anna Meyers преди месец
"It'll kick my asthma" I just gotta say that Sean laughing at his own jokes is the best, and always will be. 💚
Ashlyn Hackler
Ashlyn Hackler преди месец
@Alex Isakova same!!
Alex Isakova
Alex Isakova преди месец
100% thought he said husband when he said asthma. Got simultaneously very confused bc gf but also very excited 😂
NiceMilkyMilk преди месец
i like that you used a green heart instead of an red one
Mimi Avali of the Magnus Institute
Mimi Avali of the Magnus Institute преди месец
bestie why'd you say that like it's a public speech
NameNTitle Here
NameNTitle Here преди месец
Jack saying get on knee level and hearing cracking is great out of context.
GOATLY98 преди 22 дни
Nobody: Me: loving how Jack has probably typed the word favorite wrong thousands of times
Hbomb 247
Hbomb 247 преди месец
Jack going irish mode sounds like an O'Driscoll bullying arthur in valentine😂
Raxacoricofallapatorius преди месец
Great video Jack! Especially well done to the Production Managers, a can of green beans and Bulbasaur! Absolutely stellar work! And I cannot forget about the post production assistants! Name, Jonathan and ROW #4 were on top of their game!
Penelope's Nightmare
Penelope's Nightmare преди месец
Jack really needs to do a try not to laugh with his favorite TikToks, then he will have a challenge
cheesy burrito
cheesy burrito преди месец
Nice armpi- i mean nice pfp
i will stare into you're soul
i will stare into you're soul преди месец
@Penelope's Nightmare wait who are you talking about 😎
Losttapes преди месец
@Cosmic get a life
Penelope's Nightmare
Penelope's Nightmare преди месец
@Drizzora True. You know what, I won't give them attention. I will just pretend they don't exist
Drizzora преди месец
@Penelope's Nightmare Just ignore them. They are trying to get people’s attention by making these offensive comments how Sean’s father died.They are people who never had anyone giving them personal attention and it’s quite sad really.
Black star dust
Black star dust преди месец
When Sean started cracking his back, It actually made me get up and try to pop and crack my whole body along with him and it felt so good. Thanks Sean 😌
Kai преди месец
Been watching Jack’s for seven years and he still makes me laugh💀
Amane Ebener
Amane Ebener преди месец
this is the comfort of your favorite relative coming and showing you things that he knows you'll both love. and oh my gods I needed this. thank you for forever being amazing jack!
Vivian Gobena
Vivian Gobena преди месец
In the beginning, when Jack looks down... That is the cutest thing I've ever seen. He is such a sweetheart. 😍🥰
Dog преди месец
Sean getting older is sick. He's like wine. Or cheese.
BiggusNickus преди месец
@Jamie Hindson you read my mind.
Pash преди месец
He's ganna get too good we're all gonna have to eat him eventually.
wilson gaming
wilson gaming преди месец
Wine, because cheese smells after a while, but Sean probably do not
The Lazy Gamer
The Lazy Gamer преди месец
He's both.
Villain For Hire
Villain For Hire преди месец
@xan carter fecking racist!
Emerly35 преди месец
I love this shirt so much, it makes his eyes so blue. He reminds me of my cool uncle who always stole candy for me without my mom knowing😂
Cdb605 преди месец
The visual joy on Jack's face at 13:27 is amazing
Chloe George
Chloe George преди месец
Needed a good giggle keep being a legend Sean love yah
randomhavoc123 преди месец
So no one is gonna talk about the fact that he basically teabagged his microphone huh?
Snapple преди месец
Jack: "I think I've found some bangers, you probably seen them already" Me who doesn't have tik-tok: FEED ME!
Squalo преди месец
@Avid Clown i know, im just petty and got annoyed with it 🤣
mothie :D
mothie :D преди месец
Avid Clown
Avid Clown преди месец
@Squalo dont respond to them, it's a bot
Raymond Clifford
Raymond Clifford преди месец
Stop with comments like this. No one likes them. Seán included.
Christin Edge
Christin Edge преди месец
Shadow storm
Shadow storm преди 26 дни
I love how Jack tried to flick his hair but realised he had gel on and stopped half way through😂😂😂😂
ᖴᒪᑌᖴᖴY преди 25 дни
Thank you so much Jack, ive been having such a bad day but this made me laugh.
catgirl 911
catgirl 911 преди 7 дни
Ah yes jack laughing at a baby, this is gonna be a good one 😂
VwV преди месец
6:06, I could literally "re-watch" it over and over, just for the amazing music
Greenicecubexe преди 8 дни
@headbandus world without end - Chi Vaughn
headbandus преди месец
Whats the song
Dana Pritchard
Dana Pritchard преди месец
just seeing and hearing Seán laugh, is one of the things that bring me the purest joy.💛
Brandon преди месец
@TheBob lol
TheBob преди месец
@Victim just like your family 🦨
meriz преди месец
Honestly me
Jean noaT
Jean noaT преди месец
Daniel Lungu
Daniel Lungu преди месец
Vfox909 909
Vfox909 909 преди месец
The last one was my favorite and Sean was not wrong about his statement it really is life and death for us Gamers
NutellaTeen преди месец
Is no one gonna talk about how much effort the editors put in at 1:20 for a single goddamn joke? They made a whole friggin credit script. WHAT
N8V_ WARRIOR_723 преди месец
When you haven’t watched jack in almost two months but get to catch up in a a day or two 🛌💙💚
Badger Blight
Badger Blight преди месец
This man is the man that could convince me to walk across the stage at graduation because hes so funny id be laughing at something hes doing the whole time
Abtin Barzin
Abtin Barzin преди месец
Sean: "Babies should pay rent" The entirety of Ireland: *Your Irish privileges have been revoked*
HayBale Animations
HayBale Animations преди месец
This joke is perfectly fine as long as you acknowledge that Jack was joking too. (probably)
XenoWolf преди месец
what about that old satire from Ireland, during the time of the famine i believe, and its about eating babies for food?
Rob H.
Rob H. преди месец
​@Cone Worshipper #2 There's a trend of Irish / Scottish people on the internet being either communist or just very anti-capitalism. Some folks forget that what you see on the internet doesn't always reflect reality. :/
Cone Worshipper #2
Cone Worshipper #2 преди месец
As an Irish this makes no sense
Ravyn H.
Ravyn H. преди месец
Jack teasing about sharing tiktoks, meanwhile he legit has a meme review series 🤣
Itz_Spoopy Potato
Itz_Spoopy Potato преди месец
4:02 I have a concussion and am slowly recovering whilst watching Jack's videos to pass the time. Yes my head feels worse but I feel better so ha.
Róisín преди 3 дни
I recently went to the er because I seizured and resulted in a concussion, so same haha. My vision is dizzy and a bit trippy, but watching his videos has made my days much better :)
Jesse the Kid
Jesse the Kid преди месец
Jack is straight up lookin like a dad nowadays
Truamaru преди 11 дни
This man makes me so happy and makes me laugh so much
Catt xx
Catt xx преди месец
Sean is so right. These videos are just “Look at this meme on my phone” but with a million people lol. It’s such a simple and fun thing to do imo.
Lets Dream On The Internet
Lets Dream On The Internet преди месец
The "Mom I love frogs" at the end tho.
Juno Antares
Juno Antares преди месец
That's definitely why I like these videos so much.
Kid Cr1TiKaL
Kid Cr1TiKaL преди месец
When Javk trust to do an Irish accent he doesn't sound irish, but when he yells *OH, HES IRISH ALRIGHT*
Scorpionstrike7 преди 23 дни
Jack reached a new level of relatability to me with the joint cracking part. 😄
Luvas Devereaux
Luvas Devereaux преди месец
I'm always going to be disappointed that whenever I crack anything on my body, I don't start to glow like a glow stick. :(
WolfTheDrago преди месец
Jacks cackle after she hit her head made my day I’m sorry that’s hilarious-
Shiro Masuki
Shiro Masuki преди месец
I love how Jack's become calmer but his editing has become more chaotic.
Partydonut214 преди месец
@Ritik Pandey "put something over my head. Something cool"
Ritik Pandey
Ritik Pandey преди месец
I have seen the part of chaoticness
Alexander Ouellette
Alexander Ouellette преди месец
You have to balance it out
xNETSEALx преди месец
It’s the fact he wrote an entire credit roll for that joke mad respect
Elmo преди месец
Can we just appreciate that Jack can copy screams 😅
Implantedtomb5 my songs
Implantedtomb5 my songs преди 4 дни
Me when TikTok: angry Me when Jack do TikTok: it is... Acceptable.
Quietus Plus
Quietus Plus преди месец
I can never get enough of people "in" VR going into walls.
Gadgets 4U
Gadgets 4U преди месец
Jacksepticeye videos are on other level than every other creator.
Renae O'Driscoll
Renae O'Driscoll преди 13 дни
Damn you jack, making me laugh with my covid lungs so sore.
Krow From The Krow's Nest
Krow From The Krow's Nest преди месец
Sean this may sound weird but the Spine Twist thing does actually work and is actually good for you
Corinne Butler
Corinne Butler преди 9 дни
Jack reacting to cute babies makes my ovaries scream.
cryptidxcreature преди месец
his laugh? contagious. his shirt? outrageous. also i think babies shouldn't pay rent, they should pay DOUBLE rent.
Piotr Kowalski
Piotr Kowalski преди месец
@MemeGamer138 First fix them goddamn doors!
Kaleb Mitchell
Kaleb Mitchell преди месец
You'll get your rent WHEN YOU FIX THIS DAMN DOOR!
Haze преди месец
hotel? trivago
MemeGamer138 преди месец
give me rent
Davld Bradley
Davld Bradley преди месец
The doll thing just had me screaming with the Dog high fiveing.
Dwayne Fett
Dwayne Fett преди 6 дни
That shirt's fuckin' awesome. Sometimes paisley's just alright, but that color ratio is the _best_ paisley color balance in my opinion.
Kewlausgirl преди месец
Hey Jack... Just want to let you know... I've been to a few chiros before to fix back issues. Never worked. And actually end up worse or really sore further down the track. Look into physio therapy. Most back issues can be fixed by muscle more than just trying to poke and move the spine itself. Especially as any movement they make actually gets reset by the muscle tissue - the contracting and expanding of muscles as they tighten and loosen, will influence the skeletal structure. So in most cases, it's actually physio therapy that's really needed. That and the amount of doctors I've spoken to where chiros have screwed people's backs. It's scary. But hey give it a go. See how you like it. If they lock you into plans in most cases they are just running you for your money. Physio and stretching is just so much better!!! But see how you go. But if they tell you they can fix your cold or flu symptoms with chiro and crap. They are a quack. Run far away lol.
Zoë Roux
Zoë Roux преди месец
What's hilarious is I have a friend with the thickest Irish accent I've ever heard so snoop doing the impression just worked so well
Kayla's Corner
Kayla's Corner преди месец
Jack: “Sometimes I say things that are stereotypically Irish” Also jack: *used to start every video with “TOP OF THE MORNING TO YOU LADDIES!!”*
DaRKS1D3RZ преди 7 дни
@OrbitalChaos ah yes the High Five, one of the most well-known Irish stereotypes
OrbitalChaos преди 14 дни
Don’t forget the high five 😂😂
ShockBass преди месец
why did he stop
Mobey Taguire
Mobey Taguire преди месец
No irish ever has said that genuinley its just funny haha steryotype
Amaryllis Nightingale
Amaryllis Nightingale преди месец
Love the shirt, continue rocking that style. Ya better not get selfcontious of it
Dalzombie преди 10 дни
As a fan of Jimmy Neutron, that Bowling for Soup shoutout at 1:21 makes me happy with nostalgia.
Jaicee Leishman
Jaicee Leishman преди месец
can we acknowledge the ABSOLUTE DAD SHIRT sean is wearing in this video
Jackson Hice
Jackson Hice преди месец
Telling the truth jack is the only BGpostr that makes laugh
Charrles Chervanik
Charrles Chervanik преди месец
Snoop dogg is literally doing all the side quests in his life. He did all the main story stuff (the pimping, the rapping, the dope slinging) now he's doing shit like visiting Buckingham Palace, going on the Joe Rogan Podcast, showing up to red carpet premieres in pimp-purple ass attire. Everyone lowkey enjoys snoop, maybe not likes him, but enjoys the antics
sunburst27 преди 6 дни
So he's basically the dragon born in post game Skyrim
Martin Millar
Martin Millar преди месец
Snoops funny af.. he came to a celtic game in scotland then 2 days later went to a rangers one..our rivals... was funny af watching him do the pr stuff 😆 great lad though.. he raised good money at varies scottish exhibition matches. Think he even did a mad rap battle thing at half yime..either that or i was tripping at the time.. memories vague af tbh
somebodythatiused2kno преди месец
I’m really loving the unexpected ASMR from jack’s crackly bones
rafi Rachman
rafi Rachman преди месец
Rosey преди месец
As soon as I was adjusting myself in bed, my phone fell on my face right when Jack said, "OOOWW my Knees" when he cracked them for the mic lmao I have never felt so in sync with anyone online like this XD
Elias Rease
Elias Rease преди месец
How does the Irish accent sound so threatening and so calming at the same time
Zuko преди 4 дни
You've probably already have the answer, but, he says, "Good, how are you" and the guy says, "I'm good" so basically it's like, why'd you come into the hospital if you're all good??
Alpharius Omegon
Alpharius Omegon преди месец
Jack: "I have back issues" Also Jack: "I can get my back to crack"
Alpharius Omegon
Alpharius Omegon преди месец
@Raymond Clifford remember him several times laughing about stuff like this on meme time. I don't do it to get his approval but because I like him and the irony
TheBob преди месец
@Raymond Clifford you just need to redownload 2021 humor
Casey Nickol
Casey Nickol преди месец
@Raymond Clifford obviously over 300 people do
Raymond Clifford
Raymond Clifford преди месец
Stop with comments like these. No one likes them. Seán included.
Brianna Watson
Brianna Watson преди месец
I've got back issues because my boobs would tilt me forward if I didn't stand up straight.
Anyss преди 8 дни
You've never heard a loud crack until you heard someone's jaw cracking while they yawn...that sound is crazy :D
Eric Harvey
Eric Harvey преди 9 дни
Dude I almost choked on my breakfast drink that I was drinking when that dog make that weird sound 🤣🤣
Kyle Brand
Kyle Brand преди месец
Didn't even get to the end of the "Use this sound if you are hiding from an intruder" one to see the punch line... It ends so good! Missed the best part
ZafiroDoesGames преди 8 дни
As someone who has done 3D modelling, 7:43 is accurate. Also, ‘tis subdivisions, not tessellation, fun fact of the day. There’s a reason one does not simply use the sliders.
oaryihn преди месец
I love how the baby doesn't even cry he just grimaces as he's told to get a job
LonelyRonin преди месец
Cant relate. Got one without pro pting. Mom actually told me to stop working so much, and was mad I came in on my off days. She was all worried about my physical and mental wellbeing. Those have been shot to hell and back, no point worrying anymore, so idk whats she's worried about. She also tells me to not be in a rush to move out, because i should enjoy being free from bills, rent, and all that while I can. I just want to be able to keep my room door open with my shitty younger siblings stealing my food, toiletries, literally they can discreetly get. Got new locks now, they cant get in. But apperently, Im the child she's most over protective of. She was lowkey stroking my hair while we watched horror movies earlier.
oaryihn преди месец
@TheBob no, i genuinely just didn't realise, this isn't an "r/woooosh" moment i'm sorry to say lol
Luna AngelEclipse
Luna AngelEclipse преди месец
@IKindaLikeGames don't entertain bots and trolls. trolls especially like it when you reply to them. just report them and move on.
IKindaLikeGames преди месец
@Cosmic This is why your parents disowned you
RockyCrayon преди месец
Frankly, I related to that WAY too hard...because then I don't get to keep my pension, which is a STUPID system.
Megan преди месец
These are legitimately some of my favourite types of videos, because my humour is very similar to what you like.
I_smell-toast преди месец
0 dislikes you are doing something right, I’m glad to see everyone agree with what u say
ANIME WICCAN преди месец
I think you just tricked my brain into smelling a fart at 4:40. I don't know how you do it, but good job jack! XD
Rafael Vecchione
Rafael Vecchione преди месец
Damn Jack looks so old now, he looks good though.
China LeBeau
China LeBeau преди месец
Jack is dressed like he owns a Trader Joe’s themed bowling alley
sleepy Eevee
sleepy Eevee преди месец
Don’t eat while watching jack I almost gagged all my food out 🤣🤣🤣🤣
NerualYam преди 10 дни
The healthy masculinity in admiring another dudes butt is my favourite thing about this video... and the shirt too
RMaximum преди 10 дни
My cheeks hurt from smiling cuz I’ve been watching too many of your videos :(
Avalon преди месец
Miriam Margolyes is fecking BRILLIANT! I absolutely love her. She's so incredibly funny and incredibly inappropriate, it's amazing! 😂😂 Every time she's on Graham Norton or This Morning, she just makes my day
Stan Bresser
Stan Bresser преди месец
Jack laughing at people being hurt is so relatable that it's scary.
Cory & Co.
Cory & Co. преди месец
honestly tho
nuonyez преди месец
Get well soon jack ♥️
Chris Noel
Chris Noel преди месец
Glad Sean took time away from dancing the night away at Studio 54 to show me some dope TikToks!
Sawyer преди месец
In reference to the VR one, I also did that my first time. My now ex, at the time, had a Oculus head set and they know I have no spacial awareness to speak of and kept trying to walk around too far in the first game I played. So like any good partner they said they would make sure I wouldn't run into anything. Naively, I trusted them and ended up doing the exact same thing as the person in the video while following a fish in Subnautica as my ex sat on the bed predictably not paying any attention.
Z преди месец
"One thing that gets popular and they beat it into oblivion" Says the guy that made over 100 Happy Wheels videos lol
stoo преди месец
Jack’s shirt makes him look like a classic divorced-single-dad with major alcoholic issues edit: ayo stop arguing in the replies homies i just wanted to talk about his shirt :/
TheBob преди месец
@Victim just like your braincells…
Nikolai G
Nikolai G преди месец
@Roanah JK Will do
stoo преди месец
@Lesley RedRhody its ok, i just wanted to joke around a bit. Thanks for letting me know!
Avid Clown
Avid Clown преди месец
@Tangobaldy mate that's just screwy. They're trying to help for the grand scheme of things, don't be a pissy little toddler
Church преди месец
@Lesley RedRhody This is the cringest shit I've ever agreed with.
I got nada
I got nada преди месец
Sean be looking absolutely FABULOUS... luv u Sean😊
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The Royalty Family
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Brent Rivera
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