Skate 3 - Part 16 | DOUBLE FLIP SUCCESS | Skate 3 Funny Moments

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преди 7 години

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Коментари: 17 539
Teryos преди 7 години
JACK, I AM SO PROUD OF YOU. I have watched you try and try for 15 episodes, and finally you did it! :D Love your videos
Chr1stown преди 6 месеца
Speak English idiot
joyfulgore преди 8 месеца
Its amazing to see who big youtubers used to watch when they were younger
Oddvar Elliot
Oddvar Elliot преди 10 месеца
Yooo top kommentaren er svensk jo, my Skandinavian bro
Yaser Amin
Yaser Amin преди година
Yaser Amin
Yaser Amin преди година
Joshua Hoti
Joshua Hoti преди 2 години
"You remember when jack did a double flip in skate 3" "Yeah like 2 years ago wasnt it" "It was 5 years ago..."
OsuSixDigit преди 5 дни
try 8 lmao
Shneezal Games
Shneezal Games преди 10 дни
no. it is 7
Steve преди 13 дни
@loli popp i was adding onto it saying its 7 years now
loli popp
loli popp преди 13 дни
@Steve the comment was 2 years ago so it would have been 5 years when they said it
Steve преди 14 дни
It was 7 years ago
Subject 64
Subject 64 преди 2 години
"I feel like grinding on something" -Jacksepticeye, 2014
Joker knight 124
Joker knight 124 преди месец
@Cohen Harrison I’m not the one who said it
Cohen Harrison
Cohen Harrison преди месец
@Joker knight 124 timestamp?
hamster преди 2 месеца
That's what she said
Evan Mansaram
Evan Mansaram преди 5 месеца
Take me back bro
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha преди 7 месеца
That’s what he said
TheBulletKin преди 2 години
Absolutely no-one: BGpost recommendations: ‘here have some nostalgia’
Kautoto Sisifa
Kautoto Sisifa преди 2 месеца
Go crazy chrys
Go crazy chrys преди 3 месеца
here in 2021
Iron Monger WR
Iron Monger WR преди 6 месеца
I searched for this
moddingdudes преди година
White Lime remember I said I don’t watch his new videos...
White Lime
White Lime преди година
@moddingdudes no he shouldn’t if you actually watched some of his new videos you would know why he doesn’t want to
grimlee преди 2 години
I love how when Betty breaks her ankles, and Jack's all like "Ye broke yer ass!" I think he has his limbs wrong.
The Riff Repeater Jr.
The Riff Repeater Jr. преди година
Neither ankles or asses are limbs
Jeff Shittles
Jeff Shittles преди година
since when is an ass a limb
EA101 преди 2 години
Do you know what limbs are?
liam spencer
liam spencer преди 2 години
9:34 one of Jack's golden moments
ASYSPHILIPINE преди година
"Man 6 years has passed and still brings back memory" Me 2020-
Badenbeele преди 8 дни
@loli popp sorry I don't remember asking
loli popp
loli popp преди 13 дни
@Badenbeele ever heard of people watching it on a different account when they first saw it? bruh you need to use common sense
Badenbeele преди 5 месеца
ASYSPHILPINE bruh your channel ain't even a year old 💀
Nigel Clark
Nigel Clark преди 10 месеца
I watched this when it came out
Nell Biffin
Nell Biffin преди 11 месеца
Hi 👋- me 2021
Pee pee Poo poo
Pee pee Poo poo преди година
Jacksepticeye: “oops red tube is a name for a porn website” Me: “im not gonna even ask how you know that”
Wafflecones universe
Wafflecones universe преди ден
Why u do that there could be kids watching and they could search up red tube so DONT DOVIT AGAIN
Aimee-Leigh Cairney
Aimee-Leigh Cairney преди 4 месеца
@Onno 199 oh my god same!!
PauricFox преди 5 месеца
How do you know it?
SoulFoxie преди 7 месеца
@Onno 199 Not relatable but I'm sure it probably is for a lot of jack's audience
Alex Nannos
Alex Nannos преди 7 месеца
StephCurryMcFlurry96 преди година
2014 was not only The Year of Family Farming, but it was also The Year of Jacksepticeye.
Dazed Loc
Dazed Loc преди 11 месеца
@The Riff Repeater Jr. makes paper
The Riff Repeater Jr.
The Riff Repeater Jr. преди година
Zepposrs преди година
KrazyShariff преди ден
I got recommended his snake impression in 2020 and i laughed nu ass off cause of it
Sage George
Sage George преди година
jack: that guys hawian accent is offensive also jack: carlos baby you’re my one true love
Nick Wurst
Nick Wurst преди 3 месеца
That face Jack makes when he does the double flip for the second time is priceless: 15:58
The finder Of glitches
The finder Of glitches преди 2 години
9:38 thx jack I’ll swing by🤣🤣🤣
corpsie ą
corpsie ą преди година
These helped me a lot, even now my stomach hurts and hearing Seáns voice calms me down and makes me happy :)
Phoenixyy преди 11 месеца
Ah the good ol days, man I miss old Jack, the hat and the cabin and his old house that had a roommate. Man this series was legendary, and this video was the best. After all those times of failed double flips he finally did one
Mustard Ox Gaming
Mustard Ox Gaming преди 2 години
I love how Jack just pushes the big ball away like its nothing
JimmyJamyShamy преди 2 години
he best be playing this for nostalgia week
Kaushal Sasikumar
Kaushal Sasikumar преди 2 години
@Unus yeah I did
Nico преди 2 години
Oh well i have something to tell you!
SoggyBanana преди 2 години
Unus преди 2 години
Have you watched his new video :3
Thermon преди 2 години
Kaushal Sasikumar he did bois!!!
Moopy преди 5 години
possibly jacks best series, like if you agree
Lucas kitchen
Lucas kitchen преди година
Eh kinda not really
WeirdoBurrito преди година
I disliked but i agree
Omega edits
Omega edits преди година
No gta5 or Sims 4 and happy wheels
10,000 Subscribers with no videos ?
10,000 Subscribers with no videos ? преди година
Margaret Mongan *alt and *idiot dumbass
Margaret Mongan
Margaret Mongan преди година
@10,000 Subscribers with no videos ? I don't even have adult account you iotit
Jacob Mobley
Jacob Mobley преди 2 месеца
Sean, You are, and will continue to always be my favorite youtuber of all time. Thank You so much for all of the memories!
Reaper преди 10 месеца
The kind of nostalgia I get from watching this is so unbelievable
Jordan Duffy
Jordan Duffy преди година
Sean describing the colors of the tubes made his colorblindness very evident.
Green Gas
Green Gas преди година
The nostalgia man... This and slime rancher are the two series that make my heart melt every time I go back to it...
AquaZz преди година
This will forever be my favourite series Ever.
NoMercy ML
NoMercy ML преди 2 години
*This is how i discovered porn as a kid because he said the redtube thing* Thank you jack
SigmaKyoto преди 28 дни
Bro same, I was searching for this vid for a while now
Dboggz преди 4 месеца
Me too
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo преди 11 месеца
Alexeve преди година
omfg same i just spent 10 minutes looking for this video cause i remembered
GamerBonnieWOW преди година
Ur fricken name tricked me
GD Heavy
GD Heavy преди 2 години
Jack: Betty, why do you love pain? Me: She’s probably a sadist
Grimm woofers
Grimm woofers преди 9 месеца
7 years! Congratulations jackaboy im here with you always and forever
Bradly leach
Bradly leach преди 2 години
I watched this when it came out and it's still funny to this day
Sh!t on
Sh!t on преди 11 месеца
When he said red tube I didnt know what it meant years ago now I'm sitting here laughing 😂
CoLm_- преди 7 месеца
Jack be like when he sees a beach ball: Here comes FUN!!!!!
Water Man
Water Man преди 2 години
Sean, you were (and still are) the pinnacle of my childhood. Every time I'm sad you bring enlightenment to me. Keep going and be the boss you were destined to be.
Jack Color
Jack Color преди 3 години
15:50 is one of Jack’s golden moments
Amazing Ethan
Amazing Ethan преди година
Wyatt Bauman cause he never did a double flip duh
mohammad tahir
mohammad tahir преди 2 години
Wyatt Bauman he double flipped
Gaming Bauman
Gaming Bauman преди 2 години
Jack Color why is it one of his golden moments
Merrick Goldy
Merrick Goldy преди година
Man I was 8 years old when I first started watching Jack now I'm 15 its cool to grow up with your BGpost channel
dwayneclash OG
dwayneclash OG преди година
I miss when jack was this energetic, i'm happy these kind of vids are still around😁
big floppa
big floppa преди година
This is the reason I’m funny now, jack is hilarious
Ziv Elijah Galboy
Ziv Elijah Galboy преди 9 месеца
I like how when he says "oh jeez!" he sounds like morty from rick and morty
Sam Lasslett
Sam Lasslett преди 2 години
Jack: "You can't do double flips on normal ramps" Me at ultra mega skate park: 😎
Jonah Her
Jonah Her преди 2 години
You finally do a double flip after so many tries. Congrats on making that stunt.
SwH23 преди 6 месеца
these videos will never get old for me jack is forever in my memories :)
CousinJoobi преди 2 години
Jacks GTA and skate 3 videos literally developed me as a person lmao
Mike Jameson
Mike Jameson преди година
9:32 This, officer, is what changed my life forever.
Leon halsey
Leon halsey преди 2 месеца
When Jack said always follow through I think I took that too seriously
Will Whittaker
Will Whittaker преди 2 години
13:14 anyone thinking he can just change his difficulty
Tim Thompson
Tim Thompson преди година
"You broke your ass, but you grinded it" Jacksepticeye 2014
Margie преди 4 години
15:41 the determination on Jack’s face 😂😂
Marxusgiov преди 8 месеца
If you’re watching this in 2021 You’re a legend and a real jack fan
Nadine Nielsen
Nadine Nielsen преди 2 години
11:58 she did a freakin cartwheel
TimmyIce420 преди 2 години
Been 5 years and this is still the funniest shit I’ve ever seen
quantM364 преди година
AAAAAAHHHHH The nostalgia Always a classic series that I would love to have return
CristianDa Player
CristianDa Player преди 4 години
Jack needs to play more skate 3
THE HOOD преди 3 години
enzo delfino
enzo delfino преди 3 години
Ashlie Milbourn
Ashlie Milbourn преди 3 години
CristianDa Player yes
Rough Rider
Rough Rider преди 3 години
You watch Beyblade Burst to?
ダークプリンスVegeta преди 3 години
Top Flop he dosen't have a problem jack just won't play becuase the game get competive ur just doing the same thing over and over and that just get old
TheGamerGodTM преди година
I love how crazy he is sometimes 😜
Caden Williams
Caden Williams преди година
the best days of Jacksepticeye
Sharkgrrl&ProSkills преди година
“Oh, the tubes! And they’re multicolored! Just like my socks!” -jacksepticeye
mason clark
mason clark преди година
9:32 "This is where the fun begins"
Kage The Mage
Kage The Mage преди 2 години
2:53 jack did something many hardcore players try to do, and the best is, it was an accident.
Craige Melendez
Craige Melendez преди година
When he made the double flip all the voice cracks were had that day.
Yolo Ski26
Yolo Ski26 преди година
After 6 years this shit is still funny❤️🤣
Lyons Dwyer
Lyons Dwyer преди 2 месеца
15:46. Historical moment for this channel
Harvey Gaisford
Harvey Gaisford преди 4 години
"Never puss out always follow through" -Jacksepticeye..... Then I shat myself
Vapid Dragon
Vapid Dragon преди година
Hey Jack time traveller here, keep going. your gonna make a massive impact on the entire world and collab with some of the most amazing people one day stay strong cabin lad and keep being an inspiration to all we luv ya mr potato man. P.S 2020 NOT A VIBEEEE
Ay, It's Alex
Ay, It's Alex преди 2 години
I don't even remember how many times I replayed this video,i basically know the intro by heart at this point
Jayden Butcher
Jayden Butcher преди година
Going back and rewatching lets me notice small things😂 "or the slightly brownish greenish ugly one?" That was just a normal green😂
shaboo преди година
these skate 3 videos bring back such good memories
Carousel Blind.
Carousel Blind. преди 7 години
_"i'm gonna try the red tube again"_ - jack _"get your mind out of the gutter"_ - also jack
lil beaner
lil beaner преди година
I love rewatching skate 3 and happy wheels , jack ( sean ) changed my life thanks for never a full moment
YadōkaiTøxic2-0 преди 4 месеца
Man I'm back in the good ole days, its nostalgia city in here
Laressa Keriona
Laressa Keriona преди година
it has been six long years.... and I'm still watching this series
Comrade Lenin
Comrade Lenin преди година
No one: Jack and the french: creates 2 revolutions in 12 seconds
Scott Cowan
Scott Cowan преди 3 години
God I remember watching these when Jack was this small little channel. Good times.
Mr.DirtyDan преди година
This is like my 4th rewatch of this series and I was sitting here the whole time saying say redtube jack say it.
Jason Tomberlin
Jason Tomberlin преди година
Wish I could tell this man he'd be a 20 million subscribers in just 6 years
Lewis Witherow
Lewis Witherow преди 2 години
Jack: well, more like purple tube. Me: what? 'remembers he is colour blind'
the jelly bean union
the jelly bean union преди година
Jack: I love betty shes good. Anti: B E T T Y I S P A T H E T I C
Doom Clasher
Doom Clasher преди 2 години
5 years later (2019) "Ow, my glankles!"
Doom Clasher
Doom Clasher преди година
@OneJediBoi that was for the people that read this comment in 2020 or later
Doom Clasher
Doom Clasher преди година
Why was I never notified that this comment got so popular?
Doom Clasher
Doom Clasher преди година
@Opposing serpent I can still look at videos made before the year I made my account
Opposing serpent
Opposing serpent преди година
That's weird considering the fact you made ur account 4 years ago
Rachel The Mannequin Head
Rachel The Mannequin Head преди 2 години
yes maa'm
Brinehero TG
Brinehero TG преди година
“Broke your ass but you grinded it” Take a minute to think about that
DarkStare TDM
DarkStare TDM преди година
awhile huh..?
Josh KW2
Josh KW2 преди 10 месеца
I just love watching the bone breaks
averysavory преди 2 години
ahhh i miss the good ol days i decided to come back and let my nostalgic feelings fly
lord.Skywalker-vids преди 3 месеца
That intro though 😂
Im Hunterr - CHANNEL MOVED преди 7 години
I fucking lost it and I couldn't stop laughing at 9:32 Also, next step - Double Miracle whip.
domthebanana преди 7 години
I couldn't either lol
Lil Zo
Lil Zo преди година
No one: Not a single soul: Jack: OH... IT'S A LOAD BALLS!!
BigMac Gaming
BigMac Gaming преди година
It’s kinda funny that I’ve been watching this guy since I was 4 now I’m 11 😂 hes soooooo good
Mohammed Sufyan
Mohammed Sufyan преди година
Is it me or does jack jump everytime he says "cool"
Michelle House
Michelle House преди 8 месеца
Who else's has been watching and sticking around the whole time
Zyrother преди 7 години
Congrats! Perseverance really does pay off in the end. I agree with some other comments, you should try to get together online with a few people, I heard its a blast. But considering college, and the multitude of other games you have planned, that would be hard to schedule. Also, over 123K subscribers? Holy shit!
Dylan Farr
Dylan Farr преди 7 години
@jacksepticeye Same, literally I have too much free time XD I'm getting Skate in 3 days.
jacksepticeye преди 7 години
@Arshvir Singh It was on normal mode the entire episode
Arshvir Singh
Arshvir Singh преди 7 години
@jacksepticeye Jack put it on normal mode its a lot easier to do flips on that mode. You can also land them. Just keep holding the backflip buttons. Its hard at first but after a while its easier. Try it on that big ramp in SUPER ULTRA MEGA PARK. I hope this helps ;)
Penni Acosta
Penni Acosta преди 7 години
@jacksepticeye i can play with u
jacksepticeye преди 7 години
Yeah I really don't have the time for it but also I don't have anyone reliable to play with. Considering how time consuming stuff is I'd need some people really reliable that I know I could get in with, record and edit it for a good entertaining video Also yeah it's nuts. I'm almost a quarter of the way to 200k already and it's only the 2nd week of March. it's insane
Kill Collage
Kill Collage преди 2 години
I find this mad how 5 years ago I waited everyday to see if a new skate video was made and this was my favourite 🤪
COPYC4T преди 2 месеца
Me showing my friends how I move faster than them in a cod game: 13:13
Kiriske Uchiguya
Kiriske Uchiguya преди година
“You grinded it! You broke your ass, but you grinded it” -Jacksepticeye “Stop it. Get some help. Don’t do drugs!”
BongoDACHEWY PLAYZ преди година
*sigh* this brings me back great memories. I've seen these videos multiple times *sigh* good times Edit: also this video gave me a great idea to do sick tricks on a cool skate park. I remember doing a sick trick where I went down a tall ramp and miracle wiped over a gap and landed and grind on a rail. It took like 20 tries but I got It. It was exactly when I saw this vid XD.
xpanda_juice преди 5 години
Skate 3 charaters are like the wicked witch of the west...they hit water and fall in the most dramatic way ever
populerMMOs super fan 755627
populerMMOs super fan 755627 преди 4 години
GizmoOwl ikr
xpanda_juice преди 5 години
codemiester gaming I live in Kansas so I do too
French Toast
French Toast преди 5 години
GizmoOwl I know right
Ryan Vivian
Ryan Vivian преди 5 години
GizmoOwl hahahahahaha😜😜😜😜😜😜😜
codemiester gaming
codemiester gaming преди 5 години
XD its funny to me cuz my mom luvs wizard of oz
Hanako-Kun преди година
Its been 6 years scenes i started watching you wow!Time went where!?!
Valerie Twomey
Valerie Twomey преди година
I love your videos and they rock thank you for making them
Jack M
Jack M преди година
So nostalgic I remember watching this 6 years ago
The English Dude Gaming
The English Dude Gaming преди 8 месеца
amazing job jack ur awsome at skate 3
arthur morgan
arthur morgan преди година
The jacksepticeye classics
MonspeetGaming -free2play
MonspeetGaming -free2play преди година
I remember this video. 6 year ago when I was P1 I remember how when I was in class I would always say speed is key and went home from school and watched skate3 videos I didn't know what he was saying but it was still funny. I really loved your video when I'm down I always watched your videos up an till now. Jack is the best BGpostr for me 🙂(SPEED IS KEY) something I always said back than
Invader Zim
Invader Zim преди 2 години
Loved it!
Infimous Void
Infimous Void преди година
Betty knows how to do some sick flips
Fe1tan преди 4 години
New challenge: Double Miracle Whips 😬😬😬
Rayhackyou123 преди 3 години
Billy Frenchbread OK Jesus
Wisialowski & Clark
Wisialowski & Clark преди 3 години
Dakhari Bailey
Dakhari Bailey преди 3 години
That is exactly what I said
Chick3nMP преди 3 години
That’s would be cool if you said this 4 years earlier. And also is really easy just do it at the drop off in SUMP
Rayhackyou123 преди 3 години
Gre Quaza. I mean that
Relyk преди година
Im still binge watching this series every year. Its just so good. Like if you still watch jacka boy!
Alex Kemp
Alex Kemp преди година
Jack: never puss out always follow through Me: you got it *shits myself*
Sami White
Sami White преди 2 години
Did anyone else notice the fact the he said car-loss instead of Carlos😂😂😂
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