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JohnisMetallic преди месец
Sean will be okay everyone, he has Irish luck on his side.
master flubrnukt
master flubrnukt преди 15 дни
I failed him for not getting covid but it will kick in during covid
AlicePeirHrt преди 16 дни
@Mishan 🅥 ur in hell
AA Flame
AA Flame преди 20 дни
@GilKyu Kim no
Sans преди 20 дни
@Matthew Aldana yeah
Patrick Ryan
Patrick Ryan преди 21 ден
@GilKyu Kim yup as someone with an Irish name I can attest. I am currently suffering through my second bought of covid.
OhSoSeptical преди месец
Jack has COVID and he's still got a sense of humor and never-ending positivity. What did we do to deserve this precious Irish bean?
Minty MAN
Minty MAN преди 5 дни
You mean irish spud we all love a good spud
Hatin Life
Hatin Life преди 11 дни
It's not that hard
OhSoSeptical преди 13 дни
@Gamer Gingy yes i am. I'm also not the first to call him that
OhSoSeptical преди 13 дни
@Gamer Gingy aw that's cute you think I'm a man. and it's not weird and I'm not the first person to say it. it's weird because you made it weird
Brian преди 22 дни
He probably barely got sick since he was vaccinated so thats good
Krista Greene
Krista Greene преди месец
idk about anyone else but the way he was so thankful for Evelyn being negative really warms my heart
angie k
angie k преди 13 дни
Isn't this how all couples are? I would expect them to care this much
Carolyn Howle
Carolyn Howle преди 20 дни
I got covid too it sucks
you just got B E A N E D
you just got B E A N E D преди 26 дни
@SomniusFoodistGuy idk if this is meant to be a parody of the bots, a bot that ended up getting hacked and having its comment changed or a nice bot.
SomniusFoodistGuy преди 27 дни
random Swiftie
random Swiftie преди 29 дни
Honestly they both are couple goals!
meg преди месец
why does it feel like the people doing the most to avoid catching covid end up being the ones catching it... stay safe Sean!
Forever Seeking
Forever Seeking преди 5 дни
... yeah... my husband is the one that catches everything and brings it home. Hes always been an avid hand sanitizer user too. He's very pro masks where as the kids and I go mask free when we can and just avoid large crowds. My husband got covid so we chose to quarantine with him to catch it.
Dark Gaming6009
Dark Gaming6009 преди 12 дни
Maybe thats how you do it. You become immune
Maki Cardenas
Maki Cardenas преди 19 дни
Did you use the vax? Make sense why you got it, lisen call me crazy or stuñid but at the end you will say "that dude was correct" idk prob
Ksunflower18 преди 20 дни
That is me I wipe down everything I touch and i wear a mask and yet I still got it. My symptoms suck.
Maki Cardenas
Maki Cardenas преди 22 дни
Bc they use the vax and having the mask for to long
Trickydickie преди месец
Glad your feeling better Jack, stay safe, and stay safe everyone. As always, Have a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year :)
Lucas Lewis
Lucas Lewis преди 19 дни
God doesnt exist, your prayers are meaningless
John Xiong
John Xiong преди 27 дни
You to and god bless to you all reading this comment
Ian Brennan
Ian Brennan преди месец
"I got COVID." Say no more. Take all the time you need to rest and get better, Sean!
DragonClaw3333 преди месец
@Instagram User yes of the 0 videos you have you uploaded. Shut up and go outside for once
Dante Toshiro64
Dante Toshiro64 преди месец
Yeah 🖤💜🖤
King Kong
King Kong преди месец
@Cristilyn Herman same
Dave Dave
Dave Dave преди месец
There's too much Covid in America. Don't go there
lemon Garlic
lemon Garlic преди месец
@Brandon Creemson ALT but that’s just a lie
Buckaroo преди 28 дни
Just found out I’m positive, had a 102 fever, chills, all that. So wishing everybody who has it swift recoveries and stay safe. Love y’all.
Kaiden Bidinost
Kaiden Bidinost преди 11 часа
@Connor Salt-Mayhew Hope you are feeling better, im back to normal now, first few days are really rough!
Connor Salt-Mayhew
Connor Salt-Mayhew преди 18 часа
Yeah i got a positive test on Tuesday, today it’s gotten worse that to the point i can’t even get out of bed because theres so much in my chest
Kaiden Bidinost
Kaiden Bidinost преди 7 дни
I’m currently positive as well, been having symptoms for two days now, no chest stuff atm luckily
Antiswayy преди 9 дни
I hope you’ve had a speedy recovery, much love! Tested positive 2 days ago
DJJoshuaGames преди 16 дни
I just found out I had covid today too :(
mmk преди 8 дни
I'm glad i found this video right after i caught covid, it's really hard to deal with and listening to other people's stories help me feel better.
Caitlyn Crull
Caitlyn Crull преди 12 дни
Nurse here, I really appreciate you teaching your viewers about asthma and how to use inhalers and spacers! Not enough people know what could be life saving information, so thank you! You are great and I hope you're feeling better! Take care of yourself! We're all rooting for you
Volterne x
Volterne x преди месец
Just heard you recovered. Congrats I hope your doing better now
Woshi преди месец
It takes balls to run a charitable campaign on the other side of the world, get COVID and still make a video for us. Sean you do so much for us its unbelievable, thank you.
Lucas Lewis
Lucas Lewis преди 19 дни
Bryn Howard
Bryn Howard преди 26 дни
@kcc_games can't. They can change, you can change anybodys mind with a simple painful beating.
kcc_games преди 26 дни
@Bryn Howard Nah kill them
Flowey the flower
Flowey the flower преди 26 дни
I couldn’t smell that’s all I could do
Nobody257 преди месец
I've had covid and it wasn't too bad I don't know why these trolls keep saying he is going to die.
ST1TCH3D - GL1TCH преди месец
I hope you’re doing well Jack! As well as anyone else who has gotten Covid or is dealing with something else. Please stay safe and be careful, not just for you but for everyone around you
Marcus Quackford
Marcus Quackford преди 15 дни
@Lucas Lewis We trust it because it makes so much senses and thers research
Lucas Lewis
Lucas Lewis преди 19 дни
This is what you get for trusting the vaccine 😂😂😂
Astral преди месец
Sean prevails in everything, including Coronavirus, so he's gonna be all right. Rest easy, Sean
Travis Williams
Travis Williams преди месец
RIP Sean
tyler преди месец
rest easy makes it sound like he died lol
Dr. Chad
Dr. Chad преди месец
It won’t be too bad for him, he is mostly healthy. Asthma might make it more troublesome, but overall he should recover just fine. Like any other common sickness. 👍
Hera преди месец
It's somewhat clear Jack is doing worse than he's showing here for the sake of those worrying about him, I believe he has asthma so COVID won't be fun for him, take care of yourself Jack, plenty of rest and me time, you deserve it.
Allister Graham
Allister Graham преди 21 ден
@Benjamin Ford it is yeah, got them absolutely ages ago though not sure if they're even effective at this stage, got no booster, I consider actually getting covid as my booster lol
Benjamin Ford
Benjamin Ford преди 21 ден
@Allister Graham is this with the two vaccine shots?
Allister Graham
Allister Graham преди 23 дни
Good news guys, I'm asthmatic and I got through covid without access to inhalers over recent issues, never had any breathing problems (normally it can attack me anytime), on the tail end of my isolation atm👍
Benjamin Ford
Benjamin Ford преди 26 дни
Oh gosh 😧 I have asthma as well, welp I'm done for
Donut Rengoku 2.0✨
Donut Rengoku 2.0✨ преди 24 дни
I've tested positive for covid yesterday and have had a lot of period cramps added onto that (delightful way of starting 2022) but today I am feeling a lot better. I'm glad you're back in England with Evelyn and feeling a lot better
cara1133 преди 17 дни
@NatCatKitty I tested positive for COVID earlier this week and I had the exact same symptom! Terrible scratchy and hoarse throat, and it didn’t get better until about 4 days later ugh
cara1133 преди 17 дни
Literally my exact same situation this past week lol. Tested positive for Covid, PLUS I was on my period :,)
Ceceilia преди 17 дни
Me too! Cramps included
NatCatKitty преди 19 дни
I have covid right now and I’ve had the worst sore throat I’ve ever had for like 3-4 days I’m so worried it’s never going to feel better
LadyMaid Loves
LadyMaid Loves преди 20 дни
Only baddies started 2022 with Covid 😌 (myself included)
OwO преди месец
When I first heard about this news on Reddit, I thought it was a joke. But sadly our beast actually got it. Take good care of yourself!
Dave Dave
Dave Dave преди месец
There's too much covid in America. Don't go there.
Spacey Steam
Spacey Steam преди месец
Of course you're a Redditor
Giga-Chad22 преди месец
dude dont listen to the comments they are all bots they are automated comments
Based mailbox
Based mailbox преди месец
@Jack Wrath That’s cool and all, but nobody asked🗿
JakesGameTime преди месец
GET WELL SOON SEAN! sound nation and mishan are the worst bloggers
Darcey Youngman
Darcey Youngman преди месец
My mum and I have just been found positive of COVID. Hang in there, honestly it’s inevitable. You’ve done everything you could have done, you were careful, it’s just one of those things that happens. Please be safe x
alex the depressed gremlin
alex the depressed gremlin преди месец
damn- rewatching this now is insane. got diagnosed with covid today so im with ya jack, love the videos hope you feel better man:)
Ducker преди 16 дни
EchoSappho преди месец
Throwback to when I was taking care of my grandmother with asthma. She did the asthma harmonica as well. Because of her dementia it was hard to get her to do it five times, but I was always happy to hear that WHEEE of the breathalyser. She got covid in december 2020 AND SURVIVED at 89 years old. 💪 She passed away 9 months later, sadly.
USAlien234 преди 14 дни
Im sorry for your loss. Things must have been hard with what she had. I know she is greatful for everything you did for her, and she will be with you always.
Lucas Lewis
Lucas Lewis преди 19 дни
Your grandma is in the bin
Ultimate Awesome Robot
Ultimate Awesome Robot преди 27 дни
That's because you grandma is a beast
EchoSappho преди месец
@Krillin Winnin Good catch, I meant 2020. Fixed it in my original post.
Krillin Winnin
Krillin Winnin преди месец
If she got COVID this month how did she pass away nine months later
McKenna Gold
McKenna Gold преди ден
so i don’t have asthma that i know of but i had covid Jan 7th so it’s been about two weeks and i’ve been having extreme breathing problems, when i actually had covid it wasn’t this bad… i woke up this morning wheezing and coughing so i go to the doctor on thursday so i’m hoping i’m okay! much love jack!
risk преди месец
Hope you get better jack 💚
Kofi Haase
Kofi Haase преди месец
@Louiebruh1idk Ur just a hater
Baaren 64
Baaren 64 преди месец
@TheWicked 😐👉 🚪
Siberianking преди месец
@Louiebruh1idk believe in Jesus christ and he will help you and free you from your sadness and sins
Gerry Duffy
Gerry Duffy преди месец
@Miranda Cracraft not hugged enough pal?
Spiky Balloon
Spiky Balloon преди месец
@Louiebruh1idk bro u liked ur own comment lmao
Munky_C преди месец
I got covid in October, and I GENUINELY thought it was just a cold 😂 I only had a cough and sneezed a lot, that's it
Munky_C преди 17 дни
@exify I did collapse the day after I started showing symptoms tho
exify преди 17 дни
Ur lucky Im younger so i get less synptoms but i was badly sick
Daniel Hayden
Daniel Hayden преди месец
Hope you get well soon, Jackie boy
Reini Ackerman 017
Reini Ackerman 017 преди месец
I had covid around Christmas last year and it was the absolute worst! My dad works in the hospital so it was inevitable... get better soon Jack! You seem to be doing really well thankfully and I'm happy to see that!
Reini Ackerman 017
Reini Ackerman 017 преди месец
@Aria Fire Thankfully none of us were hospitalized! My mom and I lost our sense of taste and smell and I didn't get them back for a month afterwards. Thankfully we didn't have a repeat this year!😄
Aria Fire
Aria Fire преди месец
Im so sorry this happened to you and i hope you recovered well. Happy Christmas 🎄 💓
E B преди 28 дни
My mother and most of my family is in the medical field. They recommended my brother, who has it, to take Zinc, B-Complex, D3 and, C vitamins to help take the edge off of Covid. That and slow release melatonin, but he hasn’t taken that. I hope this helps out anyone else who caught it.
USAlien234 преди 14 дни
Drinking some tonic water with a Zinc vitamin I hear works realy well. I mix tonic water with OJ and it just tastes like grapefruit juice. I take them together when I get back from a crowded room or building, or spend to much time out at a store or around big groups of people.
DeLorean45 преди месец
I’m so glad you are doing better! I tested positive on Dec 13 with “mild” symptoms (though they certainly didn’t feel mild), and I’m just now starting to feel somewhat normal again. I’m hoping I’ll get to see Spider-man sometime this week. I had tickets for opening night that I had to get a refund for, and I’ve been desperately avoiding spoilers ever since.
Olivia Aumiller
Olivia Aumiller преди месец
I'm in almost the same situation as you Sean, I went to a concert and ended up positive but my roommate is negative so we I'm stuck in my bedroom waiting for the symptoms to die down and isolation to end. The fever is 100 percent the worst of it, keep an eye on your energy though, I'm asthmatic too and I went from pretty okay to absolutely exhausted in about a day. Best of luck keeping occupied, hope you keep feeling better!
Abby A 🌼
Abby A 🌼 преди месец
Keep up that inspiring P. M. A. Jack! You will get through this 💪🏾 ☘ ✨
LilOmlette преди месец
Respect for not bringing God into covid in a good way not a bad way
yoitsmayonnaise преди месец
Jack’s going to do what’s called a pro-gamer move: *quarantine & protect the ones he loves through doing so.*
Dave Dave
Dave Dave преди месец
There's too much COVID in America. Don't go there.
MGTOW  Entrepreneur
MGTOW Entrepreneur преди месец
LMAO he will be screaming through HELLISH Flames with his dad😂😂🤣🤣🔥🔥
Matthew Aldana
Matthew Aldana преди месец
Don’t reply to any hater you see, they just want attention. If you see their comments report them for hate.
Evan Prokopchuk
Evan Prokopchuk преди месец
@JokeWhy Gaming Yeah I've been reporting all the ones I've seen. It really pisses me off seeing how far people are willing to go for a little goddamn attention
The Man Identified as Dinosaur
The Man Identified as Dinosaur преди месец
@JokeWhy Gaming I actually did check and reported EVERY ONE of these.
Rayvaul преди месец
Hope it doesn’t get serious Jack! Praying for a fast recovery!
Toiletman GamingHD
Toiletman GamingHD преди 22 часа
Your everywhere!
Distance yourself
Distance yourself преди 29 дни
He's not dying and he looks and sounds like he'll make it folks..let him get through it..😉🤣
Kenadee Avila
Kenadee Avila преди месец
Don't worry! I had covid a month ago and I'm fine! You'll get through it 🙂
Aria Fire
Aria Fire преди месец
Im glad you recovered well!! Happy Christmas 🎄 💓 💖 ☺
discospaceship преди 24 дни
Hey Jack, your Subnatica series got my through my covid week(end) this weekend. And I finally finished the game! Thanks for your videos! Hope you feel better!
artsytarts преди месец
"Do you play an instrument?" "Yes, I play the inhaler" Jokes aside though, it's great you still find stuff to entertain yourself with while coopes up in quarantine! Speedy recovery to you :)
Rxynbxw преди месец
@Alex kraile aka Emily Dowd ikr
Alex kraile  aka Emily Dowd
Alex kraile aka Emily Dowd преди месец
@Rxynbxw same my dude
Rxynbxw преди месец
@Dave Dave Im IN America
Dave Dave
Dave Dave преди месец
There's too much covid in America. Don't go there
Rxynbxw преди месец
@Rainbow and Savy! Ur welcome
bonnienclyde0486 преди месец
Cmon Sean you can handle this like a boss
Ravvynfall Gaming
Ravvynfall Gaming преди месец
I hope you have a safe and speedy recovery, get well soon Sean!
Chris Cheesenip
Chris Cheesenip преди 29 дни
I had covid, it didn't hurt as much as you'd think, you can get through this jack / Seãn, we all hope you will be okay, Remember PMA!
Michael Roark
Michael Roark преди месец
Well, at least he’s Irish, so he’s got the Irish Luck! Still, I wish you well, Sean.
Jlitch преди месец
man he just recovered
DOZ Gaming
DOZ Gaming преди месец
We all hope Covid-19 does not completely ruin your Christmas Sean, get well soon!
Darkness Of Hatred
Darkness Of Hatred преди 21 ден
@Corey Holt there are side effects later on. It just takes time sadly. It is their plan.
Corey Holt
Corey Holt преди 21 ден
@Darkness Of Hatred I do not support the vaccine mandates in fact I think Australia's prime minister is an idiot. Also the Pfizer vaccine is fine I had my second shot a few weeks ago and I was fine.
Darkness Of Hatred
Darkness Of Hatred преди 22 дни
@Corey Holt do you support what's happening in Australia like the vaccine mandates? If you know BBC and CNN are bad, you know what's up. They sponsor Pfizer.
Corey Holt
Corey Holt преди 23 дни
@Darkness Of Hatred no they are not the Australian media outlets are reliable mostly. It's other news outlets I don't trust like BBC and Al Jazeera.
Darkness Of Hatred
Darkness Of Hatred преди 23 дни
@Corey Holt where you get the info from? The media outlet right? Don't trust them one bit. They r fooling u
Kate Blais -이현주-
Kate Blais -이현주- преди месец
I really hope you feel better soon Seán! Sending love to you and Evelyn!
DCLeadboot преди месец
Get well soon, Sean! Sending best wishes and prayers. Stay safe, concentrate on kicking that pesky virus... and be sure to get that booster-jab as soon as you can. 😉
ryntimerror преди месец
I'm really glad you're doing okay! I finished isolation a few days ago and the congestion was the WORST
Ashley Ellison
Ashley Ellison преди месец
Sean you are so responsible and are such a good role model. We love you! ❤ Give Amy hugs for me when you're better.
Leonhart преди месец
Watching any fun shows while you're quarantining other than Eve? Get well soon Sean!
Whyatt Woozworld
Whyatt Woozworld преди месец
@Splash thefly Dear Jack How are you? I'm okay guess I wasn't much help yesterday
Splash thefly
Splash thefly преди месец
@Whyatt Woozworld Are you okay? You have to clarify yourself, I don't get what you mean. 😁
Whyatt Woozworld
Whyatt Woozworld преди месец
@Starlight Glitch Foxy And if I'm gone tomorrow I have something to believe in now that you believe in me
Whyatt Woozworld
Whyatt Woozworld преди месец
@Splash thefly shut up
Whyatt Woozworld
Whyatt Woozworld преди месец
@Splash thefly Poor little kids versus rich greedy sourpusses
Rhi Heit
Rhi Heit преди 20 дни
I’m so glad you’re okay and staying safe!
Kittykat преди месец
I'm doing a-ok, thanks for asking. I'm sending love, laughs, and prayers to you, Sean. Get well soon, and have a happy holiday
Jonnells24 преди месец
I am so glad your symptoms have been mild so far. Let's just hope they stay that way for the rest of your recovery. Take care of yourself.
Bruce8331 преди месец
I'm so glad to hear that you're doing good! Top of the recovery to ya!
JGM преди месец
Feel well soon Sean!
Dave Dave
Dave Dave преди месец
There's too much COVID in America. Don't go there.
/ /silver\ \
/ /silver\ \ преди месец
MGTOW  Entrepreneur
MGTOW Entrepreneur преди месец
LMAO he will be screaming through HELLISH Flames with his dad😂😂🤣🤣🔥🔥🔥
Matthew Aldana
Matthew Aldana преди месец
Don’t reply to any hater you see, they just want attention. If you see their comments report them for hate.
Multi's Place
Multi's Place преди месец
This thread is relatively clean. Casual BGpost-goers, wishing Mr. Septiceye good health. It's nice.
Taylor Bonin
Taylor Bonin преди месец
Hope you make a full recovery, Sean! So glad to hear how quickly you and your wife acted once you heard that you were positive! Hopefully she doesn’t contract it from here on out, and that you don’t get it again! Positive vibes and prayers being sent your way! 🤞
Little Mooshca
Little Mooshca преди месец
Sending positive energy and good wishes your way! I hope you get well soon and can go home :)
Alicia Escobar
Alicia Escobar преди месец
I'm glad you're feeling better Jack. All the positive vibes
Emerald Boy
Emerald Boy преди месец
Get well soon Seàn, lets hope that Irish luck will be on your side for once.
Lindsey Kelley
Lindsey Kelley преди месец
Hi Sean, I doubt you’ll ever see this but maybe somebody will that needs to. I’ve been doing rotations in acute care and critical care in hospitals over the past few months, and I’ve seen many COVID patients. Please make sure that the second you feel the need for supplemental oxygen, you go to the hospital. It seems like you’re really on top of it with the pulse oximeter, which is great. Just please know that sooner is better than later. Some people wait many days after they get really sick to come in for help, and by then it was too late to help them. So please, if your O2 is reading below 92 or you start feeling shortness of breath, go in to the hospital as soon as possible to give yourself the best chance.
whatthefuckm преди месец
@Ballsack69 that's some facts, maybe I'll do that too
Ballsack69 преди месец
@whatthefuckm still tho, don't feed their attention whoring, just report and ignore. Enough people reporting a comment *will* remove it.
Arrow Savage
Arrow Savage преди месец
@Margaret Wilson not only that but what he said was disrespectful and sick (beg pardon, pun not intended LMAO) in the most egregious of ways. Jack lost his father, god rest his soul, and i take offense because my ex-girlfriend passed recently too. Absolutely unacceptable and god will deal with him. All we should do is wish them a happy Christmas and forget them.
Arrow Savage
Arrow Savage преди месец
@Republicans are Nazis whoa dude you need to slow down just a tad bit. That is an awful thing to say to anyone. Also, im a republican. Your username, while protected by freedom of speech, is very offensive. Nobody more than me or anyone else I know condemns the Nazis for what they did. We are not Nazis. Go get a life and stop saying stuff like this it is the worst thing you can say to someone who is sick. Especially when they have lost someone like jack lost his father. Besides that, i wish you, and anyone else for that matter, a very happy Christmas.
Clobz преди месец
@MTF Epsilon-11 it’s far from a “plague”
ultimatebishoujo29 преди месец
Feel better soon!! We know you can make it through this and recover from this!!
Faith Shell
Faith Shell преди месец
Funny thing is as soon as I saw this, I went to sleep and when I woke up I wasn’t feeling good at all. We love you Jack Take care of yourself ❤️
RPG Tour Guide
RPG Tour Guide преди месец
Glad to hear that you are doing well and that sounds like no one else caught it! Take care of yourself!
Kyle Walker
Kyle Walker преди месец
Oh no! Stay safe Jack! My father has COVID as well, no fun. Hope all is better soon!
Aria Fire
Aria Fire преди месец
I hope your father recovers fast! Saying blessings for him and ypur family 👪 🙏 ❤
Yikers Dawg
Yikers Dawg преди месец
Wish him all the best❤️
EikuTheRedPanda преди месец
Get well soon Sean. Punch COVID in the face like a boss.
MGTOW  Entrepreneur
MGTOW Entrepreneur преди месец
LMAO he will be screaming through HELLISH Flames with his dad😂😂🤣🤣🔥🔥
AJ Lee Gaming
AJ Lee Gaming преди месец
@Brеnt Rivera 🅥 damn you guys don't have a life huh
Destroyer of Worlds
Destroyer of Worlds преди месец
Guess that apology video Logan made was fake, huh?
TheOneAndOnly преди месец
@UCDcXGjci5eRajRSfiLMt-RA no it’s not lmao
Christopher Yoel
Christopher Yoel преди месец
this is another chance to say my favorite line from sean if he did breakthrough YEA. SEE YA LATER, BIIIAAATCH
Esined преди месец
Like everyone's said, the Irish gods are on his side. Get well soon, Sean ✌️
Mile Colgan
Mile Colgan преди месец
His luck shall strengthen him to survive covid 💪🏻
Jamie G
Jamie G преди месец
so glad to hear you're doing better jack
Angel Snow
Angel Snow преди 27 дни
I truly hope that you get through this! I know you will, you are the strong gaelic gladiator! You can fight through anything! Stay positive! We love you!
Hazim преди месец
he is sick but still thinking about everybody else first. what a hero.
Dave Dave
Dave Dave преди месец
There's too much covid in America. Don't go there.
Yaered преди месец
@Outer Girl Sound just a copy pasta, report it and ignore it...
Outer Girl Sound
Outer Girl Sound преди месец
@Louiebruh1idk wtf dude
motheraiya преди месец
I get the sentiment, but honestly it's not heroic or going above and beyond. He's doing the same thing we should all do, I'm definitely proud of him for that.
Jess Frey
Jess Frey преди месец
Jack gets covid: immediately gets away from Evelyn to protect her My mom gets covid: doesn't say a word until she thinks it's already passed and then casually notes that "by the way I think I had covid last week, everything tastes weird now".
Arden xo
Arden xo преди месец
Sean you are an absolute inspiration, thank you for the years upon years of care and humour, you really are one of the main people that make these years easier, even more so during covid. Get well soon we really do need you on this platform and back here in England. Best wishesssss x
MsBlue Star
MsBlue Star преди месец
Hope Sean gets well soon, he can take all the time in the world he needs to recover from this monster of a virus.
Eri преди месец
Wish you all the best Sean! I got COVID a year ago and while I'm okay now, it gave me a lot of issues that took a while to solve. Please remember to do a proper check up on a doctor after, to make sure everything is working properly! Fingers crossed for a fast recovery~
Optimally Proud Joestar Boi
Optimally Proud Joestar Boi преди месец
We wish you for a speedy recovery, Sean. Stay strong and healthy, man. And take it easy. We get ya. And we'll be waiting.
CoolSimasGuy преди месец
Considering he has mild symptoms, I wish Sean a speedy recovery.
Arfan Eka Diandra
Arfan Eka Diandra преди месец
@Based mailbox proud o' ya buddy. keep it going
codypro134 преди месец
Ignore the bots
Dave Dave
Dave Dave преди месец
There's too much covid in America. Don't go there
K1ng A7md_087
K1ng A7md_087 преди месец
CoolSimasGuy преди месец
@Unknown Trolls trying to get clout, which always works for them. I’ve seen them spam in Cr1tiKal’s videos as well, not just Sean’s and Mark’s videos. Just report their accounts, ignore them, and continue on with your days. They’re kids after all.
Ashurii Xo
Ashurii Xo преди месец
I just got over covid last week, I hope your symptoms stay mild. When I saw you post that you tested positive on twitter I was really worried, but I'm glad to see you're doing seemingly really well! Stay safe I hope you recover fast!
Jeian Gardoce Agtas
Jeian Gardoce Agtas преди месец
I was positive for covid last year with awful to mild symptoms. I know you'll be okay, just take care of yourself jack and everyone as well!
Trench преди месец
I hope you get better soon Seán, stay strong! You can get through and beat this! Punch COVID right in the face!
Ashley Bingham
Ashley Bingham преди месец
Oof, I totally get it dude! I’ve had COVID twice now (while vaccinated) and I can completely relate to it all, down to the asthma haha. Take this time to just chill a bit, and I hope it continues to be all uphill from here. Keep us updated!
iir5deet Tutorials
iir5deet Tutorials преди месец
Jack: Pouring his heart out to us the lights: *SANDSTORM INTENSIFIES*
FGFallus преди месец
@Dog face yyyyeah I'd figured that out
Dog face
Dog face преди месец
@Dave Dave what has that got to do with the comment?
Dave Dave
Dave Dave преди месец
There's too much covid in America. Don't go there
Dog face
Dog face преди месец
@Brandon Creemson ALT go get a fucking job and learn what is socially acceptable.
Hideyoshi Nagachika
Hideyoshi Nagachika преди месец
@Brandon Creemson ALT bro take your crappy opinion and get a life, stop bullying our childhood BGpostr and worry about yourself
Ashutosh Ramkumar
Ashutosh Ramkumar преди месец
Hope for your speedy recovery Jack! Stay Strong 💪💪🙏
Lichterin преди месец
Wishing you a rapid recovery! Hoping Evelyn's tests stay negative!
Dragon D. Christian
Dragon D. Christian преди месец
Well, at least you’re doing good. I hope it stays this way for y’all, man.
Amanda Rose
Amanda Rose преди месец
Same thing happened to me last year when I got Covid. My fever and main symptoms only lasted 2 days. I hope you feel better!
林淳彥 преди месец
Sean: I got COVID. Me: Alright, doesn't seem severe, he actually looks fine. Sean: I am gonna miss the new Spider-Man movie. Me:NOOOOOO~~~
MGTOW  Entrepreneur
MGTOW Entrepreneur преди месец
LMAO he will be screaming through HELLISH Flames with his dad😂😂🤣🤣🔥🔥
hewwo im lonely
hewwo im lonely преди месец
@Sound Nation 🅥 what is wrong with you thats not somethink you joke about
Leo преди месец
​@Sound Nation 🅥 Hey man, please go to your parents (If you have any) and tell them that you need them to care about you, that you need them to pay attention to you. Because clearly you dont get enough attention from your parents. In fact, you will never grow your channel this way if this why youre doing this. People will go on your channel and dislike, and while that does mean engagement, it wont make your channel grow. Try hard, stay on the grind and your channel might grow. But if you self promote you will never grow. If youre doing this out of enjoyment, please seek help. It is not healthy to find happiness in other peoples tragedies. This means that you have personal problems that you need to sort out, you can search a psychiatrist to help you or ask your parents to search one for you. If you do this purely because of boredom, please try making better use of your time. You could maybe develop a skill or learn something new. Please stop doing this to yourself.
Weirdø преди месец
@Mishan 🅥 can't believe people are still doing this absolutely disgusting
Blueberry преди месец
Holy shitbots. Hold me i'm scared...
Yukalitlee преди месец
I'm happy you're staying safe and well, and that you have means to pass the time. Wishing you the best.
Etta Lyman
Etta Lyman преди месец
You guys are being really responsible about this. I respect you guys so much.
Walking Legend
Walking Legend преди месец
I’ve had Covid twice man , and I know it can be good one day and the worse day of your life the next day . Hopefully you make a full recovery :)
BlackAntoITA преди месец
Get well soon Sean we will always support you ❤️
Bram Van Roo
Bram Van Roo преди месец
As an asmathic, it feels good to know Sean’s doin okay, especially with the underlying condituons
April Bennett
April Bennett преди месец
You never know. I'm asthmatic, and my symptoms were post-nasal drip, sniffles, and a sore throat. I thought it was an ordinary cold, up until another family member tested positive.
MGTOW  Entrepreneur
MGTOW Entrepreneur преди месец
LMAO he will be screaming through HELLISH Flames with his dad😂😂🤣🤣🔥🔥
Farmhouse Felts
Farmhouse Felts преди месец
My dad is 67, with Parkinson’s, COPD, and small vessels disease (narrowing of the blood vessels around the heart).. he’s on day 8 of covid. So far it’s been mild, and I pray it stays that way. He’s vaccinated but was vaccinated way back in April, so supposedly the vaccine isn’t helping much at this point. The first two days were the worst he said, and he’s slowly getting better.. but it’s a slow progression. The hospital told him after 10 days he should be out of the woods (meaning if it was going to get worse.. it would have by then). Idk.. seems like the virus affects people very differently.
Fab Plays
Fab Plays преди месец
@MrDogse Meh don't worry about it. We get shit like that all the time, that's baby stuff compared to it.
Fab Plays
Fab Plays преди месец
@The Dev Podcast As an autistic person, you're cute. x'D Come up with better insults, sweety.
Jr Reusch
Jr Reusch преди месец
much love jack, get well soon my friend
BrandiHathaway193 преди месец
I’m glad that your doing good! Keep getting better.
Saphira Luxray
Saphira Luxray преди месец
Please be careful Sean, we all love you and you get some rest!! *internet hugs* 🤗 🤗 🤗 🤗 🤗
Ashley Sears
Ashley Sears преди 9 дни
Pulse ox, inhaler, and allergy meds were my saving grace when I got Covid. Glad your better
caitlin marie reacts
caitlin marie reacts преди месец
felt so bad when i saw the post :( right after thankmas too. hope it passes quickly without much trouble 💚 take care of yourself, sean!
Bradley Brazao
Bradley Brazao преди месец
@Good For Nutting Looks disgustingly at toei.
Good For Nutting
Good For Nutting преди месец
@Bradley Brazao exactly! “Fk the creators it’s all about making money!”
Bradley Brazao
Bradley Brazao преди месец
@Good For Nutting Even if you report them BGpost hasn't checked anything the community reported in like five years. But will gladly lick the boots of any company that sees something they don't like.
Dave Dave
Dave Dave преди месец
There's too much covid in America. Don't go there.
Good For Nutting
Good For Nutting преди месец
@Çhrîstófêr Pèzêt ×71 umm okaaay…
Boxtop преди 28 дни
It’s impossible to tell half the time that you have it when it’s mild. I’ve been working at the hospital with positive patients ranging from intubated on max settings to walkie-talkie and asymptomatic. Most the people sick were trying to be careful and have no idea where they got it. I haven’t been through it yet but my parents and grandparents all got it last week, my pop is intubated in ICU over it while the other three are home and overall well. I’ve never seen anything like it medically but I’m thankful for those it didn’t heavily affect. Please everybody just care for yourselves and others so your family doesn’t end up in critical condition like mine. Best wishes to you Sean so glad you didn’t spread it and so happy that your symptoms have been mild.
Jayesh Bhadrawal
Jayesh Bhadrawal преди месец
Get well soon Sean ❤️
Rachel Wilcox
Rachel Wilcox преди месец
Asthmatics unite! Any illness that affects the lungs is super scary for Asthmatics. A lot of people don't understand that. Glad you are coming out on the other side of things and that you continue feeling better Jack!
Nomad0003 преди месец
Hope you get well soon. My kid got it over here right before his scheduled vaccination.
Bell преди месец
I literally saw his tiktok about getting covid with the cross eye filter and I couldn't tell if it was a joke until now, get better soon
Walter Wiseman
Walter Wiseman преди месец
True so true
Tonjie! преди месец
Pray for sean Sean is just a legend Sean will never die In a million years
j Edge
j Edge преди 15 дни
Just saw this! At least (I know the poor choice of words) you still are alive! That is more than most can ask for. Glad you are feeling better!
Art R
Art R преди месец
I actually got covid the same day as you. Hope you can heal from this.
Climax преди месец
I will do my best to support you during this time in your life Jack
Kevin Mcnulty
Kevin Mcnulty преди месец
I'm very happy that you're doing good
Dash преди месец
Get well soon, take as much time as you need off of BGpost ❤️
Dave Dave
Dave Dave преди месец
There's too much covid in America. Don't go there.
MGTOW  Entrepreneur
MGTOW Entrepreneur преди месец
LMAO he will be screaming through HELLISH Flames with his dad😂😂🤣🤣🔥🔥🔥
NovaFrostRider преди месец
Wipe the bots bro
Loading.... преди месец
@The Dev Podcast his name is Sean not jack and he is not dead
CC Sierra
CC Sierra преди месец
So true! The community cares about him just like he cares about us! He's an awesome person and we are all here to support him! Thanks for your kind comment! :)
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