Building 1,000 Houses LIVE

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jacksepticeye преди месец
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Danielle Russell
Danielle Russell преди 26 дни
like livesteam good like it that mashmellows good looks good like it
Jay Mollett
Jay Mollett преди месец
Love u Jacky boy
Nicole W.
Nicole W. преди месец
@jacksepticeye Hello thank you for this wonderful thankmas stream. I gladly was able to donate and choose the topofthemornin bundle. May someone maybe please tell me how or when we will receive the code for the giveaway bundle? It's on the donation receipt but I didn't get any notification with the bundle code. Please help, I would love some dirty beans too :) Thank you :) get well soon :)
Autism journey to love
Autism journey to love преди месец
That’s great what are you doing here
chris menuez
chris menuez преди месец
hop all is well
Animator22 преди месец
Sorry I missed the stream live but gave my donation to the page. Absolutely incredible people out there
dominic darnaby
dominic darnaby преди месец
I joined in when someone says "I'm gonna take off a piece of this gingerbread house and it's gonna end up somewhere in ur ribcage"
MichaelCreates преди месец
@Sandy Arca reported him too 👍
TheE преди месец
@ɪ ᴀᴍ ɪɴꜱᴛᴀɢʀᴀᴍʙʙ x3 cringe
Mutant Melod
Mutant Melod преди месец
@AmbidextrousApple Shorts different time zones and circumstances?? Maybe they were at work or school or something was happening in their life??
AmbidextrousApple Shorts
AmbidextrousApple Shorts преди месец
How do you miss a 10 hour long steam.
NVL Myanmar
NVL Myanmar преди месец
Mrbeast: gives away 100 homes Jackspticeye: Hold my irish coffee
The Huffmanator
The Huffmanator преди 16 дни
@Aaron Powell False hope and people using money as a means to absolve themselves of blame, tends too not be too effective for change or happiness...
Aaron Powell
Aaron Powell преди 16 дни
@The Huffmanator There’s always that one person that has to make a bad thing out of a good thing. Some positivity would do you well. Cynicism doesn’t make your life any better.
The Huffmanator
The Huffmanator преди 19 дни
@Denmier Oldsco Yet, you continue...good job short bus
Denmier Oldsco
Denmier Oldsco преди 20 дни
Just ignore the guy he clearly just wants to piss people off.
The Huffmanator
The Huffmanator преди 23 дни
@Coffee Addict my apologies you have nothing in your life worth living for bub. Its alright, I have faith that one day you either find happiness or get the courage to end it all.
Patterrz преди месец
Great stream, great cause. Really appreciate the effort to bring together 100s of communities to support something really worthy :)
Defectum Defectum
Defectum Defectum преди месец
@Brеnt Rivera 🅥 also ur a bot and get exposed and don’t give “ it “ any attention
Defectum Defectum
Defectum Defectum преди месец
@Brеnt Rivera 🅥 guys ignore this bot he doesn’t actually have videos. He’s making us think he had 100k+ views when he doesn’t have anything uploaded. He just made a play list of videos about another youtuber.
Vexxed And Confused
Vexxed And Confused преди месец
Hey BGpost comment guy :D
Andres Anderson
Andres Anderson преди месец
I'm following you
Tlp преди месец
@Brеnt Rivera 🅥 ratio
Emily Green
Emily Green преди месец
Sykkuno: Tells someone to vote for him in the cookie competition Them: Does it Sykkuno: "Oh my god you guys actually did it!" (you know the voice)
Sinn Badd
Sinn Badd преди месец
Don’t forget this: 🤭
Yoake -
Yoake - преди месец
I read it in his voice uahah
Tiahna Christine
Tiahna Christine преди месец
Oh Jesus! You’ve guys actually did it 🤭
D CHUNG преди месец
classic kunno
Kawaiwatermelon преди месец
Oh jesus!
Mr.GameBoy преди месец
9:05:40 - Massive preesh to Alex Jenkins, the legend who donated $500,000.
Axu преди месец
That Ethan impression at 2:35:55 just caught me so off guard omg And it was so good too Gosh
Yeetwch Y Baban
Yeetwch Y Baban преди 20 дни
Amelia Xiulan
Amelia Xiulan преди 24 дни
It was so fucking accurate lmaoo
Emma Dones
Emma Dones преди месец
Damn, thanks for restoring my faith in humanity Sean and everyone who donated
Ciera Ros3 of Crims0n
Ciera Ros3 of Crims0n преди месец
Marks bank is watching whatever he's involved in now and is like "yeah he's donating a huge sum of money to charity everyone be prepared"
Haon Jaeger
Haon Jaeger преди месец
Such a wholesome stream, thank you Jack and everyone who donated for making this truly, the most wonderful time of the year!
Aaron Powell
Aaron Powell преди 16 дни
@E E Just because you’d only do charity for monetary gain doesn’t mean everyone would. It’s really not a crazy thing to do things for other people because you care. That’s the whole premise of charity work.
The toasted ghost
The toasted ghost преди месец
@Offensive Username thats more black friday
Ben Stevens
Ben Stevens преди месец
Especially to the person who donated 200k during Rae’s stream
Ben Stevens
Ben Stevens преди месец
@BRING JOHNNY DEPP BACK TO PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN no it’s under used when it comes to wholesome stuff
“Wholesome” = overused word.
Modern Sonic
Modern Sonic преди месец
Massive props to everyone who donated, we people are the core to make something or everything alive and better for the future of humanity, let's keep this up forever. I didn't get to donate cause I don't have my own credit card and idk how to donate something through digital means, i'm still a teenager but i'm happy that we hit 5 MILLION!!!!! That's alot of money. And thanks Jack to making this just to help out people from all around the world. You are the best.
Ben Stevens
Ben Stevens преди месец
And especially to the person who donated 200k on Rae’s stream
Ben Penfold
Ben Penfold преди месец
@Harrison Mummah just report for Harassment it’ll get banned
Wolfish Bear
Wolfish Bear преди месец
@Harrison Mummah this is a bot, one of the most despicable ones.
Teo Moga
Teo Moga преди месец
@ɪ ᴀᴍ ɪɴꜱᴛᴀɢʀᴀᴍʙʙ x3 bruh imagine if your dad dies and than someone comes and makes fun of you for it
Venisri Rose
Venisri Rose преди месец
@Brеnt Rivera 🅥 dont even dude just stop
RESPONDI433 преди месец
Who loves this like I do ? Jack is now like a cross between Steve Jobs, Martin Lewis and Mr Beast
TG Dragon
TG Dragon преди месец
Jack is genuinely such a good guy and my respect for him after this is insanely high
Dr PixleShip
Dr PixleShip преди 3 дни
this stream makes me feel like Jack is just as nice at MrBeast who raised money to plant more trees for the planet, and he is also currently cleaning junk out of the ocean, so if Jack is doing fundraisers for those in need, then i appreciate it, so much.
Nadia Passarelli Carvalho
Nadia Passarelli Carvalho преди месец
11 fucking hours of streaming...God bless you Jack and everyone who helped this amazing charity act!!!
Ben Stevens
Ben Stevens преди месец
Especially the person who donated 200k during Rae’s stream
Birmiil Kun
Birmiil Kun преди месец
No thank you for nothing i am just crazy if you read this send help.... ahhhhhhhahhs I am stupid
Stream Sunshine And Vibe
Stream Sunshine And Vibe преди месец
@Birmiil Kun wow thank you so much for this incredibly valuable piece of information, really contributing to society lol
shanustheanus преди месец
@Mocs & More no one asked for your input either. Or mine. Or anyones. Its irrelevant. Here's a rare blue jacksepticeye 🧿
ɪ ᴀᴍ ɪɴꜱᴛᴀɢʀᴀᴍʙʙ x3
ɪ ᴀᴍ ɪɴꜱᴛᴀɢʀᴀᴍʙʙ x3 преди месец
Mary Christmas
Mary Christmas преди месец
“You’d be surprised at how much I can fit in my mouth” and “imma put that to the test” deserved more attention when it happened (9:33:10)
Stephen Mc Shane
Stephen Mc Shane преди месец
Please stop the R34 artists already have enough ammo.
fflowerypots преди месец
This was streamed for 10 hours, how the hell did I miss it??? This is some incredible work that yall are doing keep up being awesome :) :)
Sammi23# преди месец
I know, I didn’t get a notification or anything.
Shittered Screen
Shittered Screen преди месец
@Cosmic what’s next, hitler should get a statue?
K Maj
K Maj преди месец
Way to go everyone!!! Congrats!!! Chubby bunny slayed me - we used to do that out camping around the campfire - total gigglefest. Happy Thankmas!
ChAnCe преди месец
this was awesome! there were so many kind and caring people that donated it made my heart swell up :-)
lukas horne
lukas horne преди месец
Sean: "You are never gonna know how I'm doing this." Also Sean: *has snow falling on him from inside 'house'*
Jacob Buchanan
Jacob Buchanan преди месец
Marks reaction to donating 100 thousand dollars was great, refusing to split the donation with jack and doing it on stream was great. Good job guys.
g.j. преди месец
"toast is pretty..lily is lovely... michael..hi" and he doesnt even miss a beat just says "hello" this trio is gold 24/7
Wattster Foxx
Wattster Foxx преди месец
This was a wonderful stream to Pop in and out of! Had to sadly take a nap and leave in the middle of watching but proud to be apart of this wonderful community! Thankmas is never over however There is still this week to stream and change many lives💖💖💖💖
Kunoichi4ever преди месец
He worked on this project from MAY 2021...that shows how dedicated to the cause he is. Yes, the 11h stream is crazy, but taking into considerations he worked on this projects for months, Sean is really an inspiring human being. Also this community is really great, I was present for most fo the streama nd everyone was lovely and supportive, what a bunch of great people!!
Will преди месец
That is an unbelievable amount of money to raise and it will change so many lives. Jack is truly the best of us.
A C преди месец
even TikTok donated. just goes to show how much so many people trust Jack, beautiful to see. Love ya Jack!
Abby Kerr
Abby Kerr преди месец
The donations to smaller streamers to help them hit their goal was by far the most wholesome part of the entire stream.
Jaime Tells
Jaime Tells преди месец
@Crash Gaming thank you so much!
ɪ ᴀᴍ ɪɴꜱᴛᴀɢʀᴀᴍʙʙ x3
ɪ ᴀᴍ ɪɴꜱᴛᴀɢʀᴀᴍʙʙ x3 преди месец
Crash Gaming
Crash Gaming преди месец
@Jaime Tells Their name is BareBug
Jaime Tells
Jaime Tells преди месец
Do you have any clue on who the first streamer was who he donated to? Been trying to find them but have had no luck
Gabriel Ultimate
Gabriel Ultimate преди месец
This was really fun stream nearly 11 hours the stream has been fun and fantastically well done to everyone with the donation and i seriously love the Chubby Bunny challenge in 9:39:20 to 10:02:09 it's too good and funny to me But still an outstanding video Jacksepticeye
sunstripe85 преди месец
This was so fun to watch - I was there from the start to the end and loved every second of it. So many great parts and so many that were so goddamn hilarious. Thank you to everyone who participated in any way!
Hyperboles преди месец
this was an amazing stream that I probably spent too much time watching, but it was one of the best times Ive had in a while, it got me really pumped up! Hope y'all had a chance to experience it yourself and have a nice day! :)
Rainbow Mouse/Natalie
Rainbow Mouse/Natalie преди месец
I haven't seen the boys all together in a while it's good to see expecially them doing such a good thing for other people
Insert Name
Insert Name преди месец
Dang, those houses are better and larger than my and my parents' apartments put together.
Reekill преди месец
My man was streaming for 10 FUCKING HOURS... He's an absolute legend if you haven't subbed go do it and just give him some love in general
KCPlayz преди месец
I’ve watched Sean do thankmas for so many years, I’ve been subscribed since 2016, but I’m so glad I was able to take part this year because its such a good cause! Thanks for everything you do Sean. 😁✨❤️👏
HeyItsHellfire преди месец
Jack: 10K is 1 house Gab: Imma donate a house
ΔlphaΠix преди месец
Damn love the stream! The people too! May God bless all of you who donated to it and especially Jack and other content creators and streamers! God Bless every good things you do in your life!
Hobi's Tiny Heart Bag
Hobi's Tiny Heart Bag преди месец
I’m so happy to be a part of this history 🥰 congratulations everyone who participated!! 💜✨
Landon преди месец
It was a GREAT and AMAZING stream and im lucky that I got to enjoy all 10 hours of it cant wait for next year
William Dodd
William Dodd преди месец
Man, this year has been such a success already and it’s barely even started. Can’t wait to see what Thankmas has in store for us next year
Joseph Robillard
Joseph Robillard преди месец
Mark's reaction to the five minute match was hilarious and relatable. Totally "nah, I'll pay for it" moment only to instantly regret it once you see the bill.
Rachel Williams
Rachel Williams преди 27 дни
This guy needs to be knighted!! He raises so much money for charity and brings so many people together!!
Caramel Macchiato
Caramel Macchiato преди месец
Watching Jack make a gingerbread house makes my heart fuzzy and warm. He looks so child-like and adorable
Eleanor преди месец
Couldn’t make the steam until the very end but am currently rewatching the whole thing while painting my dogs, I’m so proud of this community, Sean, and everyone who is donating, steaming, or helping out in some way! Thank you all, and keep donating!☺️
Eleanor преди месец
@San Schmidt they’re white pitbulls so I used water colors and added a touch of pink and yellow!
San Schmidt
San Schmidt преди месец
which color are you painting your dogs? :)
Ceejay Standish
Ceejay Standish преди месец
Congrats on hitting $7.3 million to donation, truly a great thing people can do when we all come together
Alfred Perez
Alfred Perez преди месец
I’m late to this, but man Jack, you are a true hero. Thank you for everything you do! Keep on keeping on!
The Righteous Mallard
The Righteous Mallard преди месец
This is when we realise Jack was just reading off the back of a broken laptop and it wasn’t foldable
Clasher King45
Clasher King45 преди месец
The Irish Santa strikes again Except now he brings dank memes and houses for the homeless. What a guy.... what a guy.
Maxi преди месец
Jack is an absolute saint. Props to anyone who could donate!
Ben Stevens
Ben Stevens преди месец
Especially to the person who donated 200k on Rae’s stream
Leah Landon
Leah Landon преди месец
@E E Good to know But anyway, oooor he does it on Christmas because... it's a holiday precedently dedicated to giving and it just so happens to be at the end of the year...? And Christmas is one of (if not the) most popular holidays in the world. So given all that it would just make sense to have a charity event during that time 🤔 Also, Sean has done a bunch of charity streams like this all times of the year. There was a couple years there where he would stream every month, or at least attempt it for that year. Not so much recently due to his health and the pandemic I think. But it's not like he just decides to stream at the end of the year because of taxes. It just doesn't really make much sense if you know his history.
Logan Sanders
Logan Sanders преди месец
@E E you must live in an alternate world or something, because there is a copious amount of good in the world. Is there greed too? Absolutely, and it’s also far too prevalent. But to the point that it has completely eradicated any and all forms of goodness? That’s just as ridiculous as saying that goodness has eradicated all greed.
L0rdeage преди месец
@E E i know what you mean man but this guys different, hes a good guy, give him a chance
SirTravis1021 преди месец
@E E who cares honestly, the money is still being donated to people in need
Supremely Educated
Supremely Educated преди месец
Can we all appreciate the fact that Jack never disappointed us with his content 🤗 🥰 🤚
bryony mason
bryony mason преди месец
Watching the vod, so far I finished some homework for college, and some housework! Thanks for the wholesome company so far! And I'm only an hour and a half in! 😊💚
Sheik преди месец
It was a great stream and it was also so inspirational to see thousands coming together for a single cause. I just wish I was able to tune in for the whole thing. Thanks for all you do, Jack 💞💕💕
Aunienutcheerio преди месец
So much appreciation goes out to these creators for making a difference, bringing people together and expressing such kindness with their influence, time and personal income. What a wonderful thing to witness in humanity today!
Pika преди 12 дни
Rewatching it for a second time cause it helped me through a very rough night This one wasn't the best either but Jack's wholesome attitude in this helps me calm down and get some needed rest I'm hoping I'll get better soon enough The last few weeks have been filled with rough regretful choices
John free Punk
John free Punk преди месец
You all are amazing. Not just Jack and the others who hosted. But all who donated. Thank you everyone. Merry Christmas
Snoopdrug419 преди месец
Sean is such a good guy. I just wish him the best life can offer.
Vera Icon
Vera Icon преди месец
Watching Jack enjoying himself playing tiny drums dressed as Santa is pure joy. Thank you. This really has made me a fan. I was already but man you are just a great dude! Keep it up!
Cooper Vistrand
Cooper Vistrand преди месец
Damn I thought Jack was actually gonna be like building houses himself thought that was pretty impressive
MissLilyputt преди 22 дни
@The Huffmanator foreclosure? Really? Out in the middle of some small town where the land was probably given to them for nothing or next to nothing? They’re not building these homes in big cities (ie Miami, New York City, Los Angeles, etc) with water and sewer to connect to. Foreclosure, property taxes, utility bills are so first world problems. Also, Jack never said he was building the houses himself. He’s raising money on behalf of New Story which is going to build the homes or pay people to build the homes. If you have a better idea for getting people into stable homes, I’d love to hear it.
The Huffmanator
The Huffmanator преди месец
@Shittered Screen Not too bright, are you bub?
Shittered Screen
Shittered Screen преди месец
@The Huffmanator did you really expect jack to literally build that many houses HIMSELF? That obviously can’t be done in 10 hours lmao, more like 10 years
Kimi Smith
Kimi Smith преди месец
I thought it was a minecraft video for a second! 🤣
scurZ преди месец
@Tlp big W
musingsofmessa преди месец
Damn, Jack. An entire stream for 11 hours? That's some serious dedication. 😊 Also, I apologize for not being able to make it to the stream. Watching the replay though. Love you. ❤
Maddy MayCry
Maddy MayCry преди месец
This stream was so amazing!! I donated $10 Which equals a whole Door nob on those houses 😍😍
Emmy Bee
Emmy Bee преди месец
“you did your best.. but you feel like you could have done better.. ?” lol Sean’s a great host. What a wonderful charity stream, so proud of this community! ❤️ happy holidays everyone
Slenderdragon334 преди месец
Thank you Jack, youve brought us so much joy and positivity I might as well give some back ❤✨ 🎁 Merry Christmas 🎀
queer pumpkin
queer pumpkin преди месец
This makes me so happy that everyone came together to do this. This was such an amazing wholesome stream and I had a wonderful time :] Thank you Jack, you beautiful human being
Plague King
Plague King преди месец
@hanning31 I bet he have nothing in his life
hanning31 преди месец
@Bilgin Mehmed it’s a spam just ignore it’s trying to get attention
Bilgin Mehmed
Bilgin Mehmed преди месец
@ɪ ᴀᴍ ɪɴꜱᴛᴀɢʀᴀᴍʙʙ x3 Wtf is wrong with you?
ɪ ᴀᴍ ɪɴꜱᴛᴀɢʀᴀᴍʙʙ x3
ɪ ᴀᴍ ɪɴꜱᴛᴀɢʀᴀᴍʙʙ x3 преди месец
R8K FF преди месец
"My Father is Dead, my Mom has no job" "I play Well and Edit videos" "But no One Support" "I hope you will see this message 😢💔"g
Tru Vloger
Tru Vloger преди месец
I'm happy I was able to participate and stream this year. Your amazing Jack seriously. I finished my undertale Pacifists route during thankmas. ❤️❤️
Steampvnk преди месец
Out of all the BGpostrs I’ve watched over the past years, Sean’s gotta be one of the most genuine and wholesome people I’ve ever been gifted the presence of. Keep at it man, you’re changing so many lives for the better 🥰
Mika CookieGaming
Mika CookieGaming преди месец
I missed the stream because I tried to do my own.. sadly, I wasn't able to raise any donations, but I'm happy you guys did it!! You guys are doing awesome stuff!
TheWhoffles преди месец
Man, I feel seriously bad that I missed the stream. But holy crap, I know for sure that you and all of the amazing and generous creators out there helped so many people today. That is freaking amazing. You all really made it an amazing Christmas for many people. Goodnight and Merry Christmas to all of you beautiful people.
Supreme Beans100
Supreme Beans100 преди месец
I'm upset I didn't get to donate during the stream but still gonna donate. I might not have much but 5,10,15 dollars makes a difference I can look at a roof over my head and I'm thankful for that I'm glad jack does these streams
Cypress-Leah Peace
Cypress-Leah Peace преди месец
That was really amazing! Jack always does such amazing and inspirational things and always managing to bring people together for a great cause!🥰😇
The Dualists
The Dualists преди месец
This was a wholesome stream filled with moments that made us all laugh, thank you so much to Jack, the people who worked on this and the amazing people who donated, you all did such an amazing thing, thank you :D
Igni преди месец
2:35:30 cranky impression 9:21:30 crank, the master of bs 9:27:00 chiropractee - toot
Bluebun Animates!
Bluebun Animates! преди месец
2:35:55 my god that transition from deep voice to E E F got me 😂
Imagin ESO
Imagin ESO преди месец
I’ve really enjoyed watching this stream back over the last two days. Proof that a good heart is still out there amongst all the horrible madness going on right now. Beautiful, thank you Sean and all who donated to this more than worthy cause. Merry Christmas to all, stay safe. 🎄❤️🎄
Enero преди месец
What a memorable way to begin my week! I don't really mind sleeping at 5AM and waking up again at 8AM to watch every part that have happened. Hopefully, some time soon, I'll be able to donate even a little bit! 💚
Isaac Johnson
Isaac Johnson преди месец
Jack you are an absolute legend and you have raised so much money for charity and we all love you.
DorkieShorty преди месец
jack you are amazing, everyone who donated you guys are also amazing
maybeliftathing преди месец
Most wholesome stream ever; so sad it’s over but even more proud of this community ❤️
SirTravis1021 преди месец
@Proffesor Chromosome definitely, it's sad to see people act like this
Proffesor Chromosome
Proffesor Chromosome преди месец
@SirTravis1021 it is but the best way to get it to stop is to ignore it if you dont give them any attention then all they really did was waste their time and get nothing from it. The better thing to do is focus on the better parts of the community
SirTravis1021 преди месец
@Proffesor Chromosome oh, that's kinda fucked up
Proffesor Chromosome
Proffesor Chromosome преди месец
@SirTravis1021 its just kids trying to get any scraps of attention theyre just saying it so jacks fans attack them and give them the attention they want thats why nobody but these losers are saying it
Jörmungandr преди месец
Nothing, these are just bots spamming this shit on every video they can. All publicity is good publicity right? Sigh
Carsen Maple
Carsen Maple преди месец
Mark's time has had me laughing so much. This is great.
Jess преди месец
Proud of all you legendary individuals, can't wait to donate again next year !!!!
LITTLE ENBY FOX Blep преди месец
Being able to donate (even a little bit) has made me look back at the time in my life where food and housing weren’t secure. When myself and my ma were sleeping in cars, well lit areas and when she could pay for it, a caravan, and that time I was unfortunately homeless during winter again a few years ago. Being homeless and now staring homelessness down again now really makes me feel chocked up. I’m so glad people and families are getting homes and more people are finally looking at this issue and /doing something/. Thank you. Thank you everyone donating, streaming and making this possible.
Matthew O'Brien
Matthew O'Brien преди месец
The hopes he's building are fab. Keep up the good work.
Flubble преди месец
That was SUCH a cool stream ! Sad didn't get my d read but that's a good thing, that means there was WAAAaaaayayayayayayyy too many donations, I'm proud of y'all !
Emily Bahu
Emily Bahu преди месец
It’s nice to know I’m on that wall, I feel lucky that I was able to donate that amount of money this year, it felt great!
Brad Huff
Brad Huff преди месец
Imagine people saying Jacks not a good influence. Thanks for all your help to so many people. Been a fan along time and will continue supporting you.
SnowBall1667 преди месец
So happy that we did this charity stream. Thank you jack. I couldn’t donate but tried to tell my family about this cause also friends too! :)
Sammi23# преди месец
I love Tyler just coming in to solve the sticking houses to the board.
Karlo Cazar
Karlo Cazar преди месец
If you are looking for the 500k donation moment, it was at 9:05:20
Jake Uecker
Jake Uecker преди месец
Dalel Drakaina
Dalel Drakaina преди месец
i adore Thankmas with my whole heart, amazing work to Jack and the whole crew who helped set it up, the charity, and the donators !!
Slick-O-Nick преди месец
Jack making the world a better place once again. Such a beautiful thing.
Kohaku Usagi
Kohaku Usagi преди месец
Amazing job everyone, can't believe how much was raised and all the donators, Y'ALL ARE AMAZING!! 💚❤️💚❤️
The Super Troodon 2.0
The Super Troodon 2.0 преди месец
@ɪ ᴀᴍ ɪɴꜱᴛᴀɢʀᴀᴍʙʙ x3 Cringe, even I have standards, and I'm an idiot
bwe преди месец
@ɪ ᴀᴍ ɪɴꜱᴛᴀɢʀᴀᴍʙʙ x3 cringe roblox player.
Vincent The Random Person
Vincent The Random Person преди месец
@ɪ ᴀᴍ ɪɴꜱᴛᴀɢʀᴀᴍʙʙ x3 cringe
Fattipotato79 преди месец
@ɪ ᴀᴍ ɪɴꜱᴛᴀɢʀᴀᴍʙʙ x3 cringe
kitkat Oscy
kitkat Oscy преди месец
@ɪ ᴀᴍ ɪɴꜱᴛᴀɢʀᴀᴍʙʙ x3 Cringe.
aL преди месец
i imagine the real santa doing this and just laughing and slapping his knee so wholesome
just a dude with a emo hair cut
just a dude with a emo hair cut преди месец
so glad this community got together to help such a great cause thanks jack and new story!
xTINYtOOthPICKx преди 22 дни
Jack is actually out here building whole towns
Israa 〜
Israa 〜 преди месец
This was one of the most fun streams I’ve ever watched and contributed to! This was the best :) Thank you so much, Jack. Amazing work everyone! Can’t wait for next year
josh преди месец
This was actually so fun! Luckily I actually was in the stream!!! Good Job Jack!!!!!!
FlareBlitzed преди месец
Have a restful sleep after this absolutely incredible stream Jack!
Dream night sky
Dream night sky преди месец
This is such an amazing work. Thank you and everyone involved. Wish i could have been able to donate.
Alishba Sajjad
Alishba Sajjad преди месец
What an amazing stream. You guys are so generous. Much love 💜💜💜
amaloa guerrero
amaloa guerrero преди месец
Jack you and all the people that are included in this are so amazing and kind. Thank u for doing this.
GoldExile преди месец
Missed the stream but watching the video now and I also donated!! because this is fantastic and people helping people is the best there is! that's where and when it counts
Freefonix1234 преди месец
I love it when they drop into other streams and just drop a big ole donno. It melts my heart 🥺
x R o n n i e x
x R o n n i e x преди месец
Missed this live stream but got in my donation. Amazing work everyone, we're changing so many lives!
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