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Life is nothing but a game! Live out your entire existence in just a few minutes!

Trollface Quest ►

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Outro animation created by Cranbersher:

Outro Song created by "Teknoaxe". It's called "I'm everywhere" and you can listen to it here

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• KallMeKayzen
• KallMeKayzen преди година
5 years later... here I am taking the word jack said “puberty fucking sucks” and I can finally say yea it does
Aximoral преди 3 месеца
@Party Cat you sounding like a little kid throwing a tantrum , you know that?💀
Florence Alfano
Florence Alfano преди 5 месеца
I'm going thru puberty rn actually so ty for the info jack
• KallMeKayzen
• KallMeKayzen преди 5 месеца
@Alastor Jenkins ong it’s so annoying 😂
Alastor Jenkins
Alastor Jenkins преди 5 месеца
Boy, howdy hey. YES. IT. DOES. Random boners, and acne all over my forehead
supermen преди 6 месеца
timelordtori преди година
This was the era my Jack phase was at max capacity.
Darkspedicey14 преди 2 месеца
I’ve liked Jack since green hair to this day
Joonas Nyström
Joonas Nyström преди 3 месеца
@timelordtori .
Joonas Nyström
Joonas Nyström преди 3 месеца
@timelordtori ei ole vielä twiitannut ei ole vielä twiitannut
cat Piss
cat Piss преди 3 месеца
Dat guy is alpha chad
Dat guy is alpha chad преди 3 месеца
Yitters The fox
Yitters The fox преди година
Past jack: “I don’t know how to make coffee.” Present jack with his coffee company: (disappointed potato noises)
reedsta gamer
reedsta gamer преди година
Every Irish man I've seen has one of them hats but hey it's nothing like riding kangaroos Aussie life
Brad Hourigan
Brad Hourigan преди 2 месеца
FireThePlayfulShe преди 10 месеца
We’re not all farmers we don’t wear hats
PlanetWhore преди 11 месеца
For all the people saying "wE dOn'T rIdE kAnGaRoOs" thats the joke-
Gordon RamSLAY 💅 ✨
Gordon RamSLAY 💅 ✨ преди 11 месеца
@SunlessAnt8 I live in Scotland and I’ve genuinely hardly seen someone wear one of those hats, I’ve seen like 2 or 3 people wear one in my entire 15 years of existing
CCDuo преди 11 месеца
Fellow aussie? :0
Nick Holton
Nick Holton преди година
Sean, the dating app fail message reads: “You were always attracted to dangerous chicks. This time you went too far and were found the next day in 7 different cities.”
drowsys lol ily
drowsys lol ily преди 5 дни
@Charles Hampson ehhh its not pretty bad its only a little bad
Charles Hampson
Charles Hampson преди 3 месеца
@Zazycat 1000 "You were found the next day in 7 different cities" Implying you were in different pieces, which is pretty bad
Zazycat 1000
Zazycat 1000 преди 4 месеца
The question was why was it wrong?
The Exquisite Idiot
The Exquisite Idiot преди година
Jack: Who puts milk in their coffe? Me: How dare you.
Sly преди 5 месеца
@Smitology Oh, I guess that's why. Lmao :)
Smitology преди 5 месеца
@Sly Strangely enough, I prefer loads of sugar over just a little bit. Like the sweetness of coffee icecream, etc. But if I had the choice it would be no sugar at all.
Sly преди 5 месеца
@Smitology maybe you put too much sugar? I only use like a little bit, It adds a lil bit of sweetness to the coffee
Smitology преди 5 месеца
@Sly I agree without milk it's disgusting, but with sugar I believe it becomes even more disgusting. Just my (unpopular) opinion lol
Sly преди 5 месеца
@Smitology Coffee is disgusting without milk and sugar
Emily Michxlle
Emily Michxlle преди 2 години
Sean: “I’m going to be a great father!” Also Sean: “drag them into the fire!”
Jason Bell
Jason Bell преди 3 месеца
@maria lena that is literally what she just said
maria lena
maria lena преди година
Sean: “I’m going to be a great father!” Also Sean: “drag them into the fire!”
The Official Roomie
The Official Roomie преди 2 години
"Put the grandchildren in the fire" -Jacksepticeye
Some Teacher
Some Teacher преди 6 месеца
Him saying that made me L A U G H
Cobytheranga преди година
Jack: "How do I make a coffee?" He now has a coffee company. How things have changed
Amane преди 2 години
Nobody: Literally nobody: Jack: *moans his OWN death*. Edit: holy crap- 221+ likes- holy-
⇢ ᴄɪʀɪʟʟα ☄️
⇢ ᴄɪʀɪʟʟα ☄️ преди година
moan? **insert lenny face**
gerardwayseyelash преди година
@Despair Or Hope? 😂
Despair Or Hope?
Despair Or Hope? преди година
ι ѕмєℓℓ ∂ιяту мιη∂є∂ ρєσρℓє~
zero преди година
moan xD
I m R i b b i t
I m R i b b i t преди година
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Vadermjb626 преди 2 години
“Who’s going through puberty right now.” Me: *raises hand* what’s ironic is I’m watching this on my 13th birthday, yay puberty.
the Zandroid
the Zandroid преди 2 месеца
@Aloyus Knight I mean, not even because you can plan something like that.
Anxiety blob
Anxiety blob преди 8 месеца
@username bro people go through puberty
Kosa Mila
Kosa Mila преди 8 месеца
@username ???
username преди 8 месеца
@Kosa Mila 🤮🤮🤮
Kosa Mila
Kosa Mila преди 8 месеца
I luv lesbian flag on ur pf sis✨
Bella Hudgins
Bella Hudgins преди 2 години
I took a huge sip of water, and he goes “sort, DIE??” And I almost spit out my water 😂😂😂
Antonio Diaz 2
Antonio Diaz 2 преди 7 месеца
Jack: "How many of you are going though puberty right now?" Me, Already has a beard: Yes.
Jack Moulton
Jack Moulton преди 11 месеца
Anybody else watching this 5 years after it was made and he's now 30
Jason Bell
Jason Bell преди 3 месеца
jackshrekticeye преди 6 месеца
Legend The Fox
Legend The Fox преди 7 месеца
Cookieintheface преди 10 месеца
Alora Atkinson-Yrigollen
Alora Atkinson-Yrigollen преди 11 месеца
It's crazy to come back and watch his older videos after years of not seeing them. I've been supporting the channel for 7 years now and I feel like we've grown not only as a community, but we've grown with Seán as a person and a creator. Knowing how genuine he is and knowing now what we didn't know then about his personal struggles makes all of these old videos hit so much differently. Despite anything that was going on, he put his heart and all the energy he had into this channel. Any time I came home from school and did homework or just sat in my room, even falling asleep at night, I'd watch video after video on this channel. Feeling the sincerity in someone's words when they tell you they care about you and they're thankful you're here kept me going in the shittiest parts of my life. This video was from 5 years ago and it's bittersweet watching it and seeing how far everyone has come since then and just how much everything has changed for better or for worse. Thank you.
_Milly idk_
_Milly idk_ преди 2 години
"put bad children in the fire!" - jacksepticeye
Cartoon God
Cartoon God преди 24 дни
I loved it when you put cheese in coffee, forgot that guys shoes, and bought everything, it made me laugh
Explorer 62
Explorer 62 преди година
Jack: puberty is one hell of a ride Me 10 years old and going through puberty: shi-
Bryan May
Bryan May преди 4 месеца
@Alastor Jenkins some people just start early
Alastor Jenkins
Alastor Jenkins преди 5 месеца
Unless your female why are you already going through puberty
Ashleigh Gersbach
Ashleigh Gersbach преди 8 месеца
This was 5 years ago?! I remember when it first came out and how happy it made me omfg🥺😭♥️
Illuminycks преди 2 години
Ever since I played this game, I’ve become a 3 minute man throughout the rest of my life
Beyond Eternity
Beyond Eternity преди 3 години
“Can you fail to die?!?!” -Jacksepticeye
Ivette Aguayo
Ivette Aguayo преди 10 месеца
@elimbj ya ikr it would
Ray-Ris преди година
"When you start to die... just don't." -Quote from one of the oldest people in history
Herta Schneider
Herta Schneider преди година
Yes... yes you can, I’m proof of it 😔
i hate you
i hate you преди година
I don’t now?
Glassbreaker преди година
That is literally living
Sophia Powell
Sophia Powell преди 7 месеца
We’re not gonna question that the pimples were growing on his eyes
naan преди 4 месеца
puberty is a tough time
Abraham Benno
Abraham Benno преди година
When he tossed the kid into the fire, I couldn’t stop laughing!
Robert Dao-Asen
Robert Dao-Asen преди година
•Squixty• преди година
Abraham Benno LMAO SAME
50,000 Subscribers with no videos challeng e
50,000 Subscribers with no videos challeng e преди година
Should be called: *Most depression game ever!*
Abbey Maher
Abbey Maher преди месец
I remember back then watching his vids I had to prepare myself to how fast he was talking and what he was saying 😂
Kayleigh Kirkpatrick
Kayleigh Kirkpatrick преди 2 години
Jack: “ Who’s going through puberty right now “ Me: * raises hand *
Augo преди година
JoeJr Playzz
JoeJr Playzz преди година
Swan_ преди година
@Mackenna Gladmon how can you be when you can't spell suck
Swan_ преди година
I have seen funny This is not the funny
Emme Patr
Emme Patr преди година
me: whaddup
Reapermaker 7
Reapermaker 7 преди 2 години
Jack: why do kids always want to get themself killed Me: probably because they think it's fun
Pete Stone
Pete Stone преди 2 години
Jack described what im going through during puberty
Softpandibear преди 7 месеца
Me watching in 2021 where Jack now has his own coffee brand and gets to the coffee part Jack: messes up at making coffee twice Also me: *uh*
Leon Bogart Francis
Leon Bogart Francis преди година
Jack: "A real person doesn't put milk in their coffee." Me: "Yeah, no one at all, except me.
Jason Bell
Jason Bell преди 3 месеца
deadboiuwu преди 3 години
“I need to get married. TOGA, TOGA!” I love you so much Sean. 🤣
Nick Storm
Nick Storm преди 2 години
What is the song at 6:42?
fox umbrella
fox umbrella преди 2 години
@Monica Simonds shut up, get out of here. We were all fine before you
Sean Hazell
Sean Hazell преди 2 години
not a weeb
not a weeb преди 2 години
@Averb he sponsored Sean's channel
Raven преди 2 години
You sponsored jacksepticeye?
Dáithí Mullins
Dáithí Mullins преди 6 месеца
The best part of the video is Jack slowly taking off his hat and holding it to his chest
The_actinghamster :3
The_actinghamster :3 преди 2 години
He forgot shoes lol Rip Jackspecticeye “He always walked out of his house without shoes” -Terry Practchett
Elliot Alderson’s Morphine
Elliot Alderson’s Morphine преди 2 години
“A real person doesn’t put milk in their coffee” Looks away
happy_roses преди 2 години
Jacksepticeye: How many you guys going through puberty? Me: haha m- Jacksepticeye: Well your in for one heck of a ride, [says terrible things about puberty] Me: *geez thanks*
tai jae
tai jae преди 2 години
i vaguely remember watching this around when it came out.. i was 13 and i'm now 17 and puberty did suck 💀
Dragonlight Animates
Dragonlight Animates преди година
The findher one’s failure screen says: “You were always attracted to dangerous chicks. This time you went too far and were found the next day in 7 different cities!”
Helena Schmidt
Helena Schmidt преди година
I always thought I was weird while playing this game purposely failing to see what they said. I no longer feel stupid or maybe Sean is stupid with me
Dooty booty
Dooty booty преди 2 години
07:38 I can't stop replaying that part 😂😂😂😂😂😂
The Shipwrecker!
The Shipwrecker! преди 2 години
4:01 *everyone screaming "The shoes, you nutjob! The Shoes!" * XD
Ciara преди година
Silver _moon
Silver _moon преди година
Jolie Drawzz
Jolie Drawzz преди година
The Republic of Ustio. Lol I was yelling at the screen
Ainslie Arnell
Ainslie Arnell преди година
omg yes
Unkown_GachaTuber преди година
Colin Bowser
Colin Bowser преди 5 месеца
When he knew the future may reference it put a smile on my face because he too enjoyed the show
Aliyah Dickinson
Aliyah Dickinson преди 2 години
When you laughed at “being born” the captions said “laughing like a perv” 😂💀💀😂😂😂😂
Mikado преди 2 години
i have watched this so many times throughout the years and i still luv it
Priya Plays
Priya Plays преди 8 месеца
This is the first time I watched jacksepticeye and omg that intro when he shouted top on the morning. Omg that sounded like he was gonna pop a blood vessel😂
Snowatic преди 6 години
I agree with the title =/
Sahib Sandhu
Sahib Sandhu преди 11 месеца
2021 b I c h
StickMations преди 11 месеца
As of 2020 and 2021, we all agree
Draco Jake
Draco Jake преди 11 месеца
Me too
Evin преди 11 месеца
Enjoy Life
Chip ChipYT
Chip ChipYT преди година
DanialE преди 2 години
I remember watching this video when i was younger and saying puberty was going to be easy. Now i know the truth
Mr. Rex
Mr. Rex преди 4 дни
9:26 "You were always attracted to dangerous chicks. This time you went too far and were found the next day in 7 different cities!"
crepsAMV преди 7 месеца
"it seems to be a *quick* little game, were you go through all the stages of life"
Brianna Murray
Brianna Murray преди 9 месеца
This is my favourite era of Jacksepticeye and this video was always my favourite for some reason
BeeIsASimp преди 2 години
Love how he looks so depressed when it said "DIE" and fake cried
Sarah Ingham
Sarah Ingham преди година
Thomas Wagner
Thomas Wagner преди година
Well sucks to be you haaa
G4SM4SK F0RC3 преди 2 години
@Lynn Hughes wut
Lynn Hughes
Lynn Hughes преди 2 години
@G4SM4SK F0RC3lp0
True Dude
True Dude преди 2 години
Nemo: dory tends to talk in her sleep.. Dory:I stuck a whole bag of jellybeans up ma ass...
omar sierra
omar sierra преди 5 месеца
I used to watch him when I was in middle school. I am in college now wow time flies
Enter преди 7 месеца
Jack: I was gonna say horror game Me: isn’t that what life is?
Klaptrap преди 2 години
The dating one said “You were always into dangerous chicks. This time you went too far and were found the next day in 7 different cities!”
Sharingan Assassin
Sharingan Assassin преди 2 години
9:26 You were always attracted to dangerous chicks. This time you went too far and were found the next day in 7 different cities
James Bucket
James Bucket преди 6 години
I'd love to watch Jack in his 80s, yelling "TOP OF THE MORNING TO YOU LADDIES!" or "LIKE A BOSS!" before coughing for 5 minutes. And us subs (who are also in their 80s) will break our fingers trying to punch the like button in the face.
Jolielamborghini преди 2 години
I’ll be 64 😂
Olivia Gibson
Olivia Gibson преди 2 години
Thisisnot Myname not me im only 11 so id be about 50-60 years old
Olivia Gibson
Olivia Gibson преди 2 години
James Bucket lol yesssss
Rainsong преди 2 години
What’s up kids
What’s up kids преди 3 години
James Bucket you are weird!!!!!!!!!!!!
xXTxnsionXx преди година
The one that it kept hitting try again right away said: “You were always attracted to dangerous chicks. This time you went to far and were found the next day in 7 different cities!”
Augustus Brynak
Augustus Brynak преди година
Love the title it ties with my interpretation of life Existence is pain
Maureen Roudebush
Maureen Roudebush преди година
The way he changed emotions ina blink of an eye at 6:53
Kallie Durley
Kallie Durley преди 2 години
The title of this video is what my band director tells us all the time when we say something is difficult😂
TriggerHappyTexan H.
TriggerHappyTexan H. преди 2 години
Anya Warrior
Anya Warrior преди 2 години
The "Findher" fail was "You were always attracted to dangerous chicks. This time you went too far and were found the next day in seven different cities!" In other words, your girlfriend murdered you and put your remains in seven different cities.
Anya Warrior
Anya Warrior преди година
@Alex Conn Really? Huh. Interesting!
Nate Ruben Games
Nate Ruben Games преди година
i was about to comment about that aswel lol
Anya Warrior
Anya Warrior преди година
@emx7890 Really, given the number of hateful comments on this post, please, cut me some slack for making that mistake. I'm sorry, I'm stubborn, and in an argument, I hold my ground.
emx7890 преди година
@Anya Warrior Good lord, lady, it was a tongue in cheek joke, chill the fuck out, I thought the laughing emoji would be enough to show that
Anya Warrior
Anya Warrior преди година
@David Isham It's not a person's fault if they're born with a "defect" that prevents them from thinking correctly. However, it is your fault if you kill 15 people because you were drunk driving and crashed.
Naterade преди 2 години
For those who didn't see the date one it said "You were always attracted to dangerous chicks. This time you went to far and we're found the next day in 7 different cities!"
smitty werbenjagermanjensen
smitty werbenjagermanjensen преди 2 години
this came up in my recommended and the intro scared me... i’m used to LAUGH
Mangor преди 2 години
4 years ago on the same day I watched this video, the jumpscare fucking killed me and now I wonder how did Jack even jump?
Aley Griffin
Aley Griffin преди година
1:07 made me laugh soooo hard XD
Izzy преди 5 години
I almost cried from laughter when Jack took off his hat during the death scene
Okool Bululu
Okool Bululu преди 4 години
Alyssa Armstrong same lol
Arianna Harris
Arianna Harris преди 4 години
Alyssa Armstrong i already did XD LOL
Wrennas maddest #madtunes
Wrennas maddest #madtunes преди 4 години
Alyssa Armstrong your so cool
Aliens Incoming
Aliens Incoming преди 4 години
Alyssa Armstrong yeah lol
MR SHIZZNIP преди 4 години
Alyssa Armstrong I thought I was the only one, and felt horrible, but had to laugh. Cause it's fucking Jack!!! 🤣💚
Gacha Morgan
Gacha Morgan преди 2 години
Jack: a fucking normal person doesn’t put milk in there coffee?! My dad: Well I’m not normal am i...
Shuffle io
Shuffle io преди 9 месеца
Jack: Teenager life sucks! Me whos about to become a teenager: *MMMMMMMMMM*
Fifa CV
Fifa CV преди 2 години
9:24 says 'you were always attracted to dangerous chicks. This time you went too far and was found in 7 different cities!'
Sarina Bock
Sarina Bock преди 2 години
5:12 Jack: put the grandchildren in the fire! LOL 😂
DontWatchMePlay преди 6 години
For anyone curious about the "Findher" Failure: *You were always attracted to dangerous chicks. This time you went too far and were found the next day in 7 different cities!* Fun as always Jack! *Big Hugs* Merry Christmas everyone!
ultimate goal
ultimate goal преди 2 години
saw it great timing is needed
MedievalGalaxy преди 3 години
I was just about to say that looking at the comments to see if someone did already u want to put it at 0.25 speed and keep pausing
Taigan Howard
Taigan Howard преди 3 години
And the cat lady said something about living on your own with a bunch of cats. And when other youtubers said yes to that killer lady, It took me a while to figure out what that meant
Mr. Minekrab
Mr. Minekrab преди 3 години
all i did was do frame by frame and press . or ,
Earthworm Lily
Earthworm Lily преди 3 години
Why not Zoidberg?
Noobmaster преди година
thanks Jack! My phone had water in the speakers, and I just turned up the volume on your scream, and the water came out! XD
XshortguyX преди година
8:09 was the funniest thing ever
Avery Antokal
Avery Antokal преди година
I'm a kid and I almost get puberty all the time I know how it feels
natsu преди година
I’m going through my teenage years now.
Coi преди 2 години
The date one and I quote said “you were always attracted to dangerous chicks. This time you went to far and were found the next day in 7 different cities!”
Kaijufan2857 преди 8 месеца
I hate Toga..Lol.
Ava Todd
Ava Todd преди година
Oh wow, that actually made me cry. SALUTING WITH MY STUFFED HORSE!
Professor Winter
Professor Winter преди 9 месеца
The Pratchett quote warmed my heart so
Mariahann Gray
Mariahann Gray преди 2 години
6:40 I started crying laughing😂😂😂😂
Asian Noodle Fry
Asian Noodle Fry преди 2 години
Jack:“Do old people just get floppy and weird?” Me:”That’s what viagra is for!”
Fuego_Shaw преди 2 години
The date fail thing says “You were always attracted to dangerous chicks. This time you went to far and were found in7 different cities
Mr. Aldave
Mr. Aldave преди 2 години
Play the game twice to make the video last more than ten minutes... Good one.
SnowFox 2074
SnowFox 2074 преди година
When you lose on “Findher” the thing says “You were always attracted to dangerous chicks. This time you went too far and were found the next day in 7 different cities!”
Jason Bell
Jason Bell преди 3 месеца
@Mack Beth just like jacksepticeye 1:59
Mack Beth
Mack Beth преди година
It depends on who you click wrong on if you click no one the first chick and future wife it says “you NOPE’d one of the prettiest girls you’ve ever seen and now cry yourself to sleep” and if you click no on zoidburg it just says “why not zoidburg?”
FlamingSkull 23
FlamingSkull 23 преди година
The one he couldn't read said: "You were always attracted to dangerous chicks. This time you went too far and were found the next day in 7 different cities."
YourOtherBoi преди 4 години
6:38 I love that jack takes his hat off
Jaysepticsoul преди 3 години
Me too. His face was just like whaaaa? ‘Die!’ Oh..ohhhhh..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
ugh andrew
ugh andrew преди 4 години
Shadow Gamer [FNAF and More!] lol
the meme police
the meme police преди 4 години
It's the kind from those scenes
Manniv преди 4 години
Shadow Gamer [FNAF and More!] a
Juliette Andre
Juliette Andre преди 4 години
Shadow Gamer [FNAF and More!] Ikr so cute
Rylee Rose
Rylee Rose преди година
Jack: how many of you are in puberty because your in for a long one Me: i know it sucks
Katie преди 2 години
when he got pimples on his eyes. i felt that.
Ninja boy
Ninja boy преди 10 месеца
6:43 the way jack acted 🤣🤣🤣
Matthew Ibarra
Matthew Ibarra преди 2 години
5:12 Jacksepticeye you had me WHEEZING I have actual tears PUT DE GRANDCHILDREN IN DE FIYER BAHHAHAHHAHA
Lainey Girl
Lainey Girl преди година
6:51 idk why that made me laugh😂
Armygamer52 преди 2 години
6:50 I'm laughing so hard right now!! AHAHAHAHA!!!
AmGoBrrr преди година
Ryen Migliaccio
Ryen Migliaccio преди 2 години
You are one cool guy Jack I hope you have a good year
Rikuo Sizanati
Rikuo Sizanati преди 2 години
Jack: "Welcome to *game here* a free game that you can go buy in the description" Me: Wait didnt you say it was free, why would I have to buy it
Scott's game TV Searles
Scott's game TV Searles преди 6 месеца
Jackie put cheese in a cup of coffee that's so funny LOL 🤣
Peachi_Peachi преди година
Watched this 5 years ago and now im gonna cry
Melinda Knight
Melinda Knight преди 9 месеца
I laughed so hard
𝔭𝔯𝔢𝔶4𝔭𝔩𝔞𝔤𝔲𝔢𝔰 преди година
On the date level, it says: “ You we’re always attracted to dangerous chicks. This time you went to far and were found the next day in 7 different cities!”
Keen Ruvi
Keen Ruvi преди 2 години
Jack:Shoots 3 balls at each cup OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *One cup bails* Jack:Shit!
Alexboo преди година
9:24 it says, “You were always attracted to dangerous chicks. This time you went too far and were found the next day in 7 different cities!”
Mr. Meme
Mr. Meme преди 4 месеца
This is the most accurate game ever made
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I am MoBo
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My Friends Trapped me in PERMAFROST, so I got 200IQ REVENGE
Minecraft Curios
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Brawl Stars Animation: Year of the Tiger! - Part 1
Brawl Stars
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Look up to the end... 🤯 #shorts
Cosmo Guy
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