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Doing laundry at midnight, what could go wrong.


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Tai Akai
Tai Akai преди месец
All jokes aside, if you ever hear a baby/child crying inside a dark or abandoned place, DO NOT APPROACH. Call the police and THEY will investigate. Fake sounds and staging are common tactics for luring women into dangerous situations.
BPMike9832 преди 2 часа
Yeet the child.
Ponkus преди 10 часа
​@Jennifer R It's not that it's more effective on women, it's that it's a common tactic that people use to lure women that they KNOW will be around the area they do the staging. There was a case a while back of someone who used to do this outside of single womens' apartments and when they would come outside to see what was going on, the guy would s**ually assault and rob them.
exulansis преди 18 часа
i think that's common sense?? 💀 u think everyone's an idiot
Vixen Sashi
Vixen Sashi преди ден
@Nathaniel Shrock what's wrong with communists?
Vixen Sashi
Vixen Sashi преди ден
@proud hufflepuff martial arts training does NOTHING when you're in a real fight. its all for show.
Emeric Switch
Emeric Switch преди 6 дни
Creepy guy: "You're going to die tonight" Me, socially awkward: "Thanks, you too"
eine преди ден
*me and creepy guy dying together
Scorne преди 3 дни
Sushisnake9 преди 6 дни
Once my mom was getting coffee and the dude was like hope you like the coffee and my mom was like you to 😭
Elfin Dreamer
Elfin Dreamer преди месец
Bloodwash: "The LAST bus of the night is about to leave soon! I have to be on it so I can go to the laundromat!" Anyone with common sense: "If it's the last bus of the night, how are you getting home?"
EmeraldKoala2 преди 5 дни
Maybe she'd stay around there for the night, and get the bus to work in the morning?
Diy_CaT преди 6 дни
heart-eyed hobi
heart-eyed hobi преди 7 дни
literally the only thing i could think
Jelly mother
Jelly mother преди 10 дни
I uh didn’t think of that-
Brenna Henderson
Brenna Henderson преди 10 дни
that's what i wanna know !
INFERNO преди месец
Creepy guy: "youre gonna die tonight, this is your last day on earth" Sara: *pulls out gun* "think again."
Unfocused Goose
Unfocused Goose преди 7 дни
"Uno reverse card"
Russian Proud
Russian Proud преди 9 дни
@Spicyboi ngl when I pressed translate on your comment, it translated “uno reverse” to “one back”
Spicyboi ngl
Spicyboi ngl преди 9 дни
Uno reverse
zombyboy10k преди месец
Sara: CALL AN AMBULANCE!!!...but not for me
Karma's Receipts
Karma's Receipts преди месец
@Lexie McCarthy sara also ended up getting a gun
Melinda Ainsworth
Melinda Ainsworth преди месец
Real fear is being a woman waiting an hour for the last bus alone downtown in the middle of isolated empty lots. That bus scene was super real, complete with the danger inherent in being "rude" to creepy men for risk of negative response.
PabloBorroto преди 2 дни
@Jonas Parker First off. I think it shows a lot of insecurity to go and claim I was criminalizing any gender considering I never said anything to do so. Also second I'm not talking about 'violent situations in general'. Men are more likely to take dangerous jobs go to war that kinda stuff so yeah men in general are more likely to have this stuff done to them. But in terms of being the victims of violent crimes such as targeted murder by serial killers, women tend to be more at threat. Since a lot of killers tend to see them as more vulnerable and in the cases where their sprees are sexually charged they tend to target women for that too. Please I am not trying to say that men have it easier or harder than women. I'm just trying to explain the reality that this is a very terrifying situation for a woman to be in more-so than a man. Specifically because of these types of situations. Which even if we ignore everything else in this case its kinda factually more scary to be a woman since the killer is specifically targetting women. AND I MUST REPEAT I AM NOT CRIMINILIZING MEN. The killer was a woman for god's sake. It's baffling to me how such simple statements can be taken out of proportion like this.
Jonas Parker
Jonas Parker преди 2 дни
@PabloBorroto that’s wrong just look at any source it says men are more susceptible to violent situations but you only here about the ones with women victims. It’s stupid victimizing an entire gender and criminalizing the other.
ZoroVerse преди 5 дни
@Bunnyfly she said real fear is being a woman. This implies men doesnt have to face real fear. They do. Also the rape thing is with prison, but overall men do face more violent crime outside prison than women. Also yes, poc do get harsher sentences, but the same goes for women. Men are getting harsher sentences.
Bunnyfly преди 5 дни
@ZoroVerse so you don’t think it’s weird that most of the prison population makes up minorities specifically black men when there are less black men in America than white men. How does that work if the justice system isn’t corrupt lmao. And as for the whole women in US thing, yeah men suffer from the same problems women do but usually it’s less likely to happen in their casual walk down the street. You said it yourself men face rape and violence mostly in prisons and such. In everyday normal life women having to fear staying out late is usually something most men don’t have to worry about lol. Anyway this game always starts arguments in yt comment sections which I think is funny bc there’s no reason to comment “MEN SUFFER TOO ACTUALLY 😥” when no one was saying that they didn’t. They were just talking about what the game was portraying.
Syrup преди 5 дни
@ZoroVerse Ah, you wanna just end this argument hence our comments are getting deleted that we spent time to write?
angelofdusk13 преди месец
Stan is a character we only see for a minute early on, but he's really well written and I like the voice actor. Having that kind of grounding makes the game so much scary later on imo
Aubrey преди месец
Board: **PEEEPAAAOUWW** Jack, in a southern accent: "You sexually repressed too?"
Jelly mother
Jelly mother преди 10 дни
Tiger Rose
Tiger Rose преди месец
A moment to appreciate Jack's quick as hell reflexes when he shot the killer the first time
Ally Vinson
Ally Vinson преди 6 дни
I like how when the men talk rude or gross, he skips over them
Juliette Hunter Hearsey
Juliette Hunter Hearsey преди месец
Missed opportunity to call the “Irish killer” the “Shamrock Strangler”
Spyderman 360 Lyne
Spyderman 360 Lyne преди 5 дни
Not everything to do with irish people ie shamrocks and leprechauns and plus we're not all redheads. No offense to any of the commenters on this post 😅😁😊
Minimum Wage Demon
Minimum Wage Demon преди 9 дни
Clover Cleaver
Blitz преди месец
@Heart & Crafts thanks for the opinion, feel free to take up your issue with my secretary ||THIS IS AN AUTOMATED MESSAGE||
Crow преди месец
@Heart & Crafts r/wooosh also tf are you talking about
IcyAtticus преди месец
The Gaelic Gunner
Garrett Hladky
Garrett Hladky преди 13 дни
superpaul преди 10 дни
I saw this comment the moment he said it!
_Glitch_ преди месец
Jack: "I don't get scared" Game: "I think I heard something coming from that closet?" Jack: "What this one?" Jack: "JESUS!" Jack: "HOBO JO" Jack: "OH LORD"
Mr12Relic преди месец
"I don't wanna be the only one on the bus with this guy" Creepy Guy: wish granted
sp1derface! преди 4 дни
i guess the lesson is the only thing scarier than demons and monsters is being a woman at night
EternalSummer14 преди 23 часа
Especially Alone At A Creepy Bus Stop
gta 5 expert
gta 5 expert преди месец
Jack at the beginning: we are going to combat homelessness! 5 minutes later: threatens to combat hobo Jo
DanielSpaniel преди 8 дни
@Taylor Braithwaite the name Sean doesn't take a foda btw
G Cart
G Cart преди 8 дни
@George Jefferson no just no🤦🏻‍♂️😑😒
Russian Proud
Russian Proud преди 9 дни
George Jefferson
George Jefferson преди 9 дни
He meant "We're going to combat the homeless"
G Cart
G Cart преди 12 дни
@Mx Nova 🤦🏻‍♂️
Metaphysical Monsters
Metaphysical Monsters преди 17 дни
I don't mean this in a pretentious way, but I don't often get scared by horror (I find most horror stuff fucking awesome, just not particularly frightening) and this game scared the SHIT out of me lmao props to the developers for creating such consistent skin-crawling tension
Mr. Dogeman
Mr. Dogeman преди 10 дни
Jack: is that a condom? The game: HEY JUST PLAY THE GAME!...this music is now a threat.
DecepticReed преди месец
"I've never been in a store where they sell movies fish and video games" He's never been in a walmart?
Harryyyyyyyyyyy преди 3 дни
hes irish and i am fairly sure lives in the UK. As a fellow UK resident, Walmart doesn't exist here.
QuiGonGym преди 15 дни
NEXTGEN GAMING преди месец
But have you been in a store that ONLY sells movies, fish, and video games?
RemainsAE преди месец
@jeshon loonskin some do I’ve seen it
DJ Wubs
DJ Wubs преди месец
walmart USED to have pet fish but they stopped doing it for some reason. at least those fish arent suffering from shitty care anymore
David O Donovan
David O Donovan преди 9 дни
"A movie, a video game, fish." Jacksepticeye: "I don't think I've ever been in a store that sells all three of those." Me: "Tescos, also lots of fuel stations, maybe Centra, Gala..."
Manysui12 Gaming
Manysui12 Gaming преди 4 дни
Depositstomach преди месец
Stan is still the best character in this whole game. Everyone needs a Stan in their life. Get yaself a Stan.
Chris преди 15 часа
My tea’s gone cold I’m wondering why I got out of bed at all
WizardJaguar777 преди 3 дни
Stan is a chad
Depositstomach преди 3 дни
@Michael OwQ no no why would you think that, I am completely f i n e/j
Michael OwQ
Michael OwQ преди 3 дни
By your profile picture, you need a Stan in your life/gen (and I need grammar classes)
Leo преди 4 дни
Hello I am here
moongirl786 преди месец
The beginning of this game in particular really captures what its like to be a woman on your own. I'm glad men are playing it and getting that experience. Like being alone with a creepy bus driver... check.
Bailey Patterson
Bailey Patterson преди 16 дни
I'm scared shitless when being alone at night ANYWAY, can't trust anyone. Nothing but respect to the women who gotta put up with worse, fuck knows I couldn't handle it
chilldown преди 6 дни
when jack read the numbers in the stall i was like: hmmmm that sounds like something ive heard then it hit me and i started humming the song till the end of the vid lol
Expired Raisins
Expired Raisins преди 3 дни
Beth Gibson
Beth Gibson преди 4 дни
What's it from
Dylan преди месец
The story was actually pretty good. The characters and plot twist were crucial, and they nailed it.
TheAdvertisement преди 28 дни
Jack learns what it's like to be a woman out late at night: The video.
--Yandere Pointbreak--
--Yandere Pointbreak-- преди 7 дни
"You have a gun, right? This is America and all that?" Yes, our children have guns, our parents have guns, even our hamsters have guns. This is indeed 'Murica
X24 преди 7 дни
Jack: looking around the killers den while the killer is chopping down the doors Me: run Jack run
Blueberry Jelly Bee
Blueberry Jelly Bee преди месец
31:04 Love that jack has no idea how much nostalgia that brought me haha! Anyone know Jenny's number?
Brenden Miller
Brenden Miller преди 7 дни
He is so clueless too 😂
Dylan Castlehow
Dylan Castlehow преди месец
"too much pride" "hear something coming from the closet"
EternalSummer14 преди 23 часа
Well, It's Definitely Not Me In That Closet.
Erin Jeanette
Erin Jeanette преди 13 дни
Nice catch 😂
Cookies and Creme
Cookies and Creme преди 12 дни
Bus Driver: I don't know if I believe that, it's a little late to be doing laundry Sara (Is holding a basket of Laundry, is wearing dirty clothes, probably has a bottle of detergent with her): Is that so?
Elias Ainsworth
Elias Ainsworth преди месец
15:00 Timed Stamped for those who want to hear Jack say, "Is that a CONDOM??!!"
Erin Jeanette
Erin Jeanette преди 13 дни
I love that he got hit with the scary music right after and ducked and apologized 😂
E Gornto
E Gornto преди 12 дни
I feel like I have friends again when I watch you play games, it's a really sad and nostalgic feeling I get watching and I'm happy that there's someone like you to fill that void in my heart.
Poopman преди 11 дни
Big same
Darth Revan
Darth Revan преди месец
This game has good voice acting, good story and GREAT ATMOSPHERE.
Kamina gomez
Kamina gomez преди месец
Jack: "is that a condom?" *Creepy music starts playing* Jack: "sorry sorry"
EvenMan3241 преди 28 дни
@Toga Simp lol idk
Toga Simp
Toga Simp преди месец
@EvenMan3241 why are u reading comments when watching that’s definitely not what I’m doin rn
Allan Ribergaard
Allan Ribergaard преди месец
@Notorious what???
Notorious преди месец
@Allan Ribergaard Ng m sa de sa as xsa
Stardust :3
Stardust :3 преди месец
@Boothetwo 15:01
Gaebel Maples
Gaebel Maples преди 16 дни
"looking for a movie, video game, fish?" sean: "i don't think i've ever been in a store that sells all three of those" me: laughs in walmart
Mizuki Airi
Mizuki Airi преди месец
I love how Sara is like: Man, I have 40 minutes free, let's do the polices' job
John Oswald
John Oswald преди 16 дни
“Irish men that yell and swear” dude, that’s all of us.
Dio Brando
Dio Brando преди месец
Imagine a world where everyone is a sentient vegetable and a serial killer who kills potatoes is called the POTATO MASHER
EternalSummer14 преди 23 часа
Potato Racism
kieran houliston
kieran houliston преди 8 дни
@Dio Brando no
Dio Brando
Dio Brando преди 8 дни
@kieran houliston yeah, aren't you?
kieran houliston
kieran houliston преди 8 дни
Are you high?
QuiGonGym преди 15 дни
Imagine a world where everyone is meat,like beef or steak,and the killer is called THE VEGAN
Jessica Flanegin
Jessica Flanegin преди месец
Jack singing an 80’s classic without knowing he is singing an 80’s classic was driving me mad 🤣
oh no  bro
oh no bro преди 8 дни
Eight six seven five three o niiiine
Plexinova преди 14 дни
Molli Holmes
Molli Holmes преди 26 дни
I know. The number is a song. I was thinking. Sean, it’s a song. It’s a joke.
shadowhexigon преди 27 дни
averie- преди месец
@Condor Crow chill out broski
Rodney Lane
Rodney Lane преди месец
*30:29* *Jack: "I need to stop being scared by electronics".* *Me who realizes he plays horror games on electronics.*
Fnaf_Dreams преди 3 дни
I love his little dance thing at the beginning I thought that was really cute and funny and ended up replaying it like 10 times before going to the actual video😂😂
Maria Gloria
Maria Gloria преди 10 дни
59:44 “That moment you bend down to put your clothes in the wash, you never know who’s gonna be behind you… waiting” “S- step bro?!”
Aelin Fireheart
Aelin Fireheart преди 3 дни
Just. Stop.
lachimomochi преди 6 дни
Sonic Cookie
Sonic Cookie преди 14 дни
The funny thing is that the whole plot was unneeded. You can just wash your clothes in the sink.
Bill Provenano
Bill Provenano преди месец
Did anyone else start singing the song in their head when Jack read the numbers on the wall in the bathroom stall?😂
mindy sheerin
mindy sheerin преди 7 часа
maria kiprova
maria kiprova преди 19 часа
Crazy_ Fraze
Crazy_ Fraze преди ден
Yessss bro I am fucking dying 😂😂😂 thats omg
Trüe Brit
Trüe Brit преди 2 дни
"For a good time, for a good time caaaall!"
SKORPION преди 3 дни
Yups 🤣 By tommy tutone
Ezzy преди 8 дни
This is by far one of the scariest games you’ve played
Foundation for Law and Government
Foundation for Law and Government преди месец
Bloodwaah might not look the best but it's an incredibly good game.
eemoo1o преди месец
I was thinking how weird it was for Sara to just walk in to the men's bathroom without any hints of shameful dialogue, or whatever, and now we just know that Samantha was just chilling in one of the men's stalls for a long time.
Nichole Corb
Nichole Corb преди 8 дни
Love how he says he doesn’t believe in superstition and black cats as I pet my black cat named midnight 🤣
Xiomara Christiana
Xiomara Christiana преди месец
Jack: "Is that a condom?" *loud, suspenseful music drops*
bowzily преди 20 часа
@A Good Stan Without A Name :] 42
A Good Stan Without A Name :]
A Good Stan Without A Name :] преди ден
bowzily преди 4 дни
@Andreas! 40.
Andreas! преди 5 дни
@bowzily e.
bowzily преди 5 дни
@Andreas! 3 8 .
Anri Sean
Anri Sean преди месец
34:40 I really hope some day I get to direct voice acting, choose the cast- all that stuff. Sean would be one of my first options for EVERYTHING
Silverpil преди 2 дни
For me the fact that Jack impatiently asked to be scared already directly after a conversation with a random guy, who insisted on talking about women being murdered, in a laundromat in the middle of the night as a woman is a good example of the difference between being a man and a woman today. I was holding my breath the entire time as was.
LittleMiss Missy
LittleMiss Missy преди месец
19:23 Jack: I don't wanna spend the next 10 mins reading, I wanna get scared *ominous male scream sound*
ProSqualy преди месец
Peepaa: A movie? A video game? Fish? Sean: I've never been to a store that sells all three of those Me: ugh... walmart?
Nerfew преди месец
Two of the same funny comments right beside each other 🤣
Carroll Captures
Carroll Captures преди месец
"That moment you bend down, you'll never know who might be behind you" "Oh no I'm stuck" *door creaks opens "I'm home step sis!"
Memevous69 преди месец
Jack: It was just two cats fighting. "the Two Cats" *duel of the fates start playing*
EvenMan3241 преди месец
Jack: "what is happening?" Jack: "do you have a baby in your hand?"
Austin Silagy
Austin Silagy преди 15 дни
Let's be honest. Scariest part about this is the textures and graphics XDD Literally the wall textures warping jumped me once or twice
Agnesia преди месец
Jack: Thinks it's Liam. Jack: Thinks it's Stan. The way this plays out. He can't trust anyone ever since that twist in Murder House.
Taralyn преди месец
@Joseph A Zamot Yeah tbh when we saw Louis Kennedey's body I was thinking, "Yeah, must be Liam."
Joseph A Zamot
Joseph A Zamot преди месец
Come to think of it, I haven't seen Liam in the game.
That One Guy
That One Guy преди месец
@RobiTheRat Big brain
RobiTheRat преди месец
Listen man, if you guess everyone is the killer you have a 100% chance of being right eventually
Toni Whalin
Toni Whalin преди месец
And death flush
Peter Parker
Peter Parker преди 10 дни
Jack: who buys appliance at this time of night? Me: thinking about that one episode of that 70's show
T.V.R Edits
T.V.R Edits преди 11 часа
I love the Ps1 graphics vibe with the character models, man it would be great if consoles could get shit like this
Della Harper
Della Harper преди ден
I'm watching this during school and I'm trying to not scream my head off 😂
Sapphire K
Sapphire K преди 17 дни
I very much enjoy when manly and jse play the same games since they’re so different. I get to love each weird game twice for new reasons
KlNGKR4K3N преди месец
jack: "i dont trust that" also jack: *immideately sprints towards parked killer car* "what're you doin?"
Lorelei Catherine
Lorelei Catherine преди месец
I read that as the CAR saying “what’re you doing?” At first and the idea of Jack just sprinting towards a murderous vehicle like “HEY! HEY YOU! WHY DO YOU MURDER PEOPLE?! YOU ARE A CARRRRRRRR!!!!!!” And the care is just like “lol wut?”
Hidden Tokki
Hidden Tokki преди месец
This game caught my interest more than any of these style games before this game is sooo good
Courtney Trevathen
Courtney Trevathen преди месец
This game makes me afraid to walk anywhere alone.
Blue Link
Blue Link преди 12 дни
48:28 Karen's when they go to the store seeing everyone with masks on
megantronchan преди 10 дни
Watching this while drunk and the opening made me laugh too hard
MonaLisaOTW преди месец
Sean’s ability to perfectly predict dialogue always shocks me. The aliens on the phone right into the laundromat guy talking about aliens lmao
NZcroc !
NZcroc ! преди месец
@Rhylen Thurston There was a Sean in the game...?
Shubloke_ far_throwki
Shubloke_ far_throwki преди месец
@stfu♥ bro chill, not everyone knows BGpostrs by their first name 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️
stfu♥ преди месец
@Rhylen Thurston did you watch the video, they obviously meant Jack.
Rhylen Thurston
Rhylen Thurston преди месец
Sean in the game or Sean as in Jacksepticeye?
Elle преди 3 дни
jack: nearly gets killed also jack: did i get my clothes back? i have an interview tomorrow.
Killer преди месец
this was one of the scariest horror games I've seen in a while, so glad I could see my favorite BGpostr playing it.
Andreas! преди 12 дни
This was actually really scary and fun to watch damn.
Morpheo преди 3 дни
Is it just me or is Stan the nicest character Puppet Combo has ever created?
Don'tdrink clorox
Don'tdrink clorox преди месец
I really appreciate the somewhat realistic dialogue instead of the protagonist being dumb and oblivious to everything
Nicky Ricardo
Nicky Ricardo преди месец don't think the protagonist sounds dumb?
Skeddy GG
Skeddy GG преди месец
E . A
E . A преди месец
This is what I want from video games instead of dumb dialogue or silent protagonist at least it improves on the character's reaction
TheBlues32 преди месец
@King of the Dead He seemed on the ball as well. He just doesn't seem to know how guns work.
wuwi3 преди месец
@justin seibert cause its extremely vile and offensive and he's a child and wants attention. disgusting things get attention
Dawnfur203 преди месец
Oh my goodness I’ve never flinched so hard in my life 😂 💀 12:30
Ghost преди 11 дни
I would've loved the game even more if it showed something about Samantha wearing her child's face somehow-
Unicorn Lover
Unicorn Lover преди месец
This was the first time in a month I have done my laundry... I got the motivation from this so thanks xD
Spork преди 12 дни
I laughed so hard when you turned around and shot the killer the first time 😂😂
Sam Angel
Sam Angel преди месец
I like the idea that Hobo Jo was just Jo until about an hour ago when his wife told him to leave "Babe you can't be serious, it's not over, is it?" *She hovers over him to show him that his name has changed* "NOOO"
Sam Angel
Sam Angel преди 11 дни
@GhostVenom o fuck sounds like Bloodwash 2
GhostVenom преди 11 дни
"i see now" he becomes the killer. lol
Erin Jeanette
Erin Jeanette преди 13 дни
Unwashed Rascal
Unwashed Rascal преди месец
i guess you could say that he was an average joe
Squid00dily преди месец
he saw the dialogue box and panicked
Nowa Ottsel
Nowa Ottsel преди 11 дни
"Irish People who yell a lot and swear" - Oh god it's me (Jacksepticeye) All other Irish People: "Are we a Joke to you?"
hello Seth Huckensin
hello Seth Huckensin преди ден
The twist that Samantha was the murderer genuinely surprised me
Vester_pro преди месец
Jack: Don't worry your in great hands Jack minutes later: Alright time to go to the basement to get murdered
Abbykins преди 11 дни
"A movie, a video game, fish" Sean: I don't think I've ever been in a store with all 3 Me: Walmart, target, litterly alot of big stores
the caremel
the caremel преди месец
i will never shut up about how i just love the energy sean puts in the intros.
Davld Bradley
Davld Bradley преди месец
@Jorge Valles Loved precovid Sean louder/better GAMER...!!!
Davld Bradley
Davld Bradley преди месец
You must watching the older content. Yyyoonn!!
Jorge Valles
Jorge Valles преди месец
Remember Top of the morning to ya
Andreas Van Der Merwe
Andreas Van Der Merwe преди месец
@AltraA u clearly dont watch jack then
xXHobixX преди месец
@BILLIE SAYS DUH gvvvgggvxvvvvvxvvxxvvvvv
Alexander Silva
Alexander Silva преди 3 дни
this game made me realize how absolutely terrified i am of baby low crying
Claire преди месец
this is one of the few games playthroughs that i sat through the full hour for, how interesting. and the way the killer disappears and appears in the dark room definitely add to the suspense and tension
iClowny преди 10 дни
“Why are you hobo Jo if your wife kicked you out?” Jack, c’mon…
Brooke x
Brooke x преди 3 часа
As a woman, literally nothing could induce me to go to a 24/7 laundromat alone after dark. Especially not if I had to take a bus. My clothes would be getting washed in the sink or the bathtub or not at all. But I suppose we wouldn't have a game if the protagonist just stayed home.
Kiana Ku'uipo Peters
Kiana Ku'uipo Peters преди месец
The junkie said “she’s here she’s in the walls” and Samantha lived in the walls of the old laundromat
Sushisnake9 преди 6 дни
Oh yeahhh
Vix преди 4 дни
No one jack: makes weird noise at start and says” you SCARD YET Me: scared by your noise
KiyokaMakibi преди 25 дни
I love watching you play these old school style creepy games! This was so engaging. Loved it! :)
Thereisnohigherbeing преди 2 дни
after watching thru this game a couple times, the only problem i have is the fact that sara just decided to be a P.I when she was supposed to be doing laundry. and how unlucky for her to pick the one dryer that was broken which delayed her adventure.
JamJam's Art
JamJam's Art преди месец
"don't think ive ever been in a store that sold all three of those things" i guess Sean's never been in a Walmart?
Droid 9607
Droid 9607 преди месец
Your local Wal-Mart sells porn?!
rylie hunter
rylie hunter преди месец
It makes me appreciate Jack so much when he doesn’t wanna even listen to the bus driver be creepy
rylie hunter
rylie hunter преди 29 дни
@Codex II all I said was I appreciated it cause I didn’t really wanna hear it either man I just thought it would be nice 😭
rylie hunter
rylie hunter преди 29 дни
@alanspaz bro relax all I said it was a nice gesture 😭 no need to put a whole paragraph explaining why he’s weak cause who actually cares. Jack can be weak or strong but it doesn’t change his character. Just deal with it, he didn’t wanna talk about it cause it’s his play through.
Patootie преди месец
@I hate humans incels don't get married
Patootie преди месец
@- Chellery - and?
Leo преди месец
@alanspaz Chill boy
Imsleepyhuman преди месец
53:33 I absolutely died that was the best line ive ever heard in my god damn life
Shelby Rainwater
Shelby Rainwater преди месец
One of my all time favorite moments is when he's at the bus stop 😂 the moment of silence, the face, then the slow backing away
First name Last name
First name Last name преди месец
Honestly one of the greatest indie horror games of all time
ZeyuCODM преди месец
that did not feel like 1 hour, i was so into it that i lost track of time
Marrisa Doud
Marrisa Doud преди месец
this game went from being mildly uncomfortable to insanely disturbing. props to the devs for this one and Jack not getting the reference of 8675309 is hilarious
idk преди 23 дни
lmao people always think they're all that when they get a reference that other people don't. we need to stop having this type of mentality fr.
paladinstorm преди 23 дни
@Nathaniel Shrock This fact probably contributed, since he didn't seem to get that it was even a phone number. Different countries have different phone number standards.
Sw_ преди месец
Jack Watson
Jack Watson преди месец
@Justine Wilson same
Justine Wilson
Justine Wilson преди месец
I started singing the song as soon as he said the numbers lol
ozem преди месец
"Don't worry Sarah, you're in capable hands!" not even 15 seconds later "Alright, let's go down to the basement to get murdered..."
TheSpeedy преди 14 дни
Oh boy, A jacksepticeye video about a horror game? Time to strap myself in, with some popcorn!
Mdxyziiiiii преди ден
The ouija board part had me dead 😂
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