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преди 6 години

Five Nights At Freddy's 3 AND 4 have been merged into one incredible animation by none other than James Farr!

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Outro Song created by "Teknoaxe". It's called "I'm everywhere" and you can listen to it here

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DavidParody преди 6 години
Man this animation is so freaking epic looks better than anything on TV
MoreMoo преди 7 дни
@Croad yoooooooooooooo
Croad преди 7 дни
@MoreMoo yooo
MoreMoo преди 7 дни
@Croad yo
Croad преди 17 дни
@Crispin McPherson yo
Crispin McPherson
Crispin McPherson преди месец
It been 6 years u alive?
Cwispy Extra
Cwispy Extra преди 11 месеца
Its been five years and this is still great
hiiii преди 9 дни
fang dragon
fang dragon преди 10 дни
6 actually
kujo jotaro
kujo jotaro преди 16 дни
* six
Petar Krešimir Krmpotić
Petar Krešimir Krmpotić преди 18 дни
Julian Warren
Julian Warren преди 2 години
His High Pitched "WHAT?!" Has me in tears laughing so hard
Julian Warren
Julian Warren преди 3 месеца
@Nathan Poyser Aka DRIP King! yikes! And a week before Halloween too! Oh brother! Happy Halloween @Jacksepticeye and Everyone!
Nathan Poyser Aka DRIP King!
Nathan Poyser Aka DRIP King! преди 3 месеца
666 likes nice
Matthew Boaen
Matthew Boaen преди 5 месеца
The foxy part had me in tears then the very end had me also
Amal Alrbai
Amal Alrbai преди 9 месеца
Kiki преди 10 месеца
@Adriana Does Random Stuff WAT
Kad3n Boi
Kad3n Boi преди 5 месеца
I miss these bro I remember being little and just watching this man play this and happy wheels good times also I’m sorry for your loss Jack your father will be missed😢
Junior Castaneda
Junior Castaneda преди 2 години
You guys remember when all we would play is simple games like this?
canadianhouse преди месец
Simple to simpletons I guess, because this shite breeds more shite.
Toni Roman
Toni Roman преди година
They where free,
Lill преди година
Mr Melee That’s deep
Skull Bardics
Skull Bardics преди 2 години
Simple? The lore to these games goes deeper then the abyss that is my soul
James Farr
James Farr преди 6 години
Thanks again, Jack! Hope everyone enjoys it. Here's the "Making Of" for those who might be curious:
Rosca Marin
Rosca Marin преди месец
Hmmm. Will u be here even after 6 years?
Suzanne Drakes
Suzanne Drakes преди 6 години
@Diondre Dunigan oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Diondre Dunigan
Diondre Dunigan преди 6 години
@Suzanne Drakes I know right
Suzanne Drakes
Suzanne Drakes преди 6 години
@Diondre Dunigan what dose ikr mean
Diondre Dunigan
Diondre Dunigan преди 6 години
@Suzanne Drakes IKR!
Other Riley
Other Riley преди 5 месеца
I love these old animations they’re so nostalgic
TheUnluckCat преди 2 години
Jacksepticeye: @2:13 " I'm never coming out " Freddy: " I'm about to end his entire fnaf career "
Nether Freak Ultima
Nether Freak Ultima преди 7 месеца
Lesson to be learned: Don't tempt fate.
Amal Alrbai
Amal Alrbai преди 9 месеца
tv_head преди 10 месеца
Fred bear!
Frost Acosta
Frost Acosta преди година
A few seconds later jack: SCREW YOU FREDBEAR
【Kokoro Kitten】
【Kokoro Kitten】 преди година
His name is fredbear not freddy
Luna Madz
Luna Madz преди 17 дни
I know how hard and long these animated vids are to make but they’re so good I wish they were longer!✨💙
no stop
no stop преди 3 месеца
*So my recommendations decided to hit me with nostalgia today.*
His humor when he’s a cartoon oddly enough makes me think of Phineas and Ferb. Lol 😂
Dilemma преди 5 месеца
This never gets old. :D
TMN Fiveshot
TMN Fiveshot преди 2 години
1:47 when you see someone wearing Gucci flip flops with socks
Amal Alrbai
Amal Alrbai преди 9 месеца
Tom Agee
Tom Agee преди 11 месеца
Soo true
emotional support bees
emotional support bees преди година
But, see, I don't do that because I think it looks cool. I KNOW it doesn't. But I have chronic low blood pressure, which sometimes makes my feet turn blue. Like a dead person's. *I wear socks with sandals because I don't like people flipping out over my freaky-ass corpse feet*
Vincent Is here
Vincent Is here преди година
@Watever Dude funny but it's true.
Watever Dude
Watever Dude преди година
Pedro The Pony ikr someone let there mom on BGpost
NSE 465
NSE 465 преди 4 месеца
The transition from fnaf 3 to 4 in this is still legendary in 2021.
Phoenix Nugget698
Phoenix Nugget698 преди година
Apart from the animators constant lust to draw some of the characters sexually, they are actually really well made. I love the way Springtrap looked.
SkyCaptain Luna
SkyCaptain Luna преди година
You need to make more of these!!!! There addicting af to watch!!! 😍😍😍
•Bean_ Qween•
•Bean_ Qween• преди месец
i just rewatched this for the first time in years, this brins me tears of joy
Pink Estelle
Pink Estelle преди 3 месеца
I remember when I was younger I watched these but had a mini heart attack when he swore 😂 it felt illegal to watch these as a kid but now im an aussie teenager swear are natural to me now
Viral Reaction
Viral Reaction преди 6 години
This animation was beautiful , love ya jack!
RetroNate преди 6 години
Oh ok lol (:
Nathan Gaming
Nathan Gaming преди 6 години
+Gidget Ross He means the bot
Gidget Ross
Gidget Ross преди 6 години
+RetroNate your a mean guy so you will never be aweome as jacksepticey
AllSpiky преди 6 години
+VladTeeVee talented as f*ck !
RetroNate преди 6 години
+jacksepticeye ` Hi Fakesepticeye HOW YA DOIN?
TheDiamondArcher преди 4 месеца
1:45 after years of watching this I just now realized the red eyes in the doorway behind Jack
The Great Walrus
The Great Walrus преди 2 години
I love this animator, so talented
Jessica Belcher
Jessica Belcher преди година
Keep em coming I love it lmao 😂
CrashJace205 преди година
1:45 is my favorite part in this video
8-BitGaming преди 6 години
Wow this is a really creative animation and funny as always! The animator should be proud! Stay Awesome man!
GeckoGamer92 преди 2 месеца
FBI преди 3 месеца
@jacksepticeye hi
Klassic_Kay преди 3 месеца
@jacksepticeye SEAN
SonicFanatic1205 преди 5 месеца
@jacksepticeye hey jacksepticeye can I introduce myself to you please
Deavon Taitt
Deavon Taitt преди 9 месеца
Which Ryan is this?
Turtle Godss
Turtle Godss преди месец
I love how clean the cut was
arson lockard
arson lockard преди 4 месеца
I can't believe this was 5 years ago it still makes me laugh 😆 😂
Ollie Workman
Ollie Workman преди година
1:39 the fact he quotes a nursery rhyme is just amazing! "Someone's in the kitchen with dinah Someone's in the kitchen i know Someone's in the kitchen with dinah Strumming on the old banjo" love that one-
Nan ja? Mon ja? Nate!
Nan ja? Mon ja? Nate! преди 2 месеца
You’re my hero as a BGpostr! Thanks for this!
MikuFan 3000
MikuFan 3000 преди 9 месеца
1:45 Love that part! 👍🏻
SiK преди година
I don't know why I'm here, but I gotta say, the animations quality is really good. I mean this looks like a cartoon you could see on TV!
Jade Pavlishin
Jade Pavlishin преди 3 години
Really good work keep on doing what your doing!!
Kathy Krempasky
Kathy Krempasky преди 2 години
0:10- (laughs) :P Already to a great start. I recognize the style of this too. Love this animator! 1:03- Holy crap. Someone drew Chica almost like a human woman instead of a chicken. 1:27- Aww... Jackaboy all snug in his PJs. Wait... why is there an IV drip hung over there? :( 1:34- I see Sam in his tank!
Kathy Krempasky
Kathy Krempasky преди година
@Electric Boi Thank you. I'll go do that.
Electric Boi
Electric Boi преди година
Watch game theory to know about the IV
Kathy Krempasky
Kathy Krempasky преди 2 години
@7drag0n Thanks.
7drag0n преди 2 години
theres an IV because that's an Easter egg in fnaf 4
Gloria Sandoval
Gloria Sandoval преди 5 години
The part where Jack was yelling at Foxy just killed me 😂😂😂
The Mobile Gamer
The Mobile Gamer преди 9 дни
Don't be doin that YOU BITCH Comedy gold
Firecat преди 3 години
What?.... how are you alive to comment this and why are you laughing when you die??? WTF
Lol this channel is dead
Lol this channel is dead преди 5 години
Trey Lee
Trey Lee преди 5 години
aangeld преди 5 години
+Trey Couch ya
Ezra преди 17 дни
I still come back to watch these 😭❤️ life was so simple Jack is the goat Fr
Danny Jarquin
Danny Jarquin преди 7 месеца
His "ITS A TYRANNOSAUROUS!" Made My Freaking Day
Daniel Paon
Daniel Paon преди 10 месеца
The intro had me crying in joy! 🤣
Saqib Plays Minecraft
Saqib Plays Minecraft преди година
I’m revisiting these animated tales and I loved these
edian преди 2 години
I like the way he slaps the screen in the begging it always got me XD
ur mother
ur mother преди година
When I was little I wasn’t allowed to have BGpost I remember having this app where it played FNAF animations and this one was on it. I watched this when I was seven years old. I wasn’t supposed to. I didn’t even know what most of the swear words meant. But I still remember all the words.
Matty Bruno Lucas Zenere Salas
Matty Bruno Lucas Zenere Salas преди 3 месеца
Wut app
Avery Fields
Avery Fields преди година
You are a fucking MADLAD!
Solidslicer преди година
@Yukio Ah yes, swearing. A very important skill in life. More important than calculus at least
Yukio преди година
Good job now you’ve learned swear words!
Solidslicer преди година
ITSmonkeTIME преди година
He knows that the whole game is a dream ?! Nice one jack!👏👏
Carter Morley
Carter Morley преди 19 дни
Man, still as good as I remembered. I was 13 when I watched this for the first time…
Mairusu преди 6 години
Excellent animation
Orion McCollaum
Orion McCollaum преди 5 месеца
Ey me boy Mairusu
Bonnet преди 5 месеца
Sherri Sheffield
Sherri Sheffield преди 10 месеца
Sherri Sheffield
Sherri Sheffield преди 10 месеца
Flying Penguin
Flying Penguin преди 11 месеца
Is it really though?
FenkinBu преди година
This was the most watched of my childhood, ah memories
fishakol преди година
This never gets old
jamal james
jamal james преди година
This came out 5 years ago. My god. Jesus. Time flies man. Damn.
SL1V3RN30N преди 6 месеца
Oh my god the memories- good times!
Castiel преди 3 години
Fnaf 1 jumpscare jack: AAAAA Fnaf 2 jumpscare jack: AAAAAA Fnaf 3 jumpscare jack: AAAAAA Fnaf 4 jumpscare jack: *beats the shit outta animatronics*
Konnie Kon
Konnie Kon преди 2 месеца
Character development
Gamer Rosehip
Gamer Rosehip преди 4 месеца
@Elijah sheeeeeeeeeeeesh
Elijah преди 4 месеца
Gamer Rosehip
Gamer Rosehip преди 5 месеца
Hey childe. How ya doin
ironvlogger5150 преди 6 месеца
Fnaf 4 is beat the fuck out of them so yea what the fuck is that???
A random dweeb on the internet. (Pannacotta fugo)
A random dweeb on the internet. (Pannacotta fugo) преди 2 години
The transition to fnaf 3 and 4 is perfect its like fnaf 3 was just a dream
Ruby Collins
Ruby Collins преди година
My question in fnaf 4: *why can’t you just lock the door and try to never remember any of them?*
Mr.J преди година
I don't know how just closing the doors is supposed to keep them out, HELLO THEY'RE GIANT DEMONS MADE OF METAL, a wooden door ain't gonna do nothin
Amicus Marco
Amicus Marco преди 9 месеца
Nostalgia of my FNAF phase hit hard with this one...
G P TIM BOWIE преди година
I like how he put altogether like when he got jumped scared and he woke up in the fnaf 4 bed 1:25
Sailor Vixie
Sailor Vixie преди 6 години
I love James Farr's style of animations. They're so wonderfully detailed and hilarious.😄😂
Jetta Mclemore
Jetta Mclemore преди 10 месеца
Jacksepticeye is the funniest , caring guy on BGpost and in the world
wada преди 2 години
The day I watched jacksepticeye the first time I thought he was kid friendly, and this was the first video I watched.
Andyes 01
Andyes 01 преди 25 дни
Ahh.... The Golden Days of BGpost... How I missed those time
Samm Quinan
Samm Quinan преди 14 дни
Wow. The memories are coming back again..
Sanford преди месец
Almost 7 years, jack. A long time since i saw you.
Шинэбаяр Б
Шинэбаяр Б преди 25 дни
i cant stop laughing at this part 1:45 🤣
NCR Ranger 23
NCR Ranger 23 преди 2 месеца
Here's me 6years later, getting this recommended to me, and I'm gonna watch it again of course 😂🤣
redkoala86 преди месец
Watching these back I had a good childhood
Lonely Person
Lonely Person преди 3 години
1:45 i laughed so hard here, i love his commentary xD
Bradey Josey
Bradey Josey преди месец
Crispnout преди 8 месеца
Man who watches this video for nostalgia I miss theses videos old jacksepticeye videos
Beto Loarca
Beto Loarca преди 4 месеца
Wow this is a really creative animation a funny as always the animator should be proud stay Awsome man
JonesBones преди месец
I just got this in my recommended and all the memories came flooding back To whoever is reading this, you're a real legend 😎👊
Ak-47 преди месец
Nate Balabag
Nate Balabag преди 7 месеца
This got recommended to me and I guess a lil nostalgia won't hurt
EnricoUniverse преди 6 години
That transition from FNAF 3 to FNAF 4 was amazing!
Charles Hein
Charles Hein преди 6 години
@Ryan Christiano Yes. The fakers are rated "IT'S A TRAP!"
JustRandomNL преди 6 години
+jacksepticeye ` don't click on these links, this is not Sean! Its a virus or something!
Charles Hein
Charles Hein преди 6 години
+jacksepticeye ` is a troll!
Crazygrace99 преди 6 години
+jacksepticeye ` -.- You little FAKER! U ain't real.
The Commenter
The Commenter преди година
You know, I can honestly believe Jack here could beat the living shyt out of an animitronic with nothing but a plastic flashlight lol
Erika Verleye
Erika Verleye преди 2 години
I forgot these existed honestly , I love these
🖤Anonymous🖤 преди 2 години
I love Jacksepticeye he is funny 😆😂
Malak Ait Amirat
Malak Ait Amirat преди 2 години
Jackaboy :D
pingu.mp4 преди 10 дни
Impressive even to todays standards
Weifei Zou
Weifei Zou преди 5 години
I like how the animations mix together so perfectly, good job bro!
Cam stott 360
Cam stott 360 преди 3 години
Green missions are so funny keep doing the good work Jacksepticeye
Paul Barber
Paul Barber преди месец
It’s been 6 years and this is getting recommended to me again haha
Doragon Raida
Doragon Raida преди година
1:44 is the funniest moment of this animation.
ConnorVRboy Super gamer
ConnorVRboy Super gamer преди 9 месеца
Well done very creative by the way I subscribed ;)
Feeny преди 5 години
I seriously love the transition between the 3rd game and the 4th game abomination!
GOD OOF GAMES преди 5 години
shellbell преди 5 години
Feeny преди 5 години
Cooki woo
Cooki woo преди 5 години
You play MSP?
Shankle Rom
Shankle Rom преди 5 години
me too
McDannyBoyYT преди 2 години
1:47 when your mom finds out that you spent $1,000 on her credit card 😂😂😂
Clever Mind
Clever Mind преди 7 месеца
KaffyDaffy преди 2 години
He sucks at the game when he’s doing it in animation. But when he has been woken up in animation, he will beat the crap out of you. 😂
Dead Viper0
Dead Viper0 преди 16 дни
6 years still amazing 👏
K.o.R преди 3 години
"You cute little plushie bastard."
Alexandra Rivoire
Alexandra Rivoire преди 7 месеца
OHHHHHH, there was somethin there
Mista преди година
The good old days when Jack played FnaF lmao
Morning Coffee
Morning Coffee преди 2 години
That transition was amazing
Matias Hoikkala
Matias Hoikkala преди година
I was 9 this time i watched fnaf animations all the time. This is nostalgia
Mia SilverWings
Mia SilverWings преди 6 месеца
1:33 the fucking story of this game is all over this place I love how after all these years, new games, books and hopefully soon movie this hasn't changed a bit
Karma преди 9 месеца
Anyone else comes back to a video years ago and remember the old days, the old jack....
4EverFrosty преди 10 дни
I love how this was in my recommended section years after it was uploaded.
Spiral Deer
Spiral Deer преди година
We really do be going back to fnaf for comfort during this quarantine
Joanna Stawinski
Joanna Stawinski преди 3 години
lol this made me laugh so hard😂
Jayden Thomas
Jayden Thomas преди 29 дни
I like to imagine jacksepticeye as a peacock.
Plushy Toy
Plushy Toy преди година
His voice is funny 😂😂 I love it
Sparow преди година
I really liked the way you connect the animation of FNAF 3, like it was a nightmare. And then jumped at the animation of FNAF 4!!!!👍😉
The crispy world
The crispy world преди година
I like how the whole time, there’s just chica with those uhh... big hips. Cmon jack that’s not discreet, lol
sub to my new account • Alex Cosplayz •
sub to my new account • Alex Cosplayz • преди 4 години
1:46 my mom when I say all day I have watched Jacksepticeye
NUCLEARNERD948 преди година
Jacob Silvis
Jacob Silvis преди година
sub to my new account • Alex Cosplayz
Chromayy преди година
Liams Clan
Liams Clan преди 2 години
Vivicy CREATIONS преди 2 години
Lonely_Ghost преди година
4 years and its still funny
willow853 преди година
I love how baby jack is braver than adult jack
ZeepSkeep преди 4 месеца
It’s awesome to get this recommended to me 5 years later
The bad gamer
The bad gamer преди 2 години
2:30 child beats freddy 1983 colorized
Stefano de Vries
Stefano de Vries преди 11 месеца
That's fredbear
Jesse Salcido
Jesse Salcido преди година
@Cashmere A. James who are you 😳 you're you're you're not human😈
Micheal Afton
Micheal Afton преди година
The bad gamer lol
Torrance Minchaca
Torrance Minchaca преди година
Leonardo Caballero
Leonardo Caballero преди година
He must be 💪
the nuke
the nuke преди 10 месеца
Dont mind me just revisiting my childhood
VerticalPug Studios
VerticalPug Studios преди година
i remember when fnaf 4 was the newest game in the series. memories.
Mahmoud Nofal
Mahmoud Nofal преди 7 месеца
The way he hit foxy was hilarious 😂
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