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It's meme time, it's meme time


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jacksepticeye преди месец
Meme time? More like monologue time hah!
Amanda Gray
Amanda Gray преди 28 дни
Came to meme time for cure to sadness... Left with more questions about wtf is life. Dissociation into existential crisis mode activated 😅🙁
Ziegler преди 29 дни
Its monologue time, its monologue time! Gather all youre friends its monologue time..... Nope, doesent fit, lets keep meme time
Daniel Boush
Daniel Boush преди месец
As far as the top of the morning ad and the addressing the controversy video go, I have no problem with you pulling a psych card because it was really funny, and the thumbnail for the coffee ad was so confusing that I had to watch, so it was a good marketing tactic, thumbs up me "lad" as you would say.
King R0ach4232
King R0ach4232 преди месец
Jack your better not cooler for anime well both but ye
Holypotato преди месец
@Salubayba Sb aww
Jack: *gets a really good meme he can react to and spends an hour talking about it* Jack: *realizes* "You sly dog. You had me monologing!"
Cornholio Thegreat
Cornholio Thegreat преди месец
Its like in school when you had that one teacher that you knew you could start a topic with and they would basicly just monolog as long as someone pretended to be really in on it to get some minutes off the class or even skip it completely.
TheRoyalBubble преди месец
Love the name prefix!!!
Im really thankful for this and Jack. This small little joke meme got this much attention.
Sonofagun преди месец
Congrats man you got the heart from the Septic man himself!
FMN Lynnaeus
FMN Lynnaeus преди месец
Nice Incredibles reference
Bucky Vedder
Bucky Vedder преди месец
The fact that Jackcepticeye is thirsting over himself is actually the best thing ever 🤣
Zenith TV
Zenith TV преди месец
Nah I’m good
Nah I’m good преди месец
Even he can’t resist against himself
Nichole Parker
Nichole Parker преди месец
We support self confidence lol it’s nice to see
Noah Batriz
Noah Batriz преди месец
Lindsay Lagasse
Lindsay Lagasse преди месец
It is SO NICE hearing someone who has found financial success acknowledge that, while money doesn't buy happiness persay, it sure helps. People that have money tend to have this weird ideal that it has nothing to do with their comfort.
Daksh Arora
Daksh Arora преди 13 дни
VTW41 преди месец
Your pfp looks cool
Solared преди месец
TreeHairedGingerAle преди месец
*Sean:* "It's tone deaf when people say that money can't buy happiness" *Me:* _literally lying in bed trying to spend time passively, so as to conserve energy, so that I don't need as many meals before this week's paycheck_ " 😂😅 Jackaboy ain't never lied! "
leanak09 преди 22 дни
guys. egg wide noodles and cambells cream of chicken. its a tasty poor meal.
Ash D
Ash D преди месец
@Jackie Gerlach mines pasta with peas and butter 😊
Audrey York
Audrey York преди месец
@Trans_boy_kole same 👀
Jackie Gerlach
Jackie Gerlach преди месец
Guys, pasta with some butter and salt. Or, hear me out, rice with cream cheese and salt and pepper. Those are my go to "on an extreme budget" meals
Satan преди месец
I hope it gets better for you
•Itz•Purple’s•Mixz• преди месец
Honestly, "Father Jack" isn't even that much of a joke anymore lmao. I started watching you when I was about 6/7, and I was an absolute *shithead* back then. I'm 15 now. And tbh, most of my morals came from the internet, it raised me more than any of my family. I'm grateful for it, since my family didn't have the best morals, but it was also quite the slippery slope thing. It could've gone either "edgy shithead" or "wholesome normal person". And I'm so glad Sean was the BGpostr I stumbled across and used to learn English lmao. You sorta made sure I ended up a better person. Thanks.
Melanie преди месец
never felt this so hard.
Mikeology преди месец
As a college student who started watching him back when he lived in his parents' cabin (I think I was in middle school), I love hearing about kids growing up and getting the same lessons out of his video that I did. I'm glad that people your age are able to experience his content like us veterans did, cause if you can make it to the point where you can say you got a lot out of his videos like you did, you're pretty much a veteran, too. I'm _still_ gaining new perspectives and ways of looking at situations from his wholesome content and I probably won't stop even once I've gotten to med school if he's hopefully still doing what he loves by then.
Bees? преди месец
That’s so sweet. I’m glad you found him, because being allowed to use the Internet unsupervised too soon in life can REALLY mess a kid up. I got my hands on the Internet for the first time when I was 12 and honestly I’m glad I didn’t know about it and become a part of it sooner. I think it could’ve really messed me up if I found the wrong people to listen to. But lucky for me and for you we had Sean to give us his good advice and loud antics haha
Connor Thompson
Connor Thompson преди месец
I remember watching him way back in the day as well. I used to hide watching him from my mom because he would swear in his videos lmao. He is my first subscribed youtube channel in my subscriptions, and its so mind boggling and nostalgic thinking about the development of Jack and his amazing channel and community. Although I have never met him in real life, it's almost as if I have a bond and connection to him, and he truly does feel like a father figure. Thank you for everything! ✌️
malcolm wharton
malcolm wharton преди месец
He's a dad to all, been my best friend since about 6 months into him uploading and I used to depend on his videos for comfort and he's taught me so much about life to the point I don't rely on his videos anymore to get me through the day, an amazing human through and though and we don't even know him that well, would be a dream to meet him and see what he's like off camera just chilling
mechcentric преди месец
i'm glad jack understands why being financially stable is important for mental and physical health
Randy Rapture
Randy Rapture преди 2 дни
@SweetLikeCyanide817 100% agree
oddity преди месец
City Of London
City Of London преди месец
You definitely work at a bank
Shay Tafoya
Shay Tafoya преди месец
@SweetLikeCyanide817 beautifully put love
mechcentric преди месец
@Levi Llama money enables one to live in better (more expensive) places with more and better healthcare options, and to afford them as well. I used to take mental health meds but where I live now the services I can afford are so abysmal as to be unusable, especially when you struggle just to have your brain function.
dani m
dani m преди месец
“Money doesnt buy happiness, but it gives you the opportunity to pursue what does make you happy without worry.” Is the best quote I’ve heard.
Ara преди месец
Sean: "AM I MAKING ANY SENSE?" me eating potatoes and not listening: "muh."
Requim Dream
Requim Dream преди месец
His name is either JackSepticPenis or JackSepticGay understand?
Owen Kapella
Owen Kapella преди месец
For some reason, I’m 100% sure Ryan Reynolds watches his stuff regularly.
Brandon Hey
Brandon Hey преди месец
or has watched enough of Jack's stuff to appreciate what he does.
MineTIE Plays
MineTIE Plays преди месец
jack: "we need new jokes!" his fanes: *l a w n m c g l o u c h l i n*
KittenWispy преди месец
3:43 "he's not here to defend himself" *pewds' redditors:* _"allow us to introduce ourselves."_
Parker Retz
Parker Retz преди месец
My god he is the masaiah
Parker Retz
Parker Retz преди месец
Finally someone said it
Parker Retz
Parker Retz преди месец
Humanity is fine press x to doubt
toff преди месец
@卐-soundcity-卐 I will report you, why are you so mean bro jack didn't do anything 😐
urn🏺 преди месец
@dreaming4ffr people are to dumb to realize that
Paka Fanta
Paka Fanta преди месец
Not gonna lie, hearing jacks lil tangent about money and like ways to be happy in your own skin gave me so much hope.. I’ve just moved house and it’s been feeling like the world is out to get me and my mom but there’s so many factors that I haven’t fully had the chance to realise and I have Jack to thank for reminding me that sure the world is scary But it also is beautiful and full of amazing possibilities Thanks to being financially stable ish I’m able to get so many important things that make me so much more comfortable and happy aaagh Thank you Jack 💕
Katherine Lockert
Katherine Lockert преди месец
I hope it gets better for you and that the moving process has been going well❤
Jonathan VanRy
Jonathan VanRy преди месец
Sean - "Stop reposting old memes that clog up the sub" Also Sean - "Hehe Gamecube intro jokes never get old"
Jaundré Dirker
Jaundré Dirker преди месец
Sean blushed like a little school girl when Ryan called him a good lad but NO!!! HE'S THE BEST LAD
Damian Rockwell
Damian Rockwell преди месец
I don't know about everyone else, but meme time kind of feels like an evolution of "reading your comments" series. It really allows sean to get more personal and show a bit behind the curtain.
Cece Karr
Cece Karr преди месец
I feel like, as I get older, it’s almost like Jack’s content grows with me. I started watching Jack in middle school and here I am watching Jack while my 10 month old takes a nap 😂
Alicia Hobbit
Alicia Hobbit преди 22 дни
Same! Mine is 20 months 🖤🤭
Ayla Hernandez
Ayla Hernandez преди месец
yup yup from awkward 14 yr me to a mother of 2. time flies
Larissa Dixon
Larissa Dixon преди месец
I relate so hard. Felt perfectly
ManderPlayz преди месец
Aww that’s cute!
Madison McDermott
Madison McDermott преди месец
This is so cute 🥺❣️ I really feel ya and relate! He’s an amazing role model tbh. I hate that people just see him as “that annoying gamer” or as “too inappropriate” because he’s honestly a great person. He has a funny and bubbly personality, gives genuinely good advice, preaches and advocates for equality and acceptance, does SO MUCH for charity, like honestly. What is there to dislike about this man?
Nichole Parker
Nichole Parker преди месец
I have some theories on the “why Jack looks better now” conversation 1) enjoying what you do helps so much with stress. I went from working retail while doing college and living at home, to graduating and getting a dream job and apartment with my boyfriend. My self care was better before because of a less hectic schedule (I work less days but double the amount total) but I’m so much less stressed and overall happier. It’s helped with my anxiety and sleep schedule and it’s only getting better. So I think what jacks saying about the happiness is absolutely true 2) he is afforded a job where he has total control of his schedule (more or less), so he can workout when works for him, eat when he wants to, and sleep when it works for him. So while I prefer a late morning/afternoon workout and it’s what works best for me, that will never work for my current schedule. 3) absolutely the confidence helps. And truly I think there is something to age. I am not the same size as I was at 17, but I feel like I’m much more attractive now despite that fact. Because I’m not as insecure and unsure all of the time. But in no way do I think it’s about money (in jacks situation, because plenty of celebs and influencers absolutely do a shit ton of procedures and stuff)
Mitch Rowe
Mitch Rowe преди месец
I have thought this for years! I'm so glad to see someone else does too!
Demonix VODS
Demonix VODS преди месец
Brandon Santana
Brandon Santana преди месец
So the summary of Sean’s quote is “money doesn’t buy happiness but it does buy comfort.”
Ava Rossato
Ava Rossato преди месец
As someone who grew up in poverty as a young child, money DEFIANTLY buys happiness to many extents Although many people can find how to live comfortably with very little and I understand what Jack is trying to say
BJ Hollings
BJ Hollings преди месец
Can we all just stop to appreciate the fact that Jack is actually going almost daily with content again?! Love it, glad your back ti feeling daily again.
Cayden Ray
Cayden Ray преди месец
can u like my reply
ASMR Jonie
ASMR Jonie преди месец
I started watching you when my son was a toddler, and now my 10yo and I watch you together most of the time
duck cartoons
duck cartoons преди месец
That’s so cute
Cheems преди месец
@Snapchat User [High Quality Videos] ⬅️ k
Arden G
Arden G преди месец
@DestinyGames i think if she's been watching jack for that long, she's noticed that he swears.
DestinyGames преди месец
uhh you showed him when he was a toddler? jack swears
Arden G
Arden G преди месец
@Austin Kennedy i was watching him when i was 8, it really doesn't matter
Mauro Pinto
Mauro Pinto преди месец
"Money is a very externally wealthy thing to have" Damn Jack be spittin' facts
The Egabdf
The Egabdf преди месец
It amazes me, Jack is LITERALLY the only BGpostr I can just watch go on a rant for ages, and be very intrigued about what he’s saying.
Mizuru007 преди месец
The talk about money really made me itch in a strange way. I think it's not quite fair to say money can't buy happiness. It's true, you can't spend money to gain the feeling of Eternal Happiness, but if you give someone with no food, no job, and no home all of those things, they'll be ECSTATIC. If you give them access to healthcare for both external AND internal illnesses, they'll be THRILLED. It's not the purchasing of fleeting financial goods that can "buy happiness". It's being able to be stable and secure in your life to where you can be relieved of the ENDLESS financial stresses and burdens that come with being alive, let alone being alive in a country where there doesn't seem to be enough money to keep up with anything. I'm just saying. Be in the shoes of someone that's doing the unspeakable in order to maintain rent and I highly doubt they'd agree with the "money can't buy happiness" thing. :T
BeanieC преди месец
Jack seems like the most down to earth, humble guy.
Monika Galinski
Monika Galinski преди месец
This video IS the meme, its 28 minutes, 18 are FUCKING LECTURES. JACK!
Anime Nerd
Anime Nerd преди месец
Jack: “Money doesn’t buy you happiness “ Me:*buys 80 cats and cat toys* “yeah it doesn’t…” *whilst petting cat*
Shivam Desai
Shivam Desai преди месец
_Petition for Jack to make a separate video talking about life stuff so that people who really need guidance in that field can be helped because he _*_is_*_ knowledgeable about it._
Perci Carvalho
Perci Carvalho преди месец
It wasn't even the memes that cured sadness y'know... it was your laughter at the 4:44-4:46 of the video - yep... 2 seconds of laughter... saved my day already. Thank you. Love ya
Ariel Warfare
Ariel Warfare преди месец
Fans: "Seán, play Minecraft again!" Seán: "A five second clip of the worst thing that ever happened to me in that game, take it or leave it."
Lina преди месец
Where did he upload those 5 seconds?
Gidget преди месец
the war flashbacks
Ritik Pandey
Ritik Pandey преди месец
@Charybdis same
Charybdis преди месец
I’m sorry I read your account name very wrong
Haylee Neuheisel
Haylee Neuheisel преди месец
You added the accent in his name! Finally people are spelling his actual name right!
Darth Thanos
Darth Thanos преди месец
Jack: we need to move forward with new memes Also Jack:game cube memes never get old
I_prefer_the_term_antihero .
I_prefer_the_term_antihero . преди месец
The “me, a simple memer trying to decide if I should write fuck or fudge in me memes” ending REALLY got me. That was the hardest I’ve laughed in a while. That simple memer makes good memes
Ishaan Mudkhedkar
Ishaan Mudkhedkar преди месец
Father Jack had a really good journey in exploring himself. I wonder if we could get a separate dedicated video about it soon, or the one similar with Dr.K. I would love to see that and I think Sean would love to share it too!
duck cartoons
duck cartoons преди месец
I love how he will go on about important stuff that needs to be talked about for like 3-5 minutes, it just shows how much he cares about us
Endymion Duni
Endymion Duni преди месец
Maybe Jack is stressed out, cause he doesn't have hiss stress-relieve whiteboard anymore? He lacks something to smack
Definitely not Lapis_:3
Definitely not Lapis_:3 преди месец
Yes.yes. We must fix this
Xanman Skaggs
Xanman Skaggs преди месец
@Cosmic yeah and the dude in your picture committed suicide
Cosmic преди месец
His dad die
relishwolf преди месец
get him a couple thousand black ballpoint pens to snap, mass stress relief
ZombieGoddessxi преди месец
Perhaps he needs one of those big ones on wheels you see in schools.
TOXIC ERROR преди месец
His laugh is so heartwarming like think of every other loud BGpostr jack is the only one of the few that had an impact on all of us
Mechanism Pixeloid
Mechanism Pixeloid преди месец
Jack is like a father, you make a joke then get a lil lecture instead of a laugh.
Karla Casados
Karla Casados преди месец
You should definitely have a podcast about anything! It would be absolutely amazing
The_Noodle_ Poodle
The_Noodle_ Poodle преди месец
Jack is not on a high hoarse, he’s sharing his hoarse of happiness with everyone else 😊❤️ thank you seán
Solared преди месец
you mean horse?
pasatebo преди месец
Sara C
Sara C преди месец
As much as this was a "lecture by father Jack" it's on brand. You've matured, you're in a place in life where you CAN give advice, where you CAN correct shitty behavior online *and people will actually listen* and like, as much as I can appreciate the older videos and content before like 2018, I vibe so much better with the content since quarantine club mostly because as Jack has matured and his content is more my speed and my vibe. Not that past content is bad, just that I need to be in a certain mindset and energy to enjoy them properly as they deserve. This type of joke followed by a more serious undertone discussion, is exactly the kind of thing I do and it's nice to see that it can be done well. He sets examples, he sets boundaries, and he isn't afraid to correct us when we are out of line or could do better. That's honestly what you need to keep a subscriber following of almost 28 million in line and this wholesome. He's like a fine wine, only gets better with age 🥰
Leafyr Oakfyst
Leafyr Oakfyst преди месец
Darth Maul
Darth Maul преди месец
Couldn’t agree more, perfectly said.
Alexis McCrae
Alexis McCrae преди месец
I relate to this so much. Of course I've heard of Jack and his gaming over the last 8 years, but his videos in the last year have really helped me, especially as he also is dealing with the loss of a parent at a young age (I think Jack is like 3 years older than me). It helps me see there are brighter days in the midst of bad ones and that it's okay to talk about it
Magma Crakken
Magma Crakken преди месец
@Sara C ok ok ok. 👍 meme time=anything seán wants it to be(even a party).👏👏
Sara C
Sara C преди месец
@Magma Crakken meme time wouldn't be meme time without his tangents, advice and commentary. Meme time is whatever the hell seán wants to make, and that's the beauty of it. You don't get to dictate his content cause you are one person out of millions. There are plenty of videos where people will react to memes without much commentary, you can go watch those if you prefer. Those of us who are here for meme time, are here for not only the memes but for seán as a whole. Monologues and all, because that's what makes meme time great.
Godspeed преди месец
It's been so long since I've watched meme time and the intro just made me smile
Cheese Boyz
Cheese Boyz преди 3 дни
Hey Jack I just want to say you are a amazing person you inspire so much people and i'm saying this cause iv'e been watching you for like 4 years now and the first video I watched was one of your happy wheels video and i just want to say thank you for your work and Robin's
GiraffeMan_Gaming преди месец
Half the video is him lecturing us. I feel like I learned more than I was entertained, which is good but, I WANT MORE MEMES.
Dani преди месец
First: I can't see a Markplier video without Lixian bc he basically canon in that channel and he's amazing, editor's make a lot of the job even more if you do videos every day. Second we don't if you go on a tangent on a topic, because hearing you talk on philosophical or even your personal view of the world is awesome and can make us know you better! Just keep it at it!
William Bendele
William Bendele преди месец
I feel like 50% of meme time is Jack cracking jokes and the other 50% is Jack lecturing life lessons, I'm here for it lol
Dynamite King
Dynamite King преди месец
veranyx преди месец
Sean: No one brings their dog to battle! Techno: *brings a crap ton of dogs into battle* so who’s going to tell him?
Kayden преди месец
its all good vibes though!
Kaori Miyazono
Kaori Miyazono преди месец
Jack is honestly my favorite BGpostr because he's completely honest and willing to do stuff like this, just humanizing the people we tend to put on pedestals so high we think less about ourselves.
tyrrell davey
tyrrell davey преди месец
I’m so glad that BGpost exists watching BGpost during a 56 hour work week is amazing being able to relax and watch videos like this is what’s keeping me going ngl
Davld Bradley
Davld Bradley преди месец
Tangent geez Sean's ten minutes of insecurity for doing well in life. Be happy dude you did what you wanted to do and were are still watching "Some of it drivel" more games please..!!!
Conor Gillingham
Conor Gillingham преди месец
Jack: no one loses a dog by having them die in a valiant effort. Me: have you seen technoblade? All those dogs in the war-
Alex Banks
Alex Banks преди месец
I love how Seán can turn a joke into a serious conversation without it being annoying like a parent does. He always gives genuine advice from his point of view and he never acts like he knows everything. It's so weird how he can do it
Blue flame man
Blue flame man преди месец
@frosy chi probably
frosy chi
frosy chi преди месец
@cicikyuu Sean would make a good parent :)
cicikyuu преди месец
Well he isn’t nagging us like parents do so I think that’s why… He’s giving us advice from his heart because he genuinely wants to share the things that helped him, whereas parents bring up serious convos are usually just nagging or just telling us to do something
spirally branches
spirally branches преди месец
Humility perhaps? :)
oliver smith
oliver smith преди месец
Love that Sean can express himself, and doesn't do it to promote himself, he does it because he cares about his fans, what he says shows that.
Dahmacles TS
Dahmacles TS преди месец
The most serious joking time I've ever watched. You inspire me more and more Jack. Thank you for what you do.
Definitely not Lapis_:3
Definitely not Lapis_:3 преди месец
When I watch these it makes me feel like I’m 4 years old being babysat by my moms friend and playing bay blades w her kid. I miss that. Anyways ima go get a juice box now.
Beliot преди месец
"nobody loses their dogs in battle!" Technoblade has entered the chat
Avery Hewitt
Avery Hewitt преди месец
I love how meme time is just jack giving us lectures or life advice
ClaudiaDCDL преди месец
Feels like you're connecting with the community more when you do these. You just sound super relaxed and it's amazing to watch.
SuperSluether преди месец
I've never gone out with friends for coffee, but I imagine it feels kinda like these videos. Just a nice little chat while also having some casual laughs.
William Anderson
William Anderson преди месец
Jack: who calls people nerds Techno: alow me to introduce myself.
Kota Kyser
Kota Kyser преди месец
Me: Oh boy! I sure hope that Jack finds some good memes today! Jack: Welcome to meme time where we find a meme and talk about it for 5-10 minutes! Me: Um... that's cool I guess Jack: Do you have 90 minutes?
Elora And Khan
Elora And Khan преди месец
I hope to see more like this from you, Sean... Its nice to have this kind of "conversation" between you and the fanbase.
Hope Walls
Hope Walls преди месец
Can we just talk about how beautiful Jack's eyes are? Like just wow they are such a beautiful blue color.
Redneckgamer2 преди месец
I love how meme time became a very important life lesson from Father Jack.
Stormieremmy преди месец
Father Jack is always preaching and spreading his wise words.
Caleb Rosario
Caleb Rosario преди месец
Jack is a wise, wise man
Rpforlifetilldeath Edits
Rpforlifetilldeath Edits преди месец
That is true
Harriet Sarah
Harriet Sarah преди месец
Father Jack is a very different person to Seán for a lot of people.
Rpforlifetilldeath Edits
Rpforlifetilldeath Edits преди месец
@Poke-Ladd its Father Jack and always will be
Racoon преди месец
Inderveer Singh
Inderveer Singh преди месец
You know what makes me happy, watching jack it’s just delightful and a life saver
Camila Solis Torrez
Camila Solis Torrez преди месец
I love to hear Jack's reflections, he has gained a lot of experiences and come to form strong understandings of many concepts and ideas that really inspire and comfort me. Many years ago, I said to friends that I would love to meet Jack and give him a hug. Still feel that way!
Sadowze преди месец
The fact that Jack recognized this scene from transformers. 10:24 my respect grows
alexstuffies преди месец
“Thats kinda like it was in the beginning”-is now and will be forever…
Milos Champagne
Milos Champagne преди месец
To be honest, I’m happy that you go on those tangents because as an influential person your voice is more heard and what you say can sometimes really help someone, so thanks Sean
ClassicGuy57 преди месец
@Brеnt Rivera 🅥 Bot be gone!!
GamePapa преди 20 дни
"Money doesn't buy you happiness" is something that people who doesn't have it say.
Big Sin
Big Sin преди месец
tbh sean does his lectures more than he ever does nowadays meme time or gaming he talks more and I find that entertaining in a way but I just wanna have my meme time
MLGIyel преди месец
10:34 That is honestly a genius character idea
Christian Sample
Christian Sample преди месец
I love the fact Sean is using meme time as a recap, because I'm the audience he's talking about. School finals are right now, and I don't have time to go and watch every new episode.
Lindsey Gordon
Lindsey Gordon преди месец
This was a good meme time. Thank you Jack for being our free therapist
malena martinez
malena martinez преди месец
Jack: that is so unfortunate Also jack: watches dog being blown up again and laughs
Cazy CF.
Cazy CF. преди месец
The lecture was more like a "Make memes because you want to give something back and not for attention! We are here to have fun!" and I liked that vibe
snapeyaoilover преди месец
Me: **seeing Jacksepticeye pole dancing** OH NO HE'S HOT
Maddaya преди месец
I came for the memes, I stayed for the therapy session 💜 thank you Jack this was actually good to hear today.
Sebastian michaelis
Sebastian michaelis преди месец
Thank you for making me laugh. I lost my dad recently and you always bring a smile to my face.
gamerjoshkish преди месец
Dang got laughs and good life lessons. I love you jack been watching for you years you had a amazing impact on my life
Benji_H3 преди месец
Red notice's ending kinda feels like there's gonna be a part 2, soo... Jack before you are late ask them if you be in the movie XD
Jac Coates
Jac Coates преди месец
I love how these videos went from a “TOP OF THE MORNING EVERYBODY” over the top Irish man to a TED talk about anxiety and depression with just a little hint of memes. Still love you though Jack
Jayden Mulvey
Jayden Mulvey преди 27 дни
@Ash you have only one
Jayden Mulvey
Jayden Mulvey преди 27 дни
@Ash dhdm OK TYLER
Ash преди месец
Jack is an amazing example of someone who grew with their audience. I think a large majority of Jack's fan base have been on the channel for a long time. Most of us finding Jack's channel in middle school. We grew with him and he, 10 years later, is still someone we can relate too. That's why we all still love him ❤
Leafyr Oakfyst
Leafyr Oakfyst преди месец
All de love, yes. 💚
Flash VS Arrow
Flash VS Arrow преди месец
Is It just me, or does Jack’s stretching scream sound like doc oc, drowning his artificial sun in the river?😂
RedPlayz преди месец
"Meme Time" turned into "Life Lessons with Jack"
Rose McI
Rose McI преди месец
Jack: need new memes! Also Jack: that game cube meme is always haha
Kinoko Komori
Kinoko Komori преди месец
that whole monologue thing about happiness was actually really nice. it helps change the perspective of internal vs. external to a more positive light.
Devon Sommers
Devon Sommers преди месец
Jack: "i need an idea for an intro." *snorts line of top of the morning coffee* Jack: *enters room* "LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH"
Julian Vasquez
Julian Vasquez преди месец
Luniku преди месец
Jack: "I keep thinking he's gonna unfollow me. I'm gonna say something stupid." Ad: "Ryan Reynolds here." Jack: 26:30
Dragon eevee queen
Dragon eevee queen преди месец
hi jack ! maybe monologue but we love to ear you everyday, we love you just as you are please dont change! lot of love and see you in the next one!
Adrianna Perez
Adrianna Perez преди месец
7:40 He's my favorite person on the planet too. ❤ He always puts a smile on my face.
Michael Larsen
Michael Larsen преди месец
Gosh Jack that was so wholesome, It put me in such a good mood and vibe, thank you so much for the wise words ^^
NarcoBeAN преди месец
Jack: “No one loses their dog by bringing them into battle and having them die in a valiant effort.” Techno: I’m gonna pretend I didn’t see that.
¡Hi I'm ######!
¡Hi I'm ######! преди месец
Mmm, Apollo, and then the whole *army* from the war- from the war, I loved how Tommy saw philza on a tree blending into it at night- *and not techno and his ARMY*
Estarya преди месец
Sapnap: Is that a dog over there heading into Battle ?!
Nagging_Nagrom преди месец
Apollo! He will be missed.
MissPositive17 преди месец
@Link_Is_Here22 Amen Amen Amen
Link_Is_Here22 преди месец
My dog died while I was fighting a zombie and I accidentally hit him with sweeping edge. I still have a grave for him right outside my house and I pay my respects every time I play. A Minecraft dog means more to a gamer than people may know.
Ra2A8978 преди месец
meme time : ❌ Lecture by séan : ✅ but i liked it and listened to the whole thing do more lectures sean 😁
PK_Clapz преди месец
Everytime jack lectures us about something, that this is going to somehow make it into the title or thumbnail
kimbo преди месец
Singing meme time while going for a walk is the best thing
Silas преди месец
I’ve been a fan for so many years and I’ve loved every single video. Thank you Sean
risk преди месец
It's pretty cool and sad at the same time, seeing Jack growing up... His old videos are pure gold!
NoxiousLad преди месец
@Мут stop
Firefight преди месец
@Villager #9 none 😂
BabyKata преди месец
Stfu bot channel
Blair преди месец
Kanon = r/whoosh
Nothinspecial07 преди месец
@Мут what the fuck is wrong with you
KG Martin
KG Martin преди месец
Videos that turn into Sean presenting a brief lecture on self-help and wellness are all I really need in my life.
SprangTrup преди месец
me: comes here for laughs also me: unknowingly came here for a tedtalk
John Cook
John Cook преди месец
I like the meme time where Jack lectures about memes like a boomer for a really long time.
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