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Коментари: 14 964
Marie преди 2 години
2014 Jack: *tries to hide his irish accent* 2019 Jack: DING DING DING TOP OF MORNING IRELAND LADDIES
IceFox преди месец
@Anirudh Das bruh, whats the problem of being a mobile user? I mean, i am a mobile user
gráinne McDermott
gráinne McDermott преди 4 месеца
Mise: Ag gáire as Gaeilge
〔「Sunny Sail』〕
〔「Sunny Sail』〕 преди 8 месеца
@Anirudh Das whats up with mobile users? I dnt understand-
a mushroom chad
a mushroom chad преди 9 месеца
@Bean Steak woo
Dream_Choco преди година
@Bean Steak wut
freedom преди година
POV: The skate 3 gods have brought you back to your childhood
Kal-el преди 8 дни
Lucky Charm
Lucky Charm преди година
Who else is about to do an old skate 3 jack marathon? Like if so
Jelly Awesomeness
Jelly Awesomeness преди 2 месеца
Me but im watching every single video it will take a year i will comment on this next year
Snake_Ninja76 преди 2 месеца
im watching all his nostalgic videos
Triamcinolone Acetonide
Triamcinolone Acetonide преди 3 месеца
Boutta do it
Kaylin преди 5 месеца
Yepp lmao
David shotwell
David shotwell преди 5 месеца
Blursed Fly
Blursed Fly преди 2 години
Ending my decade with this series Don't mind me
Jelly a simple guy
Jelly a simple guy преди 7 месеца
starting my decade with it
Askil V Johnsen
Askil V Johnsen преди година
Harry Harrison
Harry Harrison преди година
You didn’t know what we had coming
Justin Wooten
Justin Wooten преди година
You are going to wish you would have stayed In 2019
Blursed Fly
Blursed Fly преди година
@Henry20o8 Bro don't do the word "suck" like that. "Suck" might be a suck word but it's not as shit as 2020
Dmoney S
Dmoney S преди година
2014 Jack to Radom guy: “Eeewwww, go get a hair cut” 2020 Jack: ...
Lumighost преди 8 месеца
Lilly Velentzas
Lilly Velentzas преди 8 месеца
@Alex M. _ i see you everywhere
Alex M. _
Alex M. _ преди година
Max Tattersdale
Max Tattersdale преди година
“Ahh if only times were still like this” a quote by all old fans
The Thing That Should Not Be
The Thing That Should Not Be преди 8 месеца
Yep first watched jack in 2014 when I was 10 now 17
Flopyrobin преди 10 месеца
Prince2x преди 10 месеца
@Cruelizon lol wasup
Cruelizon преди 10 месеца
@Prince2x Hey, a fellow 14 year old lol
2007 Charger Sxt
2007 Charger Sxt преди година
"If my dad would hook up the damn PS3..." thats my foken quote
Vexar преди година
“So professional, charge the controller jack, CHARGE!”😂😂 watching his beamng and skate videos are the best!!
Florp Le Borp
Florp Le Borp преди 2 месеца
That line has lived rent free in my head for years! Nobody ever gets the reference! 😭
Alana Morris
Alana Morris преди година
I just had to laugh at the fact that I recognized the ps3 message
Altoonatuna преди година
Rewatching this in 2020 because I refuse to believe that the last time I watched this I had no front teeth 😳🥺
vuln6rable преди 2 години
the “top of tha mornin’ to ya laddies” after bot hearing it for years gave me chills down my spine...
XxxM&DxxX преди 2 месеца
@The Mutha F'n muffin man I understand this was a year ago but he's a kid he doesn't know how much effort you have to put into these videos if you want to get big it takes time. You don't have to call him worthless because he asked for subs I don't expect to get any reply from this but you should delete the comments
Boden Arjun
Boden Arjun преди 8 месеца
@Caspian Gus Yea, I have been watching on Flixzone for years myself :D
Caspian Gus
Caspian Gus преди 8 месеца
pro tip: you can watch movies on flixzone. Me and my gf have been using them for watching lots of of movies lately.
killer gameing
killer gameing преди 8 месеца
Brandon Day
Brandon Day преди 11 месеца
Also, the low energy may have helped a bit
SoulFoxie преди 7 месеца
Jack: "I need a bigger ramp for this" Jack: *Places a slide* Jack: "That'll do!"
Sleepyz преди година
dude these series are so nostalgic. the "Top of the morning to ya laddies" brings me back.
Antoni преди година
This a monthly thing literally every month i come back to this series and watch it again
Tyler Gulley
Tyler Gulley преди година
Who else here in 2021 remembering how good jack was back in the day, he’s still an absolute g today but jeez this was so funny
Zzuk0here преди 10 месеца
Am I about to marathon this series again. Yes
Glowstick 2016
Glowstick 2016 преди 2 години
Whos here after Jack's new skate 3 video?
Jay Gaming
Jay Gaming преди година
who's here in 2020?
Faze Alekss
Faze Alekss преди година
SmellyToes преди година
I miss the old days 3
leaf преди година
Da_bean_boi преди година
Me just wanted some good laughs
Tom _
Tom _ преди 2 години
"You like my guy? He's pretty naked, but he's got a nice helmet.."
ryoikitenkai. преди година
6 years later watching during quarantine. the good times***
FNL4 Recess9
FNL4 Recess9 преди година
Anyanka DeAguero
Anyanka DeAguero преди 11 месеца
2021 man this was left in my old playlists and when I heard Jack say top of the morning I laughed fuck last year was hard at least Jack is still here
Jacob McDermott
Jacob McDermott преди 11 месеца
Watching this episode filled me with so much nostalgia. I also love seeing how much Jack has changed over the years.
Emvyst преди 7 месеца
Jack running into someone in episode 1: "I'm sorry dude!" Jack running into someone in episode 10: "DUDE!!" *Beats with skateboard*
MyNemWynx преди 2 месеца
I come back and watch this series whenever I feel lost, honestly connecting with my childhood is really such a therapeutic thing
Ethan Hirst
Ethan Hirst преди 3 години
Hello people rewatching this series from the future Edit: I wish It was still 2018, 2020 sucks ass
Elijah Mathews Henry
Elijah Mathews Henry преди 2 месеца
Im Trash At Games
Im Trash At Games преди 4 месеца
Things never got better.
Brenda Ker
Brenda Ker преди 6 месеца
Longbone преди 6 месеца
2021 succs more
Dusky Diamond
Dusky Diamond преди 7 месеца
Da GermanPro
Da GermanPro преди година
This series was so fun to watch then and now.
Harvey Jackson
Harvey Jackson преди 4 месеца
Wow, this video was made 7 years ago. time flies. Dont be sad that it's over, be happy that you were here to witness this series, memories created and nostalgia will continue forevermore.
Andrew F.
Andrew F. преди 9 дни
8 years, today, Jan 17 I saw this when it came out. Shits changed man. Really sad, really grateful for the good times this series provided me.
Baron Von Blut the Protogen
Baron Von Blut the Protogen преди 10 месеца
Ah... 7 years later and still the best content on BGpost
Tony Montana
Tony Montana преди година
makes me emotional watching this grew up to fast and times were simpler
Christine O'Neill
Christine O'Neill преди 2 години
Sean 2014: ''Trees are assholes''Sean 2019: Organizes charity event for trees (teamtrees)Time really does fly :D
Aurica Kosza
Aurica Kosza преди 2 дни
Going back in time to watch one of my favorite play troughs with my fave youtuber
Geo преди 2 години
Jack five years ago: trees are assholes! Jack 2019: let's plant 20 million trees in Minecraft
Florp Le Borp
Florp Le Borp преди 2 месеца
Wow. At least 7 years of watching Jack, as of November 2021. This was the first video I ever saw of his just a month after it dropped, I believe. Feels good watching this again.
P3rccs0nd3ck преди 8 месеца
Can’t believe so many people are coming back and watching this after 7 years
Carma Van Engelen
Carma Van Engelen преди година
14:35 “o-oh my god i almost just got killed bu everything!” That car: *IM EVERYTHING*
tim fred
tim fred преди месец
I laughed my ass off to this series, what a long way have I come
A Soggy Piece of Toast
A Soggy Piece of Toast преди 5 години
I love going back to watch older videos. Skate 3 especially!
Brandon No name 2
Brandon No name 2 преди 5 месеца
Wait its 2021 i need to wake up
Chara преди 2 години
Pair of Legs e
Paul Perin
Paul Perin преди 3 години
Jack has changed since then, he should go back to scripting his vids
Suvashanie Narine
Suvashanie Narine преди 3 години
@Tisa Adams
Chuck Vanamann
Chuck Vanamann преди 3 години
Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool!
Katastrophic Kitty
Katastrophic Kitty преди 2 години
It’s 2020 and this is still my fave series of his
Oliver Kristiansen
Oliver Kristiansen преди 6 месеца
Watching this series again, 7 years later, bring up sooooo many good memories😢😃
KEegaN10 преди 5 месеца
Hell ya
Gabriel Isaac
Gabriel Isaac преди 2 години
This Sean is more like 2019 Sean than 2019 Sean is
*Mãńgø* *Māñgø*
*Mãńgø* *Māñgø* преди година
TheUtah99 what do you mean
Ethan C
Ethan C преди 2 години
Dont know how that works but ok
Gabriel Isaac
Gabriel Isaac преди 2 години
Thomas G I believe they were referring to Sean speaking about how at around this phase of his BGpost career he was faking a lot of his persona and energy, but I believe at the point when this series was released he was somewhat past that already.
Tooges преди 2 години
TheUtah99 faking what?
Draco985 преди 2 години
No no he's got a point
Liam Wagner
Liam Wagner преди 2 месеца
These videos still bring me the same joy they did back in high school… oh to be back in those times again…
RobotGamer64 преди 5 години
I miss the series so much :(
Fade Sparkey
Fade Sparkey преди 6 месеца
cal McFlurry
cal McFlurry преди 3 години
RobotGamer64 same, wouldn't it be awesome if he tried to play again in 2018☺️
exxy преди 4 години
RobotGamer64 yup
Melanie Billings
Melanie Billings преди 4 години
RobotGamer64 j
Eggy преди 4 години
RobotGamer64 I
BlackDefaultJR преди 2 години
Anyone else coming back to watch the series after nostalgia week?
HairyPencilman преди 8 месеца
watching this late may of 2021 and this series still brings me joy. old jack is a treasure.
jengaardaym преди 9 месеца
It really has been 7 years since this came out! The feels from this series is unexplainable.
FNp0lar преди 2 години
Rewatching the entire series after watching Jack's newest skate 3 video
XxGacha TsunderexX
XxGacha TsunderexX преди 3 години
5 years later, still watching e.e
Usernames r Hard
Usernames r Hard преди 8 месеца
7 years later
Peter преди година
6 years later and I’m still watching😂
Evo Javier
Evo Javier преди година
Brings back so much memory
Evo Javier
Evo Javier преди година
32 CansOfBeans
32 CansOfBeans преди 2 години
XxGacha TsunderexX I’m an og fan
Manuel.L Elliott
Manuel.L Elliott преди 8 месеца
He still should do more of this game, I love it.
Dylan murphy
Dylan murphy преди година
I miss this Jack now he's all kind and giving advice
Hamsta1 преди година
Watching these videos after 6 years is still making me laugh
Alice преди година
I’ve watched this series so many times, I remember like..every line 😂
james sinclair
james sinclair преди 2 години
Anyone else here in 2019 just after he replayed it for nostalgia week
The Royale high person !Kai Mars Miko!
The Royale high person !Kai Mars Miko! преди 9 месеца
Im rewatching this in 2021-
The unstoppable Dragon
The unstoppable Dragon преди 9 месеца
No I’m here 2021
farendel the great
farendel the great преди година
Im here for 2020 nostalgia week
james sinclair
james sinclair преди година
@RemoteControlSpoof 61 very well
RemoteControlSpoof 61
RemoteControlSpoof 61 преди година
Gab Diamond
Gab Diamond преди 11 месеца
I marathon this content whenever I'm feeling lonely. This series was such a huge part of me remaining positive during high school.
FigGirls преди 2 години
Lol I'm watching this after nostalgia week....he hasn't changed his personality.. and his cute Lil laugh❣️
lorem ipsum
lorem ipsum преди година
God this makes me so happy to rewatch
Tyler Ayers
Tyler Ayers преди 2 години
2014 Jack: get a haircut 2019 jack: has a man bun
The mediocre Gamer
The mediocre Gamer преди година
Que onda tried to swim in lava
Que onda
Que onda преди година
Jonathan Swanathan tried to swim in lava
Shodai Gojira 1954
Shodai Gojira 1954 преди година
Sometimes youtubers new videos isnt as good as old ones tho but no offense :)
Jonathan Swanathan
Jonathan Swanathan преди година
NathanDaGamer143 tried to swim in lava
Rrths преди година
Jolin tried to swim in lava
Strawb3rr1e Gutz
Strawb3rr1e Gutz преди година
6 years later and this video still makes me laugh.
Ben Stone
Ben Stone преди година
This will forever be cemented in the BGpost series hall of fame as one of the most entertaining series of gaming videos ever created.
Zlervo преди година
My gosh I’ve been watching this guy for 7 years it’s actually insane how I still remember this series
SickDucker63 преди година
Holy shit, I remember 5 years ago watching this and laughing my ass off. Major respect and thanks for making my childhood
Maddie преди 2 години
That moment when you watched this as a kid and you enjoyed everything about it. Me now: I had no clue what any of these jokes ment and I’m here to enjoy them 5 years later
2007 Charger Sxt
2007 Charger Sxt преди година
Five years ago, I was 9 and I had full knowledge of what they ment
Jonzy преди година
Sean: Trees are assholes Mr. Beast: That wasn’t very cash money of you
Dtendy 41
Dtendy 41 преди 11 месеца
This and pain are my favorite jacksepticeye series
IntensiTwice преди 9 месеца
The bailing/falling part actually prove that spreading you're body wide as possible can decrease impact. That's amazing.
Kyle MowBray
Kyle MowBray преди година
First video I found of him, subscribed, and the rest is history. Love you, Jack!
Wedge 0932
Wedge 0932 преди година
Ngl this is like my third time watching this series in quarantine still makes me laugh every time though
Cash Hartley
Cash Hartley преди година
I watched this entire season when it came out and seeing his jack grew is amazing and I absolutely love him
V L-M преди 2 години
Two days till 2020 and I’m still watching this series !!!
Xcizior преди 2 години
hearing jack say everybody do the flop was def the best way to end my decade. thanks jack^^
A master
A master преди 4 години
omg imagine jack flying at you saying "let me love you!!!"
Brenda Chipman
Brenda Chipman преди 4 години
You you are stupid
ViralHornet060 10
ViralHornet060 10 преди 4 години
A master bedroom and a lot to be able I was just thinking that we have the right thing for you guys think I
certified savage
certified savage преди 4 години
'Let me love you' He guessed Justin biebers lyrics!!
Gilles Tremblay
Gilles Tremblay преди 4 години
A master haha
Sam The leviathan
Sam The leviathan преди 4 години
A master all the fan girls would cry of joy
kunai преди 5 месеца
this is such of a amazing video i rememeber i used to watch this all day i love u jack, you made my childhood sm better.
Tedizz преди 6 месеца
I like that he gave nerdcubed a shoutout, hes a great youtuber
Dirk Moran
Dirk Moran преди година
I come back and watch this entire skate 3 series and subnautica one cus they are nostalgic and fun
Harry Sloan
Harry Sloan преди година
What a fantastic game. Thanks for getting me into this sean, I will never forget the memories I made ;(
Microwaved MacNCheese
Microwaved MacNCheese преди 4 години
This series has a special place in my heart 💖
Apollo преди година
who else misses the old Jack
Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman преди 3 месеца
Is it weird that I watched this a million times and still laugh at it
Andrew F.
Andrew F. преди година
The nostalgia this video gives me is insane. It brings me back to my days in elementary, coming home from school, and I remember this video coming out in my 6th grade year. I've been with Jack since 180k and he's been like a second father to me
Sora преди 2 години
Love watching this series every year 😀
Strange_Living преди година
5:50 *gets a blood transfer* “Oh, look how much blood he gave me!”
KennyTheBeast преди година
Came back 6 years later to rewatch because he doesn’t post these anymore 😭😭
Tigran Hakobyan
Tigran Hakobyan преди година
Ah the good ol days when life was simple
Shane Spangler
Shane Spangler преди година
JACK, SKATE 4 HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED! So hype! Really looking forward to another great series in the future if you have time !!
Siphon Cipher
Siphon Cipher преди 4 години
After bingewatching Life is Strange and bawling my eyes out, this was perfect
ErehcVA преди 2 години
Came here 'cause of Nostalgia Week. This was the first video I ever watched Jack play AGES ago. Still a super fun/funny game. Forgot about that hat, lol.
MesaDrag преди 3 месеца
I've watched this entire series like 2 times now
Blaze_RBLX преди година
ahhhh my childhood!jack.u inspire me to push everything i want and never give up
HowTheHell преди 10 месеца
The first ever video I watched of him, oh the nostalgia
Free Sample
Free Sample преди година
Love how his accent has gotten stronger over the years
milo vibing
milo vibing преди 9 месеца
it's wild seeing how jack has changed so much in 7 years, but also not changed at all
Yo_ImaRat преди 2 години
jack went from speeding down a hill to bashing into the back of someones legs with such force he spins to the front
Tiit преди година
Still my favorite videos of jacksepticeye.
OG N.J Films
OG N.J Films преди 4 години
Who else has watched this entire series at least 5 times 😂🤣😂
Danny Frezza
Danny Frezza преди 3 години
meruem fan
meruem fan преди 3 години
astnb7 преди 3 години
N.J Films me
Joeybats04 Lucario
Joeybats04 Lucario преди 3 години
cal McFlurry
cal McFlurry преди 3 години
N.J Films yeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhhh
Indie’s Gacha
Indie’s Gacha преди 2 години
Rewatching jack’s skate 3 episodes again for the 5th time!!
midgetp0rN преди 18 дни
Back here in 2022, pure nostalgia
FadeMontage Xx
FadeMontage Xx преди 6 месеца
"Were not gonna call it Skate 3 we are going to call it Fall 3" *guy falls* My head: This really is Fall 3!
Hans Hintermann
Hans Hintermann преди година
I love that cow muscles joke, lol.
danny преди 5 години
Who else came here because they were bored and this is their favourite series made by the BOSS (Jack/Sean)
Lora The Fox
Lora The Fox преди 3 години
rDans yes
exterminator shaman
exterminator shaman преди 3 години
I did
exterminator shaman
exterminator shaman преди 3 години
LOKEY JAY преди 4 години
danny преди 4 години
Noah Thompson it isn't spelt that way it is actually spelt Sean
Mossy преди 10 месеца
Why do i always end up watching jack's skate 3 videos at 3 in the morning?
Ava Baldwin
Ava Baldwin преди година
Anyone rewatching Jack's old series because quarantine
Teague Neelen
Teague Neelen преди 3 месеца
Jack, u have came a long way keep going
TEAM WALLPAPER преди година
6:54 is my favorite part of the video 😂😂
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