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I'm not joking when I tell you this is the scariest thing I've ever done in VR

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Jared Richardson
Jared Richardson преди месец
Devs: this isn’t a horror game. Jack: AHHHHHH
Sqii преди 13 дни
You know how scary that would be in irl
BackwoodBrooks преди месец
Pandrea Queen
Pandrea Queen преди месец
I heard this comment.
Rasmus Peter Vammen Ørsnæs
Rasmus Peter Vammen Ørsnæs преди месец
It’s not horror in the common sense. This is real life horror
Strzy gon
Strzy gon преди месец
devs: this isn't a horror game people with Acrophobia: SPEAK FOR YOURSELF!!
Donovan O'Farrell
Donovan O'Farrell преди месец
Fun Fact! When Jack says “My Back hurts” (7:05) it’s actually his kidneys responding to the massive flow of adrenaline that playing this game caused.
DatFreakinOrbiter :T
DatFreakinOrbiter :T преди час
@Louise Barrowman I went to a pretty bad school too lol. The students were horrible and the curriculum wasn’t much better either. I didn’t have a math teacher for about half the school year and there were fights almost everyday to the point where if a student got into a fight, they would get arrested. The teachers were miserable and were overjoyed when the school got shut down
Ashutosh Das
Ashutosh Das преди 6 часа
@Louise Barrowman where're you from
Louise Barrowman
Louise Barrowman преди 10 часа
@Ashutosh Das Tbh, I was so enamoured by it. Lol. I was reading through her jotter asking questions. It was so interesting. I loved it. And was getting more and more annoyed at the lack of this kind of education at my school. And through having convos with different ppl at my school, we learned just how bad our curriculum was. Our school just didn’t give a 💩. So much so, it got shut down a few yrs after we’d left. The teachers just didn’t care. They were just there for the pay check. Well, ofc there were the couple of excellent ones but that was it...a couple. Lol. Madness. Infact, it was so bad...😂...i’d managed to avoid (play truant or what we’d school for a year. Only getting caught at the end of it. And getting pulled into the head masters office to find out why I hadn’t been going to (arranged) college for four classes per week during that year. Had the convo. And that was the end of it. I left school a few months after.🤦‍♀️😂👏👌(sorry for the story😂)
Ashutosh Das
Ashutosh Das преди ден
@Louise Barrowman wait i have studied plant anatomy I guess it's just the shitty Indian education forcing things on students who don't even wanna study science
Louise Barrowman
Louise Barrowman преди ден
@Ashutosh Das If you were taught it, then sure. My best mate was taught about plant anatomy. I’d never heard of it ever being taught before nor had others heard about it at my school. My mate and I went to different schools. I think I was 13 when I learned there was male and female anatomy on flowers/plants. Stunned I tell ye🤦‍♀️😂
Lux Nebula
Lux Nebula преди месец
the "oh come on" as the camera just floated away KILLED ME I can't stop cackling
Kathryn Howard
Kathryn Howard преди 12 дни
Man Named Isaak
Man Named Isaak преди 13 дни
I was saying poor Sean 😂
Dunno Really
Dunno Really преди 22 дни
Katherine Pollock
Katherine Pollock преди 28 дни
Same 🤣
TheAdvertisement преди 11 дни
7:56 It actually does happen that fast! Due to how fast the ISS is orbiting the Earth, astronauts aboard it see 16 sunsets and sunrises per day!
meriz преди 7 дни
That's so cool :D
Nats_ Illusions
Nats_ Illusions преди месец
Jack leaving the room and (I think he’s saying) “babe I can’t-” is the sweetest things I’ve ever seen 4:32
Nats_ Illusions
Nats_ Illusions преди 4 дни
@Iccyyy idk I was just watching and heard him say it. I had to rewind to make sure but I kinda heard it first time watching through the vid. I was watching on a tv so I guess I was rlly focusing on the video at the time.
Dagra Zytcom
Dagra Zytcom преди 4 дни
@Iccyyy glad I could help. It's incredibly quiet but it does sound like he says babe, I can't. It is right after he shuts the door. Try using headphones or turning your phone volume (if mobile) up and getting close to your ear. He definitely says something.
Iccyyy преди 4 дни
I couldn’t tell if he said anything at all? How could you tell what he was saying?
meriz преди 7 дни
Aww I didn't catch that, that's so cute haha
Allan Weede
Allan Weede преди 10 дни
I totally missed that! Thats actually so adorable!!!
Dark преди месец
When I see Jack's hand shaking while playing this game, it makes my hands sweat. Just sing along to Space Oddity.
Lily Hunter
Lily Hunter преди 5 дни
Same. Massive Kudos to him for still making it so far. And he said theyre heroes, well jack you have in a way a bit of their bravery as you wouldn't of done it otherwise. Id like to see a couple other people even try to play this!
DiamondImpact преди 23 дни
If you never seen the chris hadfield cover check it out he filmed it inside the space station, first music video in space lol
Slim Slendy
Slim Slendy преди 26 дни
@Cosmic I'm already looking at it, you make so many pathetic comments
Slim Slendy
Slim Slendy преди 26 дни
@CosmicI have proof that you're joining your real family in hell
No One16
No One16 преди месец
@Paj Ink Damn that's pretty brutal
Quin Alexander
Quin Alexander преди месец
I did genuinely feel bad that Jack was so scared, but at the same time I haven't laughed this hard in a while. I know I'd be too scared to play this tho
LoneWolfNick преди месец
Jack: "People do this in real life?" Me, a 21 year old guy aspiring to become an astronaut: "Well yes of course"
suction cup fan
suction cup fan преди 7 дни
@Corporate lol
Ulrika Haggård
Ulrika Haggård преди 13 дни
Well if youre 21 and still aspiring to be an astronaut you prob already got the good grades so that a good first step forward
JDaggrrr преди 14 дни
Good luck with that
Corporate преди 17 дни
First furry in space confirmed?
james smith
james smith преди 23 дни
Good luck, you'll need crazy luck and skill to get sent up.
GroovyDominoes52 преди 3 часа
3:00 for me the reflection of the sky on a puddle makes me feel like i'll fall into the sky
__Jayden преди 29 дни
“Lying down on grass and looking up too much at the sky will make me feel like i’m about to fall off the Earth” i relate to that. I hate heights too.
ملك مقبس
ملك مقبس преди 5 дни
I get motion sickness for some reason ☠
Ahm преди 8 дни
just makes me sneeze
Loopy Llama
Loopy Llama преди 12 дни
@Poi Lethe Agreed! Lol fearing of 💫 falling into the sky 💫 sounds so stupid but I’ve had dreams abt it when I had to hold onto a lamppost or some shit for dear life, or when I was little I’d sit upside down on sofa and pretend I was walking in the ceiling and get a jolt as if I was abt to fall bc I’d be doing it for a while then suddenly realised oh fuck- 😂but now I genuinely hate/ fear it and I agree with the feeling magnetised to the earth and like either you about to fall or slide right off it ✨
Man Named Isaak
Man Named Isaak преди 13 дни
@Clear Melody I hate looking at those carpet clouds they freak me out slightly
Poi Lethe
Poi Lethe преди 17 дни
@Clear Melody it's almost like realizing you are "magnetized" to the earth. And earth isn't the down you fall, out is where you fall. The true fear isnt falling towards earth, but falling away from it. It's like looking up at a clear sky, day or night, your mind somehow perceives the movement and your mind gets vertigo because it's a subconscious perception not a conscious one. So even though your body doesn't feel movement, your mind does, its realizing you are on a huge ball that rotating. Like when you are in one vehicle standing still next to another vehicle and that vehicle starts to move and you automatically brace because you think tour vehicle is moving.
Boba Fett
Boba Fett преди месец
He’s actually telling himself that he’s in his room to gather up courage. It shows how scared he is. Props to him to try to overcome his fear to make us happy
Monsterbox Gaming
Monsterbox Gaming преди 3 дни
@George Hall there is legit no hate, if anything he is saying good work for building up the courage to go as long as you did
Sqouty Gaming
Sqouty Gaming преди 4 дни
@ML ok toxic kid,we aint simping and i understand that fear
ML преди 4 дни
The fact you actually believe that its real reaction to a game is hillarious 🙈 this is why youtubers are successful. For you simps
Spinosaurus преди 5 дни
@George Hall what are you talking about?
HenryDaGamer преди 5 дни
Like a bantha
Riki Sakselin
Riki Sakselin преди месец
I got myself a rift a few years ago and this was one of the things I tried. I was living at a school dorm at the time, and lots of People visited my room to try it out themselves. This included the dorm manager, who had worked as a professional pilot for years and always dreamt of going to space. He was absolutely amazed by it. A little later he held a daily meeting for all dorm members, starting it with the line "15 minutes ago, I was orbiting the earth on the ISS." He talked about it for almost 15 minutes. Everyone thought he had finally lost it haha. Great times
Incognifto AR
Incognifto AR преди 25 дни
Damnnn, that's sounds cool
Total GAMIX преди 29 дни
CrimsonSandBoa преди месец
Goodness, his hands are shaking so much! Sean, don't torture yourself if you can't do things like this. We like content, but we also like you not being sent into panic attacks. Your health, mental and physical, is important.
meriz преди 7 дни
You can really hear how scared he is by how tight his voice sounds when he's trying to speak calmly at 7:22
Finn Brown
Finn Brown преди 4 дни
sean: you guys probably think im over-reacting me: **laying in bed wrapped in blankets, shaking and shivering bc oh my god thats so high up** yeah totally lol what a loser
Sonia’s Way
Sonia’s Way преди месец
Sean : is fully aware of his crippling fear of heights Also Sean : “I don’t need easy mode”
kinseliplier преди месец
@Veno yeah lol
Veno преди месец
@kinseliplier i was assuming that quote would be going in a funny video like the one i mentioned, i wasnt saying it factually, but someone prob will cause its a funny moment lol
kinseliplier преди месец
@Veno oh lol
kinseliplier преди месец
@Timbo Slice yeah true but it's just the idea of it that if you float out into space enough your fucked cause you cant get back and there is no air to push against to propel yourself and also that if you drift to close to earth from space you would get caught in earth's gravity and atmosphere and fall to your death as you burn to death unless you had a parachute and whatever else that red bull guy had. its not just fear of heights it's also fear of falling very far from very high up and the fear of anything way taller then you and the fear of the sky.
Veno преди месец
@kinseliplier thats going in a "Jacksepticeye Once Said..." video lol
Mark Hashman
Mark Hashman преди 27 дни
Sean: "There's _something_ about feeling like I'm gonna fall towards the Earth that is *_terrifying."_* Me: "...So, who wants to tell him that that's _literally_ how gravity works? Like, _all the time?"_
jae преди 6 дни
mf just learned how to make words bold and italic
Mark Hashman
Mark Hashman преди 25 дни
@Anonymouse fitz Well, I mean... that _is_ how gravity works, when you think about it. We're _always falling_ towards the Earth.
Anonymouse fitz
Anonymouse fitz преди 25 дни
okayy.... weird comment but whatever
Marmilin преди 13 дни
To those that haven't played VR, it is incredibly surreal, and if games are well done they can be insanely realistic. They're fun as hell, but it can really mess with your senses.
Kc Davies
Kc Davies преди месец
I'm laughing at this knowing fully well if I did something like this, but in the deep water, I'd literally pass out due to fear.
MLGdogememe преди 9 дни
You'll literally drown
Tori Eddy
Tori Eddy преди 12 дни
Same. I mean I about crap my pants any time I have to go into the ocean playing Ark where I have to give myself a pep talk, I can't imagine VR in the ocean. I think I'd scream bloody murder if something came swimming out of the murk then pass out.
Aiden Murphy
Aiden Murphy преди 17 дни
VR subnautica?
James Te
James Te преди месец
Jack is shitting his pants the moment he opens the hatch, but me personally, as someone who would love to go to space someday, I would have loved to play that VR spacewalk game. I would be enthralled, amazed, AND THEN I would be shitting my pants.
Hayden Ballard
Hayden Ballard преди месец
Jack: literally crying Game: this is going to be a walk in the park
Sam преди месец
Go Pack Go
NinJared преди месец
What you've never cried while going on a walk in the park?
Blaine W
Blaine W преди месец
@Hayden Ballard well Oklahoma doesn’t have a football team so I just root for Dallas… even though I hate Texas -_-
FennFenn преди месец
no actually, its gonna be a walk... *in space* 🤨
Hayden Ballard
Hayden Ballard преди месец
Heck yeah, nice to see that some jack fans have a good taste in a football team
Aleksandra Petrović
Aleksandra Petrović преди месец
I'm also afraid of heights as much as Jack. I'm so proud of him for actually doing this.. he didn't have to but he did it for us😭
TheSwiftestScout преди месец
This reaction is how I imagine any normal person reacting if they suddenly found themselves outside the ISS
Nick K
Nick K преди 14 часа
I’m reminded of all those games with “arachnophobia options.” I mean, you could turn them on, of you can be like Jack and keep pushing yourself to face your fears. It may be unpleasant, but it can also make you stronger. Especially if your in a safe environment. To anyone in that situation, give this a thought next time.
Colin Ur Buddy
Colin Ur Buddy преди месец
"You guys that do this in real life are actual superheroes!!" Yes Sean, yes they are.
Cynthia Kuroi
Cynthia Kuroi преди месец
Jack: "I don't need easy mode." Also Jack: *"I AM GONNA HAVE A PANIC ATTACK!!"*
Hazel Tifiaeh
Hazel Tifiaeh преди месец
I actually come here for this comment. Like I love Jack, but he did have it on the hardest mode. Maybe if he had it on easy it wouldnt have been so terrifying?
Ryan преди месец
Nightis81 преди месец
He's an actor and you believe his shiz.
⁓VɘŊŦI⁓ преди месец
@Cosmic lol this person is the same person whos father left them for cigs
Ryan преди месец
@Cynthia Kuroi holy shit that's a clever roast
Rigby Takahashi
Rigby Takahashi преди 2 дни
Séan: "I feel so embarrassed" Me going into parent mode: "NO YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE EMBARRASSED IT'S OKAY TO BE AFRAID"
Cyber_Archangel преди 2 дни
Too Jack, Something that might help you is to always orient yourself with the Earth "above" you. Above your head instead of below your feet. If you ever come back to this game, this might help you. I myself have a paralyzing fear of heights (like my body physically refuses to respond if I get to close to a high ledge), but if the cieling is just really high over my head instead of far below my feet, it's not so bad. Hope it helps~ :) -Cyber
Mel преди месец
His "shut up, leave me alone" to the character was hilarious. Can't you see he's having a crisis? Also when he talked about his fear of falling off the Earth when staring up at the sky it reminded me of the Dwarves from Dragon Age games, they believe they'll fall into the sky when they come from their mountains. I don't have a VR system so its fun to see this Jack, thanks for going as long as you could, that took courage.
Elijah Gordon
Elijah Gordon преди 22 дни
Love how Jack is about to "die" and his response to that is wondering about the whereabouts of George Clooney
Insomnia_Gaming преди месец
Alternate title: _Jack has a panic attack in his room for thirteen minutes straight_
totaltimtam преди месец
@Unknown no it says 22
Dan Markling
Dan Markling преди месец
Unknown преди месец
@Colin Kraus 1
Colin Kraus
Colin Kraus преди месец
And 22 seconds
Dana преди 24 дни
When Jack talked about laying in the grass looking at the sky long enough to where you feel like you're going to fall off the earth, I always thought I was the only one because anytime I asked someone as kid, "hey have you felt this before" they'd tell me no and that I was just weird. Glad I'm not alone
Loopy Llama
Loopy Llama преди 12 дни
Agreed! fearing of 💫 falling into the sky 💫
E преди 16 дни
I’ve felt that way before, numero dos lol
I genuinely feel bad for laughing at Jack's misery
Cheese poofs8
Cheese poofs8 преди 16 дни
"Horror" games are always funner with Jack because of his reactions
Louise Barrowman
Louise Barrowman преди ден
I’m so proud of you for putting this out. I felt nauseous and sweaty palmed just watching you. But the laughs along the way? Yes, along with the gasps😂. Were 👩‍🍳💋!!! Well Done, bud!👏👌
Scribbiesan Doodles
Scribbiesan Doodles преди месец
You can see his player model’s hands shaking, that’s how terrified Sean is. Holy shit
- преди 11 дни
@Scimtar beautiful
Anomaly преди месец
@Scimtar I have zero words other than to comment how hard I laughed after reading "the poop accelerates." for the 10th time.
Scimtar преди месец
@Jonathan Comstock top quality writing agaisnt lunatics
Jonathan Comstock
Jonathan Comstock преди месец
@Scimtar freaking amazing work of literature "The poop accelerates"
Kim B, that's me
Kim B, that's me преди месец
@Scimtar -- This is a gawd-damn brilliant piece of work! I shit you not :)
GoldeyJAR преди месец
Sean, this is EXACTLY, how I feel when I'm in a severe thunderstorm! Seriously!!
Mia Han
Mia Han преди 7 дни
You remind me of my dad. Once, when we went camping, a thunderstorm rolled in. He left us all in the tent and shut himself inside the car lol.
Cyrex преди 3 дни
The only thing I would be scared of as an astronaut would be accidentally letting go and flying away without anything attached
Bianca Lynn
Bianca Lynn преди месец
Imagine how much more scared he would've been had he realized he wasn't tethered til 8 minutes in 😳😳😳
Cinders преди 28 дни
Oh my god I feel so bad for Sean, he sounds so scared and you can see his hands shaking. I wanna hug the poor guy
Braden's ontop
Braden's ontop преди месец
jack on a ladder to fix a light bulb in his house: “easy” looks down: “this is how it ends”, “oh god, i’m going to die”
Cassie Dice
Cassie Dice преди 24 дни
@Loki Cooper Omg... 😱😱 I would die if I came across a set of stairs with no rail. I'd probably look dumb on my ass too 😭 I'd probably cover my eyes telling myself to sit it's so bad-
Cassie Dice
Cassie Dice преди 24 дни
Y'all can handle being on ladders? 😭😭 I can't even step on a step stool wtf?? Half a foot off the ground I'm like "that's it. I'm done for. Imma fall and crack my head open. I'm done ;-;"
Slim Slendy
Slim Slendy преди 26 дни
@Cosmic you got the new stupid virus huh?
Slim Slendy
Slim Slendy преди 26 дни
@Cosmic he didn't
Emilyyy преди месец
Honestly, me too
Damien Vieres
Damien Vieres преди 5 дни
or some reason Jack covering his face with his VR hands has me cackling 9:30 if anyone was wondering
DC преди 7 часа
I like how Jack dressed up all nice just to shit his pants
Khalidah преди 3 часа
i didn't realise how scary VR was until i tried mistake was doing it the first time in ocean 360...
TheGrimPaladin преди месец
Dude, mad respect for doing this! I don't have a fear of heights, but I can't even begin to fathom how this must've felt for you. I applaud you, good sir.
LikeTheCatIAm преди месец
Sean: **Is fully aware of his crippling fear of heights** Also Sean: "I DON'T NEED EASY MODE!!"
Tyler Hearty
Tyler Hearty преди месец
Fr lol
Serendipity преди месец
@Panda 🐼 pfp of OP
H преди месец
Nevermind I guess it is somewhat relevant
Free Range
Free Range преди месец
Poor Sean! 😭 I felt bad and I'm glad he quit early. He shouldn't do things that could potentially throw him into a panic, but it's commendable that he atleast tried 💚
Christian Parrish
Christian Parrish преди месец
@JoshieBoy Aye! High five! 🖐️
Майлз Прауер
Майлз Прауер преди 14 дни
I like to think that if Jack will ever be in a life-threatening situation, his last words would be "Where's George Clooney when I need him?"
Purrpy преди 8 дни
It's interesting how scarily realistic this game was even when he could feel the headset on his head and could see his "arms" clipping through each other
Bqnder преди 12 часа
I’ve never had a fear of heights, in fact I love high ropes courses and want to sky dive one day. But I have megalophobia (fear of large things), and thus I would absolutely shit myself anytime I look at the Earth
Alana Forsyth
Alana Forsyth преди 24 дни
He unlocked some blocked memories for me when he said that he felt like he could fall off the earth by staring at the sky too long. Haven’t thought about that in years.
Aaron Moerman
Aaron Moerman преди месец
The person talking: Ah the sound of silence meanwhile Jack: *screams like his life depends on it*
Cynthia Kuroi
Cynthia Kuroi преди 27 дни
@Cosmic Okay, but if your dad was dead, and everyone dies at some point, wouldn't you and everyone else join his dad?
Kids Snyder
Kids Snyder преди месец
@Logan Roof News u don't need the vaccine to live 😂
Cynthia Kuroi
Cynthia Kuroi преди месец
@Cosmic oh for fucks sake not you again
Dang Lee
Dang Lee преди месец
Awful specimen, go back to the lab and apologise to the scientist who accidentally made you and apologise for being such a dissappointment.
Witching Silver
Witching Silver преди месец
Thank you for making me feel valid; for the longest time no one ever got the whole 'I cannot look up at the sky and not hold onto something because I feel like I am going to fall up' fear.
ok ok boy
ok ok boy преди 3 дни
I played this exact thing and at that part I said if I were jacksepticeye I would be screaming... 🤣🤣🤣
stemmyy преди 14 дни
When Jack talked about him looking up at the sky for too long and him getting the feeling of falling, I never knew anyone else has this type of experience and I'm glad I could relate to him.
Calypso преди месец
I haven't laughed that hard for a while, thank you Jack for the laughs, the great content and playing this despite your fears, keep being your awesome self 😂😂😁💙
Volcon AL
Volcon AL преди месец
Jack: “It doesn’t happen that fast for you guys does it?” Astronauts: “I go around the planet around every 45 minutes!”
Trisha Ryan
Trisha Ryan преди месец
@V Hamill Unless they're completely unaware that anyone has ever landed on the moon, they absolutely know astronauts existed well before the last decade. They were speaking of astronauts themselves prior to this conversation.
V Hamill
V Hamill преди месец
@Trisha Ryan Be careful reading tone in other users messages when there may well be none or the opposite is intended. Where you read them as being passive aggressive, it came across to me as asking a set of genuine questions after they accepted the correction ('Alright.')
Trisha Ryan
Trisha Ryan преди месец
@Sifu Culreif A Russian Soyuz capsule, which does not orbit the planet, ferries astronauts to the ISS. Yes, there were astronauts before the last ten years, of which there'd been 6 missions land on the moon - another example of which no vehicles orbit the planet or any other celestial body. Your tone is coming off passive aggressive and uncomfortable. Its a better experience, humbling, and more honorable to choose to understand when you've said something of misinformation and learn some new things rather than start to become argumentative and challenging.
Sifu Culreif
Sifu Culreif преди месец
@Trisha Ryan Alright. How do they go to-and-from the ISS? Have there been Astronauts prior to 10 years ago?
Trisha Ryan
Trisha Ryan преди месец
@Sifu Culreif Astronauts arent manning any other vehicles orbiting the earth. Its the only spacecraft available to them in the last ten years.
Tifales Ca
Tifales Ca преди 9 часа
I have nightmares about drifting through space and they are absolutely horrifying. Not even in the sense of like alien things, but black holes, moving toward the sun, getting pulled into planets. The vast emptiness of space and the size of things in it, is what scares me.
Aditya Bhalerao
Aditya Bhalerao преди 2 дни
The first time he opened the airlock.. I had goosebumps.. like imagine from the POV of a real astronaut... an entire planet is BELOW you...
mikoy huio
mikoy huio преди месец
As someone who often dreams of falling before she's even fully asleep, I have massive respect that you even attempted this, honestly
Tristan Harris Suay
Tristan Harris Suay преди месец
Me before trying it: this ain't hard Me after: okay I understand why its scary
SpaceManChan ElBlackyChan
SpaceManChan ElBlackyChan преди 6 часа
I thought I was the only one who would get the feeling of falling off the earth when laying down on grass.
Littletimelord 27
Littletimelord 27 преди 2 дни
In every dream where I see myself falling from space I tell myself to fly, try really hard to fly like Superman, and then bend the rules of my dream to accommodate that idea.
TheAdvertisement преди 11 дни
7:35 Honestly even when Jack was praising how good Half-Life Alex was, he was definitely never freaking out this much! Poor guy.
Brion Hall
Brion Hall преди 3 дни
I'm ready to go to space with Jack. I can use the laughs
SelfishPunisher преди месец
Jack: “IM GONNA HAVE PANIC ATTACK” the guy: “yeah and there is also a button you arm for some music”
Antisocial Skullie
Antisocial Skullie преди месец
@War Does Shit they deserve extra because they went the extra mile to bend down and show their arse to the wwhole world and expose how pathetic they are :D
Nixie Starlight
Nixie Starlight преди месец
@This 'n' that interacting with them and doing a mention like you have done only gives those freaks the attention they are looking for. Report them and move on. Just DONT add fuel to the fire by directly drawing attention to them!
GabTRG314 преди месец
@Jules Maneki Neko even if something does happen, these kind of accounts tend to just make another account if they ever get banned
Jules Maneki Neko
Jules Maneki Neko преди месец
@GabTRG314 I've reported Cosmic as harassing another person on a handful of his/her comments. I report any cruel or threatening comments that I see on youtube, it's hard to tell if anything happens to the reported accounts.
GabTRG314 преди месец
@This 'n' that it's just a bait acc, don't give it attention nor go to the videos in his channel
Nova Sky
Nova Sky преди 3 дни
Sean that was an absolute joy to watch. I bet Gab will find it a cakewalk tho.
ruaidhrígh jolobenco
ruaidhrígh jolobenco преди 7 дни
Dang my dad works for NASA so it's pretty real lol. But I say massive props for doing this despite your strong fear of heights that takes guts bro.
masta cable
masta cable преди 24 дни
I found this absolutely hilarious. I myself hav an extreme fear of heights as well and almost didn't click on this video. But now my abs hurt and jack for sure just made my day 😁
ughidunno преди месец
I think his reaction is funny until I imagine how I'd react if I had to do a VR with spiders and bugs and then I realise he's totally valid for being scared
JJ преди месец
Fun fact: Being scared of "falling towards the sky" is also known as casadastraphobia!
Zak Grubb
Zak Grubb преди 21 ден
@Steven Simpson yes it does
Magnus Lol
Magnus Lol преди 28 дни
Holy shit i thought i were the only one
zink solar hero
zink solar hero преди месец
Do you just remember that word
ownageyeahful преди месец
@Emi Savage Plays I thought it was just me 😮
JJ преди месец
@oscarthepotato He metioned in this video that even IRL he is scared of falling towards the sky.
Mario Maniac
Mario Maniac преди 17 дни
I think I'd love this so much. Being able to go to space has always been a dream of mine. And while this isn't actually going into space, it's as close as I'm ever going to get most likely. Really appreciate you going to such lengths to give us content Jack.
Dgunslingerw Dragneel
Dgunslingerw Dragneel преди 19 дни
I just wanted to hold Sean’s hand every time he got scared.
TruenoWolf преди месец
I wish I knew why jack got so scared lmao. even with the fear of being lost in space just going up there is worth it. This experience is my literal dream
Helping the World
Helping the World преди ден
Nah when I was little, I’d freak out if I looked up on a swing at it’s peak
Dog преди месец
Sean: *scared out of his mind* Meanwhile the audio: there’s also a button on your arm for some music
EEK преди месец
@Cosmic Not in the mood to fight a toddler so don't expect a response but why? Who fucked you over enough that you go on the internet and talk shit about someone's dead parent? Why do you feel the need to start fights with people and act like you are better than them? Do you feel powerful? Do you need a reaction/attention from someone? Are you having/had a bad upbringing? Power will bring you nothing. Taking it out on others does nothing except make them resent you. I just can't understand your lack of empathy. I hope you find some peace, it's truly disgusting to watch people go down this sad, worthless road. I hope you find something other than this meaningless garbage to fill your time with.
coffeegirl18 преди месец
I sing when I'm scared so I'd probably panic and get DMCAed.
3vil3y3 преди 29 дни
i’m not even scared of heights and this was nerve wracking to watch, i can’t imagine how it was for him. major props ❤️
FlameyBoy преди 13 дни
Remember, he played fnaf in vr, and wasn’t anywhere near this scared
kelley преди 4 дни
I just watched the movie gravity the other day, so when he said “where’s george clooney when you need him!?” I died cuz that’s exactly what I was thinking 😂😂
Highlanders United
Highlanders United преди 18 дни
Oh god jack, what you do to entertain us is just amazing, i almost feel like I'm torturing you :D , just don't go beyond what ur happy doing
Antero Matlou
Antero Matlou преди месец
Jack: you guys underestimate my fear of heights Me (and others who relate): well, you underestimate our level of empathy
OddlySketches преди месец
@Cosmic he’s screaming because he heard you’re joining him soon too
Lil Caleb W
Lil Caleb W преди месец
@Cosmic what did he do
HannahBanana преди месец
Kai Dahlhaus
Kai Dahlhaus преди месец
Empathy gang
iNINJAgamer преди 2 дни
I love space stuff but the movie gravity will make me never want to be an astronaut, but this game seems fun… 😫 can’t wait to play it.
Megan Sedlacek
Megan Sedlacek преди 17 дни
This would 100% be a no for me. As amazing as space is, I can’t handle any of that open vastness.
Lil' Kat
Lil' Kat преди 28 дни
Jack: This is gonna _suck_ *.5 sec after* *screams of terror* Also Jack: But I do it for your amusement. Sounds concerning but alright man. You do you.
djF1shM1nt преди 3 дни
Bro, that lying down on the grass comment, so true for me too. Legit don't move once that feeling kicks in, I need to be distracted otherwise, this is a great video! You brave af, Jack 💪
James Bucket
James Bucket преди месец
Video idea: Jack plays VR games, but we never see the game footage. We have to guess what the hell he's playing based on his reactions.
Abdulnasir Bushra
Abdulnasir Bushra преди месец
@Ok wtf that could be some random family's address and they are risking their safety like this
Tobin Madon
Tobin Madon преди месец
@Nick Van Oort bro he has 410 comments on jacks channel all the same
LeviSquadReject преди месец
That’s an excellent idea omg
quaintyboy80 преди месец
@Cosmic that actually makes me wanna cry
quaintyboy80 преди месец
@Cosmic that is not funny dude
Neal tate
Neal tate преди 4 дни
I know he's really terrified but I laughed so hard my head hurts...😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
Septic sorcerer
Septic sorcerer преди 28 дни
I don't think I'll ever be able to truly relate to the fear Jack feels when he is in a high place. I've just never had a phobia of anything besides death.
Hallow Grounds
Hallow Grounds преди месец
I’m loosing my sh** laughing at this, I’ve seen a live stream on outer space and loosing it.. I know how he feels.. 😂🤣
Fury Assasin
Fury Assasin преди месец
I've never seen Jack more genuinely scared out of his mind. Tbh I would be worse I'm surprised he didn't break down in tears before he even left.
nfamusSoul21 преди месец
Jack: “ok I’m getting used to it” Jack after moving an inch: “oh so this is how it ends”
TheObviousWulf преди месец
@Cosmic What the fuck.
Purginigo преди месец
I also get that feeling like I’m about to fall if I look up at the sky for too long. You’re not alone, Jack. I think you did an awesome job at this!
Dr. Thunder
Dr. Thunder преди 15 дни
I feel so bad for laughing so hard to his fear😂😂 his reactions are golden but props on facing your fears for our content👏👏👏👏👏 you’re awesome Jacka Boi😁
Eclipse_Eternal преди 14 дни
Jack facing his fears is rlly courageous if I had to do that in vr with spiders I would faint immediately
Jade Newman
Jade Newman преди 7 дни
Watching this almost gave me a panic attack, I think playing it would've been the death of me.
Midnight watcher
Midnight watcher преди месец
When he finally calmed down a little and the camera just decided to fly off into space, made me laugh for 5 minutes straight 🤣 Absolutely petrified at that point 😱
Midnight Reyna
Midnight Reyna преди месец
I choked on my water from laughing meanwhile Jack is about to piss his pants 💀💀💀
SoCalSaf преди месец
But that moment where you go from dying laughing to WHAT THE FUCK?!?! When that camera gets insta obliterated by space debris
Outrider преди месец
I DIED when the camera floated off. That was hilarious!
Zach Boyd
Zach Boyd преди 21 ден
"That's one small step for Jack, one giant leap for Irish kind!"
IlIll-_-tryhard-_-IlIll преди 2 дни
The first time I was out outside of the international space station I was like ok it’s not that bad until I figured out I was not strap I was shaking so bad because my strap broke I was telling the guy can I come back he was like no I said I’m not strapped he was like strap in then I was like I can’t it broke and he was like to come back as quick as I can and a nervous voice
Olivia Roberts
Olivia Roberts преди 19 дни
I’ve never wanted to give him a hug more than I do watching this. Poor Sean 😭😂
Jaclyn Finlay
Jaclyn Finlay преди месец
This makes me want a VR headset so bad! I had a dream once where I was in space and almost walked off a platform. I remember feeling scared then; this game would be so terrifying!
Table 2.0
Table 2.0 преди 18 дни
The looking up at the night sky and feeling uneasy is shared by me, you’re not alone, buddy! You’re a very brave person for doing this! You’re not embarrassing yourself! We support you!
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