Addressing The Controversy

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I'm Sorry

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jacksepticeye преди 2 месеца
I'm sorry....
Richard Smith
Richard Smith преди месец
It's okay
Furious Bot
Furious Bot преди месец
It’s okay dude if you were having fun that’s all that matters just have fun with life it’s okay to go back to old games to relive it I think that’s an awesome experience
Lizhal 10103
Lizhal 10103 преди 2 месеца
Eet ees what eet ees
Vintarago преди 2 месеца
It ok
GUTS преди 2 месеца
youll never make county with this kind of crack
One Topic At A Time
One Topic At A Time преди 2 месеца
“…and I feel, I feel…” *You’re feeling a face, Jack.*
Donny Shields
Donny Shields преди ден
Didn't expect to see you here
Narjes FE98
Narjes FE98 преди 11 дни
Koda Buck
Koda Buck преди 25 дни
lmao im dead congrats you killed me XD
Wren Moon
Wren Moon преди 26 дни
Hi OT! Love both your videos and Sean's! Thanks for you both for making me smile :)
Logan Lally
Logan Lally преди месец
OT! ♡♡♡
Joshua Thomas
Joshua Thomas преди месец
10/10 apology. The face-rubbing really shows that he felt bad about the terrible things he has done to us.
Worlds worst animations
Worlds worst animations преди 17 дни
@Cosmic How do you know what a dad is by chance?
Armyriflemxn преди месец
@Josh Bow to be fair cosmic did bring up something heartbreaking but I get what you are saying it is really dumb
Josh Bow
Josh Bow преди месец
Man I love this. "How dare you say this now I'm gonna respond with the EXACT same thing or equal to it but direct it at you and that makes me better" fucking sound logic guys. Amazing.
Radiant Absolute Radiance
Radiant Absolute Radiance преди месец
@Cosmic your dad is disappointed of you
MarioPlayz_0 преди месец
@Cosmic Life is never Fair But if God was Chosen to kiII someone I hope God chooses Your Whole bloodline
JackOfSpades050 преди месец
This goes to show how easy it is for youtubers to fake apologies because I actually believed this was real at first lmao
Akira Shinx
Akira Shinx преди месец
Me tooo and jack actually my favourite youtuber I though he actually did something bad lmao
GARNOX! edgar
GARNOX! edgar преди месец
@I like girls…… generation No. Im just not sensitive to slurs other people find offensive.
I like girls…… generation
I like girls…… generation преди месец
@GARNOX! edgar So you agree with homophobia?
Kaeda Sonata
Kaeda Sonata преди месец
@ScorpioFTA He forgot that he had already played a game before replaying it again.. The shaaaaammee! lol
Civix преди месец
not gonna lie ii had the same innitial reaction and i was like ....................wait that's not bad
Joe Paul
Joe Paul преди месец
I give your apology a 9/10. + Totally had me laughing + Definitely look forward to you doing this again - Too much water My daughter on the other hand would like to let you know that stupid is not a nice word, and that you should be nicer to yourself.
Hannah M.
Hannah M. преди 18 дни
@Joe Paul aww!
Joe Paul
Joe Paul преди 18 дни
@Hannah M. I am biased, but she is a good kid. At that age where she keeps you honest about your behavior and what she learns.
Hannah M.
Hannah M. преди 18 дни
Please, your daughter is so wholesome!
Dani Krossing
Dani Krossing преди месец
Hahaha I did the same thing 😂 Must have been the devs updating the game or something and then it getting re-recommended on Itchio, because I played it a 2nd time and didn't realize until I started editing the video that I had already played it.
ilyaas_masha преди месец
Roebloz преди месец
I dont get it.
Nicole Eckert / Eckertainment
Nicole Eckert / Eckertainment преди 2 месеца
Man, i got SO SCARED something legit bad had happened XD way to troll us, Jack lol
J4WS преди месец
CJ Lewis
CJ Lewis преди месец
wrestling FALCON
wrestling FALCON преди месец
How dare you downplay the severity of this situation. This is serious and we expect you to treat it as such.
Danimo Snowman
Danimo Snowman преди месец
This is the only comment I needed. Thank you.
Amni Haha
Amni Haha преди месец
Old Hunter Dempsey
Old Hunter Dempsey преди месец
"I've made an egregious error and I don't expect to be forgiven." Oh god, something bad has happened. "I played a game that I've played before on the channel." Oh thank the Gods, it's not something serious.
Geno Dedemon
Geno Dedemon преди месец
No, he's a monster. I can't believe he played a game two times. Goodness gracious
Granthefato преди месец
Rising tension and climax
Sydney Pratt
Sydney Pratt преди месец
Dang, and here I was avoiding this video for days because I was worried you got caught up in some stupid social media drama (or something) and people were jumping on you for it! You definitely gave me a pleasant surprise!
Jordyn McDonald
Jordyn McDonald преди 8 дни
Paige May
Paige May преди месец
Evangelyne Darling
Evangelyne Darling преди месец
“you have no idea how difficult it is to be a stupid person in the modern world” wrong again Jack, I know exactly how difficult it is because I too am a stupid person in the modern world.
Jonathon Ebel
Jonathon Ebel преди месец
Same XD
Amirys Mewen
Amirys Mewen преди месец
description: i'm sorry me: oh no ... did jack do something wrong? is another idol going to turn out to be a horrible pers- jack: I made a severe and continuous lapse in my judgement me: oh god damn it seriously though jack you scared me for a second lol
Paxton Peters
Paxton Peters преди 2 месеца
I was just sitting there like, "there's no way he did anything controversial, he is literally the kindest social media person out there" turns out I was right lol
carboard milk
carboard milk преди месец
@Asill Ariya Truly disgusting how some “people” would do this horrible thing.
Asill Ariya
Asill Ariya преди 2 месеца
@MDST please. Please stop SPAMMING!
Alexis преди 2 месеца
We thought this about Gus Johnson
Roy Hoy!
Roy Hoy! преди 2 месеца
Nah. He's rude.
Ihaveausernameformydog преди 2 месеца
Truly disgusting how some “people" would do this horrible thing.
SomeIntrovert преди месец
Don't worry, everyone makes a severe lapse in judgement sometimes, happens to the best of us
Marilyn Sparks
Marilyn Sparks преди месец
Dude, I honestly love that feeling. I totally forgot I watched a movie and was like "I really like this movie! How have I not found it before?" It took me until the very last scene to realize I watched it before. Have you ever wanted to erase your memory of something because you want to experience it for the first time again? I got to have this feeling. Also, don't beat yourself up about this kind of stuff. You're not stupid. The sheer amount of video games you play has packed your massive brain so full that some stuff falls out.
Blood Market
Blood Market преди месец
Damnit Jack you fucking gave me a heart attack lmao
Smotheryaxe1414 преди месец
I love how clever jack is all the time. This man is simply arranged in an unorthodoxed manner
carlota преди месец
Jack just straight up called about half his audience stupid and everyone is ok with it, I love this community
Madalen преди месец
@jakthesac Truly, and honestly I'm here for it (though the brain cell might not be)
jakthesac преди месец
@Madalen jack said it’s my turn with the braincell
j m
j m преди месец
382K Likes to 4K dislikes
Spodo bbb
Spodo bbb преди месец
Agreed it's time to take accountability... For these nuts
Sophia OSheaf
Sophia OSheaf преди месец
cause where's the lie? lol
Samuel преди месец
I was so tired, I just saw the thumbnail and went (out loud): "I don't care about new controvercy. Sean, you're too pure." And then I heard the fact that it was about a game and gained so much respect for you haha
Joe Parker
Joe Parker преди месец
You're human, and humans make mistakes... you just publish them all over the internet as well. Celebrate being human and enjoying games a second time, or a movie or book a second time. Fucking live it, love it and if people don't like it, theyre putting you on too high a pedistol. You're a mortal irish man *lol* We love that it's not perfect.
sockpupper mcgee
sockpupper mcgee преди месец
For some reason this comment reminds me of that christmas song that goes "I don't want a lot for christmas, all I want for christmas is you" heaviest wholesome burn ever.
Kriss ®
Kriss ® преди месец
This is by far the most beautifully drawn-out apology any youtuber, actor, or singer alike, has ever done. It may take some time, but I believe that, given time to process, we may one day be able to forgive your apology Seán.😔
Tamim Talha
Tamim Talha преди месец
I had tears in my eyes, this was heart touching man. We love you man. Hopefully people forgive you ❤
Wutaii1 Nostalgia
Wutaii1 Nostalgia преди 2 месеца
Haha the Travis Scott reference was perfection.
Reuben Leonard
Reuben Leonard преди месец
@BankruptJulian it's a 3 minute video just watch it
Fab Plays
Fab Plays преди месец
@Katie May A.D. So you just ignored several of the responses trying to explain to you what the jokes actually meant. Alright.
Gay Vladimir clown Putin
Gay Vladimir clown Putin преди месец
@BankruptJulian the comment section is.. get this a section for people to comment on what happened during the video
Red meg hixtape
Red meg hixtape преди месец
@arabellas70s nobody is memeing tradgedy they are mocking the lack of remorse . Please learn context
Sarah Bistline
Sarah Bistline преди месец
@That one guy Ooooooh now I get it!
RossDog преди месец
To the person who is reading this, don't give up on your BGpost channel, keep going, it's going to get better!!!
Josh Ikeda
Josh Ikeda преди месец
"I have made a severe and continuous lapse in judgement" is a gift that keeps on giving
Theodwine преди 8 дни
Fantastic! Incredibly well done on showing with your hands that you were truly sorry by touching every part of your face and also just the sheer feeling of remorse for your idiocy emanating blindingly from you
CheezBrgrBnz 23
CheezBrgrBnz 23 преди месец
I will forgive you for anything you do… It’s literally fun rewatching videos from you🙂
Pugglecakes преди 2 месеца
I was so worried that he legit did something terrible 😂😂😂😁
Akira Shinx
Akira Shinx преди месец
😂😂😂I almost had a panic attack
Kim преди 2 месеца
Jack would NEVER 😭 He's too good of a man :))
loafBread преди 2 месеца
90% of me knew it was a joke but that 10% of me was spooked
Azure Kite
Azure Kite преди 2 месеца
I know like dude he didn't have say sorry for plsying the same game twice like it's not like everyone remebers ever game they have played
Anu b!s
Anu b!s преди 2 месеца
i was sceptical... hehe
Taylor DiDomenico
Taylor DiDomenico преди 16 дни
I was nervous until he hit us with the “ive made a severe lapse in judgement”
Gen Hanks
Gen Hanks преди месец
It amazes me how easy it is to fool millions of people with a 'sincere apology', you had me fooled by the title. What a call out
Kiara преди месец
I feel like he had such a hard time keeping a straight face throughout this whole apology lmao.
Cassidy Miller
Cassidy Miller преди месец
If anything this just gives you more relatability. It's nice to be reminded that you, a famous youtuber with a large audience, is just human like the rest of us. Even if we have seen you play it before, it's still nice to see a new video come out and watch you do something you enjoy. I feel like any true fan of yours would feel this way
TrafficConeTokyo преди 2 месеца
Man did the sigh, quoted Logan’s “speech” word for word and even mimicked travis’ awful speech. A+
Patryk Dąbrowski
Patryk Dąbrowski преди месец
@Gage Taylor Exactly. Logan at least found the decency to actually apologize, while Travis half assed a laughable video to not ruin his image, so he tried his best to look sad and utter a few excuses. Not one time did he say "I'm sorry". I think we should start calling apology videos "excuse videos" from now on
Gage Taylor
Gage Taylor преди месец
@Ember Internicola People Mock Logan's apology a lot but it really wasn't as bad as people think. He actually eventually did get better and you can tell he regretted doing what led to that apology. Unlike Travis who literally got 8 people killed and it looked like he was woken up and forced to make an apology. One's just childish and immature and the other is a negligent asshole.
Bambi Deer
Bambi Deer преди месец
true 😂
Evelyn De Leon
Evelyn De Leon преди 2 месеца
the first thing when I saw the travis scott like apologize, I know this is a troll. hahaha, kek
믿음 преди 2 месеца
When he did the Travis Scott Apology I laughed 🤣🤣🤣
Sandwich1 преди месец
The fact I felt the satire and that he kept holding this serious face made me laugh so hard. Sad youtuber apology/10 you have done well son.
四百四十九幕張ユイ преди месец
That's fine, dude! You are absolutely forgiven. You've been here for so many years, I think you might've forgotten.
living legend
living legend преди месец
I haven't watched Jack in years and when I heard there was controversy on him I came here ready to fight some people. Then I heard Jack's sigh at the beginning that's when I knew. Mess be a joke 🤣
ElectroFish преди месец
Definitely one of the best apology videos Message Delivery: 10/10 Sorryness:9.5/10 Seriousness: 10/10 (Rated by Fish Enterprises)
RetroKoH преди 2 месеца
I love how this is a hilarious parody of every awful social media apology. Fantastic stuff
SomeIntrovert преди месец
@Çhrîstófêr Pèzêt ×71 Now this is what an actual severe lapse of judgement looks like
help преди месец
This reminds me when akidearest made a video promoting her yootooz when she was talking about hate comments about her body and she said she likes her body then showed her yootooz i fucking died lol.
Ackertrash преди месец
I was about to say, what did jack do? 🤣
noone. преди месец
@TenNine D how do you even get spoiled of a 3min video???
Queen преди месец
@Travis Scott @James Charles
Left-Eyed Wolf
Left-Eyed Wolf преди месец
Love that this has more likes than the video you're "apologizing" for. It was worth it for the new jokes anyway, Seán. Thank you for being you.
Oddie Bruh
Oddie Bruh преди месец
I’m glad he addressed the BGpost situation going on rn, more people need to hear about it
Leila Bean
Leila Bean преди месец
The fact that this is more sincere than any other BGpostr apology has me screaming😂😂
Moonstrider Moonlight
Moonstrider Moonlight преди месец
You got a good laugh out of me when I was feeling pretty down, thanks so much for existing
Ethan Richards
Ethan Richards преди месец
The fact that he called out Travis Scott’s apology without ever saying his name is amazing
Gavin Hipp
Gavin Hipp преди 24 дни
@Preston Jones what’s good preston 🤣🤣
Venisri Rose
Venisri Rose преди месец
@Cheddar Chemist no it is a 9 year old now
Sinfully.Sweet.25 преди месец
@blabbityblah I just want to let you know that your funny comment did not go unnoticed lol
j m
j m преди месец
382K Likes to 4K dislikes
blabbityblah преди месец
@remington... That's called diarrhea. You may want to see a doctor if you're still doing that.
Minnesota the Ghost
Minnesota the Ghost преди месец
I’m glad this was just a goof and not an actual controversy! My heart couldn’t take it!
Super Gaming Friends
Super Gaming Friends преди месец
Lol this is hilarious. Troll level 💯 And I feel your pain bro, us stupids got it rough we gotta stick together!
Tyler Lizzotte
Tyler Lizzotte преди месец
"You have no idea how difficult it is to be a stupid person, in a modern world." Lolol.
Achippybennett преди 10 дни
the demons inside us wont let us realize the demonic activities we're doing. stay happy jack
tobisquigles преди месец
I want to give Jack a hug, because this made my day. Keep being you, man.
Flambo Kuma
Flambo Kuma преди месец
100/100 my dude... Love it! All that matters is you had fun playing it a 2nd time!
Skye Dragon
Skye Dragon преди месец
Oh lord, this is just one of the MANY examples of why we adore you, Sean! 😆 Don't you be sorry! 😝
band!t преди месец
jack u will always be my favorite youtuber because holy hell the laugh u just gave me was much needed.
Spencer преди 2 месеца
Jack: You have no idea how hard it is to be a stupid person in a modern world.” Me: Understandable
Lord Dog
Lord Dog преди месец
Wes_The_Hunter It's much easier to be a stupid person in the modern world
elaine_here преди месец
Yes, it could get difficult to keep that act up nowadays 😅😂
Wes_The_Hunter преди месец
Aren't the mass majority of people in the modern world stupid.
Lizzifer преди месец
You're always lapsing your judgement dude, that's why we love you!
big boy
big boy преди месец
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that weeb
that weeb преди 28 дни
Never before have I met a man with such great wisdom. Thank you sir
Christian Arnold
Christian Arnold преди месец
Yo I'm gonna go make a burrito now. Thanks bro.
Angelo Primavera
Angelo Primavera преди месец
thank you
dolphine преди месец
10/10 Loved it. truly felt authenitc and you really showed the audience how've your reflected after this!
Josh Ray
Josh Ray преди месец
This genuinely had me laughing for 5 minutes.
Bribe преди 2 месеца
Title: worried "I made a severe...." You got me in the first half.. I'm genuinely starting to get worried about people trying to cancel Jack and Felix.. They're at the stage where they could just "meh.. not worth it" out of existence if they ever get tired of the bs.. It's truly disgusting that some “people” would do this horrible thing.
Eccentric Frenchman
Eccentric Frenchman преди месец
@WUBZT3R Your proof?
gaguna преди месец
Hey There
Hey There преди 2 месеца
@WUBZT3R tf? When did he even do that?
two shillings
two shillings преди 2 месеца
@WUBZT3R what do you mean by that?
Darrin Merrill
Darrin Merrill преди 2 месеца
Too long didn’t read
I'M BATMAN. преди месец
100/10 apology video, i could feel your regret and guilt through the screen, i laughed, i cried, i found the answer to the ultimate question of life the universe and everything, i forgive you jack and i will keep supporting you through this difficult time!
Lady Jaye
Lady Jaye преди месец
"They had us in the first half not gonna lie" he had me going for like a minute.
The8BitDrummer преди месец
james lessells
james lessells преди месец
I haven’t watched jack in so long I thought he’d actually done something and I was like , well , guess that’s another career over.
Ariel Warfare
Ariel Warfare преди 2 месеца
This is unironically the most genuine apology video I've ever seen.
Flubble преди 2 месеца
@Krishnanand KJ Oooooh thabks!
Sally Kilby
Sally Kilby преди 2 месеца
@Ariel Warfare 👏☺️
Krishnanand KJ
Krishnanand KJ преди 2 месеца
@Flubble get more likes than the person I am replying to
Mr. Trololo
Mr. Trololo преди 2 месеца
Truly disgusting how some “people” would do this horrible thing.
PerfectCatto преди 2 месеца
The first part is just a parody of Logan Paul's but I assume you're talking about the second part haha
Thomas Mills
Thomas Mills преди 14 дни
Im surprised it hasn’t happened more often lol. I feel like playing all those games i would forget.
Ambagists преди месец
when he said the first lines of his apology, i instantly knew this was satire
Jo, Lover of Song
Jo, Lover of Song преди месец
This one had me on my ass laughing. It was modern art, I tell ya.
Mr Lemon
Mr Lemon преди месец
Me : Saw this video's title got worried Jack : "I made a severe and continuous lapse in my judgement, and I don't expect to be forgiven." Me : "Well this is a waste of my time"
Kittenmage преди 2 месеца
It's truly disgusting that some “people” would do this horrible thing.
Mayravixx преди месец
Thank you jschlatt, very cool.
madzOENx преди месец
when worlds collide
Sarcastic Dino
Sarcastic Dino преди месец
@LukaRama Videos no. no don't say that. that's. that's cursed.
Kittenmage преди месец
@Timmitny THANK U
LukaRama Videos
LukaRama Videos преди месец
M SG преди месец
I love it when youre not screaming and speak in a regular tone, plz more of this
LadyWildStang преди месец
For real though, i was like “Holy shit… what did you do Jack? Have i been living in a hole?” And then poof all was fine and I was like “oh you mean that scary game you played already, that i watched you play a second time, and loved it regardless?” Pshhhhhh hahaha 🤣
Sota преди месец
Jack blocked out the scary, can’t wait to watch him play it again next year!
Patrick Cahill
Patrick Cahill преди месец
No need to apologise you do what you do best 💯 best content love your videos keep up the gaming bro
MythrodakTV преди 2 месеца
It's truly disgusting that some “people” would do this horrible thing.
EXOBaekhyunisking преди месец
@RabbiOogway Jacksepticeyes name is literally Sean McLoughlan bruh keep embarrassing yourself kid bye
RabbiOogway преди месец
@EXOBaekhyunisking nah thats jacksepticeye, not sean
Thunder Meme ‘65
Thunder Meme ‘65 преди месец
Schlack Schlepticeye
Hydrogenmissle преди месец
@【NoahtheGameplayer】 Stop Copying Comments
EXOBaekhyunisking преди месец
@RabbiOogway His name is Sean and he uses Sean much more now, clearly ain't a fan
wuoi zuiu
wuoi zuiu преди месец
Five words in and I could already tell this is truly unforgivable.
•Kaitø Fanboy•
•Kaitø Fanboy• преди месец
i thought this was gonna be another situation like last year with *he who shan't be named* but more devastating because jack has always been one of my heroes but it's not so i can breathe thank god
Vyliad преди месец
11.93/10 great apology video! very sincere, as hard as it is to do, we forgive you, because we trust you'll be and do better in the future.
Technicolor Peepers
Technicolor Peepers преди месец
I love how the family friendly YT and Stream stars take a piss like this at the scumbag BGpostrs that constantly do bad things and apologize and do em again lol
Known Jester
Known Jester преди 2 месеца
"It's truly disgusting that some “people” would do this horrible thing." i've seen this in the comments three times in a row
Caitlyn Franks
Caitlyn Franks преди 2 месеца
we are all small men in a Big Guy world
Two Trucks
Two Trucks преди 2 месеца
It's so cool to see some "schlatt" fans here
CamoSquid21 преди 2 месеца
Oh lord the "Schlatt" meme has increased in power. Yesss✊✊
Holo преди 2 месеца
It's truly disgusting that some “people” would do this horrible thing.
Mrs.Indigga преди 2 месеца
Schlottt lol
Bryan Risucci
Bryan Risucci преди месец
I was straight up like what did he do 😳😳😳 I was like what could jack have done to make an apology video lol I'll admit you got me my friend 🤟
Herpyberp преди месец
Sean: "Everyone else is out here doing amazing things, and i'm out here being the biggest idiot of all time." Me laying awake at 630am not having slept since 330pm the day before having to be at work at 5pm with a bag of dill pickle chips open on my stomach: "Is that a challenge?"
Tarruvi ψ
Tarruvi ψ преди месец
I forget I played a game frequently, and then I remember the trauma my younger self had trying to finish the darn thing. Nostalgic though.
Karma преди месец
*I don't know if I'll ever feel the same again about this channel.*
Louis преди 2 месеца
For a split second I was like: wh- what happened…” *20 seconds in* Sean: “i played a game i’ve already played..” Me: Some things really are unforgivable smh
Pranay Avnish
Pranay Avnish преди 2 месеца
oh so it was a joke ? demn I've a smol brain. EDIT - I didn't watch the whole thing, but now I know lol
Gabrielle Meadows
Gabrielle Meadows преди месец
I love the authenticity .... it's so true, you are human and you can do as you like and we all make errors, but, a game?! Damn, big mistake lol.... respect to this video 100% !!!! 10/10 rating lol.
A_creator's stuff
A_creator's stuff преди месец
if a video has a title like "im sorry" and starts with a 3 second silence or more, followed by a sigh..... you know its the realest shit
Sentity преди месец
The forehead rubbing really showed how truly guilty he felt about letting those people to d--- I mean allowing himself to make such a foolish error.
Cheeky Nugget
Cheeky Nugget преди месец
THIS SCARED THE EVERLIVING FUCK OUTTA ME SEAN OMG XD Hilarious video though! loved it after I figured out it was a JOKE! congratulations for scaring the entire community lmao
Talita Nieps
Talita Nieps преди месец
Jack: "You have no idea how hard it is to be a stupid person in a modern world.” That's completely relatable hahahahaha
ImaPuggz преди месец
He said that exact line right as a scrolled down to this comment
Spodo bbb
Spodo bbb преди месец
@Talita Nieps yes I am the goodboi now give me headpats!!!
Talita Nieps
Talita Nieps преди месец
@Spodo bbb omg, you're genius!!!! :O great remark right there
Spodo bbb
Spodo bbb преди месец
How does one become stupid in a stupid world, understand now that the stakes are even greater
Talita Nieps
Talita Nieps преди месец
@Tyler Payne wow, man, I've never had that much likes in a comment before!! Wow! Thanks for the millionth one! 🤩
Mr. Ness
Mr. Ness преди месец
Bro, as soon as he starting agressivly rubbing his face and apologizing I absolutely died of laughter.
SneakyMynx преди месец
Jack, thank you for being my spirit animal
BigBites Outdoors
BigBites Outdoors преди месец
Honestly, I have kind of fallen away from Sean for the last little bit, but when I came and clicked on this video I thought he might of actually done something bad, but as soon as the face rubbing commenced I knew, that this man can make no mistakes
Jacob Tigchelaar
Jacob Tigchelaar преди месец
I actually thought something bad happened and I missed it. This is hilarious and I love it. XD
Irish Potato
Irish Potato преди месец
I was so scared that he actually did something by accident that got a lot of backlash-! XD Glad to see he made it into a joke!
Pan_With_ A_Plan
Pan_With_ A_Plan преди месец
I got so worried something had actually happened, I was scared I was going to lose another youtuber 😭
Matt Beardmore
Matt Beardmore преди месец
The fact you started this with a sigh alone is a top tier meme.
Elle Official
Elle Official преди месец
this is the best apology video ever, other creators could really learn from this.
ZeoWorks преди 2 месеца
Truly disgusting how some “people” would do this horrible thing.
he’s at the store
he’s at the store преди 2 месеца
Home boy really copied one of the top comments Edit: oh nvm it’s a meme, false alarm folks
That Hamish dude
That Hamish dude преди 2 месеца
@MC-HamHead literally everyone did that
Силвио Станков
Силвио Станков преди 2 месеца
@MC-HamHead literally everyone typed this comment
FlameZ X2
FlameZ X2 преди 2 месеца
@nemo pouncey yeah
Marcus Brennand
Marcus Brennand преди 2 месеца
There's a million of these copied comments
Maddie Mango
Maddie Mango преди месец
my heart dropped when i saw the title because i'm so out of the loop. THANK FUCK. i'll lose all hope if sean ever has a controversy
Its lancci
Its lancci преди месец
I will NEVER forget when Jack forget do edit out the break he took to have a piss🤣🤣 this was years ago and I remember watching it and he just left for like 2 or 3 minutes
Marzi преди месец
I was legitimately terrified that he might have been in a controversy
SHAHRIL ANWAR преди месец
You did great Jack!
Lico Ybaben
Lico Ybaben преди 2 месеца
Sean: "You have NO idea what it's like to be a stupid person in a modern world" Me: hold my nonalcoholic beverage
Alexis Williams
Alexis Williams преди 2 месеца
This. 🤣 Although…. It’s not always hard being a stupid person as long as you’re convinced you’re the smartest. Then it’s hard for ..everyone around you trying to clean up the destruction in your wake. It’s hard being a self-aware stupid person, for the sole reason that it’s mainly you cleaning up your own messes before the rest of the world catches on. In other words, self-discipline is a hard-won virtue…
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