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преди 29 дни

2021 was a big year. A lot happened to me

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OwO преди 27 дни
Even though the year was tough, it wasn't strong to defeat our man Jack. Now let's hope that 2022 will go easy this time.
Moonlight Devlopment
Moonlight Devlopment преди 13 дни
@Instagram User What the fuck is wrong with you, you just stepped over the line
NoLifez89 преди 13 дни
edmar disla
edmar disla преди 15 дни
Let's hope it doesn't, so that it does.
Erikas Abrutis
Erikas Abrutis преди 15 дни
Imagine being so lame and using bots and not writing the comment yourself to someone whose personal life you don't know, to spread hate. Come on, are you like 7 years old? What is this? kindergarten? Never understood why people have to make others miserable. Just makes me so furious to see something like this
Crying Kitty
Crying Kitty преди 23 дни
HoodieGurl21 преди 26 дни
I’m not going to lie, I’m young. I’m 15. And I am also not going to lie and say that I often realize I don’t know that much. Because instead I often believe, in the selfish teenage nature that I exhibit, that I know more than I actually do. And that’s why I love these videos more than anything else. The gaming videos, charity videos, everything that Seán posts throughout the year is great, don’t get me wrong, but these videos have a special place in my heart. They seem like the epitome of the year, what everything has been leading up to. They give me an opportunity to learn, from other people’s experiences. To learn that I still have so much to learn. And they are really important to me in that sense. And, that’s why Seán, as a content creator, will always have a special place in my heart. Thanks man, see you in 2022.
Dream Smp
Dream Smp преди 9 дни
Michelle P
Michelle P преди 16 дни
15 year old me is so glad you have Jack's community to grow up with. I struggled until I finally was ok with myself at 30. I'm sure you'll still struggle, but I'm so glad to share this space with you. His thoughtfulness means a lot to me, and keeps me grounded too. Thanks for your comment. ❤
HoodieGurl21 преди 20 дни
@Dayne Douglas thank you so much. Good luck to you.
Dayne Douglas
Dayne Douglas преди 20 дни
You are wise. Young of mind yet old in spirit; mature. You understand that the tree of knowledge is but a sapling, ever growing and ever changing. Many fail to see this even in their twilight years. You have my respect for this. Know that you do not go unseen, that your wisdom is not unheard. And, thank you, for providing me the same reminder. I often loose myself in what I've gained, especially recently. It is people like you that bring me the humility I so consistently need. You will do great things with your life, and bring a light to the world that we have not seen in far too long. Thank you.
HoodieGurl21 преди 20 дни
@RanMouri82 I will.
Ben Boyer
Ben Boyer преди 26 дни
This year has been difficult, mentally specifically. However, this year led me to meet my girlfriend, and I've never been happier. So...I dunno, I'm leaving this year with a smile somehow.
Dauw преди 16 часа
I hope your relationship is going well and i hope you have a happy future bud
Mlauz2005 преди 12 дни
Same here Brother, I'm only in grade 11 but I seem to have found the love of my life and we doing so well. yea it was a shitty year but in the end hopefully it will get better from here on out. So best of luck to you and your girlfriend :)
Ben Boyer
Ben Boyer преди 13 дни
@amraD I know he isn't wrong. It just caught me off guard. Thank you regardless
amraD преди 13 дни
@Ben Boyer he's not wrong tho brother... i almost got a gf too, but things don't work my heart shattered. I started really focusing on working out and i am feeling better mentally. good for you tho brother.
The Racing Angel
The Racing Angel преди 16 дни
@Ben Boyer that’s one of the easiest ways people fall into real depression, they’re sad, get a gf and credits their happiness in them and if a breakup happens they feel like their happiness has left them too, point is hopefully your happy this year even if you only have yourself
Hanney G
Hanney G преди 26 дни
Honestly... I enjoyed hearing Sean talk about his health issues and taking breaks because of them and for his mental health. It helped me realize that I can do things while taking time for my own health. Which is something I've struggled with a lot, telling myself that if I wanted to get anything done I'd just have to keep going without stopping. And this year hit me hard with lots of health issues. So having someone like Sean talk about his experience with it helped me look after myself more. And I can truly say I did a lot this year. Not as much as I had hoped, but more than I could imagine. It's been difficult, but I'm glad I kept going. This year I want to try and create more things I can say I'm proud of and find a definite place to move instead of going back and forth between places. I need to settle and just do things. Oh and also try not to have horrid health again.. Edit: I have disappearing veins (as the doctors call it) and boy do I relate to the IV story. Stuff like that happens at almost every hospital visit I've ever had.
Handduken преди 13 дни
@Hanney G 💪
Hanney G
Hanney G преди 13 дни
@Handduken thank you! I'm getting there!
Handduken преди 13 дни
Get well
nobody преди 24 дни
jack saying that he's proud of us for just living has me sobbing.. it's been a really hard year
ajrbrown преди 27 дни
This year has torn me apart, everything that could've gone wrong did indeed go wrong. But seeing you take the positives out of a bad year, and really express what's in your heart, is beyond astonishing to me. You help me aspire to be a better person. We truly appreciate all that you do for the BGpost community and the people around you!
Yaryort преди 3 дни
@Antoine hey that’s good to hear. I’m glad, truely.
Beefboybob преди 3 дни
ajr your joking hazard videos make my days
Antoine преди 5 дни
@Yaryort Yes, I am, Thank you.
Yaryort преди 5 дни
@Antoine yo, you still here man? Just wanted to check on you
Aspen v2
Aspen v2 преди 13 дни
He won’t reply lol
Weirdø преди 26 дни
This year can be summed up in a single sentence which is "It fucking sucked" My resolution is to just get metally better since the past couple of years has taken its toll on me
Shockwave Steve
Shockwave Steve преди 9 дни
Weirdø Just stop being sad.
Weirdø преди 9 дни
@Shockwave Steve how was that being emo its the truth
Shockwave Steve
Shockwave Steve преди 9 дни
Stop being emo lol.
Weirdø преди 24 дни
@Vainglory didn't know how else to phrase it
Hatsune Miku
Hatsune Miku преди 24 дни
I believe in you!
‼️Virgil‼️ преди 26 дни
This year for me was well… not poggers. Lost friends, depression arc things like that. But honestly some good things have happened to me. I figured out my sexuality, got a girlfriend but most importantly became a bigger Jacksepticeye fan I was than before. You’ve honestly helped me so much and I’m so grateful for that. I wish you the best 2022 Sean! Ilysm!
Tracy Kaylie
Tracy Kaylie преди 20 дни
i thought that you meant that the year was well, but not poggers
‼️Virgil‼️ преди 23 дни
@o idk I honestly didn’t know what to put :’)
o преди 24 дни
how are u going to start the sentence with “well not poggers”
Dylan Smith
Dylan Smith преди 20 дни
"i got one shoved up my ass this year, that was uncomfortable" shit had me dead. God jack i love you so much youve been my modivation to do better every day for the past 7 years and i wish the best for you coming into this new year!!
Alana Newcomb
Alana Newcomb преди 26 дни
I lost my grandfather this year and I understand everything Jack is saying. I went through similar thoughts and seeing that Jack felt the same way I did helped me believe I'm not alone. Jack truly gave me a reason to keep getting out of bed those days.
ray hudson
ray hudson преди 24 дни
you will always have someone by your side. never forget that.
Animator22 преди 27 дни
There are times I feel like I've just wasted a day. Get nothing accomplished but there are times where doing nothing is what you need. Granted doesn't put your mind at ease when you think about your day. But even if you don't get a project done, or some other project you've been holding off on doesn't give you that completing feeling you wanted. Sometimes doing simple things (dishes, laundry, etc) is still an accomplishment to accept for your day. While listening to this video I finally went through all the piles of paper and mail that have been stacking up and that's a win for me. Hoping 2022 is a much better year for you and everyone else.
Alannah Rodriquez
Alannah Rodriquez преди 15 дни
yes agree! tiny accomplishments matter
Jack Eddie
Jack Eddie преди 25 дни
@Ben Reilly AKA Scarlet Spider we will see, we will see
Ben Reilly AKA Scarlet Spider
Ben Reilly AKA Scarlet Spider преди 25 дни
@Jack Eddie I also just realized his name is ultron so hopefully he doesn’t decide humans are a danger to themselves and try to kill us all
Jack Eddie
Jack Eddie преди 25 дни
@Ben Reilly AKA Scarlet Spider a bot we can finally support, beautiful.
Ben Reilly AKA Scarlet Spider
Ben Reilly AKA Scarlet Spider преди 25 дни
@Jack Eddie plot twist: he’s a bot too
Hayley Llewellyn
Hayley Llewellyn преди 26 дни
This year was shite, I lost my Mum in August and although I'm in my 30s and married with kids, it was so hard, it's still hard and probably always will be, I'm sorry for your loss and I want to thank you for being yourself, your videos have really perked me up, keep going x
dontwriteyourgrave*web преди 21 ден
Rip to your mother stay blessed 🎊🎊🙏
Chelseaa преди 22 дни
I’m really sorry for your loss, I hope your Mom rests in peace!!
Hayley Llewellyn
Hayley Llewellyn преди 23 дни
@D0S81 Thanks pal, yeah, it sucks, I'm 40 next year, lost my father 8 years ago too but we weren't close, I'm so sorry for your loss too x
D0S81 преди 23 дни
i lost my mum in april 2019 and it still feels like yesterday. she was y only parent too. I just turned 40 this july and i always thought being a legit adult would help deal with the loss better, but nope. it makes you feel like the kid our mums probably always saw us as. I don't have kids but i have a young niece, and seeing how much it crushed her at age 10 almost broke me man. I don't wish losing a parent on anyone, so im legit sorry for your loss.
Mickey K
Mickey K преди 22 дни
I really was scared that he was gonna leave!! I’ve been watching him since he was still in his cabin! I was gonna cry! We love you so much jack!!
Poggo_dogo преди 23 дни
One of the reasons I really liked Jacks channel is how in depth he goes sometimes into some heavily debated topics. He doesn’t care how you view him he just keeps making the best vids for the world to see happy new year Saen, also I am aware I am spelling it wrong I don’t have an option for the weird a.
Jennifer Robertson
Jennifer Robertson преди 26 дни
“There is probably no more terrible instant of enlightenment than the one in which you discover your father is a man - with human flesh.” - Frank Herbert, Dune Hopefully this year will be better for all of us and we’ll have grown in that time.
AustinChallenges преди 27 дни
Love you jack, 2021 was hard, but I love how you bring the community together
Hatsune Miku
Hatsune Miku преди 24 дни
@Killblier hope you’re feeling better, happy belated birthday
Teletubby Meme
Teletubby Meme преди 25 дни
Twenny twenny wunnn
Vorteks47 преди 26 дни
@DA RACER🧢 the big problem when one gets reply notifications with no direct user tag makes it a lil hard to tell who it's at xD
Brenden Peterson
Brenden Peterson преди 26 дни
@Woolier Blueberry and the sad thing is, so far there doesn't seem to be any viable alternative. So many of the spinoffs are basically havens for the alt right and others that I won't say (but are just as, if not now deplorable then even the alt right). Other platforms like TikTok have the exact same problem as BGpost but worse, especially when the authoritarian regime that is China can monitor it
DA RACER🧢 преди 26 дни
@Vorteks47 nah man it was at AustinChallenges your vids are cool
NeedsCheese преди 26 дни
I love how everyone is supporting one another in the comments, I'm so happy to be in this community.
Mikki Persson
Mikki Persson преди 25 дни
Jack, god i cried over what you shared about your stomach issues… I just wanna say thank you for sharing, I’ve felt so alone and so scared.. it helps to know that I’m not alone, I hope you get to the source and feel much better! Happy new year
Josh Nutt
Josh Nutt преди 20 дни
Thinking about what his audience wants? It just goes to show how truly selfless Jack really is. What I think we really want however, is to see Jack doing what makes him happy. So long as he's happy it shows through he's cheery personality and the videos are so much better that way too
TheKhronic преди 17 дни
Nameless Navnløs
Nameless Navnløs преди 26 дни
It's weird. Despite the waves of aftershock leftover from 2020, this year wasn't too bad. Sure. It had a lot of rough patches. A LOT of rough patches. It wasn't easy. But (for me) it wasn't 2020 difficult and miserable, either.. And I feel for everyone who had a harder year than me, I know their numbers are many. But despite all that has happened, I hope we can all move on into 2022 with a new hope for the future and where it might take us. Because in the end, my year has ended on a higher note than any year before it. I've never been so excited to see where things will go next. Good luck out there, everyone. Happy New Year!
Leonhart преди 27 дни
Been struggling a bit myself after it's been 7 years of creating; I feel like you'd be great to talk to about how you bettered yourself through the struggles; congrats on still having an amazing year Sean!
Georgia Mapping
Georgia Mapping преди 26 дни
@leila middleton yeah but some arent, they all have crappy channels that are saying horrible things about youtubers relatives and it is not okay, youtube should do something about these pieces of scum
leila middleton
leila middleton преди 26 дни
@Georgia Mapping by bots they mean it's someone who has programmed comments to be made on a specific creators channel to try and get hate views on their content. if you see the same comment over (usually nonsensical and with a bunch of emojis) and over, it's likely a bot.
Reinbowed преди 27 дни
@Georgia Mapping really? Some people wow
Georgia Mapping
Georgia Mapping преди 27 дни
@Reinbowed they aren't bots sadly
Instagram User
Instagram User преди 27 дни
Daniel Rooney
Daniel Rooney преди 26 дни
Been a difficult year for almost everyone hopefully it starts to get better we all need it, thanks Sean for all the content this year.. Happy New Year everybody.!
TheSkyFirian преди 24 дни
What gets me is no one ever truly knows what goes on in someone's life. You get to see a youtuber or a big iconic figure that all you get to see is them on screen, but we are all human. It has definitely been a tough and crazy almost 2 years dealing with something that has literally changed the world. I can say tho, no matter what, Sean has gotten me through these last 2 years and the last almost 7 years that I've been watching him. I'm sorry that you've gone through some really bad stuff bud, but we are all here for you!
Irish Psycho
Irish Psycho преди 26 дни
Be strong Jack,,,,we all have suffered lose in this time. I lost my Mother and my youngest daughter not long ago and it still hurts to this day.
the stranger
the stranger преди 2 дни
2021 was a pretty bad year for Jack but he managed to stay strong and keep making everyone laugh and feel happy throughout the year and I will always appreciate him for being a great human no matter what
Yogurt преди 27 дни
2021 has certainly been weird. Especially when a lot of us thought 2020 couldn’t be topped
The Biggest NerdyNerd
The Biggest NerdyNerd преди 27 дни
Meme Master
Meme Master преди 27 дни
@Grandpa Pete_123 I am a deist and he is a disgrace to HUMANITY. There is no religion nor any ethics that support this kind of behavior.
Denis Ionut
Denis Ionut преди 27 дни
@Jack Wrath *How do you even know that.*
House Grumpy Boys
House Grumpy Boys преди 27 дни
@Louiebruh2 at this point im not even gonna talk crap or anything about you but just why
Foxx Skinner
Foxx Skinner преди 27 дни
I don't blame you for saying these mean things, you're just jealous that other people have actually had a dad.
Festive преди 23 дни
Wow, can’t believe it’s been this long i really do miss the old days when I was a kid and would watch you play scary games and get scared lol I miss when it was simple, fun, calm the old days.
Kipani Lei
Kipani Lei преди 25 дни
This video hit home for me. This year I was diagnosed with MS after years of thinking I only had fibromyalgia. I have Gerd as well. Absolutely get to the root of any health issues and take time for yourself if you can. I say this to anyone reading this. Working while having these health issues is so incredibly hard, so I totally understand. Sending love, prayers, and positive vibes out to you all. ❤
Jessica преди 26 дни
This year has been one of the hardest years for a lot of us. Countless people have lost so many loved ones, myself included. I'm so sorry for the loss of your father Sean. Losing a parent is one of the hardest experiences life throws at us. I miss mine everyday I wake.. I pray and hope that 2022 brings more answers to fighting Covid, and that we see more people. Also, God bless Betty White's beautiful soul. Goodbye 2021!
M!cky преди 4 часа
My grandma is slowly fading away from dementia. I randomly clicked on this video to cheer me up because I’ve been stressed and thinking about it and crying. The first 5 minutes made me think that your video was a sign that I was going to be okay.. hopefully
Memeify преди 27 дни
I always love these kinds of videos from you because I feel like I can relate a lot and it's so refreshing to see someone be so genuine. A lot of creators feel like they have to put on a mask through their persona but I really, really appreciate that you take time to share your honest thoughts and feelings. Even though it was a difficult year, you've made it better for a lot of us and I hope that 2022 is a really good year for you. No matter what you want to do with you or your channel in 2022, we'll all support you and appreciate you. Thank you so much.
CYBER EMERALD 2023 преди 26 дни
These are just amazing to relate to, this is the reason I love this channel
GabeHarpo1st преди 26 дни
True 100% respect and there are still a lot of people who care about others I hope 2022 goes great!
oggycat73 преди 27 дни
100% agreed.
iwannadie pls
iwannadie pls преди 27 дни
@Trinitron Productions Ik you don't mean bad I'm just saying people are about to get shoved into a year where minimum wage is going up everywhere and groceries and necessities are gonna be nearly impossible to provide for low income families. I just want people to enjoy the end of this year before being slapped with the facts that covid is gonna be way worse and it's gonna be the least of our issues. It's honestly kinda scary. But I feel you and no hard feelings dude not tryna sound hard headed I'm just tryna smile while I still can.
Trinitron Productions
Trinitron Productions преди 27 дни
@iwannadie pls im not trying to im just saying it will, we are in a new season...
KawaiiValpal преди 23 дни
I'm in a similar place, Jack. My body has been struggling with poor sleep and stomach issues for a while now. I too am hoping to fix that and regain my energy this year.
Avery Kellogg
Avery Kellogg преди 25 дни
Despite everything going on in the world, this has been the best year ever for me. I got married, had a beautiful healthy baby boy. It's been a good year surprisingly. :)
Jennifxr преди 16 дни
Free Guy was such a good movie and his cameo was so good! People were screaming out his name in the theater when I went! He is incredible and honestly I am so excited for his future stuff! The best people are the hardest on themselves, be kind to yourself.
rebecca преди 26 дни
it’s been quite a year, if it was a roller coaster it’d probably be sheikra. Thank you for all that you do Sean, I’m glad you got through it.
John Jk
John Jk преди 27 дни
When Sean's father died. All I remember were those assholes who made jokes about it...that reopened my eyes to how disgusting some people are as well as how pathetic they are. I know Sean has haters and that a lot of people don't like him, but to see that level of disrespect, going after someone when they emotionally hurting is peak level pathetic. There people in this world I myself don't like, but I would never wish bad things to happen and I would never make fun of their situation. There's a saying, "I want you to eat, just not at my table." That's how I show my disliking for certain people, I push them away, out of sight, out of mind. These people who made fun of Sean and his late father, those are the kind of people who are the epitome of pathetic. But anyway, good to see you're doing fine Sean, and that covid didn't really affect you all that much. Especially since you have Asthma. This year really was a roller coaster of everything. I just want to say thank you for the videos you put out, and to Robin for editing them so perfectly. I hope things continue to get better as we go into 2022. Looking forward to whatever you have planned. Happy New Year.
EStramel09 преди 20 дни
Am I the only one upset how little BGpost does to prevent bots? Not just Sean’s profile, but every video now has either hateful bot comments or sexual stuff in it. I can’t believe BGpost is so strict with their monetization(can’t cuss in the first minute), but allow bots to comment with harassment and sexual content.
UniqueLock KeyŚ
UniqueLock KeyŚ преди 26 дни
I could never express my emotion for these bots without some rude comments on my own end, my anger would never allow it. Your comment is exactly what I could of written for others to read and be inspired by if my short temper could ever ease. I wish the OG commenter a nice day, stay hydrated and well, I hope your pillow is cold or warm whichever suits you, and I hope your 2022 is the best.
Colinxy преди 26 дни
incredible comment man
Throast преди 26 дни
@John Jk that was such a sweet message. I've noticed that there has been a massive flood of the bots again in the last few days, they were posting multiple times under each comment on markipliers channel about marks niece who passed away and Sean's dad. I don't understand how people can be so cruel, I feel the same way about conspiracy theorists. I lost my dad to covid and I got bombarded with awful hateful/abusive comments and messages (mainly on IG) and I'm nobody. I don't know how creators cope with it.
Throast преди 26 дни
@Brittany McAvoy yeah things you report disappear for you but if you refresh you'll see it again. I think it's just so that people don't report the same thing twice
Timothy Johnson
Timothy Johnson преди 26 дни
I'm proud of you, too. Good on ya for stickin' through with everything that has happened.
Liza Dell‘Ali
Liza Dell‘Ali преди 6 дни
For some reason, the video Jack made about losing his father was the first video I saw of him. And in that moment I connected with him (one sided, yes, but still) in a way that felt very rare to me. While he was taking his time offline, I started watching his „dream daddy“ series and it became my very favorite thing to put on while going through my day. I felt pretty lonely at that time and I had a hard time figuring out how to continue stuff, but his videos made me feel less lonely and actually managed to get me out of bed in the morning. Then I watched the Little Misfortune series and then his funniest home videos. When he came back, I watched his videos immediately as soon as he uploaded them and now he‘s just part of my daily life. When I need to laugh, this is where I come. He literally gave my life a new aspect and through that, I actually made a step towards the person I liked, who‘s now my boyfriend. So yeah, thank you Jack, you‘ve done a lot for me. I may have only started watching you in 2021, but I watched you grow through the year nevertheless and I‘m so proud of what you‘ve accomplished. You make people laugh and you motivate us to not give up. Thank you ❤️
Becky Ryan
Becky Ryan преди 26 дни
Weird to hear someone talking about the gastro issues I've just started having myself the last few weeks. Blood tests came back fine, gotta test for some tummy bacteria thing next, realllly dont want the camera to the stomach thing (I believe it goes up via your nose to bypass the gag issue but my days it sounds painful and scary). I've developed a bad rattley cough with it all too. But yeah, I can relate to the frustration with that stuff, especially over xmas when theres so much yummy food! I hope we both get answers to what's going on and it's easy to sort. Happy new year
Blake vlogs
Blake vlogs преди 26 дни
Sean I want to say personally that you have done extremely well. Not only this year, but all the time. You’ve been through so much as a person and your mental ability to deal with struggle is incredibly admirable especially to me. Im so glad that you can recognise when you need to take a break, or when you don’t enjoy what you are doing, because it’s so important to look after yourself, especially after you’ve been through so much.
Akerzy преди 27 дни
2021 has been a weird year but we made it through 🙏
Hopey преди 26 дни
@Toxic1002 Please do :) Ill join you
Slim Slendy
Slim Slendy преди 26 дни
@Alex Penna let's see who gives a shit about someone who seems to be you not asking
Alex Penna
Alex Penna преди 26 дни
Let's see who asked!
AfterastFOXY 🎆 2022! 🎇
AfterastFOXY 🎆 2022! 🎇 преди 27 дни
@NC YT Bruh you don’t even have any videos wdym 🤨
Nicolas Cage Shrek
Nicolas Cage Shrek преди 27 дни
@Soundcitylolbruh Grow up could be nicely but ur commect is fucking foolish
Ashleigh Huybers
Ashleigh Huybers преди 26 дни
Aw, I'm so glad to hear you're doing well Seán, even after the shitshow of a year you had. I hope you and Evelien have an incredible year this year!
Devwardhan Kothari
Devwardhan Kothari преди 26 дни
Students got *fucked* this year, and i was especially *fucked* and i had this as one of the worst years of my entire life...but i shall remember to take the positives out of this and hope for the best.
Princess C.J.
Princess C.J. преди 25 дни
I was looking for something like this to end the year, thank u Jack, u bought me and my wife so much joy,she loves ur hate for shari from animal crossing , happy new year!!!!
ray hudson
ray hudson преди 25 дни
Sean. We will always be here to support you, just like you have been there for us. We made it through this year, and lets try to make it through another. Happy New Year everyone
Chloe Dennis
Chloe Dennis преди 27 дни
can we agree that Jacksepticeye literally has no reason to be hates on
Bready Mold
Bready Mold преди 27 дни
Don't respond to the bots it ain't helping in anything
Ryan Keller
Ryan Keller преди 27 дни
@deep fried cheese I did I'm just calling him a fortnite kid
Ruska преди 27 дни
@TychoPanda sorry you blind to the fact that everyone has committed sins and we all can be criticized for them kid
lol 9
lol 9 преди 27 дни
@deep fried cheese To be honest youtube does not even remove bots if you report them they just come back and youtube just does not fix them
DanielGTSDestroyer преди 27 дни
@deep fried cheese i did
BUENAZO преди 26 дни
I understand what you’re going through jack I went 3 months not doing anything and questioning my own existence because my Dad died on January 24th 2021 and it felt like I lost everything. Now I’m using it as my catalyst to be a better person and to be who I want to be. I love you and your videos jack. I’ve been here since you were 24 because that’s when I remember your birthday thing that you had on your channel. You will always bring me happy times and make me laugh and that’s why I watch you, it’s because you make me happy.
Jessica McGlaughlin
Jessica McGlaughlin преди 4 дни
This year has been ridiculously tough. I experienced my hardest year in high school which left me with 4-6 Hours of sleep a night for 5 days a week for a consecutive 5 months. I think that loss of sleep and loss of time to focus on myself really killed my mental health and I’m still struggling and the best thing I can do for myself is finally recover all of the mental health I list
xan преди 26 дни
watching this while planning what I'm gonna do with my life rn is rlly refreshing. I rly had a tough year but I'm trying to fix things up to enjoy this new year. thank you Sean, you're one of the reason I was having a lil bit of fun in 2021 and I hope you'll have more fun this new year and stay healthy!
Jim Jim Jimmy Jim Jim
Jim Jim Jimmy Jim Jim преди 18 дни
I would love an animated movie with Sean voice acting in it! Maybe Jack could do it too!
Goliath Xanatos
Goliath Xanatos преди 27 дни
"A lot has happened to me this year..." Understatement of the century. Hope you are okay Seán.
CutieShroom преди 27 дни
He gets through things with his amazing strength. He’s an inspiration.
MARVIN преди 27 дни
@Louiebruh2 Reported
MARVIN преди 27 дни
@Mishan (главный спамер СНГ) 🅥 Reported
Marie Kinsley
Marie Kinsley преди 27 дни
No one likes the haters literally shut up.
Yummy_Slippers преди 27 дни
Omg your the only 1 that I seen who spelt his name right ✅
Tyler Evey
Tyler Evey преди 23 дни
Seàn you got this it’s just that you won’t ever quit your my inspiration when everything went to heck all I had to do was watch your videos watch as you progressed it helped me realize that life is to short to be seen as negative but as having a PMA gave me the best reason to why I haven’t given up you taught me that and we love ya Seàn/jack.
Good Golly Miss Molly
Good Golly Miss Molly преди 26 дни
Watched this video as the clock ticked over to the new year. It was a nice, calm, peaceful way to ring in 2022, thanks Jack 🥰 Here’s to making this coming year the best we can.
davegohan8005 преди 15 дни
We love ya Jack! This year had its tough moments and a fair share of good moments but you got through it and helped us at once!
Bear FM
Bear FM преди 25 дни
Hi jack I know you’ve been through a lot of ups and downs this year but just know we all love you !! ❤️
Evan Joao
Evan Joao преди 27 дни
I can't wrap my head around the fact that it's 2022. These last 2 years have literally blended together for me
The movie kingdom T.L.G
The movie kingdom T.L.G преди 27 дни
@InfinityResearch yeah imagine what it was like in ww2 or 1.
Lori Martin
Lori Martin преди 27 дни
@Emperor Joshmaul I’m very sorry for your loss. I lost both my dad and my grandma in 2015. I hope you have still had good days the last 2 years, and I hope you have a better 2022. You and your family.
Emperor Joshmaul
Emperor Joshmaul преди 27 дни
I'm inclined to agree. My grandfather and my mom both died early in the pandemic, and some days it feels like just yesterday, and others like it was ages ago.
It’sSajida _
It’sSajida _ преди 27 дни
Lori Martin
Lori Martin преди 27 дни
Yeah you aren’t wrong about that. Let’s pray that 2022 will finally be different, for the better.
Winterchill преди 26 дни
Honestly 2021 was the most exhausting Year for me mentally. But I just push through it.
Winterchill преди 26 дни
This is why you are my motivation in life Jack. You always stay positive despite how exhausted you are this year. Always stay strong Jack 💪 💚
Kert Koljada
Kert Koljada преди 24 дни
I just went through emotionally weird stuff today and I realised, watching you talk about your hard moments helps me. Thanks Jack.
Nat Sto
Nat Sto преди 15 дни
I also reflected a lot on myself after losing my friend. I discovered more about myself and, ultimately, found out my purpose, and cleared out my head from past stuff. I'm glad i'm not alone, hearing Jack and reading the comments ^^ Happy late new years to the person reading this comment
ESBirdnerd преди 27 дни
The fact that even through the lowest points, he always gets back up. Stay strong, Sean, I hope 2022 is easier for you.
gerardwayseyelash преди 27 дни
@RynKen Lmao just making sure 😂
RynKen преди 27 дни
@gerardwayseyelash If I was serious, I'd definitely need to schedule a therapy visit.
ReTry преди 27 дни
@RynKen i also didn't read this
gerardwayseyelash преди 27 дни
@RynKen I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or you're serious
Vegeta Ramsay
Vegeta Ramsay преди 27 дни
@Stupidity The fact your username is "Stupidity" makes that reply so much better
aishling feehely
aishling feehely преди 26 дни
This is gonna sound weird but I’ve always thought u n I were like the same person. We seem to have similar physical and mental health and outlooks on a lot of things which is part of why I love watching your videos!! I have gerd and gastritis :( Had my second ever gastroscopy this year and it suucccked, I did it while awake and I wouldn’t reccommend it. Sending love from Cork x
i.am.rat_ преди 26 дни
As someone who finally is getting out of her negative mindset after years, I am proud to say that my resolution for 2022 is to grow and become more sure of myself and the world about me. I wish everyone a great 2022!
toby jackson
toby jackson преди 26 дни
This year was a mess for me, my mental health absolutely declined, and I really lost myself all at the same time, and struggled with it. However, it is so refreshing to see someone so genuine and someone who can fully take out the negatives of the year. We all love and appreciate you jack, you do whatever you want with your channel we will watch it anyway, it’s you we come to watch, and what you do with the game, not the game or otherwise itself. Happy new year jack 💖
Shy guy0126
Shy guy0126 преди 26 дни
Thanks Sean. You honestly posted this at the right time seeing as I live in Colorado and i was close to the wildfires that happened yesterday. I was able to just watch this and relax, because that's what I like to do. I love to listen to people talk. It helps me keep my mind off things. Thank you.
risk преди 27 дни
Your videos never fail to entertain 💚
ʀ ᴏ ɴ
ʀ ᴏ ɴ преди 27 дни
@marvik based
Noah J Shaal
Noah J Shaal преди 27 дни
@marvik ignore and report don’t give them attention
Miitopia Gaming
Miitopia Gaming преди 27 дни
@Son Tran thats highly reassuring
Son Tran
Son Tran преди 27 дни
Humans: fearing AI takeover AI: replies to its own spam
Drew Ahrens
Drew Ahrens преди 27 дни
@marvik get in line
Wolf Eclipse
Wolf Eclipse преди 26 дни
The mental struggle mixed with covid has crushed me this year. I know it's going to be a struggle, but we'll turn this around eventually. Eventually we can find happiness and cherish it while it lasts. Happy new year Jack 🎉
Nell B x
Nell B x преди 25 дни
Love you jack, 2021 definitely hit you with highs and lows and I’m really proud of you for getting through it with a positive mindset. Xx
Billy Galley
Billy Galley преди 7 дни
Wow, i actually started tearing up when you said "are we all okay? Idek anymore" cos shit that made me realise, no maybe we're not. And thats okay. Thanks Sean
Nah Im good
Nah Im good преди 26 дни
I love you Jack and i hope you and everyone else has a great new year! Thank you so much for this talk/reflection.
I zentrix I Yt
I zentrix I Yt преди 27 дни
As shitty and weird this year was, we have always had Jack to help us through it so im so fucking grateful for u Sean
Georgia Mapping
Georgia Mapping преди 27 дни
@Darkie they aren't bots :(
hi;) преди 27 дни
@Instagram User lol whats wrong with being gay
Chicken Master 2000
Chicken Master 2000 преди 27 дни
@Flyzaz same, I will honestly feel bad for Jack if he ever reads these comments
ZAssassin преди 27 дни
@Darkie dude its horrible..
BeatKingOfficial преди 27 дни
@Darkie yeah its not funny tho
Candy Pig
Candy Pig преди 22 дни
Thank you so much genuinely for doing everything you do. I’m glad to hear you continue to grow and wish you the best for 2022. Keep being yourself and doing what is right for you.
Ciani преди 26 дни
This year has definitely been rough, I lost my cat to FIP early March and I had to cut so many people out of my life that were just so toxic and treated me awful. (My mom and sister being the big ones that I’m still trying to get the guts to say no to) And I hope next year I have the ability and wherewithal to only surround myself with people who actually care, love, and support me and my husband’s choices.
Leroy's Library
Leroy's Library преди 25 дни
Those last couple of words brought a tear to my eye, just having someone say you're enough is everything. Thank you Sean, for the bit of comfort you brought me and so many other people during this year.
Chr1s преди 24 дни
2021 is definitely a difficult year... A lot happened to many of us, so thank you Sean for sharing this video with us :D
invisible car man
invisible car man преди 27 дни
To be completely honest with you, I don't even watch Jack a lot these days, but I'm still happy that he's fine and how he's gone through 2021.
William Docherty
William Docherty преди 27 дни
@mr ♡ some people are just twisted attention seekers who should die (i am talking about the bots)
EireVGT преди 27 дни
@mr ♡ They just want attention as well. That's another big factor
mr ♡
mr ♡ преди 27 дни
@EireVGT how?? i mean if jack addresses them i could understand but he doesnt so like from where did this shit get viral from. when other cc go through stuff like this, i dont see ppl commenting shit like this.
Katana RTS
Katana RTS преди 27 дни
@Çhrîstófêr Pèzêt ×76 failure to society. 😕
TheGrimReaper преди 27 дни
@Eric Anderson it’s just a bot
Katlynn Brooks
Katlynn Brooks преди 26 дни
BRING ON 2022 ALREADY. Hope you’re doing well too Sean! ❤️
Katelyn Quinn
Katelyn Quinn преди 25 дни
This year was awful. I've lost more than I couldve imagined but I have hope for next year. I have my leaving cert this year and I've been working 7 days a week for it, so I'm going to learn to let go. Once I stopped for the Christmas my body showed me how exhausted I'd made myself. That's what I want in 2022, to learn to let go. Thanks for getting me through this year Sean ❤️ ní raibh mé in umar na haimléise anois de bharr an bliain seo chaite, is duine ard mé❤️ (my grammar is probably awful)
sprumf преди 25 дни
As much as this year drained me, it also gave me the best things in my life. This year, while hard, was just what I needed to get to who I need to be.
LojoMD Smile
LojoMD Smile преди 9 дни
I feel like everyone had that kind of perception of comfort Mainly from childhood where all the worries go away and you remember just to be simple and your not alone, and jack, you are part of that perception for me, thank you so much
Thatoneash преди 27 дни
This year was hard, I was diagnosed with a rare bone disease, my best friend killed themselves, got covid twice, lost so many loved one because of who I am, mom almost died several times, so did i. But I'm glad that through all that I'm glad I'm still here to live for everyone I've lost. P.s. thanks for letting me rant. I needed it
Julia WonderCat
Julia WonderCat преди 27 дни
im so happy that you are here with us today and im so sorry for everything that happened
Lavender Farms
Lavender Farms преди 27 дни
Shit, I get it. You're not alone if that helps.
Bean Boy Animates
Bean Boy Animates преди 27 дни
Hope everything gets better You seem cool too
beerannn преди 27 дни
i don’t know who you are but i love you and you are so strong
InsertName преди 27 дни
I’m so sorry
Sam Nieuwenhuis
Sam Nieuwenhuis преди 25 дни
Love you, Jack! Thank you so much for your strength and continued hard work throughout this year. May God grant you, Gab, BB, your whole family, and all others close to you continued health, strength, and prosperity now and forever! And may everyone have a great 2022!
Evan Manriquez
Evan Manriquez преди 26 дни
This year has definitely been a crazy one and to see you seeing the good out of a year that has taken a lot from you I just want to say thank you for everything you do. Keep being awesome👍🏼
iysha evans
iysha evans преди 26 дни
Happy new year Jack happy your well now hope good things for you the year to come love your content still will be watching your channel
Sage Blum
Sage Blum преди 25 дни
2021 has been such a hard and difficult year, but I want to say thank you to you Sean as your videos have played a key role in helping me keep going
Carrie Adcock
Carrie Adcock преди 27 дни
When Jack's dad passed away, it hit me really spiritually. Seeing that pain and sadness on his face, it felt so familiar. Loosing my dad was one of the worst things to ever happen in my life. I can only imagine what Jack was truly going through internally. He was suffering from grief and seeing his reactions on camera just brought me back to that dark place. I'm so glad to see Jack doing better. Truly inspiring, him coming back the way he did after that. He used his pain in a creative and constructive way. Also, he started making new kinds of content during that time, and it helped me see that I do not have to root in the painful memories. Jack has helped me so much over the years. Of course, we are all only 1 subscriber, but I think most of us have similar stories when it comes to Jack and his being a part of our lives. We all have moments of fear, doubt, self-loathing, and grief. He is one of the only creators that I've seen be totally open and honest about his emotional and personal experiences with the loss of a parent/loved one. I'm truly grateful to him and this community. Be safe everyone. Don't drink and drive.
crichards037 преди 27 дни
@jointarmy Agreed - I reported it as harassment...I can't stand it when people post bullshit like that. My mom always instilled in me the quote from Thumper, the rabbit from Bambi: "If you can't say something nice, don't say nuthin' at all!"
jointarmy преди 27 дни
@CYRUSONBLITZ don't reply. Report them for hate speech.
crichards037 преди 27 дни
@Morten Kirkenes Sending love and light to you. Even though your parents may not approve, please remember that you should love whoever you love, and you have so many people in your corner. ❤ Never let anyone, family or not, tell you that your feelings are wrong or invalid.
CYRUSONBLITZ преди 27 дни
@Kavetion how dare u
Morten Kirkenes
Morten Kirkenes преди 27 дни
I hope you’re better now. I also had a bit of a dark patch this year finding out that my parents weren’t ok with who I like. I went to my first pride this year. I don’t know if I would do it again if i had the chance to go back, just because of the horrible experience I had after that. Back when i was deeply closeted I wasn’t aware that there were so many people who thought that a guy liking another guy was so wrong. I hate knowing that so many people don’t think that’s ok. I’m sorry for your loss. I hope you at least had a good relationship with your dad.
Keirryse Simpson
Keirryse Simpson преди 25 дни
This was my first year watching Jack and I’ve watched so many of his old videos and his new videos. Definitely my favorite BGpostr and very inspirational
Ludvig Rönnlund
Ludvig Rönnlund преди 21 ден
Thank you for helping me through a lot of tough times this year jack. I hope next year will be much better for you and wish you all the best!
MsELaHood преди 25 дни
I’ve beeen watching you for years and it’s been so much fun to watch you blow up. Proud of you dude! You deserve it.
EXTREME преди 24 дни
It’s been a tough year for Jack but he has got through it and made positive emotions and a really good movie. The way he is a movie with one of his favourite people in the world is a one in a lifetime opportunity and his part in free guy was more than decent, it was amazing.
̇ ̇
̇ ̇ преди 27 дни
Can we just appreciate how good jack looks with round glasses? It fits him so well!
Matthew Aldana
Matthew Aldana преди 27 дни
Remember to report any troll comments
Matthew Aldana
Matthew Aldana преди 27 дни
@Dankulous • 16 years ago Kind of a good idea
13_cmi .
13_cmi . преди 27 дни
Round glasses made of clear plastic are the new thing now and I don’t get people who wear them because color looks better.
contessa преди 27 дни
@Dankulous • 16 years ago that wouldn't stop it just report them and ignore them
MGTOW  Entrepreneur
MGTOW Entrepreneur преди 27 дни
LMAO Jacks dad deserves it 😂😂🤣🤣🔥🔥😈😈
Super Cookie 64
Super Cookie 64 преди 25 дни
Original title: A lot happened to me this year... Second title: Jacksepticeye Rewind
DM Geno
DM Geno преди 11 дни
I'm really glad to hear that the content you're putting out is making you happy! I know a lot of people say "do what makes you happy not what people want" and all that but when you're as gifted at content creation as you are, it rings even more true. The things that you put out and the things that you want to play really are things I like to see!
Cat преди 26 дни
I'm so glad you're here with us still bringing your POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE to our lives! I can't believe I just discovered you in 2020, your brand of humor has infected my friend group and we're better for it. I hope you have a great and safe year upcoming. Happy New Year! =3
Star Desarden
Star Desarden преди 23 дни
I loving how Jacksepticeye acted in Free Guy and and kind of going back because of how genuine he was in the movie 🍿🎥 😊
SamiKeehl преди 27 дни
I lost my son at the beginning of the year and I also got covid near the end of it. My son and I used to watch your videos together and this year I've been watching them alone, for him, and I'm so glad you came back and shared your world with us. I've laughed as I've cried getting through this year, and I just wanted to know you've helped.
chikadem0nicb1rb преди 26 дни
I'm sorry for your loss, I hope you're ok
Harry Hawe
Harry Hawe преди 26 дни
I’m sorry for your loss,no parent should have to go through the pain you’ve been through, I hope 2022 is a good year for you.
NukeGrantsKi11s преди 27 дни
im sorry man thats rough i dont know what your feeling right now but i do hope your feeling better
ᴜ ʟ ᴛ ʀ ᴏ ɴ
ᴜ ʟ ᴛ ʀ ᴏ ɴ преди 27 дни
Also I'm deeply sorry for your loss SamiKeehi. I feel bad just scrolling through and spamming my crap to make fun of these satanists in the comments while ignoring all the genuinity in some of these comments. And I'm not going to say some crap like "my prayers are with you". I literally just kneeled in front of my bed and prayed for you and other people who suffered losses of loved ones, and that no one else will have to suffer the same fate because of the stupidity and false sense of security Trump plunged the country into. I hope one day I can see you make it through and standing on the stage ready to give a TED Talk, or something like that.
Weeping Angel
Weeping Angel преди 27 дни
I'm not a parent or a son and I can't even begin to imagine what pain you must have been through. But as a daughter who lost both her parents this year due to mental health reasons (they're not dead, just not in my life anymore because they weren't ready to be parents) I just wanted to tell you that I hope you know how much your son must've valued watching Jack's videos together. From what I've seen being a parent is insanely hard let alone having your child die before you. I'm very, very sure that your son loves you and (if you believe in it) is surely still watching with you :) Thank you for trying your best and I wish you a brighter future!
Elksin_93 преди 26 дни
Happy New years Jack, we love you
Kin преди 20 дни
Having lost my mother and broken up with my girlfriend this year, all I can say is that I'm glad I survived through it and I'm looking forward to the future.
Ace L
Ace L преди 24 дни
Jack: I’m going to get my health back in check Me and all the other spoonies: “Are you prepared to receive information that could possibly hurt you?” /jk Hoping everything goes well!❤️ Being chronically ill sucks/gen
Catina Jenkins
Catina Jenkins преди 25 дни
This has been a long and suffering year, my resolution is to get my depression and anxiety under control since it was the main take over this year
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