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Put your Dad pants on because it's time for God of War!

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Let Me Explain Studios
Let Me Explain Studios преди 3 години
I’m a sucker for the tough guy with a soft spot trope. Loving the game, Jack! Keep playing!
Sahil Shaw
Sahil Shaw преди 3 дни
@Jacob Klein0 😂
Sahil Shaw
Sahil Shaw преди 3 дни
Kelly White
Kelly White преди 6 дни
@Some Kid "girl"
f you hank(Tricky)
f you hank(Tricky) преди 13 дни
Some thing is wrong I can feel it
George Fandl
George Fandl преди 18 дни
Da heck u doin her
Skyler Olivas
Skyler Olivas преди 3 месеца
Sean: "it's so crazy, Kratos hasn't killed anyone yet" Draugr: _Hip hop my life's about to stop_
Triforce Calamity
Triforce Calamity преди ден
Hehehe good one
Nahrikkon преди 2 дни
@Xeno OCE 6 months… right….
Darthkiller3118 преди 20 дни
@Skyler Olivas Well, double dead. I suppose.
WhiteKnight преди 22 дни
Alvina Taylor
Alvina Taylor преди 27 дни
Robin Pringle
Robin Pringle преди 4 месеца
Rewatching again after the Ragnarok announcement. Such a good game! “Christopher Judge, can you read me bedtime stories every afternoon?”
JSGV преди 3 дни
JSGV преди 9 дни
H0NZ00 преди 29 дни
Spartan King
Spartan King преди месец
Aiden преди месец
I guess that's technically what I'm doing too. I just wanted to see it again haha
Volxi преди 3 месеца
Kratos: *mourning his dead wife* Jack: “I want that beard”
Deez Nuts
Deez Nuts преди 22 дни
y.e.e.p преди 26 дни
@PopCultureNerdYT na he doesnt lmao
Derion Young
Derion Young преди месец
@PopCultureNerdYT IK RIGHT
ShadowSlicer22 преди месец
@Edukated Bonker Not yet but I'm only 17 so that can change.
Edukated Bonker
Edukated Bonker преди месец
Mal Dorov
Mal Dorov преди 2 месеца
Jack: This is different... he hasn't killed anyone yet Tree: Am I a joke to you?
Crisdean Mackinnon
Crisdean Mackinnon преди 2 дни
That tree had only two days left until retirement.
Taym Farhat
Taym Farhat преди месец
@estralfos the tree: ;-; k but pls don’t kill my brother
estralfos преди месец
Yes you are tree yes you are
Noname преди 9 месеца
I love it how kratos can canonically hold up the world and destroy universal beings who can wipe creation but can't talk to his son cuz he's too scared
Con San Senpai
Con San Senpai преди 3 дни
@Oh No Bull shit
Con San Senpai
Con San Senpai преди 3 дни
Na he just doesn’t want his dumbass responses
Acean преди 9 дни
When you have the literal ashes of your previous kid that you killed along with her mother bound to your skin, I'm sure that leaves you with... issues
Karma Bish
Karma Bish преди 9 дни
He's still just a man.
Xaiver Bres
Xaiver Bres преди месец
I mean, conversely, a person who can talk down gods might struggle with the idea of taking a life.
Bennylolo преди 2 месеца
I just noticed. When Kratos holds Fae's ashes, he grips them protectively and smiles, remembering her before snapping back to seriousness.
Elijah Preston
Elijah Preston преди 13 дни
I never realized this and I've played this game numerous times since it's release. It's so nice to see since he is either known for his ragey side or like in this just his monotone borderline emotionless side
G G преди 14 дни
I think it’s more of a moment of him actually mourning, less of a smile and more of a painful and sad grin. A rare moment
Momzashi !
Momzashi ! преди 26 дни
@Selena Ann thank you!
Selena Ann
Selena Ann преди 26 дни
@Momzashi ! I think they are talking about 46:53
Momzashi !
Momzashi ! преди 27 дни
Yooo time stamp?
Bismarck преди 4 месеца
He might be a hard ass, but I can see the reason why hes trying to teach his son to hunt without much help. After all, he needs to be sure his son can take care of himself when Kratos finally meets his match.
ً преди 16 дни
@DemonMj i mean we did see his son in this game
znocts productions
znocts productions преди 26 дни
@Cooper Hunnicutt ikr but it's the strongest in Norse
Cooper Hunnicutt
Cooper Hunnicutt преди 26 дни
@znocts productions Kratos: yes
znocts productions
znocts productions преди месец
@strawberry man thor: am I a joke to you
DemonMj преди месец
He taught him because he wants to make sure that boy can provide for his family (and yes to take care of himself) if he ever has one. And also to help hone his archery skills, I mean hell he's obviously gonna help fight
Infinity Lord
Infinity Lord преди 4 месеца
Jack: “Kratos being the angriest man ever.” Doom Guy: *Unholy laughter*
Aniruddh Naik
Aniruddh Naik преди ден
@Infinity Lord okay this trait is present in kratos too, whenever he is defeated or killed he comes back stronger Gow 1 ares killed him and then kratos came back and killed him Gow chain of olympus he was defeated by charon and then he came back and defeated him and slayed him Gow ascension he was tortured for weeks by furies but when he escaped he faced all 3 once and defeated them , defeated hectanochires titan at the time when he was not a God of war just a normal demigod Spartan general, he had survived attacks from hades, poisedon, helios, artemis in wager of gods. (This time he didn't even have blades of chaos), he had defeated alrik who was assisted by hades in wager of gods, he was tricked and killed in Gow 2 but he came back and killed almost everything, Gow ghost of sparta he was getting hit by deimos and thanatos took deimos away but kratos got up next moment and came back stronger, this trait is present in kratos too
Infinity Lord
Infinity Lord преди 2 дни
@Aniruddh Naik that’s valid evidence but your missing one key detail that makes the slayer win hands down. If he is killed he will always come bake stronger and angrier. There is no defeating the doom slayer, you can only try to contain him. That’s why the demons placed him in the sarcophagus in doom 2016
Aniruddh Naik
Aniruddh Naik преди 2 дни
@Infinity Lord the creator of the God of war universe is ouranos and ouranos was defeated by cronos and cronos was defeated by zeus and zeus was defeated by kratos, kratos defeated zeus without power of hope and then zeus took help of evil fear inside him making him astral fear zeus which was an abstract concept which cannot be harmed by physical concepts so here kratos had to take help of power of hope and had to wipe out fear, even after killing zeus there was no sign of exhaustion and injury to kratos,wtf you were talking about? Kratos barely defeated zeus??, No kratos defeated zeus fair and square. Kratos defeated most of titans and gods on a single day (god of war 3), and zeus was op af since his rage only could shake the world along with its foundation his lightning bolt was so fast that even hermes can't dodge it, his master bolt has the potential to melt down the whole universe and your saying doom defeated the creator doom universe dark Lord while kratos, zeus, kronos all were more powerful than ouranos(who is creator of universe) And gods in gow universe are strong, ares being a God of war can end a mortal war in seconds, poisedon can take on the whole army of titans alone, hades can summoned all deads and souls and he is literally unkillable (the only way to defeat him is to trap his soul and his soul has no afterlife) ;Hercules is capable enough to bear the whole weight of world, and so is atlas, hectanoichres ,cyclopsand furies are strong enough as any titan, the universe was created by just the side effect of primordial war, landscapes were created as the side effect of titanochamy, they weren't even conscious nin building universe and yet they created it as a side effect, ouranos and all primordials defeated chaos itself an entity existed before time and space And the very essence of chaos lies in kratos blades that can not only burn and harm living but dead, spirits, souls and afterlife beings too
Infinity Lord
Infinity Lord преди 2 дни
@Virgil Raz's Son bro did you even read everything I said. The demon Lord is the literal creator of the doom universe, and the Slayer soloed him and didn’t even show any signs of being injured afterwards. Unlike Kratos, who was barely able to defeat Zeus. And also in doom, Hell has consumed an infinite amount of worlds becoming stronger with every one it takes and adding to the infinite amount of demons in it. And the Slayer stayed in hell for millions of years killing demons becoming stronger with every one he killed. He has killed beings like Kronos a billion times and literally taken their strength. And in doom lore, demons skin is stronger than steel and the interior of their bodies burn as hot as magma and the slayer literally rips and tears through them like paper and practically baths in their blood do your research next time you wanna argue with me.
Virgil Raz's Son
Virgil Raz's Son преди 2 дни
@Infinity Lord Only Demons(Demon Lord = Demon)
Dune 1911
Dune 1911 преди месец
Fun fact: the reason Atreus is called “boy” by Kratos is because they didn’t have a name for him when they were recording voices, so the voice actor of Kratos improvised
The Onion System
The Onion System преди 10 дни
@nicholas lawrence that's clearly after they fully completed the character of Arteus for the game
Drake Ware
Drake Ware преди 23 дни
I thought the reason was because they added Atreus late in development
nicholas lawrence
nicholas lawrence преди 24 дни
thats stupid he litterally says atreous
Steven преди 4 месеца
I absolutely cannot wait for his play through of God of War: Ragnarok, if he chooses to do one. It looks absolutely phenomenal
JSGV преди 2 дни
@Steven yeah but it's not like a one type thing, everybody is spelling it wrong and it's fucking annoying
Steven преди 2 дни
@JSGV Legit like nobody cares😂. A damn misspelling ain’t gonna kill anybody
JSGV преди 3 дни
@hello it's a completely different letter though with a different sound like you couldn't just go around and use "d" and "b" interchangeably yes they look like flipped versions of eachother but they are fundementally different
hello преди 3 дни
@JSGV its not that important
JSGV преди 3 дни
it's called ragnarök* jesus
kashu преди 3 месеца
Yo, when Kratos was like *”Leave. My. H o m e .”* _That was a whole seismic wave, bro_
Inferno Gaming
Inferno Gaming преди 14 дни
Lmao, that was an atomic bomb being dropped followed by 5 more, causing an earthquake, which then caused a tsunami. And then ripped open the crust of the Earth and swallowed him up
SimplyyDream преди 19 дни
and then a seismic wave did happen when the battle ripped a ravine into the earth
Hunterthewrestler преди месец
Nah bro, it was as if a nuclear explosion happened right then and there
Emiliano Rodriguez
Emiliano Rodriguez преди 4 месеца
It's incredible to see that Kratos used to be a bloodlust revengeful person who caused mayhem, to a father figure who has a deep voice and he cares for people now
Ellie преди месец
You know he was a father but then he killed his wife and daughter that's why his skin is white
Sanaa преди 4 месеца
Im now realizing Boy is a term of endearment for Kratos; when he's actually very serious and trying to appeal he says Atreus but when hes casually frustrated or normal he says Boy
N00B преди 3 години
Odin: Kratos is in the woods somewhere Thor: how do you know? Odin: i can hear his theme playing
Inferno Gaming
Inferno Gaming преди 14 дни
@mr_chaotic_ neutral Baldur, and he’s not immortal, his mom when he was a baby made every living and non living thing swear not to hurt or kill him, aside from mistletoe which is funny, because she completely forgot about it.
Biggy101 преди 4 месеца
@Logan Pugh Father? Yes thor Did you get impregnated by kratos Yes
Rilley James Caccam
Rilley James Caccam преди 4 месеца
@Logan Pugh lol
Hypnotic Skull
Hypnotic Skull преди 4 месеца
:Baldur: Why do I hear boss music?
jesse irvine
jesse irvine преди 4 месеца
@mr_chaotic_ neutral that is true
Happy killer
Happy killer преди месец
Fun fact : kratos was actually the Greek god of divine strength
Happy killer
Happy killer преди 14 дни
@Mircea Draculov he’s right it’s Kratos
Cas P
Cas P преди 14 дни
No it’s Kratos
Mircea Draculov
Mircea Draculov преди 24 дни
Anonymous преди 4 месеца
"This is already different. Kratos hasn't killed anybody yet." Like he was timing in his head how long it took for him to kill somebody. Love it.
Lyrical Death
Lyrical Death преди 3 месеца
Did anyone notice how violently he slowly kept getting at the beginning whilst chopping the tree? HIt's like he was letting out his grief on the tree
𝔾𝕙𝕠𝕤𝕥_ℤ𝕠𝕞𝕓𝕚𝕖 преди 4 месеца
Kratos: *Rips Draugr in half* Jack: “Huh, interesting”
The Necro in Nice Clothes
The Necro in Nice Clothes преди година
My dad: "I'm not angry, I'm disappointed." Kratos: "I'm both disappointed *and* angry."
Filthy Dxgger
Filthy Dxgger преди месец
Edukated Bonker
Edukated Bonker преди месец
RedBullFire 123
RedBullFire 123 преди 2 месеца
@Adam Smith call the cops
Deadbot 2000
Deadbot 2000 преди 2 месеца
*confused screaming*
Sans The Skeleton
Sans The Skeleton преди 3 месеца
You don't want to anger your father boy
Con San Senpai
Con San Senpai преди 3 дни
Atreus: “Which way?” Kratos: “In the direction of deer”
Demetrius Almanza
Demetrius Almanza преди 4 месеца
Sean: “I almost punched my child, I don’t think God of War would go that far-“ God of War 1: Am I a joke to you?
Naomi.strange преди 2 дни
Jack: Keep your distance he's strong Aturcise: Casually walks into him
Miles Parker
Miles Parker преди месец
Jack: "I wonder how it's like to have a voice THAT deep." Corpse: "Let me introduce myself."
Elizabeth Harasty
Elizabeth Harasty преди 8 дни
I’m rewatching this and think it’s funny how Sean says he has never met anyone whose voice rumbles that low when they talk and I realized this play through was before he met Corpse!
Pheonyx преди 4 месеца
46:48 Kratos: *-Putting his loved one's ashes in a bag to spread over the mountain-* Seán: "I want that beard"
Jacob Bateman
Jacob Bateman преди 4 месеца
46:30 Kratos reaching into the embers that are still glowing red to gather his wife’s ashes has me convinced that he does not feel pain
Raena Lorin
Raena Lorin преди 4 месеца
He does feel it, he just has an incredibly high threshold/tolerance for it. He’s used to giant flaming chain-linked blades tearing into the flesh of his wrists/forearms, so by comparison, reaching into a pile of smoldering embers doesn’t likely feel any worse to him than the average person accidentally grabbing the lit end of a cigarette.
Con San Senpai
Con San Senpai преди 3 дни
Chest: *literally has perfect latch” Kratos’ thoughts: *Fuck them chest”
Youha123 преди година
Fun fact: Kratos is holding back almost all the time in this game.
Kai преди 10 дни
Shrexz. преди 10 дни
@ur mum and in the fight he healed all of his injuries almost instantly
ur mum
ur mum преди 10 дни
how tho? bro was bloodied up and could barely walk after the first baldur fight
Young Family
Young Family преди 14 дни
Well yea he punched zues to death so hes pretty strong
Shrexz. преди 14 дни
@KingFaz flashback god of the sun
Arielle Wasiak
Arielle Wasiak преди 3 месеца
Sean in 2018: I can't imagine anyone having a voice that deep Sean after meeting Corpse in 2020: Okay so I take that back
Lindsay Kinney
Lindsay Kinney преди 12 дни
Literally had the same thought
NikRon преди ден
that moment when you realize how traumatizing killing the deer was for Atreus since he can talk to animals, meaning he could hear the deer screaming in agony begging him to stop
Robert Murray.
Robert Murray. преди 3 месеца
What i like about god of war is how seamless the transitions are from cutscenes to gameplay and vice versa, gives it that sort of unbroken narrative vibe to it.
Kurmysha Harris
Kurmysha Harris преди 5 дни
Sean at the beginning of the playthrough: I said I'd never go back to the cabin in the woods Sean 45 minutes in: I wanna go to a cabin in the woods
David Price
David Price преди 3 месеца
Because of how the camera works, I've noticed most cutscened have a moment where you move into the right spot, but they have an amazing way of directing your eyes away from what's happening in the background each time. Real spot on directing
Yeetus преди 28 дни
Sean: The background is amazing! Kratos: calmly picks up tree like its nothing
Lizard Slizard
Lizard Slizard преди ден
I was introduced to god of war by this game, after watching other playthroughs of the different God Of War games, one key detail I noticed is how quiet Kratos is now. Granted, he still screams and shouts during battle and anger, but he still has his voice noticeably toned down and quiet. I thought it was a nice attention to detail.
Kyle Bolton
Kyle Bolton преди 5 дни
“People have deep voices but not that deep” obviously hasn’t met corpse yet🤣🤣
Duck Man
Duck Man преди година
He is the type of dad to go “im not mad I’m disappointed” and it’s scary
PoserDisposer преди 3 месеца
I’m pretty sure with Kratos it would be “I’m mad and disappointed.”
Soviet Flappyducklegs
Soviet Flappyducklegs преди 6 месеца
Hmm that kinda sounds like mine
tracy carter
tracy carter преди 6 месеца
Facts though.
Claudia Martinez
Claudia Martinez преди 6 месеца
@YourBruIra 7th 8888888888888888888888888988888888888888 8888
Claudia Martinez
Claudia Martinez преди 6 месеца
@YourBruIra 8889⁸8888988889⁸88
BradDaBra YT
BradDaBra YT преди 19 дни
Kratos can’t feel pain either because we control him and when he is “hurt” we don’t feel a thing
BlueJupiter преди месец
Kratos: *deep voice* Corpse: "your not that pal guy, trust me your not that guy"
blackhawks81H преди 19 дни
Yeah, but corpse has more of a vocal fry just straight up gravelly "my vocal chords are damaged" sounding voice. Chris Judge has a more naturally effortlessly deep bass voice than corpse.
Nathan McCarter
Nathan McCarter преди 25 дни
“You’re not that pal guy” lol i think u mean you’re not that guy pal*
ASuddenRedFox преди 4 дни
Gonna repeatedly rewatch this series over and over again until Ragnarok comes out
JSGV преди 3 дни
it's called ragnarök*
Goose преди 25 дни
I love the fact that this guy is an amazing dad despite having killed multiple gods
The entity known only as chad
The entity known only as chad преди 9 месеца
Atreus in cutscenes: can’t kill a thing Atreus in game: PURGE EVERYTHING IN FLAMES AND ARROWS
Christian преди 3 месеца
@john I mean when he found out he was a god he killed a god and then at the end he was able to show off his skill with a bow and arrow
Christian преди 3 месеца
Yea, I actually liked upgrading him as much as Kratos
The Dude ___ Dude
The Dude ___ Dude преди 3 месеца
Modi: are you sure about that?
Volxi преди 3 месеца
*boy *boy
Mingus the protector
Mingus the protector преди 4 месеца
That BOY is amazing
Dracones719 преди 15 дни
Kratos: violently rips a dudes chest open Jack: "huh"
AshaCracka преди 2 дни
just me or does jack sound like that one friend when yr dads mad whenever Kratos is stern to Atreus
Colby Gunter
Colby Gunter преди 2 дни
rewatching this series 3years later. Jack is hands down the best lets player
Hector Phillipps
Hector Phillipps преди 3 месеца
Jack: "people have deep voices but not THAT deep" corpse husband: "Am I a joke to you?"
Vegan Nikocado Avocado
Vegan Nikocado Avocado преди 3 години
What should we name our child Mom: Atreus Kratos: B O Y
sad cat with a hat
sad cat with a hat преди 3 месеца
u replied to a reply after 3 years xD
sad cat with a hat
sad cat with a hat преди 3 месеца
@Xominus what
Xominus преди 4 месеца
@Epochenkaida No shit. The guy didn't know that yet.
Xominus преди 4 месеца
@Ad ?? Don't act dumb.
Xominus преди 4 месеца
@Lost Xenos He didn't know that yet. Ofcourse a furry is a idiot.
PawlerBear преди месец
5:00 Jack "I have no idea what its like to have a voice that deep. Some people have deep voices but not THAT deep.." *gets to know corpse a year later*
DevilEstray преди 2 месеца
It's my second time watching this, I just love how Sean appreciate every little details and the creator of this epic game
Danielle Seddon
Danielle Seddon преди 2 месеца
Me too
XetaXero преди месец
I make it a staple in my life to always return to this series to watch on Jack's channel. Breathtaking game played by such a kind man.
Kaitlyn Burton
Kaitlyn Burton преди месец
Got this for my brother Christmas, will he like it? I can never tell between hype and good games
Tenko преди 4 месеца
I love how this game follows the story in a way that one of the very deadliest people would end up as canonically after everything they've been thru. Its just something I really like about the game
Josh Whitworth
Josh Whitworth преди 2 години
Atreus: dad where’s my bow? Kratos: I do not k n o w Atreus: where’d you see it last? Kratos: in the direction of b o w
A muhfukin lobster
A muhfukin lobster преди 2 години
Why is this a meme
Iswayuri преди 2 години
@Native_Beats _2016 fine
Native_Beats _2016
Native_Beats _2016 преди 2 години
@Iswayuri Do not test me boi. You must learn to do things on your own, lest one day I fall, and you begin to fail the simplest of tasks
Shuma Atiqunnassa
Shuma Atiqunnassa преди 2 години
@Bihhhhhh lmao
Martijn Dingenouts
Martijn Dingenouts преди 2 години
@Iswayuri ask doc
EMCGaming преди 9 дни
I love how kratos can be so violent and take on literal gods but he handles his wife with such care
Benjamin Jones
Benjamin Jones преди месец
jack: some people have deep voices but not that deep Corpse: talks
Brian Mitchell
Brian Mitchell преди месец
You can see some hints of Kratos showing genuine emotion, letting it slip a little when he gazes at the sack containing his wife's ashes, but then recomposing himself because he knows he doesn't have time to dwell on his grief
DBT преди 5 месеца
1:00:38 that weapon throw lead up perfectly to the cut cut scene 😂
Isaac Steffen
Isaac Steffen преди 10 месеца
Anyone else rewatching this play through 3 years later?
Lillianne Bradley
Lillianne Bradley преди 3 месеца
ep but im lAter
A Toaster
A Toaster преди 4 месеца
Yea and I have an account now
MrMister преди 4 месеца
@Marko , Remmi I remember seeing the thumbnails for god of war but it wasn't until a few months after the game came out was when I started watching and loving him play it. Good times.
MrMister преди 4 месеца
@Marko , Remmi Nice
Marko , Remmi
Marko , Remmi преди 4 месеца
Lmao yeah I finished it when jack made the series but now I’m watching it again cause I’m playing all the God of war games
Anonymous User
Anonymous User преди 9 дни
Just remembered when this series was coming out my friend was in the hospital and she watched your videos every day in the hospital and she recovered because laughter is the best medicine so thank you Jack
N.A.K преди ден
Kratos God Powers is basically a strength of a Titan now. He used to have a lot of other powers when he was being blessed by Zeus and Athena. Gonna be rewatching this to prepare myself for the GOW Ragnorak gameplay u better be playing:)
RoaringRiver 678
RoaringRiver 678 преди месец
I just finished replaying this on ‘give me a challenge’ I love this game, I still get chills during the cut scenes and the adrenaline rush during the fights. This was the game that inspired me to save up and get a PS4. So excited to play the new one that’s coming out!!!
Anderson Thuot
Anderson Thuot преди 3 дни
I like it how jack says something about the heath bar and then says “ they are angry at me “ while killing the. With an axe
CLONE 1077
CLONE 1077 преди година
When you litterly have to switch mythology because you killed everyone in your old one
anime gear
anime gear преди 2 дни
@Driving Studios I want an indian one too
Ravenous Elf
Ravenous Elf преди 2 месеца
@Driving Studios Japanese. I would like to see Kratos reacting to... the questionable parts of Japan's culture.
DysPhoria_1 .0
DysPhoria_1 .0 преди 10 месеца
@Xidam Imagine Kratos fucking *burning* through oni with his axe and blades
Kaylie Carlino
Kaylie Carlino преди 10 месеца
IAMKYON преди 10 месеца
Its kinda like the opposite of what happened to mgk
zorigt tamir
zorigt tamir преди 18 дни
you can see kratos holding back when he takes the bow from boy even though he could have easily ripped his head off
Koigoi Hardy
Koigoi Hardy преди 4 месеца
Jack :" I cant imagine a voice so deep that it rumbles your throat" Corpse: 👁️👄👁️
Dragongaming преди месец
"holy god...... Holy god of war" thats the reason jack is the best
baby Bee
baby Bee преди 3 месеца
Jack: violently rips creature in half Also jack: hUh, IntErEstIng.
Tiny преди 6 месеца
"Yeah my dad is just this gigantic hunk of a man with super strength, healing powers, and a magical ice axe. Oh and my mom is some sketchy force field making witch. Our family is a bunch of nobodies though." - boy
Armzilla 123
Armzilla 123 преди 4 дни
At the time he didn’t know they were gods
blaze 46
blaze 46 преди 16 дни
Kratos is a nobody because nobody is alive from Greece is alive to remember him
ZayBy преди месец
@Taym Farhat In these worlds? Yes.
Taym Farhat
Taym Farhat преди месец
@ZayBy gods are normal people now?
Jenny Jin
Jenny Jin преди 2 месеца
Forgot the part where she knows the language of other creatures like giants and the f*cking gratitude llama
PattyPieCry преди 11 дни
Moral of this 2-hours long video: *Sean* wants *Kratos'* beard.
Trick Fox
Trick Fox преди месец
Jack: what is that!? Also jack: pulls axe… contemplates… throws axe
sigma_is_op преди месец
What's really cool about Atreus is that he is actually ambidextrous with a strong left side, meaning he shoots with his left arm but he also uses the knife with both of his hands.
tortuga man
tortuga man преди 2 месеца
I feel old because this entire time I’m thinking about how much more painful this game would be because of how cold it is.
Not Drew
Not Drew преди година
“People have deep voices but not that deep” Don’t worry, Jack, you’ll meet him soon
Petar C.
Petar C. преди 4 месеца
@Damian_Likes_games Oh I thought the commenter meant he will soon meet the world serpent, which has a really really deep voice lol
89 Dimes
89 Dimes преди 4 месеца
Damian_likes_games corpse already has a deep voice naturally. Gerd just gives it more raspy ness
Not Drew
Not Drew преди 4 месеца
@Jai Kundicevic 2 damn man you had to go there
Jai Kundicevic 2
Jai Kundicevic 2 преди 4 месеца
Oh god corpse is cringe.
Random goblin man that likes kaijus n stuff.
Random goblin man that likes kaijus n stuff. преди 4 месеца
Why are ppl getting mad at ppl cuz of a person who GERD?idk this is seeming sus
Klaus Schafer
Klaus Schafer преди месец
Jack: Some people have deep voices but not that deep Me in the future: Just wait Jack, you'll meet Corpse and realize you were wrong.
BossMr51 преди 2 месеца
"Boy is gonna be a joke for this entire series" Yeah sure'll only be for this series. Totally
Diamond Back
Diamond Back преди 4 месеца
watching this again knowing what I know you realize that the mother looks like she'd be taller than Kratos
TheSeeker преди месец
Jack: wow this is pretty Meanwhile kratos: casually picks up a tree
just another horse girl
just another horse girl преди 3 години
Mother : So Kratos what should we name him? Kratos : B O Y Mother : Kratos no- Kratos : Kratos Y E S
Monstergod12 преди 4 месеца
Jamie Stanway
Jamie Stanway преди 8 месеца
Well at least it's true
The plauge doctor
The plauge doctor преди 9 месеца
that. andrew
that. andrew преди 9 месеца
Kratos drinked Tedd
Pizza Time
Pizza Time преди 9 месеца
Kratos: -Atreus- B O Y
Connor Hallstrom
Connor Hallstrom преди 5 месеца
I've saw this play through when he was playing it and I've watched it so many times after it was done it's so f'ing good
Niranjan SJ
Niranjan SJ преди 4 месеца
OHHH THE NOSTALGIA! I'm watching this series again just to take my mind off things.
Ketamon преди 3 месеца
"kratos hasnt killed anybody yet" the tree: am i joke to you?
Ben Dover
Ben Dover преди месец
I love it when a guy diverts from the normal route to go explore a little. I could watch you all day man.
Aviva Odintz
Aviva Odintz преди 2 години
"I hope that I meet Chris Hemsworth" 1 year later: Jacksepticeye interviews Chris Hemsworth
ChezWang преди година
Lmao if this whole BGpost thing doesn’t work out, fortunetelling is a safety net
Kattunge as a potato
Kattunge as a potato преди година
@ChezWang ask jack
James Reyes
James Reyes преди година
@ChezWang nah more like he makes the future
Rioourpup преди година
Amy Warren
Amy Warren преди година
YungBlox преди 2 месеца
I remember playing this back in December of 2018, man such a great game, im so happy that the second one is being released soon within the next year
Golden Knifer
Golden Knifer преди 2 месеца
jack: some people have deep voices but not that deep Corpse: let me introduce myself
Sword Monkee
Sword Monkee преди месец
Hearing jack attempt to talk like Kratos, and being so funny while doing it, made my day
Bobby Judd
Bobby Judd преди 2 месеца
Jack: i was expecting something alot bigger Me: thats what she said😂
Alex Ramey
Alex Ramey преди 3 години
Boy: Where are we going to lunch? Kratos: McDonnalds. Boy: Where's that? Kratos: *In the direction of McDonnalds.*
DysPhoria_1 .0
DysPhoria_1 .0 преди 10 месеца
Where are we going? To watch Endgame Where? *In the direction of Endgame*
Nikos Nikos
Nikos Nikos преди година
Kratos: In the direction of burgers Boy: bu- Kratos: buuuuuuuurgers
Kyøko._.Axølotl преди година
Imagine kratos at McDonalds LMAOOOO
Initial D Style
Initial D Style преди 2 години
it was then that he realized that there is food at home
JordanSpamsL2 -_-
JordanSpamsL2 -_- преди 2 години
@The Roblox Phantom that's not what roasting is.boY
Gilian преди 3 месеца
I've watched this series 3 times now🤣 and still enjoy it to the fullest
Mc.Shyguy преди месец
For frick sakes once, Jack starts the game and said "Do you love this tree." I couldn't stop laughing, man I don't know why I stopped watching him... btw this is my first video I watched of Jack in like 10 months.
Mal Dorov
Mal Dorov преди 2 месеца
Did anyone else notice the pyre for the mom was shaped like a boat? Or that Kratos used the Leviathan Axe to light the pyre? Or that Jack goes to bed in the afternoon?
Dante Wolvera
Dante Wolvera преди 28 дни
When Kratos says Leave My Home to Baldur, it's literally ALL the character growth in three words. From a man who would slaughter children, to a rage beast who would destroy the world for revenge. You would NEVER look at Early Kratos and expect him not to kill Anyone who hit him like that. Now he's so willing to avoid a fight that you literally have to beat one out of him.
C.o.R (Lex)
C.o.R (Lex) преди 2 години
Kratos: _casually lifts tree_ *later* Atreus: Wait, you're a god????
Dont Please
Dont Please преди година
@SKetchy Well a god and a giant but I still give you credit lol.
Tristan :3
Tristan :3 преди 2 години
Kratos: *kills a fucking dragon* Atreus: "naw just a normal mortal doing normal mortal stuff..."
TheSaxAppeal преди 2 години
@C.o.R (Lex) lumberjacks. Those fellas can throw a big ass trunk on their shoulders and haul it around like it's nothing
Louny Senpai
Louny Senpai преди 2 години
i hadn’t seen the latest reply you made until after i commented , whoops
- Blackemperor-
- Blackemperor- преди 2 години
@Louny Senpai What are you even talking about. You're right but that's completely unrelated.
Caleb Lawler
Caleb Lawler преди 3 дни
Rewatching this series because it's awesome and it just accused to me that Atreus/Loki defends the wolves reason for attacking you saying "they were just hungry, they weren't mean" and then at the end of the game when you see the murals of Atreus/Loki he's traveling with wolves. Foreshadowing maybe?
Tre Waldrop
Tre Waldrop преди 3 месеца
I like how people still empathize with kratos and his old wife and daughter but never say that at least this one died in a more civilized and sorrowful tone
Little Coral's Adventures
Little Coral's Adventures преди 4 месеца
3 years later and this is still by far one of my favorite playthroughs
A_Toaster преди месец
When the games combat makes you feel like an anime character you know it's good
Cvetomir Georgiev
Cvetomir Georgiev преди 3 години
Kratos gets in a taxi Driver: Where are we going Kratos: Home Driver: Which is where Kratos:In the direction of home
stav kous
stav kous преди 7 месеца
Brenda Delacruz
Brenda Delacruz преди 7 месеца
The Masked One
The Masked One преди 9 месеца
Joose2005 преди година
Before this Kratos using siri: find me a taxi Siri: I didn't quite get that Kratos: find a taxi Siri: could you please repeat that Kratos: find a taxi Siri: I still don't understand Kratos: **throws phone the same way he throws his ax** Boy where is the nearest taxi Boy: you threw your phone at one Kratos: **walks to the taxi** [Insert the parent comment]
Darthtater преди година
Khet преди 3 месеца
You know when jack's let's plays are unedited, You know he very much like's it
ghostbeakon3 преди 3 месеца
Jack: "some people have deep voices but not like that" Chorpse husband has entered the chat
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