COOLEST THING EVER IN FNAF | Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach #4

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преди 14 дни

This might just be the coolest thing any FNAF game has ever done. I mean it, I'm not foolies right now. This is so mind blowing that you will wonder "How do games ever get better than this again?" The answer? They don't!

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Skywarped 33
Skywarped 33 преди 12 дни
Just wait till Jack finds out you can find battery upgrades for freddy
vibing strawberry
vibing strawberry преди 4 дни
Is freddy a good boi
MudkipKid2000 Legend
MudkipKid2000 Legend преди 6 дни
Like he’s going to find them
undefined0 преди 8 дни
69th reply
Travis Schulcz
Travis Schulcz преди 8 дни
@TheMultiGamer It equips them automatically
The END преди 8 дни
@Waddles_Art Exactly, having a marker on the map will helps a lot.
L0rdF0x725 преди 11 дни
I love that somehow during that chase scene Jack managed to outrun every obstacle before they could fall in place 😂
Brady Lafleche
Brady Lafleche преди ден
@Lil Cricket uuuuu hi I’m uu
Brady Lafleche
Brady Lafleche преди ден
@Lil Cricket hi
Sploosh ACNH
Sploosh ACNH преди 4 дни
@jacksepticeye PERIOD
Hilman Huzaini
Hilman Huzaini преди 5 дни
@jacksepticeye why I can hear this loud and clear 😂
​「ᒍOEY 」
​「ᒍOEY 」 преди 5 дни
@jacksepticeye YESSSSS
Five Alive
Five Alive преди 11 дни
This game is so unfinished... But it looks so fun... Imagine if it was actually done...
Rainbow Drop
Rainbow Drop преди 12 часа
There's this huge argument in the comments and then there's me just sipping some tea 😗🍵
IamZedV1 преди 3 дни
@VSLogic firstly I'd like to say that security breach isn't technically a triple A game, it's still an indie game just with a bigger budget. secondly I would match this along franchises like COD, Dark souls, GTA where the previous game is still buggy af but instead of fixing it they just release a new version
VSLogic преди 3 дни
@IamZedV1 i was responding to your comment specifically in which you state that many triple A games are that buggy on release, so my point is as i said. I've not seen a AAA game this buggy on release. A week later isnt a factor with what i was responding too, which i understand was unclear given youtubes... rough reply system. Consistantly there would be multiple bugs happening at once, some game-breaking. Early access games are typically more complete, even at this point post updates. I don't dislike the game though, but its just a concept build at most. A show of what could be. Its just hours of fetch quest in a pretty environment with no thought of game design. comparing to triple A doesn't really make since as even their network tests are less buggy. so the question was, what triple A games are you playing that match this buggyness? ive got cyberpunk and maybe Skyrim.
Joseph Sims
Joseph Sims преди 3 дни
@IamZedV1 That’s all I wanted to hear. Have a nice day/night
IamZedV1 преди 3 дни
@Joseph Sims it definitely was rushed to release. I agree 100%. Even the devs said that
Diamond swiss
Diamond swiss преди 11 дни
As a person going into video game design, I personally find the whole “animatronics teleporting around” thing to be a rather lazy “solution” to the dumb AI pathfinding problem. It’s generally lazy and often unfair to the player mainly in the case of the security bots alerting the other animatronics to your location. Instead of just making a mad dash to the player giving them a chance to hide, the animatronics just teleport to your location sometimes right behind/in front of the player killing them instantly. To me this design is just lazy
Allan Ribergaard
Allan Ribergaard преди 19 часа
There are some worse bugs
Tentegen преди ден
@UltmateRagnarok Well said. Bravo.
GamingAngel 01
GamingAngel 01 преди ден
@Hanoli7 tell that to all the impatient people that kept asking and demanding it :/
GamingAngel 01
GamingAngel 01 преди ден
@jacksepticeye its said they had to rush the game out in the end i dont rememeber why tho, theres also a thing that vanny was supposed to appear more often and chase gregory and more stuff that isnt in the game, its sad but the game is still AMAZNGLY done for a fnaf one :D
UltmateRagnarok преди ден
@LMads Personally I was making a joke, but by all means, try to force inability and weakness onto others.
BekahLynn95 преди 8 дни
I love how in Marks playthrough. He couldn’t NOT run into all the security bots. But Sean seems to be able to just slip right by them perfectly.
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo преди 6 дни
Waiting for Sean's reaction when he realizes he can shoot the security bots instead of dodging them
Rich1floyd преди 12 дни
Sean: Well this is easy. Also Sean: *misclicked* Freddy: Terrible job supershit.
Oh Boi
Oh Boi преди 22 часа
@Instagram User your personality is as empty as your channel for saying that
Tie Dye Tangerine
Tie Dye Tangerine преди 2 дни
@DreeG 18 lmfao yeah that'll do it alright 😂😂😂
SladesGirl преди 8 дни
UhOhMeMeBiggestBoy преди 9 дни
*bites face off
Kathryn Wilson
Kathryn Wilson преди 10 дни
Oh fuck I’m dying 😂 favorite comment so far!
Monserra O’Malley
Monserra O’Malley преди 11 дни
The shot of Monty flying across the room has me laughing so hard there’s tears in my eyes
Brandon Powell
Brandon Powell преди 4 дни
Rourke: Next time, get it in writing! Monty: *Goofy Scream* Rourke: Nothing personal!
Andrea Ramirez
Andrea Ramirez преди 5 дни
Also the edited audio adding the _classic_ Goofy laugh just makes it even better!!! XD
Blue Star
Blue Star преди 6 дни
What caused him to leap like that? It made me laugh so much 😂
Maria Lance
Maria Lance преди 9 дни
@Max Tunes 35:24
Max Tunes
Max Tunes преди 9 дни
Time stamp?
☯︎. 𝒯ℴ𝓀𝓎ℴ .☯︎
☯︎. 𝒯ℴ𝓀𝓎ℴ .☯︎ преди 11 дни
Fun fact: The "family" of robots sitting around the table represents the aftons, hence why one looks like Ballora ( Mrs Afton ) and one looks like Circus Baby ( Elizabeth ). 👍
☯︎. 𝒯ℴ𝓀𝓎ℴ .☯︎
☯︎. 𝒯ℴ𝓀𝓎ℴ .☯︎ преди ден
@Ollie No That's a small summary of some of the lore I guess
☯︎. 𝒯ℴ𝓀𝓎ℴ .☯︎
☯︎. 𝒯ℴ𝓀𝓎ℴ .☯︎ преди ден
@Ollie No They are the reason why FNAF started. William Afton, the father, created animatronics with his partner Henry Emily and founded Freddy Fazbears Pizza Place. Then William went on to kill a load of kids and stuff 4 of them into the animatronics: Freddy, Foxy, Bonnie, Chica. Time passes and William goes back to try and free them from the suits, only for them to chase him and corner him, forcing him to put on a springbonnie suit which he thought would protect him until a water droplet landed on the suit, activating the spring locks and ultimately killing William with him inside the suit. Then Michael Afton, William's son goes and tries to fix his father's mistakes, and he is who we play as in FNAF 1, 2, 3 and 5
King blue axolotl
King blue axolotl преди ден
@Ollie No oh boy
Ollie No
Ollie No преди ден
Who are the aftons?
LMads преди ден
@Ceon Evan is the name MatPat has given him because of some stupid method someone used on a guide book. Game Theory fans take everything MatPat says as fact so it must be Evan
ReetSkeet преди 10 дни
The part when the door sound glitched literally being scarier than the actual game 💀
Za Rodina
Za Rodina преди 2 часа
Scariest thing in Fnaf games are the bugs
Angel River
Angel River преди 11 дни
"What is that? That's huge! Is that the Dj?" MatPat, somewhere in the distance: MUUUUUSIC MAAAAAAN!
Dragonfruit преди ден
Sulestial преди 2 дни
8-Bit Ryan: Running away for his fookin life.
SharkRacingFanpage преди 6 дни
good thing that this comment said it🙂
Demon Princess
Demon Princess преди 11 дни
Jack: "I just want some big twist" Also Jack: predicts the big twist just by making jokes
kai преди 2 дни
Vure_ Fox
Vure_ Fox преди 3 дни
@MGTOW Entrepreneur stfù
Jaime Lynn
Jaime Lynn преди 4 дни
bro why the fuck would you spoil it
HeiwaJiyu преди 4 дни
Well, it's not really that big of a twist if you can predict it that easily.
Grass Tastic
Grass Tastic преди 5 дни
@Jill Valentine they definitely aren’t
Jazz La Vine
Jazz La Vine преди 11 дни
Waiting for Sean's reaction when he realizes he can shoot the security bots instead of dodging them
Kuroi Tiger Lily Gamer
Kuroi Tiger Lily Gamer преди 6 дни
I can't wait til he figures out that if he had got the camera he could have stunned multiple bots at once (except Monty).
Wraccores Xenos
Wraccores Xenos преди 7 дни
And pressing R to rotate the nozzle
Jelly Belly
Jelly Belly преди 8 дни
@The JohnneeYou can it's just super hard- you gotta get them directly in the face
The Johnnee
The Johnnee преди 8 дни
Are you sure that's an option? I tried to Fazer Blaster on them but it didn't work.
Jelly Belly
Jelly Belly преди 10 дни
I'm patiently waiting for that also
Dark преди 11 дни
20:32 that scared me so hard lmao and the fact Jack said “did someone set off a nuke”
Boring Doughnut
Boring Doughnut преди 3 дни
Scared the life out of me and the headphones i have currently are low but holly damn that was terrifying
Wraccores Xenos
Wraccores Xenos преди 7 дни
Top 10 Security Breach Jumpscares Number 5: 1 Million Doors Closing
Artsy Musician70
Artsy Musician70 преди 8 дни
@Kooper The koopa the hilarious part is it was a door glitch the noise bugged out and played a million door opens at once
Nola преди 8 дни
@UltmateRagnarok I AGREE SO MUCH like literally all of the normal jumpscares just made me jump, but the fucking door exploding got me actually scared lmao
Phazonic Steel
Phazonic Steel преди 8 дни
@Alpheus Marshall sounds more like a damn tripod from war of the worlds.
ClonedGamer001 преди 8 дни
I love how when Sean learns about the power cable and how there's something under the plex, he guesses the twist secret with 90% accuracy and then goes "That doesn't make much sense though"
R. Star!
R. Star! преди ден
Ikr this was too funny to me lol
HerzyStudios преди 7 дни
Jack: *jokes about the twist of the game Also Jack: *ends up actually figuring out the twist of the game
Dragonfruit преди ден
@CookieEatEmma lucky guessing
CookieEatEmma преди 6 дни
When does he do that
Aspen преди 12 дни
In as much as you could break this game into "sequences" Sun, Moon and Music Man are the absolute best sections. They just seem so much more cleanly designed than most of the game
GrimmBones преди 2 дни
Honestly, as much as I'd love to agree, the Moon section in the Daycare is hella busted. Literally. Ofc, if you don't know why, it would seem scary and well executed, but when you realize that you can literally just run through it, while taking down every distraction (thus making Moon go and walk over to it to clean it up, even if he was half a meter next to ya), and if ya do it enough, he ends up breaking, and will just start standing in place, well, it makes the whole section much less enjoyable. Music Man section is much less broken, but you can technically take Freddy into his section, and the moment he starts chasing you in that BIG hallway, you just enter Freddy, and are safe from harm. :'D (this one I know, because AstralSpiff, one of the speedrunners for this game, did a "no sprint" and "no jump" run, and this was his solution to the Music Man section)
nothing boi e
nothing boi e преди 3 дни
So does the true ending, being the one with *spoilers ahead* Burntrap or whatever his new name is, being Vanny reviving William Afton from whatever, my theory is that Vanessa is the one girl in help wanted, y'know, tape leaving girl, but she got "possessed" or something by glitchtrap after Jeremy commited suicide from not wanting to have the same fate that Vanessa now has. Glitchtrap gave her tasks to do, and she did them, she did whatever she had to, just to bring him back again... She even made a suit out of random fur and other soft materials, and called it Vanny, much like how Afton had a suit, and called it Bonny, even if it was golden in color... She finally succeeds in bringing him back, from what I feel like is fnaf ultimate custom night after beating 50/20 and he tries to take control of Freddy just like he did the others so easily... this is where it gets confusing to me... Why does Freddy not get controlled as easily as the others? He only glitches out a bit sometimes, until Afton tries to control Freddy, himself... through a monitor..? Kind of like Glitch trap, well he has the same pose as when Glitchtrap tries to possess you in help wanted. But yeah, why does Freddy just not care about the controlling nature of Vanessa/Glirchtrap, and then even tank it for a bit when Afton himself tries to do it directly???
Antidoesshit преди 5 дни
@Ben Grimes I believe it was something about Sean’s dad’s death
Ben Grimes
Ben Grimes преди 5 дни
@Antidoesshit what did he say his comment was deleted
Aspen преди 5 дни
@UnhappyDaze this could be the new "clearly you dont own an airfryer" meme
Chris Roberts
Chris Roberts преди 3 дни
Jack a few episodes ago “there doesn’t need to be this much stuff chasing me” Jack now “I want a swarm of these things chasing me, they are the coolest things by far!”
Alice Wilks
Alice Wilks преди 11 дни
I realise Jack has actually gotten quite lucky in the game so far, especialy where Monty and Roxy are jumping and glitching though the walls! But still, the game needs a lot of love in terms of bringing it to its full potential.
Delta Shard
Delta Shard преди 7 дни
@MGTOW Entrepreneur to whoever runs this account or made this bot, go to hell
MGTOW  Entrepreneur
MGTOW Entrepreneur преди 10 дни
Lmao jacks dad is screaming through hellish flames 🤣🤣🔥🔥😈😈
Owen Ginsberg
Owen Ginsberg преди 11 дни
Jumpscares: 2:57 Withered Chica 12:19 Freddy 13:25 Voice-box Freddy 20:31 Loud Noise 28:26 Driver Assist Bot 33:48 Security Bot 34:11 Security Bot 37:07 Security Bot 37:17 Security Bot 39:53 Security Bot 40:00 Withered Chica 43:42 Withered Roxy 47:03 Security Bot
Sir Neptune
Sir Neptune преди ден
5hank you am a chicken
Distorted Reality
Distorted Reality преди 5 дни
Thank youuu!
Taha Ahmed
Taha Ahmed преди 7 дни
Ghostt преди 7 дни
just like old times
Nocturne преди 9 дни
KefkeWren преди 11 дни
Had a thought. After getting Chica's voice box, she's still active, only now she's silent, so you don't know when she's around. With her eyes gone, Roxy is still around, but immune to being stunned with the blaster. Taking their parts actually makes them more dangerous.
Wraccores Xenos
Wraccores Xenos преди 7 дни
@this one girl That would do it, also: Torsos aren't as noticeable as full size animatronics. Can zap or camera him after that though
this one girl
this one girl преди 7 дни
@Wraccores Xenos oh in the other play through I saw (spoiler): Month got like his legs ripped off so he was just a torso
Wraccores Xenos
Wraccores Xenos преди 7 дни
@this one girl Spoiler: Monty loses his glasses, so he isn't immune, a bit harder to notice him though.
this one girl
this one girl преди 11 дни
Yeah, then there monty
Lonely Sandwich
Lonely Sandwich преди 12 дни
I love this series no matter how buggy it truly is haha
Trivky Peak-eye
Trivky Peak-eye преди 7 дни
@Instagram User you're here on earth because even hell couldn't tolerate you
-_Bella_- преди 10 дни
@Instagram User I hope you misspelled and you were actually talking about your dad
MGTOW  Entrepreneur
MGTOW Entrepreneur преди 10 дни
Lmao jacks dad is screaming through hellish flames 😂🤣🤣🔥🔥😈😈
Dragonessette🐉 преди 11 дни
@Devil Bunny exactly, idk why everyone is bitching about it
Devil Bunny
Devil Bunny преди 12 дни
the bugs just add humor lol
M Alexander
M Alexander преди 6 дни
"A Roxy Piñata! I can't wait to beat the _shit_ out of it!" Jack no, that's not what comes out of a Piñata
TheMrPretzel преди 11 дни
"dont have to sue her if i just kill her. its as simple as that" He'd make a really good lawyer
Katora Morris
Katora Morris преди 10 дни
I feel like it would be really cool if Security Breach had an actual 6 hour limit where you could just spend 6 hours doing whatever you want instead of following a set list. I also agree with Jack's thoughts at the end too.
Sunshine_bypolar преди 7 дни
no no no
Tristen The Fox
Tristen The Fox преди 2 дни
It’s hilarious how Jack and Cory both made the same mistake during upgrading.
q преди 12 дни
Chica's body disappearing in the sewer is such a small yet effective "scare" but it's so sad that the game is broken enough to the point where Jack's first thought is "oh it just hasn't loaded in yet"
Gabriel Juganaru
Gabriel Juganaru преди 3 дни
@Bunny Brooks A good thing thou is we got Gigga Monty, the superior version of Monty. I laughed so hard when I first saw him.
Taralyn преди 4 дни
@Julie Smith i don't understand why (if they decided to change the story halfway through production or whatever [i don't really know how game development works]) they weren't just transparent about it and back up the release date. i can't believe they made people pay 40$ for this.
Hanoli7 преди 7 дни
@Julie Smith its also quite short for such a big map unfortunately
MGTOW  Entrepreneur
MGTOW Entrepreneur преди 10 дни
Lmao jacks dad is screaming through hellish flames 🤣🤣🔥🔥😈😈
Julie Smith
Julie Smith преди 11 дни
@Brushido I'm not sure which part of my post you're responding to when you say "they did," but the game being late was something I suspected. That seems to be a trend, now. Highly anticipated game falls behind schedule and it gets released when it should've been held off.
Cynthia Roy
Cynthia Roy преди 8 дни
35:20 so when I need a good LAUGH, I can come back to see Monty flying through the whole arcade
Sulestial преди 2 дни
"Hey, little guy!" *Proceeds to Thanos snap himself*
The Reaper Hunter
The Reaper Hunter преди 7 дни
35:24 That Fear to Confusion to giddy laugher was gold.
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo преди 7 дни
“Why is it whenever I kill you you aren’t dead?” Pretty sure that’s a reoccurring theme in this franchise lol
maxam0s22 преди 3 дни
Why was I more scared when Freddie runs up to him than all the jumpscares 🤣
CrashvanderSpek 21
CrashvanderSpek 21 преди 12 дни
“This game is so intense for all the wrong reasons” Perfect summary of security breach
MGTOW  Entrepreneur
MGTOW Entrepreneur преди 10 дни
Lmao jacks dad is screaming through hellish flames 🤣🤣🔥🔥😈😈
Jaws2807 преди 12 дни
@Irrelevantspace • meh, true.
Irrelevantspace •
Irrelevantspace • преди 12 дни
@Jaws2807 just report it as “hate speech or graphic violence”. Any other interactions actually make these show up more sadly
Jaws2807 преди 12 дни
@Beast v2🔥 maybe your is, how about that?
Beast v2🔥
Beast v2🔥 преди 12 дни
Jacksepticeyes dad is burning in hellish flames because I make way better content LMAO 🤣!
Khosrow Rahmani
Khosrow Rahmani преди 10 дни
Freddy: "I'm sorry... it appears you're not tall enough to ride the karts" Jack: ... _... and I took that personally_
IcyLucario преди 7 дни
I think the whole "getting the parts makes the animatronics scarier and deadlier" is super cool. Maybe it would have worked better if they were confined more.
Logan Felix
Logan Felix преди 10 дни
I am actually so surprised that he was able to run away from Music Man on his first try. And somehow he ran past the objects that fall in front of you before they could fall.
SpaceTaco 27
SpaceTaco 27 преди 9 дни
26:16 I think he was joking, but that was actually a surprisingly accurate prediction.
risk преди 12 дни
i love how, in every playthrough ive seen, everyone goes backwards into the fire room early
Stray Animator
Stray Animator преди 9 дни
@CantaloupeTheClown salad fingers
Jen преди 10 дни
It's because the game is designed poorly. They don't know how to design open world levels or if they knew how they didn't utilize that knowledge/put it in the game.
Neko Noodle
Neko Noodle преди 10 дни
i don't think DanTDM did
Roundhouse преди 10 дни
@Pixel Ken Entertainment k
Pixel Ken Entertainment
Pixel Ken Entertainment преди 10 дни
@Roundhouse Rushed = Bad The way this game is layed out is confusing, the glitches are many and the story is wonky in this one. Personally I don't think this is a good game. If it wasn't for BGpostrs like Jack: I would have never watched/ played this game
grey преди 8 дни
Monty has got to be the most broken out of all of them. The Giga thing, the continuous running straight into walls, spawning on top of things, the default pose speed dashing across the screen... there’s a clip where he jumped and then literally hit the roof of the DJ area. Dude’s so busted it’s gone straight from annoying to hilarious.
Sulestial преди 2 дни
Sean: Yeah, so I have a taste for blood now, that... I feel like will never be satiated, ever. Freddy: *Windows errors out of existence* Jack: He didn't like that.
Mihajlo Dejanovic
Mihajlo Dejanovic преди 10 дни
26:10 he actually predicted the whole ending
TheBreachWalker преди 10 дни
Texas Red
Texas Red преди 8 дни
hey, everyone, you remember that scene from the trailer where there's a crowd of scary staff bots? you're probably wondering where that is, right? well, it is in the game. you remember that pit that sean was walking over and going like "don't break, don't break!" to the planks? well, if you fall in there, you see that. they probably made that scene for the trailer to get the theories and hype going, then they were like "wait, we need to put this in the game otherwise large youtuber man will make a tweet about it? oh no!" and so they """"""""""""""put it in the game"""""""""""""""""" to prevent large youtuber man from tweeting about it and dealing 5 poison damage to reputation
Wutaii1 Nostalgia
Wutaii1 Nostalgia преди 12 дни
This game progressively gets better and this is a rare incident these days.
Idiot Wizard
Idiot Wizard преди 3 дни
@Dumbum Bumbum do you actually work in the video game industry? I don't, but I am an adult who works in other creative industries and that just seems highly unlikely to me, a major publisher can put pressure on their developers because they have the resources to simply fire them and find new ones if they don't work hard enough, and they have the influence that makes people want to work on their games no matter what the circumstances, an indie publisher isn't like that, they do not have the resources to pick and choose their team like that or to put pressure on them, if the team says the game isn't ready then the game isn't ready and they won't put it out. I highly doubt Scott Cawthon was looming over them and insisting that they finish their work immediately while they begged for more time, Scott Cawthon was actually part of the creative team for this game as well so he wasn't just the boss, he wasn't even the director, he just wrote the story and owns the publishing company that solely exists to publish fnaf games which he created. The thing is making video games is a lot more complicated than just "make the game and get it out there", things like market demand and advertising are extremely important to ensuring your game does well and the fnaf security breach team unfortunately had really bad timing in that regard, the whole development was poorly planned, they started advertising it way too early, there were a lot of hiccups in the actual development from what I've read which they should've anticipated but didn't, overall it just not a well thought through game. Developers are fully capable of putting out good games under time pressure, not great ones granted, but at least good, Dragon Age II is a perfect example, it's not the best and it's not as good as the others in the series, but for a game that was only in development for 2 years it is still really good. This game is not good because the team messed up, you're right that the system is bad and game developers need to unionise and push back against the frankly abusive working conditions they're constantly put under, but the quality of this game is not a result of that broken system, it's the result of a team who made a bunch of mistakes in their approach to the development and marketing of this game, game developers don't need workers rights to stop them making bad games they need workers rights because they're human beings and just because they can work themselves to death creating amazing, high quality video games doesn't mean that they should have to.
Dumbum Bumbum
Dumbum Bumbum преди 3 дни
@Idiot Wizard “indie” in terms of publishing. The fact that it’s “indie” has no bearing on the fact that it was made by a team who had no say in the higher up decisions about release. Scott and whoever else were in charge made those decisions.
Idiot Wizard
Idiot Wizard преди 6 дни
@Dumbum Bumbum isn't it an indie game? I have friends who work in the industry I'm aware of how demanding it is but this isn't a AAA game, the creators are directly in charge of when it gets released and the mistake they made was assuming they could make a finished game of this scale with the resources they had, they should've kept it smaller and then they might’ve actually finished it
Dumbum Bumbum
Dumbum Bumbum преди 6 дни
@Idiot Wizard they didn’t bite off more than they could chew. The people working on the game have no say in whether something gets released before they’re finished. Game designers already work in abusive environments on the daily. I really wish people wouldn’t direct their ire towards them.
CheshieD преди 10 дни
I highly disagree with that. This game is really stagnant as it goes on. And I would say most other games get better and better as you progress but this just isn’t one of those games.
Masked Hat
Masked Hat преди 3 дни
Jack literally describing one of the endings almost after reading that the power is being drained
Hopper Owner
Hopper Owner преди 11 дни
sean: “i want dead to be dead” scott cawthon and the steel wool team: *laughing maniacally in the distance*
Cece Rub
Cece Rub преди 8 дни
sean experiencing every single glitch in the game is so funny to me
Oriana Midence
Oriana Midence преди 10 дни
This game is so broken and glitchy and I love how Sean takes it in stride. He has some genuinely great reactions to the hilariously absurd things that keep happening and is having fun despite the issues. I'm loving this play through.
Netrikk преди 12 дни
Jack: Plays the game casually Also Jack: Predicts the big twist at the end and most of the lore at the end
memesoul преди 9 дни
he seems to do that alot
juliaa преди 10 дни
@Muchinoi Yes, you're right but as I said, I care more about Sean's fun here. And thank you for the advise but I prefer trying to solve a problem rather than just accepting it. I asked someone else under the same video and they put the warning, so it's not like everyone is dense.
MGTOW  Entrepreneur
MGTOW Entrepreneur преди 10 дни
Lmao jacks dad is screaming through hellish flames 🤣🤣🔥🔥😈😈
Muchinoi преди 10 дни
@juliaa Just don't go into comments. I'm not saying it as thought it's your fault, but people suck and like to not add spoiler warnings, so it's just not a great idea. Kinda sucks that people do these things, but it is what it is.
Dragonessette🐉 преди 11 дни
@Klinxium They didn't say anything spoil-worthy lol they just said there was a twist
WOW Bear Toon
WOW Bear Toon преди 2 дни
I love that somehow during that chase scene Jack managed to outrun every obstacle before they could fall in place 😂
Haradis преди 11 дни
Not gonna name them, but Jack's playthrough in this is a lot funnier than other people I've seen. Glad Jack tried the game even though he was late. And I'm glad Jack is having fun too!
beezerboy преди ден
The door glitch sound was scarier than half the jumpscares in this game 🤣
MS B преди 8 дни
Tbh I kinda feel bad for Chica Roxy and Monty. It's not their fault that they've somehow been reprogrammed to hunt and kill Gregory, so it's unfortunate that he has to hurt them in order to get parts from them that'll allow him to escape. I hope at the end of the game they'll be repaired back to normal, assuming he doesn't completely kill them first.
Ethan Zmach
Ethan Zmach преди 16 часа
Sean’s like a Smurf, except instead of saying “smurf” in front of every word, he says “faz.”
TheCatBehind преди 11 дни
I like that he's actually talking about what a buggy, frustrating mess this game is. Just watching people play this mess infuriates me, and I'm not looking at the video half the time!
doge noob
doge noob преди 10 дни
I know its just opinions but i think MOST of the bugs are just the funniest things in the games but some of the bugs do seem kind of annoying.
RubixRacer преди 9 дни
Jack: Has a literal gun to shoot the animatronic Also Jack: HAHAHA, GREGORY RUN FAST!!!
Another AvatarLover
Another AvatarLover преди 11 дни
I think I've come to love all the bugs in the game... no matter how many playthroughs I watch, it feels like a *completely different game each time!*
gwenjen10 преди 12 дни
I love it when Jack takes an insult and just adds "Faz" in front of it. I will never be tired of hearing "Fazfuck"
Helluva Spider
Helluva Spider преди 9 дни
Faztwat would be a good one too 🤣
Blue Flare
Blue Flare преди 12 дни
Or Fazbitch, lol.
Brayden Degagne
Brayden Degagne преди 12 дни
Those are all great but I’m waiting for fazzcunt to make an appearance
PunGood Games
PunGood Games преди 12 дни
I also wont be tired of that 🤣 im using it irl and in other chats nowadays lmfao
Elijah Prolx
Elijah Prolx преди 12 дни
Tara преди 11 дни
i agree with jacks take on the game: it either shouldve been more linear, or if they did the open world, they shouldve marked things or made things glow, to make searching things easier. and not to mention some of the glitches make this game more tedious, although some are pretty funny, the ones that set you back pretty far can be so annoying.
snowtremper преди 4 дни
fnaf fans in the older game: "this is so boring theres no free roam and we're only doing the same thing" security breach: say no more
Maniacal Murderer
Maniacal Murderer преди 6 дни
I agree with you jack. There should be advantages to taking out the animatronics rather then making them a harder to counter.
Reinforce Zwei
Reinforce Zwei преди 8 дни
Jack: It's annoying that they keep coming back when I've killed them. Have you thought....maybe...just didn't actually kill a metal robot?
No преди 12 дни
I 100% agree with Seán’s description of this game's issues. There is just so much potential that is never fully reached
Real hamster
Real hamster преди 10 дни
MGTOW  Entrepreneur
MGTOW Entrepreneur преди 10 дни
Lmao jacks dad is screaming through hellish flames 😂🤣🤣🔥🔥😈😈
No преди 11 дни
@xQuackQuackx I don’t think a dlc is confirmed tho. I’m pretty sure they said “might make a DLC”
xQuackQuackx преди 11 дни
@John Fernandez they are planning to release dlc so maybe that will use that stuff
Real hamster
Real hamster преди 11 дни
yea and prob 99% of the ppl watching just left the vid when he started talking
Alex Zoldyck
Alex Zoldyck преди 23 часа
Jessie S.
Jessie S. преди 6 дни
"the sign of a good level design is that you're guided along the path without realizing you're being guided along the path"... Lol Skyrim is my favorite game so apparently I relish in the chaos 😂
mimiko takuru
mimiko takuru преди 13 часа
The bumper cars always remind of how here in Finland when you drive them, you aren't actually allowed to bump into anyone or anything with them.
Disney Wolf
Disney Wolf преди 3 дни
"You can give me directions all you want I'm not gonna listen to them" Well that explains why he's been lost this entire time
M.K. преди 12 дни
Freddy: "I'm sorry but you're not tall enough to drive." Jack: *and I took that personally*
MGTOW  Entrepreneur
MGTOW Entrepreneur преди 10 дни
Lmao jacks dad is screaming through hellish flames 🤣🤣🔥🔥😈😈
tzi преди 12 дни
@Sound Nirt Music on my channel :) Thank you! =)
Sound Nirt
Sound Nirt преди 12 дни
@tzi now you have my full attention, I love oriental music, man. And basically anything instrumental, heh
eXternd_llama преди 12 дни
@Shady Doorags Michael Jordan?
tzi преди 12 дни
Privet! 🤚 I write instrumental music with an oriental theme) 🏮 Thank you for your attention! 🙃 Sorry for the off-topic comment and have a nice day! 😊
Kyle McConnell
Kyle McConnell преди 16 часа
I adore all Jack's vids and I have been subbed for a while but his content is awsome so thanks for the vids
Snowfang00 преди 2 дни
Jack laughing at Roxy getting smacked with a go-kart might be the best reaction I've seen to that cutscene.
Thinara преди 11 дни
My absolute favourite part of this series so far is Sean calling Gregory a "silent fart"
Japoz преди 9 дни
Oh dear! It looks like jack is reluctant to continue playing. Let's motivate him to continue, with a controlled shock.
taigatan преди 12 дни
Monty just leaping through the wall was the most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen from those that have played this game thus far. I had to pause just to laugh.
Lucas Gibson
Lucas Gibson преди 8 дни
I wish jack knew he can’t shoot Monty cause his glasses
Skyler W
Skyler W преди 8 дни
@Random person it’s sad either way honestly
hikimi18 преди 9 дни
@taigatan thank you 😂
Dante Wolvera
Dante Wolvera преди 9 дни
@taigatan Love you so much for that♥️
Dante Wolvera
Dante Wolvera преди 9 дни
@Random person Don't give it any attention, poor thing is "broken" bot or not.
Arcsin преди 5 дни
iconic that he got to parts and service in such a roundabout way while right next to the stage that takes you right to it lmao
Si_the_Guy преди 3 дни
I love how jack asks for the twist then literally describes the big twist...
wolfjedisamuel преди 5 дни
I like how Sean's voice for *Gregory* in this game Is also the same voice he gave *Gregory* from *"Night in the Woods".* Coincidence? I think yes.
Fenix преди 4 дни
i can’t believe at 26:16 he accurately predicts the true ending and then says it wouldn’t make sense
Vladimir Kool-Aid
Vladimir Kool-Aid преди ден
@Chronopie Sixth. It's the Pizzeria from Pizzeria Simulator.
Chronopie преди 4 дни
To be fair, it's not the first Pizzaria under the Pizzaplex, it's the... fifth(?).
Lydia Shaffer
Lydia Shaffer преди 11 дни
I love how glitchy, and kinda broken Monty was during the arcade, generators part. It was so funny seeing him sprint, and then dissappear through the walls 🤣
VoJonny JoJo
VoJonny JoJo преди 8 дни
There is an even funnier glitch with monty where you can make multiple of them and they bascially lock into you if you get hit by a staff bot.
Tomboy Tombstone
Tomboy Tombstone преди 8 дни
I read this comment right before it happened then I understood how funny it was with the sound effect lmao
mono no aware
mono no aware преди 9 дни
@-_Bella_- agreed
-_Bella_- преди 10 дни
The comment above me needs to shut up
MGTOW  Entrepreneur
MGTOW Entrepreneur преди 10 дни
Lmao jacks dad is screaming through hellish flames 🤣🤣🔥🔥😈😈
Kuroshii преди ден
This game uses Lights to signal where to go…in a game where the entire environment is built around lights and glowing objects lmao
Melissa Szarometa
Melissa Szarometa преди 8 дни
Honestly, this game is the perfect example of what I go thought to try and figure out things in everyday life. Everything is done fast and feels like it's all over the place; it seems like you missed something the whole time and you are questioning everything. Like, it's so relatable for me it's kind of crazy.
TheTrueBOF преди 5 дни
You never kill them you decommission them leaving them heavily damaged yet still active (which somehow makes them alot more difficult to deal with) which is sort of the point. The more you pass through the night the more the difficulty increases but it's a little sad to see that through half the battles they glitch out and phase through existence
אלמה לובצקי הס
אלמה לובצקי הס преди 6 дни
In 5 minutes I screamed, laughed, and danced (in the DJ chase) Jack you're the absolute best
Kaison Turman
Kaison Turman преди 12 дни
I have never seen anyone else beat DJMM on their first try. Plus he didn't even save beforehand. Absolutely bonkers
irishinjun95 преди 12 дни
I was screaming at my phone to save now
Instagram User
Instagram User преди 12 дни
R y k k o
R y k k o преди 12 дни
imdontai did it without savin too
AJ преди 12 дни
@HeadShot Tempo yeah I’m using voice to text right now so it used the best guess to matpat
Liz Omeri
Liz Omeri преди 12 дни
I thought it was pretty easy. I beat him first try but then my game bugged out and I had to restart to the beginning of the arcade. Then again I took down Monty first which made it easier as Monty just sat there all sad and I was able to hear where Chica was. DJMM wasn’t that hard both times I beat him but then again I knew what to expect and just ran as fast as I could and both times the game was so buggy that things barely fell and got in my way. I think it has to do with the game deciding when to mess with you and be buggy.
Sarah преди 6 дни
When you expected the chase scene to be scarier but Seán manages to outrun literally every obstacle
ReadingRavens преди 10 дни
Sean: “What if we dig right under this and find the original Five Nights at Freddy’s and the original animatronics?” Literally everyone and the stuff under the pizzaplex: 🧍🏼‍♂️🕴🏻
Morgan Armstrong
Morgan Armstrong преди 10 дни
The anxiety when Jack walked past the save without saving before starting the Music Man segment tho
SharkHeadFX преди 9 дни
I agree with literally like everything Jack said at the end of the video. I was rewatching the initial trailer for the game the other day and it seemed like so much more of a cohesive plot in a much more horrifying atmosphere. wish we got what that trailer represented in the actual game :(
Adrian Pavic
Adrian Pavic преди 12 дни
Sean calling Freddy "FazBitch" and standing up when he tells him he's not tall enough to drive has to be the funniest reaction to an insult ever 😂
MGTOW  Entrepreneur
MGTOW Entrepreneur преди 10 дни
Lmao jacks dad is screaming through hellish flames 🤣🤣🔥🔥😈😈
Dunno Really
Dunno Really преди 11 дни
And he took that personally.
Ruby преди 11 дни
dude read my name
Abhijay Jaiprakash
Abhijay Jaiprakash преди 11 дни
@Beast v2🔥 shut up FazBitch.
Family guy full episodes
Family guy full episodes преди 11 дни
@UrPPhard nice pfp
LegoEngineer003 преди 5 дни
39:57 whenever a security robot is alerted, Chica (maybe others too) teleport behind the player. So either back up against a wall, or only walk forward when the alert is triggered, otherwise you’ll get some pretty bs deaths
Eric Andrews
Eric Andrews преди 7 дни
I'm glad to see Sean is still just as entertaining as he used to be.
Squid SQuiddly!
Squid SQuiddly! преди 4 дни
That is what seems to have happened. It was more of a last minute thing. It would be cool if it were updated with the bots having to find you because there is a TON of detail in this game that I think people have 0 chance to discover. Like the art on the walls and the arcade games which some have mini games and all are cleverly named.
Khalifa Binhendi
Khalifa Binhendi преди 5 дни
Jack nailing the music man section without saving once is impressive.
Cysubtor преди 12 дни
"Thought he said he was a nice guy?" Well, DJ Music Man is, but the security system put him on a new/experimental bouncer mode. With the spectacle of him crawling around, I wish there was actually more of him and significantly less security bots throughout the game.
-_Bella_- преди 10 дни
@MGTOW Entrepreneur Bro just shut up
Samara Morgan
Samara Morgan преди 10 дни
@Qwerty David Propably one of devs loved Music Man as much as Matpat does 😄
MGTOW  Entrepreneur
MGTOW Entrepreneur преди 10 дни
Lmao jacks dad is screaming through hellish flames 😂🤣🤣🔥🔥😈😈
Britt Taylor
Britt Taylor преди 11 дни
Qwerty David
Qwerty David преди 11 дни
I feel like the obvious thing to do for that segment would be to have you hiding from music man. Music man could have like spotlight eyes, and you need to hide behind arcade cabinets and stuff to make sure he doesn't see you. That way he actually interacts with the player in a unique way, instead of just throwing chica and monty in there for no reason. I love the music man sequence, it's the ONE moment in the game that actually feels polished and well thought. As cool as DJMM looks crawling around the arcade, I just wished he did more that just that.
mosqit bite
mosqit bite преди 6 дни
20:30 genuinely got me so bad my chest hurts...
My Ryu
My Ryu преди 10 дни
"This game is so intense- For all the wrong reasons!" That's right, and we love to see it.
Zuki Tanuki
Zuki Tanuki преди 11 дни
The way you did the DJMM sequence first time without a save honestly shows you are a brilliant gamer. So many people screw this up multiple times so this was impressive to watch.
Kyla Dimaculangan
Kyla Dimaculangan преди 11 дни
If you mean 38:20 then it's kinda buggy. The obstacles were dropping either behind him or phases right through him. But if it's just finding the electrical boxes then he did kinda well. Albeit Monty being bugged as well.
Jaime Kish
Jaime Kish преди 2 дни
you are not being too harsh about the games issues!! i'm actually getting quite frustrasted with the ammount of praise this game has gotten even though there's so so many bugs
The Deuce
The Deuce преди 12 дни
It’s good to see jack having fun even though he has the most broken version of the game I’ve seen yet
アイギス преди 10 дни
If you want to see pure broken check out Phisnom's
princessthyemis преди 12 дни
@Mustache Man oh wow!
princessthyemis преди 12 дни
@udiar whoaaaaa 🤣
princessthyemis преди 12 дни
Yeah. If this were me I'd be to frustrated to play more than 20 minutes. 😅🤣
awesomebek преди 12 дни
@Fluffed Cloud yeah I broke it I guess lol. I had to go back to a different save slot and redo everything to fix it.
Red Duck Channel
Red Duck Channel преди 11 дни
Everyone playing this game watching Roxy get hit by a car: Oh my goodness! Gregory is so brutal!! Jack, watching the same thing: Haha funny Roxy get smacked in face with car and driver bot flying with hands in the air! *Laughs* Me too, Jack. Me too.
Murpley преди 8 дни
I loved Mat’s reaction to the Roxy scene. Gregory has no remorse
Artie Nerd
Artie Nerd преди 11 дни
Jack: wait those little guys who chase me in the vents look like that giant DJ Music Man: 😐 Matpat: 🤨 Vanny: 🤫 the entire fnaf community: 🤣😬
Claire Sunshine
Claire Sunshine преди ден
"What if they like dig down and the original freddy fazbears pizza is there" Jack oh my fucking god why do you keep guessing everything right about this game
Davld Bradley
Davld Bradley преди 10 дни
@52:03 Jack you are not being overly harsh, crappy game design is exactly what your dealing with, this one must leave a lot of footage in the trash icon. Robin works his magic to make it bearable!!
jordy huggers
jordy huggers преди ден
35:20 i started laughing at the same time jack did 😂
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