TRY TO STOP! | Happy Wheels - Part 89

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Since when have I ever tried to stop in happy Wheels!? CRAZY TALK!

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Коментари: 26 473
Anthrax Panther
Anthrax Panther преди 2 години
I accidentally had captions on and when he said space spikefall it said “green bean goes through puberty”
kapo преди 22 дни
@丂ㄩ卩乇尺几ㄖᐯ卂 chill out man
丂ㄩ卩乇尺几ㄖᐯ卂 преди 22 дни
Ever heard of a voice crack? Dumbass.
Tole преди 2 месеца
It did that to me also
kapo преди 3 месеца
@ConTheCrow he doesn't.
kapo преди 3 месеца
@cryptiacs no he didn't, they are community captions, a fan submitted unfinished subtitles and Sean just accepted it randomly since not every BGpostr has the time to scroll through _all_ the submissions
youssef mohamed
youssef mohamed преди година
Me imaging the argument in my head: *perfectly good points* How I actually am in the argument: 10:10
AlphaValiant преди 3 месеца
bones преди 9 месеца
my dad always says derka duerrrrr cuz duerr is our last name lmao. that brought back nastolgia x5
Crow преди 5 месеца
2:57, the look of disgust and shock on his face is just priceless
Sage Kanady
Sage Kanady преди година
Who else is here rewatching the haaaaaaaappppyyyy wwwhhheeeeeeeelllllllssss series during quarantine?
Carter Eldridge
Carter Eldridge преди месец
BuzzBro преди месец
I am. It helps pass the time
GoldenTimber🇱🇺 преди месец
When When Did I ask
Elf преди 2 месеца
Stephanie Garcia
Stephanie Garcia преди 2 месеца
Fingers are truth but I’m trying not even to sleep with the kids I’m not sure what I
Sage Smith
Sage Smith преди година
14:08 made me wheeze laugh silently in my bed at 11 o'clock at night
Gloria Barboza
Gloria Barboza преди година
He got penetrated
ItsRainbowStevePlays преди година
10:12 the best line ever. "Sher Derk a derka derk hablamanama ha!"
rqin преди година
ItsRainbowStevePlays was that gealige or jibrish
SCG преди година
11:35 I couldn’t stop laughing 😂
squish da dutchie
squish da dutchie преди година
10:10 me trying to sound smart infront of people
alexd085 преди година
I see that pfp uwu 😳
God преди година
That was literally 2nd grade me
Honda Chan
Honda Chan преди година
@salman8604YT [YT] - MINECRAFT yes
Percie Papagolos
Percie Papagolos преди година
TheWillOfABeast преди година
10:10 Jack has his own language.
United Socialist State of Arizona
United Socialist State of Arizona преди година
If you didn't know he is speaking bosslish
Richard Rodriguez
Richard Rodriguez преди година
That is the language of the future
Shocker MX
Shocker MX преди 6 години
Episode 100 should be 1 hour long
cheesy gubbins
cheesy gubbins преди 2 месеца
this comment is a time capsule
Jason Voorhees
Jason Voorhees преди 3 месеца
Aged like fine wine
unretired jelly
unretired jelly преди 3 месеца
And it is
Khaoz преди 5 месеца
Little did he know…
Jane the killer
Jane the killer преди 6 месеца
yes he did
The Switcher Pro 24
The Switcher Pro 24 преди година
4:01 Jack achieves ultra instinct
[Loser] преди година
I love Jack's energy!
Trainlover9000 преди 7 месеца
The first man to jump from the moon to earth. STEVE. After all the spike falls (and deaths) Steve has earned a reward. Clap it up for Spike fall Steve
Ruskality преди година
I love Jacks face when he reads “Libe without clocks or watches or anything that tells time. Or.... No chicken.
Tracy Seng
Tracy Seng преди 2 години
Jack: After 100 I’m done Just wait three years
doge fluffy tail
doge fluffy tail преди година
Exactly episode 101👍
Prince Mi2jif
Prince Mi2jif преди година
Nice, I'm gonna pretend this is the first time I have seen this comment.
Imp Traversal
Imp Traversal преди година
My name jack
Terry Theus
Terry Theus преди година
Can you try make things like awesome game about Power Rangers
Mittens Wichen
Mittens Wichen преди година
@Tracy Seng b r u h it's been edited two months ago
ryan wang
ryan wang преди година
Jack: *Casually roles backwards to dodge harpoons instead of jumping everywhere like Neo* Jack: *oH tHeSe sKiLLs*
canaan_er преди година
10:10 me when I don’t know what to say in an argument
OhSoSeptical преди година
I laughed way too hard
Adam Kimm
Adam Kimm преди година
Lol that with captions
canaan_er преди година
Bentley Thorpe thanks you so much it’s means a lot lately I just been getting mean comments and this is very nice
Bentley Thorpe
Bentley Thorpe преди година
I'm sorry that you only had 16 likes but I gave you like I hope you got like a hundred for 35000 like so you can actually get Gutter and where you can actually
Thor Sebastian Toomis
Thor Sebastian Toomis преди година
the fact that im bored during corona and revisiting my childhood ytbers is so fun and had me cryin in this video
Jay Nelson
Jay Nelson преди година
"Da fucking derk a der en da fliminy fer la va " I've been waiting for this (I've watched this series hundreds of times) and it never gets old And also 15:49 made me laugh so hard for some reason.
theyfoundmyweed преди 3 години
wish this series was continued still
AtchaLucky преди 2 години
Godly_Jayyy same
Raven Beak
Raven Beak преди 2 години
Gamer time The fuck? Then why are there 11 more he posted after this one, huh?
Loaf преди 2 години
This was the last episode
Raven Beak
Raven Beak преди 2 години
Polygene Studios Jack is “irrelevant” now? Seriously? The dude has over 22 million subscribers because of continued ever-increasing growth in the time since finishing Happy Wheels, and has gone on to do bigger and better things in addition to gaming. How the FUCK could a channel of Jack’s size be “irrelevant”? He’s one of the biggest names in BGpost gaming. Come on now.
Polygene Studios
Polygene Studios преди 2 години
@Raven Beak welp he's kinda irrelevent now ;-;
Bob преди година
7:03 he had to leave billy behind for the greater good
Kinoko Hitashi
Kinoko Hitashi преди година
The look of terror on his face when the no chicken part got to me xD
Course преди година
English subtitles: green bean goes through puberty. Jack: SpAccE ssppike fAAlllll
Brandon Kelly
Brandon Kelly преди година
2:56 that reaction had me dying not even gonna lie
ItsMeRusty преди 2 години
Who just comes back and watches these classics all the damn time
AlphaValiant преди 3 месеца
Teilla Hamrick
Teilla Hamrick преди година
I watch all the original for example clever bot and slime rancher
Grubber преди година
its Evolutionary
its Evolutionary преди 2 години
Fucking heart my Thomas
z1p-play3r_2_6 преди 2 години
Conall Moore
Conall Moore преди 9 месеца
9:59 i can't stop laughing my ass off lmao 🤣🤣🤣
Edwin Garcia
Edwin Garcia преди година
4:09 perfectly cut screams
Joe Biological Mother
Joe Biological Mother преди година
“I wish i could kill senpai” little did he know, 4 years later
Jake Tarter
Jake Tarter преди година
2:56 Jack’s reaction to no chicken is so visceral 🐓🚫😔🤣
BP преди 6 години
okay literally there are so many parts to this series but it still NEVER GETS OLD and i love watching every single one of them. idk how you do it jack but keep it up!
BP преди 6 години
@Dejonea r happy birthday :)
Dejonea Roberts
Dejonea Roberts преди 6 години
+In Brady's Head it's my birthday too
BP преди 6 години
GarudaLead преди 11 месеца
4 years ago, "big helmeted bitch" made me laugh long and loud. Today? Still funny as hell XD
cr0wsnap преди година
Pablo Sosa
Pablo Sosa преди година
GAAH!! Now that its quarantine I realized that 2016-2017 was Jacks perfect years
Cale Tudor
Cale Tudor преди 7 месеца
This is my favorite Happy Wheels episode by Jack just because the intro alone
Anonymous Strange Human Thing
Anonymous Strange Human Thing преди 3 години
10:12 omg haha 🤣 “The derbadiur and the flefleblurblebur!!” -Jackseptieye
Series Time
Series Time преди 2 години
10:12 when u loose an argument to ur mum
xLaWzZ преди 2 години
@Elena Chew translation: I can't even talk right now I am so annoyed!
Elena Chew
Elena Chew преди 2 години
xLaWzZ may I have a translation?
xLaWzZ преди 2 години
It is Irish that is Jack speaking IRISH!
Big Rod
Big Rod преди 10 месеца
After all these years... The intro of the episode still gets me 🤣
JC's restorations
JC's restorations преди година
JSE: SHUT YOUR FOCKIN FACE WILLY Also jse: 'gets impaled by spear' OOHH GOOOD
someasiandude2008 преди 3 месеца
betty in the menu basically be like: fear my spork or you become pork
yes преди година
I come back 4 years later, to finally get the joke, "I love balls!"
DanmanWithThePlan02 преди година
What do you mean? Do you think Sean is gay?
Normal_Username 3
Normal_Username 3 преди година
Jack: if I can’t have chicken I’ll just become vegan Every other type of meat and dairy product: am I a joke to you?
Hakutakai преди година
Just watching watching Jack makes my throat hurt.
adding Xx to your name doesn't make you cool lol
adding Xx to your name doesn't make you cool lol преди година
12:50 let's all remember this sacred moment
Nevaeh Lindsay
Nevaeh Lindsay преди 2 месеца
"I love having *everything on time and go perfectly*" Effie Trinket is that you-?
ItsYoBoi Israel
ItsYoBoi Israel преди 2 години
4:04 Jacksepticeye: Yes! Yes! Yes! Neighbor: What’s happening over there
Cheryl Harrell
Cheryl Harrell преди година
AbberSnail преди година
@Olivia Caron no
Da Cheese
Da Cheese преди година
I think u just gave me a dirty mind 😂
charlie :D
charlie :D преди 2 години
ItsYoBoi Israel kinky
Sandman_Sam преди 2 години
@Some_Kid Someone has an unoriginal one. :)
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya преди година
11:43 you made me choke on my pizza 🤣🤣🤣
Gacha Jake
Gacha Jake преди година
Jack has achieved ultra instinct when he was dodging the harpoons
Amanda Lorentzson
Amanda Lorentzson преди 4 месеца
10:10 Me when i was little and tried to explain to my mom what happened when my older brother hit me
Angie Crouch
Angie Crouch преди година
Jack: that’s a hard one. Dirty mind : that’s what she said
Zeyad Yang
Zeyad Yang преди 6 години
Barb Golen
Barb Golen преди 4 години
Zeyad Yang Jacksepticeye I think your videos are really cool I really like them you make me happy every day You're really special in my heart by Jacksepticeye I really like your videos your videos are the best and you make me happy every single day so I really like your channel so thank you for being a BGpost or
Barrett Malaspina
Barrett Malaspina преди 4 години
Zeyad Yang Jack if this comment gets 1,000 likes by the end of 2018, you have to bring Happy Wheels back.
XeXeeD The Second
XeXeeD The Second преди 4 години
It's ended :(
Cinnabun преди 4 години
2 late
Tommyletsplay преди 6 години
Your right
the_one_and_lonely преди година
"Are you ready to die? No, but are any of us really?" Me, with tears streaming down my face at 4 am: _yes_
the_one_and_lonely преди година
@Joshua McDowell Yes.. *Holds up arms for a hug*
saerom’s wife
saerom’s wife преди година
2:57 his face when he read this i’m in tears lmao
Infinitely Random
Infinitely Random преди година
Who know that this man would become the man we know and love today😂😂 What a GLOW UP😂
Screaming Child Man
Screaming Child Man преди година
Jack: HOW DID I DO THAT??? Me: irish reflects, energy, and a shit ton of alcohol
Matt преди 6 години
Jack: I didn't even have time to react Fine Bros: Did you say react? You'll be hearing from our lawyer
DaGamingCore преди година
Seeing that comment 4 years later makes me smile
Gianluca Pedreschi
Gianluca Pedreschi преди година
Wow I forgot the fine bros even existed at this point😂
JCBaggins преди 3 години
Oh snap!
JJ преди 4 години
Tsuyoi преди 6 години
true! XDDD
Pearce White
Pearce White преди година
I was drinking water when he gurgled during the intro and it came out my nose 🤣🤣🤣
Kingwaffle1952 преди година
4:11 When I get an A+ on a test
Juni Heights
Juni Heights преди година
10:12 you can really hear the anger in his voice
Tyler Rose
Tyler Rose преди 2 месеца
3 year old me: Mommy, how was I made? Mom: When a mommy and a daddy love one another very much... 15 year old me after I took a class in Biology: 9:40.
Hxmber преди година
Day what seems to be like 1000 of quarantine and I’m sat here happy watching jack, with everything going on right now, in this moment I’m happy
CMF Wilbanks
CMF Wilbanks преди година
His reactions are awesome
Jamekson преди 8 месеца
30 arrows go through head: Perfectly fine Lightly taps head against harpoon blade: Fucking dead
• R å f a e ł •
• R å f a e ł • преди 2 месеца
Jack A' Boy: Sorry chicken, I will just be a vegan then That Vegan Teacher: VERY GOOD I WILL GIVE YOU AN A+ ON YOUR TEST
Just your average Persona fan
Just your average Persona fan преди година
Jack, playing the yandere sim level: “I would love to kill senpai in the real game” Me, in 2020 with snap mode: wish granted
Mint. преди 2 години
Can we all just take a moment to enjoy the beautiful freezeframe at 15:16
Draven Vladimir
Draven Vladimir преди година
On the harpoon dodging pro he literally grabbed a harpoon with his feet and throw it in the corner of the room!(0∆0)
Miss Badass
Miss Badass преди 5 месеца
game: no chicken sean: *intense terror*
procrafter 2006
procrafter 2006 преди 3 години
Been 2 years and I couldn’t breath laughing 😂
Cody Diaz
Cody Diaz преди година
Jack: No time or No chicken... Also jack: Ooooo das a hard one
fat chick
fat chick преди година
He doesn't realize it, but during the harpoon dodge pro he was in a state of Autonomous Ultra Instinct
Cody Andrews
Cody Andrews преди година
It was always a legend that the irish got hot temper a.k.a mad very easily and I think this guy shows it very well and yerlt I'm an American and I'm nwlew to this channel
Caeleb Searson
Caeleb Searson преди 8 месеца
HE CAME IN LIKE A WRECKING BALL HE NEVER LET BETTY LIVE! Honestly jack you should just ask Miley to do a song for you
iTmZ преди година
The face he made when he said no chicken killed me
Raleigh Thomas
Raleigh Thomas преди година
Thank you so much Sean I started watching your videos during COVID-19 and you always cheer me up
Martin Guenov
Martin Guenov преди година
Damn. This game has not aged as fine as I remember it.
danielle lindsay
danielle lindsay преди година
Jack:live without clocks or watches or any thing that dont tell time or no chicken Jack:(suddenly gets suprised)
LCWLegoBoy Games
LCWLegoBoy Games преди 2 години
8:54 I couldn’t stop laughing
The Protagonist
The Protagonist преди година
You know, if you were to live your whole life in space then technically you’d live longer than the people on earth seeing as one day in space is 90 minutes on earth.
Nyeh heh heh123
Nyeh heh heh123 преди 11 месеца
12:21 I couldent stop laughing XD
Mx.Cartney преди година
Im bored in quarantine so I’m watching Jacks old content from classic era 2015-2016
Marina Kavouras
Marina Kavouras преди година
Somebody watch the whole series again and count how many times he plays a level he has played in a previous video. I've counted at least 10 so far I think, I can't remember. But I kept thinking I clicked back to a different video on accident.🤣🤣
Emmaline Watson
Emmaline Watson преди 6 години
I'm going to miss this series :/
Haily Rodwell🖤💋
Haily Rodwell🖤💋 преди 3 години
Emmaline Watson it’s already gone
Rob-smit преди 3 години
Gilgamesh Of Sumer
Gilgamesh Of Sumer преди 3 години
100th reply
Gilgamesh Of Sumer
Gilgamesh Of Sumer преди 3 години
ian sam
ian sam преди 3 години
Emmaline Watson Eesss
Logan Zaza
Logan Zaza преди 2 години
14:05 almost died laughing
Kinfinite преди година
Jack: Super easy lemon squeezy What I heard: Super easy, barely an inconvenience
Tsuyu Asui
Tsuyu Asui преди година
13:15 "Wait for it." *All the Hamilton fans* "And I'm willing to wait for it!"
Z̸e̴n̷a̵l̴a̷m̵ преди година
10:12 What I hear when my teachers explain something
Elise Anderson
Elise Anderson преди година
Jack: why am I bread in the happy wheels? My subtitles: why am I brad in the hap wills.
Ichano Torzar
Ichano Torzar преди 9 месеца
Him: I am gonna win! Me: 5:02
patricia jones
patricia jones преди година
10:10 me when im in a fight with my friend XD
Phixxr преди година
If you think about it, you could live without clocks, you would just have to look at the sun to tell the time.
Croissant Sandwich
Croissant Sandwich преди година
When jack gets a would you rather about death: that’s easy the tsunami I don’t need to think. Jack gets a question about no chicken or can’t be able to tell the time: deep thought(ᗒᗣᗕ)՞
S7 Cameron
S7 Cameron преди година
When pete had the axe in his back. That how I feel rn. Ive pulled my back 😭
Santiago Gil
Santiago Gil преди година
3:18 first: isn't that good for the chicken, like not killing him to eat? Second: it says no chicken, but it doesn't says no any meat or anything that comes from an animal
Platinum ninja Gaming
Platinum ninja Gaming преди година
He moved so fast on the bottle run he split in half
Depression преди 2 години
Jack: (reads) Live without clocks or watches or anything that tells time Jack again: (reads) Or No Chicken Me: Dying of laughter after seeing his face
Thisguysurvivesjr преди година
He's a happy wheels God even when he he's done with this game
Saber Fear
Saber Fear преди година
jack: slow and steady me: SPEED IS KEY JACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NoodleKDoodle преди 5 месеца
10:10 That’s what it sounds like when you can’t understand a strong Irish accent.
HypixelMute_ преди година
*"why are there motherfuckin' explosions in my motherfuckin' bottles" -jacksepticeye*
Jazmín Rodriguez
Jazmín Rodriguez преди 6 години
Let us all appreciate Jack's cute surprised face at 2:56 Please
Sera Calhoun
Sera Calhoun преди 6 години
Literally my thoughts exactly
saraemke преди 6 години
Yes, that was one adorable reaction, i literally said "awww" aloud, damn u jack/sean
Galaxy Dragon
Galaxy Dragon преди 6 години
+Jazmín Rodriguez so adorable
Treyton Preski
Treyton Preski преди 6 години
No homo, but that was adorable
cat lover
cat lover преди година
10:10-10:15 😂😂😂 When classmates are being complete idoits
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