Irish TV Mistakes

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Irish news bloopers are so funny

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Screaming Axolotl
Screaming Axolotl преди месец
i love it when Sean's accent intensifies around other Irish people
White Rabbit
White Rabbit преди 17 дни
I'll be honest idrc about the comment- but you my good humanoid- I love your pfp you are literally the ace dragon
Irish Lad
Irish Lad преди 24 дни
@Baby Shrimp all bull shit Its like when i speak in an English accent but im Irish 😑
PATHFINDER преди 24 дни
Proximity bomb
sponge man ice cone
sponge man ice cone преди 25 дни
@TransKoderr see you handled that better than half the people here. Just a simple and painful Deez nuts
The Minesweeper
The Minesweeper преди 25 дни
@Baby ShrimpShort for an Asexual person
Anton Vasiljev
Anton Vasiljev преди месец
News guy: *speaks Irish* Jack: "I was thinking he was having a stroke and was messing up his words" So it is not only me, phew
Mai Shiel
Mai Shiel преди 12 дни
I went to an Irish school and I didn’t understand what he said 😭
Axel преди месец
Angus is such a lad, he still takes it in stride and has come to terms he's gonna mess up sometimes and just smiles and laughs, brilliant 👍
Ruairí Maguire
Ruairí Maguire преди ден
axel larsen
axel larsen преди 19 дни
Oh man another Axel a rare name :D
Black Iron Legion
Black Iron Legion преди 23 дни
@Berrimu just report, no human is gonna see the replies because they're cowards
Wrestle Lyff
Wrestle Lyff преди 23 дни
Its oengus
Berrimu преди 26 дни
@redninja Kiler i know
CrownClown Creations
CrownClown Creations преди месец
Most of us did not know Angus existed before this video, but we all leave this with immense respect and love for the lad.
Ruairí Maguire
Ruairí Maguire преди ден
Black Man
Black Man преди 17 дни
@Rocky Montana Garcia mayne 🤓🤓🤓
Rocky Montana Garcia mayne
Rocky Montana Garcia mayne преди 17 дни
@Black Man well good for you
Black Man
Black Man преди 17 дни
@Condor Crow I'm Irish and I spell it to proper way
Condor Crow
Condor Crow преди 17 дни
@Black Man some Irish people here spell it just like that
Luna robber
Luna robber преди месец
I love the whole “you can’t just pull up with the full Irish” coming from an Irish dude. It’s nice to know that even Jack has trouble understanding Irish accents.
IceMetalPunk преди 24 дни
@Brandon Hey Except no Irish people call it Gaelic. The language is Irish. That's because "Gaelic" actually refers to a bunch of different languages: Archaic Irish, Old Irish, Middle Irish, modern Irish, Scots Gaelic, and Manx. And the term "Gaelic" as a noun on its own actually more often refers to Scots Gaelic than Irish. So... yeah. He was speaking Irish, not Gaelic.
F H преди 27 дни
@Matti -K yes - especially when you have a question relating to place names in a cluastuisceant (sorry about the spelling)
Matti -K
Matti -K преди 27 дни
@F H yeah I speak Connacht irish. Sometimes when I watch the TG4 news I find it so hard to understand at times. The hardest accent in Gaeilge is probably the ulster accent imo
Luna robber
Luna robber преди 28 дни
@F H I’m glad we’re on the same page lol.
Luna robber
Luna robber преди 28 дни
@Brandon Hey oh shit that makes sense lmao
janitorfromheck преди месец
Sean's Passive ability: enhances irish accent by up to 500% when around other irish people
Clover9898 преди 20 дни
​@Cosmic shut up
Erin Novak
Erin Novak преди 29 дни
almost every Irish person is like that, even i am and i’m just half Irish😂
Mark R
Mark R преди месец
@Max ah yes coated
Max преди месец
Coated comment
Julia преди месец
@Cosmic so are you
Nirmiti преди месец
Séan looks like he's finally home when around his fellow Irishfolk. The look he gets in his eyes is very heartwarming.
Nirmiti преди 29 дни
@Gavin Hopkins What? How'd you get that?!
Gavin Hopkins
Gavin Hopkins преди месец
Why u a furry
Silas Pilgaard
Silas Pilgaard преди 25 дни
Sean is a special kind of creator. It's not always full on belly laughs, but fucking hell if it ain't straight smiles and vibes all the way throughout. Added bonus is that it kinda make the depression feel less serious. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have done here Sean even though you will not by the laws of whateverthefuckmath see this ever. Thank you anyway🙂
Toreen преди 25 дни
I love how the "I make cuts when I go to the bathroom" is still somewhat of a meme even after, what, 4? 5? years after it happened It will forever stay in my heart :°D
clydefrog преди 17 дни
tbh it took me a second to get because i hadn't watched that video in forever 😭😭 but the moment i remembered i was like "ohhhh my god'
Rocco преди 24 дни
Same :')
Merivio преди месец
The behind the scenes stuff is actually pretty educational. It almost feels like gold dust seeing how someone prepares their videos, talks to their editor and stuff.
Homebrew Memes
Homebrew Memes преди месец
"There's nothing the Irish love more than hearing how much it's gonna rain tomorrow, and who died yesterday." Lol, I love that.
Michael blank
Michael blank преди 28 дни
Literally happens everyday at my house😂
Inkwels преди 28 дни
Time stamp for anyone who wants it 5:01
Caileigh Crow
Caileigh Crow преди месец
Your pfp is iconic I love potoos 🥰
Fuchswinter преди месец
I'm honestly a bit baffled that obituaries are on the radio? In Germany I've never heard of it (unless it's someone famous obv). But yes my mom goes through the obituaries in her hometown 300km away every week
Void soul
Void soul преди месец
Read that exactly when that sentence came up, are you my subtitles?
Bloodren03 преди 29 дни
It’s great to see Jack just talking about behind the camera stuff. Really humanizing to hear how much he cares about us and gives little comments to the editor between clips.
Spiffy преди месец
When my dad and his family came to America from Ireland, my grandfather watched the news everyday (At least when I was alive) listening to the weather at 90 years old even though he didn’t go outside very often anymore, it was routine if we ever went to his house. Damn I miss him
Marcsi Nagy
Marcsi Nagy преди 27 дни
the one thing i love about Hungarian news is every time theres something utterly stupid like a hilariously stupid political stunt or some shit like "hairy cat beauty stroked at local pageant" you can see the anchor's personal opinion blatantly manifest on their face and everyone just goes with it
Erin Novak
Erin Novak преди 29 дни
I remember watching the Irish children’s shows as a kid and they were WILD, there really are some nutty ones. There was one I can’t remember the name of but it was a puppet show and they had me literally rolling on the floor laughing because they were so random and chaotic. I don’t know if those would be good to react to, but it’s an idea!
ASeriesOfSymbols преди месец
21 Minutes of Sean explaining to his audience some of his Irish memories like a 70 year old trying to tell the grandkids some of his stories.
Sora Song
Sora Song преди 26 дни
@Irish Lad Never heard of it.
Irish Lad
Irish Lad преди 26 дни
@Sora Song ok sort of but the language and that yere a part of the uk Were not excluding nordern Éire
Sora Song
Sora Song преди 26 дни
@Irish Lad They're not different, they have the same Celtic culture.
Irish Lad
Irish Lad преди 26 дни
@Sora Song No There a different breed now the end
Irish Lad
Irish Lad преди 26 дни
Hae never showed the i love cocane one in dub
Moka преди 19 дни
I love the news bloopers when the anchors have laughing fits about what they're announcing because sometimes it's just so ridiculous
Alt Panic
Alt Panic преди месец
Sean really needs to do a react to Ireland's very own Kung Fu movie, "Fatal Deviation". It's a masterpiece
Vox Volhynia
Vox Volhynia преди 28 дни
I hope Angus doesn't get fired, people like him make the entire news channel palatable. I'd honestly watch Irish TV rather than American TV, although ours is just ads anyway.
Ruairí Maguire
Ruairí Maguire преди ден
llauranne преди 22 дни
he didn't, he is retired now though, lives on an alpaca farm with his husband.
CF Français
CF Français преди месец
As a Canadian who has lived in the US for 4 years, I can confirm that almost everyone calls my origin country, *Canadia* 15:53
Jeremy Fitzgerald
Jeremy Fitzgerald преди месец
Jack in 2014: "SPEED IS KEYYYYY" Jack in 2021: "no speed is okay for me I'm scared"
Straw Merry
Straw Merry преди 7 дни
And that's when Jack learn his mistakes
Stanky преди 8 дни
I heard him say it right as I read it lmao
kiijg kiig
kiijg kiig преди 20 дни
Wtf that pfp brought me back
Hollis Williams
Hollis Williams преди 22 дни
old jack can't handle speed
Smol Chungus
Smol Chungus преди 29 дни
The duality of man
Case Jackson
Case Jackson преди месец
Sean is one of the most down to earth people out there! My friend streams and had said the same thing about turning on everything in his routine. It's like kicking back with another long time friend
Cyd Vishus
Cyd Vishus преди 29 дни
As an American I didn't know who Aengus was but now I feel that I subconsciously named my cat after him (same spelling) because he is just class. Holy hell I love that man
Werewolf Lover
Werewolf Lover преди месец
Seán: "Every time I go to the bathroom, I cut in between" **Undertale playthrough flashbacks**
Timothy Williams
Timothy Williams преди 22 дни
"You're an asshole, you're an asshole Stacey" no no no, it's just the exercise, you're alright, anyway where were we?
Septic-Hearts преди месец
Poor Aengus, he carried on like a champ with each blooper. I probably would've froze up and started crying. Fair play to him. Edit: thank you for correcting my bastardized spelling of his name. The man deserves the best.
Distance yourself
Distance yourself преди месец
Are you so desperate to go to his page and spew jealousy just to get clicks?🤣🙄 Don't be so desperate its not cute 😉
Cantal преди месец
@Mishan 🅥 shush From The Irish
RoboRyan55 преди месец
He is the blooper... Always has been
Septic-Hearts преди месец
@Javier Latorre I'm so uncultured so thanks for correcting me.
RoseOfTheNight4444 преди месец
@Levi I find it hilarious that they think he's gonna die and he's Covid free now LOL
Casey Croissant
Casey Croissant преди месец
As well as Jack, I used to watch the Six-One news. It is completely true, "Here is who died, and the people that didn't". I mainly watched it so I could be happy whenever Waterford was mentioned, or on very rare occasions, see video footage of Waterford, cause it is always Dublin that gets everything!
Declan Graham
Declan Graham преди месец
It's the truth, we do sadly 😅 sorry on Dublin's behalf
Byrd преди месец
Just realized I've been thinking of Sean's office as a hallway, which makes no sense whatsoever lol. I just keep expecting Gab or B.B. to go strolling by.
hoopapodamas преди месец
This is why I absolutely love Irish people. It’s so freaking hilarious.
Toxiphilia преди месец
The more Aengus mess up, the more I find him relatable and lovable. Bless'im!
Queen Boo
Queen Boo преди месец
"YOU'RE AN ASSHOLE. JIM. it's just an exercise." "YOU'RE AN ASSHOLE. STAAAAAAACY." "My name's Stacy-" "It's just part of the exercise" i see you, sean
FirstMateSassy преди месец
I was just about to make this same damn comment lmfao
Angel Juliet
Angel Juliet преди месец
Sick game grumps moment
Sky Dragushan
Sky Dragushan преди месец
was just about to comment this!!
Isaac Bridgman
Isaac Bridgman преди месец
Yes stealing from the grumps I see
Maddie Grace
Maddie Grace преди месец
I came here to say something similar lol
TubeSurfer898 преди 28 дни
I actually laughed out loud on the last one when Jack was laughing at Angus milling about in the back of the shot. (hope I got the name right) XD
Tom преди месец
I love how Jack's still hilarious even before the video speaking to his editors
Dark Cast
Dark Cast преди месец
Are you going to play “Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach”? I really hope so. You and CoryXKenshin are my favorite BGpostrs, and you’ve both played most of the FNAF games (you haven’t played Security Breach and he hasn’t played Help Wanted, but I doubt he’ll play it) so I really wanna see your reactions to the adaptation of the characters and mechanics. It’s an expanded, somewhat open world, and advanced version of the previous ones, and I look forward to seeing you play it and hear your commentary on it, if/when you do play it. Thank you for your time, you amazingly incredible fellow Irishman and human being❣️
Sack fu
Sack fu преди месец
Angus appearing so much in so many of these videos is incredible, it really does paint a pretty amazing scene
Krystal Mack
Krystal Mack преди месец
My grandma would read the obituaries in the newspaper and laugh at all her old classmates she outlived.
Kayla V
Kayla V преди 24 дни
Your grandmother is a badass!! So cool 😎
Krystal Mack
Krystal Mack преди 29 дни
@The Silver Ghost 2005 my other grandma kept divorce papers in her bedside table for 40 years “just in case” 💀
The Silver Ghost 2005
The Silver Ghost 2005 преди 29 дни
Your grandma's a boss
Winter преди месец
Okay, who ruined the 420 likes?
Haley Mitchell
Haley Mitchell преди месец
Leaving it at 420 likes even tho mine would be 421 but just saying your grandma is a whole mood
ErikMac преди 3 дни
6:16 Holy crap now that was funny to me for some reason. And also Angus is a LEGEND!!!
Lloyd Wright
Lloyd Wright преди 27 дни
I feel for ya on the obituaries Sean. My grandmother would always turn them on whenever we went anywhere to see who died that day. we aren't full Irish but my family does have some Irish blood.
Tyd преди 17 дни
I hope Ireland treats Aengus as a national treasure, because his bloopers were amazingly funny! He seems a likeable guy!
Emily преди месец
For some reason, seeing the unedited product is pretty funny. It reminds me that even BGpostrs are human and they're awkward too, lmao
Blub_ преди месец
I love how Jack’s still hilarious even before the video speaking to his editors
Xudo преди месец
@Blub_ wish I could say the same to yiu
Blub_ преди месец
@Xudo Bro you are so funny.
Xudo преди месец
@Blub_ ohhh you play Minecraft. That explains a lot
Blub_ преди месец
@Xudo it’s an opinion and I guess your allowed to have one so ok.
Xudo преди месец
@Blub_ non factual? It a fact. If u find his videos funny, I just haven't matured have y
Cheerful Satanist
Cheerful Satanist преди 24 дни
My grandparents haven't lived in Ireland for almost 18 years and get on a regular basis and I'm still called over to their house to try to get obituaries online from where they live locally weekly...
VINYL SCRATCH преди месец
Hay Jack I hope your feeling better. I really enjoyed this. Keep up the good work. Have a wonderful day.
Anne Thompson
Anne Thompson преди месец
I swear his accent gets thicker every time he watches Irish stuff. I love it
llauranne преди 22 дни
I can't believe you did a whole news bloopers video and didn't show the "it's still dangerous for Dublin pedestrians" and the guy absolutely smashes his head off the ground xD
_.Salty.Shima._ преди месец
jack: “i don’t have bloopers, i never make mistakes!” also jack: *has 5 videos full of bloopers & outtakes*
Ashleigh Stangeland
Ashleigh Stangeland преди месец
@wartygourd and the "you weren't supposed to see this or see that" also is bloopers
wartygourd преди месец
@Ashleigh Stangeland oh wait yeah because of the "what goes on when the cameras are off" video which was another blooper compilation
Ashleigh Stangeland
Ashleigh Stangeland преди месец
@wartygourd it's 8 now counting anti vs dark it's just blooper six and seven have different titles but they are still a blooper compilation or blooper reel
Ashleigh Stangeland
Ashleigh Stangeland преди месец
@wartygourd wait isn't it seven now cause he did a sixth blooper one and the anti vs dark?
wartygourd преди месец
@Ashleigh Stangeland true
Punskina преди месец
Ireland feels like Norway’s close cousin over seas....especially the way Sean talks about how growing up was
boiwhatthehellboi преди месец
jacksepticeye i know this sounds weird but you are my hero you cheer me up in the toughest times
Shooting8Star168 преди месец
Loved the video and it highlighted some similarities with my family. My mom is Irish and she made it a routine to watch the news at 7 everyday, and in our town would always like to look at the obituaries at the Post Office.
Atlas преди месец
As an Irish person, the comedy and happiness our occasionally drunk country brings me joy.
Gabby Joubert
Gabby Joubert преди 28 дни
I love how his accent gets stronger the more this video goes on
cravin_mor преди месец
love your insight in your routine between takes, would love to see a longer video replaying of such a moment in almost real time, like a vlog style, but a bit more production, like with more camera angles within the current room
nathan L
nathan L преди месец
My grandma would always read the obituaries in the newspaper and say, "I need to see if I died last night". I always got nervous waiting for her to tell me if she did or not😅
Bogart Torres
Bogart Torres преди 12 дни
I understood nothing from that intro and I LOVE IT jajajajaja Whenever Sean taps back into his true Irish blood warms my heart jajajaja
ッ|Γპძ преди месец
"I'd watch the news everynight if I knew something bad could happen" - Jacksepticeye 2021
Grant преди месец
If wee Shannon was on 👌
xXx Taylor
xXx Taylor преди месец
Lmao. I caught that too. I was like 'Um...Jack?'
Niranjan R Raj
Niranjan R Raj преди месец
Yo your pfp is same as my mobile cover and my watch face
Sora Song
Sora Song преди месец
Anyone wanna tell Jack or shall I?
NJS преди месец
@Kavetion shutup bots
Lucy Prevo
Lucy Prevo преди 11 дни
I remember meeting Aengus and his husband Terry at a party and he is the most awkward man ever 😂
Strawb3rry Mewchi
Strawb3rry Mewchi преди 27 дни
2:58 It almost reminds me of the time when I was talking about a clock shop with my parents, and now, bare in mind I was 17 and my brother was 15, but he wasn’t paying attention, I almost said: “cock shop”. And my dad, with NO STUTTERING or ANYTHING, goes: “Not until you’re 18.”. It was a great time, and I have an even better time laughing about that memory. Lmao. 🤣
Makenna Lockrem
Makenna Lockrem преди 29 дни
I just had a tumor removed this morning and this is what I’ll be watching for my bed ridden healing time 😂❤️
AMUGAS преди месец
I feel like I'm having a nice conversation with the subtitles. I was having a pretty bad day and the this video and the subtitles sort of helped me relax. I sort of felt like my friend was just telling me stories.
TheTwistedSpartan преди месец
Sean: this word gets me demonetized so I have to be careful. Also Sean: *plays it again* good idea using a subtitle for context though lol
emoji boy23
emoji boy23 преди месец
I like how Sean just happy all the time and energy over load
Please help me reach my dream of 100k subs!!
Please help me reach my dream of 100k subs!! преди месец
When he hears another irish man his irish accent gets stronger😂
Chelsea-leigh cree
Chelsea-leigh cree преди 14 дни
It's funny hearing Sean saying about Irish news at 6, Scotland is the same with the 6 o clock news and everyone watches it in my house 😂👌
Aakarshan Gupta
Aakarshan Gupta преди месец
man thank you soo much for telling us bits of Irish culture and life.... even the mundane stuff is so interesting to know as we can connect to it on a human level .. no matter our culture and lives being thousands of miles apart!
Marley преди месец
For the Dutchies this is just like watching RTL nieuws, basically. :')
Woud преди 26 дни
True xD
Jaylan Weber
Jaylan Weber преди 21 ден
Jack you are one of the best Irish youtuber of all time.And do such great videos that are such fun watch.
St0n3y_b1tch преди 20 часа
Every older person in my town has to watch/listen/or read the obituaries
King преди месец
Truth: Jack never stops entertaining us, keep it up! ❤️
ghost seeker XIII
ghost seeker XIII преди месец
@Et Gemitus Mortis ohhhhh ok Thank you friend I will make sure to report the bots I really do care for jacksepticeye too 😇😇😇😇😇😇
My name is _________
My name is _________ преди месец
@Et Gemitus Mortis thank you for explaining to them
Et Gemitus Mortis
Et Gemitus Mortis преди месец
@ghost seeker XIII BGpost doesn't create the bots. People do. It's usually assholes who want attention and to be negative and spread their negativity around. Just report them when you see them as Bullying or Hate Speech if they're terribly vile, such as ones mentioning his dad or that he has covid. Interacting with them just makes it harder to get rid of them because BGpost thinks if people is interacting then it can't be wrong to keep it up.
ghost seeker XIII
ghost seeker XIII преди месец
@My name is _________ i did not know that and I'm sorry Also again Why tf would yourube create such bots that would say horrible things about Jack Sorry I have autism so I'm a little slow
My name is _________
My name is _________ преди месец
@ghost seeker XIII if you reply to a bot it makes it harder to get rid of them i don’t know if you knew that or not
Joseph Dibella
Joseph Dibella преди месец
I love this because my dads accent is fluent and i can hear it and its amazing when i watch your videos about Ireland i can understand it
Alex Starker
Alex Starker преди месец
I'd love to see you react to Newfie accents! Everyone says they sound Irish but it's Canada??!!
The Leeside Snowman
The Leeside Snowman преди 10 дни
Love that Taoiseach calling people a smelly nappy head example Seán, very mature and relatable
Jinxed-516 преди месец
You keep my mind off of depression keep up the good work 😊
Kiki Llama
Kiki Llama преди месец
Declan Graham
Declan Graham преди месец
It's Just Bree
It's Just Bree преди месец
Smithy Tom
Smithy Tom преди месец
yo i got more money then jack just won lotto
Kiki Llama
Kiki Llama преди месец
@TheInsideCentre legends
TheInsideCentre преди месец
And frostbite boy and the video of your man falling down on the news
NOT Draven
NOT Draven преди 16 дни
I accidentally hit dislike, and it said, “feedback shared with the creator.” And I instantly knew, “Jack will forever think I hate him :(“
King Hurst
King Hurst преди месец
Jack:"Everytime I go to the toilet I cut it clean" Also Jack during Undertale episode 1: AnYwAy, ImMa Go PeE!
Lynette FSY
Lynette FSY преди месец
Hey Jack, hope u are doing better! Cant wait for your return :D
_Motoya_ Komori_
_Motoya_ Komori_ преди 6 дни
I never got the Obituary obsession either, surely if we did know anyone we would have found out about there passing before hand seeing as they read them out at like just past mid day or something?
Hazzmat преди месец
Irish news has a strong "students doing the morning announcements" vibe lmao
Rachel Betmarik
Rachel Betmarik преди месец
Oh I completely forgot about those! It feels exactly like that
Brossbaldwin преди месец
Jack saying that there aren’t many funny irish clips on the internet is the best self burn of all time
Alyss Potato
Alyss Potato преди 10 дни
“Everytime I go to the bathroom, I cut inbetween” throwback to when Jack had to go to the bathroom during his play through of Undertale and forgot to cut it out 💀
kingofwhatever преди месец
7:43 "Everytime I go to the bathroom, I cut between." *I understood that reference*
SaitōSai преди месец
8:58 Dude popped his head out like he was auditioning to play as a ghost in one of those paranormal shows
themanwhowaspinkforsomereason преди месец
Jack: “There’s nothing the Irish love more than hearing how much it’s going to rain tomorrow and who died yesterday.” Me: Then I think the Irish would really like Florida
Chouko преди 6 дни
@Andrea H As long as you’re watching the Florida Man from afar, it’s pretty amusing. Just be very careful to not attract it’s attention, it’s volatile and easy to spook. -Tips from a native Floridian
Ghostess преди 15 дни
As a lifelong Floridiot I can confirm! Also seeing news clips without hearing "The spirit of the First Coast" first is weird...and even more so since they haven't used that opener in years!
Hollis Williams
Hollis Williams преди 22 дни
They say that Florida is Death's favourite state.
Rocco преди 24 дни
Andrea H
Andrea H преди 29 дни
Not sure how much they would like Florida Man™️ though lmao
Theo Wilson
Theo Wilson преди месец
I see that my granny and I sure as shit got all the Irish traits in the family (I also go "Canadia" way too frequently)
Jen преди 28 дни
Can we get a new blooper real from you Sean? That would be awesome! Love ya!
Sam DelSignore
Sam DelSignore преди 20 дни
"... Irish and the obituaries..."ot Not just the irish, my friend. As an Italian, I can tell you all my parents and grandparents care about is who died, and what ailments everyone has.
DevilHampster преди месец
You always help me when im sad jack thank you 😥
Slinger184 Paintball
Slinger184 Paintball преди месец
I don’t know anything about Ireland but I can tell, this Angus guy is a national treasure lol 😂
Elizabeth Thompson
Elizabeth Thompson преди месец
@My name is _________ Sorry my bad
My name is _________
My name is _________ преди месец
@Cathal o'shea that does sound nice
Cathal o'shea
Cathal o'shea преди месец
True story: he quit the news and now he runs an alpaca farm with his husband in rural Ireland. Happy ending.
My name is _________
My name is _________ преди месец
@Elizabeth Thompson it’s a bot just report them and don’t reply to any more it just makes it harder to get rid of them
My name is _________
My name is _________ преди месец
@Giruz don’t reply to the bot just get report them
Katherine Melton
Katherine Melton преди 27 дни
Lmao when he mentioned "torture" and then "who do you want to bring to the toyshoa" I thought he said torture again and when she said she wasn't all that interested I was just like, yes. Yes I don't believe I would want to invite anyone to my torture either. "Not sure I'm interested tbh"
Simp_ Alert.
Simp_ Alert. преди месец
Sean i love your vids but i dont know how to feel about life or the world nothing truly makes me feel happy but you keep being the best version of yourself keep living king
little drako
little drako преди месец
Hope you planning on doing a security breach series, been hoping to see you play through it :)
thepotterwitch преди месец
I work with a guy who can string together swear words so fluently it's like poetry.
Samantha Staffanell
Samantha Staffanell преди месец
loved the Game Grumps reference "YOURE AN ASSHOLE... it's just an exercise"
Kelli Loera
Kelli Loera преди месец
I love when other BGpostrs reference the grumps. I have most quotes memorized and how they say it 😂
Liam Maloney
Liam Maloney преди месец
Yeah, my grandparents would always take in the obituaries. My grandad especially. To one stage my aunt was like "now sidelining the dreary conversation"
Mr man
Mr man преди месец
I like how jack went from (WAR) to such a fun loving lad :)
Unownshipper преди месец
5:02 Sean, that's something the ENTIRE Irish diaspora encounter. My wonderful 90-year-old Irish grandmother came to America when she was 18 and yet she still gives us a full breakdown on the obituaries during every phone call. It's something that never goes away.
Sorin RadoiMcFadden
Sorin RadoiMcFadden преди 29 дни
I've never heard a more true thing than listening to the obituaries
Aarkenth преди месец
I love how his vocal exercise reference is the old Game Grumps bit, must be baked into his memory like mine. "STACY. STACY."
Cyn преди месец
@Neo Strike No,'s just the exercise 😌
Neo Strike
Neo Strike преди месец
Wait my name's Stacy Dennings... god damnit
Uniheximadecimacode преди месец
This is the only WÜRD that I can use to COMMUNICATE IT TO HER!
benjamin преди месец
YES! This is brilliant
Cyn преди месец
M B преди месец
This was so funny, thanks for cheering me up :)
Name Tag
Name Tag преди 2 дни
There once was a story on the news about a couple who dug up I think the worlds largest potato and called it dug
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