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jacksepticeye преди месец
ALSO we relaunched PMA merch with a new look and all profits go to Thankmas as well:
Savannah Puckett
Savannah Puckett преди месец
I'm sorry what is thankmas?
god eater fan
god eater fan преди месец
hey jack you helped me get through dark times in my life
O.O преди месец
Tracey Barker
Tracey Barker преди месец
@Lucas Gawor who me
T3-TomTom преди месец
Halo there merry Thankmas
IMORI преди месец
Being aggressively wholesome is Jack's specialty.
Masked преди месец
@IMORI you got hearted by jack no way
IMORI преди месец
@Masked Oh what's up man! 🤣
Masked преди месец
@IMORI i am from your comment
DestinedFox57 преди месец
DestinedFox57 преди месец
BeckBroJack преди месец
Jack: Threatening me so I donate Me: Donating immediately so I don't get dropkicked by a small Irishman
Wyatt Bryant
Wyatt Bryant преди месец
Splatoon 2 Hundred
Splatoon 2 Hundred преди месец
me: donating immediately so I don't get headshot from a THICC irishman
Raymond преди месец
hotshotauto9042 преди месец
قناة الرعب The horror
قناة الرعب The horror преди месец
The legend is back 🌹
Gym rat Martin
Gym rat Martin преди месец
He never left
animesh panda
animesh panda преди месец
bxsicqlly преди месец
i noticed it too, HE'S BACK 😭
A RANDOM BOSS преди месец
Jack's so precious when he's aggressive but trying to be humble and not rude.
Ultimately_Everything преди месец
This is why we love Jack he cares about everyone and he doesn't care how big or small you are as a creator he wants to get us all involved.
Bobah преди месец
i cant imagine a world where Sean is in a physical fight and actually fights, i feel like hes too sweet to have that happen.
anonmity преди месец
Sean really is super wholesome, the fact that all the drama with Valkyrae and her posting the video attempting to throw Sean under the bus for not being supportive of her skin care really made me mad, but then here he is, making sure his friend is included. I really need to be more like him 💚
Lauren Mortimer
Lauren Mortimer преди месец
I came to comment exactly the same thing. Sean is very good at seeing the good in everyone and not defining others by mistakes they’ve made.
the meme man
the meme man преди месец
How can anybody think Sean is a bad influence? He’s one of the most wholesome people I’ve ever seen and contributes a lot more than what those people think he does
Casey Heartly
Casey Heartly преди месец
Sean: "I'm only gonna say this once." Me who's just plugged my headphones in my phone but they aren't in my ears so I can't hear him: "W-wait no jack say it again!"
Zach Callos
Zach Callos преди месец
How did you know he said that?
Alex the PoTaTo
Alex the PoTaTo преди месец
Can we all just appreciate how jack is doing his very best to get everyone involved even smaller creators. We love you jack 💚
Void :D
Void :D преди месец
@Defectum Defectum Aight
Braden220 преди месец
@Alex the PoTaTo ok
Defectum Defectum
Defectum Defectum преди месец
@Void :D that’s a savetion alt botted account ignore it
Void :D
Void :D преди месец
@Kavetion Fatherless be like:
Ceaselessly Jessica
Ceaselessly Jessica преди месец
@Alex the PoTaTo That sounds great too! And you're so welcome! I'm a member of the Alphabet Mafia myself! My son just turned 12 in Nov and we've watched Sean for years, hes a wonderful role model! Keep up the kind! ❤
Irish Dragons
Irish Dragons преди месец
I hope we can get as many people as possible to help the cause, even though im not known on twitch at all im going to try help jack
Marbenmin преди месец
I can't donate this year unfortunately, we've had a lot of issues lately that has hurt us money wise, but I'll happily watch the live stream because even watching it will be supporting the cause.
Arabella Brack
Arabella Brack преди месец
Jack has a heart of gold heart this is his biggest and most epic project you are awesome jack
Nelly Pinto
Nelly Pinto преди месец
Jack is a amazing taking his time to get everyone to come out and support the campaign can't wait
Did Someone Say Waffles?
Did Someone Say Waffles? преди месец
I love how he’s trying to get people to support his charity by threatening to hurt them. It’s great.
Leonardo di vinchi
Leonardo di vinchi преди месец
@GhostJetJustice he saying that jack's dad belongs in hell which he's in heaven
Apollo преди месец
@jacksepticeye yes, yes it is
gamer 1213
gamer 1213 преди месец
@Marten Durocher what did he comment
Cerulity преди месец
“Join the goddamn charity *or else”*
Donika691 преди месец
@jessica rene ☺
The Mysterious Nerdy Bros
The Mysterious Nerdy Bros преди месец
You’re such a great person and creator and I just wanted to thank you keep up the good work.💚
Bastian Merriman
Bastian Merriman преди месец
Great job Jack you've done so much for the community and ur amazing
Nyara1985 преди месец
OMG I can't believe how close it's coming up. Super nervous and excited all at once as it will be my first time taking part in it and my first time ever live streaming. I look forward to helping and taking part in Thankmas.
Deftones87 преди месец
Jack (Sean) seems like such a genuine, down to earth, kind hearted dude! You can easily discern that it isn’t just a facade or an act that he’s putting on or whatever. I bet he’s just as sincere, kind, and authentic off screen as he is on. But yeah.. I see people badmouthing different BGpostrs all the time, criticizing and insulting them (usually for no good reason too) but once in a while, the target of people’s insults do nothing to deserve the hate, and Jack is one in particular who deserves nothing but love, in my opinion. I find myself getting angry when I see clowns talk sh!t about him in any way, which is fortunately a bit rare in his case. But I do still see a ton of really immature people following that stupid trend where they disrespect his late father’s name. It makes me sick. Even if you don’t like Jack, speaking ill of anyone’s family is really cruel and if you are one of those losers who follow that trend, you are a scumbag. Anyway, sorry about the really long rant, but I just wanted to show some love and call out all the clowns out there.
OwO преди месец
Even though I didn't do anything, I feel guilty already... and I don't like that Jack!
hejshsh jejeheh
hejshsh jejeheh преди месец
@Defectum Defectum fine but just seeing them with these stupid comments really gets me
Defectum Defectum
Defectum Defectum преди месец
@Kuch _ they’re bots ignore em
Defectum Defectum
Defectum Defectum преди месец
@hejshsh jejeheh please ignore them they r bots
Defectum Defectum
Defectum Defectum преди месец
@OwO how r you not verified :c
hejshsh jejeheh
hejshsh jejeheh преди месец
@L K agree 👍
Brianna Arwood-Smith
Brianna Arwood-Smith преди месец
I love the fact that Sean raises the donations from a single 3 minute video! He's the best!!! Love ya
Shegz преди месец
Hey Sean, keep up the great work. I think I can speak for everyone hear and say your content is amazing!
Rainbow the snail
Rainbow the snail преди месец
The medium is out now and I highly recommend a full playthrough 💗
[CrunchyCookies5] преди месец
I really appreciate how Jack tries his best to get peoples attention for Thankmas. Absolute chad I´ll see if I can get some money to spend on Thankmas
PasHa преди месец
Can we appreciate that Jacksepticeye posts awesome content for us every single day 💚💚💚
Defectum Defectum
Defectum Defectum преди месец
@beeanieboyy yoba is telling the brutal truth about them. They r bots. They won’t stop cuz of the hate your giving them (including those who r responding to em). It’s best to ignore those
Deiondre' Dice (the angry gamer dude)
Deiondre' Dice (the angry gamer dude) преди месец
Zenobrio преди месец
Hey its Pasha
sirskorge преди месец
FYI, The streamer chooses what amount get's valued as a "profit" - The 30+ unemployed man gets paid. Sincerely, someone who works for him. Never think he does this for fun. You have been warned.
Ender Butter
Ender Butter преди месец
he doesn't post awesome content everyday, but often enough.
brooke.draws.things преди месец
its honestly incredible how fast this year has gone, seriously its already almost Thankmas??
Lauren Antle
Lauren Antle преди месец
Love you Jack!! I'm so excited for Thankmas, it was so much fun last year!! :D I genuinely can't wait. Looking forward to spending more time with this awesome community 💜
Ari Mooneyhan
Ari Mooneyhan преди месец
I haven't seen this channel in years, so it's nice to see that you're still doing well!
Noxx King
Noxx King преди месец
I'm so excited for this year's Thankmas! Thankmas is such an awesome thing that happens on BGpost every year, and I always wish I could contribute. Though I can't give money, I'll be watching the event ^^
Elijah Nay-Rhodes
Elijah Nay-Rhodes преди месец
It's really incredible how quickly this year has gone by
Tracey Barker
Tracey Barker преди месец
@Christian Parrish oh well have good day because I have to go to sleep because it Is night time here :) goodbye
Christian Parrish
Christian Parrish преди месец
@Tracey Barker it's only 5:10 pm my time.
Tracey Barker
Tracey Barker преди месец
@Christian Parrish np have a good night or day
Christian Parrish
Christian Parrish преди месец
@Tracey Barker thank you Tracey.
Tracey Barker
Tracey Barker преди месец
@little elf guy I agree with u :)
Doctor Napkins
Doctor Napkins преди месец
I'm excited to be a part of Thankmas this year, even if it's a small part
Serina Marie
Serina Marie преди месец
I’m excited for this years thankmas cause I can actually be able to donate ❤️
Nea T.
Nea T. преди месец
comment for engagement: i'm so happy how big thankmas has turned into! sean (and everybody involved!) is able to help SO many people!!
sanay nair
sanay nair преди месец
I know this isn't supposed to be funny but I just love when people do exaggerated things without smiling or grinning at all.
Feral Froggie
Feral Froggie преди месец
and here we see Jack displaying his famous tactic, aggresive positivity edit: ok look, im so tired of these feckin spam bots on all the replies. Literally everytime i make a comment on this channel my replies are flooded with spam bots saying rude shit
Oh No
Oh No преди месец
I've just subscribed despite him being around for ages and watching him in other content, and my only regret is not doing so sooner he's just so wholesome
Ema Mantova
Ema Mantova преди месец
Syk99 преди месец
@Fu hua is the best i mean this is the internet people can get away even if they got banned. although im really tired of reading these type of bots
Fu hua is the best
Fu hua is the best преди месец
Guys just report the bots there is no point replying to them. Report them and move on
Theo Peake
Theo Peake преди месец
@I EXPOSED THIS GAY BGpostR IN MY PLAYLIST nah you don’t have a father...he left to get milk and never came back 🤡
Sports Geeks
Sports Geeks преди месец
Im glad your doing this Sean means a lot to me and everyone
AstroPC 96
AstroPC 96 преди месец
This is amazing! Can't wait for the stream!
mOB. Zombies
mOB. Zombies преди месец
These videos feel like Jack is the CEO of gaming on the internet and tbh we're here for it.
lenny harms
lenny harms преди месец
my man jack looks like he's gunna cry with excitement! love ya jack, and everybody else
Joe преди месец
Jack : elbows everyone in the face Chat : man Jack’s so nice what a good guy
T3-TomTom преди месец
Halo there
You want My name?
You want My name? преди месец
@Squshy mellow elbows in the face gave you life?
Squshy mellow
Squshy mellow преди месец
He is. That's the thing This gives me life.
Dababy преди месец
Gotta love seeing jack being himself😂
JellyGames284 преди месец
All I want for thankmas is a good time and a happy stream for everyone
meriz преди месец
The pdf is so helpful and the incentives are amazing. Does that mean you will be visiting one or some of the communities they will build? Omg I am actually so excited, this year's Thankmas is gonna be huge :D
OokamiSeji преди месец
Just started streaming a few weeks ago, and did a Thankmas stream tonight and I managed to raise $80 I know it's not much but I'm proud of myself!! Love ya Jack keep up the great work!!!
Dee Bee Geek
Dee Bee Geek преди месец
Best of luck with it dude! Can’t join this year I’m afraid as I’m doing my own charity event tomorrow. Hope you raise lots for this amazing cause. 💚
T3-TomTom преди месец
Kknak30 преди месец
@Kavetion First you dont make content, second you have only 98 subs. (Im not saying that I have more).
Mr. Bighead
Mr. Bighead преди месец
@X-Gems what's still going around?
ItzKayes преди месец
@reality LMAO
reality преди месец
@Kavetionmy friend as a german said if hitler was alive even he wouldnt want you to be a nazi.
kobbsy преди месец
Anybody else find it sad watching old Jack videos knowing how fast life moves and that Jack's still here. Makes me happy and sad
Just Lilly
Just Lilly преди месец
Jack is so inspiring!
Shxdow Mun
Shxdow Mun преди месец
I remember when I first started watching jacksepticeye in his skate 3 days, those days were the best. Those videos were where I learnt my first cuss words from, and then I got banned from BGpost by my parents for saying them at a Christmas dinner😂
Chente27 преди месец
I'm actually able to donate this year! I usually try and share it with some friends but that's about it! I'm excited to actually be able to be involved!
Wutaii1 Nostalgia
Wutaii1 Nostalgia преди месец
I am joining this and think we should all do live streams. Even if you don't raise money it increases the presence on the platform so lets all go!!
Xanman Skaggs
Xanman Skaggs преди месец
@SmolBean xox2807 doesnt Jack's charity streams usually reach up to a million dollars though?
T3-TomTom преди месец
Halo there
Lauren Mortimer
Lauren Mortimer преди месец
That’s exactly the kind of mentality thankmas needs. You’re appreciated
JP800 studios
JP800 studios преди месец
Let's go!!
SmolBean xox2807
SmolBean xox2807 преди месец
I probably won't raise a penny and it hurts lol
loli_ cvnt
loli_ cvnt преди месец
I think it's really cool that even us small tiny shitpost creators are made to feel like we're actually super involved in this aside from donating.
Fabcat Games
Fabcat Games преди месец
Yaaay! Im so happy that Jack helps so many people!
Kid Punching Stone Owl
Kid Punching Stone Owl преди месец
Jack trying to sound serious is so funny 🤣
Mikal Reinard Aamodt Stene
Mikal Reinard Aamodt Stene преди месец
I would donate again this year but my house got vandalised so I gotta spend money on repairs, but I'm gonna try to give what I can spare because this us such a great cause! Every tiny bit counts! ♡
SarcastiCat преди месец
Can’t wait for Sean to be wholesome and do a whole lot of good. Merry Christmas my man 💚
ĀTŁÂŠ преди месец
@I EXPOSED THIS GAY BGpostR IN MY PLAYLIST If you really do have a father, is this what he wants you to be?
sirskorge преди месец
FYI, The streamer chooses what amount get's valued as a "profit" - The 30+ unemployed man gets paid. Sincerely, someone who works for him. Never think he does this for fun. You have been warned.
Ludm1la преди месец
Yeee ♥️♥️
Keigo Gaming
Keigo Gaming преди месец
Sean thank you for always going the extra mile to help those in need!! BGpost is lucky to have you. advice for the VIEWERS: I love Thankmas with all my heart, but please as a cybersecurity professional, DO NOT use your credit card if you're using TikTok to donate they actively take, use, and sell any information that you give them, hopefully they give you the option to use PayPal. I suggest you just use the link in Sean's description, or anything that doesn't involve you putting you credit card info into TikTok. Of course if Sean meant it would just take you to the website from TikTok, then you are good to go.
SuperNASCARrocks преди месец
Can’t wait for thankmas jack. People coming together for a great cause. It’s going to be awesome.
Cosmic Cat
Cosmic Cat преди месец
had my volume up and got my ears blasted even with one earphone on and now I have a headache thx jack I can always count on u to make my ears bleed :)
Preview Review
Preview Review преди месец
If this is how insistent Jack is going to be with the livestream, then we better be getting another nostalgia week with happy wheels and maybe even Minecraft. I'll donate all the money I can if that was the case.
KySN преди месец
Jack: I'm gonna only say this once me who pressed replay: Reality can be whatever I want.
Maximasheplin ll
Maximasheplin ll преди месец
Jack: "reality is often disappointing"
B B преди месец
Amazing , Im from Croatia living in Ireland. But just a month ago saw your videos for the first time, and im still watching :) amazing material.. good job jack.. you doing amazing good and kind work.. live long and prosper 🖖
Simraj Singh
Simraj Singh преди месец
This channel was a special place in my heart
Miss-- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW
Miss-- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW преди месец
Best of luck with it dude! Can’t join this year I’m afraid as I’m doing my own charity event tomorrow. Hope you raise lots for this amazing cause.
JOIOUS_FALLOUT59 преди месец
Hey Jack. My brother is over today and he rented Free Guy. You did amazing for the lines i felt like i was watching one of you vids and then it would switch and i would be like "OH RIGHT, Its a movie" loved the movie.
Jazz [TFA]
Jazz [TFA] преди месец
This guy is so nice, it's hard to believe that people think he's a bad influence. Because he's _not._ He's actually doing _good_ things to help/support people.
T3-TomTom преди месец
Leafyr Oakfyst
Leafyr Oakfyst преди месец
What kinda PEON thinks JackSepticEye is a bad influence?! Fools!!!
Void :D
Void :D преди месец
@MGTOW Entrepreneur be more original lol
Rhiannon Powell
Rhiannon Powell преди месец
@Lauren Antle creepy 😳
Lauren Antle
Lauren Antle преди месец
@Rhiannon Powell nope, cus this was made 5 hours before that comment. So dark actually stole this one.
Isaac Johnson
Isaac Johnson преди месец
ok I'm gonna be there on thankmass thanks so much jack for this charity event.
BlackBeltBoar преди месец
I will absolutely do my best to take part in this. I only just started streaming but even if I can just get a few viewers to see the cause I'm happy to do so. I am so happy that you're spreading the word far and wide. Anything we can do, no matter how small, can add up to helping so many people. For Thankmas and for Toss Boy!
Foxfire преди месец
Already started streaming for Thankmas! First donation was from my 9 year old brother who is an absolute sweetheart
Fire phoenix
Fire phoenix преди месец
you da best bro keep up the good work for other people and continue to be the amazing person you are
Heiloloheimir преди месец
Jack I know that you probably get this all the time but you’re such a wonderful person and we all love you to bits for it! It’s so wholesome to see you raising awareness and trying to involve EVERYONE and not just the biggest creators. Keep doing what you’re doing! You’re literally changing lives 💚
Viridian Sable
Viridian Sable преди месец
It's so cool to see so many influencers mobilize for charity
Marybeth LaRue
Marybeth LaRue преди месец
Ah yes. The aggressive wholesomeness from our loud, aggressive, wholesome Irish man. Much appreciated, hon.
Guinnette 96
Guinnette 96 преди месец
Stared at the thumbnail, appreciating the hardcore Irish dad-vibes coming off from this man. Such a swell guy. 😭🖤
Bunny преди месец
Jack: "Listen up" Me: "I'm HERE, IM LISTENING"
Demon Slayer666
Demon Slayer666 преди месец
@MGTOW Entrepreneur I take it you’re not a fan of the channel
MGTOW  Entrepreneur
MGTOW Entrepreneur преди месец
Lmao jacks dad dad deserves it 😂😂🤣🤣🔥🔥
Natalie Gray
Natalie Gray преди месец
@Female Shoto Todoroki OMG I love that emoji! Imma have to remember that one!😂🤣
Arnuv Manocha
Arnuv Manocha преди месец
@Demon Slayer666 a bot
Demon Slayer666
Demon Slayer666 преди месец
@I EXPOSED THIS GAY BGpostR IN MY PLAYLIST who are you exactly?
SeñorTaco преди месец
I was a script writer for our podcast in school, I mentioned thankmas in it! It'll be watched by our schoolmates and staffs by the 10th. I hope that atleast a portion of them will be interested!
Clayton Upchurch
Clayton Upchurch преди месец
Jack Your awesome and so are your videos and I hope thankmas goes well
Mostafa Elshorbagy
Mostafa Elshorbagy преди месец
if there is both thankmas and team seas going on at the same time, you cant expect us to donate to both. or at least you cant expect as much support
Existential Crisis Core on Infinite Earths
Existential Crisis Core on Infinite Earths преди месец
... Have I ever mentioned how amazing these fundraisers are amazing, btw? It always amazes me how much money they raise in such a little time... And so often, to boot! Already 100k, before the dang event; crazy. I really love it, assuming the money is going to the right place! Amazing numbers for these donations though, so awesome.
Cole Kiesler
Cole Kiesler преди месец
Jack: “I can’t believe time has flown by.” Me: “Yeah it almost feels like yesterday.”
SweetLilWeirdo преди месец
@gamer 1213 I think it was maybe a mean reply or a bot
gamer 1213
gamer 1213 преди месец
@Andrew Nibbi what is it? Whats going on?
Andrew Nibbi
Andrew Nibbi преди месец
@Stupid Animation just report and move along. Only way to deal with these shits
Stupid Animation
Stupid Animation преди месец
@Mishan (бог спама) 🅥 I hope you as well
PDX Hills
PDX Hills преди месец
Hey Sean, I was wondering if you still have any plans to make more drum videos! I think we would all love to see more of those.
Laura Khan Creations
Laura Khan Creations преди месец
Done! Finally made my campaign, not sure if I added it to the "correct" Thankmas since a bunch of people made theirs XD but all set for my stream on Friday! Eeeeeee! Definitely will be tuning in for yours as well Jack :) I can't wait! :D
Ellie R
Ellie R преди месец
Jack is the type of person who will bully you into doing the right thing. I'm feeling the Christmas vibes.
Lexysama Art
Lexysama Art преди месец
That move he pulled is now called the "Thankmas Elbow". This is now canon. I will not be accepting any criticism.
Kaylightning преди месец
Moderator from Stumptgamers here! We have been able to raise over 40k so far which has been so incredible! I'm so hecking proud of us and our community has been so amazing 💜
aina zbmf
aina zbmf преди месец
jack being the typical asian parents: showing love and care aggressively
Amelia Driscoll
Amelia Driscoll преди месец
It is super scary how fast time is flying by, its like the universe itself is on crack.
sunstripe85 преди месец
I'm excited for it! I don't have much money to donate this year which I'm really sad about, but I'm going to do my best! And you better believe I'll annoy the shit out of people online that weekend to get them involved
GhostCrow преди месец
Jack's the only person who can threaten us nicely. I'm here for it
Defectum Defectum
Defectum Defectum преди месец
@☆Eiko☆ ignore the bot
Mike преди месец
We Irish are good at that 😂
☆Eiko☆ преди месец
@I EXPOSED THIS GAY BGpostR IN MY PLAYLIST atleast jacks father didnt have a mistake
Lex The Founder
Lex The Founder преди месец
@MGTOW Entrepreneur lmao you’re not funny 😂😂🤩🔥
Technophobian преди месец
Can we agree to just report bots and move on? They'll eventually be removed and it sucks to have old comments that are filled with replies talking about bots. Also, I'll be deleting this comment tomorrow (if I remember) so I don't contribute to the problem.
Lex The Founder
Lex The Founder преди месец
Hey Sean. I’ve been watching you for years! I remember being knee-high and scuttling home from school just to watch your videos, beamng, gta, goat simulator. And i loved every second of it, and still do. As i’m sure you’ve noticed, there’s quite a few bots lurking in the replies of comments with quite saddening content. Obviously, no one wants this to happen, and i just wanna say i’ve been doing my best to report as many of these as i can. Unfortunately i doubt they’ll stop, but it’s still worth a shot. Please, just ignore them, they’re just terrible human beings. Keep smiling, keep making us smile, and keep being you. Thank you.
Andy преди месец
Grande Falcon
Grande Falcon преди месец
good to know thanks for keeping me updated jack!
RabidWry преди месец
Thankmas wasn't even on my mind until I clicked the video. Thanks for reminding me of Thankmas Jack and can't believe it's starting soon man time sure flies.
قناة الرعب The horror
قناة الرعب The horror преди месец
Awesome vedio 👌
Chris Holt
Chris Holt преди месец
Over 60k raised already and the livestream doesn’t even start for another week that’s incredible ! Sean is so generous and inspiring
Parker V
Parker V преди месец
Tammy 💖 𝐹**СК МЕ - СНЕ𝒞𝒦 𝑀𝒴 Р𝑅𝟢𝐹𝐼𝐿Е преди месец
Can we all just appreciate how jack is doing his very best to get everyone involved even smaller creators. We love you jack
Liat Leah
Liat Leah преди месец
We need more people like Sean 💚💚💚
Master Dobby
Master Dobby преди месец
I honestly agree with Nostalgia I’d be game for a live stream regarding this
Caerigna преди месец
I finally saw Free Guy, and I have to say you did an amazing job playing Jacksepticeye! -.^
Dash преди месец
I'm always listening Jack... even when ur sleeping
animesh panda
animesh panda преди месец
Bro what
Defectum Defectum
Defectum Defectum преди месец
Everyone ignore the bot, obviously someone optimized the bot to reply to someone thinking it’s “real” ignore it
Defectum Defectum
Defectum Defectum преди месец
@Mishan (бог спама) 🅥 oh you mean heaven? I know (:
Your Weeb
Your Weeb преди месец
Pardon 😀
XxTripleOK Gaming
XxTripleOK Gaming преди месец
@Baylee Bugg what?
Mostafa Elshorbagy
Mostafa Elshorbagy преди месец
if there is both thankmas and team seas going on at the same time, you cant expect us to donate to both. or at least you cant expect as much support
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