VIRTUAL REALITY MCDONALDS | Job Simulator #1 (HTC Vive Virtual Reality)

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преди 5 години

Welcome to McDonalds, may I take your order please? Do you want virtual fries with Job Simulator?

The Brookhaven Experiment ►

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Outro animation created by Cranbersher:

Outro Song created by "Teknoaxe". It's called "I'm everywhere" and you can listen to it here

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Alyska преди 5 години
Forever dreaming of owning a VR headset.....
TS преди 10 дни
Just slowly save up it ain't that hard if you set aside immediate gratifications and sacrifice things such as entertainment or fast food lmao small money spent adds up quick you'll see
Cory Baxter
Cory Baxter преди 28 дни
Wonder if 5 years later you got a quest 2?
Sythereaper840 преди 28 дни
@Alyska oculus quest 2 is an option
Sythereaper840 преди 28 дни
@Benrob0329 the quest 2 is way less expensive
RandomGinger_lol преди месец
WOW That'sMyName
WOW That'sMyName преди 2 години
"Your child is gonna be allergic to my foot in his ass in a minute" jacksepticeye-2016 Also I am so going to use that
Dragon преди 2 дни
@WOW That'sMyName what about now?
Just_Fluid преди месец
Same XD
Cihloun преди 6 месеца
what a hero
WOW That'sMyName
WOW That'sMyName преди 7 месеца
@The Light Saga sadly no but i long for the day i do
The Light Saga
The Light Saga преди 7 месеца
2 years later.. Did you use it?
Meltnsd преди 3 години
“Shut up, I’m making BACON!” -Jack 2016
krispy преди 29 дни
2016...its 2021 now :0
Jacob Law
Jacob Law преди 5 месеца
Is this you just copying jacksepticeye?
Happy ϟ
Happy ϟ преди 7 месеца
Lmao []_[]
Lmao []_[] преди 9 месеца
@NicK516 Genuine Question How is that gay?
killer queen
killer queen преди 10 месеца
@LegitEcho i think its bacon pancakes bacon bacon pancakes
Enov преди 2 години
Jacksepticeye: Actually makes food Me: Spends an hour making hot sauce and soap soup
FlamingDerp99 преди 10 дни
@Thatoneguy_VR&stuff hi this was two years ago
Commandbaker333 преди 22 дни
@Straw berry yeah like you can slice the cheese instead of putting a fucking wedge of cheese on a sandwich
Gwmisc преди 9 месеца
*i made some soap soup in the bathtub*
PinkToon преди година
Me: Coffee Cup, Soup, and Tea Kettle Soup
OverDrive преди година
@khant aung I just drink the grape juice
FinnGeometry преди година
Who’s just reliving memories...
Bazzongg преди 2 месеца
Emile Van Gheem
Emile Van Gheem преди 2 месеца
Oh god this is from 2016 I feel so old
Ibrahim Aboucham
Ibrahim Aboucham преди 3 месеца
Benjamin Gonzalez
Benjamin Gonzalez преди 6 месеца
Cihloun преди 6 месеца
Allisyn Kain
Allisyn Kain преди 2 години
"Your child's gonna be allergic to my foot in his ass in a minute." I died lol
Allisyn Kain
Allisyn Kain преди 9 месеца
@Mystery_ Current that's alright lol
Mystery_ Current
Mystery_ Current преди 9 месеца
@Allisyn Kain np I’m replying 2 months late lol
Luca Beninato
Luca Beninato преди 9 месеца
Bruh same😭😭🥺😭
Allisyn Kain
Allisyn Kain преди 11 месеца
@Mystery_ Current Aw thanks lol
Mystery_ Current
Mystery_ Current преди 11 месеца
I’ll come to ur funeral
hmm idk
hmm idk преди 10 месеца
Jack: *Trying to hide the fact that he poisoned little Timmy by accident* Me who owns a VR headset (we all pitched in for Christmas so it was our only gift): *Purposefully tries to poison little Timmy because he's so annoying along with everyone there and tries to sabotage everything and poisons the fish by eating random things into the fishtanks in which the fish eat everything and cooks the bugs when you're meant to clean up and ate one and does it all coldheartedly but sneakily so I look decent* My brother: *Just sucks overall at the jobs* My other brother: *does it right* My friend: *is cheery and does the job right* Me: the one thing we have in common is that we all poisoned little Timmy
Technoblade. преди 3 месеца
U wrote an entire sa for the plan of ur story
Icy BUNツ 𝜋
Icy BUNツ 𝜋 преди 4 месеца
HONK HONK AM GOOSE преди 2 години
There was still some of the tomato sauce in the blender when you Blended the Apple that's why he said it has tomatoes in it
Zoran Nešić
Zoran Nešić преди 6 месеца
@Random guy on the Internet no that was a apple
Random guy on the Internet
Random guy on the Internet преди година
Actually no it’s because the apples was tomatoes
Attack droid
Attack droid преди година
HJÖNK HJÖNK преди година
Steph B
Steph B преди 3 години
I'm cooking bacon, I don't need to listen to you any more - Jacksepticeye 2016
UNKNOWNSPAIIDZ преди 5 месеца
Bro stop talking im making bacon
Naza преди 2 години
17:27 (DONE WITH LIFE SIGH) "Your child is gonna be allergic to my foot in his ass in a minute" I laughed really hard!! (tip watch with subtitles)
Donut Kitten
Donut Kitten преди 11 месеца
Always 👍🏻
blitz wolff
blitz wolff преди 29 дни
jack: “i didn’t poison him-“ also jack: missed the fact there was still tomato “sauce” in the blender when he put the apple in
Catboy Cody
Catboy Cody преди 3 години
Jack Only person to ever say sorry to JobBot when throwing something at him
lord tachanka
lord tachanka преди година
Jack's too kind
N преди година
True And I Didn’t Play This Game In A While
Polar Fox
Polar Fox преди година
I threw every order at him
gia :T
gia :T преди 2 години
@i eat burnt potato chips he still said sorry.
Ashleigh Stangeland
Ashleigh Stangeland преди 2 години
In this and the second episodes only though oddly enough
lil_hot_wings преди 3 години
Game logic: *Random robot is allergic to warmth (Possibly meaning the microwave.)* *Said robot gets "food poisoning" after finishing the order.*
ORANGE преди 2 години
Because RaDiAtIoN
Sarah Strouse
Sarah Strouse преди 2 години
yeah game logic is weird
Pastelscorp преди 3 години
Kendall Hirsch It’s because Jack didn’t empty out the tomato sauce from before.
JAVI G. преди 3 години
Is anyone else binge watching all his job simulator vids in 2019?
Geraldo Pison
Geraldo Pison преди 7 месеца
Pluffy преди 10 месеца
@Donut Kitten eyyyy 2021 gang
Donut Kitten
Donut Kitten преди 11 месеца
2021 now!😁
Sweetpurplewingz преди година
Yes and no
zerxi. преди година
2040 here
GoldenWolf преди година
Timmy: is deathly allergic to tamatos Jacksepticeye: puts apple in with leftover tomato
Josiah Papp
Josiah Papp преди 2 години
Nobody: Jack: *smells grape juice in VR*
✨HAHA✨ преди 6 месеца
Whoever makes the subtitles need a raise I watch everything with them and like they get really funny sometimes
JimothyOnTV преди 4 години
“Your childs gonna be allergic to my foot in his ass in a minute” *IM DYING* 🤣🤣😂😂😂😂
JimothyOnTV преди 5 дни
oh god i was one of *these* types of commenters 4 years ago
AheadQuarters преди 6 месеца
@random random
Ana M. Astorga-Harpster
Ana M. Astorga-Harpster преди 2 години
Meli's Dream
Meli's Dream преди 3 години
Omg same!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Mustache Maniac
Mustache Maniac преди 3 години
I kept on replaying it over and over while I'm laughing
Peter Baines
Peter Baines преди 2 години
“I’m up to my eyes in EYES” Jacksepticeye 2016
Gaming Foxy
Gaming Foxy преди 6 месеца
My favorite saying from Jack is " TOP TO THE MORNING TO YE LADDYS!"
Anthony Jimenez
Anthony Jimenez преди година
Jack: yeah I made soup but I’m supposed to serve it in a bowl! Me: is he not concerned about how he cooked it in a pot and came out a metal can?
Anarchy преди година
My favorite part was when he pulled the soup can out and said "da f***?" 🤣
Jes Gardner
Jes Gardner преди 3 години
"I didn't poison that robot child. I swear to god, h-he was like that when he got here..." Everyone has said this once in their life
JustStickFig преди година
Tru tho
GD Plays
GD Plays преди година
-Fluffy Socks was not the imposter
Samantha Magallanes
Samantha Magallanes преди година
I'm from the future
Double That video
Double That video преди година
Not me you didn’t get me
Double That video
Double That video преди година
🍄Envious_inferno🍄 преди 2 месеца
Other BGpostrs playing: HAHA *throws shit at job bot* Jack: "Oh no I spilled it I'm sorry!"
SasparillaGreg -
SasparillaGreg - преди 3 години
“Uh tomato and mushroom” Forgot the tomato *NEVER FORGET THE TOMATO*
Lunaris Asier
Lunaris Asier преди 11 месеца
When Jack said "Final Fantasy" I was kinda shocked he knew the game!
Mthu21 преди 2 години
I like how whoever did the captions made the entire intro in all caps it’s so accurate
Enderman DTM
Enderman DTM преди 3 години
I swear to god jack is hilarious 😂🤣 makes me laugh every time. 😂🤣
kodzukomi преди 2 години
I like how Sean does things properly and the other youtubers do random stuff.
SweetPea преди 2 години
Jack 2016: ding ding Jack 2019: DING DING DING!!!
e m m a
e m m a преди 3 години
*Jack then:* "Where do I put the paper, then? It's all over the place!" *Jack now:* "Fuck off!" *chucks everything at Job Bot.* *throws shit behind him.* *Doesn't give one fuck*
TS преди 10 дни
Can't wait to finally get my Oculus Rift S in not to long wanted some good VR for far to long plus it's a good excuse to get a PC lol
Morgus преди 6 месеца
i love how he did not notice he still had the tomato sauce left in the blender while making apple sauce
Bossaro преди година
this is the first Jacksepticeye video I ever saw.. damn this takes me back.. I love this guy.
Poppy Reed
Poppy Reed преди 3 години
Omg just realised how much I’ve missed this channel 😊✨
BucketMan 52
BucketMan 52 преди 17 дни
Watching jack dance around to the music just made my day
Jaquelin Polanco
Jaquelin Polanco преди 3 години
No matter how many times I replay these videos it never gets old! 😂
JELLYsheesh;-; преди 2 дни
it's been 5 years HE STILL HAVEN'T CLOSE THE DOOR!!!
Isaac преди 3 години
jack: so what are we gonna do now boss he calls him boss even tho jack is boss
Joan Young
Joan Young преди година
Jack 2016: ding ding Jack 2019: DING DING DING!!!
I'm a motherfreaking avocado
I'm a motherfreaking avocado преди 3 месеца
I remember watching this series like three years ago lmao
606_Gacha's Zodiac_Series
606_Gacha's Zodiac_Series преди година
I'm so glad that you're channel popped up! You're bloody hilarious! 😂
Samuel Sharpe
Samuel Sharpe преди 2 години
Oh my god, never laughed like this before... freaking awesome!
Olav Nicander 2021 Jelly time gameplay
Olav Nicander 2021 Jelly time gameplay преди месец
,,Your child is gonna be allergic to my foot in his ass is minute’’ Jacksepticeye-2016 Also I am so going to use that
Gayane b
Gayane b преди 4 години
He's like a hyperactive child, I love it
tiedyepicklepie преди месец
@London Lane sometimes i like to look for old comments like these and wonder how embarrassed the original sender would be if they remembered sending it LMFAOO
It's Ricky
It's Ricky преди 3 години
Izzy Shepard
Izzy Shepard преди 3 години
Gayane b he's not really a kid anymore 😂😂😂😂
London Lane
London Lane преди 3 години
MineBro56 oof my feelings yes it felt like u where attacking me and also oof my feelings I told u to leave me alone but ur not again oof, u didn't read the whole thing.
London Lane
London Lane преди 3 години
Caramel did you read my whole comment??
minecartman010 преди 6 месеца
I remember when Job Simulator was literally the only good vr game out lol
xXAva NekoXx
xXAva NekoXx преди 3 години
I literally die in every one of these 😂 you should make more 😂😂
Sedona Rose
Sedona Rose преди 2 години
Kid-Bot: I can taste tomatoes in here Seán: I DIDN'T DO IT!!! *immediately ends video* Me: 😂😂 nice to run away from problems 😂😂
Bigby Wolf
Bigby Wolf преди година
@Sedona Rose Ok thanks lad
Sedona Rose
Sedona Rose преди година
@Bigby Wolf mate I haven't watched this video in nearly a year so I'm sorry but it's right before his outro
Bigby Wolf
Bigby Wolf преди година
@Sedona Rose I asked what time but like the exact time if it's not too much to ask mate...
Sedona Rose
Sedona Rose преди година
@Bigby Wolf at the end of the video.....
Bigby Wolf
Bigby Wolf преди година
Chris Simmons
Chris Simmons преди 2 години
6:16 Jack (in 2016): Umm... ding ding. Me (in 2019): DING DING DING DING! TOP OF MORNING!
ZeleniaTDQ преди година
Chris Simmons I literally said “Top of mornin!” When he said ‘Ding ding..’ 😅
Neralin преди 3 месеца
I love his energy to be honest!
Abby A 🌼
Abby A 🌼 преди 3 години
Cant stop chuckling when jack takes a swig of the drinks for the customers in front of the manager and the foot critic
Official._.$adboy преди година
It's funny how Jack literally didn't notice the leftover tomato sauce in the blender to make the kids applesauce because he was allergic to tomatoes
Finn Wolfhard
Finn Wolfhard преди 3 години
This is my all-time favorite BGpost channel
urnotdaniel преди 5 години
"He's gonna be allergic to my foot in his ass" made me laugh like an idiot
Chug Jennings
Chug Jennings преди 4 години
no my ass
Oc Creator Ruby
Oc Creator Ruby преди 4 години
Your not the only one
James Murray
James Murray преди 4 години
Daniel Telnev hhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa same
Tessa May
Tessa May преди 4 години
Daniel Telnev Jack has been watching that 70s show...
Inga преди 5 години
yess, same. :S
Speed Feature
Speed Feature преди 3 години
"Your childs gonna be allergic to my foot in his ass in a minute" XD Jacksepticeye-2016 (This moment)
That Elephant
That Elephant преди 2 години
This game is fun. I bought it to try it out and even my little brother said: hey that's the game Jack played, can I try it too?? He had so much fun.
Bunny Flareon
Bunny Flareon преди година
Bot: he’s also allergic to warmth Jack: he’s allergic to warmth? Me: this kid’s allergy’s are some bullsh- weird
Ashton Giertz
Ashton Giertz преди 2 години
16:00 Anger: congratulations, Jacksepticeye, you ruined pizza!
Alissa Schmitz
Alissa Schmitz преди 2 години
Alissa Schmitz
Alissa Schmitz преди 2 години
I am the only person who liked this comment
YaTeaGurl Ye
YaTeaGurl Ye преди 2 години
“My child is allergic to warmth” Him: “F**KING ALLERGIC TO WARMTH?! HES ABOUT TO BE ALLERGIC TO MY TOES IN HIS MOUTH!” i laughed so jard
ThatDudeWithBoobs преди 3 години
Am I the only one who genuinely loves watching just the face cam in these?
Kpop Goblin
Kpop Goblin преди месец
Watching this cuz I played this on Saturday at a gaming place! Had so much fun playing it and makes me wish I could get an oculus :(
Bored in DaHouse
Bored in DaHouse преди година
I LOVE the captions in this video 😂😂 “Groovy disco music plays and JAck dances like a freakin’ boss” 😂😂 “I can feel it! (O.O)”
Nebby преди 5 години
me: Hi welcome to McDonald's how may I fuck up your order?😄
Brae преди 3 години
That right there is him thats the guy his name is Jacksepticeye
Paisley преди 5 години
Omg lol that would totally be jack
Nebby преди 5 години
@***** well that was random lol😂
Nebby преди 5 години
@Harrison Mustapha Really?
Heartslover 369
Heartslover 369 преди 5 години
that's funny cuz its true!
kodzukomi преди 2 години
He does things neater than the other youtubers I have watched. I remember Laurenzside did all bread in her sandwich.😂😂😂😂
JayAye преди 2 години
Jack making the soup: Okay, potato, some tomato, mushroom and carrot! Jack: Never added the tomato. Tomato: ~ Hello Darkness my old friend~
Kiwi Cthulu
Kiwi Cthulu преди 2 години
Love how he just yeets the cactus at the job guy
Kaden James
Kaden James преди 3 години
Jack you are the most funniest and entertaining guy ever your the best keep it up
Jaded and Empty
Jaded and Empty преди 5 години
:'D Jack is so friggin adorable!
Cherie Woodward
Cherie Woodward преди 4 години
jack when you served the soup you served the order up paper with it lol
Juliana Garcia
Juliana Garcia преди 4 години
When is he not adorable tho
Trish Jackson
Trish Jackson преди 5 години
So true!😍
Zephyr Ruhan
Zephyr Ruhan преди 5 години
remember sigeret simulator I was playing it recently and found it FRICKEN RAGE QUITING and so I wanted jack to play it again for good time sake
Anabella F
Anabella F преди 5 години
Ikr! :3
Kitty Kitty
Kitty Kitty преди година
Who else loves how energetic jack is? Btw I luv you guys, have an awesome day (night, evening, afternoon, morning, lunch or whatever! Lol)
Joshi Avila
Joshi Avila преди година
At 17:27 I laughed so hard that I almost woke up my parents
Lie On
Lie On преди 2 години
all your videos are funny!! and the job simulator is fun gaming Jacksepticeye 2019 XD Jack
Robot Ed
Robot Ed преди 3 години
Only if McDonald's workers were this excited about the workplace😂
[REMOVED] преди година
watching this while in VR. Science has really come far
Grace Marie
Grace Marie преди 3 години
"YoUr ChIlD iS gOnNa Be AlErGiC tO mY fOoT uP hIs AsS iN a MiNuTe" best thing ever said
3D FLYX преди 2 години
I laughed so much during this
TheFathfulFox преди година
Just played this today, it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooo fun!!
Popper преди 5 години
Jack be like: What do i put in the soup? Mushrooms and carrots Pewds be like: Ehm FLOWERS AND CACTI IN THE SOUP
Sarah Strouse
Sarah Strouse преди 2 години
yes pewds be like dat he be like dat
Danidiva21 Lovernotafighter
Danidiva21 Lovernotafighter преди 4 години
Popper lol
Agust d
Agust d преди 5 години
so true
Manaal Asim
Manaal Asim преди 5 години
Mark be like: AHHHH!! CHICKEN!!! TOMATO!!
Andrew Taffinder
Andrew Taffinder преди 5 години
+Brian Barcelona If u r an american then u probably don't understand; Jack was raised in Ireland, a land of drinking, potatoes, potato farmers, drinking, interesting concepts of life, and other things. Jack grew up being fascinated by everything: cars, TV's, planes, drinking, and other things he wasn't used to; due to being raised in the country. When he was older, he discovered Video games, and was fascinated by the idea of interactive entertainment on a TV, and now that we have VR stuff like the Vive and other shit like occulus, and drinking, so Jack is like, 1,000 times more astonished by this kind of stuff. Oh yeah, the Irish drink.
Ariana Stark
Ariana Stark преди 2 години
I just realized that Jack forgot to remove the tomato sauce from the blender lmao
Valerie Trujillo
Valerie Trujillo преди 3 години
8:14 put on english captions When Sean eats the crumpet it says "don't deny it Jack"
A Goose Youtuber
A Goose Youtuber преди година
7:14 "I'm a fuckin regular old dish-o-matic computer-tron human food maker-maker" -Jacksepticeye-2016
Tbone rex
Tbone rex преди година
Jack:sir sir fix the door Me:*dying of laughter*
Tyler Dixon
Tyler Dixon преди 5 години
I would never expect my chef to have green hair, be Irish, or be screaming at me
AngelCake811 преди 4 години
Tyler Dixon what about an Irish McDonald's :)
lili1295ana преди 4 години
Tyler Dixon me neither XD
aiden b
aiden b преди 4 години
Brayden Webb You're dumb too. Do you even know the meaning of racism?
Audrey G
Audrey G преди 4 години
Mr. Senpai lol
Brayden Webb
Brayden Webb преди 4 години
Noelle Ahern he is not racist in fact you are racist for assuming that everybody has had a great best youtuber in the world which you are not and is Irish has green hair and yells at them hilariously
Caligo Vikary
Caligo Vikary преди година
Coming back an watching this made me think of a full fledged cooking game, where you can slice, season, meats like steak have stages of cooked like irl rare through well done ect. You could stew, grill, make pizzas ectect.
Lnr2 преди 8 месеца
Jack: TELL ME HOW TO MAKE IT!! Robot: tells him how to make it Also Jack: SHUT UPPPPPP!
• R1L3Y •
• R1L3Y • преди 2 години
Does anyone realiz there was still tomato sauce in the blender when he put the apple in to make the special pizza for Timmy bot 🤣
Emmerson Holt
Emmerson Holt преди 2 години
Cheers to the subtitle captains. It makes this all the more better for me :D
Idk At This Point
Idk At This Point преди 3 години
This would make a perfect episode of Kitchen Nightmares. Lol.
Lycan Ender
Lycan Ender преди 2 години
Agreed 😂
Rancid преди 2 години
5:16 That Music, combined with Sean dancing is AWESOME!
TheOnlyJhay преди година
I can’t imagine what playing this in 2050 is gonna be like
Totally Real Name
Totally Real Name преди 4 месеца
TIL Jack has a weird obsession with mushrooms, man put it in literally everything
Neam преди година
It's crazy to think about it's been 4 years ever since I've found Jack's BGpost
Mister Dippers
Mister Dippers преди 5 години
I cannot be the only one watching this and thinking this can be really REALLY helpful for people with mental difficulties and a fun way to educate children of all ages to practice in a work space.
Danidiva21 Lovernotafighter
Danidiva21 Lovernotafighter преди 4 години
Potato I agree
Danidiva21 Lovernotafighter
Danidiva21 Lovernotafighter преди 4 години
T The Omega you're not the only one
UndeadAlcane преди 5 години
+T The Omega It sounds like a good idea but it's going to be complicated to work around with. How can you tell what the student is doing? Also, the steps in this video is not really accurate especially the chef one.
Potato преди 5 години
It'd be a wise investment for schools.
Gamejitzu преди 5 години
That may work, but kids could screw around and not really do anything. I don't think the teacher can see what *every* person's doing.
LazyDragon преди 3 години
Jack: I swear I didn’t poison that child he was like that when he got here *suddenly ends the video*
invisible brandy
invisible brandy преди година
I legit go to some of those videos when I'm really sad and they always make me feel better
Extensial преди година
I remember when Sean got his high five intro sound from a vase shop in jazz punk
brian crowell
brian crowell преди месец
jacks energy is unmatched
MartyCon преди 5 години
I can actually watch this all day
MartyCon преди 5 години
There was that spam comment on here. I marked him as spam which is why you can't see the comment anymore
Ryan Poe
Ryan Poe преди 5 години
+Awesomekiddj shut your dumb ass up theres no .
AwesomeGuyDj преди 5 години
+jacksepticeуe . faker you have a period in your name and you arent verified
chloe hayek
chloe hayek преди 5 години
Spiritdon преди 5 години
+MartyCon Productions Ikr
itsparody преди 2 години
This is my first time watching you and you are hilarious I'm going to subscribe to you 😂
LightYT преди 2 години
Seán: **dances** Me In 2019: ...Hmmmm Human Music... I like it!
Laura преди 8 месеца
There was still some of the tomato juice in the blender when Jack put the apple in there. Didn't notice it until I rewatched that scene like three times because I never heard Timmy say that when I played the game.
Robert Dao-Asen
Robert Dao-Asen преди година
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I Spent 37,094 Years Making Humanity Regret Existing - WorldBox
Let's Game It Out
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100 Hours In Hardcore Minecraft: Episode 2 - UPGRADES