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преди 6 години

Henry Stickman is BACK!! In the brand new Fleeing The Complex!

Escaping The Prison ►

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Outro animation created by Cranbersher:

Outro Song created by "Teknoaxe". It's called "I'm everywhere" and you can listen to it here

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Banjoisawesome 2019
Banjoisawesome 2019 преди година
Jack, the new Henry Stickmin game is out!
Azatllo9028 преди 6 дни
Only took it the creator 5 years
Galaxy_World преди 6 месеца
Yeah he did a video on it
snoopie 3181
snoopie 3181 преди 7 месеца
Speed is key !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jamie Samouelian
Jamie Samouelian преди 8 месеца
Fuck you
Gamerbeast468 преди 10 месеца
He already played it
William Munson
William Munson преди година
I can’t stop laughing over the change in his facial expression right as Charles flew his helicopter into the wall at 20:04
Isntabelle преди 7 месеца
Whos? Stens or henrys
Nerdy_Rae преди 11 месеца
20:07 what would you guys say if you saw that coming at you
Brinegamers Productions Media
Brinegamers Productions Media преди година
Eric Jap
Eric Jap преди година
Really funny , imagine charles destroy his own helicopter to the wall
Kiro Kuro
Kiro Kuro преди година
I want to like the comment, but then that would ruin the 666 likes. Hmm... Whelp, liked it anyways!
Not So Holy Crusader
Not So Holy Crusader преди година
20:03 Charles: I got the perfect plan. This is the greatest plaaaaa- Jack: Freaking dies from laughter
Zeng Ling
Zeng Ling преди 2 месеца
@clay lowery r/ihadastroke
Adrιαn R.
Adrιαn R. преди 6 месеца
The best thing is the transition of his facial expressions... He goes from complete confidence to fear to endless laughter...
Sephiroth преди 9 месеца
My work here is done.
DYEmondMiner преди година
Мирјана Адамовић
Мирјана Адамовић преди година
Theheheis is a greahehehtest plahahahahn oh god
Major _Bomber187
Major _Bomber187 преди година
25:28 The dude in the green hat, his name in the new Henry Stickman series is Jack S'tickeye
PotatoChipGamer преди 5 месеца
Too bad he didn't even fully play the game
Corinne Nessel
Corinne Nessel преди 11 месеца
Omg it is!
Richmond J. Colita
Richmond J. Colita преди година
Jack stickeye
Null преди година
I saw that
Hecker преди година
Sean SEPTIC EYE Lemming
BradDoesBanter преди 6 години
30 straight minutes of content. HYPE
AbnormallyAnimated преди 5 месеца
Void Dolphin
Void Dolphin преди 7 месеца
am i late to say he prob cut some of it
Lisa W
Lisa W преди 9 месеца
Blayze McDonagh
Blayze McDonagh преди година
@braddoesbanter omg this is not you ahahaha
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki преди година
wow bet u forgot commenting this
Shan Ming
Shan Ming преди година
29:09 always will be funniest in stickman series 🤣🤣🤣
gSHRooMZ преди година
29:10 TF2 Servers before the round starts in a nutshell.
Bulka преди 5 месеца
After I bought Taunt
Ruby преди година
And a meme was born
Reru! преди година
I got distracted
Alqhemy преди година
GamingAndStuff преди година
Haha get distracted
Studio core
Studio core преди година
Kid: look at the giraffes! The giraffes are cool! The giraffes: Jacksepticeye’s WebCam at 23:10
William Lashenik
William Lashenik преди година
Quarantine in Henry Stickmin Games: “Put all the sick people in one room!” 2020: “Are you sure you want to do that?”
Toma Puck
Toma Puck преди 6 години
I wish I was as awesome as you in real life sean, I would have so many friends ;D BTW am I in heaven? 30 MINUTE VIDEO FROM SEAN! Much love from cold sweden :)
Khánh Hoàng Nguyễn
Khánh Hoàng Nguyễn преди 2 месеца
i still wish to be as cool as Sean
Om Ghuge •12 years ago
Om Ghuge •12 years ago преди 5 месеца
Oh hey y'all boomers from 5yrs ago
Max Cabbage
Max Cabbage преди 6 години
+Toma Puck yay sweden cold power! sadly i got a cold yesterday...
angeI преди 6 години
It's cold in America haha
Lowqei преди 6 години
You don't know Sweden right now..... It's -10 two o'clock. Im dying for +20 D:
TheFadingMelody преди година
27:00 “Is that me!?!” I really can’t confirm either way, Jackaboy.
Ellithejoker преди 5 дни
@Zap the Demon It's strange that he just left it there instead of moving it
Zap the Demon
Zap the Demon преди 7 месеца
I believe they’re referring to the fact that his face-cam covers the character’s face to the point where you can’t see any of it.
Maia Mirabilis
Maia Mirabilis преди 8 месеца
The dude at the gate is a Lemmings reference.
AkaGeki преди година
There’s two. The one fleeing from his cell at one point after Henry and Ellie freed everyone, he has his iconic hat, mustache and beard, his name based on his Jacksepticeye persona. Then there’s the Green haired one whose name is based on Sean, Jackaboy’s real name. Yes, you can find their names should you hunt down their Bios by right clicking them in the Remastered Steam version.
陳浩南【霸主】 преди година
20:05 will always be my favourite part in this game
Blackop Comics
Blackop Comics преди година
Jack: this is the best henry stickmin game so far! Me: COMPLETING THE MISSION IS OUT Edit: Actually wait, maybe he’s making that video now
hassan преди година
@Blackop Comics yep
Blackop Comics
Blackop Comics преди година
He Skipped TOO MANY Fails
hassan преди година
@Lmemon godfrfsd bruh 😂😂😂😂 Hell yeah
Lmemon godfrfsd
Lmemon godfrfsd преди година
Video is out now :)
Blackop Comics
Blackop Comics преди година
Aether преди 3 месеца
I just like how Jack just goes full Irishmen and just screams “FOOKIN HELL!” at 4:06
ZombieFace76 преди 2 години
20:03 anyone else notice how fast jack's expression changes it was hilarious
The_Last_Kaiser преди 27 дни
AnimeBard162 преди година
same at 4:39
EX- LachLAN преди година
Just A Random Tiger
Just A Random Tiger преди година
Went from happy to shocked to confusion to laughter lol
Quincy преди година
CodEdstar25 ShoTz
CodEdstar25 ShoTz преди 5 месеца
“The best laid plans of mice and men, often go awry.” - Robert Burns
Faiq Dani
Faiq Dani преди 4 месеца
One of my favorite to watch Jack's old videos.
Andy Costanzo
Andy Costanzo преди 9 дни
Did you think none of the crew wouldn’t notice an unscheduled departure one of my favorite fail messages in fleeing the complex!😂🤣🥰
rjthewolf05 преди година
I love how jack immediately starts dancing when the distract music came on!
mathybrain8 преди година
With the release of Complete the Mission, we can confirm that the green-haired gentleman ushering prisoners off the cliff is named Sean S. E. Lemming. And the guy in the newsboy cap who runs by at 25:28 is Jack S'tickeye.
Ava преди 5 месеца
“Eat Me!” Cookie: Alice in Wonderland reference. Jack: “I’m sure there’s a TON of references that I won’t get.”
Connor B.
Connor B. преди 19 дни
I love how the “Is that me?” Is covered by his own face lol
Disregardian преди година
“you’re not the same ellie as the last of us” aged surprisingly well
Austria-Hungary преди 11 месеца
Charles: “I got the perfect plan” “THIS IS THE GREATEST PLAAAAAAA-“
Hesham Al Omary
Hesham Al Omary преди година
This was the first time I had ever heard of Henry Stickmin, so watching this and seeing it could be played on Flash excited me... I had a goddamn blast escaping The Wall, so much so that I decided to go back and play the previous other henry stickmin games. Even though I think Completing the Mission is an objectively better game, Fleeing the Complex will always hold a place in my heart since it was the first. Jack, Thank You for introducing me to such an amazing series.
Meme Aidan
Meme Aidan преди година
“The old woopie cushion in the hand trick” *ITS ALWAYS FUNNY*
Justin Kinnan
Justin Kinnan преди година
Four years later, this is still good.
ellie преди 2 години
for those who aren't keeping up with the dev on Newgrounds, Marcus is completely remastering all of the games in the series, the sixth game is gonna be called Completing the Mission, Charles and Ellie along with "other characters" are confirmed to be returning, it'll be 3x larger than FtC, it's 50% complete (as of the time this comment was written) and he hopes to have it out by summer 2020 he also wants to have it released on steam so it's gonna cost money but it's gonna be worth it imo *update: Marcus just uploaded the trailer for the Henry Stickmin Collection on youtube and put up a steam page for it too! go and wishlist it*
EmiloidDoesn't преди година
BrokenFry преди година
I know
EX- LachLAN преди година
I am so happy that I get to see Henry stickman HD. And Charles slamming into the wall :D
seth gaming
seth gaming преди година
seth gaming
seth gaming преди година
ellie not every game on steam costs money
fisher1908 преди 4 месеца
Slingshot: This seems like a good place to keep a medal click here for a medal Jack: i’m not clicking nothing Medal: I promise it’s going to be the easy medal
KeyWolfGamer преди година
29:10 is still my favorite part of the whole video
William Maselino
William Maselino преди 23 дни
29:50 Am I the only one who thinks the instant replay is a competitor for best clip of the time
Norescresa преди година
Damn I can’t believe it’s already been 4 years since this video, the time is flyin...
Mom Spaghetti
Mom Spaghetti преди 2 години
3:23 anyone else want this as a ringtone?
Johnny Tricks
Johnny Tricks преди година
20:04 is awsome
auzazael преди година
it is done
xV3xify преди година
lord furret
lord furret преди година
No 29:54
Wendy Miller
Wendy Miller преди година
I can't believe LOL
Rocco The Rayquaza
Rocco The Rayquaza преди година
Can’t wait for Jack to play the new one
Ethan Davidson
Ethan Davidson преди година
did anybody notice that in the sneaky ending ghost inmate they thought that Smith was seeing his family, and in the toppat clan in infiltrating the airship, on the earpiece path, you can disguise yourself and they think your an agent Smith who’s wife is in labor, and there’s an undercover agent in the toppat ending the betrayed who can break you out in fleeing the complex. So that’s interesting. And I bet that’s agent Smith
Fabian Rocha
Fabian Rocha преди година
In the Cafeteria when that guy recognizes Henry you can get his Bio and sadly its not Smith his name is actually Wallace Pemberton BUT if you look closely you'll see that there is one guy in the Cafeteria who has fallen asleep and if you get his Bio it says: Gordon Smith Having a newborn at home causes him to lose a lot of sleep. He's been falling asleep at work a lot lately.
Kaempfdog преди година
He unfortunately missed that failure if I recall correctly.
Zyk0th преди година
The continuity in these games are amazing.
Mizfit975 преди година
Ah yes... “Breaking yer Arse” my favorite of the Henry Stickman games!
salty lemon
salty lemon преди 3 дни
2022 can't get enough of this man
TheBeast94 YT
TheBeast94 YT преди 2 години
20:02 “I got the perfect plan.” “This is the greatest plaaaaaaaa-“ Jack: **MENTAL BREAKDOWN**
Aashik Raj
Aashik Raj преди година
@Jessica Stein ikr
brittini spurlock
brittini spurlock преди година
@TheBeast94 YT my favorite part ever dude LOL 😹😆😂🤣
Solo Wing Pixy
Solo Wing Pixy преди година
Something u can do on gta heist
Abbey Giles
Abbey Giles преди година
Lol 😂
King Emerald
King Emerald преди 8 месеца
The Henry stickman games are hidden gems When it comes to flash games
T1 Productions
T1 Productions преди 9 месеца
“Top of the mornin’ to ya laddies!” - Jacksepticeye
BowserFan4Life Gaming
BowserFan4Life Gaming преди 4 месеца
The “Eat Me” cookie is a reference to Alice in Wonderland. When she eats one, something happens to her, like getting giant.
NotTheShadow преди година
The way Jack reacted to the soundtrack is me first time playing the game 😵
TerminatorGundam300 преди 2 години
If Jackseptceye kept watching "Presumed Dead" ending, he would've seen a reference to "Papers Please"
NightmareFredbear ZeGeek
NightmareFredbear ZeGeek преди година
@wilburwasright yea i see that now
wilburwasright преди година
@NightmareFredbear ZeGeek nah, in castle crashers, the sandwiches make you super buff
Birchy преди година
NightmareFredbear ZeGeek same
NightmareFredbear ZeGeek
NightmareFredbear ZeGeek преди година
@hotdogpogfish i thought the sandwich reference was from tf2 with heavy and SandVich
hotdogpogfish преди година
and if he played castle crashers, he would get the sandwich reference
MooseBoy1492 преди година
Jack knows everything in these games
Maybella Lyn
Maybella Lyn преди година
9:30 this is why we need warnings on airbags that say "not for use over edge if cliff."
Jpr0ductionz преди 9 месеца
To this day, the fact he missed the papers please part of the "Presumed Dead" ending is saddening.
Toodles преди 10 месеца
Ahhh when Jack actually played games
Dr Jay
Dr Jay преди 2 години
“Bet you thought that was just a spear” Wukanda forever
Rashvin Dharsha Nath Joshua
Rashvin Dharsha Nath Joshua преди година
MooseBoy1492 преди година
And you thought that was just a spear hahahahaha
Linkle преди година
@Julz Taylor Then it will be the noblest ending in history.
Laura Salgado
Laura Salgado преди година
@Jeanetta Weightman ok
Laura Salgado
Laura Salgado преди година
@TheFortunate Gamer ok?._.
Finn Manusia
Finn Manusia преди година
Can we compare how Jack/Sean reaction from this video with Completing The Mission? Yeah, you can feel the differences between both of the videos from a single person. Yup, I came back here just because if someone discusses about his Completing The Mission gameplay.
B100D M00N
B100D M00N преди 9 месеца
It’s funny how the first ending he got was “The Betrayed” 😂😂😂
Justin Shot
Justin Shot преди 4 месеца
Ever since Jack said “What’s up red” I keep saying “Red” in a deep voice
VoidTheGamerWolf преди месец
Rewatching this, I now realize that Flash at 17:40 is a reference to League! Hence why Henry couldn't do it all the time, it's a pretty long cool down.
liana nichols
liana nichols преди 2 години
23:25 out of all games i cant believe they put a *castle crashers* reference in here. _i love it_
Savva Vasiliou
Savva Vasiliou преди година
I luv castle crashers I've played it all my life and got alot of high lvls
It’s Chris
It’s Chris преди година
Castle crashers was made by the newgrounds creators. This game is on newgrounds. That explains it
Itz Flamez
Itz Flamez преди година
Me too lol
Seth Rix-Wright
Seth Rix-Wright преди година
also a super smash bro's reference at 26:21
Engineer gaming
Engineer gaming преди година
Aphy. преди година
I remember watching this when it came out, god I miss old jack.
Honza Ostřanský
Honza Ostřanský преди година
asphyxiation. Same, people change
Kyle Campbell
Kyle Campbell преди година
Once Jack is finished wih his well earned break he should do Complete the Mission
McJesus преди година
Jack should come back in August when the full collection PLUS a new game is released on Steam
Frocco преди година
2:43 That hits diffrently in 2020.
Roost преди 2 години
12:47 I slowed it down, and he literally breaks in half. That’s brutal.
It’s Chris
It’s Chris преди година
Yellowbross Productions even worse than being ripped in half
AshTwob Z
AshTwob Z преди година
Tap 12:47 and turn the speed to the most less
Skragzy преди година
*Woah... there slow down bud...*
Hello_ There157
Hello_ There157 преди година
Big oof
Snipe преди година
Well that's what a lemon feels when cut by a knife
Xyneium R
Xyneium R преди година
29:09 For any of you who came back for the distraction dance
Gideon Budd
Gideon Budd преди година
17:55 Charles: this is the greatest plan Henry and guard: oh sh*t take cover he's going to smash the wall
Guadalupe Guzman
Guadalupe Guzman преди година
I just love it that I went back to see his old videos he was part of my childhood
Arif azfar Syarazi
Arif azfar Syarazi преди година
9:08 game : but this is - jacksepticeye : WARP STAR! best line ever!
Nooby fier
Nooby fier преди 2 години
11:33 Accurately what happened at the area 51 raid
Red Black Hearts
Red Black Hearts преди година
@SJ Gekht That's what I thought.
LegoSpider Games
LegoSpider Games преди година
Henry is the one to raid area 51
Creeper time 22
Creeper time 22 преди година
I’m watching this just to hear “this is the greatest plan” in 2020 quarantine
Dog Sauce
Dog Sauce преди година
every henry stick men episode.....jack grows more and more beard
BoneZ преди 5 месеца
we all knew as a kid 29:55 was the most epic part of the game
StaticK0up преди година
I remember watching this the day it came out. man time flies
ZaveeXIXterteen преди 6 години
My three Favourite fail scenes: #3 Distract #2 Undercover agent #1 Charles
CreeperYT9824 преди година
My favourite #1 distract #2 mlg #3 charles
Meme Aidan
Meme Aidan преди година
Mine: 3. Cookie 2. Distract 1. *charles*
velvaet e
velvaet e преди 3 години
MY three favorites: 5: magnet 4: undercover agent 3: 360° noscope 2: distract 1: charls
velvaet e
velvaet e преди 3 години
Daniel Walstow
Daniel Walstow преди 3 години
My 3 favourites: 1. 360 Noscope 2.Distract 3.Speed Shoes
Alexander the Wolf
Alexander the Wolf преди година
That part with the mini helicopter to pull that guard off the ledge reminds me of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves when you have to defend the Cooper hanger from enemies and to protect Murray from enemy forces while he brings the Cooper van back to the hideout. I don't know if anyone still plays Sly Cooper today.
Juanfranchu Luna
Juanfranchu Luna преди година
Now i want him to play "completing the mission"
Milagros Cuevas
Milagros Cuevas преди година
It’s 5 years later, and still Jacks song is catchy
Eli Cradic
Eli Cradic преди година
Jacksepticeye:top of the morning Me watching at 3 am:am I a joke to you?
mj344_ преди 5 години
List of references: Cookie - Alice in Wonderland "Get to the Airship!" - Predator Slingshot - Angry Birds Speed Shoes - Sonic Acrobatics - Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Web Throw - Spiderman Tool Gun - Source Engine Item - Mario Kart Boxer - Mike Tyson's Punch Out Karlov - Fire Emblem Sandwich - Castle Crashers Bail Fail Screen - Just Cause Warp Star - Kirby Leaving Ellie Behind - Telltale Games What The Guards are talking about - Heartstone Longshot - Legend of Zelda Spring - Sonic Power Jump - Mario Box - Metal Gear Solid Leaf - Mario Rocket - Kerbal Space Program Flash - League of Legends Music in the Earthbend - The 7th Guest Death of Henry in Earthbend - GTA 5 Bubble Shield - Halo 3 Tank - Advanced Wars Building - Five Nights at Freddy's Isaac - The Binding of Isaac Bounce Bros. Super Mario Bros. The Force - Star Wars Adrenaline - Left 4 Dead The KNEE - F-Zero Truck - Markiplier Guy in Green Hair - Lemmings Pickpocket - Skyrim Sniper Rifle + Crossbow = MLG!!!!!!!!!!!! Blend in - L.A. Noire
Alolan преди година
@Gasper Ostir he went back to early :(
Nathaniel Banghart
Nathaniel Banghart преди 5 години
You forgot the protoss warp from StarCraft II
mj344_ преди 5 години
Failed Abortion
Failed Abortion преди 5 години
Leaving a like for the time and effort
Sam Martineau-Thérien
Sam Martineau-Thérien преди 5 години
I once listed all I found on NewGrounds, I found like 30. Those are the ones I am sure. Updated list: UNROLL TO YOUR PERIL (Pretty long) Previous games: Like ALL of them! NewGrounds Zelda (Orcarina of Time and Wind waker) Kerbel Space Program Just Cause Alice in Wonderland Papers, Please League of legends Gran Theft Auto Half Life Avatar last Earthbender Skyrim Fallout Sonic Super Mario bros. and kart Metal Gear Solid Star Wars The Walking Dead game MLG Super Smash Brawl Dragon Ball Z Spiderman Garry's Mod Mario Kart Punch-Out Five Nights at Freddy's Kirby StarCraft
DR Omega Kevin
DR Omega Kevin преди година
Dont mind me, im here waiting for him to come back to play Complete the mission-
Nile Thompson
Nile Thompson преди година
7:32 I just realized the guy in the background is going "OOOOOH".
Zeke III De La Fuente
Zeke III De La Fuente преди година
Mike Tysons punch out love it
Roberto Mezzina
Roberto Mezzina преди година
This fail is a punch out reference
Nyall battle 66
Nyall battle 66 преди година
Fun fact: Jack played this game a day after its release
Neil Martinez
Neil Martinez преди година
Who else wants to see him play the henry stickmin collection?
Mcnugs bitch
Mcnugs bitch преди година
Neil Martinez well lucky for us he’s ended his break, hopefully he ends up playing it
Neil Martinez
Neil Martinez преди година
@BobOddish I know. Hope he gets to try it out!
BobOddish преди година
He is on a break from youtube
realash преди 4 години
Options Jack Chose Updated 1:31 Wait For Transfer 1:53 Teleporter 2:16 Cookie 2:36 Fake Illness 3:02 Laser Plane 3:22 Toppat Clan 4:04 Drill Pod 4:17 Slingshot 4:30 Sick Ride 4:57 *Rank: The Betrayed* 5:19 Play Dead 5:49 Charge Tackle 5:56 Speed Shoes 6:09 Acrobatics 6:21 Web Throw 6:31 Tool Gun 6:53 Item 7:29 (Boxer) 7:40 (Sword) 8:01 Truck 8:15 (Out of Time) 8:23 Shoot 8:34 Bail 8:53 Slam 9:10 Warp Star 9:32 Airbag 9:57 Surrender 10:28 (Out of Time) 10:43 *Rank: Presumed Dead* 10:56 Boost Up 11:16 (Left) 11:33 Sprint 11:58 Whoopee Cushion 12:32 Power Jump 12:44 Bungee 12:55 Button 13:14 Balloon 13:32 Balance 13:41 Plunger Boots 13:52 Helium 14:17 Box 14:34 Shadozer 15:04 Leaf 15:15 Rocket 15:44 S.S Annie 16:03 Dinghy 16:15 *Rank: Ghost Inmate* 16:46 Sonic Pulse 17:02 Government 17:41 Flash 18:08 Snipe 18:28 Mini Helicopter 18:52 (Tank) 19:02 *Rank: International Rescue Operative* 19:24 Earthbend 19:47 Bubble Shield 20:02 Charles 20:31 (Jump Off) 20:47 (Pick Up) 20:57 (Gun) 21:08 Undercover Agent 21:25 Neurotoxin 21:43 Magnet 22:02 Acrobatics 22:17 (Out of Time) 22:28 Speed Shoes 22:49 (Tank) 23:01 (Room) 23:26 Sandwich 23:45 Costume 24:01 (Ladder) 24:22 Tall Guy 24:39 Synchronized Takedown 24:54 Judo Throw 25:00 GraviToR v2.0 25:13 The Force 25:38 Grenade + Crossbow 25:47 Sniper Rifle + Taser 26:02 Toss 26:21 The KNEE 26:33 Make a Face 26:45 (Truck) 27:00 (Edge) 27:18 (Motorbike) 27:38 *Rank: Convict Allies* 27:53 Command Melody 28:15 : Pickpocket 28:36 Longshot 28:57 Spring 29:10 Distract 29:28 Bounce Bros 29:38 Grenade + Taser 29:48 Sniper Rifle + Crossbow 30:22 Blend In 30:43 Pass By 30:58 Adrenaline 31:16 Hide 31:42 (Out of Time) Secrets: MY RAINY BOBCAT
Roberto Mezzina
Roberto Mezzina преди година
7:29 Punch out reference (Soda Popinki fight)
INeeDAName!!!! Still
INeeDAName!!!! Still преди 3 години
Holy cow boy how many times did u watch??!
Paige Mulligan
Paige Mulligan преди 3 години
Mckalcium Fahrenheit
Mckalcium Fahrenheit преди 3 години
Time...? Anyone....? Help...
BubberDucky 64
BubberDucky 64 преди 3 години
Crossiant Studios Props you have a lot of time in your hands.
YaboyUlrich преди година
Please jack, play the new henry stickmin game its really fun!!!
TheWolfspirit22 преди година
Jack! There's a new Henry Stickman game out! You gotta play!
Bob shmyder
Bob shmyder преди година
29:10 roses are red violets are blue I Came here for this And so did you
lindsey ig
lindsey ig преди година
I came to watch the whole video so, no I didnt come here for that
William Hernandez
William Hernandez преди година
I didn’t
Fabian Rocha
Fabian Rocha преди година
Actually I came here for 27:00
KingGoji 953
KingGoji 953 преди 7 месеца
29:11 - 29:24 this is perfect lol
CallMeMobile преди 5 месеца
The slapstick comedy in this is hilarious
Oh Shit
Oh Shit преди година
The cookie was from Alice And Wonderland. Eat me "Up" or drink me "Down"
TY Bowry
TY Bowry преди година
@Kristoffer - it's fine and you are welcome
Kristoffer -
Kristoffer - преди година
TY Bowry Oh, alright! Thanks for clarifying👍 I guess it would have been vierd if it was in the game and not the book and movie on wich the game is based on. Yeah i didn’t think about that, sorry! 😄
TY Bowry
TY Bowry преди година
@Kristoffer - it was and the book
Kristoffer -
Kristoffer - преди година
I recognize that from the game ’Alice: Madness Returns’! But, was that also a thing in the old Disney movie? I don’t remember.
Anthony Myers
Anthony Myers преди година
*Click here to get a medal* Jack: I ain’t pressing nothing! Moves on
Anthony преди година
Erica Miszewski
Erica Miszewski преди 3 години
Jack: “I distracted everybody my dance moves were to great.” Game: “ I Jus...What?
Simerzz yt
Simerzz yt преди година
20:02 Me when we need to find a way out of a murder garage...
Camila Porphirio
Camila Porphirio преди година
29:55 this is my best part🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Speak Freedom
Speak Freedom преди година
Jacksepticeye: Charles I cose you charles: I got the greatest plan this is the greatest Plaaaaaan Jacksepticeye: CHARLES
DoughBlox преди година
i wish they make an uncharted 4 looking henry stickmin game, after the completing the mission game.
Father and Son Games
Father and Son Games преди година
“Hay buddy” and “WHAT THE?!-*boom*” Henry Stickmin’s only confirmed lines
Optic Power
Optic Power преди 9 месеца
He also said “wait” in completing the mission Wait
Ventra Purity
Ventra Purity преди 9 месеца
Lol, in CorrupTick path on Completing the Mission, he actually took Ellie's line of "Let's head up to the-"
Passeruper преди 10 месеца
No one Horses “hay where?”
PDAF-14 The Second
PDAF-14 The Second преди 10 месеца
Stickmin! PAWNCH! Thats another one.
manny solis
manny solis преди 10 месеца
Your gay
Seth Ostrowski
Seth Ostrowski преди година
It’s been so long and I’m still sad Jack missed the Paper’s Please reference
P00tMann преди година
Yo jack, there’s a remastered version of all the Henry Games. Check ‘em out! P.S. Flash is about to be gone around December 2020...
Declan Obradovic
Declan Obradovic преди година
17:28 Just smashes into the side. 20:08 This is the greatest PLAAAAAAN!
Faith Tan XiEn
Faith Tan XiEn преди година
25:36Guard: Ow. Uh-oh, NEVER!!!!!!!!!! DX *TO BE CONTINUED*
Crazy Dragon
Crazy Dragon преди година
Every time I see the betrayal ending I get chills, don’t know why
Ho Mina
Ho Mina преди година
They have followed the style of animes. The protagonist gets betrayed, then the protagonist survived and seek revenge. Followed by 3 hours of fighting scenes.
Crazy Dragon
Crazy Dragon преди година
PhilDoesStuff oh how I already have
HenryDoesStuff преди година
And I bet ya gonna get even more chills with the latest game xD
trm7 преди месец
no way this was 6 years ago. where did the time go? Feels just like yesterday
D. LGND преди година
10:10 lol he was so much funnier back then
theinfinityscout преди година
Can't wait for Jack to come back so he can play Completing the Mission!
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