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Stuck in an unknown place all alone...

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BonafideCatLover преди 13 дни
Jack's decisions in these horror games has clearly dictated him as "That one guy who dies first in horror movies"
Oud • 13 years ago
Oud • 13 years ago преди 4 дни
He’s a content creator, he’s been doing it for years
pey преди 4 дни
CRF FilmZ преди 4 дни
Sammy Wills
Sammy Wills преди 5 дни
@Angel TT if jack did that, he would have decided that that's how that game should have ended.
Freelancer837 преди 5 дни
@BBQ Bunger Yeah, didn't understand how he was defending doing that with the first one lmaoi
Nobody Someone
Nobody Someone преди 6 дни
Jack: “no one ever gets through a bridge like this cleanly” Pewdiepie: “I can confirm”
Kenju преди 14 часа
ultimate comment
TrentSing преди 20 часа
@Munky I see what you did. You did that on purpose to play people up and it worked cause people in general are easy to manipulate. Not bad.
Louis Minnabarriet
Louis Minnabarriet преди ден
😂😂 gold
Direct-Prime преди ден
angora преди ден
@Munky he called someone a nigger
YourAverageJoeShmoe преди 5 дни
Everyone's commenting on how scary this game is, meanwhile there's me realising he just shoplifted a bag of dog food
e преди 2 дни
@Fatimaahmed Abudaker he lifted the shop up obviously 🙄 /j
Fitro Praaidinza Muhammad
Fitro Praaidinza Muhammad преди 3 дни
@Fatimaahmed Abudaker He stole stuff from a shop, obviously
Gemix преди 3 дни
@Fatimaahmed Abudaker well really he just grabbed it and walked out
Fatimaahmed Abudaker
Fatimaahmed Abudaker преди 3 дни
Wait what.. wym by shoplifting can u explain
Sana's gay cells
Sana's gay cells преди 8 дни
For my lads out there that has pretty bad anxiety, these are the timestamps for the massive jumpscares: 23:21 36:36 41:03 Now enjoy the video!
Sophie May
Sophie May преди 5 часа
thank you so much
Sarah Harmer
Sarah Harmer преди 10 часа
this is a culture i miss from horror games. this is made 2013/2014 energy for me. i used to search for these every time
Sana's gay cells
Sana's gay cells преди 23 часа
@Jian Weixian omg ur right
Amblerrone преди ден
Hold your breath around the creepier scenes. It can help.
Jian Weixian
Jian Weixian преди ден
Thank you. The jumpscare happend after 17 seconds from the 2nd timestamp, you are no help.
Suna преди ден
Can we just appreciate how Jack reversed his camera when he got drugged and everything in the game was backwards. The dedication
bendonladden преди 12 дни
It's interesting how this game subverts your expectations, like how the guy who gives you a ride seems like he will be a killer, but he's actually probably the best guy in the story
FPC преди 7 часа
I’m only gonna watch home alone and Norwood hitchhike cause I don’t want it to be a spoiler for me.
Jack преди 2 дни
He seemed creepy but turned out to be pretty genuine
Craig_tucker преди 2 дни
@Mr.Squidward Squidward!?
bendonladden преди 2 дни
@GojiraBH facts
Kermit on bullseye
Kermit on bullseye преди 3 дни
@bendonladden it's a bot
Khalifa Binhendi
Khalifa Binhendi преди 2 дни
Jacksepticeye: "I have a feeling I am not gonna make it back." Does Jack realize that this story was submitted by someone based on what that someone experienced?
ThatBigBear преди 9 дни
I personally like to see endings where the protagonist actually survives, it is less cheesy and you feel the accomplishment of escaping terrifying situations, rather than just playing a game, and knowing you're going to die at the end. Nowadays we have way too many horror games with the same formula, where the protagonist can't escape.. Not only that, jump scares became overrated. I am glad that these games are doing it differently. I felt uncomfortable by simply watching the character going through these unsettling situations, the ambiance is phenomenal, and hey, you're not stuck with an ending you literally have to trigger your own death, because the game wants you to do it. I am terrified of situations like these, it triggers my anxiety and makes me uneasy. Had to go through things like that by myself, during an airplane trip of mine that failed.. Please y'all, no matter how good you are "at life", company is more fun, and it brings comfort. I had nobody.
freeze_y0ur_brain 🧠🥤
freeze_y0ur_brain 🧠🥤 преди 7 дни
im so sorry about that
Rikhard Petur
Rikhard Petur преди 7 дни
Damn sorry about that
CoffeeCake преди 8 дни
This is EXACTLY why I’m scared to go out and do things like this, being a young female. But I always love watching Sean play games, very entertaining. Keep at it, Sean!
Chaos Incarnate
Chaos Incarnate преди 5 дни
@NexustheNormie That's a really sweet sentiment, although *you* should also carry around a gun. Both of you should go to self-defense classes together, too. World is a scary place.
NexustheNormie преди 6 дни
this is why when I get the money and shiz and have the ability to do so, I'm giving my gf a gun, and telling her to shoot to kill if someone tries something on her, people can say "that's bad" stuff like that, but bruh, it's her or them,
Tristin Ramirez
Tristin Ramirez преди 7 дни
same same same!
J. K.
J. K. преди 3 дни
It’s sad to think that she may have been sexually assaulted when she was drugged especially if they were already in her room hiding in the closet. Who knows what they did to her while she was out and then he mentioned she was making “goofy” noises….
stormy wolf howls
stormy wolf howls преди 6 часа
@Danielle Collins people want to think happy
Danielle Collins
Danielle Collins преди 13 часа
Why is no one else pointing this out?
stormy wolf howls
stormy wolf howls преди 2 дни
FlameyBoy преди 13 дни
In this episode of fears to fathom: Jack texts and drives, forgets to get gas after paying for it, and once again opens a door that definitely kills him
njinlover 2
njinlover 2 преди 3 дни
He also shoplifted some dog food
Overdrived exotia
Overdrived exotia преди 9 дни
@Syborg505 💀
Syborg505 преди 9 дни
I don't think the main character was killed, but probably sexually harassed or kidnapped for sex trafficking.
Fyre преди 10 дни
@Overdrived exotia When you find the real people, I have a suggestion on what to do... Have you ever played hotline miami? Well, don't do whats in the video. Slap them hard in the face with a fish.
Overdrived exotia
Overdrived exotia преди 12 дни
@Tanner Sims yeah
Lauren Kruse
Lauren Kruse преди ден
Jack: Texting and driving is bad! Don't do it Also Jack: *Proceeds to read texts while driving*
Zeref Rose
Zeref Rose преди 2 дни
I just want to give the girl who wrote this story a hug edit: I also want to add that this girl made sooo many wrong moves and is lucky to be alive there were so many death flags
Kat Marshmallow
Kat Marshmallow преди 8 дни
I thought the first one was worse until that moment where he said “pretty lady”. Literally made me feel sick. The kind of situation I feel like I’ve played out in my head a million times over
Monkey Princess
Monkey Princess преди 6 дни
it was all creepy and unsettling but hearing the whole "pretty lady" and someone asking for help when they could have gone to the front desk just made me physically nauseous and like throwing up, it made me feel sick and not just scared but enraged, a type of scared enraged.
toga simp
toga simp преди 3 дни
This by itself is extremely horrific, but it’s worse when the main characters name is your own. 😢
LordBloodySoul преди 12 дни
Fun how he makes the very choices that are practically the worst choices to make. Like opening the door after he saw someone just walk past it.
Uh Oh Stinky
Uh Oh Stinky преди 3 дни
@Jakub Włusek He voiced the security guard at the mall.
Jakub Włusek
Jakub Włusek преди 5 дни
@Im an idiot Didn't he voice a character that died first in Murder House?
YT do something about the bots
YT do something about the bots преди 7 дни
@slasher fox 😂 I love Jack, it adds to his character hahaha
slasher fox
slasher fox преди 10 дни
@LordBloodySoul yeah I agree
LordBloodySoul преди 11 дни
He should play the other one again and see the real ending, though :3
Francesca Greetham
Francesca Greetham преди ден
“What am I supposed to sleep on? Good intentions?” Ah that gave me a good laugh
Fateh Ruzman
Fateh Ruzman преди 7 дни
I love how the person at gas station tell Jack everything he need to know. Something that pretty rare for scary game.
Kitora Sohma
Kitora Sohma преди 7 дни
See, the scary thing is that the log thing absolutely does happen. People block the road and then attack you when you try to unblock it. They rob you like it’s the 1800s, which is why it’s important to travel with others when you go long distances.
Ariane Kelly
Ariane Kelly преди 17 часа
@aregulargamer exactly.
aregulargamer преди ден
@Ariane Kelly Yeah, the best way to win a fight is not to get in a fight.
Ariane Kelly
Ariane Kelly преди 2 дни
@aregulargamer why not both?
aregulargamer преди 2 дни
@Ariane Kelly Or own a gun.
Ariane Kelly
Ariane Kelly преди 2 дни
Or stick to well traveled and populated areas.
Jackie Drucker
Jackie Drucker преди 2 дни
jack, there are a handful of games that you've played that have given me enough anxiety to make me extremely nauseous. outlast was a scary game when it first came out and gave me lots of anxiety but this one...i had to lie down just bc the possibility of this happening to me (and knowing that it has happened to other people) makes me sick to my stomach. and I just wanted to say thank you for your commentary, genuinely. there are a plethora of comments of "not all men are bad" or people saying that women get too worried or overthink dangerous situations. but stories like these prove that these outcomes can be so real and traumatic for people. the mere fact that you genuinely comprehend a woman or a person's fear of this happening is so much more appreciative than you know.
Jack Joestar
Jack Joestar преди 13 дни
Please continue this series, I love it because it’s story that could have really happened. And that’s horrific
Jeremiah Soley
Jeremiah Soley преди 3 дни
@Brandon Hey True i just mean it continues to happen just unreported.
Brandon Hey
Brandon Hey преди 5 дни
these things did happen tho. to the peeps who submitted their stories to be made into games
Ghostranger_45 преди 10 дни
@DrakeoHD keep dreaming bud
Jeremiah Soley
Jeremiah Soley преди 13 дни
@Appl E Too right sad reality.
Jeremiah Soley
Jeremiah Soley преди 13 дни
@iiJason124 That's what I meant this type of stuff happens it's just reality
ThorDeFrance преди 4 дни
Jack's range of American accents is an honest treat.
VulcAnimateHD преди 4 дни
Jack: "Every bridge i see like this in a game never ends well, noone ever gets through a bridge like this cleanly" *Walking Dead flashbacks*
nachoyacho преди 6 дни
this story fills me with anxiety not only as a woman but as someone who knows someone whos getting ready to travel on her own to move to where i am and its terrifying knowing that its something that could possibly happen to her since she is someone i care for
njinlover 2
njinlover 2 преди 3 дни
It's really interesting to me that this game is based off of really stories, where real people are the villain. No ghosts or demons, just awful people.
risk преди 13 дни
Definitely a fear of mine has to be "Not being alone when you think you are." Because you're probably in a place that has a sense of security to you, but just something else there intruding on that. Definitely one of the reasons I hated the dark for a shit ton of years because I want to be sure no one is watching me sleep
promontorium преди 4 дни
Flag shit accounts as spam
Audie or Daisy M.
Audie or Daisy M. преди 6 дни
Yeah, like I'm not scared OF the dark. I'm more scared of what's IN the dark.
Ellie Bell
Ellie Bell преди 8 дни
You explained it perfectly
Medic Gaming
Medic Gaming преди 11 дни
@Iheartblock37 oh no, there is 1 bot in the comments. we gonna die
Medic Gaming
Medic Gaming преди 11 дни
@Corrupted Rain no fucking clue
UnderCode преди 4 дни
Fun fact: this game is very changeable. Every little action you do can change some dialogue and events. Like if you pay for fuel but don't put some in and leave it would say as you leave the station "I didn't put the gas in the car" And the reason you would breakdown would be because of no fuel instead of a tree. Cool little details like that are so awsome in horror games.
Ish преди 2 дни
"Don't piss in anyone's corn flakes" Me: eating corn flakes for breakfast
Amani Ali
Amani Ali преди 2 дни
It was cool how they set up anxiety with the monster story, making you think something creepy and supernatural might happen. It makes every aspect of the game scary and makes you wary of everyone, cautious at every corner. And the fact that all the NPCs were men... Just so well made, I'm impressed.
some random guy with a keyboard
some random guy with a keyboard преди 7 дни
Big respect to jack for saying how he likes the ending he got over the "true" ending. Really wish fears of fathom would have more games or inspire more games like this being based off true events. Can't wait for next episode
julianna преди 10 дни
Other people have said it many times, but realistic horror stories are so much scarier than supernatural ones. The idea of getting drugged in an isolated place is WAY more horrifying than a ghost hitchhiker.
Martine Mallyon
Martine Mallyon преди 3 дни
oh yeah I literally just commented this on the other video. Like for me that scene in IT 2 when the 2 guys are beat up is far more scary than pennywise himself. Rape, murder, drugging and especially stalking for me are way scarier than supernatural things.
JayTheKid16 Boii
JayTheKid16 Boii преди 3 дни
I agree. The guy put the drugged coffee machine right beside his door so it'd be easy to just grab her and do whatever he wanted to her. It's crazy how deep the story truly goes. The guy has a coffee machine that is drugged and brings it in and out of his room for unsuspecting victims. That's just absolutely terrifying... 🥶
Suomalainen преди 5 дни
Yeah that is why i hate ghost stories and paranormal scary stories. Yes they would be scary if that happened to me, but still I don't believe ghosts. Also real life stories can be real and that makes it scary u. It could happen to u.
Presley Hanzlik
Presley Hanzlik преди 5 дни
I hope he plays the next three games.
govnor elven
govnor elven преди 6 дни
It goes both ways, supernatural horror and realistic horror can be tear-inducing if done right. Those two concepts strike totally different brands of terror, putting it like "Ghost hitchhiker" isn't nearly as intimidating as let's say being visited "by an entity that completely and utterly breaksdown everything you know to be normal" it's all in the execution.
Becca (๑•﹏•)
Becca (๑•﹏•) преди 6 дни
I love realism horror. SUCH A GOOD GAME! Love it when he's being quiet in the closet and mouthing us to shut up and not say anything 😂
Milky Man
Milky Man преди 9 дни
Jack: I don’t feel safe anywhere Also jack: *opens the door to a stranger*
Firestar4041 преди 7 дни
I worry for this mans judgment sometimes
Enhanced Lemons
Enhanced Lemons преди 9 дни
"no one ever gets through a bridge like this cleanly" *flashes back to pewdiepie on the bridge in pubg*
Qufox преди 8 дни
We don’t speak of this version of Pewds
DippedChoc преди 8 дни
Oh no
niduoe stre
niduoe stre преди 4 дни
I love realism horror. SUCH A GOOD GAME! Love it when he's being quiet in the closet and mouthing us to shut up and not say anything 😂
Winter преди 13 дни
Now _this_ is horror done right. Almost no jumpscares, but terrifying nonetheless. Also, I personally preferred this episode over the first one because this one has a lot more variables and unknowns, meaning that you never know where the next scare will be coming from. In the first episode, it’s just a guy breaking into your house, and that’s it.
Winter преди ден
@Marcus Grant It’s not necessarily that they’ve fallen out of favor; it’s just that they’re used much more conservatively these days (making them more meaningful when they _do_ occur).
Marcus Grant
Marcus Grant преди ден
Really love that jumpscares have fallen out of favor in horror
Mari S
Mari S преди 5 дни
@Winter i punched my laptop when he opened that door haha. i don't usually jump that easy
FeltyTurtle преди 6 дни
i mean, its still scary
Jacob Fraser
Jacob Fraser преди 8 дни
@Winter just call manager chad
The Breakfast Menu
The Breakfast Menu преди 3 дни
I once drove 18 hours. And it wasn't even half way across the US. It's nuts to me that Ireland can be traversed that quickly
Hex_Wreckage преди 13 часа
Sean: I don't know how anyone can drive for 12 hours. Me, who has driven 23 hours straight from Chicago to Orlando: Ehh, it's not that bad. XD
Sarah Harmer
Sarah Harmer преди 10 часа
you know jack is scared when he's saying no to coffee...
Joseph Padla ジョセフ パドラ
Joseph Padla ジョセフ パドラ преди ден
His reaction when he noticed that the mic was being picked up while hiding in the closet was so good.
Elytra Logical
Elytra Logical преди 13 дни
really glad Jack touched on how it may hit certain audiences differently as it's from a female's perspective (trust me, a lot of women fear for their lives every time they leave the house because shit like this happens)
Dogeinator Smith
Dogeinator Smith преди 2 дни
@chattyholly16 Oh my god, I'm so sorry bro, have a good day lmao 😅
Dan Neil Fabian
Dan Neil Fabian преди 3 дни
@NotXSco What the actual fuck is this comment. One time my sister arrived home crying because she got mugged and horribly harassed by men, but sure as hell my first thought wouldn't be "I can get mugged too!" Wtf is wrong with you. As much as you don't want to believe it, women actually are always told to take care of themselves especially at night. I lived with my mom and sister, and sure as hell my mom didn't give me parting words the same way she did with my sister. Women always get told "If you can, just stay where you are and don't go home after dark." because it's the sad reality we all live in. The fact that you had to look up statistics to try and prove a completely unrelated point just shows that you're completely out of touch with what's actually happening in the real world, and I feel really sorry for you.
chattyholly16 преди 6 дни
@Dogeinator Smith I think you need to re-read my comment to see who I was actually replying to and what they stated - I fully agree with the original comment that stated this thread (the one jack liked). I’m a woman who has had experiences that many men will have not - that’s not to say it doesn’t happen to them of course but more woman are scared of men than men are of women. In fact, people just need to stop being twats to others full stop, regardless of sex. I just want to live in a world where when a woman gets attacked while out running in daylight, the response isn’t to advise women to walk in groups.!
NexustheNormie преди 6 дни
@Yesn'tNoNo It's why i don't talk to people i don't know, and refuse to drink a drink unless i bought it and literally keep it in hand at all times, and I'm the type of dude who would not hesitate to punch someone in the face if i felt threatened, as I do not trust people at alll, especially considering the environment i grew up in, lots of shady people in my neighborhood.
NexustheNormie преди 6 дни
@Gregory In America some parts of the country are hellholes, with very shady people, there's a REASON the 2nd amendment exists, you'd be disturbed to hear how many stories I've heard of people being followed home, shit like that, it's a yikes
Rider King
Rider King преди 5 дни
This game is so interesting and having it be real events makes it just that much scarier. Can’t wait for the next one!
Cheembs преди 4 дни
"no one ever gets through a bridge like this cleanly" me with a recurring nightmare of driving off a bridge that goes over a river/ocean: yep...
Angela преди 3 дни
There was a time I drove from Missouri to Michigan, over 10hr drive, when my Mom had cancer. Traveling that long way, at night, tired, really messes with your mind. I once got off the highway to rest/eat and while waiting at the light at the off ramp, the guy behind me got out and knocked at my window - scared the Jeebus out of me! My whole body was shaking, I cracked my window a hair - he just wanted to tell me my back tire had a bulge and might blow - I continued to the high pop gas station/restaurant & had it fixed the next day. He did me a favor but at the time I nearly had a heart attack.
Wonton преди 3 дни
Oddly enough I love how old timey this game is, like the graphics sucks but I love it so much. Also the first episode had me screaming LOL
Savage преди 13 дни
I’m CONVINCED this man will open the door to anyone in any situation. Both episodes first thing he does is swing the door open without any knowledge of anything.
Paranormal Virginia
Paranormal Virginia преди 5 дни
Jack would be the absolute first to die in a horror movie. He'd open the door for the killer and offer him some of his black Irish coffee.
G преди 7 дни
@ProfessorNova123 lol but in this game you're supposed to survive an encounter not progress a linear story
ProfessorNova123 преди 7 дни
It's a horror game. You gotta open doors to progress tf?
Ari Charriere
Ari Charriere преди 9 дни
well to be fair his instincts for horror games are probably different than irl situations. most horror games _want_ you to do the "dumb thing" to progress the story or activate the scare and not doing so just drags things out or puts everything at a standstill so he's probably pretty used to charging forward with reckless abandon being the thing he's supposed to do, lol
Daniel Kun
Daniel Kun преди 10 дни
@Ryan DeFazio The devs probably made the game scarier and exaggerated it a bit. Also, I think that in both stories the people walking up the stairs and the guy in the bathroom were both hallucinations seeing that they 1. Had a messed-up sleep schedule. 2. Probably been up for like 10 hours (driving to the convention the time spent at and the drive from the convention) and had been told scary stories which most of the times make you be more scared and imagine things
lmaniac58 преди 9 дни
"This is why you don't text and drive!" Also Jack, "continues to read said text messages and then proceeds to get hit by a car." Ah, Jack, never change :P But, seriously, this game is freaky af, even if the stories are just really good made-up stories, they are freaky.
Mackenzie Reed
Mackenzie Reed преди 8 дни
Crazy how reality can be so terrifying… This episode was so genuinely scary… I fear this so much…
Bad -People
Bad -People преди 4 дни
"I hear whispers in my head!" Sean, those are called 'thoughts.'
Gianna	 🥂T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With 𝐌𝐞
Gianna 🥂T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With 𝐌𝐞 преди 5 дни
Jack's decisions in these horror games has clearly dictated him as "That one guy who dies first in horror movies"
StealerofHearts преди 13 дни
Sean: "That blows my mind you can drive 12 hours across America" *Everyone in Texas collectively laughs as you haven't even left the state yet*
NexustheNormie преди 6 дни
@Sandy G Lol yep, like Jack should try driving from Trenton New Jersey, to Tampa Florida, takes literally 3 DAYS
Melinda Ainsworth
Melinda Ainsworth преди 8 дни
Adding my collected Texas laugh
Natalie Howard
Natalie Howard преди 9 дни
I laughed out loud at this for real 😂 just the other day I drove 3 hours just to visit a friend for the weekend, that’s just a casual drive honestly
KempuraChicken преди 11 дни
When I went to Dragon Con, I left from Dallas and went through Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama and somehow spent an equal amount of time in each in state.
Zach Collins
Zach Collins преди 12 дни
@Scrimmage Oh I didn't mind it. The scenery was amazing. Though driving through the Yukon was a drag. It picked back up around Edmonton. I miss the snow and the mountains. These states down here are too flat.
jisung’s guitar
jisung’s guitar преди 5 дни
i love the interactiveness of the microphone when you’re in the closet. it makes the experience feel real. super scary for me btw. lol i love hide and seek but it low key gives me anxiety attacks
Katelyn Frazier
Katelyn Frazier преди 8 дни
This was great. I’d love to see more episodes or even alternative endings to the ones already played
Konniptionz преди 2 дни
" No one gets through a bridge like this cleanly. " My brain: " What a fucking n- "
Robi Jakus
Robi Jakus преди 7 дни
the scariest for me is definitely the thought of someone hiding in my house when i return home and i just dun know bout it and go to sleep or just something like that that can catch you completely by surprise cuz u have absolutely zero control over it
Hắc Diệt Đế Vương
Hắc Diệt Đế Vương преди 13 дни
For those who might've missed it, this is the full explaination of this story : - The white van you saw at the gas station has been following you from the very begining, you can see it drove past you at the start and most likely they noticed us and followed us to the gas station. We can see it later on too ( i forgot when that was ) - The guy(s) ? In the white van messed with our main character car battery while we were in the store, causing it to flickering and eventually shut down. - The guy in the RED car was also the bad guy. You first saw him when u leave the gas station, he was driving right infront of u. As soon as he saw our car started malfuctioning, he zoomed off knowing that we can't catch up with him. And then afterwards he stopped to set up those 2 logs that were blocking the road ( Most pp won't noticed it but it was the only car that was driving infront of us, after that car drove off suddenly there're 2 big fk logs on the road. If he wasn't the guy setting it up then how the hell did he get through it ? ) - You can see the RED car again at the motel, it parked right infront of room 4, the room that sits right next to the drugged coffe machine. Again confirming that he's involed in all of this - When you led Joe to the coffe machine, you can noticed 2 things : the trunk of the red car's open, probably preparing to stuff us in. And the guy sneak out of our room ( already seen in the video ) - You can spot him creeping outside the window at certain time, one time he's just standing there, the other time is when he took pictures of us ( flashing light from a camera ) and when he knocked the door asking to let him in ( he'll noticed you looking at him shortly after ) -After being drugged he snuck into your closet and stayed there til you leave the room trying to look for the coffe machine - You can't find the White Van at the Motel, only the red car, so I'm pretty sure that there're more than 1 person involed in this. They specifically lured you into that motel ( i don't know why don't they just snap at out mc when she got out of the car to moved the logs ) but my theory is that they're a bunch of creeps/human trafficing groups or drug dealers. - Edit : turns out you can actually spot the white van at the Motel place. All you have to do was follow the guy that snuck out of our room when we were with Joe, he'll led you to a place behind the motel where you can see the white van parked there behind the fence, cool and creepy detail. - There're no super natural things like that guy in the store said, all those people went missing because they were either kidnapped, or killed by those guys i was talking about earlier. - Jason and Joe knew what was going on, they just dont say it out loud. Jason warned you about those "things" which obviously referring to those bad guys, he even knew that they were the reason why her car broke down. - Joe warned you not to wake up other customers, my theory is : That motel were the bad guys lair used for drugs/ human trafficing/.. etc, he's warning us not to caused too much attention. He knew what was going on and was trying to protect us ( Telling us there's medicine we can take and later beat the hell out of that creepy guy ) - But at the same time Joe don't want any troubles so he insisted not calling the cops despite of what happened ( the gangs that was oprerating there will most likely hurt him if he might've done that ). => In conclusion, the area where our mc traveled through is a shitty place with high crimes rate. (Drugs, human trafficing, ... ) the locals there knew about it but they couln't do anything beside telling people who drive through here to be careful, maybe hitchhiking was also a method used by them to bait people. P/s : i've always wonder where the hell did the coffe machine goes after we drank from it, but i'm gonna assumed the white van might have come and pick it up, or it was moved into that guy room. ( it was true that the white van came and pick it up, you can see it parked behind one of the buildings ) - P/s 2 : There're 2 possibilities =One : that creepy guy(s) ? Belongs to a very shady criminal organization that held responsible for various missing cases of people. =Two : He's a serial killers that works alone or with his partner(s) ? Because he cant be driving the white van and the red car and be in 2 places at the same time. I think it's unlikely that this theory is true. + Either way, our mc just walked away from some very fuked up shit that we can't even imagine, all the things we saw here's just the surface.
Ohio1803 преди 7 дни
@Hắc Diệt Đế Vương yeah I guess
Hắc Diệt Đế Vương
Hắc Diệt Đế Vương преди 9 дни
@Ohio1803 maybe things like this was very common in that area ;) creepy right ?
Ohio1803 преди 9 дни
I find it weird a motel is offering road side services
Ritu N
Ritu N преди 9 дни
Underrated comment.
Lycan Ferret
Lycan Ferret преди 11 дни
@Hắc Diệt Đế Vương I thought the same thing - she was assaulted after falling asleep, but when she didn't comment on anything I let it go.
Sally Kilby
Sally Kilby преди 4 дни
This was great , in each scene you're wondering who to trust, is something bad going to happen at that moment. It's amazing how your imagination goes . Love seeing your reactions to this game , can't wait to see more. 👍😀
Coffee преди 7 часа
At 27:00 watching jacks face go from smile to horrified gets me every time
racing Legend
racing Legend преди 8 дни
Jack has great horror reflexes Also Jack "let's open the door for the random strangers that clearly are friendly and just looking nicely"
Nobility преди 3 часа
The best part of the game in my opinion was the fact that when he hid in the closet it was picking up his mic
Andrew Darling
Andrew Darling преди 13 дни
This series: a compilation of Jack consistently doing what he’s not supposed to do
filaaa !!
filaaa !! преди 10 дни
@Angry_Old_ _Man_Gamer because south Africa civil war and Africa being taken over by China and poverty sure is great.
Angry_Old_ _Man_Gamer
Angry_Old_ _Man_Gamer преди 12 дни
@Family guy full episodes racism isnt funny and africa isnt as bad as people think it is
hansuri преди 12 дни
@Family guy full episodes wtf
Baseball_VR преди 12 дни
@Family guy full episodes wtf
FateAl преди 12 дни
A series of Jack you know what happened last time when you opened the door please stop trying to open the door
Shine Snake
Shine Snake преди 3 дни
I think the fact that this is a real story makes it seven times creepier. Imagine being the person, submitting that, and then dying as themselves. I would crap myself honestly-
Qwertmaster33 преди 5 дни
As a small anecdote, I drove for five hours to see Jack's How Did We Get Here show in Kansas City, then five hours back. Driving that long is hell, but the show was very good. All in all, I consider it a perfectly neutral experience.
Blazingcbolt преди 8 дни
I love watching these videos, they're very interesting and it's fun to see the reactions of someone else, to the game. But it probably doesn't help the paranoia, lmao. Genuinely walk around my house at night with my phone's flashlight on, checking corners and sometimes saying stuff out loud just in case there actually is ever someone there.
VickyV преди 3 дни
i literally felt like i was in that closet , like i was genuinely scared to breathe wtf, this is so much worse than any supernatural horror game
ITSMECROSBY преди 13 дни
I absolutely love these games, they're more tension horror than jumpscares. And that makes them so much more terrifying.
An Avid Comment Reader
An Avid Comment Reader преди 10 дни
@SC [High Quality Videos] just like ur mom was screaming after I showed her a good time last night
DrakeoHD преди 12 дни
@Winter I’ve been talking to team BGpost on twitter about finding a stop to this for about 3 months now
DrakeoHD преди 12 дни
@Winter The best way to report these bots is to find the real channel that most the hate bots impersonate and report them for impersonating. Ones currently impersonating me
Winter преди 13 дни
And as usual, BGpost does absolutely nothing about the bots despite everyone reporting them. Seriously, f*** BGpost.
CosmicWitch преди 13 дни
@ITSMECROSBY hell yeah!!!
Kazookie преди 5 дни
The home break in one felt terrifying since I used to live in a bad neighborhood and was constantly scared of a break in, even now when I live in a cushy suburbia I'm still paranoid about it. I just hope my sister never has to go through something like this
MissKpopJunkie преди 6 дни
I think both of these games really hit it home so far. I loved the mic turning on! A little fear cherry on top.
Martine Mallyon
Martine Mallyon преди 3 дни
A real woman went through this. These things happen even though they're so hard to believe. As a young female, this was absolutely terrifying. Not all men for sure but it really is all women.
Terrathaw преди 19 часа
@oi mate men actually get assaulted more than women 🥺 it's like 90% men and 10% women. But the woke media doesn't want u to know this
oi mate
oi mate преди ден
Be careful of the "wHaT aBoUt mEn YoUr inVaLiDatIng tHeiR eXpErIeNcES"
Jumpye преди ден
what about men they go through the same thing
Terrathaw преди ден
Be careful. You'll summon the "what about men they go through the same thing" weirdos in the replies
Foxy- 101
Foxy- 101 преди 3 дни
They do a really good job on this game tho. I feel like I'm watching a horror movie XD.
Dash преди 13 дни
I love all of Jacks little voices he does. He could honestly be a good voice actor
The BlastEffect4
The BlastEffect4 преди 11 дни
hey i like this guy i wonder if he has a youtube channel
wolf stone
wolf stone преди 11 дни
He voice acted 08n in a movie I think
•.𝙾𝚛𝚒.•.𝙺𝚘𝚛𝚒.• преди 11 дни
He actually does some voice acting for games :)
spencer laker
spencer laker преди 11 дни
death to weebs
death to weebs преди 12 дни
how much did you pay for your channel
StarPlays преди 6 дни
i can never live alone because i am afraid of someone being there with me im also scared of something IN the dark i hate my window because i have nothing to cover it i dont think ive had the sense of safeness in my house when i moved in theres a tree that faces the backdoor and i always feel like someone is watching me from the tree i hate that tree i hate the fact the backdoor is close to the stairs that lead to my room i feel a bit safer knowing that if anyone tried to get through my window (it has a roof under it) my parents will know but it still scares me
Eethable преди 5 дни
I absolutely love this game- cant get enough of it. Whoops, he crashed.
Sevi Voigt
Sevi Voigt преди 4 дни
He’s got to do another one. These videos are so cool.
Hoodie Pen
Hoodie Pen преди 7 дни
The microphone mechanic is really good, something that hasn’t been done commonly with horror games nowadays
Dallas Searing
Dallas Searing преди 13 дни
The first episode scared the donkey right out of me when he opened the door I'm excited for this one keep it coming jack I like me a good scare
DrakeoHD преди 9 дни
@scruffy pugs that’s not what it’s doing. They’re BGpost Hate Bots Pretending to be smaller BGpost Creators to give the actual creator a bad rep. They have no sub count or videos uploaded just a playlist with the actual creators videos.
Kyle Coyne
Kyle Coyne преди 9 дни
@scruffy pugs true
MonoGacha преди 10 дни
@scruffy pugs *I am a bot and this action was performed automatically intensifies*
scruffy pugs
scruffy pugs преди 10 дни
@Kyle Coyne it's just a bot repeating itself on videoa to get subscribers from haters
scruffy pugs
scruffy pugs преди 10 дни
@The One And Oni exactly someone who understands lol
Get this goober 1k subs?
Get this goober 1k subs? преди 9 дни
I love psychological horror games. They're the best.
Mywither преди 8 дни
God, Sean, when you said it takes like 6 hours to get accross Ireland, I thought of how ridiculously blessed you are. To get from my old place downstate to Vegas, it was a 5-7 hour drive. Just really puts the size into perspective for me
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss преди 3 дни
I saw the logs and instantly knew jack was in trouble. That is a genuine tactic used by criminals to stop a car.
Jaxkayden преди 2 дни
I like how jack made the description scary at first then just plugs his social medias.
Piña Galaxia
Piña Galaxia преди 13 дни
As a woman, this has been the scarier of the games so far. Being kidnapped, harassed, or worse while traveling alone is one of my greatest fears, and I think one that a lot of other women share. It's the sad reality of living in this society.
ThePotatoGod преди 2 дни
@friight_ Bro I don't even know what I said, it's been 2 weeks and I'm not sifting through like 160+ comments to find mind lmao
friight_ преди 3 дни
@ThePotatoGod hate to say it, but that ratio has already been skewed because there’s automatically more men in the world. not only that, but do you live in fear of walking alone at night? do you get afraid when someone walks behind you for more than two blocks? do you get catcalled on the streets? how about verbally harassed? as a man who lives in new york, i am afraid of walking alone at night, however it’s not for the same reason as women are. the argument “it happens to men too” is only brought up in defense to women expressing their experiences. it’s never done in a personal space on its own. if you actually care about mens’ struggles, good, make your own page. set up an awareness feed.
Vpxez преди 6 дни
@Selosa that’s what I’m trying to say
Selosa преди 6 дни
This reply section is so messed up, wtfff. But here is one thing; it does not matter which gender does this thing happen more and which gender is more likely to experience stuff. What we should acknowledge is that this happens to BOTH sexes, no need to compare who is statistically more likely to do this and that. Just know that it is important to be careful and be aware with people you find suspicious - whether they are a male or female. Stop mentioning gender crap, it is not going to help society and yourself, tff. 🤦🏿
Vpxez преди 7 дни
@Ps1 Hagrid the thing is with this dumb argument.. Men are more likely to be attacked. They are also more likely to defend women. Females get the privilege of having these people to defend them against violent crimes
Jordan Behm
Jordan Behm преди ден
“It’s safe here” Also: “the phone doesn’t work” 😂😂😂
Sara glittermepink
Sara glittermepink преди 4 дни
The thought that stuff like this could and does actually happen is way scary
Athithan преди 8 дни
I wish I could see how Jack would survive the first one!
Why преди 20 часа
That Norwood monster thing sounds a lot like a scp that would wait on one road and if you picked them up they would ask you to drop them somewhere, but if you didn’t they would appear in the back of your car and murder you in a horrific way
Zilear989 преди 13 дни
Jack - "the killers are right outside" Also Jack - *immediately opens door*
Jamie07 преди 12 дни
everyone- “why do these characters keep dying in these horror films?! it’s so dumb!” also jack in both episodes- ‘lemme just leave my door open and open the door to random strangers too!’
Ryan DeFazio
Ryan DeFazio преди 13 дни
I think he just wanted to see the jump scare and know what the guy looked like.
Dominic Halsey
Dominic Halsey преди 6 дни
You’ve always been my favorite BGpostr I’ve been a fan since the 1st happy wheels episode and your still posting the best content
Hoppie преди 9 дни
You know the stories are legit when you can submit one yourself.
TylerandMoRoll преди 4 дни
Sean’s southern accent as Tommy is really good. I need that in a video game or something.
Shieldwarden преди 17 часа
"I don't know how anyone could drive for 12 hours" *Laugh-sobs in truck driver*
joe reynolds
joe reynolds преди 13 дни
Sean: 'You're awful people' Car in front: 'He does not deserve our assistance'
Super K9 Letsplays
Super K9 Letsplays преди 12 дни
@Instagram User be quiet the one who had their mom banged and when she said she was pregnant he left
I shid my britches
I shid my britches преди 12 дни
@Instagram User you’re just jealous that he had a dad in the first place.
Emmezali преди 13 дни
I LOVED that bit
Recording_closet преди 13 дни
@Blue 🔥 you deserve to be placed in box and laughed at
gerardwayseyelash преди 13 дни
@Katriona Verity I can't help it
G. преди 5 дни
Ughh I love these types of games, with this low-res aesthetic, kind of, plus it's very detailed, which is amazing. I might get it myself, actually.
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo преди 5 дни
I like how Jack's so worried about getting scared at 13:00 that he completely missed the woman in the dress standing ontop of the bridge
Chrissie L
Chrissie L преди 8 дни
This is why I always lock my door when driving alone at night, and why I make sure I always have plenty of fuel.
NaturalDreamer преди 4 дни
Driving in the middle of the night, especially on the roads you're not familiar with, is terrifying, especially when you don't know what will happen next. Also, thank you for almost giving me a heart attack at 23:27. I had to pause the video and calm myself. I did NOT see that coming. 😭😨 Good job at the end! 👏
Karmen Gardner
Karmen Gardner преди 13 дни
As a woman, this was definitely the scarier episode. The panic of being alone in a place you aren’t familiar with and feeing threatened is way too real. Also, super cool that the game accurately captured the female perspective on this!
Uh Oh Stinky
Uh Oh Stinky преди 3 дни
Also the fact that we don't know which men will harm us or help us.
Ava Marie
Ava Marie преди 7 дни
@pu pu Thank you! I'm glad I did the subject justice. Unfortunately, I'm very familiar with sexual violence, but I'm also very determined to help others understand it so we can work together to end its prevelance.
pu pu
pu pu преди 7 дни
@Ava Marie Damn you articulated everything so well! :) Cool that some of ya’ll have patience to answer to these creeps in the comment section
Pixelatra преди 9 дни
@Pink Panther lol ok I didn't ask
Pink Panther
Pink Panther преди 9 дни
@Pixelatra If your arguments were based on facts rather than your feelings you wouldn't be screaming insults at someone called "MrJaplay" over the internet for pointing out the fact that danger isn't exclusive to women
LunaFox Girl
LunaFox Girl преди 5 дни
This scared me not only as a woman who already deals with anxiety and these fears in particular, but as someone who shares the Character's name D:
Legopikmin Game Dungeon
Legopikmin Game Dungeon преди 8 дни
The realism of having to actually drive while reading the texts and the chance of getting into an accident is pretty awesome, they could have just as easily paused the world but didn't and I love that.
Undead_Shadow преди 8 дни
Jacksepticeye: 12 hour drive looks like torture! my dad when we went on vaca last august: YA THINK?!?!
SpicyNutMeg преди 8 дни
Sean: “12 hours is nuts; I don’t know how anyone could drive for 12 hours. Sounds like torture” *my dad who drives 23 hours straight once a year - 😑
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