SHOW SOME MERCY | Undertale #1

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преди 6 години

Who's ready for some more of my amazing voice acting? Then watch some Undertale yo! IT'S RAD!
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Thumbnail art by Wiihshu:

Outro animation by the amazingly talented James Farr:

Outro Song created by "Teknoaxe". It's called "I'm everywhere" and you can listen to it here

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LexTheAnimator преди година
Jack: forgets to edit out a pee break Viewers: a core memory
Insomnia_Gaming преди месец
eyy I get the jokes now
Blue flame man
Blue flame man преди 2 месеца
True, no longer 69 replies hehe
Jack-O-Ludo преди 2 месеца
Wish all BGpostrs did that tbh
Betty-Jo Crossman
Betty-Jo Crossman преди 2 месеца
@Fallen Human hello
Betty-Jo Crossman
Betty-Jo Crossman преди 2 месеца
Hello let you know I Celso said redwoods but not on this so yeah and let you know I’m at home alone just kidding I am I am a child person I’m gonna be grown-up or a teenager but still I can’t believe I prank you gosh oh comedy gold literally comedy gold
Ultra преди 5 месеца
Sans's voice is actually a small clip of Patrick's voice and the fact that Jack gave him the patrick voice is hilarious
Aero - AHA
Aero - AHA преди ден
it’s actually the sound of radiation just really slowed down tobys username used to be toby radiation fox so it might be a reference to that at least that’s another theory don’t think he would use patricks voice like that idk..
Aero - AHA
Aero - AHA преди ден
it’s actually the sound of radiation just really slowed down tobys username used to be toby radiation fox so it might be a reference to that at least that’s another theory don’t think he would use patricks voice like that idk..
harlowo преди 21 ден
@Shokran Eltaie very close. "maybe it's the way your dressed?"
Shokran Eltaie
Shokran Eltaie преди 22 дни
pretty sure his voice comes from this line: "mabye its what you're dressed in"
harlowo преди месец
“Maybe it’s the way you dressed?” “Ma-“
Rachel преди 4 месеца
Years later, Jack forgetting to edit out his pee break is still funny as hell. xD
Florisaapje666 преди месец
@CreamDelight OOOWWW I was just vibing with the music lmaoooo
margaret pokorski
margaret pokorski преди месец
I would like this comment but it has to keep the two digits 69
Ogre Stoltzfus
Ogre Stoltzfus преди 2 месеца
@CreamDelight truly lmao
TSB преди 3 месеца
@CreamDelight neat secret!
shrem преди 3 месеца
@CreamDelight So a zombie walks in a bar...
Amanda Connelly
Amanda Connelly преди 4 месеца
God I remember being 19, totally lost because I was not expecting to live past 18, and tuning in to watch Jack play this and it being cold and I was cozy hidden away from my problems in my room. Jack's voices made this so much fun to watch and listen to and then as the story progresses the meaning and ideals behind the plot. Watching this again to refresh my memory on the little details between deltarune chapters has made me realize how far I've come in these last six years. Hey, if you happen to be reading this, and my situation sounds similar to yours please know that I am so so proud of you for sticking it out. Every day might still feel like a fight, but show yourself some Mercy
Amanda Connelly
Amanda Connelly преди месец
@MatchaMajesty _Aki And you're just getting started ❤️ Keep it up. Proud of you
MatchaMajesty _Aki
MatchaMajesty _Aki преди месец
Ah, I remember being in grade 7 watching this. I was really sad because my friends from elementary has gone separate ways and I didn't have anyone. Eventually I found a friend, then we watched jack's playthrough together. We've gotten through so much together. Now I can't believe we're both in Gr. 12 about to graduate. Never really thought it get this far.
seu rn
seu rn преди месец
It's my birthday right now and I'm just feeling lost and unmotivated to live. Thank you for this comment lovely stranger.
papyrus преди месец
Laura Menin
Laura Menin преди месец
dudeee i was in a very similar situation back them. i was 17 and very awhere that i probably was gonnna end it soon... jack's videos made me great company those dark days (and other to come) and im very greatfull for that. Im also rewatching some old series and remenisisng in memory and how some way somehow how this awsome stranger filled my days with joy and company and how we grew up togher. It warms my heart to know that you also fond similar confort in them. This fills me with determination.
LazyAn преди 4 месеца
47:05 Toriel's shocked face when she kills him the first time though... This game has so much detail, it's amazing
𖤐𖤐𖤐 преди 24 дни
That’s also Toriel’s worst nightmare too! Cause she was just trying to protect you from Asgore and then she kills you, just like Asgore would have, and now she’s a hypocrite
Warren Rockett
Warren Rockett преди 27 дни
It is genuinely hard to die in that battle
ratty445 преди месец
@David Marques how do you even manage to do that?
Jevil преди месец
@I don’t know …
I don’t know
I don’t know преди месец
@Jevil it took me at least 3 hours to finish it lol
Tgs9 преди 9 месеца
* Watching this video five years later, fills you with DETERMINATION.
Evangeline Edits
Evangeline Edits преди 18 часа
7 years now 😰
beanz36 преди 2 дни
@Leopaold Butters Stotch no
SuctionBucket5 -
SuctionBucket5 - преди 4 дни
HELL yeah
Michael Claffy
Michael Claffy преди 4 дни
This guy's a lot of people's childhood
DmOrSum преди 5 дни
Watching this video six years later, fills you with DETERMINATION.
Stephen Hager
Stephen Hager преди 3 месеца
Jack: theres no actual spoken diolaugue Flowey: Thats a wonderful Idea Metaton: Ohhh yeeahh Edit: I saw you guys mentioned he says oh yeah and not oh my, thanks.
Super Random Bros
Super Random Bros преди 11 дни
no its OH YES
X0KnightMare0X преди месец
@Creedman the Bot it is
ZHV преди месец
@Vrex 123458 "ohhhh yesssss"
Vrex 123458
Vrex 123458 преди месец
It is “ohhh yeah”
Creedman the Bot
Creedman the Bot преди месец
I thought it was "Oooh yesss"
Ghost.Teeth. преди 6 месеца
This gameplay gives me such nostalgia- I still love undertale and just remembering how excited younger me was to see other people did too makes me smile To everyone still in love with this amazing game I wish you an amazing day/night
Super Random Bros
Super Random Bros преди 11 дни
Despite everything, the game is still alive. This brings a smile to my face.
ᴄᴠᴘ1ᴅs ᴅ34ᴅ
ᴄᴠᴘ1ᴅs ᴅ34ᴅ преди 4 месеца
@-𝘓𝘦𝘮𝘰𝘯𝘊𝘢𝘬𝘦- it’s so great to see new fans, welcome! :D
-𝘓𝘦𝘮𝘰𝘯𝘊𝘢𝘬𝘦- преди 6 месеца
I actually started getting into it it's cool so far and I absolutely love it
Arcsin преди 4 месеца
"okay what kind of voice should we give this guy" *becomes the staple papyrus voice *
Erik Akerboom
Erik Akerboom преди 27 дни
@Insomnia_Gaming he didnt guess he made them lmao
Insomnia_Gaming преди месец
Seriously tho how tf did he perfectly guess Sans and Papyrus's voices-
Crescent~☆ преди 4 месеца
I remember watching this when I was 12 years old, loving life. I used to be part of the Undertale fandom and I loved the characters. I watched Jacksepticeye all the time. Then I'd go to school, go to recess and swing the whole time. Every weekend I'd hang out with my best friend and we'd play, talk about Undertale. I miss those days. I'm turning 17 soon, I lost my 16th year to covid. I don't know what I'm doing in life. Life is serious now. I'm matured. I don't know what will make me happy in life and I don't know what decisions to make. It's really hard. I wish I could go back, for just one moment. I didn't have to worry about life and choices. I just had to love what I loved, and that's it. I could just be happy without effort.
J преди 10 дни
This is so relatable. I was 13 back then and watching Jack's Undertale playthrough was such a big influence on me and a cozy adventure. Even afterwards, I'd rewatch it in the months to come. It was such a magical time, coming home from school and not having to worry about anything. Eating chocolate pie my mom made and just getting sucked into the world of excellent music and wacky, yet relatable characters. It definitely affected me, especially how I am nowadays. Looking back at this game today I get the way some of the monsters act, they are like some people I've met and I seem to 'get' how deep this game actually is. I actually got to know a person, the spouse of a dear friend of mine who really enjoyed Undertale and reminded me of it. Now I'm coming back to rewatch it once again. Partly at work when there's free time and the rest at home. I'm turning 20 this year, christ... I miss the simple times for sure. ❤
8: 24 AM
8: 24 AM преди 17 дни
@Discount Satan ah, that sounds awesome :] what kind of games did you play?
Discount Satan
Discount Satan преди 18 дни
Me and my friend would literally sit on a rock or walk around our school talking about undertale and playing a game we made up about it
Erik Akerboom
Erik Akerboom преди 27 дни
Oh lord i turn 19 next year (what am I doing with my life aaa)
Kotaro преди месец
Being an adult isn’t all fun and good times. I learned this one the hard way. Gonna be 30 in a few years and I still miss when things were simpler. Before bills and rent and all that garbage.
hu3cat преди година
Let me rewatch this for the Third time. It's just become a ritual for me to watch Jack make a PERFECT walkthrough every year.
FBI cyber division
FBI cyber division преди 7 дни
Thats not just me
Dorian Termini
Dorian Termini преди 24 дни
Third? Only third?! THIS IS MY 20TH REWATCH!
Gabe преди месец
Third time? Those are rookie numbers. Come back when you're at 10 :D
Crisis Moon
Crisis Moon преди месец
Verified user = free likes
brooke.draws.things преди 2 месеца
time to rewatch
Vivian Ryder
Vivian Ryder преди 6 месеца
It was such a shock seeing the loud, energetic Jacksepticeye versus the more laid back, chill person he's become the past few years. This playthrough brings back all the nostalgia!
Jawly Cooperation
Jawly Cooperation преди 4 месеца
Rewatching the whole series because Deltarune Part 2 is out now. Sean, ya gave me plenty of good memories of this game and I applaud you. Also, is it just me or does undertale feel like if Drawfee put their drawings into a game
Jawly Cooperation
Jawly Cooperation преди 27 дни
@The Flyfly finally a Drawfee reference
The Flyfly
The Flyfly преди 27 дни
Good memories... we all have them. Who needs them?
Z C преди 3 месеца
Man I just finished going through all both routes in both parts (I didn't play part 1 when it first came out) and man it's soooo good I can't get my mind off it so I came back to watch jacks undertale again to fill that hole
Deltexterity преди 3 месеца
so many memories!
StarryUni преди 4 месеца
same! i have to wait a couple days to play it so yknow gotta prepare
Daegan Stoltzfus
Daegan Stoltzfus преди 6 месеца
I just realized that flowey says his “plan isn’t regicide,” which is the act of killing a king. Flowey kills asgore in both the pacifist and genocide route. That’s great writing right there
voltaire !
voltaire ! преди 6 дни
flowey calling frisk "my little monarch" then saying his plan isn't regicide, flowey was saying he won't kill frisk ig
pov: the joke went over your head
pov: the joke went over your head преди месец
EndertheDragon0922 преди 3 месеца
@D4rkcjinsc2 Your take is accurate. I might say some things that sound like a repeat of yours since the others in the comments were a little confused so I’m going to go over my thoughts in their entirety. I doubt anyone will be seeing this comment without having experienced Undertale, but just in case, I’ll note that I will go over a somewhat important spoiler. Flowey is referring to Frisk as a monarch due to the player’s (and by extension, Frisk’s) complete control of the game, and says his plan isn’t regicide because “this is so much more interesting,” as he would rather watch what Frisk will do. He’s told them on genocide that he’s done everything this world has to offer, which is why he’s so interested when something new that he can’t predict occurs- a player with free will. Additionally, he hints at his true nature- all the talk of royalty is a much more subtle hint, but he even directly refers to himself as “the prince of this world’s future,” which has the direct meaning of the fact that if the player gives up on the world, he regains the power to control it. But this phrase has the double meaning of hinting towards the fact that he’s Asriel, who would be a prince due to being part of the royal family. It’s a clever, subtle hint towards that plot twist at the end of the game.
GhastBoyVlogs преди 3 месеца
@Daegan Stoltzfus i think it was because he was lieing
D4rkcjinsc2 преди 3 месеца
@Daegan Stoltzfus It seems the "king" Flowey was referring to was Frisk, calling them "my little monarch", since Frisk took control of the world from him basically. I think he maybe just meant it was more interesting for him to watch Frisk's actions and judge them for now and didn't plan to attack again, not yet at least.
Bakugo Katsuki
Bakugo Katsuki преди 4 месеца
The fact that you're here after five years fills you with determination.
Discount Satan
Discount Satan преди 18 дни
Six years now
Beaver Person
Beaver Person преди 3 месеца
Somehow an uncut pee break is now one of the most iconic jacksepticeye moments
Weeaboo преди 4 месеца
coming back to this playthrough is like looking back at a whole different era it's hard to imagine a world where undertale wasn't so... iconic, yet we were all living in it, just 6 short years ago... Hearing Jack sing this game's praises, like a friend recommend some old JRPG no one's ever heard of, it's... well, it's really just nostalgic.
Circe преди 4 месеца
I was 16 and my brothers were 4 and 6 when I first watched this playthrough I’m now 22 and my brothers are 10 and 12 and I’m finally introducing them to it This game, and particularly this playthrough, holds such a warm place in my heart and I’m so happy I can finally share it with them
Red Death
Red Death преди 5 месеца
Jack: I don’t think there’s actually any spoken dialogue Flowey: well yes but actually no
Insomnia_Gaming преди месец
Mettaton: _p e r h a p s_
Max Jenquin
Max Jenquin преди 8 месеца
the fact he nailed Papyrus' voice before even seeing his laugh is hilarious guess I'm watching the series
Cruxial1 преди 3 месеца
Good thing you chose to watch it cuz you were missing it out, I’ve rewatched it like 6 times now, jacksepticeye is the best for the undertale play through.
John Raitt
John Raitt преди 4 месеца
It's amazing if you haven't watched him play it
Jelly Mochi
Jelly Mochi преди 26 дни
This seems like a great way to start the year 2022, watching Jack's Undertale Let's Play for the first time.
Adéla преди 5 месеца
Flowey: I'm the *prince* of this world's future. Wow, that's one hell of a foreshadowing.
Tempus Glaive
Tempus Glaive преди месец
For another angle, Toby Fox provided some music for Homestuck, in which the title of Prince was near-synonymous with Destroyer. Which also kinda fits.
Jeremy Brown
Jeremy Brown преди 2 месеца
Flowey doesn't really hide the fact that he's Asriel. He just doesn't care anymore.
Confident424 преди 2 месеца
Dude, spoiler much?
Mike KoolDude
Mike KoolDude преди 2 месеца
He just straight up spoiled that part-
✿ Creative ✿
✿ Creative ✿ преди 3 месеца
RedVelvetPanda преди 3 месеца
It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve seen this, watching Jack fight the Froggit always terrifies me.
Breya Burgess
Breya Burgess преди 2 месеца
the fact that people who have never played the game or heard other people's voices for the characters all have similar initial voices just shows how well toby constructed their characters, fonts and text noises. really cool how everyone comes up with such similar voices!
Auden Roberts
Auden Roberts преди 5 години
knowing one day jack will come back from the bathroom and finish the video it fills you with determination
the cattaur guy???
the cattaur guy??? преди 3 месеца
and he never did
Payne преди 5 месеца
A Regular Gamer
A Regular Gamer преди 6 месеца
A Rare comment of the past
Princess Gonzalez
Princess Gonzalez преди година
Loading… преди година
DirtMine преди 3 месеца
Jack (about Sans): He sounds like Partrick Star! He has a very good ear, huh.
Elio Mackinnon
Elio Mackinnon преди 3 месеца
jack really out here using they them pronouns FLAWLESSLY AND CASUALLY since 2015. absolute king behavior
rhumrunners преди 4 месеца
It is always great to come back and rewatch this. This game is truly a masterpiece even if the fan base is awful
Mike KoolDude
Mike KoolDude преди 2 месеца
Everything has a ""bad fan base"". That doesn't mean a damn thing.
Oikawa's  insecurities
Oikawa's insecurities преди 3 месеца
Every fandom has good and bad sides
X преди 4 месеца
The fact that this fight, 15:40, could've ended the pacifist playthrough for jack is insane.
KillSwitch преди 4 месеца
People would’ve lost their minds in the comments and then maybe Jack would’ve never played this again.
🦋Depresso Expresso🦋
🦋Depresso Expresso🦋 преди 5 месеца
Lol I can’t believe Sean got papyrus’ voice right with just a guess based off his appearance.
Erik Akerboom
Erik Akerboom преди 27 дни
He didnt guess he made the voice
Butteredtoastinbed преди 2 месеца
rewatching old jse series every few years is a core part of my personality
pineapplepizza преди 6 месеца
I was eleven years old when I not only discovered Sean, but also got into the Undertale fandom. Five years later, he is still my number one favorite BGpostr and Undertale is still my favorite game. I still remember how much I laughed at each of the game's jokes and Sean's reactions to them like it was yesterday. Damn, time really flies.
Buzzlebeedraws преди 5 месеца
I left my undertale phase because my parents refused to let me watch this series and still dont but im sneaking :') they think its demonic
Adrian Woods
Adrian Woods преди 2 месеца
Within 5 minutes he’s already made me bust out laughing; “D I E .” 😂
M.K. преди година
Jack: "Do not trust anything you see." Also Jack: **Follows Toriel without question**
Anshu Singh
Anshu Singh преди 4 месеца
@M.K. she IS goat mom
Bro преди година
He followed her to presumably stop her or try to get through the exit she was talking about rather than do as she said and go back upstairs
sullioh преди година
@XFirelord toby fix, because it really does fix the hole in yer heart
Fabian Gutierrez
Fabian Gutierrez преди година
@ishotmygrandma actually she is a dragon like the one from never ending story my evidence is goats dont have anything to do with fire
Tinne Maibohm
Tinne Maibohm преди година
Firelord 💀
Jensyn A.
Jensyn A. преди месец
i rewatch this every single december. undertale is just the perfect game and watching jack play this fills my soul with serotonin every single time
Lucas1337 The Super
Lucas1337 The Super преди 3 месеца
I like how the game makes you think Sans was the “Relentless Killer” that Flowey said. Seriously he’s teased like he’s a horror movie villain.
Kapelski преди 4 месеца
I haven't watched this in like three years. Time to go on a nostalgia trip and binge this thing :D
Shadow преди 4 месеца
"Music in this game's fuckin cool!" Meanwhile Gaster's leitmotif and Jevil's leitmotif: Yes.
rift_ преди 9 месеца
the fact that jack instantly created a perfect voice for flowey
DragonFyre преди 4 месеца
And Papyrus, too!
Roselynn преди 5 месеца
@WD_gaster I just love the fact he said that he based Papyrus' voice off of what he'd think the troll face would sound like. And he realized it sounded like Skeletor from He-Man. Literally ✨perfect✨
WD_gaster преди 5 месеца
honestly yeah, i pictured it a bit differently but that high pitched rasp is just so fitting. he also kinda invented papyrus's voice
Mircea Draculov
Mircea Draculov преди 5 месеца
@Reloup Mortal and the second Sans voice. And papyrus.
Miffin преди 7 месеца
@Reloup Mortal there is *But nobody came
The Anomaly
The Anomaly преди 3 месеца
Hooray for the fifth anniversary of this wholesome and heartwarming let's play. Thanks Jack for giving some life to this community and the characters in it.
Dragon Blast
Dragon Blast преди 3 месеца
Waiting for jack on his restroom break fills you with determination
Sofia Iniguez
Sofia Iniguez преди 2 месеца
Damn right
Ballistic Horse
Ballistic Horse преди месец
Oh what I wouldn’t give to erase my memory of this game and play it again
Wormings преди месец
Harry Davis
Harry Davis преди 3 месеца
That awkward moment when you're watching this again because people refer to Frisk using they/them pronouns and that makes you feel better about you using they/them pronouns
raeanna rust
raeanna rust преди 3 години
Rewatching this because I love this series
Juusto3_3 преди 4 месеца
@Dob hello there person 3 minutes ago
Dob преди 4 месеца
@Juusto3_3 hello there person 2 years ago
nfsyh преди 9 месеца
Same B)
Adamas Berry
Adamas Berry преди 9 месеца
Rewatching for a crumb of serotonin
combi 007
combi 007 преди 9 месеца
Bellie преди 4 месеца
Watching this because Deltarune chapter 2 is out, and I feel nostalgic-
Jonathan Westmoreland
Jonathan Westmoreland преди месец
Watching this 6 years later, still cracks me up when he take a bathroom break.
Jason Chay
Jason Chay преди месец
The way jack goes to piss and the way Sam just looks at us while he is gone. Lmaooo
gender? I hardly know ‘er!
gender? I hardly know ‘er! преди 3 месеца
The first months of undertale’s release were magical. The pure happiness and creativity in the fandom was so awesome!!
NonsensicalDexm преди година
toriel: "i want to protect you child" *child dosent listen* toriel: "so, youve chosen death?"
Ralsei Smoker Of Blunts
Ralsei Smoker Of Blunts преди 3 месеца
Murdered with words
Jeremy Brown
Jeremy Brown преди 4 месеца
Stop it, man! You already killed him!
Foxy- 101
Foxy- 101 преди 8 месеца
Discovers deathclaw sanctuary in fallout. "NO THANKS I CHOOSE LIFE!"
Who? преди 10 месеца
@NonsensicalDexm Satan: "I just wanna say I'm a huge fan."
JockeyField преди година
@NonsensicalDexm did a PHD kill your mom or somethin?
Jessica S.
Jessica S. преди 6 месеца
I'm re-re-re-re-rewatching this series again, just listening to it in another tab, and I come to the imfamous pee break part. I thought, dam, why is it so quiet all of a sudden?
Chelsey Madara
Chelsey Madara преди месец
Watch it with subtitles😂
BakedPotato 666
BakedPotato 666 преди 3 месеца
33:21 Jack’s iconic “I gotta go pee” part….
Golden Breeze
Golden Breeze преди 3 месеца
TrashWith Trashy
TrashWith Trashy преди месец
I remember watching this a while after he finished the game, probably either December of 2015 or January of 2016, I had accidentally watched a little of a later episode when he was in the lab and thought to myself, I’ll watch this later, but never touched it until December. I was captivated by how much I loved this game, and Sean’s personality formed a better bond with the game, from the funny voices to his reactions to all the puns and jokes, it made 11 year old me so excited to watch the game. I’ve come back and rewatched it probably three times now, maybe more, but here I am again watching it, watching the story unravel and formulate once again, watching Sean fall in love with this game over and over again, I love a lot of youtubers, but nobody has ever made me want to play games more than Sean. Thank you Sean, thank you making me fall in love with this game, thank you for doing such an amazing job being you.
Broly преди 4 месеца
watching jack forget to edit out a pee break fills you with determination
Mr. Yeet
Mr. Yeet преди година
Ah, the infamous, “I forgot to edit out my 15 minute piss” moment.
Sans The Skeleton
Sans The Skeleton преди 2 месеца
@•𝑹𝑬𝑫𝑾𝑰𝑵𝑬𝟕𝟔𝟓• シ hi buddy hope you doing well today
•𝑹𝑬𝑫𝑾𝑰𝑵𝑬𝟕𝟔𝟓• シ
•𝑹𝑬𝑫𝑾𝑰𝑵𝑬𝟕𝟔𝟓• シ преди 2 месеца
@Sans The Skeleton heya sans.
Random Dude
Random Dude преди 8 месеца
Longer video = MORE BGpost MONEY (This is a joke, I doubt Jack would actually do this intentionally)
CrystalGemGirl преди 10 месеца
Eh, it's pretty funny. ^^
Meme i
Meme i преди година
Watching it at the moment
Gamingwith Rainbows
Gamingwith Rainbows преди месец
The subtitles are EVERYTHING for me I still laugh to this very day
Rondene преди месец
Funny how when one of the froggits say: "maybe you'll have to spare them even if there name isn't yellow." I am for certain that the froggit means Flowey when Flowey becomes omega flowey, =)
Jackie преди 2 месеца
I watched this when it first came out years ago, and I’m back now, an adult, not a child, and still able to appreciate it so deeply. It’s just what I need at this point.
Sour wasabi
Sour wasabi преди 4 месеца
This feels like so long ago. I was in the 6th grade when this game came out. Now I'm about to graduate and go to college. So all I really have to say is thanks, cause this game and these videos are half the reason I'm the person who I am today.
Big Ol' Duck in a Pond
Big Ol' Duck in a Pond преди 9 месеца
The fact that jack only took one piece of candy and didn’t even think about taking more really says a lot about him.
39 преди 2 месеца
It's a ok
Yooooo suck it green  boy
Yooooo suck it green boy преди 2 месеца
I’ll be honest I took more than one but the first time I played undertail I actually only took 1 But the second time I knew I can take more so yeah
Hectic Hive
Hectic Hive преди 4 месеца
Well, don’t tell me you took more then one??
is Bryan flying or dying
is Bryan flying or dying преди 4 месеца
Tøm преди 4 месеца
Kai Kai
Kai Kai преди 4 месеца
Jack: "I can't wait to play undertale" Me: Ohhhh prepare for a world of pain
Bonno преди 3 дни
this honestly may be his best series. it’s definitely my favorite at least
OBwild преди 3 месеца
I have watched and played so much Undertale and Jack's voices for every character is their official voice for them for me
Sylvia Jaeger
Sylvia Jaeger преди 3 месеца
Don‘t know how many times I already watched this playthrough but it always makes me so happy!
Valia Mkr
Valia Mkr преди година
POV: You're here because it's the undertale anniversary and what's better than watching Sean's series for the 100th time
ThatTechDude преди година
Actually, now I'm here to see if his voices on nostalgia week are correct.
Immortal Suislide
Immortal Suislide преди година
I’m here cause nostalgia week undertale is in a few hours and I thought, “why not”
feyern games
feyern games преди година
Im here here bc of the new undertale vid from jacksepticeye thats coming out soon
Suan преди година
I'm here because i met Seán a month or something ago and I'm catching up with his content 🥰
ZEO преди година
Only 100?
● Sailing boat ●
● Sailing boat ● преди 2 дни
this game came out when i was 8 and ive changed alot since then and so has jack but im glad i can still, 6 years later come back to this playthrough and be reminded of what kept me going for such a long time
funcomfortable преди 4 месеца
Dude I wasn’t even 30 seconds in and I started crying out of nostalgia
QuickQuestion преди 4 месеца
Rewatching and having a wonderful conversation with the text on screen when Jack goes to pee😁
D S преди 4 месеца
Just finished my first pacifist play through. Best game ever.
Witch Of Candies
Witch Of Candies преди 8 месеца
I’m rewatching this and realizing how loud he was years ago Damn Our boy jack really calmed down over the years Huh?
francis Cawley
francis Cawley преди 2 месеца
Cheese Boi
Cheese Boi преди 2 месеца
He’s closer to death
Voidall преди 3 месеца
sad lifeee
MufinBoi преди 3 месеца
Well he couldnt hear himself on the microphone so he was louder to hear himself
AGarlicBreadLover преди 3 месеца
It’s kinda Disappointing
Oliver Stonier-Gibson
Oliver Stonier-Gibson преди 4 месеца
Fun fact, there is one line of voice acting in this game, and it is when flowey says "That's a wonderful idea" in genocide
Kris преди 24 дни
Don’t forget stop from omega flowey
Insomnia_Gaming преди месец
@Jeremy Brown I just fought him a few hours ago and I stg I could not focus because every time I hit the bastard he fucking moaned something along the lines of that
Jeremy Brown
Jeremy Brown преди 4 месеца
Well, yes, but actually, no. When Mettaton goes EX he says, "Ooohhh, yes." I think...
Auditor0 преди месец
It's been a yearly tradition for me to watch this series once per year. It's my six year. And I still love everything, yet forget what happens next.
Bong Mayes
Bong Mayes преди 4 месеца
Coming back to this, after growing up with Jack, its so weird weird to see how he's really only stopped yelling as much (and other important character development) and its really neat. Adhd having mf /lh the first time i watched this i was too scared to comment because, at the time, i wasn't safe but now, i can comment and not be afraid I'll be found (long story, lotta trauma) so yeah. I told myself id come back and i did. I fucking made it. I fucking survived. it took me years but I'm proud of msyelf
Vibe преди 4 месеца
I was in elementary when I first watched this and I'm in high school now Even now though this is still one of the greatest games ever made
Emma Rissling
Emma Rissling преди 6 години
Markiplier: King of FNAF Jacksepticeye: King of Undertale
foundapeanut преди 7 месеца
He is also the king of the underground
Aärvid The Wolf
Aärvid The Wolf преди 7 месеца
@Coconut Yep
Coconut преди 7 месеца
@Aärvid The Wolf yeah. Jack is probably king of resident evil or slime rancher.
Aärvid The Wolf
Aärvid The Wolf преди 7 месеца
Actually I think the king should be merg. Jack only played undertale and deltarune Merg on the other hand, played a lot of fangames and replayed a lot of times undertale
Coconut преди 7 месеца
@Jujuu Michelle Minecraft
musingsofmessa преди 25 дни
This was not in my recommended. I love Undertale and Jack, so I'mma binge watch all the episodes. ❤ His voices for this game are amazing and fill me with a giddiness and determination. 😊
Drew Lester-Nieves
Drew Lester-Nieves преди 4 месеца
Ima be honest with everyone reading this, because I know you're all returning viewers feeling nostalgia for the first time they saw it. I've never seen any Undertale gameplay before. I've never played it myself. I just know a bit about it from the memes. I chose Séan because I know he's going to make the choices I can be happiest with. He's one of the most kind, peaceful people on the planet. Jack, I know you've been going through hell since you caught COVID, and had asthma, and anxiety. It may not get better for a while, but I just really wish you, Evelien, and BB the best life because you really deserve it.
Nyar преди 2 месеца
Under rated comment
UnsaidHorrors преди 4 месеца
Rewatching this series in 2021 fills you with determination! Save? ❤YES NO
40W3 преди 3 месеца
This is my favorite series, I remember bingeing this until like 6:00 one night. I literally couldnt fall asleep because of how fun and interesting the story was... and because of the amazing yelling lol.
kaito fan account
kaito fan account преди година
it feels almost mandatory to rewatch this series especially during this lockdown
Blayde McClure
Blayde McClure преди година
Asriel Dreemurr
Asriel Dreemurr преди година
Me everytime I watch this series then: prepare my bunker
Buttered Chocolate
Buttered Chocolate преди година
Second time rewatching the series cuz I love it so much
VanessaVzz преди година
c e e j yeah
DevilsLemonade преди година
So true
xTheLostSinner преди 4 месеца
I miss this. This point in time for BGpost, for Jack, for content. This was a prime time period. I miss this.
shonipatot преди 4 месеца
Jacksepticeye : "homicidal maniac". Me : Jesus it's genocide dude.
Evan Holmberg
Evan Holmberg преди месец
We were on a FOUR HOUR lockdown yesterday at school and I've been having anxiety from it but this series and game is something that I truly, deeply cherish. It warms up my soul, thank you.
Charree преди 13 дни
After over 6 years of this series being out, and even longer watching Jack, I'm finally watching it. Time to see what everybody loves so dearly about this game 😄
snowbird преди година
I didn’t realize how close sean was to missing the pacifist ending.
Kode Gringle
Kode Gringle преди 6 месеца
@Treetrunk101 if I’m thinking correctly, and san’s call is the neutral ending, and if you play pacifist again, but don’t have to beat omega flowey, and get that call, then they’d be right, I’d have to play pacifist again to confirm it though
Treetrunk101 преди 6 месеца
@marcell xd 105 I’m not trying to be rude or anything but that is wrong. On my first playthrough I did fight Asgore, but Flowey talks about talking to Undyne. So I loaded my save (which happens right before the Asgore fight) and went to Undyne and proceeded with the date in the dump and the true lab and everything. But you can still visit that house before the fight. Even if Undyne doesn’t answer before you fight Asgore, you still don’t need to reset entirely.
Kode Gringle
Kode Gringle преди 6 месеца
@marcell xd 105 your probably right, I was just confused, sorry for making a big deal about it
marcell xd 105
marcell xd 105 преди 6 месеца
@Kode Gringle dude Idk are you joking or still dont understand about the game Neutral is very important to the main story, You can't just skip it to pacifist or genocide. If you just downloaded undertale and play it for the first time, you cant skip the neutral ending, even if you dont kill anyone when you first time playing it you still must fight asgore and omega flowey in the end except if you reset the game after you get neutral ending you can play pacifist without neutral
Kode Gringle
Kode Gringle преди 6 месеца
@marcell xd 105 you’re wrong, I did, idk who fed you that lie, but it’s not true
Rabdom Games
Rabdom Games преди 3 месеца
Five years later and I still can't get over the unedited pee break.
The_Random_Bard преди 6 месеца
i think its really cool how the devs never thought anyone would play this game into the 2020s or beyond, and here we are still loving the game 5-6 years later.
This man playing this game made my childhood memories
Virgil G
Virgil G преди 2 месеца
Whenever shit gets tough in life, I always find myself coming back to this series. I remember watching the vids as they came out, and at this point they kinda feel like home.
Blitz Gaming
Blitz Gaming преди година
Jacksepticeye: I don’t think there’s any spoken dialogue in this Flowey: Hold my friendliness pellets
SharkThegamer преди 11 месеца
t͓͓͓͓͓͓̽̽̽̽̽̽h͓͓͓͓͓͓̽̽̽̽̽̽a͓͓͓͓͓͓̽̽̽̽̽̽t͓͓͓͓͓͓̽̽̽̽̽̽s͓͓̽̽ a͓͓͓͓͓͓̽̽̽̽̽̽ w͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽o͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽n͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽d͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽e͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽r͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽f͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽u͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽l͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓̽̽̽̽̽̽̽ i͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽d͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽e͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽a͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽ . l͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽o͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽l͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽ h͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽a͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽h͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽a͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓͓̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽̽
MUSTACHE Gacha преди 11 месеца
*T H A T S A W O N D E R F U L I D E A*
Little BeanZ
Little BeanZ преди 11 месеца
Omega flower did
The Necromancer
The Necromancer преди 11 месеца
nobody's talking about mettaton? *O H Y E S*
MmSC0207 преди година
The mouse: Hold my holy cheese
Realm_Walker1259 преди месец
When he died in the Toriel fight, there was a split second screen where she was like, “oh shit”
Leonardo Roling Stella
Leonardo Roling Stella преди 9 дни
Jack: **checks stats** *Attack: 0* *Defense: 0* just like real life
madara преди 5 месеца
I just bought the game 5 maybe 6 years later so I've played it and the nostalgia all came back. Even though it's been years since I watched this play through I still remembered your voices for it and I cried a lil lol
_Tortoise_ преди 4 месеца
whoever wrote those subtitles is amazing and I love you. you made me laugh with those faces and trying to make conversation when jack was in the bathroom!!!
Christopher Moon
Christopher Moon преди 2 години
Toby: **Uses Patrick's voice for Sans** Jack: **Makes Sans sound like Patrick** He knew...
Emerald Nickel
Emerald Nickel преди 2 години
(Surprised pikachu face)
Succ Lord
Succ Lord преди 2 години
Maybe it's the way you're dressed?
Moss_ on_a_rock
Moss_ on_a_rock преди 2 години
Ok, I am making it a task to reply to as many of your comments as possible. I've gotten some already but you are literally EVERYWHERE.
Think Outside The Blocks
Think Outside The Blocks преди 2 години
20 channels I have found you on
Denis Moscat Segura
Denis Moscat Segura преди 2 години
I dont like the voice
cyberwolf8900 преди 4 месеца
I've decided to rewatch this series after like 3 years time to BINGE
Jamie Mi
Jamie Mi преди 5 месеца
back to rewatch this series again for pure wholesomeness, a reminder of simpler times and nostalgia of my childhood.
That One Birb
That One Birb преди 4 месеца
Jack: "there's a lot of talking so if you are not into that then this might not be for you" literally everyone: I have no idea what you mean
Harikrishna Jayaraj
Harikrishna Jayaraj преди 4 месеца
Oh my god, Jack sounds so energetic lol.
Abel Villalobos
Abel Villalobos преди година
I still can't believe how unbelievably close he was at ruining the entire pacifist run at 15:20 after all these years.
Carrot and Peas
Carrot and Peas преди година
Holy fuck I never noticed that before-
DarkShadic 9632
DarkShadic 9632 преди година
TeamPlayer CS Chara
Olly folly
Olly folly преди година
No Chara here!
a1l12e5x24 преди година
@ً snas
Hampter преди година
JT_Lich преди 4 месеца
Just finished watching "These are the greatest games of all time", and thought I'd come back for the nostalgia
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