Scariest Videos On The Internet #5

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There are some really good scary videos in this episode


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『Kisho』 преди месец
I love how this is immensely terrifying and the subtitles are just “O.o” “
The_Book_Dragon преди 4 дни
Favorite comment
Marcel преди 6 дни
@Hanz Matthew Arbolario its like Birdbox heen peppel de it they want to die but when they doet they live in fear
Eduard преди 7 дни
Saitama with bigger eyes tho
Ananya Madhavan-10
Ananya Madhavan-10 преди 7 дни
GalaxyStarBELL преди 10 дни
Mr eye balls
Ida Gergely
Ida Gergely преди 25 дни
"Curve" gave me chills. It spoke to me on a personal level. Balancing on the edge of sanity, literally holding on with your fingernails to not fall in a pit of despair and dissappear forever. Slowly getting higher and higher just to sink back even lower than you were before. Almost like fighting depression and trying to keep your will to live and not commit suicide. But the ground beneath you is very steep, and rain just starts to fall, because life doesn't care if you slip. The end left a hallow feeling in my chest. Amazing!!
Seoho_서호 преди ден
Literally the best short flim coz same :((
Pichu преди 4 дни
Jennifer Morales
Jennifer Morales преди 17 дни
Apparently that’s the meaning behind it! Depression and suicide
Ida Gergely
Ida Gergely преди 24 дни
@avianahelena that's true, it's up to the viewer's interpretation, and it just makes it even better!
avianahelena преди 24 дни
It doesn't show her falling. I feel that that's important. We don't know for sure that she fell.
NiftyGaming преди 9 дни
Jack: Trying to see if clown is in any other scenes Also Jack: Misses clown figure behind glass door
Shannon Coyle
Shannon Coyle преди 5 дни
@ᴍɪᴍɪᴋ 37:00
ᴍɪᴍɪᴋ преди 5 дни
Can I get a timestamp for this 🤨
Cam Brown
Cam Brown преди 5 дни
I came to the comment section looking for someone to mention this 😂
Ariannah Nichols
Ariannah Nichols преди 6 дни
I saw that 💀
JustWilliam преди 12 дни
Jack: “you feel it don’t you?” “Something watching you” Me: *Casually sitting at my computer home alone at 3 in the morning* :' )
WalrusArf преди 12 часа
Home alone at 3?
just a casual gamer
just a casual gamer преди 3 дни
@AFatCat same and im in a empty dark room alone just chilling in a bed
Monolith преди 5 дни
*looks up to see my cat staring me down* Terrifying
AFatCat преди 8 дни
Same but I’m on my phone laying in bed
kurt maiden
kurt maiden преди 10 дни
Hahahaha oof
TheAdvertisement преди 26 дни
I can only watch these with Jack's commentary it feels so nice being able to look to the right and see an intrigued Irish man instead of the horror.
Fishtaccos 💙💚
Fishtaccos 💙💚 преди 3 дни
this is why i only watch horror videos when there is someone commentating, specifically a loud irish man
KadeAwesome777 преди 5 дни
Yea I'm a little b!tch baby boy and I would literally be incapable of watching it BUT. With Sean's commentary and me playing a game and looking over I would be able to watch it but am still scarred
Leinard Esteves
Leinard Esteves преди месец
The curve is perfect, a horror movie doesn't necessarily have to jumpscare you. All it has to do is make you feel fear.
Sugar Snippy
Sugar Snippy преди 5 дни
There is a quote or something along those lines I heard a while ago. "If a horror movie needs jumpscares to scare you, that is like a comedy needing to tickle you to make you laugh."
Fish man
Fish man преди месец
@moon_drop same lol you would die from the fall and if you didn’t the monster down there would finish the job besides the curve on the dam is impossible to climb
moon_drop преди месец
I'd just drop
Shannon Schultz
Shannon Schultz преди месец
Why is it that's my favorite kind of movie? To feel fear lol
the shade
the shade преди месец
The whole time I was like if your going to fall then fall damn it
oliver pluto leijon
oliver pluto leijon преди 17 дни
that second one really got to me, as someone who has diagnosed psychosis, the feeling of fear she had was so real. she brought the knife with her because she thought she was running from a person, and then she realised that the thing she was dealing with wasn't physical. it was mental. she needed an escape from the fear that thing brought her and the only way she thought to do it was to try and blind herself; when that worked, something else took it's place: the breathing. she thought the only way to get rid of it was to make it so she cant see it, slapping her face and covering her eyes and ears to make it just go away. it's something that never leaves you. the real fear, for me anyways, came when the woman she was talking to, trying to retell the experience so that someone, /anyone/ can understand her. and the woman leaves, a doctor will be here shortly to help...whatever is going on. it brought fear to her because she didnt understand. she knows it's not real so why cant mary? it's almost mocking. i think the director told that story very well, it seems like it's very close to home for them and i think they did a great job conveying that.
Nyghtking преди 8 часа
I think it could make a good commentary on a couple things, it just stood there watching her, never did a single thing, but her fear of it made her destroy herself.
oliver pluto leijon
oliver pluto leijon преди 9 дни
@Patch it definitely could be interpreted through the lens of paranoid schizophrenia, i just dont have that so i wasnt comfortable speaking on that angle. but i do see that!
Patch преди 9 дни
My interpretation was the same, I just thought of paranoid schizophrenia specifically since I did a project on it in high school. I think it’s also just a good portrayal of mental illness in general, but *especially* psychosis.
Tylerisntasheep преди 13 дни
thanks so much for your interpretation because I didn't understand the message behind that one clearly, but I figured there was something deeper being conveyed. I wish you the best
Jaden H
Jaden H преди 17 дни
I had an incident in which I had climbed a small mountain alone. Nobody knew where I was and the rock was slick. I slid into a position not quite as precarious however my feet hung off an edge leading to a drop that would've most likely killed me. Props to the filmmakers for capturing the feeling of anxiety perfectly.
Jaden H
Jaden H преди 12 дни
@XethinaGames Thank you :)
XethinaGames преди 12 дни
I'm so happy you're alive and well 🙏🥺
Joe A. Rice
Joe A. Rice преди 14 дни
@Jaden H Sorry to hear that dude and hope you're coping well enough with it! Still being able to climb mountains and hike is a sure way to help yourself, so sick! Ah you could say that but I guess its more of a 'Peter Pan' complex, never get old, never die sort of thing. It will probably kill me aha! I'll remember your name and if somehow I meet you, Jaden on a mountain, I'm sure we'll have a good laugh!
Jaden H
Jaden H преди 14 дни
@Joe A. Rice I have GAD so I'm more prone to anxiety than most. Though I feel it's a fairly reasonable reaction to a situation such as that. The previous reply seems to agree. It's impressive you were able to feel calm in such a situation so props to you honestly.
Joe A. Rice
Joe A. Rice преди 15 дни
Similar to me, think my calmness is what helped though. Do you find yourself with anxiety in stressful situations on more occasions than not?
PastelGuts преди 8 дни
It's so funny to me that horror will sometimes have a moral or a deeper meaning like grief, loss, mental illness, etc. Then sometimes it's like "hey wouldnt it be fucked up if this happened?" Sometimes by the same author
Mystery Wolf
Mystery Wolf преди 14 часа
I prefer the latter lol. Sometimes you just want a really screwed up monster and that’s valid.
FinePineapple преди 17 дни
For some reason Kookie scared me the most because it left me thinking about how easily children can be influenced and kids are just so scary. It was almost like the mood shifted from ominous to happy, but it just left me feeling very unsettled.
Mars_ преди 7 дни
@Michelle Redacted I haven't had friends taken but I have had friends almost taken and its scary. It freaks me out a lot
KittyPet Jaguire
KittyPet Jaguire преди 13 дни
@Michelle Redacted I’m… so sorry.. that’s a horrifying experience to go through.. for anyone! Especially a young child.. :/ I’m tearing up at the thought… how she must have felt the moment she realized that you were right.. I’m praying someone was there to watch over her, and some how she managed to escape.. I had a similar experience but I was a bit older, and luckily my boyfriend was with me at the time since I was wheelchair bound. An older Spanish man kept insisting we get inside his truck and he would drive us where ever we needed to go, and even take us out to eat. I was petrified, but my boyfriend basically just told him to go suck an egg. He had zero filter and the whole experience reminded me of a video on here. I can’t remember the exact title but it’s something like ‘Tucker kidnapped’ and ‘Tucker Ice Cream man’. He acted just like that dude. Haha… …but on a serious note, I really hope your friend is alive and well.. where ever she is… I’m praying for you, Jessie. 💔❤️‍🩹
Michelle Redacted
Michelle Redacted преди 15 дни
Truth tho. When I was younger, a lady and man in a truck just a block from my middle school was tailing a friend and I and eventually called us over. Because I suffered from social anxiety I was already very wary of strangers. My friend Jessie wasn't and went right up to them, then upon learning they'd give us a lift home started calling me over too. I declined. The guy was very insistent I come too but gave up and let Jessie climb into the cab. They tailed me a bit, even honked at me, and I could hear Jessie laugh in the back. I kept calling her to get out of there, but she told me she'd see me later back home. I ran back to the school and flagged over a teacher, told them everything, they had me stay in the office til my parents picked me up. I remember just breaking down. There was a search but they didn't find her. To this day I wish I had done things differently, tried to drag her by the hand and knock on a door of one the houses near us, hell just jump the fence of one of the properties, scream to get help. Maybe there was nothing I could've done. I can't imagine what Jessie was thinking once she knew she wasn't going home. The very thought just makes my cry, makes me feel so guilty. My therapist called it survivor's guilt. Now as a 26 year old women with a better handle on my anxiety, I'm part of the neighborhood watch, I look out for the kids walking home from school, on friendly terms with the families near me because should another kid find themselves in that same situation I was, they know they can knock on my door and stay on my porch til their folks take them home.
Scott Kendrix
Scott Kendrix преди месец
I like the first one, Curve. It isn't about being creepy, spooky, or jumpscares. It derives the "scary" factor from the anxiety it portrays and provokes.
Colyn Mckasson
Colyn Mckasson преди ден
My hands were sweaty through entire video because of the first few minutes😨
Late Pilot
Late Pilot преди 2 дни
I think I just lost 6 years of my life on that one because of the amount of stress that caused
Inanis преди 6 дни
I hate those artsy films I just find them annoying like modern art.
some random guy that hates you
some random guy that hates you преди 7 дни
It also scares you not knowing what is beneath, it could make you suffer, it could make you die instantly
some random guy that hates you
some random guy that hates you преди 7 дни
It scares you when you imagine yourself in that situation and you know youll never escape
Mr. Twisted
Mr. Twisted преди 25 дни
34:36 Jack: So... How many kids did you eat? Clown jar: I only had one. Jack: I'll know if you are lying, I counted all the kids in that orphanage.
Al Mundie
Al Mundie преди 10 дни
clown jar: there's no way you did that jack: *starts putting teddy bears everywhere to scare the clown jar*
finisher преди 3 дни
The "curve" is actually a form of draining water from lakes with dams to keep them from overflowing. Its like a giant sink and the "curve" is just one piece of the drain, and i know this because Whiskeytown lake has one if you look for it. Another note is that it is around a 500 to 600 foot drop at the least.
Thel Moment
Thel Moment преди 3 дни
@Jj Allen she would be unless she had something to break the surface tension of the water, its like hitting a brick at that point And if she did survive, it certainly wouldn't be for long
Jj Allen
Jj Allen преди 3 дни
So the woman might not be dead
Alyssa S
Alyssa S преди 11 дни
“The Curve” was the only one that literally made my palms sweat with nerves. Every time the girl slipped, I felt a wave of tingles go over my feet, like I was slipping too.
PocariGaming преди 10 дни
I was feeling those tingles too, crazy what a youtube video can do to your body
Ella B
Ella B преди 12 дни
I think the reason Mary attacked herself instead of the creature is because he wasn't real in the first place, and a part of her possibly knew that. Having no method of getting rid of him physically, the only thing she could immediately do to ensure that she would never hear or see him again was to remove her senses.
Cr3zniat3r преди 3 дни
@David S yes
Ella B
Ella B преди 3 дни
@ok boomer It's not known if Van Gogh had schizophrenia or not, but it is known that paint back then had lead in it, and he would clean his brushes by putting them in his mouth. That's the leading theory to his episode.
ok boomer
ok boomer преди 3 дни
I think guest made me understand why van gogh cut off his ear (who was assumed to have schizophrenia) bc I needed a depiction of how overwhelming it is to understand better why anyone would do that
David S
David S преди 4 дни
Yeah, I think it’s a horror short about schizophrenia. Some of the symptoms are hallucinating people or beings that aren’t there and hearing sounds that aren’t real.
🌿B4S1L PL4N† !
🌿B4S1L PL4N† ! преди месец
girl: **literally about to fall to her death** jack: **criticizing her shoes**
exile преди месец
She gonna die with them shoes on nah we die wit fashion baby
cat catterson
cat catterson преди месец
"Dad I'm going to die!" "Not until you get me a beer you are."
~.StarDust.~ преди месец
@Bonnalina F. i mean, can confirm I'll slip to my death if i had those on
Bonnalina F.
Bonnalina F. преди месец
Cory kinda did that too. He said that her shoes are the worst for grip
The Knight
The Knight преди месец
I half expected it to be a trailer for season two of squid game
Fishtaccos 💙💚
Fishtaccos 💙💚 преди 3 дни
I really really liked Guest. The way it portrayed mental illness and self harm thoughts was so accurate, personally to me. It's like something that never goes away, and though it doesn't really do anything to you, it slowly drives you insane because you can't get rid of it.
Quackity  LookinMF
Quackity LookinMF преди 2 дни
Jack: “ you feel something watching you, don’t you?” Me, sitting in my shower in the dark for more scariness: “yEeEs?” *looks around in terror and hears the door clunk* “Oh shit.” It was ma grandma
TimPerse преди 2 дни
"Curve" did well portraying what horror can be and it seems to also have an interpretation of what depression will do to you.
PurpleOverlord преди 4 дни
Jack: "The lesson is stay where you're supposed to stay and don't adventure." The Actual Lesson: "Don't Lie or Steal things."
PurpleOverlord преди 2 дни
It was just parents rules 🤷‍♂️
HalfwitHazard преди 2 дни
@PurpleOverlord they didnt scare me, i just didnt steal. but if im hungry, im gonna take a fucking cookie. why should i have to ask someone if i can eat
PurpleOverlord преди 3 дни
Did you not get scared away from stealing as a child…?
HalfwitHazard преди 3 дни
they’re fucking cookies and she’s 7 years old. they like cookies. not much of a fucking lesson dude
for the monkeys
for the monkeys преди месец
Can we take a moment to appreciate the acting of the girl in The Curve? Goddamn that fear was believable
JustMamba преди 6 дни
It's even crazier if you look at behind the scenes to see what her perspective was lol but I urge you not to because then it kind of ruins the whole thing. She was definitely not scared she was just a good actor and made it believable
Rattus Skelly
Rattus Skelly преди 11 дни
That could be a movie
Bigby Wolf
Bigby Wolf преди 11 дни
@gummy’s I cant because I wont be ya cobber
gummy’s преди 11 дни
@Bigby Wolf yeah just imagine being in that situation bozo 😂😂
gummy’s преди 11 дни
@Bigby Wolf yea it was pretty good
Momo преди 4 дни
The concept for Guest was terrifying. And thinking about what it could all mean is interesting. But tbh I kept giggling at the eyeball guy. Something about his appearance was humorous to me. Doesn't help that Sean called him a thumb.
Funny Moss-man
Funny Moss-man преди 5 дни
I don’t know why people find the guest scary. It’s just Todd, he’s a great fella once you get to know him. He’s a little socially awkward but good on him for putting himself out there I say
TheAdvertisement преди 26 дни
0:35 That was the most monotone evil laugh I've ever heard lol. 34:40 "How many kids did you eat?" "I only had 1." Lmao best joke Jack made in this video.
U1timatezer0 преди 3 дни
@Bull Sheets Hahah, yes! I have been looking for someone to make this reference
TheAdvertisement преди 3 дни
@Bull Sheets Omg I hear it
Bull Sheets
Bull Sheets преди 12 дни
Ik that was 2 weeks ago but didn’t it sound exactly like the laugh in Michael Jackson’s Thriller? That’s immediately what I head.
beans преди 10 дни
I'm so glad Sean was here for comedy relief.... some of these exploited some of my strangest fears
WolvePotter 2 : WolveVlogs
WolvePotter 2 : WolveVlogs преди месец
I really hope that Jacksepticeye can make an experimental horror film in the near future. You’re killing it with these intros!
Itz_Elio FTW
Itz_Elio FTW преди месец
Heheheheheh “killing it”
WolvePotter 2 : WolveVlogs
WolvePotter 2 : WolveVlogs преди месец
@Mᴏᴛʜᴇʀ • Bᴇʀʀʏ I agree
Mᴏᴛʜᴇʀ • Bᴇʀʀʏ
Mᴏᴛʜᴇʀ • Bᴇʀʀʏ преди месец
It's mostly thanks to the editing, I think we should be giving more credit to the editor
Joseph Cook
Joseph Cook преди месец
@mac cat Don't think you replied to the right comment, buddy.
Emily Griffith
Emily Griffith преди месец
Especially if he’s the main character
Pascal Piers
Pascal Piers преди 3 дни
How to tell it isn't Virgin Mary: She wouldn't be pale white.
Cutie преди ден
Also I want to tell Jack the reason they end where they do is because one of the worst fears is fear of the unknown and when we don’t know what happens our brains immediately go to the absolute worst possible situation
Shawna Hysong
Shawna Hysong преди 26 дни
Curve made me so incredibly anxious! That is EXACTLY what horror shorts are all about! No cheap jump-scares that are momentarily scary, but builds the terror over time and makes you feel that pit in your stomach... well done! Kookie was also a favorite and very well done 👏
PastelGuts преди 8 дни
Knowing that the curve represents severe depression, I was just sitting there like "damn.... been there"
Alexander Greyling
Alexander Greyling преди 3 дни
Wait, for real? O.o
Titus Grumbles
Titus Grumbles преди месец
Fun fact: your body has two original fears: the fear of heights/falling and the fear of sudden loud noises. So the curve fear was in everyone’s mind not just the people who have a fear of heights.
Giuliano Vescio
Giuliano Vescio преди 11 часа
@Titus Grumbles it's half true.. they aren't original fears. It's instinct to be afraid of those things. So everyone's body is reacting instinctuallly to something we've been experiencing since the very dawn of our life. This has been debunked. I'm sure that masters in "particle physics" is going great
Johnny Jacksted
Johnny Jacksted преди 2 дни
@Gabriel Bellino But I bet you’d shit your pants if took a ride on a drop ride.
Rattus Skelly
Rattus Skelly преди 10 дни
@Gabriel Bellino those weren’t the only things there and I think it was a metaphor
Kira Lonely
Kira Lonely преди 10 дни
What's interesting is how it's a metaphor for depression and how that can even add to the anxiety, especially for those who have been through it. Those who have experienced "the curve" and witnessed it's pit (a metaphor for suicide) and still survived. There's a level of fear of having been in that place and knowing that it's honestly just as painful as described, and each attempt to help yourself can only bring you so far, and weakens your ability to help yourself even further. Your only TRUE way out is via help of another, but you just stare in horror as more people succumb to it and your body aches and you keep wondering if fighting to keep going is even worth it. There's an existential terror in that, that I think might be exclusive to the human conscious where we can really contemplate existence and mental suffering of that magnitude.
Orcaboi преди 15 дни
@Sexy Hedgehog So if you were in her shoes, you wouldn’t be terrified?
Leviathan VonVoid
Leviathan VonVoid преди 5 дни
Parent of the year everyone bring a “monster” home, use scare tactics on your child, & then wonder why your child isn’t acting like there usual self.
Emma Topping
Emma Topping преди 10 дни
The first one "Curve" is one of THE BEST short horror films I have ever seen. It makes my anxiety and fear skyrocket. This makes my palms sweat just watching it. THAT'S what makes it a good horror movie. It doesn't need ghosts or a serial killer to scare the living shit out of you!
Aria Jacobs
Aria Jacobs преди 3 дни
I think The Guest was really good because it gave an example of how showing the monster can work really well. It shows the monster and gives you absolutely no information. You know what it looks like but other than that, it's still completely unknown and that's horrifying.
JBRADY 8 преди 5 дни
Jack needs to watch Zygote. That short film is absolutely terrifying
JayzonSR преди 3 дни
you shouls comment this on later videos so your comment gets boosted n jack actually sees it
A Bear
A Bear преди месец
Apparently The Curve has significant metaphors about depression which makes it even more intense to me. I thought it was some weird dimensional horror, but it's literally the physical manifestation of suicidal depression.
wheredacheez преди ден
Wow I mean that is deep I mean all I thought was that the girl was washed up there and trapped. Also more about your comment it makes a lot of sense like with the handprints are the people who succumbed to depression
chummy3000 преди ден
Exactly you can't get out without help
M Gunn
M Gunn преди 2 дни
This was so powerful to watch. Having just been there myself over the summer. I know exactly how this woman feels.
void light
void light преди 3 дни
it made me cry so much even with his idiotic commentary
Olivia Haglund
Olivia Haglund преди 4 дни
This makes so much sense, especially seeing the marks of other people who didn't make it on the walls around her...
Missile Grevious
Missile Grevious преди 3 дни
The clown one was goofy for sure, but it also had the ambiance of a decent scary story
Braxton преди 3 дни
I love how jack (at least how it seems to me) has started to watch videos some of which are from smaller creators like things and also plays smaller indie games. It’s really amazing
Red Road1az
Red Road1az преди 9 дни
35:57 was gracefully saved from the jumpscare by my phone warning my about 20% charge 🙏
obywilbur преди 5 часа
the fact that i emotionally understand the first one is truly terrifying
RZG преди месец
The Curve does exactly what horror movies/shorts are supposed to do. It doesn’t just throw cheap jump scares at you and scare you momentarily, instead it creates a terrifying atmosphere and makes you feel the horror and fear inside you with the characters. Truly a great short.
Jordan Ryan
Jordan Ryan преди 16 дни
ShrimpoVR преди 19 дни
You said the same thing on the actual video
mohawk преди 21 ден
i feel like jumpscares arent as scary because it doesnt last long. even after a long suspenseful movie ill still feel uneasy after because there was no release. jumpscares are just so predictable and it feels like theres a release
LunarBunny преди 23 дни
That’s how I felt about Midsommar. The thick and emotional atmosphere is what made the movie so good.
Jotaro Kujo does anims
Jotaro Kujo does anims преди 29 дни
What you described is called "terror" it's like horror, but instead of *oh shit oh fuck there is spoopy ghost* , it's oh shit oh fuck. I think there is something behind me.
Osha Hott
Osha Hott преди 13 дни
That last one was borderline a horror comedy and I loved it 🤣
Nahrikkon преди 5 дни
Curve had my palms sweating to the point I had to put my phone down, I don’t even get like that in real life situations. The total anxiety I felt was unbelievable and it actually made me consider skipping it
King преди 8 дни
I have been watching jack for 4 years and ever year his been getting more and more subs and he just keeps getting funnier I love your vids jack keep up the good work
Donnie’s Nutshell
Donnie’s Nutshell преди 5 дни
I love that Jack’s intro was the scariest thing about this video 😂
Potato преди месец
I don't see a lot of people talking about this but the subtitles for the guest are friggin hilarious to me, it's just like ○-○
Eden Gaming
Eden Gaming преди 15 дни
Lexi Luther
Lexi Luther преди 15 дни
SAME. I laughed so hard when I saw the subtitle for his face LMAO. Just O-O.
Peepaw Willie
Peepaw Willie преди 29 дни
~•JellyPie•~ преди месец
AJ преди месец
U1timatezer0 преди 3 дни
Curve made me feel very uncomfortable… though I wouldn’t call it a bad thing. It certainly gives me major anxiety and it made my heart sink to the bottom of my stomach- It’s a very well made short film.
Leis преди 5 дни
It was honestly hard for me to realize that the second video's buzzing was actually the video and not my own tinnitus acting up🤣
Arcade преди 10 дни
I love that first one, thats freakin brilliant right there. You could start an long movie with that scene and imediatly your whole audience is on the edge of their seat
Whats-My-Fandom преди 27 дни
Curve needs to be a movie RIGHT NOW! My god!! That's intense! 17:08 Dude looks like salad fingers! 30:40 Reminds me of the movie The Unholy The kid in the last one is the best! She's so good!
ForTheGayness преди месец
Jack: "I love hidden stuff in scenes" Also Jack: *misses the silhouette in the door as he's talking about looking for hidden stuff*
armin.armout преди месец
The fact it was right there and he didn’t see it irritated me 😭
Jan Mhar Cariso
Jan Mhar Cariso преди месец
Jan Mhar Cariso
Jan Mhar Cariso преди месец
Bryan Ribey
Bryan Ribey преди месец
@FelixStray 37:03
Quackity :]
Quackity :] преди месец
Time stamp?
Dora chen
Dora chen преди ден
I am literally never scared of any scary things This video terrified me
FINessed преди ден
As I was watching this my fire alarm went off, obviously it was a false alarm but it really scared the shit outta me.
speedsketch 44
speedsketch 44 преди 2 дни
I'm pretty sure the second one with Mary is something to do with schizophrenia and the panic it can cause.
The wendigo With wifi
The wendigo With wifi преди 15 часа
I think it schizophrenia and self Harm
Kira Lonely
Kira Lonely преди 9 дни
Oh my god, I loved the Vesuvius so much. I'm not religious, but the cinematography, and even the story were great, not to mention the unsettling way they managed to frame the entirety of it all, without jumpscares, at least for a good while, end even before Mary, you're just on edge to no end, it feels gross and gritty and I loved it so much. That unsettling sort of horror like that one is my favorite tbh. 9/10, not the best I've ever seen, but the unsettling vibe and cinematography top it up to a good solid 9/10.
Emory преди месец
Guest, to me, was definitely about mental illness. When you feel like you’re going insane, it really can feel like you’re in a situation like this. Like, you don’t know why this thing keeps tormenting you, there’s no way to kill it or hide from it, and the only relief you can get is by doing something drastic. It seems irrational to everyone else, but to you it’s real.
gamechimp преди 10 дни
Yall thinking too much on this
Mae Does It All
Mae Does It All преди месец
I love your pfp!
ris преди месец
@Mex Yeet yeah, its terrifying. like a time i hallucinated that my mother's head was a flower
E M преди месец
@Lockedafk schizophrenia*
Tepora Hotene
Tepora Hotene преди 24 дни
I love how with curve, you can feel the discomfort of the leg position I hated it so much made me feel out of place just wanted to straighten the leg
Nyoom Monster
Nyoom Monster преди 16 дни
I like this vibe better than the last ones, it's more chill Tho watching you get scared or make fun of found footage horror videos is still hilarious
Zesty Kaktus
Zesty Kaktus преди 5 дни
Curve caused so many physical sensations in my body lol, made my hands feel all weird. So well done!!!
Humans Aren't Real
Humans Aren't Real преди 2 дни
There is a giant sand stone rock outside that's shaped kinda like the one from curve. Even has a drop off (not death heights though, it'd likely just knock the air out of ya and you may break a bone if you land wrong sliding off it you might fall 15-20 MAYBE 25ft to the ground.) I climbed all over it as a kid, even at those low risk heights, my heart would leap into my throat and my stomach would sink if my feet slid weird. Curve hits different...
Falkuey_ Artster
Falkuey_ Artster преди месец
The actress for the Curve (Laura Jane Turner) was SO PHENOMENAL! She expressed pain and panic so beautifully as well as the forced calm and breathing. She portrayed her thoughts without words so perfectly, and I FULLY respect her. The director as well for being able to pull this performance out of the actress!
Selrisitai преди месец
@Xaryen Maelstrom I was referring to the acting and directing of the acting, not story development. After screaming, I'd expect some chest-heaving, glancing around, gnashing of teeth-some physical follow-up to such a furious outburst. It's kind of like when you talk or yell. IN real life, your lips will enter a particular state, whether closed or mouth agape, and if an actor does this part wrong it'll look unnatural. This is what I'm referring to. I don't feel like the actor's expressive state was appropriate or natural after the scream.
Xaryen Maelstrom
Xaryen Maelstrom преди месец
@Selrisitai For me it was the opposite. Oddly enough. It gave me this finality... like she was angry and frustrated When she screamed... but right after... it didn't change anything... She was still there... trapped... doomed... hopeless... Yet still fighting. Survival instinct I suppose. IF the scream had followed obvious script or expectation in her expressions. For me it would have fallen flat. It would have broken the story.
Falkuey_ Artster
Falkuey_ Artster преди месец
@Selrisitai oh absolutely! It was so flat and insignificant that I forgot about it 😂
Aki Kaen
Aki Kaen преди месец
No way! That’s her name!!! That’s so close to mine!!! (Lara Jane Turner) fucking hell
Aiden R
Aiden R преди месец
U1timatezer0 преди 3 дни
Why am I watching this at 12 in the morning 😫- I’m gonna have a panic attack because of these (but I’ll be damned if they aren’t well made)
John The Dork
John The Dork преди 5 дни
Ok, when the girl smashed the cookie jar in the last one, I was expecting the clown to come back looking all fucked up or something. Like the monster got smashed too. That would've been cool.
Heather преди 12 дни
There's one called "other side of the box" that I would love to see your reaction to. It's one that really got me and had me on edge even the night after watching it lol
Fransisca Yulianita
Fransisca Yulianita преди ден
That first one was anxiety on a whole nother level
Trentairian преди месец
Jack: "Stop hiding, go after them, be proactive, they arent expecting that." Also Jack: "I think that theres a lesson here, stay where you are and stop venturing through the house."
Miftahul Salam
Miftahul Salam преди 28 дни
@Nick Lopez were you trying to make as many comments as possible about the video and ended up making them replies to this one comment bruh..
lolbit. please stand by
lolbit. please stand by преди месец
It depends if you arms at little child arm/legs or not
Nick Lopez
Nick Lopez преди месец
44:30 I don’t get how she became friends with the same thing she was trying to break? , what did it grow on her?
Nick Lopez
Nick Lopez преди месец
that little blonde haired girl in the last video looks familiar like she’s from something else
Nick Lopez
Nick Lopez преди месец
41:34 um, what the fuck is that picture to the right of her mom and her because that looks like a fucking monster
Izzy ❤️
Izzy ❤️ преди 10 дни
can we take time to appreciate how good jack is at commentating at the beginning
Toast_the_Ghost преди 7 дни
The second one gave me like a deep fight or flight instinct afterwards
Crøw преди ден
Gotta love the second one, with the girl and her struggles with schizophrenia
Austin Lahr
Austin Lahr преди 4 дни
Rewatching this and had to say Curve evokes like, my biggest fear that I can't even put into words. Love ya Jackaboi
The Dark Atlas
The Dark Atlas преди месец
I think Jack missed that the blood stains across in curve was mimicking her own. I think this is such an amazing concept to move forward with, like I’d be so interested in a full movie of that
Soup преди месец
@Kevin Hanger extreme twister
Ezekiel преди месец
I thought that the blood she kept seeing was her picturing herself having fallen and what the curve would look like without her on it.
Nolan cOuLoMbE
Nolan cOuLoMbE преди месец
I noticed that! Such a scary detail
Nova Sludge
Nova Sludge преди месец
@FlakeyJakey lmao...there's movies out about less than this
Itzurgurlliz преди месец
Yess!!! I noticed this too
Dudey преди 4 дни
I've seen the first one but watching this again with you is much more fun
Ashy Chan
Ashy Chan преди 5 дни
The cookie house kinda has a Halloween and a Babadook feel to it and I love it.
Paige Stinnett
Paige Stinnett преди 16 дни
The way he started the video made me laugh bc my friend asked me like 10 minutes before what I would do if 10 pigeons showed up in my room, and when he said the line "something there in the room with you" I immediately said yeah it's 10 pigeons
Cozwerz преди 20 дни
“Horrifically demotivating , but kinda sick “😂 just brilliant . This is why I’ve stayed from the beginning
NightSlash Plays
NightSlash Plays преди месец
Normal people: *hides from monster* Jack: "I gotta be proactive. Let's go stab that little sh*t!
Cherry Dragon
Cherry Dragon преди месец
@Snoop_dono the only time you shud call the cops or an ambulance is AFTER you wacked the shit out of the intruder
Amber Galway
Amber Galway преди месец
@Snoop_donoand kicking the balls can cause said balls to twist and the blood supply will be cut off within I think it was 8 hours and than goodbye testicle
Snoop_dono преди месец
its how some people are raised tbh. my grandfather taught me its always better to go out fighting and screaming bloody murder, taking the fucker with you to the other side if you can, than just submitting and waiting for your death. any time theres a noise outside or i think i hear someone breaking in i dont reach for the phone and call the cops. i reach for the biggest stick i have near me and i get ready for my next spontaneous sparring session. murderers and robbers would be a whole lot less likely to commit crimes if every time they slipped up even slightly they got a missive knot on their head and a nice swift kick to the taint. I imagine killing just wouldn't be as enjoyable if you had to go through excruciating pain every time just to finish the job.
Audrey Laforest
Audrey Laforest преди месец
Also jack: there's a lesson here, stop venturing through the house...
Pro gamer 2609
Pro gamer 2609 преди месец
Words 0F Wisdom
Words 0F Wisdom преди 14 дни
An other pretty good scary short film is "Other side of the box" definitely should give it a look.
WebbedMonkey преди 22 дни
When Jack was saying go find him, it made me wonder how people hundreds of years ago would have dealt with it, because in guest, a viking would have probably grabbed a weapon and ran out screaming valhalla
Nova !
Nova ! преди 16 дни
Sean: “i’m looking for him in all the scenes. I love hidden stuff” Shadow behind door: “am I a joke to you?”
Jullian Browne
Jullian Browne преди 4 дни
Thank you for searching out some genuinely interesting short horror films instead of just buying in to those "scariest videos compilation" videos. It is much appreciated.
Natalie Haag
Natalie Haag преди месец
It’s shorts like The Curve that don’t need all the aspects of a typical horror movie in order to be scary. It’s very well done!
MusePing преди месец
@Raz1685 it’s psychological horror
Raz1685 преди месец
@melon Yeah I mean genre based Its horror but If you would categorize them I wouldnt say the curve is really Horror
Austin Griffith
Austin Griffith преди месец
@RustedYoda Or. The creator finished it just fine. Not everything needs a clear ending or a clear beginning. The marrative that wanted to be told was. The lack of information can add to the viewers engagement. Just because you weren't satisfied with the ending does not mean it was not ended that way on purpose.
MR.NoONECares0_0 преди месец
There has to be a phobia for something like that, I hate when I get stuck in an area where you the only way out is death, not that I have been in that position, that's why I got scared at the good the bad the ugly when he has to stand on that grave with the rope around his neck and hands tied and then that blonde guy (possibly Clint Eastwood they never said his name) left him, I was so relieved when he shot the rope though.
melon преди месец
@Raz1685 horror is just a genre that causes fear so yes it’s horror
Just a NOBODY преди 7 дни
I love how these short movies on youtube have such good directors, filmers, actors/actressess and are juat all around very good
Blue Protogen
Blue Protogen преди 4 дни
Can we just take a second to admire the 4K face cam jack has
HorkusBork преди 10 дни
Sean you have to watch "The Backrooms" by Kane Pixels in the next one. It's one of the most terrifying things I've ever watched on youtube.
Alexander_creepy преди 6 дни
Oh my gods Jack one of the fuckin creepiest intros I've watched in a while! Edit: I wouldn't be afraid of Peter pep-show I would simply be startled but be understanding. I might not be the bravest person but I can take the spooks!
Saki .-.
Saki .-. преди месец
Me: *taking a shit casually* Jack: “you feel it don’t you?” “Something watching you”
john_the_pyro_ преди 12 дни
Don’t we all lol
Isis Lee
Isis Lee преди 12 дни
• XxShipper KingxX •
• XxShipper KingxX • преди 13 дни
@samuel Rhimes lmao
• XxShipper KingxX •
• XxShipper KingxX • преди 13 дни
@Chakra 👀
Mr. Cage
Mr. Cage преди 13 дни
Moony преди ден
Curve was good. I think i was more squeamish than scared though, just cause that looked very painful
bb0323love преди 4 дни
Absolutely love your intros, so creative
Simp Central
Simp Central преди 10 часа
right after she said “Mary what happened last night?” And add break came, for a Clive Palmer add. It was honestly perfect timing.
Captain Phleggs
Captain Phleggs преди месец
I think what made The Curve much more terrifying is the fact you never see any other person, just hear them, she's alone and has no one to experience it with, and you the viewer are put into a tunnel of a world, i think it plays the best on the impression that having other people around who are experiencing or have experienced something you're going through makes things waayy easier to process and deal with, The Curve removes that and you're dealing with uncertainty and anxiety at it's worst. Such a good short.
Logan McGlynn
Logan McGlynn преди месец
@Magpie no those blood marks where mimicking her own, whenever she got blood on the surface of the curve it would show up in the other side.
Lazality преди месец
my question is how did she get there XD
Corey Casciano
Corey Casciano преди месец
Or maybe just maybe it’s terrifying because you’re gonna fall to your death, you pretty much are not gonna survive this But forreal that was incredibly put together short film
LavenderOtaku преди месец
@NightSlash Plays Fair enough. I know she does once that we see. We also don’t know how long she’s been there. I originally thought that she panicked because she didn’t know where she was, but now I realize she also didn’t call for help. Maybe she realizes nobody will hear her. All I was trying to say is shit that girl has way more pain tolerance and willpower than me.
the odd trash can but the second one!
the odd trash can but the second one! преди месец
@Panth Bucket really? That’s a real curvy comment there
sp1derface! преди 4 дни
i loved the guest so much because of how it represents psychotic episodes. the way mary is very aware that what she’s experiencing isn’t real is something that means a lot to me, because that’s the case quite often but you don’t see films showing it a lot. and how the guest is obviously harmless, but the fact she can’t make him go away represents something bigger to mary, hence going to the lengths of blinding and deafening herself.
Hunter Byers
Hunter Byers преди ден
That child in the last one was really like " yeah I just got a face full of murder clown better go to bed with a flashlight" like NO. my ass would have got a Glock before going in the house
Riversong преди 5 дни
I feel like Curve spoke to so much more than it appears on the surface. Anyone who has struggled with something that has to be committed to on a daily basis can relate to what the unnamed main character is going through. Each day you're fighting not to slip. I feel like her seeing the signs of other people being on other curves was her ruminating about having slipped before, that the blood dripping is every day starting fresh with committing to living the best life for her. Mental illness, addiction, numerous things can require that determination and though not shown physically in this way, it can be this difficult to not fall back into the lifestyles or choices or mindsets that make you unhealthy or unstable. Fighting for sanity and stability can sometimes be a life or death situation and you give it every single thing you have to make it through another day. I was also impressed with Guest. Even if suicidal ideation or self harm doesn't manifest in this way, it's healthy to think of your depression as a separate entity and have a name for it. I think Mary was dealing with something more complicated than just suicidal thoughts and actions but that is still true. It's important to separate those voices in your head from who you are so you don't let your mental illness win the battle. It isn't always easy but I find it helpful to yell at some random name you picked for your depression than yelling at yourself for believing it.
FalloutJack преди 2 дни
My sister has an over-the-fireplace TV in her home. They're fine.
Matthew Cudney
Matthew Cudney преди месец
Jack needs his own movie, guest staring Ryan Reynolds.
Landon Korzenowski
Landon Korzenowski преди 12 дни
@Ob1 oh my bad
Ob1 преди 15 дни
@Landon Korzenowski you didnt even write the comment
Ob1 преди 15 дни
@Landon Korzenowski what
Landon Korzenowski
Landon Korzenowski преди 16 дни
@Ob1 I know I just called him jack because I felt like it.
Anthony Rivas
Anthony Rivas преди месец
@Matthew Cudney hey i mean, they got hostile for no reason.
FrogKing преди 12 дни
Honestly if jack gave a super serious story voice he could do amazing creepy pasta/ horror story reading vids
Samantha Daviau
Samantha Daviau преди 22 часа
And the first one someone mentioned the first video is a physical manifestation of suicide, which to me is even more interesting/ scary because we all have our own input to say if we were in this situation as people who don’t have depression / aren’t in the curve situation. We want to say “stay and wait it out”/ “well, I would have just given up” it’s very interesting because we always think we could do better than the person actually experiencing the situation. Although hopefully y’all never find yourself on a curve.
PTD преди 2 дни
If you're still interested, the movie the little girl was watching in the last video is called White Zombie. Very old movie. Like one of the last ones to portray zombies as the dead brought back by voodoo sorcerers and black magic.
Sal Katona
Sal Katona преди 9 дни
The fact that I was home alone during the intro- scared 10 years off my life
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