Did Tom Holland and Zendaya Remember Me?

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I got to interview Tom Holland and Zendaya again!
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jacksepticeye преди месец
For anyone who doesn't know, we're doing Thankmas tomorrow trying to raise $10 Million. Hope to see you there
Nick Anthony
Nick Anthony преди 11 дни
is this an edited video or did you actually view them. thats unbelievable if u did. Nice job man if this is real no way.
*IzukuAfton* преди 25 дни
tell tom abt meh plz
adly_m преди 27 дни
i like how u sent this out like a group text LMAO
tricia thompson
tricia thompson преди 29 дни
The movie was awesome by the way! I loved it! Please tell Tom holland I said hi
Taylor Hunter
Taylor Hunter преди месец
I’m actually really proud that Tom Holland is good at keeping secrets now cause he didn’t used to be able to
Not The Expert
Not The Expert преди месец
This was great. Cool to see you ask such respectful and thoughtful questions.
Jude Amogabe
Jude Amogabe преди 2 дни
Drewski watches the Septiceye???
Kaitlynn преди 11 дни
Trevor S.
Trevor S. преди 16 дни
Wild drewski?
Joseph M
Joseph M преди 17 дни
Ugf pandas represent
Andrew Finch
Andrew Finch преди 20 дни
Big Ol'Drewski
Lxrso преди месец
I'm not really a fan of interviews, but this one genuinely seemed interesting. Great questions and manners as always Sean!
milkbattery преди 5 дни
i would so much rather watch my favorite people interview my favorite then a stranger interview my favorite people
Frolic преди 8 дни
Mike Timmer
Mike Timmer преди 18 дни
same i usually dont watch interviews at all or for very long but i sat through this wanting more
j преди 27 дни
@Cosmic do you gain anything from doing this shit?
Brandon Hey
Brandon Hey преди месец
@Kuzo think he means Seán's deceased father 😔
Gauntalette преди месец
Zendaya is so chill. I really respect how she is able to secure her original self while not experiencing burnout from masking as an actor.
Robotic преди 7 дни
They’re both being chill 😐
Rensane преди 9 дни
@ItsCayden! we just can't mention the aquaman death scene
Strive преди 10 дни
@ItsCayden! it gave me chills when spiderman became black tho
Yeetwch Y Baban
Yeetwch Y Baban преди 21 ден
@Makayla Rhodes o
Yeetwch Y Baban
Yeetwch Y Baban преди 21 ден
JadedKy преди месец
Zendayas face when tom was talking about his mom has me dead as fuck.
BlueGate преди 14 дни
@Silver Stem i think i get it now
Silver Stem
Silver Stem преди 14 дни
@BlueGate Honestly i think when he says "Its run by my mum" she's makes a sly face like, "Yeah we run this shit" type of funny jest, ya know?
Serina Wong
Serina Wong преди месец
@BlueGate I felt like it was more of a "such a good boy" smile.
MetalCommand преди месец
@BlueGate I think she is just reitarating what he Tom is saying but kinda implying that she really someone who gets in charge of things.
Anthony Bo
Anthony Bo преди месец
@Raul Arias I guarantee Zendaya is used to all of his slang by now they’ve worked hours upon hours together and I think they’re dating or wear or something
NameIsLeon преди месец
this guy generally needs his own chat show, been following him for a while, seems like such a genuine guy
VPCalum преди 6 дни
Cause he’s Irish
Spongy преди месец
Yeah!! I totally agree as well!!! Jacksepticeye has always been such a genuine guy since the beginning, definitely needs a talk show!!! 👍
Dash преди месец
Of course they remember you! Your personality is hard to forget. Love u ❤️
6iqx преди 6 дни
how do they have 180k subs but 0 vids?
Strive преди 10 дни
@Мут another fatherless attention seeking child
Screaming Soldier
Screaming Soldier преди 14 дни
@MGTOW Entrepreneur As do you.
He Who Took A Dump On A Porcupine
He Who Took A Dump On A Porcupine преди 14 дни
@Starr lol don’t worry about it
Starr преди 14 дни
@He Who Took A Dump On A Porcupine OH CRAP sorry I meant to report a bot but some how it turned into to a comment @ing you?? I'm so sorry I don't know how that even happen
Blake Rodarmer
Blake Rodarmer преди месец
It’s so cool seeing 3 people from 3 different parts of the world having such a wholesome conversation
Grace Lynk
Grace Lynk преди 16 дни
I love this way of thinking so much :) reminds me to be more optimistic
aomenih преди 17 дни
@GinsuChikara they're talking about the fact they're each from different parts of the world, which is true, not that they're from different language-speaking parts of the world
GinsuChikara преди месец
Tom and Zendaya are in a relationship, and they're all from English-speaking countries, lmao
Sploogerz z
Sploogerz z преди месец
@Darth Vader ah that's a good point tbf. I'm from Manchester (won't say what area cos that's too specific). Never been Cornwall cos holidays there are steep can't lie
Darth Vader
Darth Vader преди месец
@Sploogerz z which part of England? Because places like London are definitely going to be more different but places like Cornwall which are Celtic just like Wales, Ireland and Scotland are not very different.
Hexteria 3:36
Hexteria 3:36 преди месец
Jack: -how do you handle not spoiling things? Tom: -well it's pretty hard *proceeds to explain a scene with a lot of detail*
MrDerpyEnder876 преди месец
Krazy Kalle
Krazy Kalle преди месец
(No spoilers) Saw the movie yesterday and it is probably one of the hardest in the past few years to not drop any spoilers on. People in cinema even cheered on some scenes which I haven't seen in a long time
maria преди 8 дни
literally watched it 2 days ago and the cinema was surprisingly still half full which is weird bc we live in a very small suburban area so that was great, they also cheered :D
camila cedeno
camila cedeno преди 16 дни
i watched it like 2/3 weeks after it dropped and quite a bit of people in my theatre cheered as well it was a great experience
Georgie Abdalla
Georgie Abdalla преди 22 дни
Omg the first time I saw it EVERYONE cheered and it was awesomeeee
Richie Birkhimer
Richie Birkhimer преди 22 дни
Just saw it a few days ago besides the kids near me i loved it everyone was cheering during certain scenes my favorite marvel movie of as of now
Pizzazombia преди месец
@uwulys well lol it was full of kids but the guy next to me was very cool he knew EVERYTHING abt marvel and spiderman we hung out after the movie
Ball Point Penus
Ball Point Penus преди месец
Interviews like this are so much better than morning television interviews. It's a real peek behind the curtain, not some jackass trying to get material for a sensational title.
Funny Bunny
Funny Bunny преди месец
Jack is a really great interviewer, he doesn’t pry in their personal lives and asks really thoughtful questions
好吧 преди 3 дни
Boxers stare down their interviewers when they do that
Bruce Slisz
Bruce Slisz преди 6 дни
The useless goddess is right
Lit Potat
Lit Potat преди 7 дни
I agree
jil9o преди 8 дни
So true really only thing he does is like how has your life been since last time
Dogged Owl
Dogged Owl преди 11 дни
@MGTOW Entrepreneur karma is coming for you. Better watch out
jman415 преди месец
i love that this is just a normal conversation and not an interrogating interview; great work!
xShowtime35x преди 2 дни
I’ve never seen this side of Jack. It’s pretty insane how this goofy and somewhat childish character flip the switch of professionalism
GenuineGem преди 2 дни
I dont really watch interviews much at all, but i enjoyed this a lot Jack. Good luck to you and thank you for the tons of laughs you bring!
Nintendold преди 9 дни
"as a fan of every trilogy" the guy just DESTROYED Andrew Garfield, geez
Science Of Fantasy
Science Of Fantasy преди месец
Sean is steadily becoming an excellent interviewer. His topic transitions were smooth AF here
Belphegor Is Baby
Belphegor Is Baby преди 2 дни
@Slender man😈 ok? and?
Slender man😈
Slender man😈 преди 4 дни
@Belphegor Is Baby Toms death was cut out of the movie and it’s on BGpost
Belphegor Is Baby
Belphegor Is Baby преди 4 дни
@Slender man😈 Yeah it sucked. The fanmade creepypasta inserts are better ngl..
Slender man😈
Slender man😈 преди 4 дни
@Belphegor Is Baby have you ever seen the slender man movie 2018?
Belphegor Is Baby
Belphegor Is Baby преди 4 дни
@Slender man😈 I’ve heard of slenderman yes. Never the slender man. Must be the bootleg annoying guy in the back.
xd soyquef
xd soyquef преди 19 часа
It’s amazing seeing Sean go from a little Irish boy living in a cabin in the middle of nowhere to big boy Sean doing interviews and starring in a movie really proud of Sean
Arcane Alex
Arcane Alex преди месец
This almost feels like it’s been stitched together (as in it’s surreal every time) but it’s even more brilliant that Sean gets these opportunities. It’s so nice seeing someone like him in the reporter seat.
GeekyGamerTV преди 22 дни
It's cool to see youtubers doing interviews with celebrities, don't get to see that a lot and it just feels....right. I really like how the gaming community is now apart of something more. Anyone else agree?
GekkoTadpole 247
GekkoTadpole 247 преди месец
Real talk Jack, how mind blowing is it to have the opportunity to talk in person to the actor playing your favorite superhero ever
BarelySara преди месец
I feel like this is not an interview, is just three people catching up and someone happened to be filming it! Love how you interview people Sean!
Rhys Hills
Rhys Hills преди месец
If this wasn’t a interview everyone would speak like robots
Rogue Wave
Rogue Wave преди месец
@Kavetion I too like to lie
Tryp Hazzard
Tryp Hazzard преди месец
Exactly!! I love the open way they were able to bounce back and forth without leaving anyone out!
iSyrus преди месец
@Miffham Muwad no there’s a few just look up jacksepticeye interviews and there will be like a few
LoeDoesStuff преди месец
Pikachu преди месец
i really like how Tom addresses Jack as if they were friends
ToastyTalks преди месец
Dude this has to be so humbling and honorable for you. I imagine you had a lot of feelings running through doing, this because its such an opportunity but for a very deserving guy that you. Are very proud of the content creator you are jack.
Jasmin Marino
Jasmin Marino преди месец
First thing first, Jack is a great interviewer by being to be down to earth and have a comfortable interview with Tom and zendaya about how they doing in life instead of always talking about a movie that's definitely a lot of pressure and expectation on the two. To be able to have this comfortable interview, I believe it's because Jack can use his own platform the way he wants and can, compared to main or other interview platforms, where most are mainly paid or expected to ask questions that are always commonly given. This is just my opinion, and it's always great to see celebrities have a relaxed interview
Felicia Stelpflug
Felicia Stelpflug преди месец
So proud of Tom for not dropping spoilers like crazy... Granted I always thought it was hilarious. Him and Zendaya are so awesome together!
SupahFlames преди месец
Tom said “See you next time” like he’s looking forward to talking to Jack. Love that
wartygourd преди месец
@Jamie Smith oh shit...maybe ur right
Jamie Smith
Jamie Smith преди месец
@wartygourd well I'm pretty sure the last time they met was after far from home. So logically the next time would be after the next spiderman movie.
wartygourd преди месец
@Jamie Smith wait what
Jamie Smith
Jamie Smith преди месец
Wait hold up, did Tom just hint at another spiderman movie in the future??
PHANTOM V преди месец
Asif Rahaman
Asif Rahaman преди месец
This was a really good interview. You were very calm, made them feel comfortable, didn’t ask any weird questions. Good job man.
putchaidanganimal1 преди месец
It's nice that they got involved and see that the money they're donating to the organizations and stuff are actually being distributed to the people and not being nicked/stolen. Thanks Tom Holland and his mom for donating to the people in need in place of people who can't donate because they don't have money.
wingchun17 преди месец
Dude props to Jack! This was such a well done interview. He was so appropriate asking questions to Sean and Zendaya and kept it within film/acting standards. Again, awesome job Jackscepticeye!!
charlotte преди месец
why is tom dressed like a stereotyped lesbian
t r i n
t r i n преди 15 дни
hes dating zendaya her aura is influencing his style
Ren преди месец
Jack is the best interviewer. He’s not like the rest that try to pry and dig for spoilers. He just asks genuine questions about their work and I respect that. Well done Sean💚
Brenden Melton
Brenden Melton преди 11 дни
@Mr. Arbiter Ight
Friendly Bendy
Friendly Bendy преди месец
@jacksepticeye that's why u fit as an S-tier interviewer, and one of the very sociable YTbers in the whole place, many kudos 👍😁
Kiana elle
Kiana elle преди месец
You're a good person Jack.❤️❤️❤️😊😊🥰
Kiana elle
Kiana elle преди месец
And this is why we love you Jack😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️❤️
Kiana elle
Kiana elle преди месец
Exactly 💯💯💯😊😊😊
DoctorCdub преди месец
I literally get second hand anxiety watching Jack talk to famous celebrities but he handles it so well. Sheesh.
blastedbubblegum преди месец
Oml you described it perfectly 🤣
Aiden Postema
Aiden Postema преди месец
I think ppl forget that Jack him self is a celebrity on lighter scale but he's still is.
Angie Vic
Angie Vic преди месец
This was such a nice and calming interview. You could kinda see that it was a breather for both of them where they didn't have to be on their toes about what they say and if it's a spoiler. Amazing job Sean!
XDunno преди месец
Can we just appreciate how good of an interviewer he is
themightywhoosh преди месец
I can tell they genuinely enjoyed your questions and your feedback. Almost made me tear up🥺
Kevin Kai
Kevin Kai преди месец
My personal opinion is that Sean’s interview is more professional than many full-time journalists, he doesn’t try to pry for spoilers, always on topic, and really did deep background check on the good deeds the interviewees are doing to bring to a friendly closure.
Turb Maister
Turb Maister преди 22 дни
It's cuz journalists Aren't celebrateis, Suan can relate to them and knows what to ask
Anna Meyers
Anna Meyers преди месец
And he doesn't ask stupid sexist questions like many professional interviewers do.
TheAtmantis преди месец
@ً good one
SpriteSlamz преди месец
Ginger Soul Eater
Ginger Soul Eater преди месец
I think, it might also be that unlike “actual journalists” he will get called out, if it sucked and came unprepared, it might sound like an exaggeration, but any BGpostr doing these is representing the youtube community and it helps everyone else to have a better chance of being recognized as something more than “a random person making videos”. Not to take away that he definitely works hard and tries to do his best, in general, because it is how he is.
honhon nott
honhon nott преди 25 дни
There is no excuse. You can be a great interviewer without making personal, sexist or disgusting questions as Sean has showed us. Hold those who keep getting into celebrities's personal lives accountable. Be like Sean!
Quack Up
Quack Up преди месец
The zoom in on Zendaya's smile at 8:21 is hilarious
Courts Kareroa
Courts Kareroa преди 25 дни
Literally the best interview. We could tell everyone was having a good time just chatting. My favourite part was the “so nice to see you” at the end because it felt really genuine
oLexツ преди 18 дни
love to see that seans interacting with a lot of these comments, shows that he reads and cares about what his supporters are saying❤️
OwO преди месец
I really want to know how much Jack is screaming of joy on the inside after meeting Spiderman face to face.
JustSomeJoltik преди месец
TheDragonRuler преди месец
I feel like you didn't watch the video
Zena YT
Zena YT преди месец
he isnt
Zena YT
Zena YT преди месец
Aarch Nemesis
Aarch Nemesis преди месец
Yoo..ur very where
Tre' Alexander
Tre' Alexander преди месец
It's really cool to see how genuine they are, to see the real person behind the character.
Dimitri Paul
Dimitri Paul преди месец
I'm only fourteen years old, but I remember watching your content when I was around 7 and it makes me feel awesome to know how amazing you're doing. 27 million subscribers! holy cow Jack and you're out here still making terrific content, you're my hero Jack.
Jonah McD
Jonah McD преди месец
Jack with Tom and Zendaya is just as much of a crossover as the movie
Nrdgrl 21
Nrdgrl 21 преди месец
Fantastic interview! I love the questions Jack asked, they were so thoughtful and interesting! These are truly the things people want to know.
Your Typical No Named Youtuber
Your Typical No Named Youtuber преди месец
If Jack was doing interviews on his own show I would 100% watch it whenever it was on it's just so genuine
Chinmoy Biswas
Chinmoy Biswas преди 3 дни
Birch tree
Leo's Marbles
Leo's Marbles преди 25 дни
Among us sus
297 KiLLSHoTT преди месец
Pizza Man
Pizza Man преди месец
@lekshmi priya ok
lekshmi priya
lekshmi priya преди месец
No replies I see....
Hanif Kukuh Raharjo
Hanif Kukuh Raharjo преди месец
Jack really knows how to do an interview and ask an interesting question. Love it!
Carlos Santana
Carlos Santana преди месец
I love how Jack take so much important details and makes them in such simple questions
Jazzy преди месец
Jack is so respectful as an interviewer, he never once boxed them in our asked questions he knew they were gonna have to dodge
Friendly Bendy
Friendly Bendy преди месец
Who agrees with me and many others who share the same thoughts that jacksepticeye is an S-tier interviewer?
gruuu преди месец
i love how they just seem like casual friends
Snake Viber
Snake Viber преди месец
@卐-soundcity-卐 kinda hypocritical of you talking about fatherless behaviour
the running man
the running man преди месец
@Cosmic you need to touch grass
start преди месец
@Cosmic you must be 10 I can tell
GEN 2 MEDIA INC. преди месец
@BlueFoxDA what job do you have? “Clown”
Christopher Allan
Christopher Allan преди месец
@Cosmic im pretty sure this guy has some severe cognitive impairment
NOT.Branch преди месец
Zendaya's face at 8:22 had me laughing for a while
Sarah Matkins
Sarah Matkins преди месец
This video really made me remember how talented Sean is. Interviewing was very good and I usually don’t watch interviews much but it was so well done. So great job :D loved seeing this
kayla ryals
kayla ryals преди 7 дни
Honestly best interview I’ve ever seen I was so excited to see Sean did the interviews ☺️
G3MEOV3R преди месец
Nearly 9 minutes of Sean desperately trying not to aggressively fanboy In all seriousness though no one could forget you dude 👍🏼
Snoopy преди месец
That first question shows how genuine Jack is. Barely even sounds like he's doing an interview, just asking his acquaintances how they been
Niall Blair
Niall Blair преди месец
such a nice original message and then this degen thread, classic youtube comments
ItsTasty преди месец
@The Red Panda “did u really copy and paste because ur losing the argument lol”
Hekst-_- преди месец
@The Red Panda counter: You have nothing better to do?
Blooper Dooper
Blooper Dooper преди месец
@The Red Panda but don’t you eventually just wonder what the point of a dumb argument is anyway? The first commenter guy is just an attention seeker that’s it. We can’t do anything about it so why are you arguing *for* him? I can’t tell if you are or not actually, but I think it’s just goofy at this point.
Brad преди месец
He’s got the huge benefit of being one of the most famous internet entertainers. He’s not some journalist
checkmy flow
checkmy flow преди месец
i really love the questions. it is not invasive, not tricking for spoilers and well spoken and interesting. for a fan and a human commun sense it is fun
Joëlle Étienne
Joëlle Étienne преди месец
I can't wait to see this!! Zendaya and Tom are so intelligent and mature and humble, I really love their replies to Séan's excellently worded questions.
UwU преди месец
I love these videos! Please keep making them if you can, I love seeing you grow as an interviewer!
Edward Mcinnes
Edward Mcinnes преди 8 дни
Jack needs to start doing all interviews. He is way to good at them
Roth Edits
Roth Edits преди месец
Nearly 9 minutes of Sean desperately trying not to aggressively fanboy In all seriousness though no one could forget you dude 👍🏼
DBGC ATB преди 24 дни
@Isaac Yeon people these days man
Isaac Yeon
Isaac Yeon преди 24 дни
@DBGC ATB self promotion in the worst way possible
DBGC ATB преди 24 дни
@Isaac Yeon wa he say
veru преди месец
@卐-soundcity-卐 dude you dont even have content your channel is literally empty
Canyun Hicks
Canyun Hicks преди месец
@卐-soundcity-卐 shit at least he had a loving father I bet yours hates you if you even know him. Explains your behavior.
antijadyn преди месец
Jack literally looks so proud of them as he watches them talk :')
jack bennett
jack bennett преди месец
Some interviews I’ve watched just feel forced but this interview just flows, like a majestic waterfall, loved it:)
Dwane Parton
Dwane Parton преди месец
Tom has adapted this Robert Downey Jr fashion style
hannah преди месец
His fashion person is Zandaya's
Keristraza S.
Keristraza S. преди месец
Amazing interview, normally I don't watch interviews all they way through because they get boring but this one always kept my interest :)
44kactus преди месец
Sean: “How do you guys keep from spoiling everything?” Kevin Feige polishing his sniper: “Yeah how?”
Allgamapoe преди месец
Did you notice them saying 'people thinking that you blew up -----" when talking about the celebrity poking thing.
Shocking Pikachu
Shocking Pikachu преди месец
@MGTOW Entrepreneur do you have literally anything better to be doing in your life or is it that pathetic that you have spent at least a day spamming different messages like this?
Devin Jensen
Devin Jensen преди месец
fucking 💀😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Rob Gable
Rob Gable преди месец
Who's he gonna shoot?? The Stars of the Movies?!!
Weird shrek
Weird shrek преди месец
@MGTOW Entrepreneur shut up
Caleb Corbett
Caleb Corbett преди 15 дни
I love this because most of the time videos like this can be so uncomfortable, but even with the big creaters the stress is almost undetectable.
BioWareGirl29 преди месец
I know for a fact Jack was hardcore fangirling and screaming on the inside
Madyson Hornack
Madyson Hornack преди месец
Honestly loved the questions you were asking because they were really well thought out and i think they appreciated it too. So happy you had such a great opportunity and i think its safe to say we are all proud of who you've became and the person you are still working on becoming. So grateful i get to see you're journey.
jovo преди месец
I felt so happy watching this 🤣🕺🏻happy for Jack, happy for the release of the movie ,happy for Tom and Zendaya. Just genuinely happy
BlackCatEd преди месец
It's awesome to see Jack now being a big-shot film interviewer. You've come a long way baby...
Rainy Singularity
Rainy Singularity преди 16 дни
@Cosmic 😐
Memerroni преди месец
@Cosmic SHUT.....UP
Seledoon Army
Seledoon Army преди месец
@Cosmic It's sad you have nothing better to do.
the running man
the running man преди месец
@Cosmic you know you should’ve kept your mouth shut 🤐
Baughy преди месец
@ThatGuyRiver Ayoo
Alex Poliah
Alex Poliah преди 7 дни
10 year old me would not be able to comprehend that Jack would be interviewing Spider Man
Sullyhogs преди месец
This is such a wonderful interview. So wholesome. Definitely unlike most interviews these days.
Emma Louise
Emma Louise преди 19 дни
I absolutely love this! You’re such a brilliant interviewer Sean!☺️💚
kraken Wave
kraken Wave преди 15 дни
Amazing from jack, such a respectful and well thought out interview 👏
Pickleking преди месец
When Jack interviews, he doesn't really dig deeper with the questions like most reporters do, he instead is just positive and makes them feel comfortable, which honestly seems like the best way to do it. Sean's positive personality makes doing interviews like this more honest and unique, its something I love to see.
J Gamez
J Gamez преди месец
@Sisse Holm exactly
Sisse Holm
Sisse Holm преди месец
@Eman 201 all u should do is to report them and nothing else. Don't give them attention at all
Eman 201
Eman 201 преди месец
@J Gamez I was really hoping they would respond so I could gaslight them
SirBroadcast преди месец
@Kalli X Cause people are pricks. Jacks dad died awhile ago. And then the trolls started spamming shit like this.
Kalli X
Kalli X преди месец
@MGTOW Entrepreneur why does everyone keep commenting this
Anique F
Anique F преди месец
Why is Zendaya saying "Bitch you've been to space" so iconic? 😂😂
michael nolan
michael nolan преди 21 ден
Wow, Jack! It’s been so cool to watch you career take off how it has. I know you’ve stuck it out when we needed you most. Thank you for all the years of success and bringing entertainment for all. Loved your interviewing process as well! I’m sure they’re pretty cool in person. Crack a couple more eggs and drink some whiskey to carry on!
Keigo Takami
Keigo Takami преди месец
I love this. So thoughtful and respectful. And overall just such great vibes, and a really comforting scene.
WINNERJOSE YT преди месец
Wow jack this was one of the best interviews I’ve seen in a while it was very calming very straightforward and asked Great questions
Holden Hardman
Holden Hardman преди месец
Love seeing Jack do these interviews.
SilverGhost преди месец
Holden Hardman Cox?
ItzSmurfYT преди месец
Yoo its holden
Pushkar Chakrabortty Upasana Academy
Pushkar Chakrabortty Upasana Academy преди месец
Will you guys do Tarantino reactions?? Cause I think there is a huge fan base for that and Jen and you will really enjoy it 💪🏿
Påñtšü Mäśtęr
Påñtšü Mäśtęr преди месец
Love your reaction videos!!
Da Beast Boss
Da Beast Boss преди месец
Yoooo wassup
dcoog anml
dcoog anml преди месец
Jack is a really great interviewer, he doesn’t pry in their personal lives and asks really thoughtful questions
Lohst In Space
Lohst In Space преди месец
are you seriously copying comments
My mind is only on Sehun
My mind is only on Sehun преди месец
every time I see you do these interviews I just get this overwhelming feeling of being genuine proud.
Yuki no okami
Yuki no okami преди месец
I love how he's not asking only questions about the movie to get spoilers. He's actually asking real questions they would want to answer
Brandon Driver
Brandon Driver преди месец
Zendaya is a very talented and intelligent young talent, its a breath of fresh air
aether преди месец
it's nice to see questions that aren't repetitive and don't poke into the actor's personal lives. always get excited to see jack interview celebs, especially zendaya and tom. it really seems like they just had natural chemistry with one another. great work!
Tracey Barker
Tracey Barker преди месец
@Momen Mody hell yeah ♡♡
Momen Mody
Momen Mody преди месец
@MGTOW Entrepreneur lose a life
Momen Mody
Momen Mody преди месец
@Tracey Barker no lose a life you mean
Tracey Barker
Tracey Barker преди месец
@MGTOW Entrepreneur get a life
MGTOW  Entrepreneur
MGTOW Entrepreneur преди месец
LMAO Jacks dad deserves it 😂😂🤣🤣🔥🔥
Ash преди месец
Well that was just a precious, wholesome video. Ha! Sean is so sweet and Tom and Zendaya are just adorable.
dude butt
dude butt преди 23 дни
my childhood is now complete and fulfilled after watching the movie, i can’t describe how happy my life is now knowing my kid self’s dreams came true
Affan#27 преди 20 дни
i think tom and zendaya, are one of the few actors who really engage in the story and know what's really happening.
Jazzy преди месец
Also jack thank you for not asking zendaya all the “romance” questions like she didn’t have an outstanding role in the movie
Cap 32K
Cap 32K преди месец
I love seeing someone like Sean who is just real when he’s interviewing. It felt like a conversation instead of him trying to pry spoilers out of them.
Peter Rose
Peter Rose преди месец
@Bubbles G 😂 same
Stopsicle Animations
Stopsicle Animations преди месец
@jacksepticeye ok
Random Moments
Random Moments преди месец
agreed, its really nice :)
Bubbles G
Bubbles G преди месец
Shit I would just try and get with zendaya the whole time
Leon преди месец
@jacksepticeye Can you adopt me?
Dcdvvc преди месец
I love seeing these interviews, plus im glad that we can see more interactions with Jack and the cast of movies
S Shaughnessy
S Shaughnessy преди месец
This was so wholesome to see! Sean is an awesome interviewer- most always try to pry too much this way or that. This felt casual and relaxed
Demo преди 19 дни
This is really nice to watch, I hope you get more opportunities like this in future, you’re a great interviewer
Grace преди 18 дни
zendaya reminds me alot of my older sister. her mannerism, her actions, her beatuy and even her voice; makes me love her even more as a person
Mouse Cop
Mouse Cop преди месец
The fact that they remember you is so adorable
Joe преди месец
@卐-soundcity-卐 Are you tho?
the running man
the running man преди месец
MGTOW  Entrepreneur
MGTOW Entrepreneur преди месец
LMAO Jacks dad deserves it 😂😂🤣🤣🔥🔥
Barry преди месец
I mean is not like Sean randomly walk in the room and Tom is like "who's this guy?" right? They got invited, which mean to had a conversation before the interview.
RudeCat преди месец
@0_u true i just reported him he comments this shit on every video
Memerroni преди месец
Love you Shawn, great to see you interviewing again, always enjoyed these vids
MÚRPH ŁØRD преди 16 дни
I love how you went from an idiot playing happy wheels to a full fledged roll model and super popular in a very professional sense
Thien Chetty
Thien Chetty преди месец
Are we gonna ignore the fact that Tom bought an electric chair for a kid, thats kinda mad
Lil mexico
Lil mexico преди месец
Zendaya look when he said it too
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