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i am yes
i am yes преди месец
hats off to Jack for literally learning how to levitate just for the intro.
Faith Chapman
Faith Chapman преди 2 дни
@Rasallon good hgttg reference
Dorian Choksy
Dorian Choksy преди 3 дни
@SomeRandomGuy learn the forbidden yeet of curi
Seth Roznowski
Seth Roznowski преди 6 дни
His name is Sean.
Seth “Machete” Demeter
Seth “Machete” Demeter преди 6 дни
Such dedication to his audience.
Yes преди 7 дни
My dyslexia made me read jack off to hats
Kayla Erica
Kayla Erica преди месец
holy, i thought Randy’s voice was from the game. My mouth dropped when I saw Jack doing it. So freakin good
castleprice преди 3 дни
I also love how Randy sounds like Larry the Cable Guy!
Shannon Gaston
Shannon Gaston преди 5 дни
Took me hella long to see that lol especially when it had the radio sound to it
Andrre Vidanes
Andrre Vidanes преди 12 дни
Yah i notice when he said "by kiling you"
sky's furbies
sky's furbies преди 12 дни
Grqfes преди 14 дни
bro hes just holding down a button and talking wdym
Christian Trent
Christian Trent преди месец
Creatures mimicking is the scariest thing ever. I think I’ve discovered a hidden fear, I think it’s terrifying when you obviously know that the creature mimicking isn’t someone you know and is very obviously distorted and weird but it’s still it’s trying it’s hardest to lure you. In the Mandela catalogue (which is what the game is based off of) a character is locked in his room for days because a creature keeps trying to lure him out of his door, the creature laughs and tells him that there’s a surprise and that he should open the door, what a terrifyingly impossible situation that gives me the creeps whenever I think about it.
Areo Morales
Areo Morales преди 8 часа
exactly, stuff in the uncanny valley like that is so unsettling
Christian Trent
Christian Trent преди 4 дни
@Azteceda that’s terrifying, almost reminds me of in the avatar the last air bender, aang went to the spirit world and met a spirit who kills people if they react or show emotion l, scared the hell out of me when I was younger.
Azteceda преди 5 дни
I had a dream where a thing with no face pretended to be my friend and I had to go along with it knowing it'd kill me if I reacted.
Christian Trent
Christian Trent преди 5 дни
@Anozeel Gaming I know right
Anozeel Gaming
Anozeel Gaming преди 5 дни
Things like the Mandela catalog and siren head really freak me out, the idea that these things use sounds to fool/make you lose your will to fight genuinely brings fear to the deepest depths of my heart.
EmuGamez преди месец
The opening was honestly pretty scary but I was honestly prepared for a jump scare but the first thing I instantly heard was... "THE DISH IS OUT" On full volume because I thought I didn't have my volume up during the opening. That scared me for about 2 seconds and then I started to laugh like crazy and turned down the volume at the same time.
Crazy Diamond
Crazy Diamond преди 7 дни
Same xD
Dylan Connelly
Dylan Connelly преди 15 дни
Me when: lol
WimbrlX преди 25 дни
Alishba Sajjad
Alishba Sajjad преди месец
Haha lol 🤣🤣
Kairi Bosley
Kairi Bosley преди 4 дни
Jack yelling "The dish is out!" Is way scarier than any jumpscare be could've put in
FAVvideos преди месец
Jack's intro: [redacted] Jack: *starts playing games like nothing happened*
The Nexus
The Nexus преди 17 дни
@Cosmic you wanna hear a joke from Stalin because that's how you hear a joke from Stalin
WimbrlX преди 25 дни
@Cosmic hello, would you like a coffin?
Takumi Fujiwara
Takumi Fujiwara преди месец
And once he started speaking i actually git scared
Annabelle Lee
Annabelle Lee преди месец
@Cosmic tf is wrong with you
Jacob Fessman
Jacob Fessman преди месец
@Cosmic your family committed war crimes lmfao you have no room to talk
Zero X
Zero X преди месец
6:57 Jack: “sniffs the mic” Randy: What ? Jack: 😐🤨
blue and white
blue and white преди час
"Oh yeah that's the good stuff"
Cya_Mia преди месец
The second game is unsettling and if I'm not mistaken, I believe its because of the Uncanny valley effect. Overall it looked like a really good game
Snow miser
Snow miser преди 9 дни
If you like it watch the Mandela catalogue that’s what the second game is based on
Cursed Wolf
Cursed Wolf преди 18 дни
Yeah!! Thats exactly how I felt about it. Its really well done.
DecemberPets преди 3 дни
Jack: “my pp just got back inside me randy!!!” Also jack: *casually walks past blood and hears stuff* Jack again: continues walking
Imaginary Imagery
Imaginary Imagery преди месец
Well done on the intro. That was more convincing than some horror movies. The Maple County video definitely needs to be expanded
Jack Possibly
Jack Possibly преди 15 дни
Mandela Catalog on BGpost
Adrionic преди месец
That intro was a masterpiece. Sean's "reaction" to his light flickering in the intro is some of the most convincing acting I've ever seen.
Insomnia_Gaming преди месец
@Cosmic Go outside and touch some grass, then find the nearest tree and apologize for using the oxygen it makes to keep you alive.
Insomnia_Gaming преди месец
@Cosmic Go outside and touch some grass, then find the nearest tree and apologize for using the oxygen it makes to keep you alive.
Jaxon the Okay
Jaxon the Okay преди месец
@sinbaid have you ever heard of suspension of disbelief
Snipethebambi преди месец
@Cosmic I don’t know if you’re a bot or whatever but you literally don’t matter in the grand scheme of life and probably shouldn’t waste all your time trying to get a rise out of people on the internet. Go outside breathe in some air and chuck all your electronics in a tub.
RoseXDeath преди месец
@Cosmic u will surely fall to affect jack
MARK-23-PLAY преди месец
7:41 Jack just casually walks past blood on a tree
DecemberPets преди 3 дни
Jaredine Dawes
Jaredine Dawes преди 7 дни
@MadMorrigan same
MadMorrigan преди месец
I came to see if anyone else caught that.
Braxeo преди 4 дни
love the fact that you can hear Sean rapidly clicking the button to his ringlight in the intro lmfao
Gemma Spindler
Gemma Spindler преди 8 дни
when jacksepticeye plays a horror game he never fails me when he makes a scary start of the video
Panda_Rue преди месец
I'm watching this at 2:30 am and everyone has been asleep for a few hours now. My mom decides to get up and start fussing about in the kitchen RIGHT when the intro glitches. Lawdy damn near gave me a heart attack.
underratedgrapejuice преди месец
jack: does an extremely well acted, horrifying intro that leaves its audience on edge jack: THE DISH IS OUT!
Jevaun-Dean Linton
Jevaun-Dean Linton преди месец
HAHAHHA frrrrr
who am i?
who am i? преди месец
the intro was so amazing
Asher Sparrow
Asher Sparrow преди месец
cursed Diamond
cursed Diamond преди месец
there is one thing worse than a jump scare, boom, THE DISH IS OUT!
Hugo преди месец
The near screaming with the name of the game is what spooked me
Abbey Chandler
Abbey Chandler преди ден
Maple county was legitimately unsettling, but the one that got me curling my toes the most was the dish is out, I am so scared of being so completely out of control.
Marle Peace
Marle Peace преди 8 дни
20:11 I could listen to Jack read this over and over. It’s a perfect fearful eeriness.
Solomon Pelofsky
Solomon Pelofsky преди 5 дни
Jack: *gets scared* "my bpm is 111" Me: *sleeps* "my bpm is 130"
Ollow_Is_Sad преди 24 дни
And on this episode of random qoutes from Jack! "Back to the womb I go." **aggressively sniffs pine incent**
Hello Kitty Bows
Hello Kitty Bows преди месец
Jack: trying to be scary and unsettling by literally levitating Me: Wait how is he floating
Insomnia_Gaming преди месец
what da jack doin
Yajna Casiano
Yajna Casiano преди месец
My boyfriend literally paused the video to think about how he did that
X ColeGames X
X ColeGames X преди месец
I thought maybe a sort of waist harness and attach it to a ceiling hoop. Depends on how strong the ceiling is
P-Kentz преди месец
Green screen...
Gartem Vilen
Gartem Vilen преди месец
@demonkiller8 His movements are too fast for slow mo. It looks like he was hanging on something.
sky's furbies
sky's furbies преди 12 дни
I'm shocked at how well you voice act. I thought Randy's voice was in the game.
might be a rat
might be a rat преди 2 дни
Randy applying for the job: Name's Randy. Interviewer: Randy? Randy what? Randy: RANDEEZ NUTS LMAO
Universal Crew Productions
Universal Crew Productions преди месец
The Mandela Catalogue inspired game was my favorite, was a bit quick and the end wasn't the best for me but that made me feel very uneasy
Professor Oak
Professor Oak преди месец
I really think Seán should make a horror film. His creepy intros are more interesting to me than the actual games.
The Caped Watermelon
The Caped Watermelon преди месец
The energy jack puts into setting a mood for his videos is unprecedented.
ThatPersonYouDidn'tKnowExisted преди месец
@Cosmic Laugh at your own dead relatives or whatever loved ones. If ya don't got any at the moment, they'll be dead anyways so have fun.
Plasstyre преди месец
@Jibo This exactly. Don't respond to them. It feeds them, it makes them feel good inside knowing that you've gone and given him his five seconds. So don't even respond, and just report them.
Jibo преди месец
Y yall feeding the troll. Cosmic is obviously being like this for attention. Who cares about what he says. Just some insignificant person out of 7 billion. Move on
Ellie O'Shea
Ellie O'Shea преди месец
@Gaming Baby i’d say yt deleted it, few of mine got taken down when i was bitching w someone before 😭
Brian Hendershot
Brian Hendershot преди месец
@Cosmic wtf is your problem
A. Schinzel
A. Schinzel преди месец
got to 15:01 and a friend of mine overheard and went "Ooo, love me a southern bear" lmfao. Their face was priceless when they saw it was just Sean
TheBlues32 преди 29 дни
You know, I never noticed until I said it out loud, but, "I think there's someone in my kitchen" is a chilling sentence in the literal sense. Goosebumps up and down the arms.
JACKET преди 17 часа
*someone's watching.*
Sean Xie
Sean Xie преди 9 дни
Here are a couple others of the sort: I think there's someone in my bedroom. I think there's someone in my attic. I think there's someone in my bathtub. Someone's knocking on my window. I live on 20th floor.
ObsessivelyObsessed преди 2 дни
see, when it's not a jumpscare Jack is actually good at horror! loved that intro!
Sass преди 2 дни
When you anticipate a jumpscare so much after that great intro but get scared by jack yelling "The dish is out!" instead
comicpaps преди месец
The Game: _Inspired by Mandela Catalogue_ Jack: What’s Mandela Catalogue? Everyone who’s watched the Mandela Catalogue: _Ahh shit_
Brendan Fraser
Brendan Fraser преди 4 дни
ruh roh raggy
Isaac Green
Isaac Green преди месец
we need to see seans reaction
Meh преди месец
I hate and love that, that shit scared the hell out of me
Pixel676 преди месец
@Void Breather ooh, thank you!
Pixel676 преди месец
@Paperjam Sans it’s after 1 AM for me. I’m watching it now, I’ll let you know if I sleep tonight O.o
Tatum Fowler
Tatum Fowler преди 21 ден
He should start a morning radio station and call it "Getting Woke with Jack"
Rooboogood Gaming
Rooboogood Gaming преди 3 дни
I'd listen
Bean Bounty Hunter
Bean Bounty Hunter преди месец
7:40 jack just casually missing a Giant blood stain on the tree
lilly and friends
lilly and friends преди 3 дни
So glad Jack could share his morning routine with us! 😀
Srictly Do Not Care
Srictly Do Not Care преди месец
Oooh I’m so happy that jack is getting into Mandela Catalog, it is one of the best analog horror video channels. SO CREEPY
Ferdabois преди месец
“But who was flickering the lights?” Jack: *click* *click* *click* *click*
O.O преди месец
Is it just me or is the thumbnail fucking disturbing
InternetFeline преди месец
@M M that is the most German thing I've ever heard
Jonathan Ortiz
Jonathan Ortiz преди месец
Wow thanks for the likes
Theactedarrow преди месец
you can literally hear it 😂
M M преди месец
Der Hackfleischhassenderzerhacker {The Hash-Slinging Slasher}
Liberty Fuchs Kolodny
Liberty Fuchs Kolodny преди месец
Sean is for real an actually amazing actor. Those moments at the beginning were so real. No wonder the director of Free Guy loved him!
Alex преди месец
I literally was terrified of the second game, to the point where I've been trying to work up to watching this video.😂
Aryaman Gargary
Aryaman Gargary преди месец
loved it when the character had to restart the dish again and Sean goes like "i am gonna die"😂😂😂
Kennard Cristoval
Kennard Cristoval преди месец
THAT DAMN KNOCK I THOUGHT SOMEONE WAS ENTERING MY DOOR. Using headphones for horror games with good imaging is really immersing
Ludvix преди месец
"3 scary games" youtube: F I V E N I G H T S AT F R E D D Y S
Multareon преди месец
@mar (not marcello) #roadto200k First time seeing you here and the other guy and the other guy and the other guy and the other guy and the other guy and the other guy and the other guy and the other guy!
Asshole преди месец
I can't see
DragonKitties4life преди месец
Everyone scary game is five nights at Freddys now 💀
filip_boucek преди месец
@DamageMaximo except that none of them are actually scary lmao (ok, the vr one is pretty good)
Post a-bonk-alyptic Weasel
Post a-bonk-alyptic Weasel преди месец
@DamageMaximo that’s a strange way to say first time seeing you here
a cheese eater
a cheese eater преди месец
Why.. just why is jack so good at making this type of intro. It’s so disturbing yet so intriguing and that’s hard to pull of.
D0S81 преди месец
4:23 I don't why this made me laugh my ass off, but now i can't wait for the memes of Jack getting scared by radios. let the memeing commence.
Kowalzck преди месец
Me : Sean put A LOT effort in his opening, thats so scary Sean: *THE DISH IS OUT!* Me : OMFG ITS SCARED ME!
Charlie Schwerin
Charlie Schwerin преди месец
What freaked me out the most? That the calendar in the last game said 2014 when it was supposed to be in 2009.
Josh Rivet
Josh Rivet преди месец
When Jack's intro is scarier than the games he plays I realize that I am here for the personality because nothing is scarier than what opened the video.
Taralyn преди месец
idk i was half expecting to see anti tbh. 😂 bc i was thinking about that, i was more scared of the games lol
Josh Rivet
Josh Rivet преди месец
@Trifectum I get that, I was just kind of saying that the games weren't as scary to me as the intro. Jack inadvertently overshadowed the games, and I am here for it.
Josh Rivet
Josh Rivet преди месец
@yes they are my clips Hi Me
Przemek Kessling
Przemek Kessling преди месец
That was some freaky stuff, I felt so uncomftable
Trifectum преди месец
That's so dramatic lmao I find a lot of intro horror sequences to be kinda ... e h That said, he did put a lot of effort into it so kudos to him ig
Zavex Capricious
Zavex Capricious преди месец
If you like Analog horror, there is one someone made for Spamton called "Spamton's backstory" using dialogue you can find in game about who he was before the events of the game, and they went an analog horror vibe with it, its really really good
Not From Earth
Not From Earth преди месец
So wait, Sean added the voice for Randy? That was impressive I thought it was part of the game
Javier Martínez
Javier Martínez преди 23 часа
4:38 "Haha just kidding" "We didn't find him until next Christmas"
Zero X
Zero X преди месец
The energy and awesomeness jack puts in his videos makes it’s scariness 50% less and 100% entertainment but then a BGpost AD COMES IN WITH SOMEHOW 100% HIGHER SOUND AND SCARE THE HELL OUT OF ME.
Pltchamp преди месец
Ok, Sean is practically producing his own horror films at the start of his videos now. Seriously though, that was amazing! Edit: Hah, you thought I would be grateful, get outta here. Also, thanks for the clout Edit 2: Cant believe you took my heart away...... ok Im sorry
Lugeer преди месец
Jjjttfhy4Cliff off lol
Left-Eyed Wolf
Left-Eyed Wolf преди месец
I loved that intro too! Seriously, I had to comment on it before watching the rest of the video. Loved how there were no jumpscares, but it was still good quality horror.
Emily Griffith
Emily Griffith преди месец
I think it’s good for him to follow his passions in little things like this. He gets to do what he actually likes!
brulantemj преди месец
Legit scary and well acted intro
General преди месец
I wonder how long it took them, it was sooo cool
Kayla Clevenger
Kayla Clevenger преди 29 дни
The way he goes from making his own horror short to “hey there!” :D
Mikeroconsole преди месец
The fact that you can hear the subtle clicking of the switch when the lights go on and off makes this even freakier
abcduraqt преди 14 дни
Your voice overs in these horror games just brings everything together, like that's a real talent!
James C.
James C. преди 28 дни
Jacks acting in the intro was amazing, and the editing and everything about it was awesome. He should definitely have more acting roles. Maybe more with Ryan Renolds?
Grizzy преди месец
That intro was actually chilling
Adam Baumann
Adam Baumann преди ден
What the! Bear doing?
FlubbedBonsai38 преди 6 дни
@1mag1n3 TV even with my new glasses having a hard time finding who asked
Aden Takher
Aden Takher преди 7 дни
hello grizzwald it is i, ccoon
Dr. Cheshire
Dr. Cheshire преди 8 дни
Very chilling I jumped.
Chloe Thorne
Chloe Thorne преди 8 дни
Wha... I didn't even know you watched Jack?!
Shinkami~child§ UwU
Shinkami~child§ UwU преди ден
Jack in the intro: *dEpReSsIoN* Me: “oh no jack are you ok what happen why you levitate what da furck ooh look at da light saber”
ilayskio преди месец
I think Seán's been watching a lot of Marks scary videos lately. That intro was really well done.
Linus_kristian преди месец
27:49 THAT SCARED THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF ME.. Thought for sure somebody was at my door
Ilse den Hertog
Ilse den Hertog преди месец
Give this man an Oscar already.
Green преди месец
Ahh, yes. Just another totally not scary video from Jack! Nothing to see here, completely normal!
BananappIeboy • 69y ago • 12mo ago
BananappIeboy • 69y ago • 12mo ago преди месец
@Cosmic what
Iffat Tuly
Iffat Tuly преди месец
@Kavetion boi ur content and subscriptions are the equivalent of a man trying to blow a tyre in the wrong way
Kelsey Whiteside
Kelsey Whiteside преди месец
@Kavetion Haha, that's a good one. Nice joke, I actually thought you were serious there for a second.
Pure Nightmare
Pure Nightmare преди месец
Heeeey GreenMohawk watches Jack too!! 👋
Gamer Mikes
Gamer Mikes преди месец
Gobbledygook преди месец
Loved the shot of Sean’s shadow on the wall in the intro, beautiful cinematography making it look like stretched out and demonic
Grey преди месец
I like that even Sean's already a huge youtuber, he still makes an effort to make his videos better and different
Viking boi
Viking boi преди месец
Producer: OK so you want to be a narrator for scary video Jack: yea Producer: all right so what’s your resume Jack: 20:14
That Internet Dude
That Internet Dude преди месец
(1:05) Jack's shadow doesn't match with his position. In fact, it's in what looks like a default position for a character rig in a CG game or movie. The shadow's arms are too long and the legs, too short to be human. His left foot seems to be projecting his right foot's shadow and the left foot of the shadow seem to have no source until the shadow seemingly adjusts itself to match Jack (Except for the arms, which gradually get longer).
Kiara Lopez
Kiara Lopez преди 17 дни
Good eye, I didn’t even notice that, I was too busy hiding behind my blankets 😅😂
Wuzzy преди месец
It's funny because in one of the mandela catalogue creatures had uncannily long arms. And the fact jack didn't knew about it just make it more unsettling
Andrew Castellanos
Andrew Castellanos преди месец
@Rat Queen bro his arms are up and his shadows arms are down
Rat Queen
Rat Queen преди месец
It could be a weird light thingey. Like when the sun is making your shadow’s body look super long and stretched.
N1GH7BL4D3 преди месец
Once again, Jack's acting and Robin's editing have pulled off yet another amazing intro sequence!
Roundhouse преди месец
@A_D3MON He’s said that he plans to do stuff with the egos in the future, and an increase in horror games usually means something is coming!!
sOnkyy_ преди месец
His name is séan bozo not jack
Sarah Moore
Sarah Moore преди месец
That was incredible
Mirza Suffian
Mirza Suffian преди месец
It is infact a great intro
Sam Wilson
Sam Wilson преди месец
It’s actually so cool how Robin edits all of this so well👌🏻😆👍🏻
vananyask1 преди месец
His description of binaural audio was on-point. I get way more unsettled when horror games use it because it sounds like the things are happening in real life (sometimes it even makes me take my headset off to double check if the creator doesn't react to it lmao)
OperatorKoRe преди 5 часа
27:55 I got so damn scared when the left one came up and I wasn't paying attention it actually sounded like my door
KoffiBean преди 17 дни
Jack after a jumpscare: "That wasn't so bad" Me who actually got spooked: ...
J00bless преди месец
It’s so hilarious to me how you had those 2 or so minutes of eerie silence and creepiness and then all of a sudden “THE DISH IS OUT!”
Gaming With Damien Bryan
Gaming With Damien Bryan преди месец
Imagine Game 2 being in VR
Zombie преди месец
jack: "RANDY!(arguing)" Also Jack: *completely ignores red blood on the "big willow"*
Wave999 преди 24 дни
The Maple County Training Tape was incredible. That was legitimately one of the coolest short horror games I've ever seen. That's terrifying.
Adam Baumann
Adam Baumann преди ден
The intro was magnificent.
Bake Cake
Bake Cake преди месец
Every time Sean plays a horror game , it's more like comedy instead horror
The Report Future
The Report Future преди месец
@ufoteeth! im making a horror game man
ufoteeth! преди месец
he has invented a new genre called “cormedrorr”
BananappIeboy • 69y ago • 12mo ago
BananappIeboy • 69y ago • 12mo ago преди месец
@The kid with a quest theres one 4 comments above me
The Report Future
The Report Future преди месец
@Tokyoto visit maple county then im in maple county
Radical преди месец
God1127 преди 28 дни
I love his voice over 😂 it was so good and flawless that I didn’t even realize it was Jack
Zac Horne
Zac Horne преди 5 дни
I'm loving these intros for the scary videos, you never know what's going to happen and this time Jack learned to levitate!! Pretty impressive I must say.
roberto villalta
roberto villalta преди 14 дни
Jack that intro was incredible honestly that was so good, just speechless
L4Z3RENVII преди 13 дни
What a brilliant intro, that's one of the most unique things I have ever seen!
Karma преди месец
Dude, the intro was fucking amazing, I was literally thinking "Anti?!" the entire time. I was shook during the whole thing, Bravo to you and Robin. That's talent!
Titanplayer500 преди месец
The Intro started I instantly went "Anti's Back!"
AlphaRex 407
AlphaRex 407 преди месец
Dude same
Angry Octopi
Angry Octopi преди месец
I was wondering if Anti was going to show too
gerardwayseyelash преди месец
@HealthyGaming 😉😏
Karma преди месец
@Shittered Screen yeah, I just found that comment, xd.
CJ Cruz
CJ Cruz преди месец
Jack’s voice acting is so good 👌🏻👌🏻
Theodore C
Theodore C преди месец
Why is Jack literally such a good actor tho
The German Empire
The German Empire преди 3 дни
"Dave from the Boreal Valley" lmao had me rolling
Meadhbh преди месец
That intro was genuinely impressive. Bravo! The intros have come a heck of a long way lol
Gyre Brillig
Gyre Brillig преди месец
Jack, you seriously need to introduce yourself to the wonder of analog horror: Local 58, Mandela Catalog, Analog Archives, Gemini Home Entertainment, even Paranormal Paranoids.
Andressa преди 5 дни
@Mossy Bear my god this one is creepy! I wasn't expecting to see that horrid man's face at 04:17 AM
Risen Demon
Risen Demon преди 5 дни
@Horror Infusion ty !! :)
Horror Infusion
Horror Infusion преди 5 дни
@STSGuitar16 as Risen said, it’s TV based but most analog horror has an atmosphere of constant dread, it’s more psychological horror. It gets into your head to freak you out from deep inside. It’s really good stuff. It’s all the VHS-style old stuff. Just most of it on the internet is psychological, existential horror/dread. Really interesting stuff
Horror Infusion
Horror Infusion преди 5 дни
@Risen Demon that was good! I’ll expand a bit for ya :) I’m a horror veteran I got you
Fallen Angel
Fallen Angel преди 6 дни
@6onatello No one said it wasn't. Not everything is a competition.
unbreakable egg
unbreakable egg преди 4 дни
I was dying when I watched him walk right past a tree with blood on it XD
Studio Spider
Studio Spider преди месец
That intro was hands down scarier than any horror movie I’ve ever seen
mEEp nope
mEEp nope преди месец
I love how much this mad man can make me laugh and then scream in terror a second later! 🤣🙏
Jo Moore
Jo Moore преди месец
Ok Jack! I see you! Just go ahead and make a full on horror movie because that was creepy!!!! Just jump in the game like you hadn’t just creeped the $!”* out us all! Lol well done, very well done 👏🏾
Foxxie Moxxie
Foxxie Moxxie преди месец
Sean: Being strangled in the air by demons Sean's wall: TOP OF THE MORNIN TO YA
Charlie Bernhardt
Charlie Bernhardt преди месец
@Estefani Cruz lol no when Jack said that in the beginning, it scared the shit outta me
Estefani Cruz
Estefani Cruz преди месец
No bcs I was like “what a lovely sign” to “OH GREAT HEAVENZ”
Gameify преди месец
@suilxrd SHUT
Charlie Bernhardt
Charlie Bernhardt преди месец
First name Last name
First name Last name преди месец
@suilxrd dear.. I'm sure you have a lot of talents, but being alive is not one of them. And that's okay! Have a great day, and *stay safe.*
Simon Petrikov
Simon Petrikov преди 6 дни
Hearing the mom being killed and then the alternate immediately talking is so creepy
Icarus преди 7 дни
It’s been a while since I’ve been genuinely jump scared. That first game got me though.
TheAdvertisement преди 21 ден
1:47 Duude the way the audio's completely messed up, yet you can clearly hearing the cracking in Jack's body is terrifying.
Jaxon Steele
Jaxon Steele преди месец
The quietest jacksepticeye intro EVER
Joel преди месец
I don’t know how jack picked the perfect voice for Randy on the spot
Dustin Hoornaert
Dustin Hoornaert преди месец
I guess years of practice doing the dialogue for characters with only subtitles
ScandicGamer преди месец
I know, thought it was the game at first
Дми́трий преди месец
He just knows how people sound even without hearing them
UnixS125 преди месец
When Jack and Co. go this top tier just for the intro you know it’s gonna be a good video.
TrashPandaInternational преди 5 дни
the scariest thing about maple county is that the house they showed looks exactly like my old house
jinownmy soul
jinownmy soul преди 6 дни
You ever wonder how sean makes his intros like does he just crumble on the door for a new seconds like that and get up like what would his Editor think
haley's comet
haley's comet преди 15 дни
i haven’t watched his videos in a bit but i adore the different voice effects for the characters!!!
kavya velliangiri
kavya velliangiri преди месец
The scariest part of the maple county/mandela catalogue lore is that it harnesses the fear that humans get from the Uncanny Valley Principle. It's genuinely so offputting and honestly so well made.
Doctor Doll Designs
Doctor Doll Designs преди месец
TheClarkMaster преди месец
Mandela catalogue is fantastic
ulie преди месец
The uncanny valley esk horror is always the coolest shit
Darkmatternuggies преди месец
I love Mandela cataloge 3 everyone is confused about what it means it's basically there's a mimic of God and he trys to get people to follow him instead of actual god it's an amazing story and very very very off-putting and scary
Chiseled Head
Chiseled Head преди месец
@Marion Clyde Pastor From the Walten Files? It's the third video in the series, it's called Bunny Farm, it's an hour long and I believe the Susan part was near the middle? Anyways its super uncanny if eyes or long faces unsettles you, wouldn't really recommend it haha! Besides that, you should also check Boozoo's Ghost and The Mysterious House (also from the guy that did WF) they're better than the main series tbh
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