Why Is This So SCARY | The Mandela Catalogue

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The mandela catalogue is one of the coolest horror shorts I've seen
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Nooblerr преди 9 дни
“If you see a person identical to you, run.” Twins: *Well shit.*
sen преди 2 дни
Its that one meme of the two spidermen pointing at each other
Senna Flowey
Senna Flowey преди 4 дни
@Soft Fairy_xo_ no problem mate
Soft Fairy_xo_
Soft Fairy_xo_ преди 4 дни
@Senna Flowey thank you, i didn't notice it got changed :)
Senna Flowey
Senna Flowey преди 4 дни
@Soft Fairy_xo_ *7 billion
Soft Fairy_xo_
Soft Fairy_xo_ преди 5 дни
I highly believe that everyone has at least 2 doppelgangers. Theres 7 billion people on this planet, theres no way everyone looks unique. But i believe that if you see one of your doppelgangers, *run* because something bad is about to happen to you and the doppelganger is there to take your place. That made this video so much more terrifying to me..
vanilla преди 4 дни
Guys, if you’re too spooked out just check the creater’s socials. He’s a really funny / interactive guy, helps a lot when you know the person making this terror is just a really passionate dude who interacts w the community a lot.
Robert Bennett
Robert Bennett преди 2 дни
I like his scary videos i never felt this scared since i was a young child
gus. преди 3 дни
making a Mandela catalog spooky face speed run any%
Voidl3ss преди 3 дни
Can confirm. I went to school with the guy! 😄
KDi преди 7 дни
We totally need series of Jack watching different analog horror!
dj преди 5 дни
I'd love to see him watch Local 58 TV
Meekihavetot преди 6 дни
Walten files maybe
Tigers Blood Icee
Tigers Blood Icee преди 7 дни
@bede pridham oh shit ⁉️
bede pridham
bede pridham преди 7 дни
Answer to the binary code at 21:50 The binary code: erse the delusion 2 Thessalonians 2:11 (which is what “erse the delusion” is from): so god will cause them to be greatly deceived and they will believe these lies. That is creepy asf
innocent lobster
innocent lobster преди 6 дни
the intruder looks like if pewdiepie made himself into a creepypasta
Mason Bryant
Mason Bryant преди 3 дни
it’s actually a police sketch. like a real one. fuuuuuuck that.
AOXGAM3R преди 6 дни
sus pewdie pie sus
Kayla Bridges
Kayla Bridges преди месец
A tip to anyone struggling to sleep/get settled after this: just imagine the guy who made this editing it and having to figure out how Photoshop works. Less scary that way lol
Swozzii преди 6 часа
@Cowboy_Death u got B+ on your text, congratulations!
Alex преди ден
That didn’t help lol
Lincoln Ahnen
Lincoln Ahnen преди 2 дни
It just makes me want to sleep, I'd rather die in my sleep than awake
Dale Rockman
Dale Rockman преди 2 дни
Thanks for the advice
brandon dickey
brandon dickey преди 3 дни
I mean shit is scary but come on you can definitely sleep!
Marchal Miller
Marchal Miller преди 10 дни
imagine being stuck in your room for two days as someone you know isn’t the person you know is outside your door
Marchal Miller
Marchal Miller преди 2 дни
@Justin W now we got people watching you sleep great
Huskmini преди 3 дни
@Pengu Diegu well after days of being stuck in a room id rather shoot myself than confront any alternates
Pengu Diegu
Pengu Diegu преди 4 дни
@Huskmini I mean that’s what the alternate wants you to do.
Huskmini преди 4 дни
@Justin W oh if thats true then im sorry i missed that. if there was another 1 at the window then i probably would have just shot myself in the head sooner XD
Justin W
Justin W преди 4 дни
@Huskmini According to the guy who made it, there was another one outside his window.
Sana's gay cells
Sana's gay cells преди 7 дни
"Dont just watch this through me go to the channel!" Sean, fact that i see your facecam and hear you commentating is what keeping me from being paranoid and peeing my pants.
Grizzled преди 6 дни
exactly why im watching this
Sass преди 8 дни
Me: stares intently at jack because i'm afraid something scary is suddenly gonna show up on screen
Eggstirminator преди 3 дни
@TomekeS 😳😳😳
nvgeac преди 3 дни
Same yo everyone does that i think
TomekeS преди 4 дни
@Eggstirminator That wasnt your cat.
Zaraki Kenpachi
Zaraki Kenpachi преди 6 дни
@Sidhe O I did, and I didn't find it scary up until the point when the alternate angel Gabriel showed up and started whispering because at that exact moment, my tv decided to shut off by itself. That alone is creepy enough but to add to that, I have a night light on so I can see where I step and not trip over my dog and the angle of the dim lighting made the corner of my closet pitch black 🥲
Sidhe O
Sidhe O преди 6 дни
same i could NEVER just watch these on my own without someone doing commentary over it to make it less intense
apheLion преди 8 дни
before watching this video: im not gonna hide in the comments, there's not even any jumpscares 5 minutes in: ah yes what a lovely comment section
Kayr преди 23 часа
I'm 9 mins in
TheNexan преди ден
I lasted 18 somehow. It's nice down here.
Jinx Kerr
Jinx Kerr преди ден
I did this /right/ at the beginning bc my friend said it was terrifying and I’m legit in bed rn- 😩🥲😩
Proph преди 2 дни
How do you do, sir, I take it we're both here for the same reason?
Who are you
Who are you преди 4 дни
Akira Makara
Akira Makara преди месец
Can we talk about how fucked up it is telling someone you're sending help, but you're really not, because there's nothing you can do to save them. If nothing else, that is genuine existential horror.
Star Comet
Star Comet преди 22 часа
@xXMindSoulXx I know his dad unfortunately passed away, but I'm not too sure about the specific details.
xXMindSoulXx преди 6 дни
@Alec P. I still don’t know what happened to jack’s dad, can someone explain why bots are telling his dad to burn in hell and stuff like that?
Scorpio преди месец
Imagine being an off duty police officer needing help but knowing you wont get it.
Josh Rayne
Josh Rayne преди месец
@Michael Araujo welcome to capitalism. People are not important, they are like cattle to be farmed for resources and labor. Companies are important. They produce profit which brings a country closer to becoming the eventual world leader. There is a Cold War happening between world leaders. Eventually, one nation will have more resources than any other, and they will be able to begin to assume the position as leader of the world. This is happening now. Which is why BGpost could care less about if you want a dislike button. BGpost is owned by Google. Google is one of the largest companies in the world. Companies are important. Money is important. People and their desires are not important. Thanks capitalism.
_Orca_ преди месец
It is it really is but it brings some kind of hope to them just before they die. It might not but it might It is excessively fucked up though
Bunta Fujiwara
Bunta Fujiwara преди 8 дни
If you think of the Alternates as being the imposter, it sounds less scary
Storytime Zombeh
Storytime Zombeh преди ден
I regret seeing your comment...
gabe itch
gabe itch преди ден
I love you so much you have help me so much more then you could ever know😭
{•Heatherlikesmusicals•} преди 2 дни
GummyGrenade преди 5 дни
When the impostor is SUS
Michaela Rae
Michaela Rae преди 5 дни
@Wonder Teja TV that’s something an imposter would say 🤔
Cursed Wolf
Cursed Wolf преди 18 дни
I think the biggest fear component in this is the confusion, at least for me. A lot of the images are disturbing and its difficult to discern what they are. That freaks me out, its like you just don't know what it is.
NotPurple преди 3 дни
Fear of the unknown. Just like how were not afraid of the dark. We're afraid of what it holds.
Cursed Wolf
Cursed Wolf преди 4 дни
@Kill Switch Gaming totally get you there.
Kill Switch Gaming
Kill Switch Gaming преди 5 дни
Me its the uncanny human sounding voice but to the point of you can still tell its AI or robotic
Lord Bunnies
Lord Bunnies преди 14 дни
People normally feel uncomfortable to things they don't understand.
stroodle преди 15 дни
@Cursed Wolf ikr
arfalow arfalow
arfalow arfalow преди 6 дни
In this universe, Jesus was replaced with the antichrist, God was replaced with Satan, and Angels were replaced by Devils. Everything is an alternate, and nobody is safe. Truly terrifying stuff.
「Dinomine22」 преди 3 дни
Adam Yusuf
Adam Yusuf преди 5 дни
Ayo sibling? (Ur pfp)
Delphine💫🥀 преди 5 дни
Holy crap that's horrifying.
Rosetta Stoned
Rosetta Stoned преди 6 дни
Fun fact, the faces are real police composite images of unidentified criminals
Adrien Can't People
Adrien Can't People преди 2 дни
@Spaceboi Ken I don't think it's just you, I know I heard something, but I have tinnitus so I'm unsure if that's effecting my judgement. It definitely sounded like a needle dropping to me, though.
Spaceboi Ken
Spaceboi Ken преди 3 дни
18:18 Did no one hear a needle dropping at this time pls don't tell me I am the only one, it happened the first time and then stopped, am actually scared now
Phantom преди 4 дни
@Chimera :)
Olix Wolf
Olix Wolf преди 4 дни
@Rosetta Stoned Yes, I watched a video on this! They exaggerate certain characteristics on purpose.
Rosetta Stoned
Rosetta Stoned преди 4 дни
@Chimera I may be wrong about this, but I've heard that they are intentionally disturbing to make them more memorable. Also, many of these drawings are based off vague descriptions
Lil_Boi_Sev преди месец
"If you see another person who looks identical to you, run away and hide." *Looks at twin suspiciously*
Arvindh P
Arvindh P преди 8 дни
To confirm it, just say, "Hey alternate".
Lil_Boi_Sev преди 15 дни
Why does this have so many likes-?
Maui Bread
Maui Bread преди 15 дни
I am like 6000 yay
ChoXoMoxxo преди 16 дни
@Jenny Jin obtain unlimited power
Jenny Jin
Jenny Jin преди 16 дни
@ChoXoMoxxo wha
Madison Kane
Madison Kane преди 10 дни
IMAGINE if this was HAPPENING. I swear seeing another version of my self with an even bigger forehead than mine would give me a heart attack
Madison Kane
Madison Kane преди 8 дни
@MortalPJ 🤣
MortalPJ преди 8 дни
Monty Wilberforce
Monty Wilberforce преди 2 дни
For anyone wondering, the binary in the Gabriel scene says: “I am the one true savior. I must reverse the delusion.”
Ricky Lafleur
Ricky Lafleur преди ден
This series is just unbelievably terrifying. The concept of this is so creative and terrible. It’s genuinely weird. You can’t tell what is real and what is fake so you have to lock yourself in your house. Not to mention they fucking follow you. They know you, but you have no idea who they are. But they’re widespread so a national broadcast is sent to your own television.
JaxWolf4 преди 12 дни
Thanks Jack, for being my human-horror shield.
Jinx Kerr
Jinx Kerr преди ден
He was most of our shields- 🥲
cuvo преди месец
The best kind of horror: absolutely no jumpscares, just genuinely good storytelling that makes you look over your shoulder every five seconds
jakobpotion преди 4 дни
I agree with you
Depressed Fujoshi
Depressed Fujoshi преди 4 дни
~atmospheric horror~
AOXGAM3R преди 6 дни
bruhh e.e
Sana's gay cells
Sana's gay cells преди 7 дни
Jumpscares can be effective too, if used smartly not cheap. For example building up anxiety and fear for the audience and then thats the right time for a jumpscare and catch the audience off guard.
Gooble Gobblers
Gooble Gobblers преди 7 дни
@Pixwool Still watch horror things even if it's not that often, I think you'll find personal ways to be more resistant to those stimuli.
Ashleigh Collins
Ashleigh Collins преди 7 дни
I'm actually really surprised I recognised this but fun fact, the song at 15:10 is Ave Maria by Alessandro Moreschi, who is known to be one of the last castrato singers. Essentially, boys who did well in the choir had higher status for themselves and their families and, though forbidden by the church, families would castrate these boys so their voices wouldn't break and so could keep the status in the choir. Haunting.
AtlasLLM преди ден
THANK YOU i've been trying to search for where this song came from 😭😭
Ashleigh Collins
Ashleigh Collins преди 3 дни
@yarknark well the balls make testosterone, which causes voices to go deeper. If they're removed before puberty, it means their voices wouldn't go deeper. Very morbid practise
NRTHE2 Videos
NRTHE2 Videos преди 3 дни
@yarknark I think when your balls drop your voice becomes deeper, and they don't want that.
yarknark преди 3 дни
that's horrifying, but why'd they castrate them? Like why would the *thing* change the way they sing?
NRTHE2 Videos
NRTHE2 Videos преди 4 дни
@Ericka balls go bye bye
Delamiro преди 3 дни
I hate this type of horror, it’s scary as fuck and stays with me for years in the back of my mind, I hate modified faces especially elongated completely black ones just like this does, watching this to hopefully get over the fear somewhat.
CH4RBY_XOXO преди 2 дни
Anything that is put into the uncanny valley absolutely horrifies me, it's the thing that makes me not able to sleep at night.
Random' Fandøms
Random' Fandøms преди 3 дни
Giulia Ashidani
Giulia Ashidani преди 8 дни
I can't watch the whole thing this is the real PUNCH in the gut for horror, I've NEVER felt like this with other horror games and films, hated it 10/10
Giulia Ashidani
Giulia Ashidani преди 3 дни
@Summer Rayne in a good way! I really like terror and horror things, mainly games tbh bc i can immerse myself quicker than in films
Phantom преди 4 дни
Boris The Tortoise
Boris The Tortoise преди 6 дни
@Summer Rayne definitely a good way
Summer Rayne
Summer Rayne преди 7 дни
Hated it in a good way or bad way?
Nobody преди 11 дни
I’m sorry but the “an intruder” part had me laughing 💀
Cartmann 13
Cartmann 13 преди ден
@TheRedPandaCat I mean it literally was a meme for awhile, I think a bit before this video came out actually
TheRedPandaCat преди 2 дни
@Large Bowl 12:40
Large Bowl
Large Bowl преди 2 дни
Time stamp?
TheRedPandaCat преди 8 дни
Ikr it looks like a shitpost image. Still kinda scary but in a funny way
Tohab преди 9 дни
It's like a crappost
SpartaYoshi преди месец
Nothing has given me as much existential dread as this, this is truly an internet gem of today and one of the best pieces of internet horror in history
Michael medrano
Michael medrano преди 5 дни
@Victim Nice Pfp it looks like a Hindu or Buddhist symobol
AOXGAM3R преди 6 дни
Toasterbath2986 преди 6 дни
Thats how they getchu
Noah J Shaal
Noah J Shaal преди 6 дни
@Harvey M they would if i was ceo of BGpost
StarlessNight преди 6 дни
not just internet horror, ALL horror
raccoonreign преди 7 дни
as soon as sean said "don't move" i went to jokingly move but my cat jumped off a chair which made a thump noise and i got so scared-
G2 For the win
G2 For the win преди 6 дни
Did you really go to “jokingly move” though
Lilian Feth
Lilian Feth преди 10 дни
I loved watching this. Jack made it a lot less scary then it should have been. Hope to see more videos like this in the future!
WhtUpBonez преди 6 дни
hence why i’m watching this and not the real vid lmaooo
Xander Doss
Xander Doss преди 4 дни
Imagine how easy murder would be able to get away with. Just say it was an alternate and you'd be fine
SirUltim8 преди 21 час
@Steqz imagine getting crippling student debt 😎
Steqz преди 4 дни
Bro I got a discount card on Harvard university u should have it
Alekzander Venegas
Alekzander Venegas преди 7 дни
"Try to get a good view of the back hallway" Like.. psychologically speaking, humans fear the unknown the most and there are branches from that fear. These alternates for example radiate pure uncertainty. Their voices, their features, their faces, and actions, as humans we can pick out something unnatural very easily. This whole video is so perfect. That last line was just enough for us to basically panic inside lol cause we singled out the unnatural request. We don't even know these people and we singled it out and felt super uneasy. Or at least most people would feel this way lol
Izzy F
Izzy F преди месец
Jack: don't just watch these videos through me *Jacks commentary being the only thing stopping me from shitting my pants*
Daneru859 преди месец
SAAAME DUDE. I can't watch this scary stuff without someone with me, Jack and youtubers who react to these stuff are life savers!
_Orca_ преди месец
God same
Ayame Iris
Ayame Iris преди месец
Man if I don't watch this through jack I will literally cry myself to insanity
Ten1432 преди месец
SAME LMAO I can't watch the original, I'm watching this at 11 in the morning, in the dining table with my mum around. I can't watch this shit alone. I have never watched any horror like this, all horror movies I've watched never kept me up at night like this one...
Archangel4679 преди месец
@Miroh me either
Karlee Hooker
Karlee Hooker преди 20 дни
i’m so glad i’m watching it with someone else making commentary because i don’t think i’d be able to handle it without someone else
iron ore boys
iron ore boys преди 7 дни
OldThompson 45
OldThompson 45 преди 11 дни
As someone who is sick with Covid and can’t sleep plus gets creeped out easily it was a mistake watching these before I try to go to bed
Logan Stewart
Logan Stewart преди 7 дни
I hope you get better!
Wiku025 преди 7 дни
It's the opposite of the usual horror we get wherein we have loud and scary jumpscares. When this, have unbearable silence, and very skin curdling moments. Love the new type of horror where I actually get scared
gabe itch
gabe itch преди ден
@Remington Wiehl how are you still living in your house ma boy
Remington Wiehl
Remington Wiehl преди 4 дни
Bro when the broadcast said lock all doors my bedroom door opened
{•Fruity Tooty•}
{•Fruity Tooty•} преди 7 дни
Am I the only one who just laughed at the sounds and the weird faces? I KNOW THEY ARE SUPPOS3D TO BE WEIRD AND CREEPY BUT I CANT HELP IT
Cacti преди 5 дни
Freyjinn преди месец
so happy to see the Mandela catalogue getting a lot of attention, it's so good! First time i heard of it was Wendigoon's video and now im just obsessed with all analog horror channels
Decim преди 13 дни
@Victim what
EXL Fearless
EXL Fearless преди 16 дни
Look up monument mythos and watch them in order you won’t regret it ;)
Blue Wolf
Blue Wolf преди 17 дни
Wendigoon is so good! :]
Slim Slendy
Slim Slendy преди месец
@Cosmic oh look, another 8 year old troll
Slim Slendy
Slim Slendy преди месец
@Victim you're one of them 8 year old trolls huh?
Crusader Carl
Crusader Carl преди 6 дни
The concept of the "uncanny valley" suggests at one point in human evolution. There was a very real and genuine reason to be afraid of things that looked human but weren't.
Matteo Ferro
Matteo Ferro преди 3 дни
@Black Mage also its so that we dont think of dolls and human looking things as humans with minds behind them
Black Mage
Black Mage преди 3 дни
@Matteo Ferro I think it's more for diseases and such
Matteo Ferro
Matteo Ferro преди 3 дни
No, its there to alert us at animals that may have had face shaped camouflage
TheDevil1379 преди 3 дни
My guess is that when humans were in tribes not everyone looked similar enough and we needed to discern the difference between out tribe and other tribes. Just a guess don't get mad at me for wondering.
Matt.No777 преди 3 дни
Imagine if we encountered something like an Alternate in the Stone age and we just dont know
[] преди 2 дни
This needs to be a movie
Sakura? преди 6 дни
The mandela catalouge is one of the most unsettling and disturbing i have ever seen good job to whoever made it lol
Spaz преди 5 дни
why is everyone who watched it cant sleep?I keep seeing seeing these type of comments
Nebroc 12
Nebroc 12 преди 26 дни
"If you see anyone who looks identical to you, run away and hide." What if you have an identical twin?
sen преди 2 дни
Best to be sure
TurtleChromeE преди 7 дни
*loads MK4 with malicious intent*
SlyBunz преди 8 дни
@Nebroc 12 well, that sucks
CrashingAround101 преди 10 дни
Run damnit
Nebroc 12
Nebroc 12 преди 14 дни
@SlyBunz about sleeping, I'm pretty sure they can alter dreams to be horrible nightmares.
deltaRed преди месец
Mandela Catalogue: Do not speak too much. You might reveal your fears. Jack: Y'know, i really hate knocking, also fast footsteps that get closer to you..
MisterP135 преди 14 дни
oh no I'm afraid of doubles that dont do harm or look disturbing and give me food water and alot of things I like
Slim Slendy
Slim Slendy преди месец
@MGTOW Entrepreneur hello bot
Dave dearest
Dave dearest преди месец
@MGTOW Entrepreneur what?
TommyWithCoffee преди месец
@MGTOW Entrepreneur what is wrong with you.
TRC Guy преди месец
@MGTOW Entrepreneur Okay youtube needs to do something with these fucking bots
Spencer Huang
Spencer Huang преди 8 дни
Mandela Catalogue Vol. 2 is out now. Can't wait to see Jack's reaction to that now
Book of Wisdom
Book of Wisdom преди 3 дни
One of my biggest fears is that all the sudden every living thing will disappear except for me. Than a figure just a tall slim dark figure just stands their. The thought haunts me more than anything
The ISH преди ден
I think one of the reasons this works so well is how much empty space it uses in a frame. You’re compelled to look for things in each image, and when you don’t find anything it’s even scarier
Taylor Britt
Taylor Britt преди 3 дни
Jack if you like this I have 2 fantastic recommendations: The Walter Files and Local58. Both of them are REALLY good analogue horror series, Local58 has a very similar vibe to the Mandela Catalogue as well. Another recommendation, though not analogue horror, is The Sun Vanished. It's more of an ARG style thing on Twitter composed of both text posts and videos. It's great.
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Just Some Guy without a Mustache преди месец
I saw Film Theory talking about this, so I'm glad to see Jack reacting to it
Joshua Scott
Joshua Scott преди 15 дни
Man to the people who were roasting the living fuck out of some dude for mocking Jack's channel being dead y'all made him like delete all his videos God danm this is a bruh and oof moment here ladies and gentlemen
Dave dearest
Dave dearest преди месец
@Brеnt Rivera 🅥 bro what
Kobi Mitchell
Kobi Mitchell преди месец
Watch wendigoons video on it it makes alot more sense and he was given info by the creator personally :)
Golden Boy
Golden Boy преди месец
@Brеnt Rivera 🅥 sus
Oromus преди месец
@E E
Liliana Cazares
Liliana Cazares преди ден
Jack: we’re back to Moses! He’s building his boat Me: questioning if I remember the Bible stories correctly and confirming it’s Noah and not Moses
N1k0laaaa? преди 3 дни
Jack: Don’t move Me: *starts dancing around a little*
ShockDragon преди 7 дни
Jack is being smart. He knows being near another him would break reality instantaneously. Also, this is the birthplace of Uncanny Mr. Incredible, The Intruder, and the Trollge text as well as the predecessor to that Thalasin ARG video with Nage, Dorcelessness, Humber, etc.. Also, if you ever lose sleep, just remember: a meme a day keeps the demon away
Cacti преди 5 дни
@president_pants1917 that meme where mr incredible slowly becomes uncanny every few seconds
president_pants1917 преди 6 дни
I get the intruder but what does Mr incredible have to do with it
Slow spectre
Slow spectre преди 6 дни
i could NOT watch this on my own but thanks for being my human shield!, It was still terrifying but it was fun
OwO преди месец
You know, when you put over a old vhs layer into your project, it will instantly make it better imo.
Lord Arceus
Lord Arceus преди 10 дни
Your everywhere I go.
🔺Jsab_Cubic 🎵
🔺Jsab_Cubic 🎵 преди 28 дни
@gametheory I found HHHIIIMMMM
RedBisector преди месец
That depends, but it's mostly effective when your going for a scary video
Peter Staker
Peter Staker преди месец
They could try with the new spider-man
Kirby The Gamer
Kirby The Gamer преди месец
Of course YOU would say that.
Zohva преди 8 дни
"oh you're in 4k? don't get caught!" caught me off guard
Griffungus преди 2 дни
Me at the beggining of the video “viewer discretion is advised” me: no lol. Me after: I should have used the warning
Oscar Ricky
Oscar Ricky преди 12 дни
No jack, i dont want to watch alone. Your presence here gives me power
Laurence преди 7 дни
didn’t realize the intruder was from this, I only knew the memes and I just assumed everyone collectively decided to make creepy art
Stevie преди месец
Jack: *describing all his fears while he watches this* Alternates: we got 'im, boys!
Skeletal Steward
Skeletal Steward преди 7 дни
Someone pour Gatorade on Conrad, we got 'im!
DragonsElf 378
DragonsElf 378 преди 7 дни
This scared the living hell out of me and I was under my covers yet laughing I'm with Jack here though this is disturbingly cool. I made a new word. Lol
A TTL преди 12 дни
@tutu mcfumbersnazzel {she her} .. oh- I'm sorry but- *Inserts table leg Infront of your foot whilst you walk*
tutu mcfumbersnazzel {she her}
tutu mcfumbersnazzel {she her} преди 12 дни
@A TTL I'm scared of stubbing my toe :(
A TTL преди 16 дни
@Jenny Jin Then goodbye :c
Criss Cross J. Constellation
Criss Cross J. Constellation преди 2 дни
Mandela Catalog Is Horrifyingly Scary and Disturbing and Absolutely Terrifying 😨😳😱
Bill Rem
Bill Rem преди 17 дни
Isn’t it funny how we love to get scared. Like I’m addicted to it
MoshiVODs преди 9 дни
as someone who suffers from paranoid hallucinations, I probably shouldn't be watching this. But I will anyway 👍 this is Jacksepticeye we're talking about.
Mr. Vasilei Slavic
Mr. Vasilei Slavic преди 2 дни
Yooo same.
MoshiVODs преди 4 дни
@GundamLupuzRex nothing bad I don't think, my general sense of paranoia was heightened but nothing really changed with my hallucinations.
GundamLupuzRex преди 5 дни
How was the experience after watching the video?
overanalayzing Analyst
overanalayzing Analyst преди 7 дни
yeah i didn’t learn after hallucinating bon in my hallway for a month. let’s rock and roll
MoshiVODs преди 7 дни
@harpyprince 7 yea I'm ok! didn't really mess me up too bad
David Myers
David Myers преди 4 дни
Watching this with jack makes me feel a lot less scared, thanks for helping me get through watching this series
Mallory Thompson
Mallory Thompson преди месец
“Don’t just continue to watch this through me, go to the channel” Jack I don’t think you understand that the only thing keeping me from checking every closet in my house is the fact that you are also watching this with me.
Jinx Kerr
Jinx Kerr преди ден
Same 🥲
Jay's room
Jay's room преди ден
I made it 3 minutes before I found his video on it this is creepy
Maarek Stele
Maarek Stele преди 6 дни
At least sub to the other guy lol
AOXGAM3R преди 6 дни
yea tw
21sumsaR преди 6 дни
I'm not even watching it. I'm literally just listening and I am still almost shitting myself.
slyfoxybrazenboi Esq.
slyfoxybrazenboi Esq. преди 7 дни
'Aw, you're in 4k? Don't get caught' is such an underrated line
LED_Draws преди 11 дни
I just can’t imagine being told how to survive literal monsters by a robot voice. Like (if this was real, which it isn’t), they wouldn’t have even bothered to use a human voice! You can be insecure about you voice or you just wanna scare everyone, but now is not the time
xXCloud_SteezXx преди 9 дни
Threat that looks just like you scary💀 you’re watching BGpost and this plays in full screen with the local tornado siren blaring more then once 👀😳
the mosaic show
the mosaic show преди 9 дни
text to speech is used in real emergency alert systems because they don't have the time to grab a human person to voice them. too busy taking cover. and considering that nobody can be trusted in mandela county, this would make more sense.
Zai преди 17 дни
Amazing horror stuff aside, I'm just wondering how many disabled people/people with certain disorders are getting shot in the head for being mistaken as alternates.
it’s Cherrie
it’s Cherrie преди 14 дни
i love when scary horrors say things like “lock your closets” because then i don’t get scared the whole time because it’s like I DON’T HAVE A CLOSET SO I CANT BE SCARED RIGHT? and i can joke the rest of the time
glamourchick21 преди месец
“Be aware of any presence in the house.” My cat: *comes tearing through the living room*
Stage Fish
Stage Fish преди 7 дни
It’s so hard to watch this with my cats they keep making freaky noises throughout my house
Rose Barnes
Rose Barnes преди 14 дни
@Flame Epidemic Lmfao! That’s me but with my dog! He’s always dropping toys right in front of my feet to try and get me to play!
Flame Epidemic
Flame Epidemic преди 16 дни
@Rose Barnes probably play my cat gets the zoomies and tries to get me to chase him
Flame Epidemic
Flame Epidemic преди 16 дни
Fr tho 😂
MC knight
MC knight преди 24 дни
Just make sure that your cat doesn't look like it's been smoking weed
TJ Strickler
TJ Strickler преди 4 дни
18:35 Ah yes, y’all remember the story about how Moses built an ark and carried two of every animal for 40 days and nights of flood? I personally like the story of how Noah led the Israelites out of Egypt.
3Dot Robot
3Dot Robot преди 3 дни
and when noah parted the green lake?? such a good story
Thunderboy301 1
Thunderboy301 1 преди 16 дни
Its funny, because by my understanding, Jack's own Green-eyed glitchy boi is a near textbook example of an alternate
I'm not scary
I'm not scary преди 11 дни
Xjood преди 2 дни
I just want one of these analog horror series to have a happy ending Is that too much to ask for
Aidan fricker
Aidan fricker преди 12 дни
Well I’m gonna go watch a detailed serial killer documentary to calm my mind after this.
Ace Of None
Ace Of None преди месец
Watching this with Jack's commentary is probably the only thing keeping me from panicking and clicking away; otherwise I could not watch this on my own.
Pigard Tamato
Pigard Tamato преди 6 дни
I sure as shit wouldn't watch it without this commentary
Davontae No last name
Davontae No last name преди месец
I'm easily scared and I almost clicked off many times but jm watching at 7 am so I got all day to recover
a name i guess
a name i guess преди месец
@Mariah it's 2:30 rn for me
Isidora Stankoviic
Isidora Stankoviic преди месец
thats just what i was thinking🥲 i could NOT watch that on my own
Kyran Julian
Kyran Julian преди месец
@Yumpi Kamdak same
Dimi Domo
Dimi Domo преди 5 дни
The eyes dude. The comically disproportionate faces make this the least scary thing to me.
[] преди 2 дни
Bow down to the Mega Chad guys
Mini Link
Mini Link преди 8 дни
I'd like to see more watchalongs for analogue horror like this, although I know that you would probably prefer for the original creators to be getting all those views. I just think that some people would have an easier time exploring analogue horror with someone holding their hand in the experience
Ghostly is a Loser
Ghostly is a Loser преди 4 дни
Just finished watching the first part of walten files time to watch this! Should be fun :)
WasabiBlob преди ден
I really want to see Sean listen to the “blue tape” anyone know that?
lucas преди месец
i think the most disturbing part of mandela catalogue is how the police are trained to lie to emergency callers. for a brief moment, these victims would've felt some relief at the thought of rescue until they slowly, slowly started to realise that no one was ever going to help them.
Shinydecidueye преди 15 дни
@Rowlet_Needs_Help I’m you but better.
Rowlet_Needs_Help преди 17 дни
Hey your me
tacklefatkids11 преди 17 дни
Is it explained why they do that?
MalO 134
MalO 134 преди 24 дни
What if you just ask for the hospital and say somewon shot your leg and then shoot your leg when they get there
TheBlues32 преди 29 дни
Erma Gerhd
Erma Gerhd преди 5 дни
A list of some of my favorite internet analogue horror stories (in no particular order): 1. Marble Hornets 2. The Mandela Catalogue 3. The Sun Vanished 4. Local 58 5. Gemini Home Entertainment 6. The Walten Files
SageMode™️ преди 4 дни
All these comments are thankful Jack was there watching with them, but it’s even more horrifying when you realize Jack watched this by himself 😭
G1MMiXx_ преди 7 дни
15:49 reminds me of when my fear of fast footsteps getting closer but you can’t see where it’s coming from was unlocked. I live in a neighborhood that has a golf course going threw and around it, and I’ve always walked around it and I practically know the whole layout of the place and can walk around in it in the dark without getting lost. my cousins were staying at my place for a bit and one night when it had finally gotten dark we decided to play hide and seek in the golf field. My mom and dad sat on the back porch with a campfire going while we went and played. 2 to 3 hours go by and our last round was hella hard and we couldn’t find one of our cousins. We head back to the yard to see if he was there. We talk with my mom for a minute, I realize at some point that my dad wasn’t sitting with my mom anymore and asked where he went. She said she didn’t know but she’s a bad liar and grins when she dose, knowing him my dad likes to play tricks on us and scare us so I knew he was up to something. I told her she was lying and immediately told the truth that he had gone out into the golf field to try and scare us. We head back out to find the last of us and finally found the last cousin. We head back and stand around for a bit. My cousins are by the fire while I was standing a little farther towards the field em with my back facing the field. And suddenly I just heard quiet, quick foot steps running up behind me and one of my cousins scream. My fight or flight is switched on and I turn around and grabbed whatever was coming at me by it’s shoulders and I was about to punch it when I had realized it was my dad. And when I had grabbed his shoulders I ripped his shirt. At that moment I really thought my ass was dead for a min. And that night was when I discovered a fear I didn’t know I even had. It’s definitely one of my top 5
Aria Jacobs
Aria Jacobs преди 17 дни
This reminds me of the BGpost shorts channel that does the "Slaughter Valley" videos. They're PSAs about unsettling things, like how the trees are now radio-controlled and will no longer attack you.
Regan Bond
Regan Bond преди месец
Oh my god, this was so terrifying, but seeing the credits saying “special thanks to the analog horror community for your support” and the credits for the voice actors put me at *extreme* ease. That was so relieving.
TheGreatMightyMop преди месец
@Coby jack 22
Coby jack
Coby jack преди месец
@TheGreatMightyMop how old are you because I’m 15
Cheese Is Here (LIVE)
Cheese Is Here (LIVE) преди месец
@TheGreatMightyMop for me personally it’s the voices and uncanniness of them 😊 it triggers a fight or flight, it sounds mostly normal but is not quite
Gabrielle Mobley
Gabrielle Mobley преди месец
ZoroVerse преди месец
The alternates are trying to trick you…
unvsannvs преди 7 дни
if anyone is curious, the binary at 21:39 translates to: “I am the one tru saviour. I must reverse the delu3ion.” …i think
Alex Davis
Alex Davis преди 6 дни
your an amazing human being for this thank you
TheDeadlyRose преди 4 дни
I watch these in the morning forget them through the day and then as soon as I'm going to bed I remember everything I watched that morning
Pebbles преди 7 дни
I agree, I love it when horror doesn't rely on jump scares. Sometimes the most unsettling thing you can be put through is just having to be stuck with your own thoughts. Giving the audience something chilling to think about and then forcing them to think of what comes next on their own is so effective and creepy, and I love it.
Arriss преди 12 дни
lol, this freaks me out already and the Editor had to stare at those faces for probably hours while editing the videos, huge probs to the editor lol
Karson Wilcox
Karson Wilcox преди месец
the only reason i can handle horror is because jack makes it feel like hes there with you and its a nice feeling to have.
Fynn Walters
Fynn Walters преди 18 дни
Same it’s quite comforting
Gabriel Ignacio Venegas Aravena
Gabriel Ignacio Venegas Aravena преди месец
that's rough man
xXJulianVaderXx преди месец
@deku_ oh, gotcha
deku_ преди месец
@xXJulianVaderXx we know, it's just easier to say jack then others who might not know would know who we're talking about
xXJulianVaderXx преди месец
His name is sean
ora_kuroki преди 3 дни
Me: *gets scared shitless Sean: this is so cool Me: tf you mean
arkromez_ преди 5 дни
why does it seem like people can never recognize the grey thing in the security footage. i feel like it’s pretty clearly a shed, and when it “changes” it just has its door open
Pogger White
Pogger White преди 15 дни
I highly recommend you watch Wendigoon's video on the Mandela Catalogue, he does an insanely deep breakdown of all the videos and imo has the most solid theory for what's going on. Basically it's a situation where Jesus was overthrown by Satan on earth who then decided to pose as God. It's a chilling concept
DecemberPets преди 3 дни
Idk if this happens or if it’s made up, but I definitely know that I’ve heard my mum yell out my name, came out to her and said “yeah?” And she looks at me like “I didn’t call you” to this day I wait for my mum to yell my name 5 times then I known it’s her lmao I’m that paranoid
Tom преди месец
Mandela Catalogue: Do not speak too much. You might reveal your fears. Jack: Y'know, I really hate knocking, also footsteps that get closer to you...
(ง •_•)ง
(ง •_•)ง преди месец
@Cosmic so? what do you mean to say huh?
Mmm Yo
Mmm Yo преди месец
@Victim >Attention seeker comment hate commenter but also >Watches most Jacksepticeye vids If you are going to be the attention seeking hater do it better lol
Victim преди месец
Coyote-Underwood преди месец
This comment bothered me. He DID reveal his fear 😧 😂
CHIN CHIN преди месец
@(ง •_•)ง it's the rape dwarfs run!!!!
Mall Operator
Mall Operator преди ден
5:56 Jack figures it out immediately.
Technofrey преди 5 дни
This is so scary that I've even gotten a panic attack from this. :)
Anton Krasnoselscky
Anton Krasnoselscky преди 8 дни
Yo, Jack, since you're really into this kind of horror try watching Kraina Grzybow (if you don't know where to start, try Poradnik Uśmiechu) on youtube, it has the same unsettling atmosphere and suspense and I think it falls into VHS horror cathegory as well :)
Jinx Kerr
Jinx Kerr преди ден
I love having a corner bed 💚 I can tell that there’s nothing in my room 💚 However- I /do/ have noise cancelling headphones, which suck- 🥲
Imma Bee
Imma Bee преди месец
"shoot the alternate identical" Twin siblings: *There's not enough room for the both of us.*
SalemsNoiseGarden преди 3 дни
That was actually something that happened, a few times even, one or both twins are mentally ill and end up killing the other for this exact reason
Ur_Mom;) преди 5 дни
maybe like a code word is they can identify e/o. Or a suicide pact works to ig
AOXGAM3R преди 6 дни
Pancake преди 6 дни
@Crazi so then why could you hear the door opening?
Imma Person321
Imma Person321 преди 7 дни
@pointlessFreddi Not sure. Despite everything we have seen in the universe so far, if you have seen part 2 *(SPOILERS)* .............. Then it can be seen there is an entity that uses technology and your fear to kill you. *(END SPOILERS)* However, I feel like it could be a paranormal/spiritual or alter-related reason the text showed up. Mark's last message. So for me, the reason that showed up is inconclusive.
Apacolyptic-llama Gaming
Apacolyptic-llama Gaming преди 6 дни
This made my entire back tingle and is absolutely one of the best horror games since outlast and five nights at freddies!
ToxicFlicks преди 9 дни
My sleep schedule is messed up right now waking up at 12 am going to sleep at like 3 pm it’s currently 5 am I’m 4 min in and I don’t think I’ll be sleeping for the next week thanks jack
Minkey Mouce
Minkey Mouce преди 24 дни
Most viewers: Too spook for me Sean: That’s so *cool!*
Topaz Stars
Topaz Stars преди 13 дни
This is one of my favorite stories and I’m so happy it’s getting the recognition it deserves
Dido Sauce
Dido Sauce преди месец
Psychological horror is honestly the most terrifying form of horror in my opinion. Jump scares are fun here and there but they only scare you once. I’ve watched the Mandela catalogue multiple times and I’m terrified to sleep each and every time. Psychological horror is a slow burn that hits its peak when you feel most vulnerable
ilinope cherry
ilinope cherry преди месец
GweiTheLeafChild преди месец
You can't run from what's in your head...
Archangel4679 преди месец
@MashuPotatou yep that's the worst part imo
Dark Mario
Dark Mario преди месец
I agree. A couple weeks ago I had the scariest dream in my life like indescribably scary. It started similar to an analog horror vid cause it was a slow burn and started out somewhat wholesome then got bad later on. I want to make it into something similar to this but unfortunately I dont know how
Percy преди месец
I don't even consider jumpscares scary. Those are cheap and use your instinct to "scare" you. Psychological horror it's where its at. When done right shit can make me sleep with lights on for nights
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