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Chance The Baller
Chance The Baller преди 2 години
Currently praying GTA V is a part of nostalgia week
Mr. Goose
Mr. Goose преди месец
@sis jones thats what makes tge videos funny
MoRo преди 5 месеца
@🧸a person🧸 hi
🧸a person🧸
🧸a person🧸 преди 5 месеца
It's been a year god I feel old
DukeNuke997shrek преди 5 месеца
Story mode of course and ..... MODZ
Michelle House
Michelle House преди 6 месеца
From the future ur wish has been granted
JustARegularPlayer преди 2 години
Jack: Okay, let's go back to cars _rides a bike_
T-SMITH_ 82 преди 2 години
Zerpy_Is_A_Gamer преди 2 години
Jack: Driving a bike is suicide in this game Trollface quest: DrIvInG a BiKe Is SuIcIdE iN tHiS gAmE
Stephen Pros
Stephen Pros преди година
This is the very first video that i watched from Jack.. I'm fan to this day... I can't how far he has come! I know Jack won't see this but I hope that there will be more blessings that will be given to him because he has done alot for us! Thank u for making my childhood awesome! ❤
Shay Phillips
Shay Phillips преди 11 месеца
This was my first vid to!
CrazyCucco преди година
My first video from jack I watched was the worst cake ever sumotori dreams video back in 2014
Jens Casier
Jens Casier преди година
This was also the first video i saw from him and he finally found his hat back
Mmmangold преди 2 години
5:53 This May have been the smoothest crash I have ever seen
arles преди година
factual information Even in 2020
⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ преди 2 години
8:19 *does double front flip and lands it* franklin: *brushes his shoulders*
ImNoob преди година
franklin: Eh that was nothing
Sam Eliot Ryan
Sam Eliot Ryan преди година
wow this was the first jacksepticeye video i ever watched, when i was 9 qand sick. I still watch to this day and consider myself to be a fan. its incredible to see just how far Sean has come. it has truly been an honor to watch him grow
Reece Berkeley
Reece Berkeley преди месец
Literally same
CallMeCannon преди година
Seeing Jack being so happy makes me happier than him
Re4l1Ff преди 4 години
I wish that Jack would bring gta5 back
Re4l1Ff преди 2 месеца
@Hozra Shehrzad I have a car now
Hozra Shehrzad
Hozra Shehrzad преди 5 месеца
@DAZZLE3 years ago......
Treesyeet преди 9 месеца
Micheal De Santa
Micheal De Santa преди 11 месеца
@DAZZLE bruh
Habitul Boi
Habitul Boi преди година
DAZZLE hate to break it to ya but it hasn’t come out yet buddy
Tameska преди година
Thanks for bringing me through hard times, Jack.
Sean Burke
Sean Burke преди 2 години
Jacksepticeye, one of the only youtubers I can watch on lowest level volume🔉
Fhrrh Dbd
Fhrrh Dbd преди 7 месеца
The only youtuber I can watch on *high volume*
Ram Amrani
Ram Amrani преди 8 месеца
No no hell naw you doing it wrongg
Tighe White
Tighe White преди година
Sky's Gaming v2
Sky's Gaming v2 преди година
When I was a kid I felt sad when he was fake crying
Jelly Ahad
Jelly Ahad преди 4 месеца
lucers преди 5 месеца
Bennett Torres
Bennett Torres преди година
Jack: I can't stop laughing Only reasonable explanation: I am drunk!
Snake Man Luffy
Snake Man Luffy преди година
Old Jack brought me so much joy when I was little and still does now. Old Jack will always be best Jack.
Isaiah BE BOSS!
Isaiah BE BOSS! преди 2 години
10:22 Pilots: the all new wingless plane! Jacksepticeye: hold my sticky bombs
ELLE3773 преди 2 години
3:14 it's been almost six years and I still remembered how you said "and he sticks the landing!" In all honesty I don't know what that says about anything or anyone, i'm just in awe of how much time passed, how much things have changed... Or how much they haven't...
Chrisss преди 2 години
Stephano #7740 damn you’re young
Schwagg преди 2 години
Same man, I was 4 when this came out ( I ain't 11 yet)
Dremblin преди 2 години
Jack: let’s do it to this jeep 8:09 Land Rover: am I a joke to you?
Idk Friggin somebody
Idk Friggin somebody преди 2 години
I’m really sick right now and rewatching your old videos always make me smile!
Tango Bango
Tango Bango преди 11 месеца
Just found this on my recommended page, 7 years later, what a blast from the past
Мирјана Адамовић
Мирјана Адамовић преди 6 месеца
Driving with moon gravity is like you are always using Franklin ability
Jordan Joints
Jordan Joints преди година
Dude I remember running home for lunch when I was 13 to watch this video. I missed these man, Jack gave me so much happiness when I was growing up I cant believe I am 20 years old now an "adult" watch his old vids ... bring me back, so much nostalgia.
I Don’t Actually Know
I Don’t Actually Know преди година
Loved these old videos now it’s just stored in my memories of nostalgic jacksepticeye😞
Sally Williams
Sally Williams преди 3 години
8:41 - 8:57 I was laughing so hard and I couldn't breathe so I took a sip of water and started choking 🤣🤣
Joust_Mine Gaming
Joust_Mine Gaming преди 2 години
Why would you took a sip of water while laughing tho?
After Halfsoul
After Halfsoul преди година
Jack: I’m so good at flying planes! *drives into a car and blows up*
ÆßÆŠÇĖ преди 2 години
It’s funny going back watching this video and seeing how calm he is with the intro
IBrianrish преди 3 години
Jack is back killing asses in GTA 5 GO JACKSEPTICYEYE !!!
Titan Slayer
Titan Slayer преди 2 години
Jack: *throws sticky bombs and kills people* “This should be illegal!”
MajorPlus преди 2 години
This is the first video of yours i watched and im still here 5 years later! Thanks for all the years of entertainment!
Rotaryking714 преди година
Jack: sees Range Rover Also jack: LETS HIT THE JEEP Love u Sean been watching since I was 8... I’m 15 love the new content as much as the old
F Bombs
F Bombs преди година
If I told him that a flying rocket bike with missles would be out in the future he would think I was crazy
Azura преди 3 години
god I remember watching this for the first time. Sean really has come a long way
Th3R3dV1s1on преди година
wow dude, the good old days, i love this video along with the old ones, i feel that nostalgia.I remember watching this everyday in 2014 ish, no joke.And yeah, even now i still go and watch it sometimes along with the others.I also loved the amnesia series, the turbo dismount, and sumotori dreams, the good old days man. I can't even describe how entertaining this was. This brings me so many memories.
Some-Guyツ преди година
Jacksepticeye videos only age like fine wine🍷🍷🍷
Dalton Skeels
Dalton Skeels преди 4 години
Jack then:Top of the morning to ya laddies Jack now:TOPOFTHEMORNINGTOYALADDIES
J M преди 4 години
JhOnny jhonny
Aidan.animates преди 11 месеца
this still makes me laugh after 7 years :)
¬*·Beep beep·*¬
¬*·Beep beep·*¬ преди 3 години
"This should be illegal" *is throwing sticky bombs at pedestrians*
Xp_generic преди 3 години
First ever vid of Jacksepticeye’s that I ever watched.... ahhh! Memories.
blue_jay_ zap
blue_jay_ zap преди 3 години
Jacksepticeye keep on doing what you're doing you're my favorite BGpostr because you have your own opinion and you're awesome
Logan B
Logan B преди 4 години
Jack if you keep your bike upside down while your in the air you'll fly farther
Ryan Flannery
Ryan Flannery преди година
Watching this back when he said “like a boss” I was so happy
Byerly2k20 преди 3 години
I wish Jack would play GTA5 again I loved these when he was doing this
ThisSneeze IsDeadly
ThisSneeze IsDeadly преди 3 години
This is the first ever video of jacks i watched and he makes me laugh everyday 😄😄
Raymond walker
Raymond walker преди година
The good ol days just watching Jack in 2013 makes me happy and the old backing as well :D PLUS THE "LIKE A BOSS OMG" EEEEEE AM SO HAPPY
Cara Dohnt
Cara Dohnt преди година
"whats that?!" "oh its just a piece of my car" HE SAID THAT SO CALM XD 4:15
Alikachu преди 2 години
6:18 Jack=I know what can make u feel better 6:25=totally made me feel better😂😂😂
Sheepugamer преди 3 години
Its good to come back to older videos every once-in-a-while.
Heather Wright
Heather Wright преди 3 години
Jacksepticeye when you put on Super Jump cheat and moon gravity together you will fly so high up in the air
GamerFace преди 3 години
This makes me wonder how jack actually drives in real life...
Jamie Atkins
Jamie Atkins преди 3 години
11:05 “please don’t die” Has invincibility equipped
eat your memes kids
eat your memes kids преди 11 месеца
Jack you made me who I am and gave me the best childhood thank you I’ve been watching for. 8 years and I will never stop watching you
Doom Clasher
Doom Clasher преди 2 години
7:14 Jack: Blows people up Also Jack: this should be illigal! Modern laws: Am I a joke to you?
Kaneki Rinkaku
Kaneki Rinkaku преди 2 години
I am pretty sure Jack and moon gravity with a bike is what inspired Rockstar to make the Oppresser
Miah Bun
Miah Bun преди 3 години
i love watching old videos to see how much theyve changed, like, his voice has matured so much since this
sizzle my lizzle
sizzle my lizzle преди година
Franklin falling down mount chiliad is me trying to run in dreams
Josh Sanderson
Josh Sanderson преди 2 години
Uh😩 the nostalgia i watched this the day it was uploaded and now I’m coming back to it in 2019. Just beautiful😢
Aloriee преди 3 години
*Jack's high five at the very start* 2015: Ptshhhhh! 2017: A WAHPOW!
FoodaFen преди година
RIP hitting us at the start of the new vids
Shrimpie преди година
it's 2020 no and........... ;-;
Jacksepeye Houson
Jacksepeye Houson преди 3 години
Ahhh,classic Jack.Miss the old days
Edsongk1 преди година
I just needed to come back to this it’s just necessary
tracey преди 11 месеца
Alex Wilesmith
Alex Wilesmith преди година
Sub Static
Sub Static преди година
Same man
Ash11 преди година
Ah yes the first ever video I watched of jack still going strong 2020
Viper Vile
Viper Vile преди година
Man I miss the old Jacksepticeye a lot
GRIM REAPER преди 4 години
now jack CAN do flips for days, like a boss !!!!
Lisa Hyman PC
Lisa Hyman PC преди 4 години
Noah Murphy
Noah Murphy преди 4 години
No like a bloody legend
Silas Barnett
Silas Barnett преди 7 месеца
Coming back to the video that started it all for me I have been watching jack for 7 years
Pleasure Beach Boy
Pleasure Beach Boy преди година
Jack: an I drunk? Me: yes Jack: how drunk am I? Me: ... *Y E S*
shellie hicks
shellie hicks преди година
I miss jack playing this game I want him to bring it as a whole series again I'm a 12 year old boy who wants to meet him jack you always make laugh and smile and my names Isaiah LIKE A BOSS!!!!
The BOSS преди година
9:38 it looked like he ran into franklin’s car LOL 😂
Awesome Gamer
Awesome Gamer преди 4 години
I'm dying laughing😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I love jacksepticeye!
Assassin Sword
Assassin Sword преди 4 години
Awesome Gamer?!?! NO IM AN AWSOME GAMER
Jack: I could do this for days Girl named days: thanks Jack
Money Mike 2
Money Mike 2 преди 3 години
I love jacks science class. u can learn everything
Waffle Trot
Waffle Trot преди година
Rewatching jack play gta for nostalgia is fun
Jhorddy peña ponce
Jhorddy peña ponce преди година
Had to come back I remember watching this he sure has become a great guy
Dungeoneer Cartoons
Dungeoneer Cartoons преди 6 години
I remember the "cars fly" cheat in Vice City lol every police chase was hilarious
Young Glita
Young Glita преди 3 години
Dungeoneer Cartoons c
JupiterKnight преди 3 години
Dungeoneer Cartoons eddedr
blue monty
blue monty преди 3 години
That One Cat 🐱 was asome
blue monty
blue monty преди 3 години
That One Cat 🐱.
ccld18 преди 3 години
and in san andreas
Jay Jo
Jay Jo преди 3 години
Miss your gta V video jack ♥️ I’m thankful that your there when im bored 😘♥️
U1tr4_l1ght 14
U1tr4_l1ght 14 преди 2 години
Next time do moon gravity + super jump + fast run= FUN
Rainbowsix 2620
Rainbowsix 2620 преди 3 години
Jack needs to play more gta it’s entertaining
Oisin Mc grath
Oisin Mc grath преди 8 месеца
6:25 this should be put in jacksepticeye's instant karma video lol
Razzortainment преди 5 години
XD watching your older vids is like watching your new ones on 0,5 of the speed. like it anyway! Have a good day Jack!
plasma X
plasma X преди година
fun fact: this was the first video I had ever seen of Jacksepticeye
TheConfidentNoob преди 3 години
I do miss when Jack did GTA 5 content... When BGpost wasn't such a mess:(
luis aka 21 savage
luis aka 21 savage преди 2 години
12:32 "When you u see a firework for the first time!!"
FoodaFen преди година
Aaaaahhhh SPLOSIONS!!!!!
dat lizard
dat lizard преди година
moon gravity makes him look like hes in a slow mo action movie
izuku midoriya
izuku midoriya преди 3 години
Jack you are one of my top 3 favorites
Aiden преди 2 години
this is like the irst gta 5 vid where jack sounds kinda enthusiastic, saying ''Top of the mornin' to ya laddies''
Lizzyfizzy dizzy
Lizzyfizzy dizzy преди година
How did I fall asleep to jack yelling 😂
Whimsy преди 3 години
Falling is just like flying, except there's a more permanent destination.
no commentary just play
no commentary just play преди година
God damn man The first video I ever watched of jacksepticeye
HELLISH преди 3 години
Ahhh, the good old times :)
Musically Gamer
Musically Gamer преди 3 години
Ahh the good old days 🙂
Evan James
Evan James преди 3 години
i love it when jack is happy
elliotteisbae преди година
I remember when this vid first came out I laughed my ass off
True Sans
True Sans преди 2 години
2019 and still funny and good
Dhruv Rupani
Dhruv Rupani преди 3 месеца
going back through jack’s old videos as it’s almost 2022
The mysterious furry
The mysterious furry преди година
BGpost: hey let's recommend this 7 years later!
McCarty. B
McCarty. B преди 4 години
Says Land Rover. Jack: LETS DO IT TO THIS JEEP
Deathstare _proxy
Deathstare _proxy преди 3 години
"IM SO AWESOME AT FLYING."Those were the words said right before instant karma
Fn is trash
Fn is trash преди година
I love your vids thanks for binging a smile on my face
RecklessNinja18 преди година
8:41 i couldnt stop laughing
sethboltron преди 3 години
lmao 2018 Jack is different yet still similar to 2013 Jack
LIAMDEAN18 преди 4 години
"He nippled a car" --jacksepticeye 2013 8:44
Dominika Webb
Dominika Webb преди 3 години
Heinz Deanz 18
Dixie Normis
Dixie Normis преди 4 години
Emma Kirby. So
Emma Kirby
Emma Kirby преди 4 години
Heinz Deanz 18 its " i nibbled a car"
Pennywise The dancing clown
Pennywise The dancing clown преди 4 години
He nipled a car l fucked a car
TheManJack Gaming
TheManJack Gaming преди 3 години
Your videos are definitely different then the ones of 2018
Marlane V
Marlane V преди 3 години
Jacksepticeye you’re the best BGpost or I ever saw in my life
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