What Was It Like To Be In Free Guy With Ryan Reynolds

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What was it really like to be in Free Guy with Ryan Reynolds
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risk преди 2 месеца
Sean being friends with Ryan is amazing. This was so fun to see in the theatres
Grieving Stereo
Grieving Stereo преди 2 месеца
Friends? Hahaha both are souless spineless sellouts
Sareena Carter
Sareena Carter преди 2 месеца
@MGTOW Entrepreneur Being fire? Ofc
MunkeyKung преди 2 месеца
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Ghost Trainer Gengar
Ghost Trainer Gengar преди 2 месеца
@BGpost User nah fam 1 vid is not better lol quit the cap
Xavier Rome
Xavier Rome преди 2 месеца
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Just Some Guy without a Mustache преди месец
Ryan Reynolds was quite a lucky guy to meet with you
DatCheeseCake преди 17 дни
Dead channel, no job
Immortal Viper
Immortal Viper преди 18 дни
Why are u not in the movie
Angel Santana
Angel Santana преди 20 дни
@K Dill What a dumb comment. There's video evidence on BGpost. So yeah, he sure DID!
K Dill
K Dill преди 20 дни
@Angel Santana sure he did......his lucky.....smfh
K Dill
K Dill преди 20 дни
@Vortex Lies
McKenzie Foster
McKenzie Foster преди месец
Jack, the fact that it was you who got to be the one who said, “Get up, Guy” KILLED me. I was in tears. I was so proud.
The Lilinator
The Lilinator преди 5 часа
@zyler109😉 clearly you aren't open to seeing a different point of view so I won't be responding further. Have a good night (or day).
zyler109😉 преди 5 часа
@The Lilinator ok well fuck with someone else I'm right tour rong so yeah shhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeesh
The Lilinator
The Lilinator преди 5 часа
@zyler109😉 people can have nicknames ya'know. You don't always have to be so literal about 'real' names
The Lilinator
The Lilinator преди 5 часа
So maybe you should have lol
The Lilinator
The Lilinator преди 5 часа
@zyler109😉 I did just to humor you and it says Seán.
Bob M
Bob M преди месец
Sean: "What does Jacksepticeye do??" Me: *turns volume down waiting for a scream*
jazzy Bean
jazzy Bean преди 9 дни
Bamboo The Rainwing
Bamboo The Rainwing преди месец
Greggory Bagley
Greggory Bagley преди месец
Amber Murphy
Amber Murphy преди месец
Jack is so cute and so humble. I absolutely LOVED Free Guy. It was so mind blowing, and once you finished the movie it was like holy crap. It was by far, the best videogame/reality/mindblowingness that's ever been made. I saw your face and pokimane's and literally started yelling to my friend who I was watching with like "OH MY GOD, IT'S JACK AND POKII!!" Such a good movie, hats off to you Jack!!
Speak of the Devil
Speak of the Devil преди 19 дни
@mm mm I personally prefer Free Guy, I think it has more depth to it and the story feels more comprehensible/ well balanced
mm mm
mm mm преди 21 ден
ready player one definitely better than free guy
pizzarollz преди месец
I think "Ready Player One" is also up there
Patterrz преди 2 месеца
Even if he said it to everyone, getting a DM like that from Ryan Reynolds has gotta be a High better than any drug
muted mister fish
muted mister fish преди ден
@BGpost User You don't have a content
bunce преди 2 дни
i think heroine is pretty wild
senseful prods
senseful prods преди месец
Eh, he's played videogames with Ryan Reynolds before.
ThatKnifeKid преди месец
Your comment PROOVES Ryan Reynolds sold his soul take it as you will ◻️
Cole James
Cole James преди месец
If Ryan Reynolds messaged me I think I'd orgasm on the spot
Cursed Creator
Cursed Creator преди месец
Gosh, seeing Sean so happy and proud of himself is infectious, and such growth over the years... We're all so proud of what you're doing! Keep it up!
Salvatore Tropiano
Salvatore Tropiano преди месец
Jack calling himself a A-list actor had me in stitches 😂
TSG NexuS преди месец
I love these “big break” types of stories. I haven’t seen the movie yet because all of my local cinemas have been shut down since Covid hit, but now I’m extra excited. Even playing a supporting roll in a Hollywood blockbuster would be a surreal experience for me and hearing about it is fascinating. I hope many more good things come from this for you Sean. You deserve it!
Gaming Cinema
Gaming Cinema преди месец
it's also on Disney plus
ToriKat_96 преди месец
My mom and dad who know nothing about Jack, or video games in general absolutely LOVE this movie and will not stop telling me and my husband (video game nerds) to go see/rent it. So it has to be good if two older white folks who have trouble turning the tv on love it. So happy for you Jack. You deserve everything coming to you.
Jay Katara
Jay Katara преди месец
It was really wild how effective those scenes were. You're the only creator I regularly watch, of the ones who made cameos, but it was wild how it really did just feel like I was watching one of your videos suddenly.
𝕾𝖚𝖎𝖟𝖎𝖉 𝕶𝖗𝖊𝖙𝖔𝖗
𝕾𝖚𝖎𝖟𝖎𝖉 𝕶𝖗𝖊𝖙𝖔𝖗 преди 18 дни
Everything changed when Ryan Reynolds DMed Sean.
Sarah Jon
Sarah Jon преди месец
Acting is just "being yourself" but as someone else, if that makes sense lol. It was so fun to see the streamers make cameos in this movie because I knew they just wanted you to be YOU. Tip on acting: if it FEELS like acting, you're doing it wrong 🤣. Acting is BEING. You did great Jack! The movie was so good and your part in it definitely brought a smile to my face :) congrats again!
The Liar
The Liar преди месец
"Acting is just 'being yourself' but as someone else" Those are a very interesting choice of words. It makes a lot of sense and it gave me a whole new perspective on how to play a role that isn't my own. Thanks for sharing!
TheCriminalViolin преди месец
Yep. You have to embody and become whatever the character you're set to play as. Live in their world, as the person, through their perspective and lens. I like to talk about it like this: YOU cease to exist, all you are is your character, your life doesn't exist either, as only that character's life does. I find it actually something exciting and fun, very easy to do. It's the lines that the anxiety and problem occurs for me. I'd rather have fun and improvise, than to actually follow a script. Even if the improv follows a rough outline/premise.
Lucy Cairns
Lucy Cairns преди месец
I watched the movie thinking it would be OK, a bit of fun. I LOVED it way more than I was expecting. The movie was awesome on it's own. Then when Sean popped up I legit SCREAMED and frightened my boyfriend to death 😂 I had the biggest grin on my face and was so proud of you 😂 Then you were in it for loads of parts and I was immeasurable happy. I had to explain to boif you're the BGpostr I always watch and I could not stop talking about how cool it was that you were in it so much. Honestly made it x10 more amazing having you in it and it was so natural and not cringey at all. I've been waiting for this video hehe and I cannot wait to watch the movie again and smile when you're on screen 🥰
MaKaila Knight
MaKaila Knight преди месец
I'm not even joking, the scenes with Sean and Pokimane were some of my favorites. I think I screamed (quietly?) in the theatre
Sarah Jon
Sarah Jon преди месец
I, too, screamed lol.
ASMR Jonie
ASMR Jonie преди 2 месеца
My boy screamed to the top of his lungs when he saw you. Made him so happy 😊❤️
TheFunnyguy9000 преди 2 месеца
@BGpost User I will not respect your opinion
Emily Morgan
Emily Morgan преди 2 месеца
@Ghost Trainer Gengar cool
Ghost Trainer Gengar
Ghost Trainer Gengar преди 2 месеца
@BGpost User bot #2
poo man
poo man преди 2 месеца
Thats so cool
Ghost Trainer Gengar
Ghost Trainer Gengar преди 2 месеца
@Emily Morgan that makes u the 3rd bot today 🤡
Pegasus436 преди 3 дни
Finally got to see it today and I only knew the trailer and no other spoilers so I was genuinely surprised and excited that you were in it!! I didn’t think it was cringey at all; you were great! 😊😊
Beatriz Viana
Beatriz Viana преди 4 дни
I watched Free Guy yesterday and I didn’t know anything about it at all. When I saw you and the others I was so shocked and so excited! I was watching it with my family and I jumped and was “he’s a youtuber that I watch a lot!!” it was surreal to see so many people I follow on a movie but it made everything so much more enjoyable!
Apocalypse Gaming
Apocalypse Gaming преди месец
This man actually knows how to give speeches and this really makes me feel happy that he is happy and the way he talks about it it just gives me that feel of happiness and I can't express enough how good this makes me feel
ZKOnExPo преди месец
To be honest, this movie actually is one of the funniest movies I've ever seen! If you haven't watched Free Guy and you're looking for a hilarious movie you should watch it. Old Jim Carrey movies are pretty hilarious too. Also, here's a fact about Ryan Reynolds he is the best at persuading celebrities.
CheZ Games
CheZ Games преди 2 месеца
Jack is making it so big, so proud and happy he deserves it!
HedonisticFury преди месец
@Spice bott101 I also find it interesting that the two of you decided to single me out, when I wasn't the only one to push back. Guess I struck a nerve. 😉
Spice bott101
Spice bott101 преди месец
@HedonisticFury And y would it be weird to give my own opinion on your take. Idk if you realize this but the only person being a bad sport in this comment section is you. Ofc I am gonna defend the other guy, not because I care about him but because ur flatt out gross man. I find it funny how you are even trying to compare a take to you literally raising an internet related personaility on a pedestal. Bohoo how can someone not be as glad as you that a person on the internet did a certain thing. Do you realize how deranged you are, friendly advice GET HELP.
Spice bott101
Spice bott101 преди месец
@HedonisticFury Not trolling man I am just honest, if you cannot see how cringe you are right now then clown yourself some more.
HedonisticFury преди месец
@Spice bott101 Imagine defending a comment post made by someone you don't even know just because you think you smell blood in the water. Then imagine using the word "bot" in your screen name and thinking you'd be taken for anything but a troll. He's the clown. And you're his honking red nose.
Black Shadow
Black Shadow преди месец
We should all be proud of Sean and he would be proud of himself. 🙂
Jess Mary
Jess Mary преди месец
My brother and I got so excited whenever you were on screen. He never knew you were in it so it was a nice surprise for him. So glad you were able to be on more than once! We're so proud of how far you've come Sean, been watching you for 6 years!
Rosenbool преди 2 дни
When I saw you in the movie I didn't know you were gonna be in it, I squealed. Honestly, you and the other gamers being in the movie just completed it. Didn't care for the avengers and star wars cameos because they weren't really relevant but you guys made this movie something else, it felt so real
Quinn Scarbrough
Quinn Scarbrough преди месец
I love the fact that this officially means Jack is eligible for the Screen Actors Guild I'm pretty sure
Ruger West
Ruger West преди месец
I love your humility Jack, more people need that.
Oddpeacock OvO
Oddpeacock OvO преди месец
Honestly I don’t watch jacksepticeye vids alot but I was extremely happy to see how successful he has been with everything (videos, movies, business etc) just enjoying creating and pursuing ideas, branching out from their comfort zone, just really inspiring to all artists and creators 😊
Tiger Lily Kitty
Tiger Lily Kitty преди месец
Two of my absolute favorite people. Can you imagine actually being friends with people who are so kind and hilarious? Definitely my favorite celebrities. On the same coin as celebrities feeling lonely because they don’t feel like their friends are real, it sucks that you can’t easily become friends with celebrities and get to know them because you’re just a face in the crowd of fans. Sean and Ryan are my absolute favorite advertisers, they know how to make shit fun!!
Freddy V.
Freddy V. преди месец
Jack, when I was first watching the movie with my little brother, and we saw your scenes, we both screamed in joy. You finally made it to the big screen, Jack. We're all so proud of u
Sarah’s Gone
Sarah’s Gone преди месец
I love seeing how happy he is with this. He’s given me happiness for years. Got me through some of my hardest times and has helped me find even more content creators to help me get through these times. Seeing him happy and doing incredible things with his life truly does show me that I can do anything. His happiness is an infectious disease and I will gladly catch it. ❤️❤️
Eugenio27 преди 2 месеца
In the movie, Jack's lines were the final motivator for Guy to be able to beat Dude. So technically, he was the real hero.
Hi Welcometochilis
Hi Welcometochilis преди месец
Jaydev Raol
Jaydev Raol преди месец
Eugenio27 преди месец
@Lucosio Dude, so uncool
TheFunnyguy9000 преди 2 месеца
@Squidward The Mad Titan catchphrase
Lucosio преди 2 месеца
Shania Adams
Shania Adams преди месец
When my husband and I watched the movie we loved it so much and started freaking out when we saw you in it! You did amazing!!! Absolutely love your energy!
Rymer Lad
Rymer Lad преди месец
I started watching you when I was just a kid and now I’m 21 and still love your videos and get excited to come home from work (once upon a time school) and see your videos pop up, keep on going jack ❤️
a human
a human преди месец
I remember seeing your scenes in Free Guy for the first time and I nearly screaamed. We are all very proud of you Sean!💕 Edit- I don’t think any of us would laugh at you for trying new things. In fact, personally, I feel more motivated simply watching you try.
Eva преди месец
His happiness is so contagious, you are amazing Jack! We love you💚
OwO преди 2 месеца
Guys, isn't it obvious already. He's Jack. Of course Jack can start a movie acting career while still running a BGpost channel.
coffee is just bean soup
coffee is just bean soup преди месец
When will you and a random guy without a mustache team up
Glenn Aron Johnsen Brustad
Glenn Aron Johnsen Brustad преди 2 месеца
he already is cathegorized as an actress on google
ÙwÚ преди 2 месеца
Our names match
SNUCKEL 4 преди 2 месеца
@The Wrangler ah yes, let the problem flow, Im not an ignorant shite yknow
The Wrangler
The Wrangler преди 2 месеца
@SNUCKEL 4 stop reading comments then
Tide the cleaning detergent
Tide the cleaning detergent преди месец
I love knowing you went from living in the cabin and here you’re now, your progress and motivation is inspiring. Keep up the great work, we appreciate everything!
Ezra Hyde
Ezra Hyde преди месец
I remember watching the movie in theaters with one of my best friends, and when we saw you and Poki we popped off because we were so happy to see some of our favorite content creators in an ACTUAL MOVIE
Tiger Lily Kitty
Tiger Lily Kitty преди месец
I’ve always noticed how often Jack does voice acting. This is a step up and I love it every time.
McKenzie Slone
McKenzie Slone преди месец
I love hearing him talk about something he’s so happy about. It’s so sweet. We’re proud of you!
Myl-Mations преди 2 месеца
When Shawn asked what a let's play was, that was just adorable. It feels like a very polite version of "Hello fellow teenagers."
Mr wardog
Mr wardog преди месец
@Talkative Hour tgat just brings up weird symbols, like im using the Huwai p30 swiftkey keyboard
Myl-Mations преди месец
@BladedDoggo thank you!
Talkative Hour
Talkative Hour преди месец
@Mr wardog hold down the letter e on mobile. That way you can do the dots
Saint-Izawa преди месец
Jack was geniunely the most natural reaction performance of all the streamers in the movie, Im glad he was in it.
Mr wardog
Mr wardog преди месец
@Nathan Gordon yeah i know but like the origin of the spelling of the word Sean is spelt like that, Im like playing into both a Jacsepticeye meme and actual historic crap, ignore me
SamTheMan преди месец
Jack has such a good soul. When I watch him my heart warms. He is truly and amazing person. No I haven’t met him but I bet he is such a chill guy. You probably won’t see this but man you have come so far. You are awesome! Keep it up man🤘
Lightning Hashira
Lightning Hashira преди месец
Before, Ryan and Jack played together on a Deadpool Video Game and Now, He was in a movie with Ryan Reynolds. Very entertaining to see Jack's Relationship with Ryan.
Michelle Brandel
Michelle Brandel преди месец
His happiness is extremely contagious! I sorta forgot that this was a thing but now I'm gonna go watch the movie immediately!! Looks so much fun from just the small clips!
LeilaniScorpi преди месец
I recognized you in the scene, and I was like: “wait, did they actually get him and dan into the movie?-“ And my parents are like: the heck?
Kayaala Bond T[A]P ON [M][Y] PlcTuRE
Kayaala Bond T[A]P ON [M][Y] PlcTuRE преди месец
It was very refreshing to see Jack give actors like Ryan Reynolds a spot in his movie :))
Isamic преди месец
The comment you stole has 1k likes bud
𒆙RJ Long𒆙
𒆙RJ Long𒆙 преди месец
@☭Onderdaan Zwabbah☭ no it's a phoney, it's blurryface
☭Onderdaan Zwabbah☭
☭Onderdaan Zwabbah☭ преди месец
@Blurryface is it the real blurryfave??!!!
Blurryface преди месец
DCnationdanman Cross
DCnationdanman Cross преди месец
Awhi Guardians
Awhi Guardians преди месец
Ahhh!! That's so cool Sean. I am so proud of you! I've been watching you for a really long time and I can't believe how much you have grown and accomplished. It's so cool to see you super happy!
BlackRabbit преди месец
This honestly was one of my favourite movies that I watched including when I was excited to see Jack just appearing in there itself. Jack you deserve being in there and having Ryan Reynolds DM you is still amazing and awesome as ever!
Kønā Sumisu
Kønā Sumisu преди месец
This shows how stressful it would be to be a movie actor. He struggled with a couple lines but imagine the people that have full scripts.
Nestalia Art
Nestalia Art преди месец
I thought it was so cool that instead of getting actors to pretend to be youtubers and streamers they actually reached out to you guys for the roles! I absolutely adored the film. 100% going to be in my physical collection.
Smilez преди 2 месеца
hes like an adorable child telling you about his day at school and how he impressed his friends doing something super cool
wartygourd преди 2 месеца
yeah!! i love that! I'm so proud of him
Bengt Bagels
Bengt Bagels преди 2 месеца
We be proud of the o boyo
fetus๏ преди 2 месеца
ur pfpis now my bg :)
Damian Aguilar
Damian Aguilar преди месец
Jack I've been watching since you've been at the cabin and it's weird to say but I feel like I kinda grew along with your content, I'm so glad I've been here for so long and seeing you be here now I'm really happy for you and even if you don't see this I just wanna say thank you for being such an amazing BGpostr and person and I hope you keep doing more and enjoying this
Brutha Jay
Brutha Jay преди месец
I absolutely loved Free Guy! When I seen Sean I was floored. I was like “dude I watch him on BGpost!” Loved it! Great job man.
Ashley Johann
Ashley Johann преди месец
His happiness and excitement through this whole thing just had me grinning the entire time.
Sheila Lantz
Sheila Lantz преди месец
Hey Jack even if you don't see this you were amazing in that movie, when I went to see it and when you popped on I was so fucking happy to see you in it you did so good and I am proud of you. You are making it so big and I remember the start and now you are in movies that is crazy to see a small Irish lad go to a holly wood super star.
Luci✿ преди 2 месеца
It was very refreshing to see Jack give actors like Ryan Reynolds a spot in his movie :))
Melanie Angel
Melanie Angel преди месец
GJDKB Fam преди 2 месеца
Henydabomb преди 2 месеца
@Zettabyte r/woooooooosh
Shrek's Cousin
Shrek's Cousin преди 2 месеца
@Kirby1992 Ok, ok Kirby. I won't. My bad.
Kirby1992 преди 2 месеца
@Shrek's Cousin Hey, buddy, pal, you are allowed to dislike something, but you are just spamming "this movie is bad" under every single comment that praises it. People are allowed to dislike stuff, but they're allowed to like stuff too, you know. You're really just being annoying at this point
Maggie Cooper
Maggie Cooper преди месец
i watched the movie with my dad, and it was a cool experience to be able to say “dad! i grew up watching him!” It definitely showed the older generation watching with their kids that BGpost is more than just strangers, and we do get excited because it feels like a much more personal experience than the A-List actors on screen
MsELaHood преди 25 дни
I had a super hard time not screaming “ let’s gooo” every time I saw you on screen. So awesome.
Lydia преди месец
Damn Sean I love to see how happy this had made you. I can see the glee and joy in your face. It was so great to see you act you did a wonderful job! The movie was amazing. Congratulations!!!
aes201 .-.
aes201 .-. преди месец
It was one of my favorite movies! You did absolutely amazing in it! 😊 it was an incredible idea to have youtubers play in it. It made it feel so real and current.
Lucía Q
Lucía Q преди месец
I was so fucking happy!! I went with my boyfriend and I was so excited when I saw you, my whole row cheered. We're all very proud of you Sean.
Dan calvert
Dan calvert преди месец
I literally only just watched Free Guy over the weekend and it was amazing to see a couple of familiar faces. Great to see how much you have grown and developed over the years. Huge respect dude and keep up the good work.
Erin Daly
Erin Daly преди месец
This is so wholesome and so amazing to see, it has made my shitty day and insomniac night a million times better! Tis bow sleepy time after my positivity hit from the legend of a man who is the creator and influencer of this channel!
Brooke James
Brooke James преди месец
Just watched it last night!! You're amazing at acting!! It felt so natural as if I was watching one of your streams!! Congratulations Jack☺️☺️☺️☺️👍🏻🎉
Rachel Dixon
Rachel Dixon преди 2 месеца
I was frantically and violently tapping my mom's arm like a little kid whenever you showed up in the movie. It was so cool getting to see you in a huge movie like that with a stellar cast. You've come so far, and I know nobody needs to tell you this, but you should be so proud of all that you've done over the past years!!
anna h
anna h преди 2 месеца
Vladimir Irkhin
Vladimir Irkhin преди 2 месеца
@Rabbit the One aight bet
Rabbit the One
Rabbit the One преди 2 месеца
Greco Roman Wrestling
Davi Clemons
Davi Clemons преди 2 месеца
@SuperiorBeing Screen time is screen time. A second on screen could get you a contract.
Rachel Dixon
Rachel Dixon преди 2 месеца
@Vladimir Irkhin exactly. And even though he may not have been onscreen for long or even directly with Ryan Reynolds, he still got to be in a movie starring Ryan Reynolds, whom he has said before is one of his favorite actors. That's fucking cool.
ZeldaGamingPro преди месец
So happy for Sean that he got to be in the movies your one of my favorites Sean. I’ve been watching yah for years and I really appreciate it
Dark EliteGaming
Dark EliteGaming преди месец
When I watched Free Guy, myself, I noticed Jack in the movie, and was like "HOLY SHIII Jack finally got into a movie!" The movie was amazing itself, but seeing favorite youtubers like that got me so excited about it. The only movies I can think that were game-related that were decently as good, were Sonic (Waiting for Sonic 2) and Ready Player One.
Bob Ashby
Bob Ashby преди месец
I am so proud of you! This was well deserved for all the selfless good you do and all the crap you had to deal with. The best revenge is success!
Evan McKinney
Evan McKinney преди месец
My favorite thing about this video is how proud you are to be a part of it. I watched it with my gf who is a ryan Reynolds hater but she and I loved it and I loved seeing your parts
EmoAdam0312 преди 2 месеца
The fact that he genuinely goes thu his comments and is personally effected by what hes reading just shows how genuine this video is... this feels more like a friend telling his friends a story about something cool he did, and not just some youtuber showing off. Love ya Jack.
TCSM_ 88
TCSM_ 88 преди 2 месеца
@ReflectedFlash I know I wasn’t meaning that it’s only 14 year olds I was just trying to make a point
ReflectedFlash преди 2 месеца
@TCSM_ 88 I’m 17 but I still watch him when I get bored.
TCSM_ 88
TCSM_ 88 преди 2 месеца
@yEaRiGhTiSSiK I’m not saying he is, but even if he is targeted to 14 year-olds why the hell does it matter he was in a movie we should be happy for him
리카르도 아보카도–
리카르도 아보카도– преди 2 месеца
@yEaRiGhTiSSiK and he see comments like this. These people are awful.
Pandaa преди 2 месеца
not very emo....... jk lol
Ishaan Khurana
Ishaan Khurana преди месец
I've watched you all my childhood from back in the happy wheels days, almost an entire decade. I'm so happy fr you my dude keep at it ❤️❤️❤️
Rune Bunnura
Rune Bunnura преди месец
I'm so happy for you, Jack!! You did a great job!!
Triple T
Triple T преди месец
U have come such a long way in your life, you've achieved so much and have actually changed to world for better, your the nicest and most humble guy I've never met ❤
DoodyDraws преди месец
This was just soo wholesome.. we’re proud of u dude 🥺🥺 idk why I felt like I was the one going through this process and living it 😂
Sunny преди 2 месеца
I’ve watched Jack for a really long time and I remember him being like “I love Ryan Reynolds and I’d be honored to work with him” and now he’s in a video like every other month😂
Jacob Taylor
Jacob Taylor преди месец
@Grieving Stereo good thing im a straight white male who owns guns and hates libs and repubs as well buddy. Now what were you saying?
geoff o
geoff o преди 2 месеца
@Grieving Stereo did you have a stroke writing this?
Grieving Stereo
Grieving Stereo преди 2 месеца
@Jacob Taylor i don't listen to alphabet lasagnabbq esjaydoubleUs lefters
Jacob Taylor
Jacob Taylor преди 2 месеца
@Grieving Stereo and there it is lmao. Youre a 4yo on your moms ipad 😂 go to bed little buddy
Grieving Stereo
Grieving Stereo преди 2 месеца
@Jacob Taylor ok gei crap gaei lord
Hannah McK
Hannah McK преди месец
I went to see this in theatres with my boyfriend and every time jack was on screen I would freak out, it was so funny and so much fun. I was so excited when jacks face filled the whole screen
Tec Tonic
Tec Tonic преди месец
My mates and I would just scream "ITS JACK!!!!!" every time he was on screen 😂💀
Missouri Riders
Missouri Riders преди месец
I just saw the movie 5 minutes ago, it was amazing and funny. I was sitting there and all the sudden jack pops up! I had happy and thought it was really cool to see him on the screen! I don’t know if Jack will ever see this but you did awsome man and I’d love to see u in more movies like that!!👍🏽
TheAdvertisement преди месец
3:33 Ok that's awesome, they actually tried to be authentic about a video game movie and even went to Jack to learn from him. I love that!
Pip Pengwing
Pip Pengwing преди 2 месеца
He's honestly not bad at acting the "CHASE" and the "15 MONTHS" short he did made me see how not only he can play games, he has great filming and cinematography. Sean is also great at voice acting.
the egg
the egg преди месец
@Good For Nutting the egg
Nick Lee
Nick Lee преди месец
@Good For Nutting I'm a sociopath, I can't fucking cry.
Good For Nutting
Good For Nutting преди месец
@Nick Lee Go cry elsewhere
Good For Nutting
Good For Nutting преди месец
@Nicole B I bet you troll on other channels! You fake hypocrite losers act like you’re pure, but do the same thing on videos you don’t like lol
CXSMETiC223 преди месец
Didnt he also go to school for audio production or something?
Krystyna Valdivia
Krystyna Valdivia преди месец
I love this movie!!! Seeing Jack and Dan and others in it made me so happy as well!! Thank you for making this movie! The line that will stick with me forever and should be repeated in places other than the BGpost comments is... this place might not be real but the moments are and the feelings are... it was something like that. If you haven't Free Guy watch it. You won't regret it
Serenity Silvermillinuim
Serenity Silvermillinuim преди месец
Ok funny thing about this video jack, my husband and I bought the movie and watched it. Not even SECONDS AFTER we finished the movie you posted this video. You have amazing timing with your uploads and also the movie free guy was amazing. I loved watching it and I was looking forward to this movie for awhile thanks to my best friend who told me you where in it.
Shaun Powell
Shaun Powell преди месец
Been watching this guy since before he had 1 mil subscribers! He's always been hard working and energetic. He's always moving on to other bits and bats. But to move on to other things is to grow and its what this guy has done time and time again! Keep its up its always nice to see someone succeed.
Nick Hagen
Nick Hagen преди месец
"LOOK AT MY RANGE!" That made me laugh way to much
Mr Leaf
Mr Leaf преди 2 месеца
"Shawn is one of the most infectiously energetic people and charismatic..." You just described yourself
Nutpeg преди 2 месеца
change the spelling of Sean and he quite literally described himself.
Fernald преди 2 месеца
Zoppy Arts
Zoppy Arts преди 2 месеца
Damn that’s super nice, have to agree with you there
Ayden Martinez
Ayden Martinez преди 3 дни
I loved when you and all the BGpostrs I grew up watching ended up on movies and it was one of my favorite parts of the movie
General Laro
General Laro преди месец
I'm so happy for you, thank you for being amazing jack!
Ryan Hilliker
Ryan Hilliker преди месец
I appreciate you sharing the learning process. It's really common to just focus on the event itself and the aftermath. Hearing about how hard you tried sends a good message:)
Robert Byrd
Robert Byrd преди месец
Jack's has got to be one of my favorite journeys to have been present for; what a damned treasure is he.
Andrew Bearden
Andrew Bearden преди месец
I won’t lie, one of the most exciting parts of that movie for me was when the BGpostrs popped up. As soon as Jack came on the screen I set up on my couch like oh shit lol. It was great that not only he made it, but in a way we also made it. Gaming is always look down on in society. So seeing our culture (as cringy as it sounds to say it that way) on the big screen for once was nice. and it was definitely a plus that they let you guys sound natural. It didn’t feel forced. Great job Jack.
Ashton Goolsby
Ashton Goolsby преди месец
He said 3 lines
Hoagie109 преди месец
Jim преди месец
Not just on the Big screen but on the screen and done RIGHT. What made it work was the writers doing their research as all the game references usually worked and for most of the movie it was funny as hell because gamers actually DO the things the players do in the movie.
Amystical Entity
Amystical Entity преди месец
We're rising up in the world
Roy Liber
Roy Liber преди месец
Every word man! Also its the reason why I was super pumped for Ready Player One... Gamers all around finally had their time to shine, where it suddenly become the air we breath. In that movie, governments literally took The Oasis as the only place in the world where you can do anything. Heck, the bad guy had people locked up for not being able to pay big fees and it was all approved by the government (still don't get that part too much tho)... As if suddenly only true gamers could survive in that universe. As much as none of it could ever happen in the future, it still shows what effect technology has for the good and for the bad. Not gonna lie, I saw our world a bit differently after that movie.
Jeremy Calcote
Jeremy Calcote преди месец
Dude! That's really cool you got to do this. I just started acting a few years ago and you're living the dream man! Congratulations!
Namaefox преди месец
I just watched that this last weekend and it was so good! I got so excited when I saw you and other creators I knew! So proud of you 💕 I loved it
Not_Luna преди месец
I was so happy to see you in this movie, and I was so happy to for once see accurate browsers and websites. I kinda wonder if they asked Felix, but am super happy they chose you ❤️
noodle3gmc преди месец
Jack you are the absolute cutest and lovely human. This was so fun to watch. I love when people are proud of themselves and passionate about things. When your scene came up, and even though I was expecting it, I still threw my hands in the air and shouted THERE'S OUR BOYYYYYY 🥰🥰
Jonathan Pilaar
Jonathan Pilaar преди 2 месеца
Here’s Sean trying to understand why all these famous people want to meet him and here’s us who know the whole time because of how humble and how down to Earth he is about anything and everything that’s important to anyone.
Baylee Bugg
Baylee Bugg преди 2 месеца
This is better than Dan and Phil being in the lion gaurd
Daniel lee
Daniel lee преди 2 месеца
Gay transcript describing another mans life
poo man
poo man преди 2 месеца
Yeah he is.
Djinn Ra
Djinn Ra преди месец
thanks for such a neat insight. i can tell your genuine about this whole thing. its great to see your excitement at such a cool achievement and your humility carrying over from the cabin.
Galaxxi преди месец
Just saw this movie a couple weeks ago, Yelled when i actually recognized someone xD Fully expected it to be your average cringe video game movie but it was actually phenomenal, and adding real lets players, for once, was actually a really good touch.
Tycho Pendraig
Tycho Pendraig преди месец
I remember the cabin! You've come such a long way, and made a point to share your kindness and cheer with others throughout. Thank you!
According to Jexi
According to Jexi преди месец
When my kids and I saw Free Guy, we were so excited when we saw you and other BGpostrs in it. It really made the movie so much better. We loved everything about it!
iJustEatSocks преди 2 месеца
I love the “sit down and talk videos” it’s like an older brother telling you what he’s done and I get this cozy little feeling. Or like when you’re really into a podcast and you listen to that for hours. I could listen to jack for hours.
Filip G
Filip G преди 2 месеца
Sean podcast with Felix anyone?
IvoryBee преди 2 месеца
Bro, I love that, me and my oldest brother have been hanging out a lot more and we often go out onto his porch and he tells me about different things he did when he wasnt talking to or around the family, like drag racing in New York
Toksx340 преди 2 месеца
Didn’t ask
Pengtropica преди 2 месеца
I feel like a lot of Jack’s videos are a podcast and the only one I could listen to for hours on end
Tashadur Rahman
Tashadur Rahman преди 2 месеца
The lofi background music also adds to the chill feeling
Wozzy Does
Wozzy Does преди месец
I was waiting forever to see the movie knowing you were in it and watching this video made me so happy for you. You've come such a long way! Keep going to the Sean!
Ariana Capraro
Ariana Capraro преди 5 дни
Sean was the highlight of that movie. I love Ryan Reynolds but when Sean showed up (I’d forgotten he was in the movie when I first saw it ) I screeeeeeeched! Good thing I was home 😆. AND THEN HE SHOWED UP AGAIN. DUDE. So much screen time! So sooo happy for him ❤️
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