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This is it guys, my final meme time..... of the year
Go to to get a 2-year plan plus a bonus gift with a huge discount



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Akerzy преди 26 дни
I want to wish everyone a happy New Years!
꧁Lynx꧂ преди 4 дни
Your everywhere-
꧁E̸n̸̠̈d̶ḙ̵̄r̷G̴a̸̔m̸e̸͍̐r̷̼̚꧂ преди 4 дни
ty u too!! :3
Nezzy преди 7 дни
likewise :)
Sock преди 11 дни
@Instagram User even my content is better than yours so shut your up
Sock преди 11 дни
@Beast 😈 no
Aaron Abbott
Aaron Abbott преди 21 ден
Sean: "This is it guys, my final meme time" Me: "oh no" Sean: "..... of the year" Me: "Listen here you lil shit" Also, congrats on NordVPN being able to afford Sean. And poor Sean, needing to take a sponsor because BGpost be doing him dirty
•Mxther Mayhem•
•Mxther Mayhem• преди 11 дни
@Arnesh Pal I didnt
Arnesh Pal
Arnesh Pal преди 12 дни
We know
•Mxther Mayhem•
•Mxther Mayhem• преди 14 дни
@Alice McClelland Damn
GartenFallneX преди 17 дни
yeah..."poor" sean
For Stuff
For Stuff преди 17 дни
@Alice McClelland who hurt you
jdbug7 преди 22 дни
I'm late to this party, but I really hate that the media portrayed Sean negatively. He's so wholesome & does everything he can to help others.
Dino Gamer
Dino Gamer преди 6 часа
@Dave Dave who the fuck cares it still doesnt make it acceptable to do it to others
Parker 🥨
Parker 🥨 преди 4 дни
@Dave Dave Dave… we fucking get it.
Astrogig преди 9 дни
I don't know if that or when people were making fun of his dad's death is worse, most human beings don't deserve to exist, like do they not know that 10s of millions died for them decades ago?
Arnesh Pal
Arnesh Pal преди 12 дни
@Dave Dave stop spamming
Arnesh Pal
Arnesh Pal преди 12 дни
What media
Skitt Bang
Skitt Bang преди 21 ден
Jack: "My videos aren't for kids, never really have been" Me who has been watching since I was 8 and is now turning 17: 🤡✌
A TTL преди 2 дни
XD I only started watching him when I was 7. Now I'm 12-
꧁Lynx꧂ преди 4 дни
@Timothy Dam no way you were born in 2014 that was 8 years ago already?!
doodle 6ug
doodle 6ug преди 6 дни
Bro same!
xx Drdoom The dark slayer xx
xx Drdoom The dark slayer xx преди 6 дни
I was 5 when I started watching...
Renee Blasey
Renee Blasey преди 6 дни
Yep. I was 10, I'm now 19-
Pope Francis
Pope Francis преди 17 дни
"I will never get covid" -the thought everyone who ever got covid had.
Technical Difficulties
Technical Difficulties преди 6 дни
Honestly, no. Considering my working situation it was a when I get COVID. Had it in November, did pretty okay
Aisadal преди 26 дни
I was about to get a heart attack until I read the description. Oh Jack, you always know how to get us, don't you? 😂😂😂
John the gamer
John the gamer преди 9 дни
Yeah your a might fine jokester Jack.
Kael Hargis-Roycroft
Kael Hargis-Roycroft преди 13 дни
Jaden Edwards
Jaden Edwards преди 13 дни
fsgfdsg gfgdsfg
fsgfdsg gfgdsfg преди 15 дни
@Louiebruh2 what?
NotWasted преди 16 дни
@Louiebruh2 ratio
supT преди 10 дни
Can we all just take a moment and think about how rough Sean’s 2021 was
xXMindSoulXx преди 5 дни
@Ryan V please, and I say this whole-heartedly, read it, then stfu because jack’s dad died, and his asthma is back and worse, plus COVID has taken a huge toll on everyone’s mental health.
Ryan V
Ryan V преди 6 дни
@Mish Xo bruh im not reading ur paragraph tf😂😂
Mish Xo
Mish Xo преди 6 дни
@Ryan V i normally ignore comments like this but this one really upset me. Yes hes fortunate with money and doesn't have to be around people. He did work to be were hes at. it wasn't given to him. Also covid has affected everyone's mental health whether you can work at home or not. His father past and he had to deal with that in the beginning of the year, his asthma has came back and worst than ever, and working for the internet does affect you as well. I see some bitterness here and I'm sorry it seems that you haven't had the best time the past few years. you can have all the money in the world but that doesn't mean you're not struggling. Just struggling in a different way. We also have no idea what was going on when the camera was off, hes a very private person but from what he shares is a lot for a person can go through. Also being in the spot light while hurting physically and mentally.. I cant imagine and I'm sure you and I have no idea what that feels like. I really hope this year goes great for you. I think we all deserve a breather from such a shit show we all have been going through during this pandemic.
Mish Xo
Mish Xo преди 6 дни
Ryan V
Ryan V преди 6 дни
Well he didnt die and he probably made even more money from everyone being inside. Also he has a job that doesnt require him to wear a mask all day and deal with people face to face. So really it wasnt that bad.
Razer Elf
Razer Elf преди 6 дни
omfg, sean and evelyn are so fucking cute, the fact that he says his tweets to her before he sends them out is just so adorable to me for some reasons (sorry if I spelt her name wrong)
Jade Torok
Jade Torok преди 2 часа
Imagine how he would have reacted if the 7.6 million turned to a 10 million while he was talking 😂
Worlds worst animations
Worlds worst animations преди 18 дни
My man just gave millions heart attacks because of one title. He’s ascended.
Classical Music
Classical Music преди 26 дни
This couldn't have come out at a better moment. I'm sitting here just stunned at Betty White's passing. I'm so upset and here comes Jack with the cure for sadness. Thank you Jack and Happy New Year to you!
Evan McGee
Evan McGee преди 14 дни
Way to get over it
Hannah Chitty-Finch
Hannah Chitty-Finch преди 14 дни
@𝔹𝕖𝕒𝕤𝕥ℤ𝕠𝕦𝕝 I'm sorry that happened. I guess the thing is to just celebrate her life she lived a long one x
𝔹𝕖𝕒𝕤𝕥ℤ𝕠𝕦𝕝 преди 15 дни
@Hannah Chitty-Finch same happend to my great grandma, in August im pretty sure, before her 100th birthday, it hurt my grandma quite a bit *sigh*
JevilJuice преди 15 дни
What's up shosty
Cofu преди 17 дни
eeto weeto
eeto weeto преди 8 дни
I can't believe the media would talk bad about him. I mean he is such an amazing kind person. I think I speak for all of us when say he lights up our day.
Lego Boba Fett
Lego Boba Fett преди 19 дни
I have had Sean in my life for years now. My brother watched him when he was my age and now I watch Sean. My brother and I love your content. Sean know that all of your fans support you. We are okay with you taking breaks. We know you are a human being like the rest of us. Hopefully you read this and remember that we are so thankful for making my family and I laugh for 6 years. My favorite creator ever.
ChronicSG преди 18 дни
Hey man, $7.6 million is nothing to smerk at. You're an amazing person Sean, genuinely one of the nicest people I can think of
Ryan V
Ryan V преди 6 дни
On average every $10 dollars you donate to charity about $1 of it reaches those in need.
Joseph преди 17 дни
It’s crazy how long I’ve been watching jacksepticeye I’m happy that I still do 😭
MoonshadowRose преди 24 дни
Jacksepticeye: *helps raise almost 8 million dollars for homelessness* Journalists: nah, let's make him out to be the bad guy who spreads Covid Seriously, can't stand people like that
Lauren Hawes
Lauren Hawes преди 14 дни
I mean that's how the news be today
Anxious Obsession
Anxious Obsession преди 14 дни
@Splatoon 2 Hundred some journalists. Some are actually doing some really good work
Elwood Jarvis
Elwood Jarvis преди 15 дни
@Dave Dave Yeah, that's the media for you. Simultaneously, people keep thinking America is so great when all it is at this point is a land of puppets and sheep, especially politically speaking. It's disgusting, if you ask me, though it's not like we can afford to actually move anywhere else because of how the economy is more shot full of holes than a stray pigeon experiencing birdshot firsthand.
Parker Retz
Parker Retz преди 15 дни
r/ holup
Joe Ertel
Joe Ertel преди 15 дни
Way too common these days.
Sammy69 преди 12 дни
The fact that he wasn't wearing socks made me laugh so hard😂
Robin Marihugh
Robin Marihugh преди 16 дни
I feel ya with the covid experience, I had it last spring and my college dorms isolated me in a different wing. My food was delivered to me and I couldn't leave for any reason. I was miserable and I basically slept the whole time. Once I got out I had to make up all my work and study for finals, it was nuts. I made it through though and I'm glad that you did too!!
LordSmartFridge преди 15 дни
Been watching since I was 10 back in 2012, this has been one damn good hell of a time, 2022 ain't starting so hot for Canada! But here's hoping that the next year goes well for you. From one loud guy to another. Have a good one sir and meegwetch for the content!
xd bobross
xd bobross преди 3 дни
Jack : my channel was never for kids Me in 2014 when I was 6 : *watches jacks BGpost channel*
Ashlee Stewart
Ashlee Stewart преди 26 дни
I love that Jack wasn't talking about how great NordVPN's safety features were, he was just like "Get Nord so that you can cheat your way out of stuff not for your country" absolute legend
Rick Roll'd
Rick Roll'd преди 19 дни
McKenna Wentzel
McKenna Wentzel преди 22 дни
@jacksepticeye I am so glad you are doing a lot better and got through with minimal damage/heath problems. I was extremely worried for you when I found out you had Asthma since I know how badly C19 effects those who have Asthma. I have Asthma too and was surprised I made it without being hospitalized. I'm very grateful I wasn't and that I pulled through with the help of a very wise family doctor, help from my family, and lots of prayers from my Church. So I'm so glad you got though it and are back home now. Don't feel guilty for getting sick. You did you're best and that's all you can really do. I appreciate you a lot Séan for all you do!😁👍💖
McKenna Wentzel
McKenna Wentzel преди 22 дни
@jacksepticeye I completely understand what you were saying about you're Covid experience. No matter how cautious or safe you try to be there is always a chance of getting it. You didn't do anything wrong nor should you feel bad about it. You did you're best. So did I and my family. We do our best but it doesn't garantee that you won't get it. I wouldn't change anything I did, neither would my family, it just helps mitigate it as much as possible and protect others in the process. Which is more important to me then minor inconveniences.
jann _gameplays
jann _gameplays преди 24 дни
@jacksepticeye Are you using abyss headphones?
Stratis преди 24 дни
I like memes
how did we get here
how did we get here преди 4 дни
meme time has been such a good thing in my life i’ve been very sad and suicidal at times and jack and the meme time videos have always made me feel better. we love you jack
Joe Momma
Joe Momma преди 18 дни
I’m so glad I was able to be present for Jacks earlier days, I originally started watching when he started doing Far Cry 4. It’s crazy how much him and his content has evolved.
Eszter Zsuzsanna Csorba
Eszter Zsuzsanna Csorba преди 17 дни
I truly started to cry when Sean leaned in for the hug. It just... what a gift this person is! Happy New Year everyone!
Alienatixn преди 6 дни
Sean: "I fell like there's very few BGpostrs who are like, the person in their bedroom, bored" Me: *Trying to get everything set up to start YT with a bunch of friends cause we're bored*
Ryan V
Ryan V преди 6 дни
YT means “white” now not youtube.
Goat-on-a-Stick преди 26 дни
I love memes, and they're even better with your commentary
MGTOW  Entrepreneur
MGTOW Entrepreneur преди 23 дни
Lmao jacks dad is screaming through hellish 🔥🔥😈😈😈🤣🤣🤣
Melonbanana преди 25 дни
@Soundcitylolbruh certified biggest asshole, how could you say something so horrible and insensitive even if it were for your own gain
I'm Legit SUBBBING To Everyone Who SUBBBS Me
I'm Legit SUBBBING To Everyone Who SUBBBS Me преди 25 дни
Actually read my name
miraak the dark
miraak the dark преди 25 дни
@Soundcitylolbruh reported jerk.
F#СК МЕ. СНЕCK MY РR0FILЕ преди 26 дни
Daniel blazeit
Daniel blazeit преди 21 ден
They just needed something to write about to throw you in a bad place jack. we all know how those types of people are. I for one appreciate the work you do.
𝑖𝑟𝑖 преди 18 дни
Dani Clenton
Dani Clenton преди 19 дни
I've been watching for about 8 years now, and i have to admit as long as I have jackaboy and this channel I will always be ok. This channel is my comfort blanket. Its been a pleasure watching and I look forward to many more years. Keep him and this channel safe at all cost 🖤❤
minij hooi
minij hooi преди 19 дни
Me: Just takes a half hour to remind myself that people like Jack are what make me love BGpost
Bribe преди 26 дни
Listening to Jack talk about the old youtube, It brought me back to nostalgia. I did grow up with them, obsessed with them as a young teen in high school. Cringy in the way that young teens can be, but it's so nice to have been unabashadly cringy yet happy. It's a time everyone goes through. I am cringy still, never outgrew that, but I did learn so much during that time. In some ways I miss it, but I know we can't go back, only look back. Time marches on and we pace it comfortably. Any other OG's here?
BaconGamers преди 7 дни
@Nixie Starlight there is no point of reporting them since it isn't violating as "spam" or anything related to TOS, according to youtube. Since youtube wants the money, they don't wanna ban these bought channels. Ratio-ing them is pretty fun.
Garf Garf
Garf Garf преди 16 дни
I've been watching since like 2014, 2015ish lets just say I was subscribed when his say goodbye video was released, I been watching him since I was like 8
Three Dog
Three Dog преди 19 дни
@Nixie Starlight you are a true hero. report all bots, every bot, all the time every time. keep spreading the word and fighting the good fight!
Gadiel Baez
Gadiel Baez преди 19 дни
I wouldn't call myself an OG but I did enjoy those days a bit more, in the sense that they had a lot more freedom to say and do things, but I still enjoy their content now a days.
Nixie Starlight
Nixie Starlight преди 19 дни
@King blue axolotl How about not replying to them? Also, telling a bot to go away does no good. You see how many of you did a reply with an @ mention? The more @ mentions that happen, the higher up in the comments the bots get pushed, and the more people get curious and go to their "channel". What should be happening, is ~everyone~ should be reporting EVERY bot they see. Both their comments, and the channels. Do ~not~ click into any of their videos, and do not reply; just report the channel and comments.
Ola преди 18 дни
I remember when felix started playing Amnesia. My sister who is a few years older than me yelled at me to come watch this guy. I’ve watched ever since and i am actually grateful i found him that early. A little while later i found you playing games in the cabin and just sat waiting for you and felix to upload, and jumped between channels to watch
oliver ganski
oliver ganski преди 2 дни
Jack is the only BGpostr that I watch the sponsors for cuz ur the man seän ur fucken funny
emma kochie
emma kochie преди 14 дни
That look at 8:55 says it all and then the "are you effin' kidding me" laugh. Icing on the cake. 😂
kayla caez
kayla caez преди 2 дни
Seems we will be sad for the year…unless he lied…maybe not
SnakeFan. преди 26 дни
Jack: It's time for some memes. Another Jack: Get out. Mom said it's my turn for Meme Time.
ClosedShop преди 25 дни
@Instagram User sounds like you have no father figure
Instagram User
Instagram User преди 26 дни
*Jackcepticye's father screams in pain and begs for mercy in h3ll, but he knows the pain won't stop because of how much better my content was than his worthless son and he knows he will be 🔥🔥🔥 in h3ll forever because he has never watched my awesome content!* 😂😂😂
The Lilinator
The Lilinator преди 26 дни
@Casted Gamer588 it's a reference
Casted Gamer588
Casted Gamer588 преди 26 дни
@The Lilinator wut
Mary Olsen
Mary Olsen преди 26 дни
Hi, Chase.
Animternity преди 15 дни
Jack: "My videos aren't really meant for kids" *me who has been watching 7 and turning 15 in 18 days*🤡👋
Animternity преди 6 дни
@JackStandProductions i accept thaf
JackStandProductions преди 6 дни
ShoneMedusa 9039
ShoneMedusa 9039 преди 20 дни
Me and my boyfriend really needed this when you posted it we love you and love meme time, his mom passed on New Year’s Day and we were cheered up when we watched your episode thank you jack for all of the meme times TwT we love you 🥺💖
Toby 81
Toby 81 преди 15 дни
You can tell jack is still recovering. He looks soooo tired.
Symbiosis System
Symbiosis System преди 20 дни
I'm glad that I've been a part of this journey from the very beginning and I remember Seàn's old Farcry 3 videos when he tried to hide his accent, looking back Seàn has helped us through so much and I'm really happy that I found your channel when I did. Have a Happy new year and let's hope 2022 goes better than last year
Pudds преди 25 дни
Jack: my channel was never meant for kids Me: age 20 now remembering the days when me and my fellow 13 year old friends all loved watching him
MGTOW  Entrepreneur
MGTOW Entrepreneur преди 23 дни
Lmao jacks dad is screaming through hellish 🔥🔥😈😈😈🤣🤣🤣
Ollo преди 23 дни
Me, a rip age of [Redacted] still watching Jack lmao
RiOT76AD преди 23 дни
Here’s another newsflash for you. I heard that some kids look at porn. I know!
Zacharie Bourgeois
Zacharie Bourgeois преди 23 дни
Im 21 now, been watching him since happy wheels, his content was a bit more appropriate if I remember then, yes violence and stuff but I believe he grew mentally since then, still swearing and all but he talks a lot more about ''adult'' things, deep conversations with us trough his videos and he's now so much more himself. I happy to have looked at his growing fame and content all these years.
Madason преди 23 дни
@JULIUS CAESAR Omg saaaame
LoxyTheReindeer преди 20 дни
I’m having an absolutely crap-tastic day so thank you Jack for this. I needed to laugh.
Brekka преди 6 дни
i’ve only been watching for about 6 years but in those 6 years a lot has happened to youtube, this community, marks community, and the internet i was 14 when i started watching and now i’m almost 20.
Mackenzie Ross
Mackenzie Ross преди 19 дни
Its so great that youve found such a groove. Ive been a fan for a long time. but just coming to realize how much more i enjoy the channel as it has aged makes me smile.
Lil CupcakeXD
Lil CupcakeXD преди 7 дни
If they weren't around for the beginning of you guys streaming, they did miss out on SO MANY amazing things! But they can always look back on it
Ilz - 엘라이자
Ilz - 엘라이자 преди 26 дни
The fact that Jack didn’t even go to his own father’s funeral to be safe during COVID and all these articles said he was being reckless. Wth…
Nocturne преди 6 дни
@jacksepticeye I know it happened a while ago, but I would like to offer my sincerest condolences of the passing of your father.
Dave Dave
Dave Dave преди 16 дни
@SkyGuy13 Stupid media also portrays my country so negatively just because its third world. That's why less tourists come to my country and gives the people the impression that living in my country sucks. And then when good things happen here no one talks about it.
Dave Dave
Dave Dave преди 16 дни
@Mango Stupid media also portrays my country so negatively just because its third world. That's why less tourists come to my country and gives the people the impression that living in my country sucks. And then when good things happen here no one talks about it.
Dave Dave
Dave Dave преди 16 дни
@dreamdoughnuts Stupid media also portrays my country so negatively just because its third world. That's why less tourists come to my country and gives the people the impression that living in my country sucks. And then when good things happen here no one talks about it.
Dave Dave
Dave Dave преди 16 дни
@Lindsay S. Stupid media also portrays my country so negatively just because its third world. That's why less tourists come to my country and gives the people the impression that living in my country sucks. And then when good things happen here no one talks about it.
Nixie Fawn
Nixie Fawn преди 21 ден
Jacksepticeye: I have stomach issues and feel nauseous all the time. Me: He's PREGNANT!!
Alice McClelland
Alice McClelland преди 19 дни
Men can't get pregnant JFC
YouTube Idiot
YouTube Idiot преди 10 дни
Y’know it’s been amazing watching Jack change over the years and see him finally settle down a bit and become calmer but sometimes I kinda miss the old hyper green haired Sean but I like who he’s become stay awsome man
Wesley smith
Wesley smith преди 18 дни
3:30 I needed a hug from Sean today.
-M Williams-
-M Williams- преди 22 дни
Don't pressure yourself we all love you Sean take everything easy
Gamer From Another Galaxy
Gamer From Another Galaxy преди 26 дни
Articles: “Is Jacksepticeye selfish and not taking covid seriously?” 14:32 Jack: “I would’ve gladly missed Christmas if it meant keeping people safe.”
Euriloas Animatichiea 123[2]
Euriloas Animatichiea 123[2] преди 17 дни
@RainbowSparkleBear it’s in the video I think
Gamer From Another Galaxy
Gamer From Another Galaxy преди 17 дни
RainbowSparkleBear the ones he was mentioning
RainbowSparkleBear преди 17 дни
What articles
Sunshine Leith
Sunshine Leith преди 24 дни
@Euriloas Animatichiea 123[2] oh, ok. (Gets into Honda civic passenger seat) yeah we took a wrong turn yoda, it's down the road and to the left, and you are NOT running any children over on the way there!
Euriloas Animatichiea 123[2]
Euriloas Animatichiea 123[2] преди 24 дни
@Sunshine Leith it’s ok sir/ma’am, it’s on the left turn from us
Valkyrie Devoss
Valkyrie Devoss преди 21 ден
This sponsorship for NordVPN is single handledly my favorite. XD Your acting and editing are wonderful; thank you for the laughter!
𝑭𝒍𝒖𝒇𝒇𝒊𝒆 преди 9 дни
Who else started hugging their phone when Jack reached for a hug 🤗
RJ herbst
RJ herbst преди 10 дни
Jack is now a philosopher.
Levi Botros
Levi Botros преди 21 ден
Hey Jack, Doubt your going to read this but I just wanted to say thank you for always cheering me up on a bad day. I have been watching you ever since I was 7 years old and you have changed alot. I still remember waking up every morning waiting for a new subnautica episode keep up the hard work. 😀
Hrky преди 26 дни
I think that everyone's heart skips a beat when jack makes his videos look like he's retiring
Britt red
Britt red преди 25 дни
Makes me feel sick. Like my heart is breaking. Its worst thing ever.
Sovdaddy. преди 25 дни
Legit have a panic attack
Hrky преди 25 дни
@Felix Malcherek he fuckin knows his fans will drop everything, even their child, just to go see what it is about
Felix Malcherek
Felix Malcherek преди 25 дни
Yaaaassss, clickbait FTW XD For someone who despises clickbait, Sean is surprisingly good at clickbaiting :D
xoxo hyes
xoxo hyes преди 25 дни
Ellie Williams
Ellie Williams преди 16 дни
Doing Thankmas was really fun, I’ll definitely be taking part next year too, thank you seán 😌
FE4R преди 19 дни
Hi Jack, I have been watching for as long as I can remember and I just want to stay I am happy your okay and you can keep posting but you looked very stressed thinking it was your fault like you couldn’t do nostalgia week and post more often, you were sick don’t blame yourself for that we all think your great and we will always be by your side. Great Vid Seán keep er lit 💚
william holt
william holt преди 22 дни
If Mr beast were to hold the fundraiser: "Damn, I really think we could have hit 10 million if more BGpostrs helped me out" "Waaait." **Donates 3million**
One Chonk Boi
One Chonk Boi преди 17 дни
I love your channel! You have always brought a smile to the faces of your fans. You’ve raised million no for charity and are a great guy. You helped me through the tough times when my dog died and my mum left, married a new guy and then went to America. Have a happy new year and all the best to you Evelyn and your wonderful cat! (I forgot her name srry )
jacob heath
jacob heath преди 26 дни
Jack: "It was so weird being in one room for seven days and not leave at all" Me: "Amateur"
madmaxz преди 24 дни
@EchoSappho covid got me baaaaaaaaaad 💀
DarthChar 27
DarthChar 27 преди 24 дни
Me being in the same room for years
Funny_Clown преди 24 дни
@jacob heath noice
EchoSappho преди 24 дни
@madmaxz My God, why so long? 😱
madmaxz преди 24 дни
@EchoSappho same, but 21 days :*)
Emm преди 15 дни
jack is literally so nice ive been sick all today and the virtual hug made me cry happy tears. thank you, jack. so much
GalaxyDragon преди 6 дни
I still watch the prop hunt vids because even tho I didn't join then I still love the vids so Jack keep up the good work
Sierra Mist
Sierra Mist преди 21 ден
I'm glad you're okay, Seán and I'm glad I stumbled across this video as well. Whenever I watch your videos now, its like a breath of fresh air.
Ethan Pettinella
Ethan Pettinella преди 19 дни
Haha jack I’ve loved you for so long skate 3 was funny meme time is amazing all your content seems to be good hope you have a great day
eXternd_llama преди 26 дни
Femboy Summer 💖
Femboy Summer 💖 преди 26 дни
@Louiebruh2 In the words of Jack from a hate comments video: "Fuckin' A+ for creativity and imagination! This guy's got some skill! Now go use that creativity and imagination to do something good with your life!"
Marina Cruz
Marina Cruz преди 26 дни
Well, we can use the repost button the bots, so that’s nice
Olive преди 26 дни
The bots make me want to rip my hair out
Olive преди 26 дни
We got clickbaited 😂😭
Cheeze преди 26 дни
@Louiebruh2 Oh lord that sounds like what happened to You and YOUR Father.
Bayley Martin
Bayley Martin преди 15 дни
I cant believe I have now been watching you for 8 years that makes me feel old and I'm not lol keep the video's coming Sean
Aaron Rodriguez
Aaron Rodriguez преди 16 дни
It feels weird thinking that I’ve been watching him since I was 10 and now I’m turning 18 in two months and still enjoy his content
Misha Jr
Misha Jr преди 18 дни
I have to say i was here before like years ago and i kind of forgot about BGpost ( my fav BGpostrs etc.) and all I came back to this party and you heled me through so much possibly the worst years of my live. So thank you for helping me with old and new videos. You gave me something to forget what was happening around me and what happed. I was just back in where I was happy
shadow viper
shadow viper преди 20 дни
Thank you Jack for another amazing year though!! You always outshine the previous year with your generosity and care for everyone, and we always appreciate it
Jessy Clark
Jessy Clark преди 25 дни
Sean has every right to sue those journalists for libel when they spread false information/ try to taint his name.
Gaarath преди 24 дни
@CheshieD i said with millions in the bank, youtubers that just use it to pay for college dont have millions in the bank lmao
CheshieD преди 24 дни
@Gaarath that’s not entirely true… there are a few big youtubers who do have 9 to 5 jobs and just do/did BGpost as a side thing to help pay for college and stuff.
August Soup
August Soup преди 24 дни
@August James Wright completely unrelated but we have the same first name
midnight cupid
midnight cupid преди 25 дни
@Berny look I'm just saying, that it would if he decided to I never said he was
Berny преди 25 дни
@midnight cupid I mean look at his coffee brand, or cloak
The Irish Ghost
The Irish Ghost преди 21 ден
Love ya, Jack, have a good year. You are greatly appreciated.
LimitlessLife TV
LimitlessLife TV преди 21 ден
Thank you Sean for always being an inspiration to gamers and creators. Can't wait to meet you at a convention one day when the world is in a better place!
Juliëtte Bakkum
Juliëtte Bakkum преди 17 дни
You're one of my fav youtubers I totally feel your pain about covid I had it with Christmas and new years so that sucked big time. My work wouldn't leave me be. They called me every few days if I was cured.. Like leave me alone I am so sick. I was lucky to have my boyfriend with me. Thnx for the VPN @jacksepticeye I was thinking about it for some time. Keep up the fun ❤️
SugarSweetSadie преди 4 дни
I love how aggressive the sponsorship portion was 😀😅
Lunar Moon
Lunar Moon преди 7 дни
This came out at the perfect time my cat past away on the 31st and I’ve pretty much been crying every day and night
sylvano7k преди 13 дни
21:04 really needed to hear this, you're absolutely right! hearing this truly made my day better :)
Richard Garza
Richard Garza преди 22 дни
hack really put his soul into it him alone raised 5 million my absolute favorite BGpostr
Busterzombiedog преди 22 дни
The ending of this video just made me realise that I’ve watched your channel since 1 million subscribers that’s 7 years I starting watching you when I was 13 and still do today and that’s awsome
Yashuop преди 26 дни
Your consistency and quality of content never disappoints!☺️❤️
Mr DUMB DUMB преди 21 ден
Bot club
Mystikal__ преди 25 дни
@Mr. pigeon lordYT what are you, five?
Mystikal__ преди 25 дни
Another Verified commenter
Cool Guy
Cool Guy преди 26 дни
@Beast 😈 says the one with no videos 💀
Cool Guy
Cool Guy преди 26 дни
@DJLuigiBros you literally have no content pipe down basement dweller
Davld Bradley
Davld Bradley преди 20 дни
My daughter and granddaughter had C-19 The same time as you did she said it was bad for about 36hours then it let up,no outside help. I was thankful for that her husband and son didn't get it.
Jacob Elias Eirkem
Jacob Elias Eirkem преди 10 дни
Sean: *doing meme time* Me: "Is Jack's hair turning gray?"
annoying person
annoying person преди 13 дни
Every meme turns into a life lesson with sean
Ninja odwyer
Ninja odwyer преди 19 дни
Jack you have the full support of you're true fans, we love you and understand everything 🥰 I hope you're doing better and good on you for staying in that room and self isolating
Hyper Nova
Hyper Nova преди 19 дни
I have watched jack since the survival hunter when I was 7 I have watched ever since, I am 15 now so I have literally grown up with Jack and his videos and I am so glad that I did
Aiden Childress
Aiden Childress преди 16 дни
Hey Jack I've been watching your videos for over 7 years now keep up the great content💕
Cade Magic
Cade Magic преди 18 дни
idk why there is something so aesthetically pleasing about seeing Jack on a newspaper
chris wylder
chris wylder преди 21 ден
i enjoyed this it felt more like a cafe chat with jack. i love it.
Steviemaster преди 26 дни
Sean: "This channel was never for kids" me who got into this channel when i was 12 and watched him repeatedly murder at least 5 dozen billy's in happy wheels per episode: "HMMMMMMMM" edit: i didn't know a word english back then also edit: i'm 19 now
The Burrito
The Burrito преди 22 дни
@Webzhh "Feeling" independent and free while you're actually not is just called lying to yourself.
Lilac Starlight
Lilac Starlight преди 26 дни
@Kyuto Grey Wolf Physically, people who are 13 and below are children. However mentally, people who are 18 are still children as people dont fully mature yet.
ViperHusband преди 26 дни
Me who is 12: (I started watching at 10)
Webzhh преди 26 дни
@The Burrito its fun it makes you feel more independent and free
Conspicuous преди 26 дни
Ive been watching Jacksepticeye since i was 8 and now im turning 15 damn.
Erica Maling
Erica Maling преди 22 дни
Youtooz idea maybe: One of BB? Thank you for everything you've done. You've put positivity into the world and put smiles on our faces and I couldn't be more grateful. Thank you
Dove TheWolf
Dove TheWolf преди ден
Anyone going to miss this? Also....I'm wondering if I can spam-I mean send Sean fanart because I loved this channel when I was a kid and still do. Glad your safe! Hope this year is better!! ~ Dove
Firekingaming преди 20 дни
Just got outta my ankle surgery, and you have made my day a great day, thank you Jackcepticeye
Valdiun gaming
Valdiun gaming преди 20 дни
I haven't watched you for a while and as soon as I watched you it put smile on my face thank you for meam time
NobodySuspiciousHere преди 26 дни
Jack: "Who are you?" Jack with sunglasses: "I'm you... *But cooler."*
Just a Bird
Just a Bird преди 26 дни
@Louiebruh2 aww you have zero friends clearly.
G4T0R4D3_ M4N
G4T0R4D3_ M4N преди 26 дни
@Louiebruh2 what the fuck
Cool Guy
Cool Guy преди 26 дни
@Louiebruh2 bruh you took time to right that bullshit 💀💀💀
Cool Guy
Cool Guy преди 26 дни
@Beast 😈 are.yes cotent
I dont know
I dont know преди 26 дни
@Louiebruh2 wha....?
Musk преди 18 дни
hey sean, im pretty sure i have covid so i thank you very much for making me happy and enjoy life even when life is hard, you have been making me laugh since 2015 so thank you!
Churobrigade преди 22 дни
I hope I'm not the only one who cries Everytime I think about the Jacksepticeye nostalgia especially the happy Wheels era. 😔
RogerTheDroid преди 20 дни
I've forgotten how Felix looks like without his beard now that I think about it
Caleum Dodge
Caleum Dodge преди 15 дни
Hey Jack I'm happy you started BGpost. I was able to learn from you.(both ethically and morally) I started BGpost and now I'm a hobbiests streamer i have so much fun! So thank you for being my example on how to be me. You may not see this but really thank you.
Mark Hashman
Mark Hashman преди 25 дни
Man, you can _tell_ being stuck alone in LA really got to Sean. He's started talking to himself.
Matthew Bartlett
Matthew Bartlett преди 25 дни
Oh your mistaken that’s his brother
)Peron1-MC( преди 25 дни
i mean thats what he does when he isnt playing games with people
bellaa преди 25 дни
Nah he's always done that lmao
Saber Streamz
Saber Streamz преди 17 дни
this ain’t meme time anymore. it has formed and evolved to story time.
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