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Коментари: 8 309
Halite преди 3 години
"Wanna look like this guy?" "Hell NO!" Okay, that was pretty funny.
AbnormallyAnimated преди 7 месеца
Lmao I know
Fred Sivyer
Fred Sivyer преди година
Hell yes
Halite преди година
@Bingo Mone I can definitely see something like that existing. There's a market for video games that simulate unexciting aspects of modern life, such as trucking, house renovations, car repairs, and taxi driving.
Bingo Mone
Bingo Mone преди година
Will there be a game where instead of becoming a Douchebag, you become an average male. Not too ripped but still strong, and over all just a big help to the community when it comes to the community. And he's got a good wife. She isn't hot but she is good looking in general. I'd like to play that
LeeLand преди година
Yes it was..
Hanley Sabato
Hanley Sabato преди 2 години
Jack: who calls their father “daddy”? Me: *lowers head and raises arm*
Kaitri преди 8 месеца
Youre a girl so thats normal
C_A_R_N_A_G_E преди 11 месеца
@Hillary Courchaine i wish my dad would leave that would be epic
C_A_R_N_A_G_E преди 11 месеца
"Father, i would be most grateful if you would come to my birthday party" I call my dad "da"
Ànime Gød
Ànime Gød преди 11 месеца
Ace Wild Card -u ok ? Well I know am late but are y for real
Ànime Gød
Ànime Gød преди 11 месеца
Kennedy Nye
Kennedy Nye преди 3 години
"This is me, this spotty weird twitchy little freak" A MOOD
Bi_Bee преди 11 месеца
Right?! Lmfao🤣 😂😂😂😂
William Wright
William Wright преди 2 години
3:04 **Calls Dad** "Once again I am asking for your financial support."
Adam574 преди 3 месеца
** "i am once again asking for your financial support"
I smell Guilt
I smell Guilt преди 9 месеца
Leo Tokarev
Leo Tokarev преди 10 месеца
@Fulton Easterwood You and me both bro, a bit of a painful moment.
Fulton Easterwood
Fulton Easterwood преди 11 месеца
oh no
Frozen Kebab
Frozen Kebab преди година
The game predicted the meme
Nellyislord преди година
man 7 years ago time goes by fast i miss these videos and the old Jack
I smell Guilt
I smell Guilt преди 9 месеца
Yeah me too I remember watching these videos when I was in high school with my friends. Things change too quickly ☹️
Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo преди 11 месеца
BGpost: let's recommend this 6 years later
Marc C. Strini
Marc C. Strini преди 9 месеца
This shows that BGpost wants more douchbag workout from sean
Bananana преди 10 месеца
emaS naM
QuestionMark преди 10 месеца
Straight facts
Bluediamond преди 11 месеца
Negative 0o0 so saying the name Arnold Schwarzenegger, a famous actor, is racist? What kind of liberal bullshit is that?
N.A. Cascarelli
N.A. Cascarelli преди 11 месеца
How did you know?
Damon Corley
Damon Corley преди 3 години
When you call dad you lose self esteem # relatable
Octille преди 2 години
Furry spy #7 well i mean yeah ur a furry lol jk
KewloLexLex Yandere
KewloLexLex Yandere преди 3 години
Jack: what’s the point of wearing pants that are half way down to your ankles
Aiden Kim
Aiden Kim преди 4 месеца
@The Lord of Earrape all good dude
The Lord of Earrape
The Lord of Earrape преди 4 месеца
@Aiden Kim I'm sorry this comment was made 1 year ago and I was kind of an asshole about those kind of things back then. So I'm sorry for insulting anyone.
Aiden Kim
Aiden Kim преди 4 месеца
@The Lord of Earrape comment still portrays the same thing that Sean does, who cares?
Robot Engineer Gaming
Robot Engineer Gaming преди 11 месеца
@The Lord of Earrape Ok, but dipshit? You dont have to insult them, maybe their first language ISNT english. You ever thought about that, dipshit?
The Lord of Earrape
The Lord of Earrape преди година
@Sir Soy Gato the Second Idc. I can still critizise it.
Ace преди 11 месеца
Showed up in my recommended now, I remember when I was younger and found Jack because of Happy wheels and douchebag
zachery colon
zachery colon преди 11 месеца
Holy shit I've been watching you for well over 6 years. Thank you for my childhood fun Sean.
The Dingo
The Dingo преди 11 месеца
How much he has grown from the BOSSARlTRON to the GAELIC GLADIATOR
Dogegamer Boom _
Dogegamer Boom _ преди 2 години
*gets a hundred dollars* Jack: I DIDNT GET ANY MONEY
Bigby Wolf
Bigby Wolf преди година
@Sir Soy Gato the Second Goddamn
Bigby Wolf
Bigby Wolf преди година
@Ace Wild Card For doing what? Shitty make up or stupid pranks?
Ace Wild Card
Ace Wild Card преди 2 години
Dogegamer Boom _ it's like that girl on Dr Phil who is sad she only gets $2500 a month
Kittandragon104 преди 2 години
Jack: “What’s the point of wearing pants if their down around your ankles?” Actually yes, WHAT is the point? Y’all look like ye be going to trip and fall...or are tying to ‘pants’ yourself...
Leonardo Da Vinci's Crabs
Leonardo Da Vinci's Crabs преди 7 години
You are really going places man. You got the formula for youtube gamer down, personality, content, commentary, and editing. I'll enjoy seeing you on the top charts :) Easily one of my favorite youtubers at the moment
Tiky преди месец
You were correct
Jacob B
Jacob B преди месец
7 years later and hes at 30 million
Buster преди месец
Looks like you were right!
PsxJz преди месец
U were right as hell
Kailaw преди месец
The prophesy was true
Phoenix2.5D преди 3 години
Ive always wondered what its like for this man. He is the best youtuber in my opinion, and he is known almost everywhere. These people inspire other people to become like these people, and then the cycle continues on. People like Jack are leaving shockwaves of more Jacks. Someday we'll all be big youtubers. If we try that is.
Michielle Mendoza
Michielle Mendoza преди 2 години
Jack:Who calls theyre dad "Daddy?" Me:Umm... *I do..*
Michielle Mendoza
Michielle Mendoza преди 2 години
Zahiba1959 Zahiba1959 Noice! :3
Goblin Slayer
Goblin Slayer преди 2 години
I do
Puppy Lover
Puppy Lover преди 3 години
4 years later and Jack hasn't changed a bit😊😊❤️
Vénus Dreemurr
Vénus Dreemurr преди година
@ggtvxyh Oh okay sorry ^^'
ggtvxyh преди година
@Vénus Dreemurr yes but that's the joke the weeks are changed
Vénus Dreemurr
Vénus Dreemurr преди година
@ggtvxyh wait isn't it 2 weeks later ?
duncan morris
duncan morris преди 2 години
This statement could not be more wrong
peytonbrown2000 преди 2 години
I have to disagree he has changed ALOT
Astrex Vulture
Astrex Vulture преди 2 години
Still love the old Jack😂 If Jack was a bodybuilder he would be Bycepticeye
Byron Hoaglan
Byron Hoaglan преди 4 години
Hunter Bennett
Hunter Bennett преди 2 години
Bahbee Babi
Bahbee Babi преди 3 години
“What’s the point of wearing pants if there half way around your ankles” that shit was killing me 🤣👌🏽
rez преди 2 години
Jack: No protein shakes! *2 minutes later* Also Jack:**buys protein shake**
ava преди 3 години
Marcus Butler
Marcus Butler преди 10 месеца
Hi :D
Hi :D преди 10 месеца
ThatOneLandyDude Nathaniel
ThatOneLandyDude Nathaniel преди година
Cassandra Collins
Cassandra Collins преди 2 години
Riya преди 2 години
@Антон Головин what?
Still a Loser
Still a Loser преди 5 години
"Girls in my bed: 0... the story of my life." - words of jacksepticeye
mika the alpha wolf
mika the alpha wolf преди 3 години
VincentDotZip преди 3 години
Samhain преди 3 години
Rohan Rocket How?
r d
r d преди 4 години
Limitatic Boi I'll be in his bed;)
Aurora TM
Aurora TM преди 4 години
Tay Da Joke right
rube Shackleford
rube Shackleford преди 2 години
*Oh my gosh I remember watching this when I was little and being obsessed with this game*
Wanye Kest
Wanye Kest преди 11 месеца
Dude same I remember watching this when I was seven home alone on the couch
Phantom_1066 преди 4 години
When jack said sorry that was disgusting his face was so funny I laughed so hard
Amalia Melon
Amalia Melon преди 4 години
Jacks intro is so different now, so much more energy!
Dad with Drip
Dad with Drip преди година
“Getting kinky in the stinky!” Might be an ana_ reference but might be somethin else
Kira Yoshikage
Kira Yoshikage преди 11 месеца
@Leviticus ehh
Leviticus преди година
Gross either way.
Sam J.vikings
Sam J.vikings преди 5 години
jacksepticeye: what's the point in wearing pants if there halfway around your ankles me:THANK YOU FINALLY lol might be one of the last 20 males on the planet with that belief
Kittandragon104 преди 2 години
I can count ya down another one, got a friend whom wears his pants normally. So, if I’m correct, we are missing 13 more. STILL waiting for a guy to give me a reason WHY they do it that ain’t half-assed or “to look cool”... Cuz let’s be real, they look stupid.
The_Ultimate_Brony преди 3 години
I'm one who thinks that 2
soup store
soup store преди 4 години
Sam J.vikings I saw that once he said that
Callum O dowd
Callum O dowd преди 4 години
Sam J.vikings i
Yanis Doumbia
Yanis Doumbia преди 4 години
Sam J.vikings lolololol
Tiny _ Tig
Tiny _ Tig преди 11 месеца
“C’mon, get bigger” is what my GF said to me last night lol🥸
Eddie Spahgetti
Eddie Spahgetti преди 3 години
Love ya jackie boi, keep making the great vids lol!
That OneGuy
That OneGuy преди 11 месеца
This was my first ever Jack septic eye video that I watched like 6-7 years ago and over time, Jack helped me through some rough times during my life and all I want to say is, thank you for everything.
LoyalBgamez преди 11 месеца
Eggsontoast And Tea
Eggsontoast And Tea преди 3 години
A classic,still funny even in 2018!
jacksepticeye преди 7 години
Happy to see this video do well and not get slated by people instantly like some other games I've been doing recently. I really want to branch out and do more weird crazy games more often like this but people were very iffy about change in the last week or so and I was worried this video would get bashed to bits. So happy people just saw it for what it was and had fun with it like I did :)
Cassandra Collins
Cassandra Collins преди 2 години
jacksepticeye lol
Dustin Reynolds
Dustin Reynolds преди 2 години
Omega edits
Omega edits преди 2 години
It was a good video jack
Greenxxedits преди 3 години
Harley Berry
Harley Berry преди 3 години
Jacksepticeye are you ok
Jackiesepticeye преди 4 години
Jack: I get all the everything!! Me: Except douchebagness and unbossness and quietness.
Akaylin преди 3 години
5:21 i literally fell out of my bed I laughed so hard
Tahlia Spencer
Tahlia Spencer преди 2 години
14:14 Jack:there are girls that go for this Me: for guys that skip leg day and wear booty shorts I don’t think so
Linc Hubbard
Linc Hubbard преди 11 месеца
Im rewatching this after years and now i realize this game teachs you an important lesson DO STEROIDS (for legal reasons this is a joke)
turtl dud3
turtl dud3 преди година
I’m just rewatching this and remember my parents yelling at my for you saying douche that was hilarious now that I think about it
Fran Hayes
Fran Hayes преди 3 години
Jack could have exploited the father money thing like me and I Got a grand of it 🤣
Asher keanu jones
Asher keanu jones преди 3 години
I could not stop laughing 😂😂
john bailey
john bailey преди година
Jack: I've got +1 biceps! Fangirls: 😍😍😍
Trisha Mitchell
Trisha Mitchell преди 3 години
I wanted Jack to finish the game. Damn it.
Jax Fed
Jax Fed преди 4 години
3:38 I relate to this dude. When I had to lift just the bar I struggled
Otaku Nerd
Otaku Nerd преди 2 години
Jack: *This is how you grow testicules on a lady* Me: You'll have to warn me how many times a day you need to water
Valeska Stigger
Valeska Stigger преди 2 години
@Ace Wild Card r/wooosh
James Luqqy
James Luqqy преди 2 години
Ace Wild Card
Ace Wild Card преди 2 години
What? I don't get it
Maly преди 2 години
14:02 Jack: What kinds of tattoos do I want? Me: Ones you can afford LOL (Jack instantly wins out 800 more dollars)
Kim Hult
Kim Hult преди 11 месеца
Wow this is such nostalgia, Jack try this again!
Betty Rogel
Betty Rogel преди 4 години
Love your video I played this myself and I got mass 100% swag 100% and popularity 100%
Aalyah Sue
Aalyah Sue преди 3 години
Jacksepticeye I love this video I think it's my favorite out of all of them but I haven't seen them all I guess I'll have to figure out I'll see you later
RogueGhost OracleGamer
RogueGhost OracleGamer преди 2 години
I should of subbed you earlier. You are freaking hilarious!! Ed Hardy and Tap Out are 2 main douchebag brands.
Elijah Ariss
Elijah Ariss преди 3 години
One of my favorite videos of Jacks
Manchurian Fool
Manchurian Fool преди година
Waiting the entire episode for Jack to fix Vince's skin. Spoiler, it never happens
Jimmy Branch
Jimmy Branch преди година
you should consider continuing this series
🍄Mxshrxxm.bxy🍄 преди 3 години
You are a freaking boss,Jack ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
rw преди 5 години
In the beginning: "Do you want to look like this guy?" "HELL NO!" Laughing my ass off..😂
Dupstepforlife Dupstep X
Dupstepforlife Dupstep X преди 3 години
From may 2014 to September 2018. Jack has changed so much.
Imma kashoot myself
Imma kashoot myself преди 3 години
"And that guy looks like he should be in Jersey shore" TRUE
Raship Gaming
Raship Gaming преди 4 години
Oh the good old days of Jack
__Tadpole__ преди 2 години
TheJesterMester JTN
TheJesterMester JTN преди 3 години
" I know how to use the dumbell, ofcourse" Me: You didn't knew that the pole where the weights shall be is actually/ can be quite H E A V Y xD
Blade Cline
Blade Cline преди 11 месеца
I remember when this just came out. It's been 6 years feel old yet?
Luca преди 4 години
15:27 It would have been awesome if he said "well it's you who's not worthy of my attention now", but i guess that's not the douche way
Nightmaster power
Nightmaster power преди 3 години
AviDragonLady преди 5 години
I don't understand girls who like guys like that. Muscles are great, but a good sense of humor is far better.
Artistic Blooming Rose
Artistic Blooming Rose преди 29 дни
@ALT ERR0R man it's always the abusive ones
Artistic Blooming Rose
Artistic Blooming Rose преди 29 дни
@Jacob Fineman I agree. Personality to me is more important than looks
I smell Guilt
I smell Guilt преди 9 месеца
I agree
millie преди 2 години
Personally i MUCH PREFER humour. And also some girls do only care about looks which sucks but some lady's work out and like guys who have similar interests which in that case is working out. But I do agree that personialty over looks. just saying some will like muscle because that means they work out and they will have something in common. (Not always the case though because some only care about looks >.> )
Nateslowr преди 2 години
Custard Cookie III
Custard Cookie III преди 3 месеца
12:10 OK, this is pure comedy though.
Ethel Cook
Ethel Cook преди 3 години
These make me laugh 😂
👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩사랑 преди 3 години
This is 100% how I want to be treated
BlacktailFalcon преди 4 години
I played once the entire game without using any boosters guess how long that took
Asriel Dreemurr
Asriel Dreemurr преди 5 години
"Much mass, Such swag, very popular" Jack is turning into doge
MCGRAM2 преди 3 години
Asriel Dreemurr Bork
Lecrushed Me
Lecrushed Me преди 4 години
Jacksepticeye: Oh my god I'm turning into an oompaloompa! I look like I just smeared shit on my face!
lolabraham 1
lolabraham 1 преди година
Honestly love this jack..
Adam Ali
Adam Ali преди 3 години
Did anybody realise that when jack first got his character he look like Sheldon from the big bang theory
ZomBmonke6y преди 11 месеца
Wow this was 6 years ago??? I cant believe i watched this video when it was made wow its been a long jouney for jack!!!! Keep it up sean!!!!!
layna g
layna g преди 4 години
It's hard for me to imagine and or comprehend the fact that Jack has had sex.
Stix N' Stones
Stix N' Stones преди 3 години
@Amy Fortier You don't?
Amy Fortier
Amy Fortier преди 3 години
You picture jack having sex?!?!?!?!
Artist’s Love
Artist’s Love преди 3 години
Oka Ruto your my freaking favorite yan simulator rival
Wolfies Ducks and fried students
Wolfies Ducks and fried students преди 3 години
Get that s e x outta here
Bunbunfam преди 3 години
Same . .
TheNative44 преди 3 години
I saw this a few years ago. It was the first video of Jacksepticeye I had ever seen
Marin Weaver
Marin Weaver преди 3 години
jack you don't need to play this you're already that guy
jenara cuuckoo
jenara cuuckoo преди 3 години
jack:lets call him douchebag danny. litterly 20 secs later jack:oh his name is vince. lololololololololo
Gacha Ana
Gacha Ana преди 3 години
Jack: Who calls their dad daddy? Me: **looks in mirror and thinks about all the mistakes that she did**
s s
s s преди 2 години
Elise M
Elise M преди 2 години
Jack play this again for nostalgia week!!!
The Gamer guy
The Gamer guy преди година
this is why jack is my life XD
babypink babydoll
babypink babydoll преди 3 години
"What's the point of even wearing the pants if they're halfway down your ankles?"... asking the real questions tbh
AZore преди 3 години
I want a part 2
rcv12 преди 2 години
Jack you have to sleep with the receptionist to get the steroids
faith m
faith m преди 2 години
Just an observation: 14:29 where he mentions Vince getting that job... why is he not getting any money from the job 😂
Natalie Boston
Natalie Boston преди 4 години
He looks like a chewed up LEGO
Toast Ghost
Toast Ghost преди година
Angel преди 2 години
Xenoslayer113 преди 3 години
beep boop
beep boop преди 4 години
Irish Animation
Irish Animation преди 5 дни
With no weights,the pole is 20 kg on its own, which is good enough for a beginner
billcenters преди 7 години
Part of me really wants to see a part 2. It is killing me that you missed the "skin care" treatment from the lady by the tanning beds. I need to see your douchebag zit free. Come on Jack, show us your baby smooth 'Bag, won't ya?
jacksepticeye преди 7 години
Yeah I did a small bit more after recording and literally went "..... THERE IS SKINCARE!!!" lol
Sarah Hylas
Sarah Hylas преди 2 години
5:50 I literally thought he said he was going to get the most expensive urine
Daemon_Otaku преди 3 години
It's actually quite easy to get to 100% I did it in like 2 hours
Tijnie преди 2 години
I want more of this
DJ Nova
DJ Nova преди 3 години
The guys from the back of the gym look like generic assets from gta san Andreas' title screen
OneBoredCatbug преди година
R.I.P. These old stupid Douchebag games, they were fun for some reason.
Gorgnag The Mighty
Gorgnag The Mighty преди 4 години
The bit about the stomach ache was halirious
happy no
happy no преди 3 години
Seriously, its crazy to *actually* think some men find it cool to use the damn bathroom and just leave without pulling your pants back up like *goddamn..*
Custard Cookie III
Custard Cookie III преди 3 месеца
Some people take Douchebag as a compliment, some take it as an insult. *Because of you, I take it as a compliment.*
InfernalMonsoon преди 7 години
Watching this video was like watching the evolution of man. So... Monstrous. So heinous. So douchy.
insect704 fluffy
insect704 fluffy преди 4 години
jacksepticeye hi
jacksepticeye преди 7 години
haha right?
Kai Mclarnon
Kai Mclarnon преди 2 години
13:42 look at the guy's hand(the one with the crate)
MrPs103 преди 4 години
That outro made it apparent you were pretty put out with this game :P
fancykat преди 3 години
This video was so much better because my name is Vince and I’m a huge geek😂
Alonzo Fair
Alonzo Fair преди 3 години
I miss this old jack 💔
Russell Bell
Russell Bell преди 3 години
Linda Harmon
Linda Harmon преди 2 години
looks like he skipped leg day his entire life
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