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Puppet Combo put me in their new game Murder House
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jacksepticeye преди месец
How would you rate my performance? lol
lets go deadbob
lets go deadbob преди 7 дни
pinnayoo преди 9 дни
Danielle Russell
Danielle Russell преди 18 дни
like it best promince good horror game good cool nice video best video good cool
yeet reet
yeet reet преди 25 дни
BrimAlias преди месец
I loved your performance! Wanna see you in more games :)
Leonhart преди месец
RIP Janitor Jack; taken from us too soon
Brendan Fraser
Brendan Fraser преди ден
@cbbbbaaagf6580 cool, don't give a shit
Andreas! преди 4 дни
I love this game tbh lol Puppet Combo is cool xD.
Foundation for Law and Government
Foundation for Law and Government преди 27 дни
Maybe I returns in some next game hopefully.
k8zr-x преди месец
@cbbbbaaagf6580 and how would you know that what if hell is not real?
Joshua Leahy
Joshua Leahy преди месец
@Jackierion X Nah sadly not homie. Also damn dude is you dead? 🥺
Ethan M
Ethan M преди месец
Jack:"oh, I thought you were a little lady" It's the 80's Jack, even dogs have mullets.
Ethan LeBlanc
Ethan LeBlanc преди 5 дни
And it was rad
Foundation for Law and Government
Foundation for Law and Government преди 27 дни
EmrahAlien преди месец
@Raspberry yes kid with a mullet.. .. do you not see "kid" i mean woman voice kids most of the time, cause kids sound like girls.
Breezi McKinney
Breezi McKinney преди месец
Memento mori friend
Jas Handa
Jas Handa преди месец
Marsupials of Mars
Marsupials of Mars преди месец
I imagine puppet combo being like... "he said the wrong thing" "No he didnt" "Yeah listen-" "No, we got fucking jacksepticeye, he did not say the line wrong and we don't say a word"
FireBri преди 3 дни
This is EXACTLY how I imagined that going down
RustedYoda преди 12 дни
Emily Griffith
Emily Griffith преди 29 дни
They were probably happy just to have him say anything 😂
DarkShat307 преди месец
Puppet Combo is only one dude no?
WesTheSmurf преди месец
Still wrong lol
PS1 Hagrid.
PS1 Hagrid. преди месец
Janitor Jack and Reporter Dana are my favourite characters in this game. "I can't get my f*cking pizza." beautiful.
lynn преди месец
Dana deserved better. Like, pizza every day for a fucking week better.
ms-rachel-anne преди месец
Sean: "Let's see if this crowbar can open the d-" Me: "Dryer, yes." Sean: "-oor upstairs" Me: "No."
_cqt преди 4 дни
@Bernard Buttfart chill out
TychoPanda преди 6 дни
@Bernard Buttfart the initial comment would have made no sense otherwise. I understand that repetitive comment formats are frustrating to read but you're making yourself look like a jackass here. Not to mention your incredibly emotional writing is a clear indicator that you are a child. I hope one day you'll look back at these old comments and cringe.
The annoying person
The annoying person преди 9 дни
@Bernard Buttfart : PLEASE STFU UP Me: dude you good? you need a drink? 🍼
TheGeckoAxolotl преди 11 дни
@Bernard Buttfart Boo-Hoo. Get a life instead of complaining to people on the internet who don't care.
Godmur_Lm4o преди 11 дни
@Bernard Buttfart nobody asked
Emo Queen
Emo Queen преди месец
Jack: Misreads script The game developers: welp better kill off Janitor Jack
Jhared Sarmiento
Jhared Sarmiento преди 12 дни
@MGTOW Entrepreneur You are not easter funny.
Foundation for Law and Government
Foundation for Law and Government преди 27 дни
@MGTOW Entrepreneur just like your mother
Obnoxious Weeb
Obnoxious Weeb преди месец
@MGTOW Entrepreneur You have over 513 comments in this channel, and your name has a typo
maiidkuromi преди месец
I got their comment removed so yeah
Awesomus Prime
Awesomus Prime преди месец
@Nerdy Foxes If I knew where the bastard lived I’d beat them within an inch of their life. It is never okay to insult the loved ones that someone has lost. That person is just pure evil and should be dealt with as such.
Stetson_Newsie преди месец
The pause on the last scare of prologue is perfectly timed. You can see Jack's facial expression easing up right before he gets spooked. Fantastic.
Stetson_Newsie преди месец
@Bad Clan 21:30, and a little bit after.
Stetson_Newsie преди месец
@GigglesDoesStuff Oh hell. Thank you.
Bad Clan
Bad Clan преди месец
Time stamp?
Brandon Overbey
Brandon Overbey преди месец
@Curtis bubibj
GigglesDoesStuff преди месец
Facially expression???
Logan Miles
Logan Miles преди месец
The implication of the… “torture devices” and the fact that this guys main target was children adds a whole new level of fucked up and terrifying that just gets sorta glossed over. Though that could explain the adult screams mentioned in the note left by the kid. As concerning as that still is, I really hope that’s the answer…
Dg преди 7 дни
I’m pretty sure it’s confirmed that it’s just props
Jhared Sarmiento
Jhared Sarmiento преди 12 дни
Easter bunny be wild
Joshua Leahy
Joshua Leahy преди 15 дни
@Crimson fox Same. There there it's ok. :c 💕
Crimson fox
Crimson fox преди 15 дни
Yeah. I felt like puking
Pie1o1 Morris
Pie1o1 Morris преди 23 дни
To be honest that's where my brain went in the prologue when he started dragging the kid away instead of killing him then and there...
Neves7561 преди месец
55:31 Tom: "I'll catch you later" *Interesting choice of words Tom.*
Nightbomb17 преди месец
kinda *s u s* if you ask me
ThatRandomGuy преди месец
Are you hinting that it's Tom?
yum преди месец
Jack singing “Unpaid Intern” made my day -
grayson Pruitt
grayson Pruitt преди 3 дни
What can you say, he’s unpaid
bakugou преди 6 дни
WhatTheFridge 1o1
WhatTheFridge 1o1 преди 16 дни
i deadass started sining along without even realizzing
OwO преди месец
Just as I expected. 144p Jack looks as good as 4K Jack. I'm not surprised.
cookie gaming
cookie gaming преди 5 дни
Andreas! преди 11 дни
Lol xD.
Communist Cat
Communist Cat преди 16 дни
Every video that I watch you are there What the hell is your BGpost watch time
Joshua Leahy
Joshua Leahy преди месец
SeeringTheFuturistics преди месец
@DragoLantern UHHHH I'm not really an "uwu" person unless I feeling really active (I'm sorry if it sounds weird)
Creamyrimmers преди месец
If I was that kid at the start there is absolutely no way I’d be running around in the dark like that. My ass would be staying in that cubard where I woke up or finding a little room to lock myself in with that key or sumthin.
Game Over
Game Over преди ден
@WorldWalker128 I feel like all you need is common sense, if that dumbass of a kid stayed in the photo room thing, he wouldn't have been dead now
WorldWalker128 преди месец
And that's why you're not a character in a horror movie. You'd be smart enough to hide someplace until people would be coming around again, and capable of fleeing a killer without tripping over your own feet every five seconds.
J-Red преди месец
Plot twist: Puppet Combo was originally going to let Jack live until he messed up his line.
SketchADoodleDoo преди 3 дни
"I've just been informed that we are stuck here, someone has wrecked our van and we can't get our FUCKING pizza lunch promised by my producer." We love Dana
non existent
non existent преди месец
The positioning of that skeleton and the knowledge that it was likely one of the 11 children and they probably died right there (rather than their body being moved) is so... just horrifying. Because that sh*t happens in real life too.
Tyler Dinger
Tyler Dinger преди 4 дни
@Shmegicorn ! my understanding of the adult “screams” where the ones coming from tom during those “torture” sessions. he only took children and it was only child bones in those rooms. adds to even more of the monster that tom was
G̵l̷i̴t̸c̸h̶ преди 4 дни
everyone skipped over the fact because jack didnt see it there was another positioned in a suggested way where he found the musical note at time stamp 1:09:26 in the left corner :(
sumopian преди 6 дни
@Shmegicorn ! . . . there were no adult victims . . . im surprised you haven’t picked up on what the game was insinuating w/ that.
Shmegicorn !
Shmegicorn ! преди месец
i assume its the adults that one of the kids were writing in the letters about hearing yelling
Emily White
Emily White преди месец
@non existent also the "torture" devices that were hanging on the wall...
Revenge преди месец
Imagine if we had games like this in the 80’s-90’s. That would be terrifying.
im smart
im smart преди 8 дни
@Chakra true this game is so ps1 game horror style
Chakra преди месец
Back when games were so shit but had a certain charm to them so they were still enjoyable
Alexieos247 преди месец
“Actually I shouldn’t say that I want good presents” Jack literally five seconds later “break it break the window”
Cindy Ashley
Cindy Ashley преди 22 дни
The phrase is "Dont bite the hand that feeds" Don't make threats towards someone giving things you want and need 😂
Polyestergal преди месец
The bodies in the basement make me feel so gross. The game is really amazing, they way It knows exactly how to put you on edge.
XxArcticWolfxX преди месец
That ending with the ghosts chasing the killer, gave some real william afton vibes. I honestly loved that. Also Jack, your acting was amazing :D
Jelly mother
Jelly mother преди 8 дни
@Purple Guy :0
Purple Guy
Purple Guy преди месец
I feel like the kids could have done better.
CheZ Games
CheZ Games преди месец
When Jack creates 1 hour long videos, you know its going to be amazing!
Emil Stoltz
Emil Stoltz преди месец
@Arenexa Okay, THAT'S a good response!
Bogdan Drgn
Bogdan Drgn преди месец
@Mishan 🅥 no one wants to know that u are a a foster home for 15 years alr
Andreas Van Der Merwe
Andreas Van Der Merwe преди месец
@MGTOW Entrepreneur liking your own comment is so sad
Andreas Van Der Merwe
Andreas Van Der Merwe преди месец
@Mishan 🅥 bot
Arenexa преди месец
@MGTOW Entrepreneur you and every other person saying this need to swap positions with jack's dad
Awkwrd преди месец
"And everyone in between" Thank you, Jack.
WorldWalker128 преди месец
"Not you, we named *the monkey* Jack."
Kayla Smith
Kayla Smith преди месец
4:40 My story is that I got "lost" in a massive mall for over 2 hours and my parents were freaking out and even called the cops to search for me. Turns out I was in the arcade seven steps away from where we had sat down for lunch and was watching the older kids play games. I still have the same habit of walking off almost 14 years later, no trauma from it at all haha
Nickey Nouse
Nickey Nouse преди 15 дни
Oh fellow wanderer! On my first day of kindergarten, I got on the wrong bus thinking ANY bus would take me home. Police were called by my parents, bus driver was confused as hell, and i was just vibing completely unaware that people were freaking out
Sezedal преди месец
@Kayla Smith lol same
Kayla Smith
Kayla Smith преди месец
@Sezedal you don't need to share but I've done a similar thing to as a kid when crossing the street, now I'm just paranoid when I cross them haha
Sezedal преди месец
But this is nothing compared to when I almost got into an accident when I was trying to cross the streets when i was a kid. I could tell you the full details about this, but I don't want to drag this for way too long, but if you wanna know, feel free to ask.
Sezedal преди месец
Mine is that my big brother said that he was going to get pizza, so my mom asked me to follow him. but for some god damn reason he was running off so fast that my tiny body can't follow. So I lost sight of him, and so I tried retracing my steps back trying to find where my parents were, but they were nowhere to find, so I just stand still trying to not act suspicious (idk why) but a security guard notices me and came to me and asked me if I was ok, then the big pressure was then suddenly released, so I cried like shit. And then blah blah blah y'know how it goes, and so my parents scolded me a lot while inside the car. the end
Kaz A.
Kaz A. преди 3 дни
“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen and everyone in between.” We’ve done it lads, transphobia is no more
Jade 1872
Jade 1872 преди месец
God this game made me feel younger again, covering my face damn near constantly cause I’m scared Even with the line mess up I loved hearing Janitor Jack, I liked to think Jack was the killer though, Jack was just messing with the kid, taking off his bunny suit, going back to cleaning then leaving the room, locking it, and coming back just to scare the kid even more.
readyfreddie46 преди месец
That’s what I originally thought! And seeing Janitor Jack’s mop and bucket in the basement of the house made me think that he was. Puppet Combo did a great job disguising the actual killer
JevilJuice преди месец
Fucking imagine. Imagine jack as the main antagonist of a horror game. Id pay money for that shit.
Tom Tom
Tom Tom преди месец
The fact that Sean went out of his way to fix the dialogue after messing it up is amazing
Dolphi Xx
Dolphi Xx преди месец
This is so heavily inspired by the original Resident Evil games and i love it. The old interface, the fixed camera, the shaky graphics, the door entrances. Puts me back to when i used to play the games with my dad
psxc something
psxc something преди 8 дни
@im smart yeah those graphics leave room for the imagination which enhances the experience, like when there is a stain on the floor and you cant tell what it is exactly so it makes you imagine what it is
im smart
im smart преди 14 дни
@Dave i love the ps1 game horror game style
Dave преди месец
a mix of that and silent hill
minecraft68 преди ден
Bro, I laughed out loud when he said that Tom was a “precious little angel” that should never be hurt Oh the irony
Raven Wolfram
Raven Wolfram преди месец
Seàn: "why is everything locked?" * the shops that's been closed for hours *
evillittlebetch преди месец
The Bunny's ears glitching through the floor and following him around was hilarious. Like a shark fin in the water xD
fiveohnine преди 16 дни
Fun fact: this is how bunnies hunt in nature
Creepy Jr.
Creepy Jr. преди 21 ден
WesTheSmurf преди месец
invadermaythe1st преди месец
I actually think it was meant to be following him on the floor he was on, hence why it jumpscares him after he enters a new room? Still fun tho :3
YungKing246 преди месец
@Iced_Reaper _ lol I was gonna type that! It is jackspeticeyes video of stranded deep also!
luvwave преди 3 дни
"tom is a precious angel and should not be hurt." tom: *the easter ripper*
AD преди месец
Jacks voice is what lets me be able to watch him play these scary games at night, he always sounds so joyful and excited its great!
vee преди 5 дни
"you took the death egg? oh that's a bad omen" me, who's really into tarot: well actually, it has the death card on it, which people usually assume is bad because it's called the death card and the art seems bad, but it can actually be quite a good card. a brief sum up of what it represents is new begginings, opportunites, taking steps toward a good future, etc. it is also the Scorpio card :)) me: *realises jack can't here me through the screen and i'm basically talking to myself*
Miner Lady
Miner Lady преди ден
Funny enough, when I saw the death card on the egg, I realised it was from a tarot card set I own!
Riley Duffey
Riley Duffey преди месец
This is one of the coolest horror games I have ever seen. This game shows that games don't need to be amazing quality to be good. Good job developers.
S- Tale
S- Tale преди месец
"Tom is a precious angel and should not be hurt" Really shows off how the devil can disguise itself huh
Jack Gay
Jack Gay преди ден
@thepoindexter your fault for being in the comments before finishing the video dude
thepoindexter преди 13 дни
Spoilers! I was hiding in the comments and this spoiled it!
Roman преди месец
i’m super late, but you should watch the mandela catalogue
PorkyPagan преди месец
It's always the one you least expect
asterie преди месец
“Lucifer was an Angel too.”
E&BLittleDreams преди ден
Jack when he took a closer look at Justin: I thought you were a little lady! Little Misfortune:
WestminsterAbbey. преди месец
19:21 Jack doing what he does best, instilling false hope in future generations.
Pluto  ♡
Pluto ♡ преди месец
Jack: sees a mutant Easter bunny head with spider legs and pulls his gun out Also jack: walks away because he's done with this shit and he knows better than to walk towards it
bunnie647 преди месец
Loved this game, amazing, the story is really triggering and some of the imagery if anyone gets anxiety attacks by child abuse( sexual ) I just don’t want anyone to have a panic attack, but for me the story was so amazing it looks fun too. Love u sean!
SkyelorSpaceX преди месец
thank you for this comment as someone with anxiety this helped me prepare for what to expect and keep it in mind so it's not a shock.
Jordan преди месец
Jack: "Tom is a precious angel, and should not be hurt" Everyone: Oh boy
Mrinal Singh
Mrinal Singh преди месец
@Gamer Rosehip this thread has a total 'reddit' vibe
Lazy Egg
Lazy Egg преди месец
@gracie well well well....... how the tables have turned turned tables the don't tables thrown out of window the window thrown tables turned into stairs turned stairs table turned chairs now I can buy a house.
Sudoku преди месец
@Biomechanical Cyber-Jesus Oh No, OuR tAbLe, It'S bRoKeN! BECAUSE IT WAS FREAKIN THROWN OUT THE WINDOW
Angegelele преди месец
This comment section is funny.
Titipe Ze healing
Titipe Ze healing преди месец
@Gamer Rosehip tables*
Miss Raye
Miss Raye преди 4 дни
Hahaha the fact Dana's arm was still holding the mic after being cut off is just dedication.
Mr. Chopper
Mr. Chopper преди 10 дни
There are a lot of favorite repeat jokes that Sean makes in his videos that always make me laugh. “Don’t mind if I yes” is at the top of that list
Boxing Barbell
Boxing Barbell преди месец
Horror game; "You cannot defend yourself, and can only run, try to survive, and hide. " Also horror game; *gives me a weapon 30 minutes into the game* Me; I thought I couldn't defend myself...
Skylar Erney
Skylar Erney преди месец
10:41 - I love how Jack is screaming in terror, moonwalking, as the killer is coming towards him out of nowhere 🤣🤣🤣
Levi Brinkerhoff 2
Levi Brinkerhoff 2 преди месец
Jack: It would be so much scarier if the door opened without me needing a key to open it. Also Jack when a door opens without him needing a key to open it: Nice!
Connor Wilson
Connor Wilson преди месец
I think the eggs opened it but yea
Oliver Parrish
Oliver Parrish преди месец
@SkillfulDeep Yeah ngl I hadn't watched all of it when I commented and when I got to that point i regretted the comment 😭😭
SkillfulDeep преди месец
@Oliver Parrish thats exacty what happened twards the end of the game and what i assume they where talking about
Oliver Parrish
Oliver Parrish преди месец
i think what he meant was a door being previously locked and him finding it open later
Osha Hott
Osha Hott преди 12 дни
37:25 Right now there's some criminal or murderer who feels very uplifted and inspired by this! Thanks, Jack, for believing in them!
Olliedevil преди месец
Is no one gonna talk about how jack sang a bit of unpaid intern by bo burnham and it sounded so good ? 26:46
Emiko Sanders
Emiko Sanders преди месец
“Find the eggs and you can leave” Jack: “I have no idea how to get out of here”
Evn0013 преди месец
"Good evening ladies and gentlemen and everyone in between" I absolutely adore this man.
Mako преди месец
Plot twist: janitor Jack was actually the camera man and the bunny the whole time.
Byaku Scrub
Byaku Scrub преди месец
I literally recreated the Leonardo DiCaprio pointing meme when Jack got the crowbar then proceeded to run past the dryer.
DzonixYT преди 9 дни
Jack: "What the heck is a pencil gonna do?" Me: Have you ever seen John Wick?
R.J. Penfold
R.J. Penfold преди месец
When the camera fell and the rabbit nonchalantly walked from behind it, I had a feeling. We didn't see any blood spatter anyways. It was still a good game, I like that Tom got his comeuppance at the end. Asshole.
Jax Bates
Jax Bates преди месец
This was nice, We haven’t seen an hour and thirty minute long episode of Jack in a while. Keep making awesome content!
MGTOW  Entrepreneur
MGTOW Entrepreneur преди месец
Lmao jacks dad deserves it 🤣🤣🔥🔥
Damian Pulido
Damian Pulido преди месец
Clicked on this video for a short Jack vid before bed, read this and thought "oh no"
Hybrid_Scaly преди месец
@Zans69 agreed
Bree преди месец
I'm 6 minutes in and I thought this was gonna be a 30 min or shorter. Guess I got a long ways to go lol. I already saw kubz scouts play this a long time ago. Watching it again.
Bree преди месец
@McCarton Of Milk Gordon Ramsay would call you a donut.
•  J E L L Y  V I B E S  •
• J E L L Y V I B E S • преди 10 дни
Sean: And everyone in between! He is always so kind and accepting,keep making great content!!
TheAdvertisement преди месец
I'm jealous of Jack I've always wondered what it'd be like if my face was made into a low-poly sprite.
JaoPao преди месец
I only just realized the eggs are based on cards Dana has the death egg, *pretty self explanatory* And Gary has the hanged man egg
Allan Ribergaard
Allan Ribergaard преди месец
I love seeing Jack being random in a horror game
Ethan Oliver
Ethan Oliver преди 9 дни
Tom had another mask on, because the real Easter Killer.... was actually Tom Nook!
Muhammed Aksoy
Muhammed Aksoy преди 20 часа
I knew it was Tom cause we saw him at the first floor how he rushed to the addict. And he was always suspiciously quiet
Blue Hoodie Boi
Blue Hoodie Boi преди месец
"We can't get out FUCKING pizza lunch promised by my producer" gold.
TwinSwords79/Dual Blade
TwinSwords79/Dual Blade преди месец
It’s so nice how you literally did a clean take of the line you messed up and told Puppet Combo if they’re watching, they could take it and use that for patchwork.
Wilfar Playlay
Wilfar Playlay преди 2 дни
Jack you scored this game *MORE THEN THE GREATEST NUMBER SCORE* anyway I know it's just a game, but I do tend to create some imaginations sometimes, I wish the place where you hid under the table allowed you to place the Office Chair with rollers on it near you THAT MAKE IT LOOK LIKE NO BODY IS THERE since you're playing a little kid, she could had tricked the bunny into thinking she's no longer in there if the office chair was near her, seemed attatched in that table. I've done it before as a kid in a Hide and Seek game cause we had all rooms with desk tables with office chairs (for me at the time for studying, for my parent for working) and the seeker actually quit looking for me 🤣🤣🤣🤣 BUT SERIOUSLY THE GAME LOOKS VERY EXCITING AND THRILLING, I DON'T CARE IF THIS WAS FROM LAST YEAR, I WOULD DARN PLAY IT, IT HAS SOME MAGNETIC AURA ON IT. SOOOO PERFECT.
🥯Bagel_Nomʕ •ᴥ•ʔ🥯
🥯Bagel_Nomʕ •ᴥ•ʔ🥯 преди 9 дни
"Good evening ladies and gentlemen and everyone in between" Thank you Sean as someone who identifies as they/them, thank you :)
SafeChatLife преди 8 дни
20:50 "He probably shoved the mop up my arse" I can't stop laughing at that
Rainbow the snail
Rainbow the snail преди месец
The medium is out now and I highly recommend a full playthrough 💗
Kalopsiqq преди месец
Jack is slowly starting to be in everything
Tater преди месец
chris pratt of gaming
V !
V ! преди месец
@Olive oh!! i remember that! i forgot which character it was thought:,)
Olive преди месец
@V ! he also voiced two characters in the monster prom dlc
bee преди месец
jack is taking over the internet, didn't u hear? ;)
MGTOW  Entrepreneur
MGTOW Entrepreneur преди месец
Lmao jacks dad deserves it 😂🤣🤣🔥🔥
Del Dobbs
Del Dobbs преди месец
Id give your performance a solid 9, Jack!, you nailed it! I'd like to see you cast in more of their games, as an old school gamer, I like the classic Ps1 RE look they use for their games. Keep up the awesome work Jack
WeirdAj преди месец
A total sidenote, everytime I hear someone say "spider" in an almost yelly and like hurt tone I think of gamegrumps' old jinglegrumps series where they play their first find and seek game and there is a spider in a coffe cup and Arin says it just like jack did here, ah nostalgia~ xD
Joshua Leahy
Joshua Leahy преди месец
Ayyy lol. xD
Will Parker
Will Parker преди 17 дни
Sometimes when Jack is in games I hear his voice but, then I think that it’s him actually talking and not the game.
Aura The Dutch Angel Dragon
Aura The Dutch Angel Dragon преди 18 дни
"and everyone inbetween" thank you. you have no idea how much i loved that single line
Leo Williams
Leo Williams преди месец
Jack, is alone, in a mall, after closing, with a killer on the loose. “Why is everything locked?!”
K-RON преди месец
@MGTOW Entrepreneur when you arent funny
MGTOW  Entrepreneur
MGTOW Entrepreneur преди месец
Lmao jacks dad deserves it 🤣🤣🔥🔥
Valve can't count to three
Valve can't count to three преди месец
@[ REDACTED ] or having an opinion on Twitter and saying “Why is everyone arguing?”
[ REDACTED ] преди месец
@Dj angeles or playing with water guns and saying "why is there so much water?"
Dj angeles
Dj angeles преди месец
That's like playing hide and seek and saying: "Why is everyone hiding?"
Diy_CaT преди 6 дни
Jack realizing he read the line wrong is the funniest part 🤣
ThunderFx преди месец
I got lost for maybe about 10 minutes at a waterpark in Florida while on vacation when I was 10 years old. I was waiting with my grandpa while the rest of my family went to change, told him I had to go to the bathroom and he said okay. When I came out he was gone and I think I stood there for like 5 minutes not knowing what to do. Eventually, I went up to a person who worked there and told them I was lost and coincidently the lost and found section for kids was right next to me, with 2 other younger kids just chilling while I panicked lol. Luckily I didn't have to wait too long because I saw my family rushing back to where my grandpa last was and that was that. It turned out my grandpa had to use the bathroom too, but when he left the bathroom he went through the wrong exit landing him on the other side. So yeah, getting left behind in a dark mall with no one in sight...no thanks lol.
Quinton Himes
Quinton Himes преди 4 часа
Is no one gonna talk about how tom lived through 4 shotgun shots?
Emalie Poe
Emalie Poe преди 4 дни
Yo I’m sick rn and binging all of jacks videos makes me feel a lil better, his laugh and him playing the game it makes me smile even tho I feel like cows crap 🙃 he is hilarious 😂😂
SwankyBox преди месец
Totally off topic, but I may have done something, uh... similar... except under more "secretive" circumstances. Some people have made the connection to the easter egg though which totally made my day. Jameson Jackson lives on!
Spartan_X117 !
Spartan_X117 ! преди месец
@MGTOW Entrepreneur You too? This is just sad.
Spartan_X117 !
Spartan_X117 ! преди месец
@GG undercover Yeah I did. I just hope it actually does something.
MGTOW  Entrepreneur
MGTOW Entrepreneur преди месец
Lmao jacks dad deserves it 😂🤣🤣🔥🔥
Where are the askers?
Where are the askers? преди месец
@cbbbbaaagf6580 You will be too eventually with the comments you leave
SarahJane преди месец
@Jordan Williams I know that silly. You replied to the wrong person. It's OK. It happens. 😉
נתנאל בני
נתנאל בני преди 10 дни
I love how whenever he finds an item he knows a way to use it as a weapon Hahaha
Anarchy !
Anarchy ! преди 10 дни
Irish child when they see somebody in a bunny suit with a scythe running towards them: Oh no scawy Americans: *"I've been diening to try out my new 12 gauge dragons breath rounds, and you'll be dieing to test them to!"*
Ginger Ninja
Ginger Ninja преди месец
"He probably shoved the mop up my arse" was my favourite line out of this video.😂
DaFuq преди месец
“Tom is a precious angel and should not be hurt” Famous words from Jacksepticeye
Burnt_Cheese2304 преди 5 дни
I love this game, I've never played it but it's so resident evil inspired that I know it would be a blast to play. A serial killer is way scarier than zombies in my opinion.
Oisin Mc grath
Oisin Mc grath преди 4 дни
When jacksepticeye says I’m gonna stab a bunny. We should all remember of that one GTA5 episode where he shot a bunny and nearly went into tears.
Itemtotem преди месец
Jack: a pencil? What am I gonna do with that? Me: excellent, a pencil. Now I can kill 3 men in a bar.
Netflixer Viewer
Netflixer Viewer преди месец
Jack is slowly becoming Snoop Dogg- he is doing anything and everything.
Jacqueline Dawkins
Jacqueline Dawkins преди месец
It was comedy gold when Jack slowly zooms in the camera while Dana was getting progressively angrier during shooting because she was hungry.
Orlando _979
Orlando _979 преди месец
Yeah lol.
Haystack2008 преди месец
This entire game feels like it was a dream
DiamondMummy преди месец
I saw Cory play this game, and looked up if Jack played this game, and was disappointed he didn’t. However..... this video came out
Cosmic D. Taco
Cosmic D. Taco преди месец
I love how the textures warp when the camera gets close to them like old ps1 games
Something Sedona
Something Sedona преди месец
Whenever there’s footsteps it sounds like the killer is walking in high heels lmao.
picklewickle преди месец
My favorite line of jack’s is “ uh, don’t mind if I yes”
HuskeyDusk преди месец
ZictruS преди месец
I actually started saying that myself a few years ago
Gage is Me333
Gage is Me333 преди месец
I’ll be honest I’ve been using that a lot lately😅😅😝
Orion Ring
Orion Ring преди месец
Tom's death was like Zlatko's death from Detroit Become Human. His own creations turned against him lol
skyris преди 4 дни
I wanna give Jack respect for not missing out on any gender in the beginning of the video
elmadicine преди месец
I'd say of all your acting appearances, being in a puppet combo game is by far the most noteworthy for me personally lol
PeridotEntertainment преди 3 дни
(2:24)That's what I was gonna say, I love that it has the same things as Silent Hill. Now I want to make a Silent Hill game of my own with either this style or just try my best with one.
Liam Korecky
Liam Korecky преди месец
Honestly jack, the little slip up adds to the “old time” recording style. You still did a great job and I hope you have more opportunities like this. Always love ya jack
MJdabae преди месец
@Liam Korecky oohh thanks
Liam Korecky
Liam Korecky преди месец
@MJdabae 19:00
MJdabae преди месец
Brittany Nicole
Brittany Nicole преди 6 дни
man those camera angles and door scenes gave me early resident evil vibes
DarknessAmongUs преди месец
"when parents didn't care where their kids were" I dunno how much of that has changed
DaveWho преди месец
I love when you are in the games you play, It just brings a different little fun element to the video!
Sphagnum Moss
Sphagnum Moss преди месец
10/10 for being inclusive of not just “ladies and gentlemen”. Every time someone says that in a video we watch my partner says “I’m sorry” at me v pointedly 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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